Legends Summarized: Journey To The West (Part IX)

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Journey to the West Kai, episode 6: Two Weddings And An Asskicking

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25 Kas 2021




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Narayanan kutty
Narayanan kutty 2 gün önce
I'm doing a blind guess next part there will be spiders spiders and more spiders
Lorn Baker
Lorn Baker 4 gün önce
I pray to the Jade emperor in the Palace of Heaven that you will keep doing these and do the entirety of the full Journey to the West. This has been one of the greatest most delightful series about a historical fantasy novel that I've ever watched.
LimArien 23 gün önce
Got all of them as a Christmas gift (except the loki one cause I already had it)
DavidBanan Aylar önce
I beg, please use the "transition" instead of the fight again
Doc2Gypsea Aylar önce
When will we get the monkey king and gang pins for my collection
SlipShod Bones
SlipShod Bones Aylar önce
I just most certainly love the fact that this is one of the oldest running series of this channel, it feels like watching Overlysarcastic Productions' One Piece, it's just never gonna end and the true scripture was the friends they made along the way.
OKOK Conan
OKOK Conan Aylar önce
Oda name the navy general after dog chicken monkey, as a reference for the Japanese folk lore Momotaro; and after aokiji left and akainu got promoted, oda was gonna name the next general’s after monkey pig and kappa as a Jttw reference, but didn’t go with it due to plot reasons.
KidGoku Aylar önce
One Piece is basically this, if you think about it 💯😹👒🍖 too many connections/similarities
SlipShod Bones
SlipShod Bones Aylar önce
Oh why thank you, @Mooga Mooga
Mooga Mooga
Mooga Mooga Aylar önce
@SlipShod Bones Well said!
Rianica Jayne Mamalo
This series has been running for about 6 years already! Which is really impressive! I'm honestly thankful they didn't drop it Xd
Ultrabite Aylar önce
4:45 Friendly reminder that Sandy is canonicaly 12 FEET TALL in the book, so not only the disciple severely lack any survival instinct, the fact that Sandy manage to ONLY break his arm shows that he's indeed very well reformed and restrained himself!
Meeps 22
Meeps 22 2 gün önce
With each episode, I only want to befriend Sandy and Sun more. Chaos and jokes, what could be more fun
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 3 gün önce
Whoa, he's twelve foot tall? Dang he big
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine 5 gün önce
@Xiao On Big yikes on that guy
Xiao On
Xiao On 17 gün önce
@Vesperitis I'm Chinese...
Vesperitis 18 gün önce
@Xiao On Asian/Chinese naming conventions usually go like this: Paternal Family Name (shared by everyone), Middle Name to indicate the generation (sometimes even cousins share the same middle name), then Last Name to indicate the individual. Parents will often call their children by their Last Names. Boys and girls will receive different Middle Names, and these middle names can often indicate gender. 'Wu' in this instance translates into 'Awareness', which is basically the first step of these characters' journeys into enlightenment.
Nobythulhu Aylar önce
The really fascinating part about this chapter is Monkey’s character growth. Here, he’s clearly much more cautious and thinks things through. He’s the one who suggests using cunning to get out of the kingdom rather than fighting their way out, and rather than using his usual M.O. of kicking down the door first and asking questions later, he scouts things out before formulating a plan (it doesn’t last too long before he jumps in to save Tripitaka’s purity, but the fact remains he showed a lot more caution than he would have at the beginning). It makes sense, too, since like Red said in Part IV, he’s meant to be an allegory for the human mind on the road to enlightenment. It makes SENSE that as the journey progresses he’d mellow out and stop trying to brute-force everything, coming to see the value in alternate courses of action. This is a really freaking good book.
Kai derauqsK
Kai derauqsK 21 gün önce
@Nobythulhu 'Road to enlightenment' aside, the novel is foremost a satirical social and political commentry. All kingdoms or locations they passed are mini social environments. Notice how demons had no 'background' always died and some of the most powerful demons are actually closely related to the Heavenly Court or the Buddha himself? The whole journey is a political chess play between the Buddhism and Daoism immortals (the new coming political power vs the old established one) trying to gain influence over the Heavenly court, which can be actually applied to even modern times. The monk and the monkey are simply chess pieces, no matter how devoted or powerful they are. There are so many layers to this novel, a life time a study and analyse won't all the author's true genius.
Hey, Don't Judge
Hey, Don't Judge Aylar önce
Memento mori, fellow Annus
Bichi Allen
Bichi Allen Aylar önce
A good book and a good monki
Daniel James
Daniel James Aylar önce
@TimePrincess tell your boyfriend some weirdo on the internet says he has good taste in video games then. :V
TimePrincess Aylar önce
@Daniel James omg you use the EXACT SAME pfp my boyfriend uses and I was very confused when I saw your comment lmao
mondenkindqueen Aylar önce
Honestly, the empress’ maturity in being basically rejected by Tripitaka is a standard we should all aspire to.
Mimu Mi
Mimu Mi 7 gün önce
But what about the spectacular boink?!?
Alisa Levenseller
Alisa Levenseller 18 gün önce
“Ah, he was a nice Buddhist monk dedicated to his vows. It was never going to work out. Ah well, at least he was polite about it. No use crying over spilt milk, back to running my empire.” You go, girl!
Azzabackam Aylar önce
I'm not joking, when this series is complete, it should be preserved by the Library of Congress. It's a clean, comprehensive translation of a very old, very long, very cut-off-by-a-language-barrier story that anyone can watch and understand. This is easily the single *best* adaptation of JttW ever made, and the signifigance of this accomplishment can *not* be understated.
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine 5 gün önce
They'll take anything if you ship it off to them correctly.
matthew trujillo
matthew trujillo Aylar önce
"Male undoing mountain, child destruction cave, and baby be-gone spring." Somehow, despite all of the weird stuff that happens in this book, it keeps surprising me.
