Latto Suprises Fans With Mariah Carey At Her BET Performance | BET Awards '22

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Watch Latto Perform the remix to her hit song on the 2022 BET Awards stage alongside the ICONIC Mariah Carey, Champagne & Young Dirty Bastard!

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25 Haz 2022




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RapisGames Aylar önce
Mariah Carey coming to a BET Awards was the surprise!! Her voice is still awesome!
Adriena Sqmuels
Adriena Sqmuels 13 gün önce
@Natalie Walters thought she is a Caucasian that has little African blood. But she is truelly royal
Butterfly Aylar önce
@Cheyenne Swiski lol funny😂
Cheyenne Swiski
Cheyenne Swiski Aylar önce
I love Mariah Carey but that was one of her worst performances
Butterfly Aylar önce
@Jesuslover as if your opinion matters to her lmaoo, fyi she will never retire music and will continue to make new songs for the lambs said by herself.
Jesuslover Aylar önce
@Markula Mariah Carey voice was gone wayyy before she became older
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Aylar önce
Love they had Old Dirty Bastard’s son come out to rep his dad, Mariah’s original song is a classic. I’m glad Latto gave her her flowers and respect, epic performance
Terrance Miller
Terrance Miller Aylar önce
YDB should’ve came out doing his own thing…not singing his dads lyrics on playback 😂 like you just look like a random dude- not making no kinda name for himself on a track with both Lotto and Mariah Carey. THATS An opportunity
mariah Aylar önce
@RoyalGreen i thought the same too!
RoyalGreen Aylar önce
omg that's who that was!! I was trying so hard not to go crazy thinking that was ODB on stage. It can't be ODB, but it feels like the real ODB!! His son truly has his likeness and essence.
Getyour Aylar önce
This new generation sucks I feel like they were too quiet when he came out….
Rob Vasquez
Rob Vasquez Aylar önce
You have to keep in mind, Mariah has been in the game since she was 18/19. She’s definitely solidified her place with the icons with her vocals, accolades, and songwriting. 1/3 of The Vocal Trinity. The Songbird Supreme. The Queen of Christmas. The Elusive Chanteuse. Whether you like her or not, you can not deny she has left a lasting impression on the music industry and deserves those flowers AND THEN SOME. She is 53 now. And still looks and sounds BEAUTIFUL. You should all be GRATEFUL to even RECEIVE such performance. Mariah Carey. It’s the LONGEVITY for me. “Mariah Carey is the person that made me wanna sing.” -Beyonce Knowles
Mi_bulle+_ha$_NoName 15 gün önce
Well said mate.. Spot on I'd say
Kristoff Balatbat
Kristoff Balatbat 29 gün önce
@Oto Kage pretty sure it is, you can hear the nervousness from the accidental rasp in a specific part
Aimee Williams
Aimee Williams 29 gün önce
@Oto Kage I was looking for this comment right here.
Jabrile 29 gün önce
Shalmeka Lowe
Shalmeka Lowe Aylar önce
PaNdeM0niuM Aylar önce
Mariah's grand entrance is EVERYTHING! Latto killed it too!
Meriah Mendoza
Meriah Mendoza Aylar önce
They way everything stopped and then the silhouette of Mariah came out, the chills, the screams, that moment right there blew me away!! The crowd went crazy, it sounded like a sold out concert!!! Mariah is legendary, a celebrities celebrity! Thank you Latto for the respect and love you continue to give Mimi!
KeAnna Goodin
KeAnna Goodin 23 gün önce
Girl i was in the audience and when I say everyone lost it, I almost passed out!!!!!!! Mariah effin Carey
Betti Spaghetti-Oh
Betti Spaghetti-Oh Aylar önce
Yessssss I had all the chills lol
Third Thoughts
Third Thoughts Aylar önce
Yesss I love how the crowd went wild, then seemed disappointed when they saw it was just a silhouette, then lost it all over again when the real Mimi appeared
Jessica Cooper
Jessica Cooper Aylar önce
Yes this happened to be the best part and that's what makes the whole performance sad Lotto. Supposed to have murdered her part! NO LIE!!!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Aylar önce
The sweetest most respectful thing I have ever seen is the fact that Latto gave Mimi her flowers!! I teared up!! Yess!!!
