Leclerc LIVE RADIO REACTION to Grosjean's MASSIVE crash!

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Welcome to my channel! Here you can listen to team radios that you cannot find elsewhere! During every F1 Grand Prix I upload a lot of team radio videos! So subscribe as soon as possible to get into that f1 seat you've always dreamed of!
This weekend is the 2020 Bahrain grand prix! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!
This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren Renault F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Renault F1 team, Haas F1 team
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29 Nov 2020




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Krit Novoa
Krit Novoa 3 gün önce
Charles leclare sim wory
Magnus Munch
Magnus Munch 5 gün önce
He must have thought of hubers and Jules crashse
AppleLauda 5 gün önce
My words would be: "IF HE DIES I'LL QUIT F1!!!"
Karen Olarve
Karen Olarve 10 gün önce
Leclerc's reaction to grosjean's crash signifies his feeling of worriedness due to the fact that he might think of past deaths of the people close to him - bianchi, hubert...
Jayden Griffin
Jayden Griffin 17 gün önce
why was no one else as concerned as charls
Ejw97X Ejw97X
Ejw97X Ejw97X 19 gün önce
Leclerc your a great guy man I love you bud
AppleMint 23 gün önce
u2zero2u 24 gün önce
I wonder if when he was told that it was Grosjean if he thought what I did, about Grosjean being one of the family men with a wife and several kids. Of course thats not to say it wouldn't be horrible for the drivers with no kids but its just something that I thought about when it happened.
AaronBL0X ツ
AaronBL0X ツ 28 gün önce
Mr Horncat08
Mr Horncat08 Aylar önce
Leclerc is one of my most fav f1 drivers
FiuX _
FiuX _ Aylar önce
Traduction française svp
Machin Truc5663
Machin Truc5663 Aylar önce
-Putain c’était un gros crash, est ce qu’il va bien -je reviendrai vers toi -j’ai vu ça dans les rétro, putain, qui est ce ? -c’est Grosjean -Il va bien ? -toujours pas d’info je te dirais des que j’en aurais. - Non non s’il vous plaît, non putain non - Tu t’arrêteras à la pit lane il faut que tu tienne le cap pendant ce tour - Ok, toujours pas d’informations ? -non toujours pas -merde. (Cf les bip couvre sans doute des « fucks » qui ce traduit par putain ou merde selon les cas)
Marine Legrand
Marine Legrand Aylar önce
Mohammad Hussein
Mohammad Hussein Aylar önce
kuru? who is kuru?
The Mock Commentator
Hard to believe they got back in and raced an hour later after such a scene.
Joerg Gally
Joerg Gally Aylar önce
There is something like Humanity in the Formula One Thats good.
Kossuth Mihály
Kossuth Mihály Aylar önce
Bxnjx 18
Bxnjx 18 Aylar önce
This wasnt during the crash
Héracles GSXR srad76
why bip ?
formulafan Aylar önce
Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!
BlueBelle88 Aylar önce
Charles is really interesting as a person who races as opposed to a driver. There is a lot of trauma and pain there. He carries a lot more than is shown by others. That is clear to anyone who listens to the radio calls.
Li Yin
Li Yin Aylar önce
what a great guy!
Manuel Sanchez Cazorla
Charles is the best. But that was a good reaction...
Helia Pantazopoulou
Charles sounded just so worried it broke my heart... Obviously losing two people close to you because of a crash is really traumatizing... It must have been very hard for him to see the crash in the mirrors of his car. I'm so thankful Romain walked out of this and is now safe and sound.
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Why the unnecessary thumbnail. Bad Channel
Masood Shaikh
Masood Shaikh Aylar önce
Why put a censored audio? It didn't even reflect half of his concern.
felprp666 Aylar önce
Ferrari team is amazing
HorizonsDeadKid Aylar önce
Why cut it off before he is told he is ok
L' ours blanc
L' ours blanc Aylar önce
Shit the voice tone...
LM 10
LM 10 Aylar önce
drdave84 Aylar önce
You feel the pain in his voice. Can only imagine what it’s like to see that in your mirror. All too real
Theo Baggen
Theo Baggen Aylar önce
GMD Pokp
GMD Pokp Aylar önce
That one was big, i don’t want to buy a ticket for that crash
C Aylar önce
If you watch the crash footage, Leclerc was one of the only cars on the right side of the track when Grosjean crashed, meaning the crash was right behind him and he’d have been able to see it in his mirrors more clearly than anyone else, probably half the reason why he is so much more concerned than anyone else. Most of the cars up front were too far ahead and many of the rear cars were further to the left of the track, and probably couldn’t see the fire initially. In half of these recording it’s clear the driver hasn’t even noticed the fire yet.
Marco Perez
Marco Perez Aylar önce
Thanks to the early safety pioneers like Jackie Stewart, Sid Watkins , the late Charlie Whiting who pushed for the Halo. I have been a fan for decades. The early years were nail biting whenever I would see a crash, safety has sure come a long way.