橡皮榛子 5 gün önce
No,male undoing is really worst translation, should be translated to sperm move out mountain, cause that word really means sperm in ancient china
ManiakGear 8 gün önce
I remember trying to unpack all of that when I got to this part in the book and they explained the path they had to take.
Xiao On
Xiao On 12 gün önce
To be fair, Pilgrim's Progress was just as innovative with the naming scheme... Sometimes you run across authors who just want to tell their story and don't really want to sweat the little details. 🤷🏼‍♂️
kjl3080 Aylar önce
Okay it’s a lot less weird in Chinese than literally translated into English
Anadaere Aylar önce
@AxxL oh he's back
Garth Marenghi
Garth Marenghi Aylar önce
The legend: Consuming his flesh will grant you immortality. The women: I'll "consume" him all right. The legend: What? The women: What?
Salvador Toscano
Salvador Toscano 27 gün önce
PixelKnight Aylar önce
Basically this story
Bhavini Malwadia
Bhavini Malwadia Aylar önce
‘Stress will hurt the baby’ Sandy is one of the best comedians ever
Alisa Levenseller
Alisa Levenseller 17 gün önce
“Take it easy, new mothers are very delicate.”
amalia silva
amalia silva Aylar önce
And let’s not forget about “WHAT WILL THIS DO TO MY FIGURE?!”
Grim Sister
Grim Sister Aylar önce
Hushes Pigsy with “those are the hormones talking.” 🤣🤣🤣
Talleywa Aylar önce
MK: "These women won't leave us alone, what should we do?" Sandy: "Make ourselves look like larger men with slightly more bestial qualities?" MK: "Yeah this'll work flawlessly." Narrator: "It did not work flawlessly."
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente 5 gün önce
Yep... that about sums it up 🤣
GG Crono
GG Crono Aylar önce
Of all the things I could have expected to learn today, I have to admit, "Journey to the West has mpreg" was not high on the list. I friggin' love this channel.
Zach Scarbrough
Zach Scarbrough 12 gün önce
Yeah… this was a curve ball I did Not see coming.
Jonathan Kent
Jonathan Kent Aylar önce
I'll admit, I never in my wildest dreams would expect a chapter of _Journey to the West_ to basically be summarized as "Tripitaka and Pigsy get an abortion".
Bichi Allen
Bichi Allen Aylar önce
*It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia title card*
Evelyn Patrick
Evelyn Patrick Aylar önce
It was wild
Sean McFadden
Sean McFadden Aylar önce
@Poan Kiyu True. It's just a lot more stressful when you know you're masking.
Poan Kiyu
Poan Kiyu Aylar önce
@Sean McFadden If it helps I think normal interaction requires masking behaviour for most people.
Sean McFadden
Sean McFadden Aylar önce
@Poan Kiyu A little. I identify as Asexual and Demiromantic. And I'm on the Autism spectrum. "Normal interaction" always requires at least a little masking behaviour.
Kelaiah01 Aylar önce
Actually, I think Tripitaka deserves some extra credit himself this episode: usually whenever he's kidnapped, he just kind of sits around helplessly (or moans about his predicament), but this time, he was put in a situation where no Monkey could help him. He had to fend off the scary Scorpion Lady all by himself, and to his credit, managed to do so.
Kelaiah01 18 gün önce
@Holly J Yes, good thing. ^^ I like to think that the scorpion wanted the satisfaction of seducing Tripitaka, since that would take more effort and offer her more bragging rights. If she had raped him, he would still be the innocent victim. If she seduced him, it would mean he broke his vows.
Holly J
Holly J 18 gün önce
It's like even TRIPITAKA is learning. Of course, this situation is probably one of his worst nightmares. Good thing for the monk that the scorpion took no for an answer.
girl1213 Aylar önce
There's nothing in their tenets that forbade self-defense, just no killing or violence. "Violence" being everything you see in above PG rating.
O.K. Productions
O.K. Productions Aylar önce
Love how monkey’s facial expressions seam to imply that he is getting more and more paranoid as this journey goes on. Also monkey rating his pain as a solid 8 was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.
Alisa Levenseller
Alisa Levenseller 18 gün önce
@Plagued Frost on a scale of 1-10. 1 being “all good” and 10 being “drinking molten copper while being crushed under a mountain for 500 years”, the pain of being shanked in the face by a demonic scorpion’s tail stinger is a solid 8.
Alin Alisan
Alin Alisan Aylar önce
not paranoid, just more careful
Plagued Frost
Plagued Frost Aylar önce
aola wili
aola wili Aylar önce
The way Red loses it when Sandy just nonchalantly breaks that mans arm is hilarious. It's like Blue came into the room and she had to explain what he overheard.
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine 5 gün önce
I think she'd probably be more confused if he did that. Perhaps ask if he at least brought the cat with him to visit.
Catherine Cao
Catherine Cao Aylar önce
I would have just backed away and barricaded the door. Oh, and hide the knives, hammers, baseball bats, basically anything that can be used to break an arm
Bettina Levy
Bettina Levy Aylar önce
This is so funny! I literally just finished watching Dominic's Lost in Adaptation for Journey to the West, and he mentioned the story of the guys drinking the pregnancy water, and now Red is covering that part in her summary! XD
Tinkering4Time Aylar önce
Monkey is terrifyingly level-headed and forward-thinking this episode.
Jackson Worthman
Jackson Worthman Gün önce
@Elizabeth Calvert I think it was the last episode actually.
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente 5 gün önce
He’s learning 😳 dun dun dun
LimArien Aylar önce
Character development and pettiness i think
KateSinging InTheSnow
He's maturing
CN Pace
CN Pace Aylar önce
I know. Horrifying.
Horse Crazy
Horse Crazy Aylar önce
Laughed my ass off this entire episode. Strangely enough the chicken surprise makes sense (coming from a chicken owner). I would much rather face 100 chicken sized horses than one horse sized chicken, because that chicken wouldn't qualify as a chicken anymore. That thing would be a straight up dinosaur. I have seen chickens gladly hunt down and devour snakes and mice, so I would imagine it is not out of their skillset to be the arch enemy of a scorpion. Plus with beaks, talons, and spurs, they are capable of drawing blood and fighting off animals many times their size. Seven foot chicken? FUCKING SCARY.
