Let's Get Mechanical - Neglected BMW E30 320i 5-speed - Project Marbais: Part 4

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The fix-a-thon on E30 is in full swing, we remove the broken subframe bolt, it gets all-new fluids, clutch sorted, new fuel pump and suspension overhaul with Bilstein B6 shocks. We also end in the kitchen, as you normally do on automotive channels, and cook a valvelicuos meal.

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15 Eyl 2021




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Ramón 4 saatler önce
29:24 Why should it not pass Oldtimer TÜV Inspection? The Car has to be in original shape, thats correct. But also lowering springs were a thing back at that time so they are perfectly legal even for the Oldtimer Inspection.
Google Sux
Google Sux 2 gün önce
After you weld the nut on you must let it slowly cool to room temperature before applying pressure
Mt 09
Mt 09 4 gün önce
who tf dislike this video honestly?
Sean Oliver
Sean Oliver 5 gün önce
BMW’s live longer with calgon lol 😂😎
Nuck Fuggets the Slue Gniffer
That e30 is clean, great find.
Francesco Ferrarese
Francesco Ferrarese 6 gün önce
Put your Hands in a mekanics iniection "kughel Fischer" and........
Francesco Ferrarese
Francesco Ferrarese 6 gün önce
Straight 6 cilinder BMW under 4000rpm Is "death",becouse the originale exaust Collector Is very bad.change with "supersprint"inox exaust and Is another "music".the price in 1990,700usd!!!
Francesco Ferrarese
Francesco Ferrarese 6 gün önce
Excuse me,and the "water pompe" not change?it's togheter vith the"drive belt".
antoniot701 7 gün önce
whats the part number on the fuel hose thingy
Robert HMR
Robert HMR 8 gün önce
Regarding the high idling problem. I had a very similar problem on a E30 M3. Solved it with a new set of HT ignition leads. I think a break down in one or two leads sends a rich fuel mixture to the O2 sensor confusing it.
Sidabra24.com 9 gün önce
You need to undo the control arm inner ball-joint nut at the very beginning, when the car is on the ground and the suspension is loaded. Then you can remove the nut through the engine bay from the top.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 9 gün önce
No, that's not smart or safe and it'll still spin. You can put pressure on the balljoint with a floor jack but that doesn't work on rusted nuts as I tried. Cutting is the only way.
D. B.
D. B. 10 gün önce
The double end pipe muffler goes straight through to middle silencer, also double pipe.. Therefore, it has no cat. then it says is right one..🙃
D. B.
D. B. 10 gün önce
Maybe there is a issue on airflow meter because of not idling down during running eng. After switch off it always works by restart w/o accelerate..
D. B.
D. B. 10 gün önce
Very good work! Gratulate to your excellent skills👏👏👏👏👏...also Video is made very professional..👍👍👍👍👍
kookeen 10 gün önce
Dayyum! Never knew there was a fourth part. Because this video hasn't been to the E30 playlist yet. The next 48 minutes and 19 seconds are totally mine haha. Keep up the good work Sreten. Greetings from Die Niederlande
andwhatshouldbe 11 gün önce
Love it! I have a delphin gray convertible! Love to know how the Mtechnik springs contribute to the ride!
Guy Van Brussel
Guy Van Brussel 14 gün önce
Those 320's were smooth running but a no torque at all.
Ionel Ionell
Ionel Ionell 14 gün önce
Sreten, one funny thing to look after is at 6:30 when you apply throttle the engine is deprived of air due to the protective covers you use in front of the car :)) it tried to bite the cover with the grills :)) they are too "protective", they're air tight
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 14 gün önce
It makes no difference when the car is standing. It's getting the air from underneath.
Ionel Ionell
Ionel Ionell 14 gün önce
some actually use this "technique"(covering the intake swiftly while revving it) to clean up the intake and exhaust of the old carbureted cars that got soot due to low rev driving or poor gas and poor maintenance. I heard terms like "caughing it" :))))) the stupid thing is that that works ...