RossieMarrie Aylar önce
He sounds scared, I bet he thought about his friend Antoine Hubert.
Mia Renata
Mia Renata Aylar önce
Do a video of AVS "1st Day of Summer" 😘
Magic Yo-yo
Magic Yo-yo Aylar önce
He is so scared. I think he was having bianchi flashbacks
baiadigrotta Aylar önce
Charles is a good guy.
Private Custard
Private Custard Aylar önce
How fucking useless are the Ferrari team. It was being broadcast live on TV, which they all have in their little forts in the pitlane. Grosjean was in the fire for 27 seconds, this video is 56 seconds long. So for 30 seconds, the idiots at Ferrari didn't bother to look at the screens, when one of their drivers was obviously very very concerned about a fellow racer. Fuck Ferrari, they are incompetent on a level rarely seen in the sport.
Yannick Aylar önce
I feel so bad for laughing but when Leclerc asked "Who is it" the answer just sounded like "It's crossaint". I'm so sorry, and luckily Crossaint is fine.
LBanane Adrien
LBanane Adrien Aylar önce
Callum Burton
Callum Burton Aylar önce
Good video dude.😃👍
Luca Martino
Luca Martino Aylar önce
13 AAHAV YADAV Aylar önce
Leclerc inversely proportional to Vettel (red bull times)
Shiro Yasha
Shiro Yasha Aylar önce
he lost Antoine last year
Shiro Yasha
Shiro Yasha Aylar önce
he lost Antoine last year
Ayoub Elmoujahid
Ayoub Elmoujahid Aylar önce
You can understand his pain as he has already lost two of his friend due to car crashes
Karel Vanvuchelen
Karel Vanvuchelen Aylar önce
Video: super sad and heartbraking Channel: F1fUN4u
Karel Vanvuchelen
Karel Vanvuchelen Aylar önce
Nobody: My sister that knows nothing about F1: such a beatiful car. Is’nt it Karel?
Grand Cru
Grand Cru Aylar önce
Larry Fink ist finanziell der mächtigste Mensch auf der Welt. Seine Geschichte ist unglaublich. Vom meist verachtetsten und meist bespucktetsten Mann an der Wallstreet, zum König der Wallstreet.
Grand Cru
Grand Cru Aylar önce
I think it was also very lucky that the Car broke in two because of the Force. Otherwise the front Part might not have fit completely under the Guardrail and Romain would have been trapped. As it happened, everything was right. I wish Romain a long and above all a healthy Life. Gott keep him safe.
Jerris Aylar önce
Whatever Charles says to his engineer, the engineer will always answer "I'll get back to you"...
Someone's Youtube Username
The beeps are him swearing "fuck fuck" etc.
Omar Abdullah Muslat Al Ajmi
Same with me when watching the incident: "COME ON, GET OUT GET OUT PLEASE, COME ON!!!"
Kenny Liu
Kenny Liu Aylar önce
He will be a future champ! Love this guy
d3Rm0Nk Aylar önce
That's so adorable
Bear Boi
Bear Boi Aylar önce
Honestly, I came to this race expecting another race in 2020. Hamilton gets another easy win, Verstappen on the podium with him, and maybe Bottas or a Racing Point in 2nd or 3rd, not this mess. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, Lewis was MOST LIKELY racing with COVID-19, so best of luck to the Mercedes crew that was at Bahrain last weekend. I hope Grosjean is ok, seriously. Charles is literally the most pure on the grid, just look at this videos!!
Jacob Souliere
Jacob Souliere Aylar önce
I’m not that big of a F1 fan but I occasionally watch it and This was one of the worst crashes I’ve even seen man I’m glad he’s alright like damn bro
He might not be the best he is still a good man
mechwarrior13 Aylar önce
Thank the engineers who designed that carbon fiber cockpit, stop giving credit to the lord.
FCRFL9916 Aylar önce
this was heartbreaking to listen to
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix Aylar önce
How did Romain survived a crash with these many Gs, this is just physically impossible
lennockss ss
lennockss ss Aylar önce
I thought we lost him 🥺
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson Aylar önce
That crash made Sennas (RIP) accident look like a fender bender, goes to show how far safety has come in F1.
BMWm6e63 Aylar önce
Everyone rightly commending the halo but the fireproof overalls also did their part VERY well
124-GBPondyGaming Aylar önce
Thank goodness that Grosjean is alright. That was terrifying. I respect Charles so much worried for him. That’s how we all should be. It’s good to see how Grosjean was smiling.
Elina Bay Larsen
Elina Bay Larsen Aylar önce
God and heaven bless him. God let him heal completely and let him be okay🙏🙏🙏🙏 I thought he died but he survived. All prayers to him🙏
Jindujun Aylar önce
I thought I've seen someone die right before my eyes. I'm still shook.