Polaris the Dragon
Polaris the Dragon Aylar önce
@Goldenlight haven’t you seen those videos of people throwing chicken nuggets to their chickens and they jump all over it?
Daniel Aylar önce
@Goldenlight Well chickens eat bugs so they are obviously omnivores. Today I did learn thou that they prefer meat to veg most of the time, which does make sense because if you can eat either, why not pick the higher energy food? Today I also learned apparently chicken can eat mice and frogs just fine, but can get food poisoning from raw beef. I guess they don't get sick from the same things we do, but still that's rather strange to think about.
Goldenlight Aylar önce
Chickens can eat meat? Guess you really do learn something new every day.
mega rneutze
mega rneutze Aylar önce
Also, love how the old woman goes “hey thanks guys, this magic pregnancy ending juice will definitely pay for my funeral” and NO ONE batted a fucking eyelash, like this is a normal occurence
The Edgelord
The Edgelord Aylar önce
Yes, people ocasionally die :V Probably wanted to plan things out before she died instead of having to return from death to chew out everyone at her funeral for fucking up the decorations or something It is pretty funny tho Edit: Extra line and fixed a typo
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson Aylar önce
Sandy: Ladies, may I defer to your expertise? Ladies: Such a polite young man! Sandy rules. And yes, he is indeed the funniest ever
Gaby Gibson
Gaby Gibson 3 gün önce
@Sophia Astatine He probably could! But he'd be a gentleman about it
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine 5 gün önce
Sandy rules. Dude could probably slay the sheets if he wanted to.
martianunlimited Aylar önce
According to Chinese lore, roosters are natural enemies to scorpions, which is why 卯日星官 returned into his original form of a rooster and defeated the scorpion demoness... Side note, the story I heard paints the pipa scorpion demoness in a more favourable light... she (in her giant scorpion form) was listening to the buddha reciting scriptures, but the buddha brushed her aside which caused her to sting the buddha.. the buddha then instructed his followers to bring her to him (unsure if it is to punish her or to reconcile with her) but she fled and he couldn't find her... fast forward an unknown amount of years later and we have this story in the journey to the west.
deng danielle
deng danielle Aylar önce
@MrKltpzyxm LMAO
MrKltpzyxm Aylar önce
@martianunlimited I appreciate the context. 😁 I just heard "Seven-foot-tall chicken" and immediately flashed back to Animaniacs. 🤣
martianunlimited Aylar önce
@MrKltpzyxm Well, his mom (毗蓝婆) is a hen (or Phoenix depending on which legend you are following). (In Cantonese, a chicken is euphemism for prostitutes) so that might explain why he don't usually take his Rooster form... p/s you might hear of the mom later... she helped in defeating the hundred-eyed demon (a centipede demon)
MrKltpzyxm Aylar önce
Chicken Mao, what's the matter with you? You don't act like the other chickens do. You wear a disguise to look like Star Lord guys, but you're not a man, you're a Chicken Mao.
Rainne_istired Aylar önce
Can we all just agree that journey to the west is just an ancient Chinese author’s dnd campaign
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente 5 gün önce
Spin the wheel and see what horrible obstacle is in our way today! Lol
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith Aylar önce
Buddha's and Bandits
Daniel McLellan
Daniel McLellan Aylar önce
@King of flames Dragon hasn't made it to a session in MONTHS, so they just leave the character in horse form whenever he's not there.
Last Tarrasque
Last Tarrasque Aylar önce
@Cody Hines totaly
Cody Hines
Cody Hines Aylar önce
@Last Tarrasque Horse Dragon is the new player who's too shy to really contribute most of the time.
Savage Wolver
Savage Wolver Aylar önce
Sandy is quite possibly my favorite character. He's just as strong as Sun and Pigsy, but he isn't as impulsive as the monkey or as slothful as the pig. He's the perfect balance to play the straight man for all their antics and keeps the group on track.
Philipe Arakaki
Philipe Arakaki 13 gün önce
@GoodDreams Sandy is the Picollo of the Group, not the strongest but the only one capable of Adulting.
Obvious Ninja
Obvious Ninja Aylar önce
As I like to say, there is exactly one brain cell between them all and it resides in Sandy's head
DavidBanan Aylar önce
idk, maybe pigsy but deff not Monkey, not even close
GoodDreams Aylar önce
He is definitely not as strong as monkey or pigsy. If Pigsy correct his attitude, he will not be that weak. Sandy powers may be weaker but he does not have as much of a personality problem as the monkey or pig. At the end of the journey, Sandy did achieve a higher state than Pigsy.
Gautam Vaze
Gautam Vaze Aylar önce
Sha Wujing gang!
smileyman17 Aylar önce
Proof of a character arc: Monkey started this whole journey with the same mindset as when he took on heaven. Fight your problems away. Here? He's adapting to the relatively peaceful conflict of the queen wanting Tripitaka and uses smarts and tricks and magic to calmly handle the entire situation. Until scorpion demon dom bitch shows up then he flips the switch back, but the promise is still there.
Duc Anh Tran
Duc Anh Tran Aylar önce
Fun fact: The director of the legendary 1986 TV serie version of Journey to the West in China, Yang Jie, modified the relationship between Tripitaka and the Queen a little bit. According to the TV show, Tripitaka had lust and feelings for the queen, but he tried his best not to think about it. This escalated to the point he even closed his eyes to keep his virtue when the queen taking off her outer clothes, left alone her inner sleeping slip which was hella revealing. And because the actor that played Tripitaka and the actress who played the Queen had a fling back then, the scene was hella legendary.
Le Pancake Gaming
Le Pancake Gaming 18 gün önce
@maximaldinotrap Joke or not, it's out of character for the Buddha to say that, which makes the joke bad. And it feels like it's trying to be funny too much. (Not supposed to be hate, just something I noticed.)
