let's discuss: the obsession with marilyn monroe

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Edited by Israh S.

The Many Lives of Marilyn by Sarah Churchwell
Heavenly Bodies by Richard Dyer
Some Kind of Mirror by Amanda Konkle
Marilyn Monroe, ‘sex symbol’: film performance, gender politics and 1950s Hollywood celebrity www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/1...
Marilyneveryday: The persistence of Marilyn Monroe as a cultural icon www.ingentaconnect.com/conten...
Trapped by Celebrity Status and Dead Too Soon: Aspirational Limitations and the Career Trajectories of Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison brill.com/view/book/edcoll/97...
‘This industry lives on gossip and scandal’: female star narratives and the Marilyn Monroe biopic www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/1...



21 May 2022




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Alyssa Ortega
Alyssa Ortega Aylar önce
The more and more I learn about Marilyn the person, the more and more I love and appreciate her. It's just so sad that she's not even person anymore but a marble deity.
ThatGirlJD 10 gün önce
@rrr_ 101112 She had her flaws, but her life was sad. The fact that her Playboy pictures were used without her permission or her being compensated is sad. Her image is still being exploited after her death, which is disturbing.
Катерина Черкасова
@Andrea Gonzales nj
Can of Beans
Can of Beans 11 gün önce
Nothing wrong with people liking her tho?? Ofc it’s wrong for people to only see her as an object but other than that it’s not a big deal to appriate her
Silver Screen Souls
Silver Screen Souls 20 gün önce
Yes that's true, the more you learn about Marilyn the more difficult it is to not like her 🤍
rrr_ 101112
rrr_ 101112 24 gün önce
Wasn’t she a home wrecker? Or is that one of the rumours?
Tangerina Aylar önce
The fact that Hugh Hefner could BUY a final resting place next to Marilyn is appalling to me. And Kim Kardashian could just buy a fast wear of a dress Marilyn herself wished no one else would wear. People forget Marilyn was a person. You can be inspired but this is objectifying, the same thing that was done to her as a sex symbol when she lived.
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 4 gün önce
@MandySuju that's straight nasty!!
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 4 gün önce
@TheKitKatLizard Yes!! I totally agree with you!!
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 4 gün önce
@Mazwane I remember a long time ago when I could still tolerate her. There was an episode where they got "Vampire" facials. Apparently they all had these instrimints that poked little holes in their face and used the blood that came out until their faces were covered and dried in blood. Creepy as hell...
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 4 gün önce
@YourMajesty143 o HELL TO THE NO!!! That's discusting on so many different levels and reasons!!
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 4 gün önce
@Ozymandias Nullifidian YESSS!!!
Yami Gurl
Yami Gurl 28 gün önce
It’s so sweet that she gave some of her will to her therapist
SetASpark 9 gün önce
She was cut off from her family and isolated so the only people close to her were her therapists. If you read what she and others close to her spoke about what happened in her sessions it's even more disturbing. Sounds like she was completely in control by them.
May Walker
May Walker 9 gün önce
I dunno, I think its kind of sad as to me, its illustrative of her isolation. Therapists aren't your friends nor your enemies, they're simply people paid to counsel you (and they wouldn't be in your life if you weren't paying them to be). Marilyn was certainly a very effusive and giving person, but a lot of evidence also points to her being very lonely too.
Sarah Raquel
Sarah Raquel 10 gün önce
the therapist is suspected of her death!! not sweet but scary
mr hankey the christmas poo
it is but it's weird.
Anastasija Kondrashova
I find it suspicious! (of the therapist)
Cysio Serankiita
Cysio Serankiita Aylar önce
I always feel deep sadness in my soul whenever Marilyn is mentioned. Her image is being dragged through so much, she deserves respectful remembrance, not exploitation and idolization after her death.
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 5 gün önce
I agree with you so much!!
Katalina Brigitte
Katalina Brigitte 8 gün önce
@Can of Beans What profit a woman to gain the world, yet lose her soul? And THAT is the tragic ending of Marilyn Monroe. Her body has been decomposing for 60 years....and then, judgement.
Can of Beans
Can of Beans 8 gün önce
@Katalina Brigitte What creator?💀 How does a ‘creator’ relate to this conversation Katalina??
Katalina Brigitte
Katalina Brigitte 8 gün önce
WutUpWitDat 8 gün önce
@Katalina Brigitte Like she was the first to ever do that??? lol.
🜸 ⟡ ミ
🜸 ⟡ ミ Aylar önce
Instead of reframing Marilyn's tragedies in life as "empowering", why not make it common knowledge how unfairly she was treated despite being such a remarkable woman? How steps in her career reflected this mistreatment and put deeper meaning to her actions and legacy than just being the most glamorous woman in Hollywood. Acknowledge that she was wrongfully reduced to a sex symbol when she was, in fact, a talented actress in her own right. Don't diminish important things about her like with the Kim Kardashian Met Gala dress situation-people claim Marilyn would "love seeing another curvy woman wear her dress" when in reality, Marilyn had that dress made specifically for her and her alone in response to the mistreatment and injustice she experienced.
I love got7
I love got7 4 gün önce
There was nothing remarkable about Marilyn lol she was just a home wrecker, I really don't understand why she is praise
Kecy M.
Kecy M. 4 gün önce
Amyth 6 gün önce
@london girl girl do you know you can actually make an statement with the way you dress right?? just look at history Princess Diana being one of the most ionic examples of that
🜸 ⟡ ミ
🜸 ⟡ ミ 20 gün önce
@london girl She was mocked and belittled and endlessly sexualised. She’s done similar things before in response to insults. Like when a columnist called her “cheap and vulgar […] better off served in a potato sack” and wore a potato sack in a photo shoot as a response.
A B Aylar önce
I also think the obsession may actually stem from her tragically early death. Hollywood has this obsession with female youth and a tendency to immediately throw away any women that age. However with Marilyn because she passed before ever reaching that point she became this immortalized picture of female innocence, youth and sexuality that Hollywood and pop culture could latch onto.
mika 5 gün önce
​@Magdalena Nike Ardilla!!
Magdalena 8 gün önce
@mika who is this Singer?
msk 8 gün önce
Kinda feels like crucified jesus becoming immortalized and iconized
pixies 9 gün önce
i could quite put what i was thinking into words but you did it lol. i agree
nini 9 gün önce
@Jojo not to be rude but for me personally? I'd rather die than see myself turn old. I've experienced the benefits of pretty privilege and I'm in my late teens but I know in years, it won't be the same. Pauliva Porizkova talked about this- how she basically became invisible after turning 50. I don't think I'd be able to take that.
Anais Aylar önce
I assume marilyn’s comedy is often overlooked as well because we don’t typically view women as capable of being intentionally funny. Instead of acknowledging her character as a representation of marilyn’s comedic talent, we assumed that she WAS the over the top ditzy character, because somehow that was more believable to us than her being intentionally humorous
Cameron 6 gün önce
@Focused Fighter what’s your take on Lucille Ball then ? She had extreme humility and dared to be comedic without giving a damn.
🇪🇸spanish people are white not hispanic
Fr my brother finds Jim Carrey funny and humorous while with Katy Perry he thinks she's creepy and childish even though Katy is very humorous and can make you laugh just by being herself lol
Focused Fighter
Focused Fighter 12 gün önce
It reminds me how in comedies, the men portraying dumb ones are funny and cool: because it's just a role. Whenever a woman does it, it is assumed that's how women are: not a role. That's one double-standard.
teapot 24 gün önce
i think it stems from a fear of a "power imbalance". by portraying marilyn as inherently ditzy, she becomes the punchline - it's safe to laugh at her because she's not going to turn on you and one-up you at any given point. this would have especially suited audiences of that time period, who viewed anything like autonomous women as a threat to the "natural order" of things. a woman being witty enough to utilise that punchline as a facade, reclaiming it in a sense, throws the power all out of whack again. it breeds resentment - the loss of control over being played, in a sense, by someone who you'd safely assumed was just stupid by nature. i think that's why she wasn't given credit where credit was due, and i think female comedians still face that resentment today.
standing here
standing here 22 gün önce
the treatment of marylin's comedic acting reminds me of how men so often dont pick up on women's jokes and sarcasm, they just assume that women are being literal and stupid.