RapisGames Aylar önce
I remember when Mariah came on the scene. Whitney was everybody's babe back then and many thought that she was trying to take something from Whitney, but Mariah immediately solidified her place among the great music icons with her musical talents. Mariah is a living legend!
1goldbaby Aylar önce
@Loretta Bennett so true,But that is EXACTLY what she thought she could do when she came,Mariah just DIDN'T have the voice Whitney had, Mariah always had her BLACK UP singers to enhance her voice . Don't get me wrong,she was impressive back then but no comparison to Whitney,which is what they. TRIED to do..
elisa george
elisa george Aylar önce
@Loretta Bennett Let the church say "AMEN!!!"
Loretta Bennett
Loretta Bennett Aylar önce
Can’t no one ever take Whitney place, no one!
elisa george
elisa george Aylar önce
@1goldbaby Right!! And yes them jackets were a hit! Heck I remember even further back in the day when even the Jackson 5's brown leather like fringe vests were the thing the young black boys to some of the older ones rocked them. Michael was a known superstar, along with his clothes style, day one of him hitting the scene as a little boy.
1goldbaby Aylar önce
@elisa george probably lying anyway,he / she KNEW WHO MICHAEL was cos every lil kid in America and everywhere else wanted that bad jacket..
Lux Bunny
Lux Bunny Aylar önce
I love Latto even more after this cuz she chose to share her big performance wit another female, especially an ICON like 🦋MC🦋 & she even did the bow thing & literally gave her her flowers I LOVE IT SM Real women know that another woman’s shine don’t make them any less of a star💕
Ana Mitchell
Ana Mitchell Aylar önce
Stephanie Horejsi
Stephanie Horejsi Aylar önce
That! ^^ That right there! 🥹❤️
Michys Desire
Michys Desire Aylar önce
Same way suh!
Marie Yellow
Marie Yellow Aylar önce
Cemara Griffith
Cemara Griffith Aylar önce
Mariah doesn't just come out for anybody sooo this was a for sure winn! &Mariah didn't lip sing....she Sang!! Yasssss.
M W Aylar önce
@Cemara Griffith suppose we got to give her something. At least she’s being creative by not using the original vocalsZ
Cemara Griffith
Cemara Griffith Aylar önce
😂😂 We just gone give her the credit on this one.
M W Aylar önce
No it was lip synced with new vocals.
Lee With The Tea🍵
I love how the old generation of artists are starting to get their homage and respect from the younger New artists 🥰😇👏
dxnnyphxntom 24 gün önce
@Coonalisa im crying reading this😭 well shes still the same girl we all know inside
Alonzo Clarkston
Alonzo Clarkston Aylar önce
@Coonalisa facts
Coonalisa Aylar önce
The way that WE grow old too... Do y'all still remember the days where Mimi used to pay homage to Patti Aretha and the other legends on TV... now it's her turn getting all the flowers... damn time went by fast...
Justin Moore
Justin Moore Aylar önce
Well all the newer singers below Middle Ages literally grew up hearing, listening to these artists so it’s only right they do. You have to give props to the singers you’re exposed too and loved since you were a baby.
wyett123 Aylar önce
I love how her voice has aged
EfikZara Aylar önce
Bruh.... Mariah Carey's voice is CHILL-INDUCING!
RapisGames Aylar önce
The fact that she literally gave Mariah her flowers, BIG respect for Latto! It was a great performance!
Tracey Aylar önce
I'm hollering the same thing I said what was the point 🤦🏾🤷🏾
Nick Andy
Nick Andy Aylar önce
i was about to say this. sm respect for big latto
Ricky Vega
Ricky Vega Aylar önce
@Tuiwana Eichelberger you love her Mariah? What does that mean? She IS Mariah.
Zach Barber
Zach Barber Aylar önce
Mariah still hit those inhuman notes 30 years on. Living legend!
Vashon Renee McIntyre
And she still hits EVERY inhuman note 🎶 🎶 it is incredible.
wyett123 Aylar önce
I love how half the time she touches her ear when doing so
jay cool 😎 gaming
I have replayed Mariah's entrance a gazillion times. And tear up everytime...
Sylo 8 gün önce
Hopeful 21 gün önce
Denied By Man but Chosen by God Chosen
Yes me too! Iconic.
