Lemon & Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe - Super Easy, Super Delicious!

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Ok ok so it looks kinda simple but this Lemon and Cream Cheese Pound Cake is pretty life changing! It’s soft, light, tangy, sweet and completely melts in your mouth. There is no need for any icing with cake, it already has it all.

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Preheat oven to 170C
After 10 minutes of baking reduce temp to 150C

290g Soft Butter
1 Lemon Zest
185g Cream Cheese
415g Caster Sugar
5 Eggs
290g Plain Flour
1/2tsp Baking Powder
Pinch of Salt
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract


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19 Oca 2022




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Kate S
Kate S 4 aylar önce
If it's a lemon recipe, it's gotta be presented by Sally - both are pure sunshine!
SNuK1828 Aylar önce
Respectful and kind comment
Kate S
Kate S 2 aylar önce
@Lilly V. ❤️
Lilly V.
Lilly V. 2 aylar önce
Ah I love this comment!
Dena Gustafson
Dena Gustafson 4 aylar önce
Sweet and valid comment!
switch842 4 aylar önce
For bundt pans, I find the best greaser is a homemade "cake release" spread. It's equal parts flour, vegetable oil, and shortening. Whisk it all together until smooth and then use a pastry brush to spread it around the pan. It's so good and since starting to use it, I've never had any issues with getting a bundt out completely in tact. It should keep for a few months in the pantry or longer in the fridge.
Deborah Cubbon
Deborah Cubbon 3 aylar önce
@Ruth Kolbach - Trex if you're in the UK
Henrike Verheijen
Henrike Verheijen 3 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing this. I recently discovered PAM-spray. After a couple of cakes that didn't release well, I googled what people advise, and ordered it. It works! But the solution you give I will certainly try too!
Judy Feuerbach
Judy Feuerbach 3 aylar önce
Oh, I have problems with getting butter/flour too thick in some places. I will try your cake release spread with a pastry brush. Thanks for the hint!
switch842 4 aylar önce
@Ruth Kolbach It's a type of fat that is not butter. Crisco is a popular brand name of shortening.
Ruth Kolbach
Ruth Kolbach 4 aylar önce
Can you please advise what "shortening" is - thank you
ThePurplesquish 4 aylar önce
I have to tell you, Sally and Jemma - I've never made a fruit cake before, but I followed your Christmas cake tutorial before Christmas and it was absolutely delicious! I fed it rum for a couple of weeks and once we started eating it, it was gone in 2 days. I think I'm going to have to rebrand it as an Easter cake, or maybe even a Valentine's cake, because I can't wait until next Christmas to have it again. Thanks so much!
Alyssa Degurski
Alyssa Degurski 3 gün önce
I have been making this almost every other week for the last couple of months, whether we eat it at home as a family or share it at work, give to friends and everyone loves it! I macerate blueberries to go with it and whip fresh cream to dollop on top of each slice and it’s incredible. My very favorite!!
Biu22 4 aylar önce
I like that it’s very easy to make and with ingredients that are easy to find. Will be making this for sure ❤️ thank you Sally!
ComPanda 4 aylar önce
For those wondering, the bundt tin they use has a 10 cup capacity. It is a Nordic Ware "Elegant Party Bundt"
Floor Visser
Floor Visser 3 aylar önce
I immediately tried it this weekend and I agree Sally, this is absolutely delicious!! Everyone loved it and wanted a second (or third) slice!
Navneeta M
Navneeta M 3 aylar önce
Definitely would love chocolate fudge pound cake recipe
judy w
judy w 4 aylar önce
THIS CAKE! with macerated strawberries is on my Need To Do List!
Sarah Jamal
Sarah Jamal Aylar önce
Made this cake yesterday and everyone loved it!!!! Thank you :)
Maureen Pluthero
Maureen Pluthero 4 aylar önce
I made this today and it is delicious. I love how you provide times for each step, it helps make sure we get it as fluffy as you do.
