Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation

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Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation




25 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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REACT 2 aylar önce
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SalsaSpartan7 2 aylar önce
I can only imagine them responding to my order. 4 Dollar chicken sandwiches, 3 Dollar Chicken nuggets, 1 vanilla frosty and 1 frosty cookie sundae with two large fries. Lol. Not even including the drink. Haha!
Christian Conrad
Christian Conrad 2 aylar önce
Michelle has something in common with me: we both wrote with our left hand!
Wowwowthatsall fufhr
Wowwowthatsall fufhr 2 aylar önce
it was named by yami
Jarren Lumpkin
Jarren Lumpkin 2 aylar önce
Tony Susanto
Tony Susanto 2 aylar önce
@rocky trillo 聖歌一
The OG POTATO BOT 2 aylar önce
I like diet coke
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 2 aylar önce
My taste buds disagree with you on the taste being the same
ThatGuy Todd
ThatGuy Todd 2 aylar önce
That’s the point
The OG POTATO BOT 2 aylar önce
It tastes the same as the original
Nora the potato! ;-; Gacha
3:16 She’s gonna not to end up like that vine that spills all over the car 😂
h i
h i 2 aylar önce
what kid doesnt like diet coke?!
Nathan _
Nathan _ 2 aylar önce
Every kid
Shin-ae 2 aylar önce
To be honest I never tried it!
Small Cilantro
Small Cilantro 2 aylar önce
I’ve always... ALWAYS hated it.
The Randomest moe
The Randomest moe 2 aylar önce
That beeped the f word but they didn’t beep the b word ;-;
h i
h i 2 aylar önce
The Randomest moe the b word isnt a 'swear' word lol.
Icey 2 aylar önce
lol when was that
jujugirlz 07
jujugirlz 07 2 aylar önce
Nobody going to talk about how no one is crediting Yammy? She is the one who started this whole trend
Shin-ae 2 aylar önce
Ain't saying nothing!!
Kari Lehterä
Kari Lehterä 2 aylar önce
I hope all that food got eaten
Harris King
Harris King 2 aylar önce
Grandma needs to stop smacking her food..
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen 2 aylar önce
I like Diet Coke and I am 12
Pizza God
Pizza God 2 aylar önce
I’m 14, and I like Diet Coke!!!
Matris 2 aylar önce
I live in a city where theres no diet coke
MINIGAMINGTV 2 aylar önce
Pizza God me too
papa turtles
papa turtles 2 aylar önce
Why tf did she dip her frys in milkshake
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 2 aylar önce
I wouldn’t do it with chili cheese fries, but normal fries yeah go for it
Millian Macalintal
Millian Macalintal 2 aylar önce
If you’ve never done this, then you’re not human.
Pizza God
Pizza God 2 aylar önce
🤦‍♂️ cuz it’s the best thing ever
The Gaming King
The Gaming King 2 aylar önce
Why tf wouldn't you, it's the best
amdnivram 2 aylar önce
you guys are such parasites
gabby salas
gabby salas 2 aylar önce
im a dsqaud member
Henrythegamingchicken 2 aylar önce
Derek started this #dsquad
Jess Productions
Jess Productions 2 aylar önce
im a jbird
MJGaming Lord
MJGaming Lord 2 aylar önce
One_Aleaf 2 aylar önce
Carson is cute😕
IT GOES KK GAMING 2 aylar önce
I like diet coke and I am 9
XxJJSA_ OGxX 2 aylar önce
khloe wilson same
Xillict 2 aylar önce
bro you guys are making me feel bad for eating to much...
elayna Martinez
elayna Martinez 2 aylar önce
Michelle dipped her fries into the frosty....... delicious i would eat my fries like that
Jasmine Thomas
Jasmine Thomas 2 aylar önce
Dang you guys r fast
serenityq26 2 aylar önce
but erik is the bigger one and carson is so small............where the heck is all that food going?
serenityq26 2 aylar önce
so i got two right and two wrong. 50/50 lol
serenityq26 2 aylar önce
"its apple pie. i aint eating it for my health" lol where is that "TRUTH" stamp guy when you need him? BRING THAT BACK!
serenityq26 2 aylar önce
mcdonalds burgers are small...........KID
Leila Lee
Leila Lee 2 aylar önce
Cxff Rjay
Cxff Rjay 2 aylar önce
You forgot faze rug
Sxnc 2 aylar önce
Oh, they obviously weren’t going to list all of them
Cimi 2 aylar önce
Looking at the comments nobody here even get more than 15 likes well time turn this tide I'm gonna get a thousand likes with this comment. So
Abdulaziz Abdulaziz
Abdulaziz Abdulaziz 2 aylar önce
Cimi nice 5 likes
squid jelly
squid jelly 2 aylar önce
“this is diabetics delight” 💀
Ricky.D GR8
Ricky.D GR8 2 aylar önce
Does anyone else get a 40 piece chicken nugget and a large French fry from Macdonald ?