Ευστράτιος Γραμμένης
I had the same issue with high revs when idling and kept high when engine got warm in my Renault Megane Coupe 1.4 16v (2000 model year) and it was from the intake manifold gaskets and throttle body gaskets as they got worn due to ageing. I have no idea about BMW engines but I thought I might left here my input just in case it might helps you. I really enjoy your channel.
davidut55 16 gün önce
ATF on a manual?
dominiqdq 16 gün önce
Amigo make sure you get some grease on the threaded rod of the spring compressor(I have the same type) it will last you longer in special you use an impact on it. 👍
Marco Lang
Marco Lang 16 gün önce
How about restaging this in Frankfurt with the final scene in you garage door? ;-) trvid.com/video/video-2OQswzDTJCs.html
mudemmeonick 16 gün önce
Brakes aren't balanced. You've probably have got one side applying more force than the other. Look at how it rocks when you brake.
Alfons Bongers
Alfons Bongers 17 gün önce
by far the best retoration un you tube and sometimes funny greetings from Holland
Dave Diggler
Dave Diggler 17 gün önce
VGG's German cousin?? great vid.
Yu Ma
Yu Ma 17 gün önce
You can also get the oldtimer registration with a tuned or lowered e30 :-) in general, the tuning just has to be "zeitgenössisch" which means that the tuning has to fit the time the car was built. H&R even has coilovers for the e30, that can be used on an oldtimer. In a forum someone wrote an email to H&R and they answered that their monotube 29577-2 was first released in 49/1994 and that it can be used on the older e30s without any problems. They will send you a written explanation for the Tüv if you need one :)
Wickeez 17 gün önce
can't wait for the next expisode
Carina Powered
Carina Powered 17 gün önce
Hi if you want to lower the engine idle rpm, put a plastic or wooden ball with a small hole, inside of the air hose, make sure its big enough not to get sucked into engine, we used to do that on your car when the idle air control valve was broken and customer could not afford to change it. Also change the oxygen sensor since on your car the computer will not tell you when O2 sensor is worn out.
Frans van den Berge
Frans van den Berge 17 gün önce
I like this ride hight. I drive bad roads. I appriciate such a ride hight!
Ahmed .M. Japer
Ahmed .M. Japer 18 gün önce
في وطني العراق نسمي BMW بالطائرة على كثر حبنا لهذه السيارة . ياليتني اعمل معك في هذا المجال فأنا احب الميكانيك خاصة لسيارة BMW
watchfreaxx 19 gün önce
Great car and great progress on repairing it. Looks amazing! Good Luck!
E30s don’t run
E30s don’t run 19 gün önce
That’s a huge sponsor
Gordon Grabe
Gordon Grabe 19 gün önce
The 320i before the Facelift only had one Tailpipe. With the 1987 Facelift came the double-tailpipes, afaik and remember. My father used to have one of the first E30 320i, at about 110000 km the engine went bad. After a long high-speed trip on the Autobahn one valve ripped off after shutting the car down at the house. Next morning no start, tried to tow it and ruined the engine that way. After a complete rebuild the engine never ran like it did before. Always had an idle issue (idling between 800 - 1300rpm) and a slight hesitation when revving up. We replaced all vacuum hoses, checked for other leaks, replaced a bunch of sensors without any luck. 3 or 4 BMW dealers didn't have any luck in tracking the problem down. Good luck with your pristine E30!
Drew Swanson
Drew Swanson 20 gün önce
You have a refreshed clutch pedal hydraulic system until you don't t have a one and you are far away from your garage
Drew Swanson
Drew Swanson 20 gün önce
@M539 Restorations just a joke. Iv got them to work again with new fluid but they sometimes die because the damage from the old fluid hurt the seals inside and the seals eventually breaks. And when it does break it's always in the worst place.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 20 gün önce
You are making no sense
guanaco Cruz
guanaco Cruz 20 gün önce
This guy is a genius
Jason B
Jason B 21 gün önce
i actually like the height it looks very 80s
Yiannis K
Yiannis K 21 gün önce
The proper soundtrack of this vid would be this: trvid.com/video/video-TIndSgK29WI.html
Weaponized Memes
Weaponized Memes 21 gün önce
A landlord that actually _helps_ his tenants? What is this world coming to!?
shabsog eagle
shabsog eagle 22 gün önce
maybe u need to remove the paint protection cover on front for the radiator to breath
MarchuxProductions 22 gün önce
A TRvidr by the name of Memphis just put a Simons exhaust on his E28 520i, maybe he could share his opinion on it?