Xuan Nguyen
Xuan Nguyen 3 aylar önce
Thank you so much for the recipe. I tried it this weekend and it turnt out really tasty. Not too sweet, very aromatic and lemony, and the texture was perfect. 😋
Doll Joy Lissa
Doll Joy Lissa 5 gün önce
I’m definitely going to try to make this; it looks delicious.
Anastasia K
Anastasia K 2 aylar önce
Made this cake today, and it’s soooo deliciously fluffy. Very easy to make too! Thank you for sharing this recipe Cupcake Jemma team! 🥰🍰💛
nastaran nikooienejad
nastaran nikooienejad 3 aylar önce
I baked it and it was absolutely perfect and so delicious! Thanks Sally❤️
Mike L
Mike L 3 aylar önce
Sally I made this beautiful cake today and it turned out perfect and looks just like yours. Thank you for your expert tutorial and advice.
Ana Me
Ana Me 3 aylar önce
This is by far the best recipe I’ve ever tried. I just love it . Thanks for sharing
Tsofia Solaimani
Tsofia Solaimani 4 aylar önce
Sally another amazing recipe!! I am going to make this for my Grandma’s 72nd Birthday Cake. Amazing just amazing!!!
INA SMITH 3 aylar önce
I'm going to make it.
Sally Dells
Sally Dells 4 aylar önce
Oh great!
CrankyPants 4 aylar önce
Thanks for sharing this with us. Every year we make pumpkin pound cake in the big Bundt pan for us to eat and also make several batches and bake them in the mini bundt tins to give as holiday gifts. We always make some extra minis to keep for ourselves. We individually wrap them and store them I’m the freezer. Every once in a while throughout the year we'll pull one out and thaw it as a treat. They last just fine in the all year long in the freezer.
Anastasia K
Anastasia K 4 aylar önce
This looks amazing! Definitely making this. 💛🍋🍰
TrueBlue22 4 aylar önce
Yes Sally, Covid has been a big Poop! These pound cakes are so universal and let's your creative taste buds go crazy. Making some delicious lemon curd and then some double cream whipped with sugar and vanilla. To assemble, cut a wedge of the cake. Place a dollop of the lemon curd, a delightful dollop of whipped cream and then a few fresh raspberries and blueberries. Oh my that sounds like a lovely afternoon delight. You do such a wonderful job. Happy Thursday!
LOU YU 3 aylar önce
Love love you, Sally!!! keep showing us (your TRvid fans) all these marvelous cakes and desserts!!
Bev Kerr
Bev Kerr 4 aylar önce
The perfect recipe; you made my day as always 😀
Dawn Elrad
Dawn Elrad 3 aylar önce
I made it this weekend. I used a Meyer lemon and it was absolutely delicious!
Rose Castro Løkke
Rose Castro Løkke 3 aylar önce
I make this Lemon and cream cheese today and my husband love it. Thank you for the recipes.
Debbie Yates
Debbie Yates 3 aylar önce
Made this this morning - soooo delicious!!
Kim Butler
Kim Butler 4 aylar önce
Looks delicious will be making that ♡ would love to see a white chocolate and raspberry bundt cake x
ManuGumi 4 aylar önce
I will definitely try this recipe! Thank you, Sally :) But should I add a dash of lemon juice into the batter or do a lemon glaze? So many options… Please show us more Bundt recipes
Esnemyl 3 aylar önce
Hi! Baking enthusiast here. The juice wouldn't be necessary as you already have the moisture from the other wet ingredients, and the tang from the zest+cream. If you really wanted a glaze, probably go for a drizzle using the juice and icing sugar. Use a piping bag and be sparing with it :) Mind, if you added some poppy seeds into this (maybe 2 tablespoons?) It would be cool!
Lisa Pattison
Lisa Pattison 4 aylar önce
Can't wait to make this! Thank you!
Karla Guerra
Karla Guerra 4 aylar önce
Yeeei! I need to try this lemon pound cake!!! All recipes are AWESOME!! And perfect 😍😍😍 i've tried almost all of them! Love baking these yummy treats! Please share more bundt cake recipes, maybe a marbled or something for valentine's day please, please, please!
