Last Year's Playoff Teams Get Haunted By Young QBs | Gridiron Heights S6E4

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The old playoff teams are doomed on a new 2-minute episode. Kamara's window is closed, but can Mahomes make a run for it? 😱

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19 Eki 2021




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TFC Gün önce
Lamar’s fire is portrayed so well
bluerisk 3 gün önce
2:35 So Brady escaped somehow?
Gamer Weasel
Gamer Weasel 5 gün önce
2:05 “Ow, oh, Soarie for screaming” perfect quote for a Canadian
Owen Stephen
Owen Stephen 12 gün önce
Lmao Herbert’s my favorite player and I love what you’ve done with him. “Bro, How are the vibes?” Fucking killed me.
Cool Man
Cool Man 12 gün önce
“Hey I’m Joe Burrow and it doesn’t even bother me that I’m on the Bengals” Dude that killed me 🤣 His voice actor is amazing to
siberian bull9
siberian bull9 12 gün önce
as long as chase claypool is in the league he's in only can be seen in the halloween episodes
JV63 Bevv
JV63 Bevv 14 gün önce
Stafford part was the best
DanInYourVan67 16 gün önce
bruh what happened to mahomes voice
BANANA PEE 20 gün önce
Banana pee
BANANA PEE 20 gün önce
Garrett Nelson
Garrett Nelson 23 gün önce
Your record is the same as the Broncos. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
TBS JGM 27 gün önce
Christina Joshua
Christina Joshua 28 gün önce
I see what you did with the Seahawks 0:54
Kyle Kallies
Kyle Kallies 29 gün önce
Can’t wait too see one about Rodger the pack and that hole situation
Josh Nunez
Josh Nunez Aylar önce
this been the episode of the season so far. that stafford bit at the end made me lose it
I'm Your Bean
I'm Your Bean Aylar önce
Great to see Hot Rod signature episode.
Ray Vincent
Ray Vincent Aylar önce
Best episode of the season so far lol
Andrew Bledsoe
Andrew Bledsoe Aylar önce
"enjoy the playoffs" *"Awee, thank you. We won't"*
Amina Moses
Amina Moses Aylar önce
I love they make herbs voice sound like he's a surfer dude in los angeles 🤣
Kool Youtuber
Kool Youtuber Aylar önce
mahomes:what happend here... stafford :i know i cant believe it ethier mahomes:😡😡😡erreeee
Kool Youtuber
Kool Youtuber Aylar önce
it kyler kyler:no its not me
yoboi nicossman
yoboi nicossman Aylar önce
End card was easily the peak of the episode
Johnny Lambrecht
Johnny Lambrecht Aylar önce
Zach Taylor won Halloween with Zach sailor
Silver JK
Silver JK Aylar önce
I think everybody made them mad about the press conference hate. Don’t blame them with the comments and dislikes.
Silver JK
Silver JK Aylar önce
I know what you’re getting I didn’t like the Lamar one but it’s their channel and they can decide to continue gridiron heights or not.
Landoman Aylar önce
Well it's not our fault they did something We didn't like and got butthurt when we didn't like it
Yeebees Aylar önce
So… no video?
Edward Nebiolo
Edward Nebiolo Aylar önce
Where’s episode 6?
The milk Man
The milk Man Aylar önce
Where’s episode 5?
Landoman Aylar önce
Where the frick is gridiron heights I thought it was at 5
d reynolds23
d reynolds23 Aylar önce
Yeah last week we did not get one I don’t think we’ll get one this week to
JofLuRs Aylar önce
I think they cancelled the press conference, thingy. But I understand why they did it in the first place. There is football Thursday through Monday and you would have to do research, animation, voice acting, editing and whatnot within a short period of time. It's pretty brutal. RIP press conference we will only get a vid once every two weeks now.