Brian Aylar önce
@maximaldinotrap Tripitaka would probably think it a test from the great teacher (Buddha)
maximaldinotrap Aylar önce
@Le Pancake Gaming It's called a joke. Anyway, If the fucking Buddha orders him to get laid who is he to question that?
Le Pancake Gaming
Le Pancake Gaming Aylar önce
@maximaldinotrap that doesn't make sense though. Tripitaka is still going to be a monk after the mission
maximaldinotrap Aylar önce
I can just imagine the Buddha saying when this is over: Ok bud, your fucking mission is done. NOW GO AND GET LAID!
Obvious Ninja
Obvious Ninja Aylar önce
This is one of my favourite parts in the book, mostly because of how both Sandy and Monkey freakin' LEAP at the opportunity to make fun of Pigsy and Tripitaka. This is one of the first times we get to see Sandy's sense of humour really come through and he spares no expense when it comes to mockery. Monkey is obviously also very funny, but Sandy just takes the cake on this one.
Gratuitous Lurking
Gratuitous Lurking Aylar önce
"Monkey and Sandy turn up the scary factor, which let's be honest wouldn't deal with all of them..." Never had I felt so called out by something I agree with.
Lightning Point
Lightning Point Aylar önce
@Nyota Mwuaji True.
Monika Šernek
Monika Šernek Aylar önce
Yeah I feel that to.
WarBacca 101
WarBacca 101 Aylar önce
@vermilionrubin definition of 11:01
WarBacca 101
WarBacca 101 Aylar önce
So theres hope for me yet
Neat Gamer
Neat Gamer Aylar önce
deng danielle
deng danielle Aylar önce
There are some basics about the book that Red may not have had time to cover in the videos but I'd like to say more about because I saw so many people asking the same questions: 1. Ancient China during the period of the book wasn't monotheistic. The mainstream idea was pro a combination of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism and this idea is manifested in multiple places in this book (I just found it interesting to see so many people misinterpreted it as pro Buddhism. I misinterpreted it as so too before I read the original text). There are also villains who are Buddhist in the following plots. You can see the author ridiculed the three religions all together and even sometimes made very bodacious jokes of them but it also has lots of Taoist terms at the same time which made a bunch of Taoist masters claimed this book had been written by a Taoist during that era. The book also has lots of anti-superstition spirits. These conflicted points make the author's religious belief very controversial. I personally think the author was atheistic or at least agnostic. 2. Monkey can go under water and there's no water in all the dragon kings'palaces. He needs one of his hands to cast the water-repellent spell while using the other to fight at the same time, which would make any fights very inconvenient. That's why he always avoids fighting demons under water and asks Sandy or Pigsy to lure them out.
Sophia Astatine
Sophia Astatine 5 gün önce
Weird question, but I'm ignorant so I won't hold back, was China ever monotheistic? If so, I had absolutely no idea.
Abbas Alqattan
Abbas Alqattan Aylar önce
@deng danielle Oh it make sense
deng danielle
deng danielle Aylar önce
@Abbas Alqattan The fighting system in the book has three dimensions: martial arts, magic, magical objects (and sometimes poison), so martial arts- and poison-wise, yes, she is more powerful and can hurt Buddha but in terms of the others, not necessarily because she doesn't show any magic in the book. Also none of the deities in the book are omnipotent. There's always something that can triumph another. Hence she's defeated by scorpions' natural enemy, a chicken. That's why I think the author wasn't religious.
Abbas Alqattan
Abbas Alqattan Aylar önce
Is it true that Quan yin can't defeat the scorpion demon and that she can hurt buddha?
Meghan McGowan
Meghan McGowan Aylar önce
The second rewatch to read all the dialogue was especially fantastic on this one "How good are you at not dropping buckets?" "so good bro" Also the tea spitting reference had me dying
Jackson Worthman
Jackson Worthman Gün önce
The tea spit take is a thing for these episodes. Everytime that Monkey, Sandy, or Pigsy breaks into a demon's place, it's always at tea time.
Snail kitty
Snail kitty Aylar önce
90% of this is just Tripitaka sweating intensely
Miss San
Miss San Aylar önce
Journey to the West Kai has it all man it's got MPreg and horney women. Definitely my favorite episode so far, it's like a crack fic.
The Man Downstairs
The Man Downstairs Aylar önce
love how when she sees that the monks can fly, the queen immediately stops being heartbroken. imagine somebody breaks up with you but their exit is so badass that you instantly respect them
Snwmn 13 gün önce
@ultra-Snedronning “you aren’t dealing with average Buddhist anymore...”
ultra-Snedronning 14 gün önce
@Snwmn .......why did my mind read "the legendary super buddhist" in Vegeta's voice??
judiejodia Aylar önce
Jason could never
PixelKnight Aylar önce
temperededge Aylar önce
Why do you think Cowboys always ride into sunsets? Sunsets are AWESOME
Crazy Cryo
Crazy Cryo Aylar önce
Monkey King is like the Journey to the west’s Superman in that he almost single handedly carries his team through every combat encounter. Also I wanted to thank this channel for helping me realize that I’m Ace. I never knew there was a word for how I felt and seeing as the only time I had heard of asexuality before your channel was from a reaction video to that one house episode (sigh) I probably would have continued to feel like an anomaly.
TopHatSurgeon 3 gün önce
@Dr Sylvester Ashling *Looks at self in mirror* ; *Confused ace screaming*
Dr Sylvester Ashling
@TopHatSurgeon plot twist you are Denmark
TopHatSurgeon 13 gün önce
@Crazy Cryo Soon we will have enough for the invasion of Denmark!
Crazy Cryo
Crazy Cryo Aylar önce
The ace gang is growing in numbers and power lmao
Adeepseafish 123
Adeepseafish 123 Aylar önce
Yay fellow aces
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson Aylar önce
Possibly my favorite thing about this series is the recurring gag of people spitting out their tea when Monkey smashes through their doors.