Hue Tran
Hue Tran 4 aylar önce
Yummy! Thank you for sharing this recipe Sally !
Sweet tooth😁🎂
Sweet tooth😁🎂 4 aylar önce
So good to see you Sally. Cannot wait for pistachio macarons from Dane ❤️❤️
Cynthia Bonilla
Cynthia Bonilla 3 aylar önce
Yum yum yum looks so good and I love love lemon. Definitely gotta try this recipe. Thanks for this.
Jane Robison
Jane Robison 4 aylar önce
Yes, more bundt cake recipes please. I was a bit disappointed that you did not advise how to get it out of the tin, or indeed film it - that's the most exciting part.
Jane Robison
Jane Robison 4 aylar önce
@Brittany B I didn't realise that.
Jane Robison
Jane Robison 4 aylar önce
@ruth doyle It's the nordicware elegant party 10 cup.
ruth doyle
ruth doyle 4 aylar önce
She didn’t give the size tin
Brittany B
Brittany B 4 aylar önce
Agreed! She also trimmed the bottom of the cake and left that part off too.
Helen Anagnostopoulou
Helen Anagnostopoulou 4 aylar önce
I love the recipes. They always come out perfect and I'm so exited to try this one because I've been looking for a basic pound cake recipe. Can I just say though (and I don't know if anyone else noticed it) that watching this video I got kind of dizzy. The camera kept on moving all over the place, zooming in and out non stop. Maybe it's a new style of filmmaking but I actually got dizzy. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.
Elsie Roe
Elsie Roe 3 aylar önce
I love Lemon Cheese Pound Cake. I used make them all the time. My kids loved it too much. This one looks good enough to try it.
Shuna2011 3 aylar önce
Had been browsing the internet for a use for a packet of cream cheese and a lemon and then got notified of this video. The cake is in the oven right now! Hubby was very happy to lick out the mixing bowl! 😊
The Big Meringue Theory
Can't wait to watch this video Sally. You make baking so fun. Elliot 😁
Sandra Brutus
Sandra Brutus 3 aylar önce
Omg this cake is gorgeous love it so so much thanks you so much
lovlyyollie2 4 aylar önce
I love pound cake! This looks great.
Lesley Couzens
Lesley Couzens 3 aylar önce
Fantastic cake. More flavours please!
Melissa Fabucci
Melissa Fabucci 4 aylar önce
Thanks Sally, I love a cake ya don't have to dress up...I will surely bake this one. xo
Jodie Hurley
Jodie Hurley 4 aylar önce
Brilliant recipe and video guys, but disappointed you didn't show the cake being removed from the tin. Did you let it cool in the tin or remove it straight away?
Stephanie Gayle
Stephanie Gayle 4 aylar önce
Looks delicious 😋
Jana Battagler
Jana Battagler 4 aylar önce
Looks delicious! I might do almond extract instead of vanilla and/or add a splash of lemon too. What about a poppy seed pound cake in the Bundt pan? Or a chocolate orange Bundt cake?
Siphesihle Makhaye
Siphesihle Makhaye 4 aylar önce
Looks absolutely stunning✨😍✨
Lily Adamson
Lily Adamson 4 aylar önce
This looks delicious! Could you use this recipe for an individual 12 hole bunt tin? Xx
loopy lou
loopy lou 4 aylar önce
Great to see you Sally with another fantastic recipe. Thank you
Sherlyn 3 aylar önce
Look awesome! Can't wait to try out this recipe :) And may i know what model is your kitchen aid mixer?
Kim Aldridge
Kim Aldridge 3 aylar önce
I just made this on Sunday and omg it's delicous.
Kitty 4 aylar önce
I think an alternative way of buttering the form is with the brush and slightly melted butter.