Lane Messer
Lane Messer Aylar önce
Nope we didn’t get a normal video this week
StopBeingSheep Aylar önce
Can't get enough of these... true sports entertainment lol
MikeDaShark33 Aylar önce
Clearly the writers changed...horseshit
Eric Russell
Eric Russell Aylar önce
Bengals did well this weekend
Gavingaming1239 Aylar önce
T P Aylar önce
These need to be weekly
chasers23 Aylar önce
No browns in the episode? Weird
Daidipan Hardy
Daidipan Hardy Aylar önce
Bugy boy
Bugy boy Aylar önce
You forgot about the Seahawks
JDMBOI7 Aylar önce
Better to not have a fake press conference episode and wait bi weekly for a real episode
Emma Bonn
Emma Bonn Aylar önce
I guess it was press conferences or nothing. Fair enough
Jossue Sandoval
Jossue Sandoval Aylar önce
I miss not being automatically in for the play offs … - Saints fan
FNG DK07 Aylar önce
1:42 is funny asf💀
Chaz Riley
Chaz Riley Aylar önce
Bring back the old format
Jack Off
Jack Off Aylar önce
Guess if you complain about the press episodes...you'll get no press episodes instead. And I think we're all okay with that.
muttboy2 Aylar önce
Ayoo wheres this week's vid!?!?
JDMBOI7 Aylar önce
what? you actually want a fake press conference episode?
Keira and Lauren's Channel
Why aren’t they posting
Paul Bria
Paul Bria Aylar önce
So no Week 7 Gridiron Heights episode?
Hunter Metting
Hunter Metting Aylar önce
I half expected the defenders to just intercept Mahomes’s football canon😂😂
Nick Larosa
Nick Larosa Aylar önce
Do y’all just not have a episode this week cause you were banking on a press conference or what
Rishi Bhakta
Rishi Bhakta Aylar önce
they unlisted it
Wesley Spalding
Wesley Spalding Aylar önce
2:36 Anyone else noticed that Brady is missing from the group?
Daniel Bundalian
Daniel Bundalian Aylar önce
Damn look at what y’all did. Y’all roasted them into just posting GH episodes instead of press conferences 😂
Ryan Birkland
Ryan Birkland Aylar önce
“Don’t fking touch me I said I’m out” 😂
Alex Finney
Alex Finney Aylar önce
It took me four times watching this to notice his beer is not PBR its PPR haha 😂
Carter Smith
Carter Smith Aylar önce
Man the fiona apple reference was not one I was expecting, great album though
Jamison Crowe
Jamison Crowe Aylar önce
Who to is the Canadian guy lol
Michael Jeu
Michael Jeu Aylar önce
imadepooh Aylar önce
It's a shame this series appears to be dying. I guess it isn't a money maker. Wish more people watched. 😢
Komodojoe Aylar önce
The press conferences took away a lot of momentum from this season. And I think that is leading to lower views. The press conferences did not get even close to the same amount of views as the regular episodes
javi k98k
javi k98k Aylar önce
"It's two masked guys and Kyler Murray!" "No, it's not me fam" lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂
Joe4 Aylar önce
OK seriously, where is Gridiron Heights week 7?
ClutterLR Aylar önce
Y'all kept complaining about the press conferences. Y'all can't complain that they decided to just do bi weekly
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Aylar önce
Scary af!
Romofan 88
Romofan 88 Aylar önce
Lol we said screw the interviews and they took their ball and went home this week It isn't that hard, they did this right for 5 years
Romofan 88
Romofan 88 Aylar önce
@Rogue Tide my issue is even the lack if video, it's the lack of transparency. A simple "hey guys, we don't have the budget to do 2 minute videos every week, so this season were gona have to cut it back to every 2." But no, let's just not say anything, and rush out something completely different. The interviews didn't even have the right voices
Rogue Tide
Rogue Tide Aylar önce
Funny how they can’t be asked to make 2 min videos with half-assed jokes and animation, once a week. No wonder the show is dying, they’ve gotten lazy as hell
B BOYERS Aylar önce
Where's my weekly football cartoon?👁👄👁
B BOYERS Aylar önce
@Cardinal Fans Account 08 I figured that might be the case. I'm assuming they gave up on the live stream interview thing.
Cardinal Fans Account 08
I think it’s biweekly now.