Rei 2 gün önce
fr why do they do that 💀
natalie 8 gün önce
This is so true omg
MATRIX X 14 gün önce
@janibii_ ?
janibii_ 18 gün önce
Holy crap Im realising one of my guy friends probably thinks Im an idiot cus of my comedy XD
Jazz Prichard
Jazz Prichard Aylar önce
i'd love to see one for Amy Winehouse. She isn't hollywood but the glorification, villainisation, sexualisation and commentary on her is... a wild ride and i'd love to see a discussion by you on her as she was such an incredible person who once again, passed too soon
Laura Gómez
Laura Gómez 3 gün önce
I agree. As a fan of hers since my teenage years. I've always remembered her as the amazing musician she was, definitely she is a music legend. However, I think the way her public persona and private life have been treated by media and the public in general is way too disrespectful. I've always felt empathy for her as a person and her life story, but I try not to get much into her personal life. As in Marilyn's case, Amy was a human being who deserves respect. She had her achievements and struggles as everybody else and I think we are not the ones to judge or comment on her private life.
mr hankey the christmas poo
@r̶e̶d̶a̶c̶t̶e̶d̶ omg me too i am disgusted.
mr hankey the christmas poo
@Jojo fr britney especially.
mr hankey the christmas poo
@Haelia the disrespect and audacity of him man.
monica reynoso
monica reynoso 14 gün önce
This is how I feel as a Mexican woman in regards to Selena Quintanilla. Let her rest. I love that we keep her memory alive and I get that, but all these remakes are really tiring.
Paola Rodríguez
Paola Rodríguez 18 saatler önce
This!! Déjenla en paz
Josman 3 gün önce
The sad thing about Selena is that her family is the one profiting off her tragedy and image
Elizabeth Estrada
Elizabeth Estrada 7 gün önce
Totalmente de acuerdo contigo, siguen explotando su vida una y otra vezzzzzz
Zifflezoovop Aylar önce
My grandmother who was a young lady around the same time as Marilyn had told me she wasn't a fan because of how suggestive she was in films. Although she never held anything against her as a fellow person. Mostly because my grandmother and Marilyn shared the same body type and that caused a lot of men to show unwanted interest in her. My grandmother was genuinely pure of heart (I haven't known anyone sweeter) and men would try to get her to be /like/ Marilyn. So she married the biggest nerd she could find that treated her with respect and encouraged her college education rather than seeing her as something pretty to own.
ghostie Gün önce
@t y it is assumed/known that women were not treated well by men because of the mistreatment of women, thats probably why they were happy about it
t y
t y 7 gün önce
@Raisy Rosye wtf everything you said sounds super shady and weird
Margarita Jiménez
Margarita Jiménez 12 gün önce
I dislike the implication that Marilyn was not pure of heart, there’s nothing wrong with her being sexual
Zenitsu 14 gün önce
she was not suggestive , she was sexual , there are big difference between these two things
Zenitsu 14 gün önce
she was not suggestive , she was sexual , there are big difference between these two things
Sierra Johnson
Sierra Johnson Aylar önce
Growing up I would see imagery of her and Audrey Hepburn slapped on just about anything, I knew her picture long before I knew who she was or what she did. Even today if you walk into an ICING store youll see them on random dorm room decor for no reason. I never really understood the obsession, like it’s not praise/admiration for Marilyn’s work in movies or singing or anything, it’s just her IMAGE itself, it’s so odd. Like how many people who say they “love Marilyn Monroe” have actually seen her films?
🇪🇸spanish people are white not hispanic
Rita Hayworth and Jane Russell were also icons
Aimeey 11 gün önce
That is like saying you're a fan of a media you never consumed
Letícia Dreger
Letícia Dreger 14 gün önce
Exactly! I do love both Marilyn and Audrey but even I don't feel comfortable in having their faces in my room 😂
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Aylar önce
Love this video. love your takes.
Sansa M
Sansa M Aylar önce
Your commentary reminds me of that story Amy Greene, the wife of Marilyn’s personal photographer, told where she recalled her and Marilyn were “walking around New York City… she loved New York because no one bothered her there like they did in Hollywood, she could put on her plain Jane clothes and no one would notice her. She loved that. So as we’re walking down Broadway, she turns to me and says ‘Do you want to see me become her?’ I didn’t know what she meant but I just said ‘yes’- and then I saw it. I don’t know how to explain what she did because it was so very subtle, but she turned something on within herself that was almost like magic. Suddenly cars were slowing down and people turning their heads and stopping to stare. They were recognizing that this was Marilyn Monroe as if she pulled off a mask or something, even though a second ago nobody noticed her. I had never seen anything like it before.”
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 4 gün önce
Wow, thats an awesome story!! I can picture it as I was reading it. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to actually see her change like that?
Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride 6 gün önce
that was marilyn monroe manifesting. there’s tons of articles on it
Nerolia_Gaming 22 gün önce
Stunning story, thank you for posting it here
giraffe1219 24 gün önce
"To see a woman so in charge of her sexuality..." Idk, to me it sounds like she did it out of necessity, not because she was glad to. And sure, that takes a level of guts. But it's also sad to be backed into that corner. That's not empowering.
cata zoe
cata zoe 6 gün önce
yeah, things like that fucking awful documentary are the reason why nowadays just the word "empowerment" makes me retch
CharlizeQ 7 gün önce
"we are all sexual creatures, thank god"-- Marilyn. She most definitely enjoyed being a sexy woman. What she didn't like was society reducing her to nothing more than a sex symbol. A thing, she called it. To the studios and a lot of the public she couldn't be a sexy woman and be smart and serious. It was one or the other. What's sad is it still happens to this day, despite 1000+ books written about her, movies and documentaries people refuse to look at her accomplishments only her looks.
agøstina cueva
agøstina cueva 10 gün önce
@A. J. she represents the group of women who are sexual beings but are shamed for it. It always breaks my heart whenever I hear about her or watch her movies. Being her and having men around must have been frightening.
Can't Say
Can't Say 17 gün önce
@A. J. No no no, us SILLY women can't possibly do things for ourselves, don't be silly! /s
Dana Ondar
Dana Ondar 21 gün önce
exactly, dear.
Holly Smith
Holly Smith Aylar önce
It's so sad how Marilyn was treated by many people that she cared about. Even Arthur Miller, at that point where she was again trying to turn her life around, seemed to discard her as soon as he saw that she was a human, vulnerable and flawed like everyone else. What he wrote about her, was so horrible, and later how the Kennedy brothers are said to have passed her around like a horse to ride. I hope that at least some men watching eg the Marilyn Neyflix documentary will see this- how even the woman framed as this 'ultimate beauty' was essentially just *used*. And now let's remember that this is a blonde white woman with all the privileges that brings... and what this says about what kind of treatment women of colour had/have to deal with.
Sofia Lara
Sofia Lara 11 gün önce
wasnt there also that one guy who wanted to be buried with her so that "she could be beneath him forever"
Yamato611 15 gün önce
Joe DiMaggio too. He beat her after the infamous subway grate scene.
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wifeofsauron Aylar önce
That makes me so sad to hear Marilyon had endometriosis. I have endometriosis and it's horrific. Even now the lack of research is unacceptable and the treatments are subpar. I can't even imagine how hard it must have been then.
wifeofsauron 11 gün önce
@SummerTime Tea I take them and it does help. But it's not a line term viable solution.
