Let's Make It Roadworthy - Classic BMW E30 320i 5-speed - Project Marbais: Part 5

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In this episode, we figure the issue with idle from the previous episode, do few remaining tasks before its clash with German TÜV inspection and craftsman shows you how to rewrap M-Tech 1 leather steering wheel.

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21 Eki 2021




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JasonCammisa Aylar önce
I'M COMING TO FRANKFURT TO COLLECT MY BEER! Jk - happy to help and looking forward to watching this whole video!
Fabian M M
Fabian M M 11 gün önce
@Jason Cammisa first time hearing Sreten I thought Nikos voice actor from GTA 4 is now repairing BMWs. Don’t let yourself be fooled, your vids with hagerty is the best TRvid has seen in a while. 👍
Jason Cammisa
Jason Cammisa 11 gün önce
@Fabian M M Somebody's gotta be here to make fun of Sreten!
Fabian M M
Fabian M M 12 gün önce
OMG, Adam Sandler commented M539 Video 😳
Sławek Dworakowski
T1 M4R
T1 M4R Aylar önce
Nice beard mate
Daniels 30 dakika önce
Very good price for steering wheel and for germany + oem leather. In Latvia it costs 100euros and some times the job has been done sloppy
EDP 2 gün önce
great video's .one tip for you . before adjusting the brakes or bleeding the brakes , loosen the handbrake cable so the brake pad can move freely towarts the drum . you can see in your last brake check the car brakes out to the left a little .
Bo Hanan
Bo Hanan 7 gün önce
Such a clean design.
Andrew 11B ST
Andrew 11B ST 7 gün önce
The steering wheel looks amazing.
Brandon Mohammed
Brandon Mohammed 8 gün önce
had that issue with the sticky idle
Mustafa Badri
Mustafa Badri 10 gün önce
If you need to fix anything about this car ask any mechanical in Lebanon, becouse we have alllllot of these cars
Michael Tinajero
Michael Tinajero 10 gün önce
I wonder do yall learn English thru school?
Grahame Pigney
Grahame Pigney 11 gün önce
Back in the '60s/'70s/'80s we used to have to replace the rear wheel cylinders every couple of years, because they had seized up or were leaking. If we could we would just rebuild the cylinder with new seals.
SD Cleveland
SD Cleveland 12 gün önce
And it’s getting lowered, when??
Romka 14 gün önce
In sweden you don't have to pay tax if the car is older than 30 years :D
Interesting Things
Interesting Things 14 gün önce
Two of my favorite people on TRvid who focused their contents on cars ! Greatly admire both you guys ( Jason & Sreten ) on helping each other on providing quality contents.
D A 14 gün önce
Amazing!! 😍 What is the size of the screw that locks the rear drum brake disk? It looks like a 10mm Allen key, is it right?
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper 15 gün önce
Wow that steering wheel looked nice and that sounds like a deal price because nothing is cheap with BMW seems like! That E30 is looking sweet! Nice work!
Flek 16 gün önce
Felix is running a one-man business. I know too much work wouldn't be as good as one may think because he is working alone and can't take care of everything if he gets flooded with things to do. But I sincerely hope many viewers call him up to do some leather repairs and help the guy. Really amazing work and needs to be rewarded!
RJ Scott
RJ Scott 17 gün önce
I'm rooting for you, and that E60 from the grave. May you zombify that monster, bringing it back from the dead! I can't wait to hear you say " it's alive" !!!!
top_tether 17 gün önce
Hello Sreten, just an FYI, the last two episodes are missing from the Marbais playlist.
Chris B
Chris B 19 gün önce
Seriously, 230 € for Felix' high quality craftsmanship is a steal!
Graeme Shaw
Graeme Shaw 20 gün önce
Did you remember to take your screwdriver out from behind the battery?