Edmund Hardaway
Edmund Hardaway Aylar önce
They doing mahomes dirty with that voice😂
Diajanae Higgs
Diajanae Higgs Aylar önce
anyone here cause theres no episode this week
Cassie The Cat
Cassie The Cat Aylar önce
Fans: stop making interview videos BR: did you say stop making Gridiron Heights? Ok 👍
Landoman Aylar önce
Well that doesn't mean they're ending it, they just didn't do an interview this week. I'll gladly take a 2 min episode every other week than watch those interviews.
Stephen Grinkley
Stephen Grinkley Aylar önce
"A dangerous man has escaped..from Detroit." 🤣🤣
pspadoro Aylar önce
Let Gino? Cook
Caden Hudson
Caden Hudson Aylar önce
Stafford is a perfect Michael Meyers reference. The “asylum” in Detroit, the Mask, the jumpsuit. Ah, it’s beauy
Jared Dobbs
Jared Dobbs Aylar önce
Where is today's episode?!?
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck Aylar önce
Good. I’d rather nothing than one of those press conferences.
Bigmac2199 Aylar önce
Hey where’s the new episode
Hollis Sirmans
Hollis Sirmans Aylar önce
I know we said we didn’t want any press conferences but we still want a episode.
NFL Priorities
NFL Priorities Aylar önce
If it’s another interview I’m gonna report your channel
Edward Nebiolo
Edward Nebiolo Aylar önce
Where’s episode 5?
William Lockwood
William Lockwood Aylar önce
Why do they always portray Zac Taylor as someone that always rhymes?
Isaiah De Los Santos
Ik like he’s said in an earlier episode he said Return of the Zac like he’s saying Return of the Mack
Yeebees Aylar önce
They really like "You don't like our content you don't get any at all"
Paul Pace
Paul Pace Aylar önce
Squid Game Epsoide?
Michael Jeu
Michael Jeu Aylar önce
No episode this week
elole707 Aylar önce
We already had among us last year T-T
Landoman Aylar önce
Looks like they’re not doing anything at all now
Elijah Patterson
Elijah Patterson Aylar önce
Something that no one is talking about but I still think is funny... At 1:18 there's a box labelled "Chad Henne".
Cody Averesch
Cody Averesch Aylar önce
Where is episode 3??
DeathButt44 Aylar önce
Where are the titans at?
The Bungles
The Bungles Aylar önce
Smoking Joe is the new smoking Jay, the only difference is that hes actually good at football.
Himself & Snipo
Himself & Snipo Aylar önce
In my opinion one of the best Gridiron Heights episodes ever
Mr. Issippii
Mr. Issippii Aylar önce
Bro give me like, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow’s new voices in every episode from now on, bro.
Kevin 81
Kevin 81 Aylar önce
The Matt stafford ending and the new Joe Burrow are awesome
SH Cosplay
SH Cosplay Aylar önce
JA17 would totally makes smores ❤️
zachOattack Aylar önce
Why aren’t the Browns in this video
traceyke Aylar önce
If they don't reference Aaron Rodgers' "I STILL OWN YOU" incident in future episodes, then they have failed us
JACKOOOO Aylar önce
Bro who tf is the pale dude #3
JJ Aylar önce
Rodrigo Blankenship
David B
David B Aylar önce
Do this not the dumb interviews
BBbacker511 Aylar önce
They always get Josh Allen's mole on the wrong side.
Kevin 81
Kevin 81 Aylar önce
Super Broncos13man
Super Broncos13man Aylar önce
Why y’all had to do my Broncos like that😂🤣
Josh Vogel
Josh Vogel Aylar önce
Not a single cowboys reference 😞
KingLeo Aylar önce
Damien Harris real voice sounds like the Kyler Murray character. He could do voice overs Ijs
YoSquigglyMan Aylar önce
One of the better ones.
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott Aylar önce
Can't explain it I loved all the episodes but this might be the worst one they have ever done. Not sure what happened here
Sports Heaven
Sports Heaven Aylar önce
I was waiting for a broncos joke
AB Aylar önce
They sunk our Blankenship!
RoboTap Aylar önce
Why was Mahomes voice changed?
The Enforcer
The Enforcer Aylar önce
Don’t fucking touch me I’m out Me during tag
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