SummerTime Tea
SummerTime Tea 11 gün önce
Maybe pain meds could help
Matteus Connollius
Matteus Connollius Aylar önce
I hate when people constantly wax lyrical about how she was "the most beautiful woman in the world." It's really creepy and makes her into a doll or an object. She was not a goddess or somehow different than other people. It's very disturbing to have people do this. All they seemingly care about is her body and they refuse to see her as human.
F Freshfields
F Freshfields 5 gün önce
@Can of Beans i mean that you imagined i down talked you and was angry with you for simply giving information and instead of just saying 'i agree and know too, i've been there too', down talking and getting angry is exactly what you did to me and very deliberately so. Which is pretty bizarre. Looks like you haven't read properly and calmly a second time now. It's like you're having an upset conversation with yourself or something. Sorry but i can't help you with that. Take out your anger on someone else. Good luck
Can of Beans
Can of Beans 5 gün önce
@F Freshfields For the record I didn’t ever ‘down talk’ anyone who didn’t deserve it. And whatever you mean about me ‘imagining what happened to me’ means in your head I’m going to assume your not referring to me being very clearly sexually discriminated or harassed and give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you did mean it that way, then tell that to the law that states women shouldn’t be sexually violated. But if you didn’t mean it that way, I would suggest clarifying next time
Can of Beans
Can of Beans 5 gün önce
@Queen of The Comments No way u just went out of ur way to disrespect an innocent woman. Don’t pin women against each other for no reason. This isn’t even abt Hedy’s musty self
Queen of The Comments
Hedy Lamarr was the most beautiful woman in the world. Period.
F Freshfields
F Freshfields 8 gün önce
@Can of Beans I am not sure why you are angry? And also why you think I was angry? You seemed to have assumed I was upset when I explained some logical things. If you can relate and know about what I explained already because you are a woman who has also lived this, then you obviously understand and agree and have no reason to be so upset or angry about that? I am surprised you couldn't accept before what people meant in this thread straight away to be honest and had a problem with people saying it is sad if she is only complimented and remembered for being attractive, seeing it seems you do understand them, and misconstruing what they were saying as though they meant that it is wrong to give someone a compliment. A bit strange that. For this reason only I guessed you were perhaps a younger male, which I wrote down as an open question with a question mark, while I explained the situation for practical reasons. Nor was I concerned about sexism. If I assumed a person were sexist, I would not want to talk about sexism with them, as that wouldn't be a very positive conversation. So not sure what you are getting at here. Also, of course people understand that the word 'beautiful' isn't always used for someone's looks only, just that in the majority of cases it sadly isn't meant that way, which I am sure you know yourself as well. Seems you were the one down talking to others while imagining that's what happened to you.
Tired Peach
Tired Peach Aylar önce
I’ve always loved Marilyn Monroe ever since I learned about her. She was so kind and smart, and of course very pretty. She was and still is an icon. She deserved to be recognized as more than just a sex symbol but for her smarts and kindness towards others. Plus she was funny (she wore a potato sack in a magazine just to prove people who said it was the clothes that made her pretty) and witty. I hope your time in heaven is going well.
aporue 589
aporue 589 24 gün önce
she was awesome
JumpJumpLove Aylar önce
its depressing knowing that on top of everything mentioned, marilyn had converted to judaism when she married one of her husbands and was known to have kept her jewish faith enthusiastically post divorcing said husband, but her clown last husband gave her a lutheran burial... which is frustrating bc its still men in her life forcing choices on her post mortem
motorcitymangababe Aylar önce
People wax poetic about how tragic she is without realizing their obsessed behavior towards her was a huge part of what drove her to that tragic end. She was never allowed to be a person and that is soul crushing. "Let her rest" is about the best phrase i can think of when it comes to her.
Retard Flower
Retard Flower 21 gün önce
I used to roll my eyes whenever people would mention and gush over Marilyn Monroe. I didn't get the obsession over her (and still don't) because to me, she was just another rich white woman who was overly fetishized and exaggerated. That is, until I learned of how she was very cool towards African Americans back in the era where racism was openly displayed and even encouraged. When I read about how Marilyn helped an African American singer to be able to perform at a very famous club owned by a racist owner who discriminated against the singer performing there, I was honestly surprised. She did not have to do what she did, yet she did it anyway. Marilyn sat in the club every time the African American singer performed just so that the woman can sing. That gave me a newfound respect for her. There were also other things Marilyn did to help out other African Americans but the other side of Marilyn rarely gets talked about. All anyone wants to talk about is how beautiful and sexually inspiring she is. No one also mentions how Marilyn herself was inspired by someone else to be the way that she is. Women wanted to be like Marilyn but Marilyn wanted to be like Dorothy Dandridge, her best friend, a woman of color. Sadly, they both died almost the exact same way.
🇪🇸spanish people are white not hispanic
@Ineverusemychannel I never said that. You're the one taking it so personal just because I don't know Ella (not many do) in fact Dorothy Dandridge is well known even til her death, I know her. She was the first African-American women to be nominated in the Academy Award. She was beautiful as Marilyn Monroe. Other legendary black women are Diana Ross, Tina Tuner, Donna Summer the "Queen of Disco", the famous model Helen Williams she was beautiful but because of the racism she faced in the United States (during the 50s) she moved to France where she became the huge top model here in Spain and Europe - we adore her, Tyra Banks which we also call her "black barbie" bc she's beautiful and a real life barbie, Naomi Campbell she's amongst the most known and in demand models for the past four decades here in Europe and North America, Anok Yai famous black female model admired here in Spain, Concha Buika famous black spanish jazz singer she's the only black female singer on top of Ana Torroja, Belinda Peregrín, Marta Sánchez, Monica Naranjo, Pastora Soler, Marisol Flores and italian singer Laura Pausini. Berta Vásquez one of Spain's most famous afro-spanish actresses and models. many white spanish men admire her beauty and she's more sexy than any spanish white woman tbh here in Spain we prefer black spanish women over spanish white girls. Beyoncé, she's distant spanish european from her mother's side and here in Spain she's well known and many girls wish being her and many guys have a crush on her. Black women especially dark black women are admired and popular in Spain, many white spanish women get a tan to have the beautiful dark skin of black women. I'm not sure where you from I'm guessing The United States but here in Spain we admire black women beauty. Also black women models sell more than any basic white model from America at least here in Spain. There's many interracial couples (black girls with white spanish men) here in Spain. At least we treat black women like queens something the United States don't really appreciate.
@🇪🇸spanish people are white not hispanic maybe they’re more well known by 20 year olds but the world on a whole knows Ella Fitzegerald. If an actual adult is listing the greats, she’s on that list. It’s not sensitivity, it’s fact. It’s exhausting how frequently and persistently people want to undermine the impact of black women on history.
PL 4 gün önce
@Fiddle YourTiddle you don't have to like her but you need to have some logical reasons in order to dislike an actress. The commenter simply dislikes her because she is white blonde and successful
Fiddle YourTiddle
Fiddle YourTiddle 4 gün önce
@PL We don’t have to like ms. Monroe 🤨 I know plenty of women in my circle who don’t give a damn about her and couldn’t care less. Wipe your tears.
Olive Oil
Olive Oil 23 gün önce
I have BPD as well, so I can closely relate to Marilyn. I took on a “hot girl” persona because I was desperate for attention and for people to notice my beauty, but in reality I was absolutely miserable because no one wanted to look behind my appearance. I thankfully started getting treatment for it and I’m doing much better now and trying to be my genuine self. It must have been really difficult for her because there was so little known about it at the time. She’s an inspiration and will always be one of my role models.