Ciumpalacul 20 gün önce
Please tell that to Felix to make his website in English too. ✌
ramadhanisme 20 gün önce
Glad to see this car road worthy again
Jonas Jonaitis
Jonas Jonaitis 23 gün önce
"this is very sik". Reminds me of "what are you sinking about"
Private Private
Private Private 24 gün önce
HA - the liquid international currency ----- "I owe you a BEER...". Have a nice day all. CHEERS from AUSTRALIA.
Gold Stadt
Gold Stadt 25 gün önce
That was the steering wheel in the E34 of my father and the first car that I drove. That brings back a lot of memories. Great work Felix.
tubelix1 27 gün önce
Hi Sreten, in my experience, the offroad ride height is caused mainly by the B6 shocks. The high gas pressure raises the car noteably. On my E24 635CSI, I installed the B6 together with the original springs and the originally high-riding car ended up with the offroad look. A subsequent alignment showed that the camber was now positive, even outside of BMW tolerance! So I installed H&R lowering springs which made to car almost too low in the front. The ride ws much stiffer, which I didn't want, and the B6 were now really too long for the springs. B8 would have been the better match. The front felt crashy and I don't know if I wasn't bottoming out the shocks at times. So all this mess because of a little gas pressure. We also have two Porsche 944 S2 convertibles in the family and both showed the same offroad look after installing B6s. I know you are now sponsored by Bilstein, which is awesome. But maybe on a future stock-type resto you might ask Bilstein if the OEM-replacement B4 shocks have less gas pressure. Other than that, your format is awesome, your videos are my favorite in all of youtube right now. I also really enjoyed your vids on building your shop and on tools. And I was impressed by learning that you are really an IT guy and got all your automotive knowledge from the internet. Very cool. Of course, back when I started we didn't even have that. It was Haynes manual or bust. :-)
Jim Porter
Jim Porter 29 gün önce
I hope you have bought the rest of that leather hide from Felix for when you need it in the future.
Surdo's Garage & Games Brasil
Historic plates have the H? These letters and numbers are red? Great job!!
AM D 29 gün önce
Man despite this car being a well-kept survivor there was a lot of meat on the bone with respect to restoration. Cool to see it all done and with the E21 you're basically an M20 master mechanic now
AM D 29 gün önce
Really cool to see the steering wheel stitching- I was thinking of doing a related project myself- now I might just turn it over to a master craftsman!
Jiger Booga
Jiger Booga 29 gün önce
Great Job! Congrats Sreten.
Lama Ludwig
Lama Ludwig 29 gün önce
Tolle Arbeit vom Lederspezialisten. Wenn ich mal was brauchen sollte, weiss ich wo ich hingehe. Allerdings pflege ich meine Ledersachen so, dass sie fast ewig halten... Great E30 by the way ;-)
Iain Arthur
Iain Arthur Aylar önce
I love that you have a high level craftsman who just happens to speak perfect English as an added bonus.
Kris Andersen
Kris Andersen Aylar önce
Your videos are becoming a bit standardized, compared to the ones you made before.It's like you bit over too much, with too many cars, and too many videos, to really make them personal, humoristic and entertaining to watch. I miss that a bit compared to the other older videos. On the upside ther's more videos, more entertainment... more content. and you don't bitch as much about others mechanics work. it's like you've become a bit more humble. Thats nice! Have a great day!
TheTruth76 Aylar önce
21:30 no such thing as troublesomefree drum brakes replacement hahaha been there , done that 😀
Arfa Barmcake
Arfa Barmcake Aylar önce
Really great channel 👍👍
Angry Kefir Entertainment
I'll just copy & paste my original post from the first video of that car: So, because the E30 had only one owner (who also took so much care of it), maybe you can adopt some of it's original Belgian number plate into your new German H Kennzeichen to tribute that? ;)
18000rpm Aylar önce
Watching the steering wheel being made was incredibly cool.
Frits Schot
Frits Schot Aylar önce
Love your videos. Have good memories of that car. Could you please give me the link for the polish company who does the restoration of your wheels
Adam Carter
Adam Carter Aylar önce
beautiful car ! thank you for restoring such art and craftsmanship
Torsten Brosow
Torsten Brosow Aylar önce
zip ties are removable so I can reuse them LOL - Good Point - Deutsches Handwerk - Spot on
M & M
M & M Aylar önce
€230 - bargin for such great handarbeit
John Rest
John Rest Aylar önce
Great video. Thanks for including Felix, a master craftsman!