zTINTANIUM 2 aylar önce
Filla Films
Filla Films 2 aylar önce
Allison Sandlin
Allison Sandlin 2 aylar önce
Eat eat more than all of those meals😂🥶💀
Liam Tough
Liam Tough 2 aylar önce
I’ll tell you what kids like Diet Coke ones that don’t want type 2 diabetes. I’m 16 and I only drink water but if I do drink fizzy drinks it would be Diet Coke.
Lainey Drown
Lainey Drown 2 aylar önce
The only difference between normal coke and diet coke is really just the taste
이아즈 2 aylar önce
Liam Tough I've never had a carbonated beverage in my life, but please look up statistics of what gives type 2 diabetes if you don't believe me when I say that diet sodas (specifically artificial sweeteners) have a higher chance of leading to it than standard coke. It seems like it should be "healthier" by the label, but it's actually worse for you to have diet.
Miketsuppi 2 aylar önce
*that's a senior*
Eshan Playz
Eshan Playz 2 aylar önce
I knew you would say derek Gerard because I watch him to
x_x_x_tentacion_rxre 2 aylar önce
I like diet coke...
ThatGuy Todd
ThatGuy Todd 2 aylar önce
If you guys go to to 3:47 she dips the fry into the frosty
ThatGuy Todd
ThatGuy Todd 2 aylar önce
That’s like dipping milk in your pizza here’s the Scenario : hold on let GET MY CUP OF MILK!?
Ivan Spar
Ivan Spar 2 aylar önce
Isn’t that normal??
O k
O k 2 aylar önce
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 2 aylar önce
Eating real big catches up with you unless you stay active. That's the one thing that I knew when I was younger that I wish I had actually picked up and gone with.
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 2 aylar önce
I love how they not only have to guess and the generation of the people, but it's super random because they had to order what the person in front of them did. I guess one of the only deciding factors is figuring out which place they ordered from.
Jerome Allshouse
Jerome Allshouse 2 aylar önce
I guess I eat like a teen, though I am 34. LOL
SunshineHobi TxT
SunshineHobi TxT 2 aylar önce
As someone who works in fast food. I can definitely tell the style of what people order.
Hakimoes z
Hakimoes z 2 aylar önce
it only 2 probably a skinny person quote of the day
Jam And Butter Gachas
Jam And Butter Gachas 2 aylar önce
She said what kid likes diet coke!! Im 12 and i LOVE diet coke
Electro._.Shadow 2 aylar önce
Butter Gachas you monster
Turtle Gurl
Turtle Gurl 2 aylar önce
5:14 boy I go to McDonald’s and get 2 burgers fries an apple pie and some ice cream
Paula f
Paula f 2 aylar önce
ik this is a lie bc the mcdonalds ice cream machine is always out of order
EE La 2 aylar önce
I get diabetes and heart attack from watching this.
Treyboom 75
Treyboom 75 2 aylar önce
Derek gerard
Taggi Reed
Taggi Reed 2 aylar önce
Never liked mcdonalds burger especially the patty when I was a kid. I tried it a couple days ago..still didnt like it.
Rebecca Greenwood
Rebecca Greenwood 2 aylar önce
The 2nd meal is definitely something I would go for. Love chili cheese fries and frosties
gamer fish900
gamer fish900 2 aylar önce
Can I have some plz
Donteatmycookie 1
Donteatmycookie 1 2 aylar önce
I love chilly cheese fries 🍟
WHITE MAMBA TRUMP 2 aylar önce
Drippy 15
Drippy 15 2 aylar önce
she dipped the fry in the frosty 3:48
Clay Lewis
Clay Lewis 2 aylar önce
What is your point
Roberto Lagunas
Roberto Lagunas 2 aylar önce
People do that like me
Panic at the Diamonds
Panic at the Diamonds 2 aylar önce
That's normal
Dtapia11 2 aylar önce
brando soriano
brando soriano 2 aylar önce
Know for a fact Carson ain’t eating all that and just got it for the video smh
Wowwowthatsall fufhr
Wowwowthatsall fufhr 2 aylar önce
Its was made by yammy
Dactyl 2 aylar önce
0:01 What Person(Kid) Likes Diet Coke? Matt Stonie: Am I A Joke To You?