GGMS86 Aylar önce
Marilyn’s inability to have a baby, terminated pregnancies, drug use and anxiety could have been due to endometriosis. One of the 20 most painful conditions in the world and underrepresented in public and medical discourse. Women have to “grin and bear it” which often means they rely upon heavy medication to manage pain and function. Which then exacerbates mental health problems
Charissa Kay
Charissa Kay 27 gün önce
@Pamela McDermott I call them suicide cramps. Like suicide headaches are called. I’ve had depression all my life and never ever been as actively suicidal as my cramps make me. When I was pregnant and they said labor pains were like cramps I knew they meant normal cramps so I was not worried about the pain in the slightest because I knew it would NEVER top that. The thing I was the most absolutely and completely downright terrified of during pregnancy was getting my period again after post Partum because some said it can be worse. It wasn’t worse thank goodness but I’ve wanted a hysterectomy which they refuse to give to most women under certain ages for reasons that also greatly ignore bodily autonomy. It can become incredibly debilitating and jobs hate if you call out for issues because “other women deal with it fine”.
Mar 27 gün önce
@missanne290 Yes, that's true. I have endometriosis and I'm a mother of two, and my endometriosis pain are very harder than those I had during the births of my sons.
Jeydon Husson
Jeydon Husson Aylar önce
I wouldn't doubt that theory honestly. I have Endometriosis type 4 so my uterine lining has spread all the way up into my intestines and it is the most excruciating thing on this planet. For me personally I had nonstop periods from the time I was 9 to 14 and then I was put on a medication that completely stops my menstrual cycle because I was essentially bleeding out and I started to hemorrhage, I'm still on this medication years later because I haven't been able to get a hysterectomy yet because even though I can't have children and every week I go through contractions that are worse than labor contractions most of the Gynecologists Ive seen have said I'm still too young to have a full hysterectomy. I'm often depressed from the amount of pain I'm in both with Endometriosis and the other medical issues I deal with and every other person I know with Endometriosis is also incredibly depressed because we have no treatment even a hysterectomy doesn't fully fix the problem and most of the people I know don't want to give up their uterus because they can still have children but they have to endure the extra pain. But yeah I really wouldn't doubt that Endometriosis could've lead to some of her problems.
random Swiftie
random Swiftie Aylar önce
This is most likely why she had drug addiction related issues. I used to think how can anybody get addicted to drugs that they don't need like 'just stop taking it' then whenever I would get period cramps I would take a painkiller pill called cataspa and it would make me a little numb and somehow I liked that numbness because it was peaceful and calming so then I started getting random urges to take that pill even though I didn't feel any pain during periods or when I was not on my periods and that's when I realized what addiction truly is. You really have so little power to stop those urges. It's like a gravity that just starts pulling you in so I stopped talking to painkiller before it was too late because it scared me so much and I have seen euphoria so I really don't want to go there. addiction is a terrifying thing.
LadyKraken Aylar önce
@Camila Bedoya I once passed 1 day and half(then went to the hospital) bent in 2 on my bed, due to the most intense pain I've ever experienced in my life, and I suffer from neuralgia(basically extremely painful vomit-inducing pulsing headaches that can last up to a week). Turns out it was "just a painful ovulation". Can't imagine what the real pain of endometriosis feels like, fucking hell.
Korina 6 gün önce
I’ve always been drawn to Marilyn partly because she’s stunning and magnetic but also because she was so honest and vulnerable. Even though she had a persona of sorts, I feel that there was always an aspect of her in interviews that was just deeply human and sensitive and thoughtful. I hope in the future there continues to be more focus on her insights and talents and less on her branded image and objectification.
Fabianne Deacon
Fabianne Deacon 18 gün önce
Norma Jean went through so much. It's so disturbing how much we glamourise Marilyn's life as a pinnacle of femininity, when people literally had no idea how much she had to suffer - and how much disrespect she is STILL suffering decades after her death - in order to maintain that image. She seemed like a pure soul, too, which only makes it worse.
Anna B
Anna B 20 gün önce
I'd love to see this sort of commentary about Frida Kahlo. Another incredibly distinctive woman whose image is now oversaturated everywhere. In both cases I'm sure these women would be horrified to see what we've made of their human lives. That said, I find them both (especially Frida) incredibly compelling figures and I struggle against the urge to turn them into symbols they never consented to be.
Peach Cakes
Peach Cakes 26 gün önce
I always feel bad every time I see any negative articles about her. She is a woman. A human. She deserves the respect that she has earned. Of course, she has done things that could be frowned upon in society, but that doesn't mean she is any lesser than anyone else. She deserves to be recognized for the good she has done. I'm tired of people stereotyping her.
Rhi Wright
Rhi Wright Aylar önce
I was grossed out by Heffner making sure that after he died, he was buried right next to her. It felt a bit like he sexually assaulted her memory Edit because I'm getting bored of explaining this to people: that was a simile. If you don't know what a simile is, look it up. You passing primary school English is not my problem
Anastasija Kondrashova
I had no idea he did that!
C Leigh
C Leigh 15 gün önce
@Arctic Falcon You're incorrect. Hefner is buried next to Marilyn.
Кров ангела
Кров ангела 15 gün önce
@Rhi Wright I studied English, probably more extensively than you have. This ‘simile’ does not make sense at all
Rhi Wright
Rhi Wright 15 gün önce
@Кров ангела I am actually getting quite bored of pointing out the same thing over and over every few weeks when someone says something like what you just said. Basically, it goes like this: do you know what a simile is? Yeah, that was a simile. If you don't know what a simile is, I suggest looking up the relevant primary-school-level English grammar educational materials
Amealya Hike
Amealya Hike Aylar önce
I love that you brought up Playboy's origins. I feel like the symbol of playboy has become so popular in the past 5 years (even with teen girls), without people knowing that Hugh Hefner's career literally began by publishing Monroe's pictures without consent. It makes me wonder what other women he screwed over in his career. Also, not to defend Kim Kardashian in any way because I think she's a negative pop culture figure and that wearing Marilyn's dress was extremely disrespectful, but one of my co-workers was recently discussing how he thought the whole met gala dress was misunderstood. He said he thought that Kim wore the dress to intentionally draw parallels between Marilyn's rise to fame and her own. Since both women came to fame due to pornography of themselves being shared illegally on a mass scale, and went on to define the sexuality of an era and constantly be viewed for their bodies, I actually think that was a really interesting point that I had not considered. I still believe wearing that dress was a cheap shot and that she should have worn a recreation, but it gave me a new perspective on her motive behind wearing it.
Phiso 8 gün önce
Interesting perspective, but it essentially follows what I deem the "cuties template" -- when the movie came out people were rightfully disgusted and horrified, and in response the filmmakers defended it by saying the whole purpose of it was to criticize pedophilia, which they did by... enabling pedophilia. In a similar thread, if this guy's perspective is the true goal to Kim Kardashian's wearing of the thread, then it's basically criticizing the defilment and objectification of women (or at least limited to Marilyn Monroe and her)... by defiling and objectifying her. I also wish she just wore a replica or just stayed on theme.
Stella Rae
Stella Rae Aylar önce
marilyn's life makes me so sad. she seemed like an incredibly kind, smart, funny person and the fact that she's become iconic mostly just because of her appearance/sexuality is terrible. having your nudes shared without your consent to thousands of people is absolutely horrifying. i hope she's resting easy now
Ace Aylar önce
The more I learn about her the more I just want to hug her, she is so much more that a sex symbol. She was a woman a human who struggled and it doesn’t sit right with me that she is reduced to being a sexy woman.
