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Why’d we nerf your favorite champions? Will we ever buff your main? Why does balance matter? All that and more in this video about balancing League.

For more deets on our approach to balance, check out this post: na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/...

Animated by: Ehlboy

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24 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jimmy_H 5 saatler önce
You know i have to play every second game against 7th mastery monsters.This is when the game stops being funny.
Qwertek Gün önce
and here comes akshan
Luka Danelia
Luka Danelia 2 gün önce
*Continues to nerf thresh the whole season
Abruptyn 2 gün önce
"We have noticed that Viego can get a penta kill at level 2, so we buffed Krugs."
Klaroxy 2 gün önce
The only problem with this, that people dont just want to be balanced, but to win as much as possible. And when they cannot rank up from silver to platinum under two days with their selected champ, they start to mock riot, how unbalanced it is. While in reality, they still have around 50% of the winrate. Also it is far too oblivious champions who just got realesed will destroy the first month, because of the marketing, but it's understandable Riot don't wanna talk about it loudly, then they nerf it to the ground anyway as they always do. This is the view of someone who is looking from the outside, not in the side of any team. But for an advice it would be interesting to hear a situational game about teemo, what specifically went wrong with him, and how you actually solved the problem, you just mentioned it, but left in me a great question in a really interesting topic. How did you accomplish to balance a hero who do really well in challanger but just ok in other leagues?
Ethan Baran
Ethan Baran 2 gün önce
After playing league off and on for 10 or so years, I can say from experience that every single thing in this video is 100% lies lol. If you actually attempted to balance the game, it would actually be balanced. Just sayin.
Riku Je
Riku Je 2 gün önce
"our goal is for you to pick whoever you want" *nerf aurelion sol*
random name
random name 4 gün önce
irelia lifesteal noises be like: shing shing shing shing
Arshia es
Arshia es 4 gün önce
how about master yi
Murasame YT
Murasame YT 4 gün önce
don´t make me laugh riot, league is not even close to be balanced and u know that aswell as everyone else does.
Muffin Man
Muffin Man 4 gün önce
C to the A to the P
Ansgar 7 gün önce
Aurelion sol nerf be like, we have low player base and most are mains. let's nerf him cuz mains do well on him
Lucaix 0
Lucaix 0 7 gün önce
And then they released akshan
Maguc •
Maguc • 8 gün önce
I like how this comment section is full of people laughing over Riot nerfing ASol for no reason *HE'S GETTING NERFED AGAIN*
alexis 8 gün önce
wow. talk about tonedeaf
Csongor Szokodi
Csongor Szokodi 9 gün önce
huh funny
Wh!t3 9 gün önce
2:47 destroyed me
Tommy Studio
Tommy Studio 9 gün önce
Wait this is Mark Yetter yeahhh
Flower of Ash
Flower of Ash 10 gün önce
2:50 if you really checking every champions regularly for balance as you just said, then that would not happen
Lucas Keighton
Lucas Keighton 10 gün önce
I hate you
Webbyhx Channel ✔️
"Our goal is for you to be able to pick whoever you want" Proceeds to nerf Aurelion Sol to oblivion so the pick rate won't be higher than 0
Kanye Guest
Kanye Guest 11 gün önce
This is hilarious
Gian Villegas
Gian Villegas 12 gün önce
wtf riot you say you want everyone to play the champion they want to play and then basically gut asol E tf
player_ alien
player_ alien 13 gün önce
I can't believe riot games really posted this video on youtube Edit: game isnot balanced
unnamed m1
unnamed m1 13 gün önce
MiquelVZLA 13 gün önce
"Now lets talk how that looks like" "So yeah first we start by nerfing akal-"
Mikykulasek 14 gün önce
Piromyśl 15 gün önce
The only truthful moments in this video are when Kalista is on screen.
nec22999 15 gün önce
100% of the likes are from rioters or people on adderall who do not play the game but for some reason watch it.
Shark Lover
Shark Lover 16 gün önce
''we put a lot of effort balancing league'' meanwhile half champs broken + 10+ items broken
Shades 16 gün önce
Nami needs a buff, change my mind
Spike 16 gün önce
Nice joke
Sif Sehwan
Sif Sehwan 17 gün önce
Except for new champs... and those other champs that are too old or too simple... or those champs that you do not want to see in competitive play...
childish Ostrich
childish Ostrich 17 gün önce
Fix judge bro. That gun is broken.