Kamalao Liwaliw
Kamalao Liwaliw Aylar önce
Yaaaaassss!!! Same
Lashon Spears
Lashon Spears Aylar önce
Mariah SLAYED that fucken entrance!!!!! CHILLS!!!!! Latto paying proper homage. Those whistle notes by MC says it all!!!
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Aylar önce
immediately solidified her place among the great music icons with her musical talents. Mariah is a living legend!
lynnsundrop Aylar önce
Mariah has the healthiest sounding singing voice omg. Like how is she so powerful & so crystal clear especially with the insanely high notes!
peep Aylar önce
don’t lie 💀
Dizzle Aylar önce
The lies you tell
Sherlene A
Sherlene A Aylar önce
The fact that she literally gave Mariah her flowers, BIG respect for Latto! It was a great performance!
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 29 gün önce
Why literally? What was the other interpretation of "gave her flowers"?
Arlene Grimes
Arlene Grimes Aylar önce
Mariah the next day.. Who is Latto. I never met her.
Mr. Perfectly Fine
Mr. Perfectly Fine Aylar önce
@WWE Best the one with more likes copied this person. look at the dates
Peace Angels
Peace Angels Aylar önce
Fantastic performance ☺️👏
aqueenaija Aylar önce
No it wasn't s great performance
BeefBoss IsKing
BeefBoss IsKing Aylar önce
we should all aspire to be Mariah Carey's level of famous, she doesn't do anything but stand there and sing, thats iconic
GungGong Xpress
GungGong Xpress Aylar önce
'Cause Singing is a God given talent that she has, and the girl she doesn't know is something different.
wyett123 Aylar önce
Yeah I've never seen Mariah Carey dance once! Her voice IS the show
xxy Aylar önce
after all she did she could do nothing and would still be legendary as always
Say it Again! VOCALS 🔥🕊️👑🎙️
CJ Aylar önce
It’s unhealthy how many times I’ve watched this. Love it!
Denied By Man but Chosen by God Chosen
😂 me too!
GET2DANEWS Aylar önce
Me too that entrance is everything 😍
C Bell
C Bell Aylar önce
Me too, I've been binge watching it! Encore!!👏🏽
MaryamMure Aylar önce
The way she brought out Mariah there. Only 30seconds we got of Mariah slaying her part and she did. Omg. I was so happy to see her back. This was her comeback and she did it so epically. Can't wait for new era of Mariah. ✨✨✨
Andrea W.
Andrea W. Aylar önce
Mariah will ALWAYS be an Icon!!!! Whether folks like it or not!!! Love me some Mimi!!!!
Denied By Man but Chosen by God Chosen
Right! Me too!
prettyblkgyrl74 Aylar önce
I love that Mariah is the ULTIMATE DIVA. She’s either carried, escorted or wheeled out for every performance - I LOVE IT 🙌🏾😂
prettyblkgyrl74 11 gün önce
@r serrano yes darling wheeled 😂😂😂😂
r serrano
r serrano 11 gün önce
Not “wheeled out” 💀😂
Skripture'sTV 15 gün önce
@Boedy me tooooooo lmbo lol lol lol
Frévébé Aylar önce
I love mariah but the whole being escorted on stage (and everywhere) became a bit stupid I think. She looks so afraid to fall over, she looks so afraid to move on stage... It looks a bit sad, why is she so afraid? This just looks awkward. I'd rather have her wearing normal shoes then than these high heels...
alternate Aylar önce
@Key Field the lies you tell. Mariah Carey chose black back up singers since debut (Melanie, Trey, etc), had mostly black friends, and has collaborated with black singers from early in her career. This song is a remix of a remix she did with ODB in her prime. Do you know how crazy it was for Mariah Carey to do a song with ODB in 1996? Then singing with BIIM, Luther Vandross...all in 1995-1996. And since then, has been credited with pioneering pop and rap collabs. It’s kind of weird for you to say this on this song specifically bc...do the lyrics not say “Me n Mariah go back like babies w pacifiers”? Like the others have said, Mariah has always been more in touch w her black side, but had a controlling early career. And yet despite that, still uplifted and collabed with black artists at the risk of her career.
theD!fference TAB
theD!fference TAB Aylar önce
Just wanna say while we're giving Mariah her flowers as she deserves.. Just acknowledge the homage to O.D.B. by Latto having his son... perform his part in the beginning... of the remix that his father is on with Mariah back in 95.