BurgerBoy Gaming
BurgerBoy Gaming 2 aylar önce
Derek Gerard
Scandalous peach
Scandalous peach 2 aylar önce
And I’m just like Carson. LOL 😂
sadistic night
sadistic night 2 aylar önce
I love the grandma 😆
OmniverseOutlaw `
OmniverseOutlaw ` 2 aylar önce
Shes so freaking amazing!
Kylie Parks
Kylie Parks 2 aylar önce
warrior rank
warrior rank 2 aylar önce
i have a crush on michelle.. she's so pretty. you may have answered everything wrong and lose but you're a winner in my heart
Scandalous peach
Scandalous peach 2 aylar önce
The Emma Channel
The Emma Channel 2 aylar önce
warrior rank ummmm.... Lol?! 😂
___DeXoRzz ___
___DeXoRzz ___ 2 aylar önce
Im literally going to Taco Bell rn(to work that is...😭).
Nima Ride
Nima Ride 2 aylar önce
___DeXoRzz ___ do you get free tacos?
Megan Roderick
Megan Roderick 2 aylar önce
Can you guys do more of these?!❤️
X xXNagisaXx X
X xXNagisaXx X 2 aylar önce
0:01 Me: *hides Diet Coke* Wait what?
Da baby Pablo
Da baby Pablo 2 aylar önce
Like diet coke
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams 2 aylar önce
Love that they said Derek Gerad ♥️
Maria Saucedo
Maria Saucedo 2 aylar önce
1:53 “Well that’s a lot of food” Why was that so adorable
Amal Chamchaoui
Amal Chamchaoui 2 aylar önce
Lol it's like 2 things and a drink!
Butterpony100 :3
Butterpony100 :3 2 aylar önce
Ugh the food in this video looks so gooood now I’m starving T-T I want some burritos
Salty Sultan
Salty Sultan 2 aylar önce
“Unsweetened SWEET tea” that’s just tea
fabb4i2 2 aylar önce
Michelle's hair
NK R 2 aylar önce
3:47 dips the French fry into the frosty
Bhavyam Sinha
Bhavyam Sinha 2 aylar önce
I was looking for this comment, WHY
lit bit
lit bit 2 aylar önce
NK R it’s so good
- emily_emnil -
- emily_emnil - 2 aylar önce
“are you ok? do you need help? do you go to the doctors?” bish, i eat a LoT and i’m fine...i think
Sneaky Coll
Sneaky Coll 2 aylar önce
" Unsweetened sweet tea with no flavour" 23 and I hate sour cream and love unsweet tea *** Knits nervously***
Sp00kyboi _
Sp00kyboi _ 2 aylar önce
Im on to you grandma
Birna Ída Hlynsdóttir
Petros Abrahamian
Petros Abrahamian 2 aylar önce
Nikolette Gonzales
Nikolette Gonzales 2 aylar önce
I'm just like the girl who said "No onions"
Filthy FlamingoXD
Filthy FlamingoXD 2 aylar önce
Derek is the OG
Yohanna Samson
Yohanna Samson 2 aylar önce
“ I miss the old pie. I’m not eating this for my health” 😂
Nothing in Josh
Nothing in Josh 2 aylar önce
Michelle:wHo eVeN oRdErS dIeT cOkE Me:Hold my Diet Coke
Imdyingrich OnPSN
Imdyingrich OnPSN 2 aylar önce
That’s a lot of food wasted that they only take one bite off
PRINXE JR 2 aylar önce
Cuti e They eat it later
Sprite The Right
Sprite The Right 2 aylar önce
Now I'm hungry and I want McDonald's!!!!! I'll put the whole Burger in my mouth! BZJZJDJJZJZJWIEOICDPCPÖXPE Xbuzyxbzkuzzl_^-&$_£×*KFHZ ZJZJJZKSIRUJXUXDOFOOD BOOGABOOGAHBDJZBZJISID ZKZLM,MX7XU €-^-;#&_"&#£×¥£@ *;-;*
Sprite The Right
Sprite The Right 2 aylar önce
nick 2 aylar önce
Assie Khan LOL
Jamal .I Irving
Jamal .I Irving 2 aylar önce
Damn now I wanna eat a burrito 🌯
megan bidner
megan bidner 2 aylar önce
“do old people eat burritos”
Junior Leyba
Junior Leyba 2 aylar önce
Never tried fast food till i was 12.
Alyssa _
Alyssa _ 2 aylar önce
Oooh now I want Wendy's
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