Tamara Thorsen
Tamara Thorsen 29 gün önce
That’s what I always say about acting. People claim it’s being fake when it reality we put on masks all day. Acting is more like peeling off our layers and revealing vulnerability and authenticity. If we’re being someone else, it’s coming from a place of empathy to lead to authenticity
Ginger Boles
Ginger Boles Aylar önce
I wish you had mentioned the men who bought grave sites around her. I don't remember their exact names but they're all buried in a morgue type grave sites where the bodies are stuck in individual tombs on top of each other. The man who bought the space directly above her said to lay his body face down so he could look at Marilyn Monroe for eternity. She doesn't get to escape prying eyes or her performance even in death.
Emilia 12 saatler önce
someone should get the money to get her out of there and to a proper resting place
Mariyam Shajil
Mariyam Shajil 21 gün önce
thats ... genuinely disturbing
Beth kralco
Beth kralco 29 gün önce
I'm surprised to see that this wasn't mentioned in the video. Shaquille O'Neal recently said in an interview (you can see it on youtube) that he owns the rights to Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, JCPenny and even forever 21...
PrincessPonyLover Aylar önce
@Hazel Hoffman Yes, thankfully. Although it's still important to respect the bodies though, even when passing. What the man did is messed up.
Riley Leonhardt
Riley Leonhardt Aylar önce
In terms of framing her in our own experiences I really like Marilyn and I am always reminded of a conversation I had with a mentor about her in the mid aughts. We both worked in costuming and were discussing the common misconception of her measurements/sizing. Saying even in her heavier sizes she was smaller than perceived (btw the way society now doesn’t mention this but I recall growing up many comments about how much weight she gained from addiction prior to death- I am glad it’s not even thought of anymore). Anyways I said something to the effect of everyone gains weight as they age and it’s fine and he took offense. Wanting to smooth things over I stupidly said, well they still wrote about how beautiful she looked right before her death so it wasn’t a bad thing. I regret that now and it took me entirely too long to learn how wrong it was. I didn’t know he was also struggling with alcoholism and prescription drug abuse and had gained weight from it. He like Marilyn was found dead a few years later from drug and sleeping pill overdose at too young an age. I miss my friend he was complicated his actions were not always the best but he was fun and inclusive and eager to share, generous in gifts and dedicated to producing art. I think of him when I think of Marilyn’s story. I think Elizabeth Taylor would be a great topic to cover next Mina, she’s very interesting combo of elements of Audrey (early career classy image, hyped up European heritage, later life charitable cause champion) and Marilyn (hyper sexualized object of desire and gossip on love life, struggles with addiction) and had a much longer career and life than both other women. We got to see Elizabeth age and grow which I think is so interesting in comparison especially with lens’s of societal treatment of older women, especially ones that were sex symbols.
Thank for this, i really needed it.❤️
Linda F
Linda F 14 gün önce
It's strange to see ppl turn into symbols after death. It feels exploitative to make money off them now, whether it's with Elvis merch, a prince hologram, an Audrey deepfake, etc etc etc. I agree that Marilyn's acting is good, she knowingly played the innocent type, she wasn't being a "dumb blonde" stereotype or being herself either per se. I like her humor
amandafrancesca 28 gün önce
“Legends never die.” “It takes a smart brunette to play a dumb blonde.”
Saucy Jack
Saucy Jack 14 gün önce
It’s so weird, I love Marilyn Monroe and am fascinated by her... but at the exact time I always feel a deep deep sadness every time I think of her.
Icia Jay
Icia Jay 25 gün önce
I see the obsession as a male fetishism of 'tragic beauty' trope. I also find our society as a whole bossed with woman we see as damaged.
Beelzemo Babbity
Beelzemo Babbity Aylar önce
She’s been turned into more of a symbol that the person she really was. Shes on shirts and people want things of hers but they don’t even know her.
mastersnet18 17 gün önce
I would love it if you did a video on Jean Harlow, the original blond bombshell who Marylin idolized as a child. There were so many similarities between them. Both got married very young, died their hair bleach blond, had curvy figures, died tragically at very young ages etc.
Nicole Mejia
Nicole Mejia 27 gün önce
I feel like Marilyn always resented her fame being connected to her sexuality. She knew she could get attention with her face and body but she wanted desperately for people to really see her as a person. My heart breaks for her, every man in her life took advantage of her.
idk Aylar önce
Marilyn has always been an example to me of how the world treats women in general. Take and take and take and then judge you for falling apart due to their abuse.. overly sexulaized and her true personhood was never really appreciated. Smart and kind woman, but all anyone cares about Is how sexy she is.
Mora Ocampo
Mora Ocampo 2 gün önce
This was LITERALLY WHAT I WAS TELLING MY BF TODAY. Society thinks it can just hit us again and again and again and STILL EXPECT US to sit quietly and continue being played with like a toy
Kecy M.
Kecy M. 4 gün önce
@natasha rules sad but true
Aaron Poole
Aaron Poole Aylar önce
When I was allowed to decorate my room when I was 16 I went for a Marilyn Monroe wallpaper. It's still up now but I look back on that choice with guilt because how strange is it to plaster your walls with images of a dead celebrity you've never interacted with in any way?
로렐Laurel A.
로렐Laurel A. Aylar önce
THANK YOU! I've been saying this for years! Marilyn had so much sadness in her life, yet to this day she's still treated as if she was a fictional character who had no struggles. Everytime I see Marilyn Monroe collab makeup on the shelves in just like, she isn't a Barbie doll, let her rest in peace already. Also, I hope Hugh Hefner is burning is hell. He treated Monroe terribly, and then in death he couldn't leave her alone; he was buried beside her. A disgusting act that is frequently glossed over. People need to stop glorifying that abusive sick man.
Duh Pasta
Duh Pasta Aylar önce
I have so much respect for Marilyn, she was smart, kind, and just an all around amazing person. It’s so sad that people sexualized her to no end, and didn’t really care about her at all. She deserved so much more. Rest In Peace, Marilyn.
Missuss Waggsnapps
Missuss Waggsnapps Aylar önce
It is interesting watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s knowing that it was originally written for Marilyn. Some of the dialogue is very much in her voice.
Joy Holz
Joy Holz Aylar önce
Always makes me feel weird when I see Marilyn's face photoshopped with low bikinis and tattoos. Let this woman rest
Blair G
Blair G Aylar önce
I used to idolize her so much as a teenager. Now I’m 25 and I wish we could just let her rest.
chris jeffries
chris jeffries 25 gün önce
Happy Birthday Marilyn, 96 years.Young forever in our hearts.
Sophie 27 gün önce
There was a ‘You must remember this’ series of podcasts about Hollywood blondes and a couple episodes about Marylin. It was the most truthful story about her that i’ve ever heard.
verydenise 25 gün önce
Dang girl! This was amazing. You just wrote a thesis.
Natalie 1982
Natalie 1982 6 gün önce
Wow! This was extremely well researched and best yet, you are so well spoken on a topic that has undoubtedly been done a million times over. I really enjoyed your sincerity and conversational tone, and your interjections were appropriate and not overbearing like a LOT of youtube presenters. I really liked this! As far as our subject, I always have sympathy for Marilyn, I feel like she was overcome with the attention and fame... they were hounding her as she walked out of a hospital and she still handled it with poise and grace because she HAD TO. Her image was her everything. No room for emotional responses. it had to just weigh on her tremendously. May her poor soul rest. I'd also like to suggest maybe looking into Bettie Page and Judy Garland. I think you'd find their stories both interesting, sad, and video - worthy, if you were so inclined. I just feel like your style of interpreting historic women and your own beliefs would work well with these two subjects. Thank you for your hard work!
B 2 gün önce
I had no idea she had endometriosis, too! Her story is so intense. I really appreciate you making these videos!