Đăng Phạm
Đăng Phạm 17 gün önce
Riot are very slow when carrying out much-needed nerfs The infamous 200 years, the reign of Samira, release Sett, release Yone,... (Wow really power creep) All of them could have been prevent with a faster patch
gamerfreak1995 17 gün önce
Real title is BALANCE BY BRONZIES 😂😂
w 17 gün önce
If the champ doesn't look like a anime character then they'll just close their eyes.
FullCaber 17 gün önce
xDDD balance just look up the new coming champion hahaha
noah galouchko
noah galouchko 17 gün önce
reminds me of when u guys perma banned that challenger singed support one trick because he liked to play singed support a few years back. well thats awkward, its almost as if your words and your actions dont match. kinda like any generic patological liar that is a danger to us all.
FickAlle RapperDeutschlands
Teemo for sure is on the same powerlevel as an akali or gwen or irelia. Sona for sure is on the same power level as pyke. Leblanc for sure is on the same powerlevel as qiana or yone. Trundle for sure can compete with volibear. wariwck and Rengar for sure are on the same powerlevel as kayn/ gwen /viego / hecarim. Just admit you didnt care for balancing for years and threw away a beautiful game simply for more and more money...
Irfan Spirtovic
Irfan Spirtovic 17 gün önce
"Our goal is for you to be able to pick whoever you want" -Azir is so bugged that half his kit doesn't reliably work -Aurelion got dumpstered so hard that he had to build a support mythic to be viable (which got nerfed as well) -Ever seen a Taliyah?
Parker B
Parker B 18 gün önce
lossthread 18 gün önce
With the upcoming release of Akshan, this video becomes even more of a joke
Mohammed ali Safaa
Mohammed ali Safaa 18 gün önce
You can tell that to poor Atrox he had the worst rework ever I loved him because he looks like a boss but now
Thallad 19 gün önce
Akshan Allo ?
Xzxmemoxzx 19 gün önce
Game hasn’t been balanced since beta lol
Calam1ty 19 gün önce
2:54 Akali mains be like: plz dont gut her T_T
Hyperach 19 gün önce
wait this video was real? i saw it on discord and thought it was a joke
Shadow 323
Shadow 323 19 gün önce
This video aged like fine milk A very fine milk left under the sun for a couple of days and a dog puked in it
Cytryz 19 gün önce
These drawings are really cute.
Tik 19 gün önce
haha haha ha
FlippableCoin69 19 gün önce
ducky king
ducky king 19 gün önce
Righttt whoever made the balancing system must have been drunk very funny riot
Neky 20 gün önce
200 years of game design experience. More like "we bought a good game and step by step make it worse".
Neky 20 gün önce
It couldn't be worse with Leagues balancing than it is today. Suddenly Riot posts a statement about how they balance stuff. Coincidence? I don't think so. It sounds like a bad excuse to me. How about finally nerfing Yi after years of people arguing in low elo? He can't be nerfed? So where's the rework?!
Blasting Smite
Blasting Smite 20 gün önce
Darius lost his 100% lane winrate bc of stridebreaker nerfs, so we buffed him and nerfed autelion in return -Riot, probably
Angelo 20 gün önce
Why does he sound like a Justin roiland character?
Jeffrei 21 gün önce
Riot doesn't want you to be able to play whatever champion you want. They want to control who will be in pro play so they can ensure the games will be interesting to watch.
Captain Whisky
Captain Whisky 21 gün önce
This video is stating the obvious while doing nothing thats obvious
91Yugo 21 gün önce
2:40 does that mean you'll nerf Sett next patch ?
Ádám Bula
Ádám Bula 21 gün önce
The fact that his video has a positive like dislike ratio is shameful.
Lynaris Evershade Shadowfall
Considering I have seen 0 comments supporting this video, pretty sure those likes are from bots...
Dhskas Dhskasa
Dhskas Dhskasa 21 gün önce
"you can pick whoever you want" ok so why cant i pick twisted fate without someone picking any form of assassin and making the lane unplayable
Holy Molly
Holy Molly 21 gün önce
I am surprised: they have not turned of then comments and like/dislike botton... Yet
Eternity 21 gün önce
0:40 lol that's such a lie
Panaiot Dushmanov
Panaiot Dushmanov 21 gün önce
2:46 did u know that katta still exist... i mean there were a lot of weeks :(
zedster 22 gün önce
Clueless riot game
omar prince
omar prince 22 gün önce
so you say that ad champions aren't too strong and mages aren't too weak and by mages i don't mean sylas because he is too broken this new item system just ruined everything
danmeEel 22 gün önce
"balance" -probably riot, lmao
Paluch Marian
Paluch Marian 22 gün önce
I want to main Syndra but she is too weak... a shame, really. The champion has a great design and great abilities, if riot really did what they said in the video, they would give Syndra a rework in order not to ruin her for pro play, but at the same time to make her playable in solo queue
The Nexium
The Nexium 22 gün önce
For everytime they say, “our goal”. I do a push up
Somfi 23 gün önce
Lol balance... good joke.