Louisa Le Roux
Louisa Le Roux 4 aylar önce
I'm American and I love pound cake... actually, any kind of cake at any time of day or night. lol My mom used to serve this with a drizzle of warm English cream over each slice. Delish!!! Going to try your recipe tomorrow. I know it will be heavenly. Stay safe and see you next week. Bisous de la France
Huseyn Huseyn
Huseyn Huseyn 4 aylar önce
Hi Jemma. You changed so much in positive meaning. You are amazing now. And of course listening to you is wonderful. 've been following you for some years. I like this channel thank you for sharing your recipes.
Gemma 3 aylar önce
This looks wonderful! Would it be ok if I added in some blueberries into the mix or would it deflate?
Jim Vega
Jim Vega 3 aylar önce
Thank you for an awesome presentation. I enjoy your video very much. Your style of sharing with us is something that requires a special person. Lots of luck in all endeavors. ⚘❤
tracey bartlam
tracey bartlam 3 aylar önce
This is the most delicious cake. I’ve never had or made pound cake. I think it’s my new favourite
MChocS 25 gün önce
Sally, you're literally just sunshine!
Jessica Enriquez
Jessica Enriquez 4 aylar önce
It looks great! I love your videos
Margot Welland
Margot Welland 4 aylar önce
This looks like a wonderful cake that my family will love ❤️ I need to purchase a Bundt tin first, any recommendations anyone? 💕
mummy cooks homemade
mummy cooks homemade 4 aylar önce
This looks amazing
Miss Luzy15.
Miss Luzy15. 4 aylar önce
thanks for the recipe Sally, I was just wondering what to bake for my afternoon coffee with my sister, when this video showed up in my feed, I know she will love it♥♥♥ Many, many thanks ;) ♥
Patrice Farrell
Patrice Farrell 3 aylar önce
I made this today and yum!!!
Izzie RH
Izzie RH 4 aylar önce
Would like to see the removal from the tin process. How long do you leave it before trying?
Elisabeth Petersson
Elisabeth Petersson 4 aylar önce
I wonder what lucky person got the bottom crust of the cake? 😋 Looks so jummie, good job guys! ❤️😊
Chop Chop Recipes
Chop Chop Recipes 4 aylar önce
❤it looks great 👌thank you for sharing.
Myrtle Beach Social Scene
Love this!
sutapa ray
sutapa ray 3 aylar önce
Hi - what would temperatures be for a fan oven? Thank you for sharing your recipes so generously.
Amiril Athirah Ramli
Amiril Athirah Ramli 4 aylar önce
this is perfect for my dad's upcoming birthday since he doesn't fancy cake with icing. 😍😍😍😍
Lucia Lopez-Maya
Lucia Lopez-Maya 4 aylar önce
Can't wait to make it🥰
Kev Pascall
Kev Pascall 4 aylar önce
It doesn't "need" anything else but lemon cake with blueberry frosting is surely a good pairing.
Mike L
Mike L 4 aylar önce
Thank you , I will try this. Love the channel.
Reshma Nair
Reshma Nair 4 aylar önce
lovely ... ❤️ thank you.. can you make a pineapple upside down cake please ?
Danielle's Kitchen
Danielle's Kitchen 4 aylar önce
More bundt cakes please ❤️
queencafe777 4 aylar önce
I added lemon extract and vanilla. I did not have fresh lemons. Baked 40-44 mins. I baked it same tin. It is dense compact buttery as she said indeed. Delicious . Thks
The Elmz
The Elmz 4 aylar önce
Lovely to see you.. looking forward to know what to do with my cream cheese Yay 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️
Zanib Ashraf
Zanib Ashraf 4 aylar önce
More bundt cake recipes please!
Gwyneth Glas-Brown
Gwyneth Glas-Brown 4 aylar önce
Look so delicious 😋 😋😋😋
Dania Ahmed
Dania Ahmed 4 aylar önce
Hi cupcake Jemma I am such a big fan of your recipes!!