S. V.
S. V. Aylar önce
Oh hell yeah! Did that take me back! I miss that music!
Idalia Gonzalez
Idalia Gonzalez Aylar önce
That was dope
Dymplesmyl Aylar önce
That was my favorite part. And he nailed it. I wish ODB had lasted. He was one of the best artist from Wu. I really think it was him and Meth that made the group what it was back then.
Koreen Hughes
Koreen Hughes Aylar önce
Yes God 🙏
Joddy Mario
Joddy Mario Aylar önce
This is how you put respect to someone who has been in music industry for centuries. Mariah Carey is truly an icon and legend. Her music has become the lyrics of life. Proud of you Latto.
CorCor Aylar önce
Giving a legend her flowers while she's still here, LITERALLY!!! Big ups to Latto and Mariah for this!!
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 29 gün önce
What do you think literally means?
Ander Silva
Ander Silva Aylar önce
The entrance was EVERYTHING. The power, the audience screaming 😱. Thank you Latto for bring MARIAH for this wonderful performance. You two made the night!!!
Craig Wilks
Craig Wilks Aylar önce
Now that's how you give someone their flowers while they're still here. I don't care too much for this young generation music era, but props to this young woman paying homage to a legend
vernita1187vm 8 gün önce
I'm over this young generation but yes give those before you there flowers
Tyrina Nay Fatima Jordan
flowers 🌺 say it all why what alive respect beautiful
Brenda K Agyekum
Brenda K Agyekum 14 gün önce
@Uriel Smith This comment is everything now! 🫶
Denmark Buenaventura
Yes she deserves it cause she is a living legend
wyett123 Aylar önce
Love when she touches her ear to do those high notes. Just something real about it
Aries Seira
Aries Seira Aylar önce
I literally started crying when Mariah came out. I'm so happy for Latto, this was awesome!
Tee J
Tee J Aylar önce
Lol the best part was at 3:30 when Mariah waved her hand at Latto like "this is your song... aren't you going to say anything?" Latto was starstruck while MC carried the song. 😂
Stefany Blair
Stefany Blair Aylar önce
@Good day!! it wasn’t necessary though. Latto didn’t miss a beat. I think Mariah thought she would. But even if she did.. It was a one liner…we could’ve just listened to the beat and enjoyed seeing them on stage together. The song was almost over😂😂😂
Good day!!
Good day!! Aylar önce
Yea it was kind of awkward. Like did latto forget her own part?? Why mariah have to wave at her like "umm hello?!"
Stefany Blair
Stefany Blair Aylar önce
That was an awkward moment for me 😂😂
Danny Simion
Danny Simion Aylar önce
Latto was one thing to have her stage but man, once you have Mariah Carey there, you got the crowd going wild and the standing ovation follows suit. Great performance by these two.
misolou fout
misolou fout Aylar önce
Proud of Lattos growth. She put on a great show and giving Mariah her flowers was iconic. Such great vocals from Mariah too. Brava
Hurtful Agenda
Hurtful Agenda Aylar önce
Mariah has just got something special about her besides the outrageous voice
Sunshine Aylar önce
Bless Lady ❤️
Lux Bunny
Lux Bunny Aylar önce
& MARIAH CAME TO LET US KNOW SHE GOT THAT VOICE! She sounded amazing & looked amazing 🤩
Rh Love
Rh Love Aylar önce
I remember seeing Latto in a video and I commented that I'd love to see her and Mariah Carey do a song together, and finally that "fantasy" came true! They did this amazing song together!!
Sammy Vartè
Sammy Vartè Aylar önce
Latto deserves it all. The incomparable Mariah Carey performing on stage after quite some time had us all shook for sure! 👏🏻👏🏻
Axelito Aylar önce
@All of the above this is Mariah’s first live performance since the pandemic
Charron Rose
Charron Rose Aylar önce
Love Latto, I remember when she started. My cousin styled Mariah, he is the stylist on Good Morning America. Big Energy!!!
1andonly Amazon
1andonly Amazon Aylar önce
Love to see it!
Sarah Jean Kamaile
Sarah Jean Kamaile Aylar önce
@Taurus man 88 who's that
Cody Walsh
Cody Walsh Aylar önce
@All of the above it's been about 2 year's
Michelle G
Michelle G Aylar önce
she has always been a classy lady! Much respect to mariah Carey!