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente 5 gün önce
Yep! Took the words right out of my mouth!
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Aylar önce
Red's Chinese Handwriting is officially better than mine!
Tobias Holub
Tobias Holub Aylar önce
3:01 I could not make something as funny as this up if I tried, and it just comes in the book like that?!
The Defenestrator
The Defenestrator Aylar önce
Notice that even a literal demon didn’t force herself on the monk beyond her very strong advances. She still had some class.
Alex Panciera
Alex Panciera Gün önce
The concept in Chinese Folklore that’s translated into ‘demon’ has a pretty broad meaning, but a lot of the time (especially in this book) it’s used to refer to animals that gain humanoid form and magical powers by practicing Taoism or some other form of mysticism, which is illegal. According to the laws of the Celestial Bureaucracy, any animal that wants to pursue enlightenment has to wait until it’s reincarnated as a human. This is why Lao Tzu’s ox and Quan Yin’s goldfish turned evil after putting into practice the mystic teachings they overheard, despite neither of the sources of those teachings being malicious; it’s just that, as animals, they’re fundamentally incapable of _not_ screwing up self-improvement and turning evil. Sun Wukong’s a bit of a special case, since he was never a normal monkey to begin with.
Zak1999 Aylar önce
jy3 Aylar önce
Doesn't quite count as consent by modern standards, because of the whole kidnapping and harassment thing, but yeah.
Hail Ghidorah
Hail Ghidorah Aylar önce
@Velrissa be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to kidnap every monk you meet.
Rasmus n.e.M
Rasmus n.e.M Aylar önce
Even literal monsters don't compare to figurative monsters.
Den I//Noble Russkie
The "plan B" quip at 4:10 almost made me aspirate the water I was drinking. Fortunately just regular water, not magical pregnancy water.
Kodama Akemi
Kodama Akemi Aylar önce
5:26 "Okay dear me out. We tell Pigsy you got thirsty on the way back-" "Say no more." XD I love these two (idk if it's more romance or bromance)
Thomas Kalland
Thomas Kalland Aylar önce
Got to love that character development for our favorite monkey boy. He went out of his way to delay their travel for a day just so that he would have to kill a bunch of innocents. Seriously he has become such a better person. The power of having friends doing the right thing rubbing off on you has a long history I guess!!!
Just A Random Person
@S.S. Kel Yeah, that happens a lot. Nice catch, though! You’re very good at English!
S.S. Kel
S.S. Kel Aylar önce
I'm not a native english speaker, so I might be wrong, but I think you forgot to put a "n't" after the "would", because from my (not perfect) understanding, it sounds like you are saying that he went out of his way to kill innocents.
L.Wilhelmina Aylar önce
Indeed and besides, there is a level of truth to it. After all being friends with the wrong people has caused enough people to go of the wrong path, so why wouldn't the opposite also happen 🤷‍♀️
Nether Illager
Nether Illager Aylar önce
Tribataka is starting to sound like a harem protagonist, but he can keep his lightning rod in his pants, unlike one Greek god that I refuse to piss off
mutantmaster1 Aylar önce
Tripitaka: **drinks the magical impregnation water** Old Lady: guy got himself pregnant, funniest sh*t I've ever seen
Grim Sister
Grim Sister Aylar önce
@martianunlimited yeah. That’s part of the joke 😒
martianunlimited Aylar önce
@Grim Sister Not sure you noticed.. but taoists are not too invested in stopping people from having abortions
IT WAS I, DIO!!! Aylar önce
@Grim Sister In their case, it'd be a water filter.
Grim Sister
Grim Sister Aylar önce
Taoist monk: It’s your own fault for getting yourself pregnant! You should’ve used protection!
Phoebe Darker
Phoebe Darker Aylar önce
Red choosing the trans flag's colours for the river part of the story made me giggle in joy
Woko ono
Woko ono Aylar önce
Just Some Jersey Devil With Internet Access
6:15 You know the internet well.
NotSoConfident Anxiety
I saw this and immediately was super happy. Nothing in this world could have made me happier.
rashkavar Aylar önce
So I finally got curious to see how far through the book we actually are, and man, some of these translations are unintentionally hysterical. The title of Chapter 54, which starts with Tripitaka's warning to his disciples to be on their best behaviour in the city of women is this: "The Buddha-Nature Travelling West Enters Womankind. The Mind-Ape Makes a Plan to Escape from the Beauties" Which...I'm honestly kinda wondering if this will get automodded because "Enters womankind" sounds like a very awkward euphemism for what Tripitaka was vehemently denying consent for through that entire segment. For anyone who's wondering what the answer to the original question is: Chapter 55 was the fight with the scorpion demon, Chapter 56 is new stuff.
Jazmine Friedline
Jazmine Friedline Aylar önce
Ok but at the part where Red referred to Tripitaka as their "Oh so juicy master" I had to press pause so I could laugh for like a minute and a half.
EpiicPenguin Aylar önce
[Jeremy Clarkson voice]: Some say, that he was once offered “spectacular boinking” by the queen of woman……. But that he remains “throughly unbone’d” even after negotiating his own magical pregnancy. All we know is, he called Tripitaka.
Darth Serenity
Darth Serenity Aylar önce
the frame where monkey busts through the wall while the antagonist is splooting out their tea will never get old
Merritt Animation
Merritt Animation Aylar önce
Sun Wukong: “Okay what’s the catch this time. Are you secretly a demon? Is the river a demon? Is the boat a demon?” Old Lady: “Oh no the river water just makes you pregnant” Sun Wukong: “Did not expect that.”
Maro Cat
Maro Cat Aylar önce
But you have to fight the immortal that guards the well of abortion
Kziila024 Aylar önce
"I was not expecting that, but I was expecting not to expect something so it doesn't count."
Snake or Break
Snake or Break Aylar önce
"oh ok"
vatvatvatvat Aylar önce
"did not expect that but respect that"
Tommy Scott
Tommy Scott Aylar önce
'A demon would have been easier to handle.'