C G 22 gün önce
Great videos. I'm in the process of bringing an 88 325is back to life that's sat for several years, so these videos have been very helpful. 🛠👍🔧
Simon the mechanic
Simon the mechanic 23 gün önce
Hey Sreten, when you will have time to go together and go over trails in your 320i, i want to go on the tiny backseats HAHAHA
Alan Here
Alan Here 23 gün önce
You should contact DBO on here. They have a lot of parts cars. That slide valve is about the same as a later model idle air control valve?
OggyXXXL 24 gün önce
3:10 this is long and not particularly justified, I usually take a cutting machine, make two or three grooves on the thread along the new bolt and tighten it several times with a wrench, it is faster than screwing the tap by hand
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 24 gün önce
Absolutely justified if you want to do it properly and not mess up the threads. I didn't do it by hand. That can work too in a pinch but you can't make a nice cut in the bolt and you'll potentially destroy the threads. Thread chaser exists for a reason.
Rocky’s Life
Rocky’s Life 24 gün önce
If someone could mass refurbish old e28s and e30s and sell them in the 35k-40k range …. You would be an idiot to buy any other car . I use to have an e28 535i …. Unfortunately I got rid of it 😢
bombakdik 24 gün önce
Again, a very nice video. Can you point me in the right direction what brake bleeder you are using? I would like to buy myself one that is easy and handy to use just as yours. Concerning the air slide valve you might have considered to clean it with ultrasone as well. Oh, and another question: what websites are you using for ordering the parts? Do the fuel lines and the pump for example come from the BMW dealer, or from a website? Thanks in advance and really hope you will get back to me! Cheers from Belgium!
B Muns
B Muns 24 gün önce
I have a 2014 VW GLI with 200K miles. I change my oil every 5K miles with LM Molygen and my engine purrs. And I upgraded all my shocks from cheap VW (tingy when u hit them) to much better Bilstein B4 (solid noise when you hit them). The car suspension is smooth as butter. I will always use Bilstein. Even had a neurosurgeon compliment me on my smooth ride. Said it rode better than his BMW 7 series on hywy.
Geordo1960 25 gün önce
Love the bone stock appearance of this gem. Man, getting to detail these beautiful cars after you are finished repairing would make me happ😀y! This one would be something after complete detail and paint correction. Can’t wait to see this finished! Damn your video’s are so addicting!
Phil Hart
Phil Hart 26 gün önce
Drop us the previous owners address. Me and the boys will pop along and discuss that missing paperwork. Ask if he likes hospital food.
Ziad D
Ziad D 26 gün önce
I am from lebanon, and I remember this car was and still till now very saught after for the mountains just because of how high it sits. It can drive on any road and bumps you throw on it.
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez 26 gün önce
Hello I recently bought a 1993 730i. Aaaaaaaaand yes, It needs ALOT of love. Is there any version I could get some parts from? such as the 750i
idrizi 27 gün önce
Är beroende utav din videos😁😁 send mer videos varför tog det två sista videona så lång tid o lägga ut
idrizi 27 gün önce
Eyyy you stuped gay 😁😁 sende mor videos
Ticdaniel 27 gün önce
I had a 88 325i without powersteering and chopped springs around. It was really tuff to drive that one. When it hit 3000rpm the tail came out instanlty in the corners and really hard manage that without powersteering 😁😁 //Sweden
Xico902 27 gün önce
the videos are starting to take really long...
JeremiBulakowski 27 gün önce
47:20 - feel like your guest appearance on next Carmudgeon Show is just the matter of time.
Alan Audi
Alan Audi 27 gün önce
16:02 Lmao 🤣
Midnight Perspective Records
Singin Fat Boy Slim, I like this guy more and moreeee
Marcin Raczyński
Marcin Raczyński 28 gün önce
It will be the best E30 project on the YT. Gretings from Poland :)
pornosam84 28 gün önce
I came originally for the content, I chuckle at the jokes, I share the frustrations in working on rusty old cars, but the reason I stay is for the random high pitched exclamations of joy/pain/frustration. Sreten your combination of knowledge, attention to detail, humour and silliness is genuinely unparalleled.
booboo yogi
booboo yogi 28 gün önce
My wife says I like you more than her (she may be right!) Hurry up and get another video out :)
Petre-Lucian Toma
Petre-Lucian Toma 28 gün önce
Nice channel but I have one question/suggestion, when the inner ball joint spins, why do you cut it? You can just jack it up a bit from there, that will stop it from spinning!