Fotis Kordatzis
Fotis Kordatzis 23 gün önce
Xion Kale
Xion Kale 23 gün önce
"League players are smart" yea.. smarter than Balancing Team atleast... Balancing team recruitment says " 50IQ or less can apply only"
Xion Kale
Xion Kale 23 gün önce
"Teemo crushing in pro games" that made me laugh so hard i fell off of the chair xD
Alexandru Tănase
Alexandru Tănase 23 gün önce
Why balance when you can break everything? Thus, everything is balanced because everything is broken!
Slepy 23 gün önce
0:56 You mind explaining the Lillia nerf and the upcoming "rework"?
Cameron Peck
Cameron Peck 23 gün önce
you should make a sequel explaining how you certainly do not favour paying customers even though they go afk or greif ten ranked games in a row
Felix Aubert
Felix Aubert 23 gün önce
Haha... Now make a serious version
LogiCJoi 23 gün önce
Pick whoever you want lmaooo shows sona
Dqvol TheWeak
Dqvol TheWeak 23 gün önce
Animations - top quality. Anything else said in the video - is what they think they do, but never do. Almost all of his points are proving the complete oposite of what he is saying.
Weird Brit
Weird Brit 23 gün önce
Isn't this unfair? Now all the Iron players dont understand this
Galavant 24 gün önce
How many lanes have I had to switch to so I could keep playing swain? How long did I Aurelion Sol players struggle before they gave up? Why is it that every new champ has high mobility? Why Viego?
Sckeleton Lord
Sckeleton Lord 25 gün önce
yeah sure mathematicaly correct sett is balanced
deysingTH 25 gün önce
200 years of design arrogance
WarOfTed 25 gün önce
I ditched my low blood pressure meds for this video.
Communisim 25 gün önce
So is this supposed to pass as an explanation for attack speed senna ?
Bogdan Chivoiu
Bogdan Chivoiu 25 gün önce
I feel like this video is from a parallel universe where riot actually does what is said in the video cause I don't think I saw a single person agree with this
Y Y 25 gün önce
ya that sounds about right... oh wait they do the exact opposite in game...
Elemental Golem
Elemental Golem 25 gün önce
if a champion is winning to much, we will give them a nerf: noct on 55%, nothing. xin on 54% nothing. akali and irelia 45.7% and 46.7% "too strong we need to nerf!" what a joke
Freund2300 25 gün önce
this is literally propaganda
Gameplay Student
Gameplay Student 25 gün önce
“We check in on every champion.” So I want to know who is checking up on Shaco because he has the most inconsistent interactions in the game and no one has addressed it for years?
Orca Main
Orca Main 25 gün önce
Jesus they told more lies straight to our faces than the amount of champs in less than 4 minutes i feel impressed and disappointed at once
Shikikan KillZone
Shikikan KillZone 25 gün önce
Shikikan KillZone
Shikikan KillZone 25 gün önce
*What about all the Pyke mids you killed, every ADC item crit rate and damage, Udyr, introducing Stridebreaker, hullbreaker and chains, Ziggs being bullied, Darius instantly getting rebuffed, Tanks with HP based damage and 1600 dmg combos consisting of 3 button presses, what about Aatrox, what about Syndra, the client, no effective MR items, balloning armor resulting in less effectiveness of other classes that cannot build it, Gwen and Viego, 40 total nerfs to Aphelios, Fiora literally being unstoppable with Hullbreaker + mythic, etc?*
Nickola Jarjous
Nickola Jarjous 25 gün önce
"League of Legends Players are smart!" .... RIOT games 2021
CONFINEX 25 gün önce
Just play your game bro
mihailo kresoja
mihailo kresoja 25 gün önce
"Balance is a weakness"
Smugron 25 gün önce
Hmm, yes. Being able to play whatever we want and being balanced. Lets not show Sett, Darius and Morgana in the video though.
omnispork 26 gün önce
I file more reports all the time after every game about how broken/unbalanced the games is and they just make it worse....np, also they continue to promote inting/smurfing and trolling. Also the matchmaking is has been snowballing into degradation, my team full of inting trolls into a prem-made fulls of smurfs. Thanks Riot!
ir0nbark31 26 gün önce
1. Not balanced 2. Matchmaking system broken 3. Toxic comunity 4. I played since season 1, just found out GUNZ came back... U had ur chance bye rito
200 years of experience, 2 years of fun
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