Via Aylar önce
the art is always excellent, but something about the expressions and layout of this episode was especially knocked out of the park; mad props to Red!!
RuoK Aylar önce
I love all the little convos going on the background while you tell the story. Like the way you tell it is already entertaining as is, but then I pause to catch Monkey asking Sandy to tell Pigsy he got thirsty on their way back with the anti-pregnancy waters and I just lost it
Changer Aylar önce
At this point, I feel like a more accurate title would be "The adventures of Tripitaka: The most kidnappable man alive"
reine du ciel
reine du ciel Aylar önce
while choosing a single favorite moment from any osp video is a futile endeavor, the “spectacular boinking” at the bottom of the queen’s marriage offer to tripitaka is absolutely in my personal top 3 of this video. red’s done a fabulous job as always.
Poop sock personified
Red could talk about a rock for 20 minutes and make it fully entertaining, swear to god. I love this channel so much
Gautam Vaze
Gautam Vaze Aylar önce
Well technically Sun Wukong is a rock so...
NyankoDan Aylar önce
Technically she is talking about a rock
Tuesday Aylar önce
Technically Sun Wukong is a stone but if you're talking about another story, there is a novel by Cao Xueqin called Story Of The Red Chamber or Story Of The Stone
Worshipper Of Gord
Worshipper Of Gord Aylar önce
@Meghan Henderson Probably
Belly Dancer Em
Belly Dancer Em Aylar önce
well, in all fairness, rocks are cool
Callie Cature
Callie Cature Aylar önce
I have never laughed so hard throughout an entire video. This must be the most stressful challenge Tripitaka has ever faced. I never thought he would be a pretty-taka. The shenanigans from the beginning to the end. Like the well and the one-braincell well-extortionist demon bull relative. Props to the empress for taking a rejection so well and knowing her worth isn't tied to it. Monkey warding off women using Pigsy. Monkey saying "Killing him would be more merciful to watch!". Tripitaka saying he doesn't want anything to do with "that powdered-faced cadaver". Guanyin saving the day again.
Gui Smith
Gui Smith Aylar önce
I heard about the pregnancy river in Dominic Noble's Lost in Adaptation on Journey to the West (because I still haven't read this long and dense book). I wondered just how long until it popped up in this series. That was a week ago. What eloquent timing.
Grim Sister
Grim Sister Aylar önce
Love that the horse is already prepared with a pickle jar to tend to Pigsy and Tripitaka
Vendetta 02
Vendetta 02 Aylar önce
The fact that this series has taken years to play out feels extremely fitting Also super telling to the quality! I love this so much and I hope I’m alive to watch it end! /gen
Pneuma OfTheDreamRealm
“He just hasn’t tried the right woman yet!” Beautiful summary of the asexual experience. Thank you, Red!
Eldritch Omen
Eldritch Omen Aylar önce
@Imawaffle asexuals can still get married, unless they're also aromantic
Imawaffle Aylar önce
@Fire Feather blue just got married
Fire Feather
Fire Feather Aylar önce
@Blue 26 ing so is blue.
Zachary Trent
Zachary Trent Aylar önce
Heck, even the 'I just don't want to marry you lady!' Experiance.
Tyler Hendrix
Tyler Hendrix Aylar önce
also the aro experience
Sola Haze
Sola Haze Aylar önce
11:00 A little ancient chinese demon seduction if you will (poor Tripitaka): The she-devil then put aside thoughts of murder and started to wear a smile again as she said, “Little ones, shut the front and back doors tight.” Then she sent out two scouts to keep an eye on Monkey, and ordered them to report the moment any sound was heard at the door. “Maids,” she commanded, “tidy the bedroom and get it ready. Bring candles, burn incense, and ask the Tang emperor’s brother in. I’m going to make love with him.” The Tang Priest was then helped out from the back, while the she-devil, looking utterly bewitching, took him by the hand and said, “As the saying goes, pleasure’s worth more than gold. You and I are going to have some fun as man and wife.” The venerable elder clenched his teeth and let out not a sound. He would have preferred not to go with her but he was afraid she might kill him, so in fear and trembling he accompanied her into the bridal chamber, he was as if stupefied and dumb. He would not lift his head and look up, let alone catch sight of the bed and the curtains in the room, and even less did he see the intricately carved furniture or her hairstyle and clothing. He was deaf and indifferent when she spoke of her desire. He was indeed a fine monk: His eyes saw no evil beauty, His ears heard no voluptuous words. To him the brocade and the lovely face was dung, The gold, the jewels and the beauty so much dirt. The love of his life was contemplation; He never took a step from Buddha land. He did not care for female charms, Knowing only how to nourish his true nature. The she-devil Was full of life And unbounded desire. The venerable monk Seemed almost dead, His mind fixed on meditation. One was soft jade and warm fragrance; The other was dead ash and withered wood. One spread open the bridal sheets, Full of voluptuousness; The other fastened his tunic more tightly, His heart ever true. One longed to press her breasts against him and entwine their limbs In rapturous union; The other wanted only to sit facing the wall Like the monk Bodhidharma. The she-devil took off her clothes, Displaying her smooth skin and fragrant body; The Tang Priest pulled his robes together, Covering the roughness of his hide and flesh. The she-devil said, “There is room on my pillow and under my sheet: Why not come to bed?” The Tang Priest replied, “My head is shaven and I wear monk’s robes: I may not join you.” She said, “I would like to be Liu Cuicui in the story.” He replied, “But I am not like the Monk of the Moonlight.” The she-devil said, “I am more lovely than Xi Shi herself.” “Long was the king of Yue buried on her account,” the monk replied. “Do you remember the lines,” the she-devil asked, “‘I’m willing to die and be buried under flowers; Even as a ghost shall I live and love?’” To this the Tang Priest replied, “My true masculinity is my great treasure; I could not lightly give it to a bag of bones like you.” The two of them kept up their battle of words till it was late in the night, and the Tang Priest’s resolution was unmoved. The she-devil kept tugging at his clothes, refusing to let go of him, while the master kept up his resistance. The struggle went on till the middle of the night, when the she-devil finally lost her temper and called, “Bring rope, little ones.” Sadly she had her beloved man tied up like a dog and dragged outside to the portico. Then the silver lamps were blown out and everyone went to bed for the night.
