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In other universe, Figure Venom and Thanos want to invade Earth, they will make a rescue LEGO Thanos to destroy Earth. Let's watch they can succeed
Dear our greatest fan, We will publish a new attractive channel which use new Figure characters. This video will show some suggestion for it. Let's enjoy and wait for new channel coming soon.
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13 Aug 2019

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Mohd lego 12
Mohd lego 12 20 saatler önce
That's so awesome but one silly question where do you get these visual effects from (just asking for reserve) 😅
Mohd lego 12
Mohd lego 12 20 saatler önce
Like you can do better 😛
Syed raayd ali zaidi Zain
Spiderman far from home finally came
Syed raayd ali zaidi Zain
Iron man and spidey travelled back in time to see there selves in new York 2016
Syed raayd ali zaidi Zain
Iron man and spidey stopped venom and thanos and put them back in prison
Syed raayd ali zaidi Zain
Oh no venom has free thanos out of prison
이혁기 2 gün önce
Dunia Mien and Wein
Dunia Mien and Wein 3 gün önce
Wow Cool Effects and Stop Motion Animation ✨❤👍😍👍❤✨
KidsToy 4 gün önce
Amazing video
야호!!레고 바보
Please often make captainamerica stopmotion
atikah amin
atikah amin 5 gün önce
What apps did you use to make this video's?
crayonax 5 gün önce
This is how many avengers there are. ⬇️
The Red kingdom
The Red kingdom 4 gün önce
crayonax how I guess I he only avenger is iron hulk HaWk BoI WITH wEbS
Meme Time
Meme Time 4 gün önce
Geoc 5 gün önce
2:48 tobey maguire refrence
MarcieTess 5 gün önce
in the part where spider man says his spider sense is tingling it is all wrong because in the comics his spider sense does not work on venom
Brick Channel
Brick Channel 5 gün önce
Thank for your explain
Normal_noob YT
Normal_noob YT 5 gün önce
MarcieTess no his sense went on Thanos
Jai Gillick
Jai Gillick 5 gün önce
Danny banana
Danny banana 6 gün önce
Bruh leak he lives in Oregon city! lol I bet he doesn’t There is a spider on you it will bite you like to undo so you can still eat CHOCLATE!! Lol what am I doing oh and btw plz sub to me I have 20 plus subs,lol
BRICK STUDIOS 6 gün önce
Good Job !!Awesome +1 Like and suscriber !Please see my channel i make stop motion lego !
Moes Harianto
Moes Harianto 6 gün önce
Jacek Berezowski I
Jacek Berezowski
Jacek Berezowski 7 gün önce
#iron Man
Jacek Berezowski
Jacek Berezowski 7 gün önce
# iron Man
Kerry Ann Robinson
Kerry Ann Robinson 7 gün önce
I they had it on endgame
Xillos 4587
Xillos 4587 6 gün önce
You do realize you can edit your comment right. In case it’s not what you wanted it to say
Kerry Ann Robinson
Kerry Ann Robinson 7 gün önce
I wish they had it on endgame
Jerry Dorn
Jerry Dorn 7 gün önce
2 iron mans 2 Spider-Man’s
Alfi Lailatin
Alfi Lailatin 7 gün önce
GoGo Toys
GoGo Toys 7 gün önce
Awesome, the fight looks really good.
Hagai Jacobson
Hagai Jacobson 7 gün önce
GoGo Toys ? 0
Brick Corner
Brick Corner 7 gün önce
Great superhero video!
The Mind Thor
The Mind Thor 7 gün önce
Nice one!
محمد عمام
محمد عمام 6 gün önce
الحلقة الاخيرة من مسلسل الحسام الاسود
CristianLGO Ilie
CristianLGO Ilie 7 gün önce
2 or 3 Bad cop?
Emmanuel Sampson
Emmanuel Sampson 7 gün önce
Like this people
CristianLGO Ilie
CristianLGO Ilie 7 gün önce
Star oyuncu
Star oyuncu 7 gün önce
SERAUS - LEGO Animation
Awesome as always!
yukun- -1204official
Really 1st (fast)
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