✨B O N E R✨
✨B O N E R✨ Aylar önce
From childhood, when i was a little kid-- thought to be a girl, I was always depressive. Always sad, always an outcast because I had a learning disability that wouldn't be diagnosed or treated until adulthood. I saw Marilyn Monroe, and even through the persona I guess I saw a sadness in her eyes like I did mine, and I became enraptured. I was raised by my grandparents, my grandpa was terribly misogynistic; women were good for one thing in his eyes, and if they embraced it or were anything less than pure they were bad, and he couldn't see that Marilyn was a persona, that she was acting. I wasn't allowed to like her anymore, any movie was thrown out, whenever he caught me watching anything with her in it, he'd yell. It was the same thing with Britney Spears; I loved her, I loved her music and while it is arguably inappropriate for kids, it just made me happy. She had a breakdown, and while I felt bad, saw the pictures of her during the infamous breakdown, and I could see her pain. He laughed at her and told me that's why I couldn't listen to her music. I learned about Anna Nicole Smith and her fashion style enraptured me. After her overdose, I wasn't allowed to talk about her. After it was learned that Dr. Luke had abused Kesha, I wasn't allowed to listen to her either, at least openly. I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I think the male gaze is honestly a curse.
Indeed,com Aylar önce
I think the reason Marilyn is an "obsession" to some people is the fact that she was so beautiful yet had a Tragic life. We are intriged by someone who has seemingly everything anyone could wish for but still be unhappy. She's really relatable to us (not the small waist and picture perfect look but her personality and how not everything was perfect.) Also she's a fashion icon, her gentlemen prefer blondes pink dress is I think the most referenced or parodied dress ever.
Tabbye Lynne
Tabbye Lynne Aylar önce
People are still obsessed with princess Diana to this day for the very same reasons
Terra77 Aylar önce
@phosphenevision exactly and it’s heart breaking because she was actually really talented and charismatic ✨
Terra77 Aylar önce
“ seemingly everything anyone could wish for “ is a stretch. I don’t think anyone would have liked to be cheated by Hollywood or exploited the way she was. Not even the fame was all that good, because it was negative. The money is the only positive thing that might have come out of it. She was a victim at the end of the day
SORASGIRL101 Aylar önce
I feel like for me, Beyonce and Brittney Spears (before her freedom from her conservatorship and restrictions to social media) are pretty similar to Marilyn Monroe. In the fact that we only know them for their name and fame. The person we see on TV is not genuine. I don't think we as fans know Beyonce because she's very private and doesn't interact with social media like other celebrities. Unless it's for her career.
Ana miguel
Ana miguel Aylar önce
Girl I watched the documentary on Netflix about her life and was so heartbroken. I had no idea what she went through. I think the obsession is because soooo many women identify with her story.
Ana miguel
Ana miguel 26 gün önce
@neredyaoh no lol I enjoyed it. Which parts are false ?
neredya 27 gün önce
Ngl that documentary spreads a lot of lies lol
Anya Tranter
Anya Tranter 22 gün önce
I've never thought of Marilyn as sexual,more sensual.But I'm not a man.I think it's largely women who idolise her.She speaks to them of the glory of being fully embodied and confident in your own skin .
Rèiiii Aylar önce
I’ve said this so many times, they will not let this woman Rest In Peace AT ALL! Marilyn is very interesting but she went through so much pain behind the scenes and they only want to highlight her movies & looks but continue to keep her name alive for the wrong reasons. Marilyn deserves peace once & for all
Rabbi Spidermann
Rabbi Spidermann Aylar önce
The reason she was so frequently late was because she had terrible stage fright. She wasn't being a diva, she was having anxiety attacks. Probably she had difficulty remembering her lines because she was on a lot of psychotropic drugs, various types of barbituates. She wasn't dumb, she was in a chemical brain fog.
Rabbi Spidermann
Rabbi Spidermann 18 gün önce
@Brownyn Smith Don't bother with the troll.
Brownyn Smith
Brownyn Smith Aylar önce
@Reply if you love trump Maybe her journal entries where she talks about being paralysed by fear and throwing up before filming
Chara Dreemur
Chara Dreemur Aylar önce
@Romeo III Hidalgo considering the name…. probably
Romeo III Hidalgo
Romeo III Hidalgo Aylar önce
Guys leave @Replyifurdumb alone he/she's is probably just a troll, doing this to try and get attention
Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW
fun fact: my very religious and Muslim grandma loves her, we live in a third world Muslim country but her influence still managed to seep through
I O Aylar önce
Bruna 13 gün önce
"Someone who is so in charge of her so sexuality is so empowering!", yes, let's forget that she was a 50's Hollywood actress all kind of abuse actors had to go through even in their personal lives and just call it empowering. "She was so comfortable in her skin", she definitively wasn't, it's just your damn projection.
Bruna 10 gün önce
@agøstina cueva are you aware that there's a huge differece between Instagram, Twitter, TRvid (any platform people can use and eventually profit from their own image) or even onlyfans and 50's Hollywood, right? No matter how much you wanna see her as a baddie, all put together and all, you can't romanticize Hollywood's actors and actresses lives, specially at that time, and think that she on full control of her image and career. It has nothing to do with she enjoying it or not, it doesn't matter, exploitation stills exploitation
agøstina cueva
agøstina cueva 10 gün önce
the fact that you are saying she wasn't is also your damn projection. you didn't know her. but god forbid women being sexual and liking it, right? it is always for the sake of men.
WestWheein Aylar önce
I watch all her movies till this day. She is FANTASTIC. Watching her brings me joy. One of her co-stars said when Marilyn saw a camera of someone she would completely change her face from being "her normal self" to glistering Marilyn Monroe the persona. She said she saw how sad she was because no one really ever knew her.
brodamerons Aylar önce
Man, leaving a chunk of change for your assistant is pretty classy, not to mention to your therapist and coach. She was talented and thoughtful!
Lubna Saleh
Lubna Saleh Aylar önce
To me I think admiring Marilyn Monroe for her sexual liberation is like admiring someone with an eating disorder for their thinness, it’s very unsettling
bube udeh
bube udeh 11 gün önce
Amelia N
Amelia N 13 gün önce
Cathy. 13 gün önce
this comment is gold
ginger spice
ginger spice Aylar önce
As someone who is surviving with mental health issues, anxiety, endometriosis and addiction I relate to her expressions of femininity that may now seem like a standard but for her was a statement to her creation of an identity. I think those struggles can alienate from feeling connected with everyone else and being a caricature of a woman so beautiful that becomes the conversation versus the other things.
J 5 gün önce
This is excellent commentary!!!! I'm an comedic actress as well and Marilyn's comedic timing is impeccable and effortless! I love her in Gentleman's prefer blondes!! You did a great job on humanizing this legend. Lastly people comparing her to Kim k is a disservice. Marilyn Monroe was talented ✨
Neil Dickson
Neil Dickson 14 gün önce
"No range". Marilyn's acting range was more developed than Bette Davis. Could Bette sing, dance, play comedy or drama...NO! But Marilyn could and did.
rbielarski 26 gün önce
I think she was a very misunderstood woman in her time but a very strong, liberal & caring person. I read a book about her one day in 1981 and became fascinated with her life struggles, movie career & the affect she had on the world during her stardom. I find her fascinating in so many ways & it breaks my heart when her image/persona is disrespected. BTW, I thought you did a great job in this video on her. You have a great speaking voice & mannerism. Cheers!