Zippy Aylar önce
€230.00 is very reasonable. I’d pay that in a heart beat to refinish my M sterling wheel on my F25 Msport X3.
Levan Aylar önce
Lovely car lovely work !!
David Krongel
David Krongel Aylar önce
That is a pretty great price for the work on the steering wheel. It came out so good.
Emre Demir
Emre Demir Aylar önce
I just finish this video which is part 5 and I am already can't wait for Part6. Actually all of your videos felts like that. Keep it up Streten, thanks for being on TRvid and I am wishing you a healthy life my man 👍🔥
mlevenha Aylar önce
Hey man what companies would you recommend for having a non-running car delivered from a couple hours away inside Germany? I'm American and have trouble finding these types of things in this country. What kind of prices could one expect for such a service?
Chris Stirk
Chris Stirk Aylar önce
'OK be quiet' :)
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson Aylar önce
I love WORK! I can sit here all day and watch someone else do it! ;~)
fespa Aylar önce
I think there are some people that get up in the morning and start disliking videos on YT without even watching them. 😠
fespa Aylar önce
I bet you spend more time picking up the pieces that you throw around on the floor than you do editing your videos. 😄
Mihaly Bak
Mihaly Bak Aylar önce
You cheated with the drum removal :D hahaha, I was looking forward to seeing you struggle with that. Thanks for another video, quite entertaining to watch you work. I am also an IT professional and hobby mechanic :) Nice to get away for the computer and do some manual labor from time to time.
Garry 🇬🇧
Garry 🇬🇧 Aylar önce
Beautifully buit cars I still miss mine.
Bob Stacey
Bob Stacey Aylar önce
Excellent background to the steering wheel refurb, you can see where money is well spent, out source when you can and more economical
Torque of the Devil
Thanks Felix for showing me how to do my steering wheel..... I can save some money doing it myself 😃 Who am I kidding, I could never do that in a million years! Great craftsmanship right there!
MR.T Aylar önce
Great video
Matthias _
Matthias _ Aylar önce
You need to find some M-Springs 😃 But other than this, great Job 👍
TheLuckyfox05 Aylar önce
Hi , I am an Irish subscriber and your channel is like a drug to me 💊😆👍 Would I be able to buy this car from you and collect ect Great content , editing and brilliant sense oh humour 👍😂
I Want a see E34 in your hands.
Shad Quirk
Shad Quirk Aylar önce
Dude you should of totally been wearing a mask pulling those drums apart, in the unlikely event that the pads WEREN'T asbestos whatever they were made of is still not gonna be cool.
Mladen Rosuljaš
Mladen Rosuljaš Aylar önce
This guy dissapoints. He only can change old part for a new. And on instagram he doesnt respect his followers. So either here. Unfollow and restrict from me, I dont want anymore to see your videos.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
I repair my cars as I see fit and I can do far more than just replace parts which you obviously chose not to see. I respect my fans here and everywhere else. You clearly have some weird issues. Goodbye, you won't be missed.
Panaceias Úberes
Panaceias Úberes Aylar önce
Amazing as always.... and so happy for that leather craftsman was in again.
students Aylar önce
Hh Tt
Hh Tt Aylar önce
Bro please next Car E92 335i n54
Tamta სიჭინავა
Tamta სიჭინავა
Fundamentally Broken
I love your videos. But I have to say, I've never known a person who runs solely on muffins and gas fumes...
Tahsin Faiyaz
Tahsin Faiyaz Aylar önce
its a _20i bro, which sucks.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
No, it doesn't.
Testacorsa Aylar önce
I agree on hating to do brakes, but as far as fluids go, gearbox oil! - that's where I really place my hate lol
Tobias S
Tobias S Aylar önce
You should do a collaboration with SubiPerformance and tune the engine 😀😀😀
Рэй Чехов
Рэй Чехов Aylar önce
I like your channel really much. Any plans for e24?