E E 4 aylar önce
I think it every time and never type it: that's such a lovely kitchen, I love the combination of the light gray and natural wood! Also, am I the only one with a love/hate relationship with their Nordic Wares? I am a seasoned baker if I may say so myself, I always prepare my pans meticulously, and half of the time the cakes stick nevertheless and take a ton of work and nerves to release. It's quite frankly annoying that a 10 bucks supermarket pan performs better.
E E 3 aylar önce
@Angela Kelley I didn't want to write an essay, but let's just say I do everything I'm supposed to do and from all my pans it's the Nordic Wares that are problematic.
Angela Kelley
Angela Kelley 3 aylar önce
Good that you prep your bundt pans but that is only have the battle. The other "secret" is cool the cake on a rack for 10 minutes THEN gently run a spatula or butter knife around the edges and the center rise and it will release like magic. The cake then needs to continue to cool completely outside of the pan. If you leave it in the pan longer than 10 minutes it will stick.
Friends & Family Kitchen
Wow !!! This looks so tempting and delicious thanks for sharing… definitely will try this recipe… I like a pleasant presentation keep rocking…💕 👍 stay connected 🤝♥
V Johnson
V Johnson 4 aylar önce
Yes please Sally, more Bundt cakes.
orlybabe 4 aylar önce
How chunky does the cake tin have to be? Can’t wait to make this!
Vicky Blencowe
Vicky Blencowe 3 aylar önce
OMG so delicious and soft! Will have to learn how to prepare the tin better though!
Manal's World
Manal's World 4 aylar önce
On my birthday I got a cookie dough brownie kit and I really love it and I am going to bake it on the weekend😊❤
Sally Dells
Sally Dells 4 aylar önce
yay have fun!
Rachita Celly
Rachita Celly 25 gün önce
Hi! I love your channel and your recipes! Thank you! I have one request- all your recipes give temperatures for fan-assisted ovens. Could you also tell us the temperature for ovens that are not fan-assisted please? Would really appreciate it. Thanks!
onnanoko777 Aylar önce
Yes, more bundt cake recipes please. 😀😀😘😘😘
Shikin Saerah
Shikin Saerah 4 aylar önce
My fav butter cake ❤️
New New login
New New login 4 aylar önce
Thank you... Love to learn from basic... Especially oven one as I am going to buy
KaraCakes Grace
KaraCakes Grace Aylar önce
Always good cake recipes from cupcakes Jemma. It would be perfect cake know how video if host can reduce her much unnecessary talking though.
Del Skinner
Del Skinner 4 aylar önce
Sally, I must be more of a lemon lover than you. 🤗 I didn't notice any other lemon other than the lemon zest. Could one add lemon juice to your recipe for more lemon flavor? Also, I would like to see you make a berry 🍓🫐 pound cake - sponge 🍰 cake. One where the berries are in the cake batter. I also noticed that you cut off the top (bottom) of your cake. Was that just for looks?
Tamara Richards
Tamara Richards 3 aylar önce
it would be amazing to fill it with lemon curd in the middle
FLOR HINOJOSA 4 aylar önce
Awesome!!!! l love bundt cake recipes!!
gudoy 3 aylar önce
Hi Jemma! It's been too long since your last vegan recipe. Years in fact! Please please add new vegan cupcake recipes for us! 🙏🙏🙏
lesley bonarius
lesley bonarius 3 aylar önce
I made it and loved it :) But it was much to much for me, to eat, so will halve recipe and use the smaller, individual Bundt tins next time.
Shaarnthinee Ashokumar
Very nice cake Sally 😃 how about more chocolate varieties Cupcakes pls 😃❤️🌹
Milly Buzzo
Milly Buzzo 3 aylar önce
Grams and celsius, pure bliss! Can't wait to make it.
JuicyCurls 4 aylar önce
A piece of that cake with some delicious coffee ☕️
Rob Nelms
Rob Nelms 4 aylar önce
I have a pretty amazing bundt pan. I tried oil and flowering it and even that wouldn't stick.
mmako manyatja
mmako manyatja 4 aylar önce
Thank you Sally look amazing
maria fraulob
maria fraulob 3 aylar önce
lemon and cream cheese looks so yummy
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