Anna Nelson
Anna Nelson 7 gün önce
I think it's nuts that these men decided who Marilyn was, not evening letting her decide and pick. The scene with the guy saying "There is something inside of her that is a model, where she just wants to show..." and I'm just sitting here thinking, is that you're own sexualized twisted view of her? eagh. This is so saddening to hear that all this happened to her.
addison.mp4 Aylar önce
I would absolutely love to see a “eyes behind Disney in the Hollywood machine” type video- just how Disney revolutionized television and hollywood as a while
TakeNoPrisoners 83
TakeNoPrisoners 83 8 gün önce
My Lord, that comment about how she wanted a babygirl so much and how much she'd love her, was not supposed to be repeated. That was cold as ice to put her words over something so incredibly difficult is beyond heartbreaking💔
Fran Fi
Fran Fi Aylar önce
I can't talk about Marilyn without feeling sad. I didn't know her, obviously, but I don't know how to explain how I feel about her. I wish I could go back in time and save her :c
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another muse
another muse Aylar önce
the obsession with marilyn monroe has always been there but now with all these movies and documentaries and kim kardashian its become so crazy... you can be inspired by her without being weird and some things (like kim getting a lock of her hair) are just TOO MUCH. It's sad marilyn deserves better :(
Can of Beans
Can of Beans 11 gün önce
Ofc everything surrounding people trying to buy things that belong to her is wrong as well as objectifying her. But what’s wrong with movies and documentaries made of her? Just as long as they reveal her as the real person she is and not as just a sec symbol then it’s harmless
Leilani Rodriguez
Leilani Rodriguez 12 gün önce
@Jaxo I never said everyone, I said people. But thank you for informing me that it may seem that way.
Jaxo 13 gün önce
@Leilani Rodriguez just Because majority think of her like that, doesn't mean everyone does. I love her films, I love her music and voice. And her history as well.
Leilani Rodriguez
Leilani Rodriguez 15 gün önce
@Jaxo The point is that people are only pointing out her beauty and not that acts she did as a person. How would you feel if all you’re remembered for is beauty and everybody assumes you weren’t smart or funny or had a personality?
Leilani Rodriguez
Leilani Rodriguez 15 gün önce
@Ali Demeé No one said Kim made her more famous. The commenter just used Kim as an example.
thatjillgirl 17 gün önce
Marilyn was a tremendous actress, and the people who dismissed her as just a pretty face were being almost willfully stupid. It's like they couldn't admit to themselves that it might just be possible for a woman to be that good looking AND that talented. And she worked for it too! She was always working hard, trying to be a better and better actress. She seems like she was a very smart and, honestly, very normal woman, whenever I hear things about her from people who knew her on a more personal level. It's such a shame that, even today, so many people can't see anything more than the pretty face.
The A55A553N
The A55A553N Aylar önce
Personally I agree with your sentiment on her “biographies” i personally think if it’s not your story you can’t tell the story don’t try to, I think speculation is fine but making the title “the real life of Marilyn Monroe” is a bit misleading but naming it “blonde” one of her foremost traits and pushing it as based on Monroe i think is fair
It was said in one of her biographies the secret life of Marlyn Monroe that one of the reasons she was such a sex symbol was that she married ordinary looking men. This made it easier to imagine being with her and help sell her sexual appeal.
M Terry
M Terry Aylar önce
Growing up I remember seeing her always compared to Audrey Hepburn; pushing this narrative to young girls to “pick” if they were Audrey of Marilyn like, “are you the trashy party animal one or the classy one?” In reality both women were intimately familiar with suffering; Audrey may have had a different social background and a privilege in that, but she still actively starved during her childhood because of Nazi occupation; both were fantastic actresses, and both were deeply compassionate and cared about progressive/humanitarian efforts. They were treated differently by the media and the patriarchy; Audrey may not have always been mistreated in the media like Marilyn was; but they were both still women in Hollywood in the midcentury. Honestly I think Audrey was just lucky to able to have the opportunity to leave the industry and she took it, and her life was probably better for it.
claire ostermann
claire ostermann Aylar önce
I'm sorry to all Kim fans but her wearing Marylin Monroe's dress, that was exposed in a museum, the ORIGINAL, when it was the last dress she wore before dying and saying she was proud to have lost the weight just to fit in just didn't sound right to me. Marilyn was an icon, Kim is a business woman. It didn't feel as glamorous at all
gummie 4 gün önce
wait… Kim has fans…? I thought we all agreed the kardashians don’t do anything lmfao
Shr Eya
Shr Eya 7 gün önce
Not a Kardashian or a Marilyn fan, but this entire debacle just shows the irony in tearing down women (even if the woman is a Kardashian, who are generally deserving of plenty of criticism) in some misplaced sense of justice for another woman who faced similar criticism of being vapid, talentless, etc. It is pretty funny. Not to mention, the outrage about this dress has only taken away the spotlight from people at the met gala trying to bring attention to other important things.
Mew-chan for Luca's burgers
Gonna add to this by also mentioning that the designer of the dress made this specifically just for her when Marilyn requested a dress that no one else but her could wear…. So Kim literally stepped on Marilyn’s wishes, and wore the dress anyway
Na Na
Na Na Aylar önce
@noname490 it's u.s centric. Angelina Jolie doesn't even have to do those publicity stunts the way Kim does, and she's more recognizable. Marilyn Monroe wasn't a trend setter in her time. So why is that your argument on how Kim is like Marilyn. Not to mention, Kim often copies Cher look so it's not even a unique look and Cher herself has a iconic look and she came first. You're delusional if you think at Kim's age and the things she done, that society will make her iconic the same way Marilyn is.
Софія Бондарук
About comedic roles: it's really hard to make people laugh. My director said that if you could make people laugh, you could make them cry
aporue 589
aporue 589 24 gün önce
I'm not obsessed,but marilyn is an icon in my eyes. She paved the way for a lot of fashion choices, including dresses,lipstick,and shoes. And I love warhol's print art of her.
Aline Cristina
Aline Cristina 19 gün önce
Thank you so much for this video, i have been a fan of marilyn for more than a decade, actually i am a fan of history period, without overlooking the problems of each one and without romanticizing. The way you portrayed the facts on this video was way more of a service than a ton of documentaries so i applaud you, you just gained a subscriber. The hyper fixation on trying to rewrite her history or retelling things over and over again while making profit of her image is the same as making gossip and rumors and reducing her to just one thing like they used to do in the 50s in my opinion and is so fucked up as it used to be, marilyn could be a lot of things in once and that was okay, anyways i agree, let this woman rest.
Daniela K
Daniela K 8 gün önce
Thank you for a great portrayal of one of the most mythical Hollywood stars of all time if you look at all the postmortum attention she gets. Marilyn Monroe had a lot of health problems and I wonder if she really got the right diagnosis and treatment. Considering that she had endometriosis and was also constantly suffering from recurrent miscarriages, it makes me think that she had some type of autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto. It is very common for women of all ages to suffer from this disease and the symptoms are many such as brain fog, difficulty concentrating, headaches / migraines, cognitive and mental symptoms such as depression and manic depression. If she was misdiagnosed and mistreated by a lot of narrow-minded doctors, is another tragedy, Marilyn Monroe.❤
Ariza R
Ariza R Aylar önce
tw: sexual abuse marilyn monroe's image of being this wild sexual person also annoys me bc there are writings from monroe that hint at her dealing with sexual abuse growing up. so to know that her sexuality is one of the biggest things she's remembered for bothers me a lot. plus, she was progressive for the time, and i feel like that rarely gets talked about when ppl talk about her. they usually just focus on her beauty or her tragedy
Entretenimiento 21 gün önce
I mean oversaxualization is trade that many sexual abuse victims exhibit specially child victims
Olive Oil
Olive Oil 23 gün önce
She had BPD, which can also have traits of HPD, which make explain why she was so sexual. (BPD stems from abuse as well.) I have it so that’s my assumption.