Victor Starkiller
Victor Starkiller Aylar önce
Ppl have been saying Mimi ain’t got it no more. She just silenced everybody in a matter of seconds. I love that woman.
Denied By Man but Chosen by God Chosen
@J M yes each and every time, she proves them wrong.
J M Aylar önce
They tried it in the early 90s the early 00s mid and late but each and every time Mariah has totally shut the now just as she’s still doing now!
Let the redeemed say so!
Mariah and Whitney didn’t have to twerk and talk about sex constantly in their music and they’re music will remain classics til the end of time.
Eric Tingkingco
Eric Tingkingco Aylar önce
The way she give respect to the legend is so humble. This girl will go so far on her career .
Jamie Bolton
Jamie Bolton Aylar önce
The way Latto said "you ain't gonna believe this". You could tell how EXCITED she was! Mad props. I'm a fan now!
Lo Key
Lo Key Aylar önce
That part!!!! 🙌 Yes you could really FEEL her excitement ☺️☺️☺️ Heck tears came to my eyes seeing this collaboration! This moment was everything 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Juanderful M
Juanderful M Aylar önce
"Got Mi Mi on the re-mix."
Kendra Woods
Kendra Woods Aylar önce
For her to go from winning the rap game to being on stage with a legend I bet it feels great for her
Rysa Chibana
Rysa Chibana Aylar önce
Betina Jules Larocque
Respect ✊🏽 so proud of Latto she gave Mariah her flowers 🌺 and Mariah was so appreciative 🙏🏽❣️❣️
crystal garcia
crystal garcia Aylar önce
Love that young woman for the respect she has that's a true queen. To give Mariah her flowers and her respect for her song was truly a sight to see awesome
Jzon Azari
Jzon Azari Aylar önce
Latto had the biggest moment of the night. She's worked hard for this. Mariah was the cherry on top. A legend that doesn't just co-sign just anyone either.
LKNGA68 Aylar önce
😂😂 That’s love!!! I don’t know her so much either!!
LKNGA68 Aylar önce
Actually, the sample is Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club. Mariah was included on the song because she had also sampled it and she co-signed Latto. And Mariah stay big. Christmas will be here before you know it.
Dee C
Dee C Aylar önce
Teona Loving
Teona Loving Aylar önce
Alonzo Clarkston
Alonzo Clarkston Aylar önce
@Jeanine Mc Mariah made it more popular
Erica Marie
Erica Marie Aylar önce
Latto's performance was great, she definitely have come a long way!! Also I was so happy to see Mariah Carey on stage with her!! I grew up on Mariah Carey, she is a legend!! She is very talented and sounded amazing!! Her voice was heavenly!! I got so hyped when she came out on stage, it brought back such nostalgia! I can tell Latto was grateful to have the opportunity to work with her!! I respect Latto for giving her flowers to show her appreciation ❤❤ She definitely deserves recognition 👏 💖
Coco N.
Coco N. Aylar önce
This was a dope performance! Latto did her thang and Mariah sounded beautiful
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris Aylar önce
Yes, she did!
Alick Maere
Alick Maere Aylar önce
When it comes to female singing vocals, Mariah still reigns supreme.
mariah Aylar önce
Latto has definitely gotten better at performing 🙌🏾 also Mariah is QUEEN
Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall Aylar önce
Love they had Old Dirty Bastard’s son come out to rep his dad, Mariah’s original song is a classic. I’m glad Latto gave her her flowers and respect, epic performance ♥️
Toya Hill
Toya Hill Aylar önce
Oh yeah gotta give it up to YDB can rap too!!
Lakers Lover77
Lakers Lover77 Aylar önce
@Miracles Follow me And she’s saying that Mariah’s original song, “Fantasy” is a classic.
Miracles Follow me
Miracles Follow me Aylar önce
Genius of Love was the actual original song
Lakers Lover77
Lakers Lover77 Aylar önce
@Towanda Thomas You’re welcome, Love. 💜
Varut Anuruang
Varut Anuruang Aylar önce
I'm crying out load after watching this. BET, Latto, audience give Mariah Carey a big respect. Eveything in this performance is perfect. That way Latto give kudos to Mariah is everything.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Aylar önce
Mariah Carey coming to a BET Awards was the surprise!! Her voice is still awesome!