Armydillo62o 4 gün önce
The VolCel King lets go
sabrehero2 8 gün önce
True Sigma Male Grindset
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey Aylar önce
Red: "Which can't scare *all* of the ladies" Me, who has been simping for Sandy this whole time: ...it's kind of like a reward.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin Aylar önce
I would love to see you guys explore some Slavic mythology/folktales, specifically The ones about koschei the deathless
Matthew Rowe
Matthew Rowe Aylar önce
Wow, you can see the MASSIVE improvements when you compare this episode to episode 1. Stellar
Speedy Sideburn
Speedy Sideburn Aylar önce
The way Red loses it when Sandy just nonchalantly breaks that mans arm is hilarious. It's like Blue came into the room and she had to explain what he overheard.
Adam Bielen
Adam Bielen Aylar önce
I was laughing so hard I had to pause the video.
Nick K
Nick K Aylar önce
I mean...seems fair to me. guy should consider himself lucky really.
Hype Dog
Hype Dog Aylar önce
Wow, this story has everything. Even the MPreg tag.
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente 29 gün önce
I await the day when this series is finished and we look back on this with nothing but fond memories. ☺️ until then I just continuously watch the videos to brighten my days, because each episode is both educational and downright hilarious.
Aurel Combey
Aurel Combey Aylar önce
I love how Sandy turns to daddy jokes the moment Tripika somewhat becomes a mom
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Aylar önce
"Male undoing mountain, child destruction cave, and baby be-gone spring." Somehow, despite all of the weird stuff that happens in this book, it keeps surprising me.
Matteo, The Immortal Flame
This woman needs a nobel prize for when she finishes this series cause good lord these videos are entertaining!
Tessa De La Fuente
Tessa De La Fuente 5 gün önce
I second that!
Sauceソース Aylar önce
@Matteo, The Immortal Flame yes
Matteo, The Immortal Flame
@Amine B Nah this is Solidly Red's thing. And I'm not saying for the channel I'm saying for this video series...also it was a joke. :P Pretty sure they'd never award red a Nobel prize for a TRvid video series. Pretty sure you gotta do some serious shit to get a Nobel prize.
Matteo, The Immortal Flame
@joana gomes Because these videos were amazing and this has been a huge undertaking.
Matteo, The Immortal Flame
@Sauceソース Sweet! Don't think I've ever gotten 1K likes on anything before! Congrats to us both?
حسنين ماهر ال نجار 21 Hassanein Al-Najjar
Contentment is an indispensable treasure 🌹🙂 .
Julian Stribling
Julian Stribling Aylar önce
"holding reproductive rights hostage" *EXCESSIVE COUGHS* I can't get enough of this XD
epundo3 Aylar önce
I'm so excited for the next part!!! I discovered this series 2 months ago and watched them all in a day it's such a great story and the metaphors for the different aspects of the human being portrayed as individual beings is such a brilliant device ♥️
Andrew Rockwell
Andrew Rockwell 7 gün önce
I am clearly not Buddhist. That scorpion demon was doing it for me. As much as she kidnapped him, she was still just trying to seduce him.
Major Bisexual
Major Bisexual Aylar önce
“Sandy breaks his arm” HOLY SH*T dude, I kinda forgot Sandy can still kick ass even if he’s not as powerful as monkey…
Major Bisexual
Major Bisexual Aylar önce
@Erin Pylant That must be why I like him so much 😜😂
Joshua Fisher
Joshua Fisher Aylar önce
Which is one of his best qualities, he strong but in the background. So when he does something like that without much effort, its just a reminder just like, "oh yeah, he can do stuff"
Erin Pylant
Erin Pylant Aylar önce
Sandy is a Himbo, he's really sweet and really stupid but he can also snap someone in half
templarw20 Aylar önce
@Hahonryuu Depends on the build. And yes, I was assuming Tripitaka is the cleric (or maybe wizard) because holy man + studious type. Since Monkey is supossed to represent the Mind, I could also see him being some kind of high intelligence brawler (Pathfinder Magus comes to mind, if Pigsy isn't one). For me, both in my experience and in my own "this is how it should be" mindset, the Fighter is more defensive, "come near me and I'll kill you, and you need to come near me to get to the squishies" type, while the Monk is more the mobile damage dealer, bouncing all over the place. So... yeah, Monkey. Lots of boosts and insane stats, but his style says "monk" to me.
Stretop Overmind
Stretop Overmind Aylar önce
@Denjamin It is more Daoist than Buddhist at this point.
999 21 gün önce
We need more its been 1 full year
Zelus Aylar önce
I didn’t sign up for mpreg monks red I’m suing for mental and emotional damage
Salicyn.Willow Aylar önce
Anyone know which translaton Red is reading? I would love to read the book!
Alexander Ramkissoon
TIme to wait another year
22Tesla Aylar önce
I've not laughed more at a JTTW than this one, from magical pregnancies to a seven foot tall chicken of all things, this episode was hilarious. The captions certainly help along with Red's voice and delivery of the lines
WrensthavAviovus Aylar önce
ancestor of Chicken boo be OP
tanjoy0205 Aylar önce
Well I wonder which god or goodness made the society ?
Sebastian Buttersnaps
I agree, this was absolutely hilarious.
Carmen Mercedes
Carmen Mercedes Aylar önce
The name of the spring got me so hard XD
rhaegnarok Aylar önce
@Jangobadass When you casually find out old Asian legends have giant chickens and mpreg arcs, you really understand why anime be how it be.
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose Aylar önce
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn Aylar önce
I live for this series. How far are we in this story?
reshiram0verl0rd Aylar önce
I was told to wait, so I waited, thankyou for this!!!