Petre-Lucian Toma
Petre-Lucian Toma 28 gün önce
@M539 Restorations It worked for me, maybe just add some sand paper 😂 thanks for the quick reply man, keep up the good work.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations 28 gün önce
Because that doesn't work on a rusted stud/nut. I put the whole weight of the car on the left balljoint with a floor jack and it was still spinning.
Nicholas Ashe
Nicholas Ashe 29 gün önce
No vacuum leaks? I don't understand.
Alec The Car Guy
Alec The Car Guy 29 gün önce
I hope everyone will be able to buy their dream car at some point in life!
Pablo Pastor
Pablo Pastor 29 gün önce
Really nice video!! As always of course. One thing, you shouldn't use the impact wrench with the spring compressor because it can damage the threads of the bolt inside the tool. Good night and thank for the video!
Mike 101
Mike 101 29 gün önce
Please bring another video out on the e30 thanks
Jan Martinik
Jan Martinik 29 gün önce
Where is next video? I cannot wait any longer 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I am M539 addicted👾👾👾👾👾
Champagnepapi 29 gün önce
just got home from work, there is no new video - if the situation repeats tomorrow, i'll jump in the car and go straight to HANS LAND to put aftermarket wheels to all your cars man
Boris Mospan
Boris Mospan 29 gün önce
top job, luv the floor cleaner LOL
Boris Mospan
Boris Mospan 29 gün önce
no grease on the sway-bar bushings?
Boris Mospan
Boris Mospan 29 gün önce
torque thru a U-joint is less than setting on bar!
My Home Garage
My Home Garage Aylar önce
I want to say something. A lot of people online keep begging for more video's which would be amazing. But people need to understand the time it takes to diagnose vehicles, order correct parts, wait for parts, install them, and film the whole process with great quality both video and audio is extremely difficult .The videos are worth the wait, In my opinion. Keep it up. I hope to reach these level of quality and viewership that you have built. An amazing achievement and your formula has been spot on. Change nothing. Happy Viewing everyone...
Matthew Hook
Matthew Hook 5 gün önce
I wholeheartedly agree. Resist pressure to churn out X number of videos full of drivel every week and stick to the current formula. Quality over quantity for sure!
herrbrahms Aylar önce
The joys of early fuel injection. My first car was still carbureted and used a fast idle cam to push to 2500 rpm at start before 600 rpm at warm idle. All you had to do was to blip the throttle and release the cam when you wanted the idle to come down. This pre-computer air valve nonsense doesn't seem like that bad an idea, until you realize that it relies upon a thermostat which like all coolant thermostats will inevitably fail.
Артур Янтурин
do not use grease when inserting the lever into the silent block. he'll turn around there later
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
I know, I've done it both ways. Makes no difference in the end.
Артур Янтурин
@M539 Restorations the manual e46 says to use a soap solution.this is not a criticism. I love your channel and watch all your videos. this is just a tip
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
It's fine, that way it positions naturally when the car settles and that stuff can be washed out.
MOH 43
MOH 43 Aylar önce
use a dry ice blaster on the underside of the car
Leonard Amadeo Levinsky
Well done dude...
Maher Qassem
Maher Qassem Aylar önce
Hello there would/can you help me with something in Germany?
Arthur Japin
Arthur Japin Aylar önce
Masterclass bro
RICKO FF Aylar önce
why the 48min looks so fast to me :'(
AmplifierHero Aylar önce
What i understood is that there are not really "mtech springs" but that bm matches different springs on different engines, they used springrates of a 320i on a 316i for example. Mine (316) was equiped with mtech suspension, i changed to hr springs but they were higher than original. H&R offered me to measure the springrates of my original springs but at the time i didn't go in to that proposal (stupid as i am).