Gary Byler
Gary Byler Aylar önce
Vury vury naice!
StopDropandLOL Aylar önce
Felix is a legend. Nice to see young people taking up the ancient crafts that are dying out.
Andrew Fanshawe
Andrew Fanshawe Aylar önce
Superb work. One tip if you ever do any more brake shoe work....put masking tape on the linings before you start. Inevitably you will get mucky paw prints on the friction linings, but this way you won't! Don't forget to remove them at the end though!
Capulus Deus
Capulus Deus Aylar önce
Great job felix
Capulus Deus
Capulus Deus Aylar önce
Did you get the screwdriver from under the hood
you think you'll get a 2005 bmw 7 series? lol
Roman Kalyniuk
Roman Kalyniuk Aylar önce
And I thought Camisa was just a pretty face
Oliver S.
Oliver S. Aylar önce
Great job Felix!! But I didn't expect anything else from a German Sattler 😃
Rijad Handžić
Rijad Handžić Aylar önce
Najbolji automehaničarski kanal na youtube-u!!! Sretno u daljem radu.
segundodios Aylar önce
27:10 bmw matricula española. españoles por el mundo...
ClassicnotOld Aylar önce
Do you think the final run E30 325i M20 would have the same distributor issue? I find my revs are hanging around 1200 when cold in particular but eventually come back down. I thought my 1991 model might have a cruise control issue as I’ve never used that either. Thanks
SirMo Aylar önce
V10 M6 next? 😩😭
ukgun1 Aylar önce
i absolutly love this channel...keep it coming Felix
Bruno Solaja
Bruno Solaja Aylar önce
A odakle si ti sreten?
Ian Bird
Ian Bird Aylar önce
Fantastic work sir, love the steering wheel work true craftsmanship 😁👍👍 Good old drum brakes remember them 😂😂😂
deephouse O
deephouse O Aylar önce
Please do E46 M3 one day~~ As a owner of one myeself, it'd be very interesting to see restoration project video from you!
rrs Aylar önce
@20:06 I was going to say "I bet the slave cylinders are lucas, which explains why they aren't working, most likely they are leaking or malfunction" Well, lo and behold! 😅
SkyIineGTR Aylar önce
holy crap that steering wheel craftsmanship was jaw dropping.. holy
Lars Aylar önce
how do you find these cars?
shmeh8 Aylar önce
Felix is so cool!
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson Aylar önce
Great video as always, and welcome to drum brakes 😀. I grew up on drum brakes (being old....) and they do have their little subtleties. For adjusting them, you should be able to click the adjuster forwards with the drum on, adjust until the drum can't turn and then back-off a couple of clicks, all should then be good. I also have a special Lucas Girling tool for removing and installing the shoe hold down clips, If I can find it you can have it.
Trifonius Zonnebloem
Awesome work again! Btw the BMW workshop manual tells you not to drive the wheels with the suspension on full droop as it might damage the driveshafts. Maybe something to keep in mind for the future.
zacksbmy94 Aylar önce
U can send to bmw for repaint. I think they can do proper color matching.my experience send my perodua alza back to the perodua sc they do a good job include color matching.just my 2 cent
spalkin Aylar önce
I put blue tape on the shoes so I can not worry about grease. Then, when done, perfect as new.
Genin Aylar önce
washer nozzle plugged and having low stream? try soaking it in a can of soda(i used coca cola) and it works good again. of course it's better if u buy new :D
Wickeez Aylar önce
Excited for the next episode. Really enjoying your videos.
Jan Uys
Jan Uys Aylar önce
Ja. Gutenteight!
DunDuks Aylar önce
Drum brakes. I kind of like them. Except removing that drum bolt, which loves to get rounded, or bolt breaking. But other than that, they are kind of cool. Also, my early 1991 e36 shared rear brakes with e30, so perhaps thats why yours didnt fit
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