Angel Jordan
Angel Jordan Aylar önce
I love how she gave Mariah her flowers 💛 I don’t know of anybody ever doing that on stage
John Carvalhar
John Carvalhar Aylar önce
Mariah is a living legend 👑
Ty Aylar önce
The fact that Mariah gives love and support to new artists is such a great quality. We will NEVER have another Legend like Mariah
Sassy Diva
Sassy Diva Aylar önce
Latto and Chloe’s performances were my fav ☺️ It gave what it was supposed to give!! And who won Best Female Hip Hop artist? 😩 They sure skipped that category this year
ǝǝsɐɥɔ Aylar önce
@Desi I’m sorry if that came off as me being tense or anything i was just trying to help know the correct information about the song since it seem you didn’t know them( you were calling people liars for having the right info). i’m not saying dwhap was a record breaking song i was just saying it outperformed sweetest pie
EYES ON ME Aylar önce
this is sad where the real women at
Desi Aylar önce
@ǝǝsɐɥɔ lies. On here talking about some song called we go up or whatever the hell it is and that other mess had more success than sweetest pie. It's lies. And I know how charts work 🙃 not once did I say it only charted on that. Ok I'm mature enough to say I misspoke about do we have a problem but yall on here like it was some record breaking song. Like relax. Acting as if sweetest pie was and literally still is played everywhere
Emanoel Venancio
Emanoel Venancio Aylar önce
Chloe slay
Cris Ha
Cris Ha Aylar önce
Mariah Carey's timber is exquisite. I love her latest vocal placement
Morita Sari
Morita Sari Aylar önce
My God...Mariah only show for less than 5 minutes but I have goosebump listen to her live voice, she is just a legend, that's it. Shout out to Latto too
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
I love it when I see new/current artists give older singers their flowers and respect. I was a Mariah fan instantly when I heard Vision of Love for the first
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 29 gün önce
You don't call Mimi old, she will come for you.
Wellness with Chelonda
Literally my teenage childhood.🙌🏾 Thank you Latto for giving Mimi the respect she deserves on that stage! I pray for your continued success. Congrats on your 1st BET Award!
Snarey Shot
Snarey Shot Aylar önce
*"You ain't gon believe this, hold up got Mimi on the remix"* I could feel Latto grin so hardddd!!! Such a great moment for her! And MARIAH SLAYYYEEEED!!!
Filthy WaterPuddle
Filthy WaterPuddle Aylar önce
@Jackson Daniel she did bro
Captive Heart
Captive Heart Aylar önce
@Jackson Daniel you believe your own lies but thats okay.. what ever gets you through it ✌️
Jackson Daniel
Jackson Daniel Aylar önce
@Filthy WaterPuddle she never had surgery. Why do like to.spread lies.
Jackson Daniel
Jackson Daniel Aylar önce
@Captive Heart jokes on you. She slayed. And u were left wigless. Ur shame is showing. Cover up
Captive Heart
Captive Heart Aylar önce
@Lambily & Mariah the comment said she slayed…. And i was honest and said no she didnt. Stay mad.
TNDY Aylar önce
I was so happy when Latto got her award!!, this performance alone proves she puts in a lot of work
Tarreemha Caruso
Tarreemha Caruso Aylar önce
That ending was EVERYTHING! Much RESPECT to Latto❤️
I O Aylar önce
I always tear up whenever I see Mariah perform!! Amazing as always 💕💕
Antoinette Williams
Antoinette Williams 27 gün önce
We having the shittiest day ever and I'll watch this video and smile so thank you. Mariah Carey is from my generation and like someone else said I don't necessarily care for the music of this generation but I'm glad to see the merge.
David Robinson
David Robinson Aylar önce
Mariah Carey coming to a BET Awards was the surprise!! Her voice is still awesome!
montero Aylar önce
@Alonzo Clarkston gladly
Quantum Health And Nutrition
@J L 100% Live. When you watch enough of her live shows, you would know.