Repair Ambulance
Repair Ambulance Aylar önce
Eeeeeee no rust at all 🤣🍻👌 Don't love us all please ! 😎
p mac
p mac Aylar önce
Very detailed video. Nice.
plp·GTR Aylar önce
Does powder coating springs work ok? not sure if the coating will flake off, had this happen to my refinished KW springs
Dimitar Tenchev
Dimitar Tenchev Aylar önce
I have a tip for those pesky u joint nuts just put presure on the taper and it will not spin
C. Lewis
C. Lewis Aylar önce
The best €90 I ever spent was in Amsterdam.
DashDrones Aylar önce
Well slap me silly and call me Willy 🤣 just getting to watch this. 48 minutes of quality goodness 👍
Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas Aylar önce
I don’t know why I love this channel so much but I really look forward to these videos.
V B Aylar önce
Enjoying the video! Don't new springs need a little bit of time to settle?
Ram Skirata
Ram Skirata Aylar önce
dont call cork gaskets crappy. They are the right tool for the job and work great for sealing surfaces that cannot be guaranteed to be 100% perfect like a stamped oil pan.
ashsaviors Aylar önce
What you are having problem with is the Idle Control Valve. With the e30 guys, it either taken out and cleaned or deleted/bypass. Should have plenty of ideas on e30zone if you need.
ashsaviors Aylar önce
@M539 Restorations oh right, this is series 1 jetronic, oopss. Any luck on the issue?
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
L-jetronic doesn't have ICV.
Matthias _
Matthias _ Aylar önce
The control arm nut can be opend, when you apply some pressure to the joint from underneath. It's a cone so it should create enough friction that you can get the bolt completely off instead of having to split it.
Matthias _
Matthias _ Aylar önce
@M539 Restorations Again, I appreciate your videos and love your humor. It's so much more fun than most other channels. Last tip, you can cut off the tread just above the bolt so you don't have to wrench through the whole lengh.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
You don't see it in the sea of comments, but trust me so many of them :) normally you can just push it with your hand or pry bar. I've put entire weight of the car with a floor jack on the left side and no dice. Cutting it off was easy enough. Thanks!
Matthias _
Matthias _ Aylar önce
@M539 Restorations Apology accepted :-) I am a big fan of your channel and watched most of your videos with great interest. Sorry if I missed the one with the control arms but I checked on the replies on this video not to repeat already mentioned advices. It's just that I always could stop the spinning after I had washed off all the WD40 and made the stud dry and clean again. At least the parts which could be seen. Never mind you got it off. This is what matters
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
I know, didn't mean to come off that way. It just becomes annoying when everyone keeps repeating the same, I can't include everything I try in the video. If you watched my other videos, you would've seen I've done that with E32 balljoints and it worked. Here it didn't since they were way too rusted.
Matthias _
Matthias _ Aylar önce
@M539 Restorations You don't need to get pissy just because I was trying to help. A always got mine open that way and it's not my first time either
Dennis Aylar önce
Why wouldnt you get the H with lowering springs? As far as im aware you can get it with mods that were/could have been done back in the days. Am i wrong? ~ nvm you adressed it. Also please dont use the impact for (de)compressing the springs, youre smarter than that ♡
Jimmy Shao
Jimmy Shao Aylar önce
chrisfix: now grab your breaker bar… M539: i got a wrench and a hammer.
M539 Restorations
M539 Restorations Aylar önce
Much easier, no space for the breaker bar
collins james
collins james Aylar önce
Hi, today is 23rd of sept. And i still eager for waiting your next video. Please. Im so addicted. Lol
Dionamuh Aylar önce
I like the SUV-30 ride height. It suits it.
Andy Murdoch
Andy Murdoch Aylar önce
B6 Bilstein are top quality for road/sports use. Such a nice little car.
ReD DeV Aylar önce
Mmmm boiled thermostat....delicious!
Fernando Scherer
Fernando Scherer Aylar önce
I like the way the shop is improving, with new tools and space
Adam Grela
Adam Grela Aylar önce
Cool video! You can use rear 2000-2007 Mondeo rear ARB Links for the front which are rose jointed which will stiffen it up a little bit!
Eoin O'Connell
Eoin O'Connell Aylar önce
Great to see you getting sponsorship. Well deserved.
White vs red ice cream challenge #Shorts