Koharu Komatsu
Koharu Komatsu Aylar önce
I'm sure someone has said it before but I am _so_ glad you're using DBZ Kai's Yamamoto score for the background music. I love that OST so much
Accented Cinema
Accented Cinema Aylar önce
The fact that Red's Chinese handwriting is better than mine really shows how many hours were spent on this video. Also my ego is dead.
ѧֆһ & ıẓẓʏ
The fact that red can write in Chinese and I can’t…shows how much work she put in this video and how I’m a failure at being half asian
ThatGuyOverThere Aylar önce
Well that's the first step to enlightenment.
quincy simmons
quincy simmons Aylar önce
@Tropical Breeze Hello dad, Im motherfucker
Eight Pawns
Eight Pawns Aylar önce
accented cinema!!!! love your videos!!!
NyankoDan Aylar önce
I can't write the characters on a digital screen but I'm great with paper since that's just my exams
Juicy Aylar önce
This is officially my favorite argh
Eli Watson
Eli Watson Aylar önce
Ah, so THAT'S where the "country of women" trope comes from!
Tf Love
Tf Love Aylar önce
Omg i love this series! Do you know about how much into the book you are in?
one Aylar önce
"Abortion Bay"
Nitsan ravid daos
Nitsan ravid daos Aylar önce
In the immortal words of Blue: "Why can't you just let this poor library ace live his life?!"
Little Fish
Little Fish Aylar önce
@ngiorgos again, Tripitaka may as well be ace. I do not think, personally that he is 100% canon ace, but to be honest, even the story makes more sense and arguably is better if he is ace. It is canon, however that he is celibate, and I just don’t want people to confuse asexuality with celibacy, as many already do. Tripitaka actually probably is ace at this point, but even with the slim chance that he isn’t, my blood just boils whenever people say that celibate people are automatically asexual or that asexuals are just celibate.
ngiorgos Aylar önce
@Little Fish Red also describes Tripitaka's situation as "... When all he wants is to be a good Buddhist and get some scriptures, dang it!" Now, the quote itself might be interpreted a few different ways. But, I think it suggests that Tripitaka genuinly isn't attracted to the queen or the demoness. That his desires align with his choices (Buddhism & celibacy)
Little Fish
Little Fish Aylar önce
@Nitsan ravid daos well, definitely head-canoning Tripitaka as ace is by no means disrespectful. I just wanted to insinuate the difference between from celibacy and asexuality. It is another common bigoted thing people think about aces that I just wanted make clear. And yeah! Red does seem to head-canon Tripitaka as ace, I did see that. I don’t want to erase asexuality from history as many historians do, it is just that it is *so* common for people to mix up it with celibacy and I just wanted to help stop the misinformation that it is.
Nitsan ravid daos
Nitsan ravid daos Aylar önce
@Little Fish I don't think Head Canoning Tripitaka as ace is disrespectful to the Ace community, especially not Red as her interpretation of Tripitaka is almost certainly Ace (see the phrase "you just haven't met the right person yet" directed at Tripitaka. This sentence is a common bigoted opinion about asexuals, that and many other references that many Aces can relate to during the video kinda leads me to think that Red's headcanon of Tripitaka is also Ace)
Little Fish
Little Fish Aylar önce
I mean yes and no. Haha funny asexuals don’t like banging each other, but an important distinction needs to be made here. There actually isn’t reason to think Tripitaka is ace. I’d love to head-canon him as ace, but there isn’t any proof. Tripitaka, being Buddhist, is basically sworn to celibacy, which is *a choice*. Please do not mix up celibacy and asexuality, I think that doing so is disrespectful to the asexual community including Red. A counterpoint, however, is that it isn’t unlikely that Tripitaka is ace, as him being ‘the perfect buddhist’ probably could include his vows of celibacy being ‘lightened’ by a lack of sexual attraction (i.e. asexuality). For all we know, Tripitaka could be ace, I think it’d be cool if that is what the writer intended, but I still find it extremely important that we do not confuse celibacy and asexuality.
Yin Rivers
Yin Rivers Aylar önce
Jennifer W.
Jennifer W. Aylar önce
ok but why am i unironically fully in love with sandy
Alberta Malachi
Alberta Malachi Aylar önce
11:01 The aforementioned predecessor to the 'Ara-ara' moments in anime.
João Lourenço Matarazzo de Mendonça
I love these! Just hope that you upload them more often, Red! ❤
Thorne O'Brien
Thorne O'Brien Aylar önce
It's kind of neat that Wukong can still be stopped--even if only momentarily--by actual pain. He's *almost* omnipotent, but only almost. I like that he doesn't fully remove the tension in a situation. He still has a few minor weaknesses that are somewhat exploitable without being too far-fetched or cliché.
cyberdildonics Aylar önce
Isn't that kinda the conceit of the whole story since is his crown is the only thing keeping him in line at first?
I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal
@Thorne O'Brien well no it's that everything in this book is relative for the allegory Tripitaka being kidnapped by the demon in this one is allegorical for sexual desire that if you want to be a real Buddhist needs to be suppressed and as such monkeys power is relatively to resisting that and so on and such
Thorne O'Brien
Thorne O'Brien Aylar önce
@I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal Damn you're right, nevermind, Wukong is dumb I guess.
Dakota Aylar önce
Hes immortal, not feels no pain
Boncy's funtube
Boncy's funtube Aylar önce
@Aziz well I get that but I am also saying at a writing perspective sometimes you REALLY gotta gloss over some things he can do cause I swear there like 20 powers he uses in a one and done situaiton where they are displayed once and then never again.
Tavian Gunther
Tavian Gunther Aylar önce
Juan Juan
Juan Juan Aylar önce
I see your chestnuts over the open fire in those equations, you ain’t slick
theFairyDongMother Aylar önce
"river water mpreg" was not something i expected in an ancient chinese epic
heaveho Aylar önce
never in my life have I expected this book to go all out mpreg on me. atleast they didnt give birth....
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