Alonzo Clarkston
Alonzo Clarkston Aylar önce
@J L she’s not sadly
Cece Giles
Cece Giles Aylar önce
@BNV u must be 13
Cece Giles
Cece Giles Aylar önce
Mariah Carey has performed on the show 3 times...where have you been 😂😂
Shan So Neaux Orleans Baptiste
Why I’m in tears like it’s a fantasy?!!! Like I wish I was there for this amazing moment!!! Kudos to Latto and BET! God keep blessing Mariah too bc we don’t have many on the status left. But R&B and Pop for us isn’t dead, so we’ll wait around bc some will achieve such status 🫣🫣😊😊😊 Way to go!
Queen Rae91
Queen Rae91 Aylar önce
All the way from The Rap Game to The BET Awards!! Congrats to Latto!!
Tehya Berman
Tehya Berman Aylar önce
They bodied that performance!!!! Slay QUEENS 👑👑😊✨
Jess Descriptive
Jess Descriptive Aylar önce
She was very good. I love her as an artist and having Mariah Carey on stage was everything
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Aylar önce
Mariah's grand entrance is EVERYTHING! Latto killed it too!
Carolyn Aylar önce
Wow, The youngins paying mad homage that night with the respect to their mentors. Good to see Mariah getting her flowers while still alive ...Great job!!!
Greenz1100 Aylar önce
WOW this brought tears to my eyes. Latto brought the Queen flowers so amazing. ODB's son what he does for his Father's legacy is beyond. Queen Mariah I love you. Just WOW.
Dana Brittany Kanalani
Respect to Latto for giving Mariah her flowers… literally !
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 29 gün önce
As opposed to what? How else could we interpret "giving Mariah her flowers"?
Blue Jay Sounds 🕊
The fact that Mariah knows she has a short scene on the show but she was pointing her hands to Latto telling her to keep rapping, OMG so humble and iconic! Those butterflies 😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍
Sara M
Sara M Aylar önce
@Checkitoutwithlita Her mic was one. This is dubbed. Look at the audience footage because there you can hear it‘s live.
naijaszn Aylar önce
@Checkitoutwithlita they booing u but ur not lyin
Achilles West
Achilles West Aylar önce
@Trim Schonson he never said any body was attacking and nobody is switching words and news flash @checkitoutwithlita is not right at all and fyi Mariah still has her voice she even sings on her page sometimes so stop tripping
Star Lord
Star Lord Aylar önce
@Checkitoutwithlita facts lol they're so sleep in the comments
Vinnie voos
Vinnie voos Aylar önce
they both did great, the crowd roaring when mariah showed up was amazing
Drknbtfl Aylar önce
Baby, Mariah coming out, sounding great was the highlight of the entire night.
Neghie Thervil
Neghie Thervil Aylar önce
It's crazy how far Latto has come. She's always believed in herself and I love seeing it all come together for her.
Marie Baker
Marie Baker Aylar önce
Mariah The Diva sounded and looked great!!
Jjong Aylar önce
Mariah is currently one of the last living legends we have and she deserves all the flowers in the world for all the things she did for the music industry.
hearsaytruth Aylar önce
​@sana cole those are all great but a lot of THE greatest of all time are gone. George Michael, Whitney Houston, Prince, and of course Michael Jackson. Mariah is up there with them. We need to be grateful for her
Jasmine Parker
Jasmine Parker Aylar önce
@Objective Person i don't think you understand the English language all that well.... I said that even though I don't personally like her that I still recognize the fact she is an extremely talented singer.
Carrie L
Carrie L Aylar önce
@Pomme Sucree Mariah is so fake🤣🤣??. Madonna literally give off 👿 vibes. I mean even mj said she’s a witch and had to check her about being rude to little kids. Mariah literally outsold Madonna in the 90s and had the title of being the highest selling female singer ever. Before Madonna. How can you say a stranger is faking?? You can’t. What was Madonna good at?? Not singing or dancing. She’s lucky to have talented people around her to make her sound like something.
1wmnofpraze Aylar önce
@Regis Talk Music your possibly right. You happy
Halim Bintang
Halim Bintang Aylar önce
I don't get tired of watching this video since it was released on TRvid. Mariah Carey is the reason, I'm so happy to see Mariah is back singing on television! 🤍🦋🌹✨
Jon John
Jon John Aylar önce
Love Latto and the respect for a living legend 😮 love it! Mariah is everything!
Vashon Renee McIntyre
That was PHENOMENAL! W-O-W. The entire performance from beginning to end.
blakrumba Aylar önce
The flowers were everything 🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 So Mariah. Great job Latto!!