Ariza R
Ariza R 27 gün önce
@Margaux BONNARDOT if you Google her diary writings you may be able to find smth on it. It’s been a while since I’ve read it so I can’t remember the source off the top of my head
decoraqueen a
decoraqueen a 27 gün önce
I think i heard about this in a documentary. She was in the foster care system so it's not absurd that she was abused. And yes, it's really annoying that her whole life she wa seen as nothing but an eff toy.
a clementine
a clementine Aylar önce
I saw the Marilyn Monroe tapes on Netflix and it made her life and especially her death feel very sad and very real, and not in a romantic way, I would say
spntageous Aylar önce
It's so weird when you think about it, how much she's become a brand now and she's an actual deceased person like imagine everyone plastering your dead grandma's face everywhere
Aayla Secura
Aayla Secura 18 gün önce
She always will be my favorite actress of all time, both as an actress and as a human being. Truly one of the most tragic losses in the history of Hollywood.
Maritza 17 gün önce
Love this video,you did such an awesome job! That last part of it about how Marilyn`s projection of sexuality and Kim wearing not one but TWO of her dresses really stirred something in me.The latter was just weird and quite disrespectful,but people choosing to stamp her sexy persona to groundbreaking adjectives feels so off to me.Sure,she was a beautiful woman and a smart individual but really,the way studios pushed this alluring personality onto her did such a disservice to her fighting for more diverse roles.It just boggles my mind how nowadays when we can find out so much about her and how tough it was to only be viewed as a sexy airhead that that was the conclusion they came to.She didn`t flaunt her sexuality that way because she wanted to appear progressive necessarily but because that`s what paid the bills. In fact,her only being viewed in a strictly lewd light led to so many issues in both her work and her psyche.Rebranding her as this prog girlboss on the back of something she was desperately trying to change and adapt is such a weird notion.I don`t doubt that she felt beautiful and sexy sometimes but when that`s all people view you as,is it really a reframing or just another sensational popularity project?Nothing says `rolling the dice on her own terms` as being the star of a centerfold you never wanted in the first place and having the man who took that step buried near you.
Maeve Aylar önce
It makes me uncomfortable that the rights to her image could just be bought and sold like that. She released it to people she trusted and was used by people she never even met before. People feel entitled to marilyn’s image, belongings and body. I can’t believe Kim was given her HAIR. The literally gave away a piece of her without consent.
Inés Ling
Inés Ling 25 gün önce
...then Karma happens and...
Amanda Forrester
Amanda Forrester Aylar önce
Anyone seen supernatural? Maybe Kim will get haunted for that disrespect.
Blippy Pippy
Blippy Pippy Aylar önce
It's been said that it really WASN'T Marilyn's hair. @TisaTells did a video on it.
Em Aylar önce
Yes! Even her actual body is surrounded by creepy men. I wish we could get rid of the men, then move her somewhere safe, collect her hair and all her possessions an just bury her and her things somewhere peaceful and safe where she could finally be left to rest 😢
signoras lover
signoras lover Aylar önce
exactly, it makes me feel sick and i'm surprised more ppl don't talk abt that/ she gave the rights, like you said, to the people she trusted and they broke that
Marjorie Schreurs
Marjorie Schreurs Aylar önce
I would just like to add, Method-acting is rarely used by actors when portraying a nice, good-hearted character. At least these days. Method acting is basically a fluke and an excuse to be an asshole. I don't doubt that method acting used to be a fine way of learning how to act in movies, but these days, it doesn't work out.
Essence of Reality
Essence of Reality 16 gün önce
This report proved how she was priviledged, yet subjugated at the SAME TIME. Just learned Wonder Woman was inspired by several women the creator had a polygamist relationship with. I visited s sport's redtaurant and found a large photo plastered in the bathroom wall of marylin between some old white man's arms with another lady on the other arm.
chitra guha
chitra guha 11 gün önce
dumb??? she had struggles with depression, love, miscarriage, drugs, career, politics. she supported social issues. AND she was a gemini.
Isaac Gray
Isaac Gray Aylar önce
On the topic of female stars being misunderstood and exploited, I would like to see videos on other sex symbols like Rita Hayworth and Sharon Tate. They also suffered similar vein like Marilyn and unfortunately been overshadowed by tragedies
twicenime Aylar önce
that clipped you played where the women are saying Marilyn was “in charge” of her sexuality is so disgusting and shows the lack of research. From the very beginning (the playboy picture) Marilyn was never “in charge”, yes she did go along with the role but it was always men behind the camera, men writing the scripts, men telling her what to do and what she should be. I’m so tired of this choice feminism tryna make exploitation of women empowering…
A. J.
A. J. 22 gün önce
Stop spreading this. How do you know this ??? It is known that men exploited her, yes. But MM DID enjoy her sensual image and it came natural for her. Stop trying to erase that. The MEN took that joy away from her when they reduced her to only being that.
Isabella Aylar önce
Same thing they did to Megan Fox then blamed her when she was sexualised 🤦🏽‍♀️
Joanne Tiu
Joanne Tiu Aylar önce
Mina was critical of that same clip immediately after she played it. What's your argument?
YunYun Aylar önce
THIS 100%
akashic star collage
akashic star collage 28 gün önce
Growing up, I remember seeing her picture in a Vietnamese dental office (I know, of ALL places)- I was 5, and didn’t like that subway scene photo... I remember my cousins mimicking that pose in church with our fluffy 80s dresses (they had A.C. machines that blew up air from the ground up)... they looked like Daffy Duck really. I found this celebrity obsession craze annoying. I was never in awe by her looks... just remembered the sexualization and how odd it felt.. As a grown up, I read her bio.. I respect her for what she did- standing up for Black folks, making it huge despite her adversities. It’s just sad knowing what she endured as a child, and how pervasive our earliest experiences can affect us subconsciously in so many ways. I’m not one to idolize celebrities.. but wish we did praise celebrities on their character and actions rather than mere worship over flaunting of their assets, among other superficialities. It would be nice to find celebrities who _actually_ have substance, and qualities to really offer to humanity as role models. And Marilyn did in her own ways, and so did Audrey!✊
Silver Screen Souls
Silver Screen Souls 20 gün önce
Mina this is, in my opinion, one of your best videos 🤍 It really shows Marilyn as a human and not just as a symbol. Many people still think that her real character was like that and not just a role she played. Marilyn wasn't even her real name. I'll definitely share a link to this video in my Instagram stories ☺️ Thank you for this amazing work 🙏🏻
Athena Dia
Athena Dia Aylar önce
I'd love to hear a bit about James Dean. These are incredibly interesting to me since I know nothing about these very influential people that existed. Thanks for a well put together video, Mina!
Jarmaine Santos
Jarmaine Santos Aylar önce
I recommend watching the video about the met gala dress from Abby Cox. She does a great job in explaining how it impacts museum's and fashion historians.
Chloe Griggs
Chloe Griggs Aylar önce
It’s honestly so sad people sexualize her image, only knowing barely a portion of the real person she was; how amazing she was as a human being.
Hehee 22 gün önce
@A. J. y’all think you can do what you want and when you mess up blame it on someone else? Does she look exploited? Who was she exploited by? Why didn’t she say no?
Hehee 22 gün önce
@A. J. awww so weak and helpless. Take responsibility for your actions.
A. J.
A. J. 22 gün önce
@Hehee You thought you did something there. MM was sadly not powerful. Don’t know if you‘re too dense to read up or actually watch the video at hand but she was exploited.
A. J.
A. J. 22 gün önce
@Rayne Girl stop it. She did present herself that way and there’s nothing wrong with it. Her body language, her dress choices, even some of her flirtatious interview answers were all on purpose to play up a certain image. We can acknowledge this and still critisize the fact that people refused to see her as more than that.
taysha's archive
taysha's archive Aylar önce
i’m so glad you talked about her this amazing woman was exploited in life and death coupled with the deplorable facts that hugh hefner is buried on top of her, looking down, and that she was jewish and not put to rest in a proper place. she hasn’t been able to rest in peace and it genuinely makes me incredibly sad.
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