Frahman Aylar önce
Lucky you haven’t I watched Jule’s and Hubert’s death live sadly
danifloz Aylar önce
Leclerc shows what everyone thought, including me, after seeing the crash for the first time. I had flashbacks about Japan 2014 and Bianchi. Fortunately, safety in Formula 1 is absoulety incredible, and Romain was a hero escaping so fast from that hell!
CRA_55 Aylar önce
Remember that he was close friends with Antoine Hubert and Jules Bianchi
Alexey Lagunov
Alexey Lagunov Aylar önce
Engineer’s voice is so unmotivated. Like he is very bored
F1 mclaren fan!
F1 mclaren fan! Aylar önce
What a crash i thougt we lost hin
ThePSNinjas Aylar önce
Just the panic in Leclerics voice, he was honestly so worried
Freddy Tagovailoa
Freddy Tagovailoa Aylar önce
Holy shit this is heartbreaking
Asaf Chen
Asaf Chen Aylar önce
Write "THE HELLA HERO" on TRvid and thank me later
Luigix99x Aylar önce
We'll never take Grosjeans dumbass for granted again. Glad he's alive and well.
Fernando Mora
Fernando Mora Aylar önce
Charles is a real gentleman
Etlog Aylar önce
it gives me chills
Ben Huot
Ben Huot Aylar önce
I don't like you Leclerc.. Honestly you could have killed Vettel with your stupid driving. Don't make us think that you care. You care about winning and nothing else. We race as one, that is bullshit. They all celebrated on the podium... champagne on top. When one of them was in the hospital.
Diego Palomo
Diego Palomo Aylar önce
Thanks for the post! Anyone knows where to find the uncensored one?
Andrés Martínez
Andrés Martínez Aylar önce
I just watched the onboard, and he said "Oh no, please" at turn 9 where they saw the fire and smoke. With the last "Still no information" he put his hands on his face and shook the head while driving. What a image! He really felt it 😥
EvryTime Aylar önce
Genuine concern for his fellow driver. A class act Leclerc is.
George Thomas
George Thomas Aylar önce
This young man must have memories of his friend ..... Jules Bianchi flashing through his head. thankfully things did not go that way this time.
muff. T
muff. T Aylar önce
Watched live as Gerhard crashed at Imola in 1989. My wife ran out of the room in tears. I was shouting at the TV in frustration. ( I was a Firefighter back then ). Charles's reaction to Romain's crash was truly heart felt .Did not know much about him , other than he was a talented driver. Will be rooting for him here on in.
ザッくんS. Aylar önce
Emiliano Coronel
Emiliano Coronel Aylar önce
Is there any uncensored version of this?
Wlflz Aylar önce
So much relief to see Grosjean is ok! It’s also great to see drivers, especially LeClerc, who really do care for each other
Dicky Ramadhan
Dicky Ramadhan Aylar önce
Just think about those anti-halo people (or other same type conservative fans). They expect many things on the track to happen just because a matter of " look" or "tradition". They expect a driver losing his life, a father leaving his family forever, driver he contacted with as the crash happened being in total trauma, rest of them are in shock, and f1 stakeholder or his team being in heavy position as they lost some trust from the public. Again, just because they dont like the shape and want to keep the race "dangerous". Yet now, because of this safety design inovation, we can see smile, relief, trust from the people, as F1 can make a driver survive from a fatal crash.
Chris M
Chris M Aylar önce
Charles lost a great friend in Jules Bianchi, I'm not surprised he sounded so concerned.
Davide Leo
Davide Leo Aylar önce
Im pretty sure charles had PTSD from jules
Exo Crown
Exo Crown Aylar önce
Grosjean will go down as surviving a crash that most of us assumed he perished in. Thanks to The Halo and his instincts to GET THE HELL OUT!! Much love Romain. I’ll also be rooting for you on your return.
Daniel Batista
Daniel Batista Aylar önce
I don’t understand, F1 is a billion dollar industry and they don’t pay to have the best medical team available every single race to protect the drivers, seems to me very greedy to have volunteers instead
Luke inglis
Luke inglis Aylar önce
Leclerc would have been so scared and sad before he found out he was ok because he could of lost a fellow french man and a great friend of him all we can do is hope he gets a full recovery and have a great life after F1
HzRobot BLR
HzRobot BLR Aylar önce
Well hes not the one we would really miss
88Meava88 Aylar önce
The calmness and fear in his voice. I just wanted to hug him. Not knowing was the worsd. Thank to all the people who saved him. Romain rest up and get well soon.
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith Aylar önce
Leclerc :What colour is the sky? Ferrari: checking now!
The race Crew
The race Crew Aylar önce
❤❤ for f1 safety
QLF 91
QLF 91 Aylar önce
i like this
Abyss Aylar önce
Charles has experienced the deaths of Jules and Anthoine. You could hear in his voice he didn’t want to lose another brilliant driver.
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