Kagame L.
Kagame L. Aylar önce
THIS was such an iconic moment. Y’all know Mariah doesn’t come outside before Christmas 😂😂 I’m so happy she got her flowers.
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 29 gün önce
Ayana Dixon
Ayana Dixon Aylar önce
Charde Berry
Charde Berry Aylar önce
Lmao this comment has me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Monroe Addy
Monroe Addy Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm crying facts
JVX Aylar önce
😂😂😂 Facts!
Life is too precious
This was very nostalgic!! Mariah amazing!! I know everyone's talking about Mariah but I am happy for young dirty bastard to be able to even have a few seconds do his dad's part. I know that was amazing for him
Niomi Cristina
Niomi Cristina Aylar önce
Latto knows how to show respect and gratitude for a legend. I love that she gave her flowers. Her humility will take her far.
Sawitto Jaya
Sawitto Jaya Aylar önce
You guys who say Mariah can not sing anymore, watch your mouth lol. Her voice here is even better than studio version.
Nic Helle
Nic Helle Aylar önce
Omg she really gave her flowers 🥺 I love all of this performance
HRDaChief Aylar önce
This might be one of the biggest flexes in the history of new artists. Not only did she get Mimi on the remix, but she also got her to perform with her. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
C H Ar M U R Ff
C H Ar M U R Ff Aylar önce
That's big . She is one of last divas we have living. She deserves all the accolades and flowers.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Aylar önce
Mariah's voice being more fragile and girly... she stills blows my wig away with those iconic whistle notes...
Natural_Niky Aylar önce
ODB is my fav and seeing his son YDB that was my favorite part!Big ups to Latto for paying homage to those who came before her! That’s what’s up! Loved seeing Mariah !
Ms. Hill
Ms. Hill 27 gün önce
Right.... The crowd didn't deserve him
Porscha Nelson
Porscha Nelson 27 gün önce
Here for Mariah. I loved it. Idk why so many people don’t like Mimi. The comments on here are absolutely horrible. She did amazingly ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 🦋
al w
al w Aylar önce
I was a teen in the 80s when the original came out. That beat still pops!
Dominiquetd Aylar önce
@🦋 Mariah Fairy 🦋 Mariah's Fantasy samples the amazing Genius of Love by The Tom Tom Club. One of the best songs ever made. Mariah's song used it well.
🦋 Mariah Fairy 🦋
90s? or you mean the song “Fantasy” sampled?
Candace N Ellis
Candace N Ellis Aylar önce
I don’t understand why but I felt a tear drop watching this. Love her. Always pay homage to the greats!
Sava Aylar önce
Latto is so sweet for getting Mariah those flowers! She is so respectful to the artists that came before her. I respect her so much for that!💯💯💯
Sava Aylar önce
@o K Really? I had no idea. Can you share more?
o K
o K Aylar önce
She didn't even know her or her music a few months ago.😂😂 Y'all fall for any kind of fake love I see. Latto only used her for fame. That's it that's all. That girl don't care nothing about Mariah for real .💀
Nicole Aylar önce
I love Mariah I hear mixed reviews though on how she treats her fans that happen to be celebrities.... But as I said I do love Mariah🥰
D H Aylar önce
Mariah was a trailblazer for her.
C. T.
C. T. Aylar önce
Everything thing about this was perfect. Ol dirty bastards son!! Latto was fierce. Mariah sounded great !! Damn I can’t stop watching
Disoriented Butterfly
She really out did herself with this performance 👏🏾
NAY TRILLI Aylar önce
I’m so proud of LATTO 💙👏🏽 and Mariah was just outstanding 💕💙
Aubrey Aylar önce
That brought me back to my teen years. Loved her since her hair was curly 😍
Tay G
Tay G Aylar önce
I don't really watch Latto much, but this was a good performance and her literally giving Mariah her flowers was such a wonderful gesture. Also, Mariah's entrance (and the fact that the all the mics were ON) was everything!
Kyle Belafonte
Kyle Belafonte 29 gün önce
What do you think literally means?
Phyllis Morris-Samuels
Latto...thanks for an outstanding performance and your nod to the legends on whose shoulders you stand.
lavelle turner
lavelle turner Aylar önce
I was literally so in tears...Love every min of that performance 😁
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