Last To Leave Conjuring House Wins $10,000 (POSSESSED!)

Stokes Twins
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28 Eki 2022




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Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins 3 aylar önce
There’s so many things that we didn’t catch until after we watched the video.. 😳 Did you guys notice anything paranormal???
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee Gün önce
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 14 gün önce
I noticed many shadows
Bella Oxby
Bella Oxby 14 gün önce
Oh I did
mushroom & dots
mushroom & dots 15 gün önce
when u played hide & seek when it showed raf the light behind him turn on
Francis Leonel Luna
Francis Leonel Luna 15 gün önce
Tanner's shoe moved in the basement
EmO._.fRoGgEh Aylar önce
I love how Shawn just walks around going into the basement and sitting in the chair watching them and how he just so calmly went to graveyard and brought the ref a blanket lil
Luna the bestie
Luna the bestie 17 saatler önce
@Random stuff With ily Uhhh
AcidSting the Hivewing
@Myra I spotted em but I had to rewatch it twice to spot em
Random stuff With ily
@Luna the bestie ha now i know ur address
Spoke 12 gün önce
How did you get to go to the conjuring House 14:03
Kati 21 gün önce
What huh
Maria Cossette Villanueva
I love how Shawn is walking around the house and tried to give Ref a blanket
M M 17 gün önce
I just like how Shawn walks into the basement chair watching you guys
Jordan Ashley
Jordan Ashley 13 gün önce
I like how Shawn just walks out the portal doors fully holy protected
Ally King
Ally King 6 gün önce
For anyone who needs this… you can’t be haunted through a screen, you are OK, God is on your side. Amen 🙏
cho minamoto
cho minamoto 4 dakika önce
amen tysm 🙏❤️
Philip Persson
Philip Persson 19 dakika önce
Mj Robertson
Mj Robertson Saatler önce
@Rpg4WW everyone is scared of something
A man
A man Saatler önce
Thanks you
MO NANEE 3 saatler önce
Thank u for writing this down
Nitisha Aylar önce
I love paranormal content,while also being scared of paranomal things lol
Jayendra2958 Gün önce
Jayendra2958 Gün önce
crack heads
crack heads 2 gün önce
Same ilove comments like this
Abhilasha Chauhan
Abhilasha Chauhan 3 gün önce
Ya same bro
Abhilasha Chauhan
Abhilasha Chauhan 3 gün önce
Just a normal man
Just a normal man 7 gün önce
It feels good to see Ref not being aggressive in one of the videos!
⚡️Maggie Boo Boo⚡️
Luna 3 gün önce
How is the lady with the ghost equipment so calm the whole time "Yeah they do that sometimes" "I have seen it myself yes" "This is where most paranormal activity takes place"
Jose Marquez
Jose Marquez 3 gün önce
Stoke twins: *never going to explore haunted places ever again* Sam and Colby: *still going to explore haunted places no matter what*
The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood 6 gün önce
When Tanner was sleeping in the basement, I keep on seeing head and face popping up and I keep on seeing shadows come past by.
Pro,,,,,,,,,,! bg
Pro,,,,,,,,,,! bg Aylar önce
Them:No one has every slept in this house.... Sam and Colby:are you serious right now Bro?
Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur Gün önce
Bro this is the best proof,yeah the best proof and btw they could've lost their lives bro and ur just joking around? bro this is very serious
Erick Wong
Erick Wong 3 gün önce
They didnt sleep in there they were in there alone but didnt sleep
MMBTshorts 17 gün önce
That’s what I was thinking sam and colby!
that_muichiro 17 gün önce
Maria 🤍🤎
Maria 🤍🤎 22 gün önce
@AnuAntara Bacchuwar aiyoo 🙈
JohnnyZ The Gamer
JohnnyZ The Gamer 8 gün önce
I love how Corey the former house owner just pops out and is just looking at them like, “idots!”
NitroooJames 13 gün önce
you would never catch me in the basement alone in that house. I stayed overnight with some other people and my friend got scratched, my hair got pulled, other people smelled sulfur and rotting flesh smells. Would love to go back but not alone.
Vincent181 6 gün önce
I laughed so hard when Alex said YOU CANT BE HERE in the dark outside with kat
JasonzYT Gün önce
This is the first time I have ever seen the ref scared 😂
Curtis Frasier
Curtis Frasier Aylar önce
i love how shawn gets bored
yeung yuenhei
yeung yuenhei 7 gün önce
Didn't catch a moment of Shawn leaving.
Da. WaterMelon
Da. WaterMelon 7 gün önce
Shawn is so brave, he must of overcome his fears! 😂
🎀 Kiya🎀
🎀 Kiya🎀 13 gün önce
I was at church it was pretty late so me and my friends where sitting in a circle and we kept seeing the light on the second floor flickering and we saw a shadow but when we went inside nobody was upstairs 🤤🤤
AlkhattabPro 11 gün önce
11:53 made me laugh so much 😂😂😂
Gabriel's Life and Gaming
I literally saw something in the background when the person in the basement was gonna sleep there
Sova Habibur
Sova Habibur Aylar önce
The fact that Shawn has funny questions and statements in such a scary situation 😮😂😂
G Gün önce
SO TRUE 😂 😂 Shawn's emoji be like💕💋🌹 all mixed together KAT
fortnite gamer
fortnite gamer 25 gün önce
@Runae Amber Ulanday I would sh!t my pants
Karen Esther
Karen Esther 26 gün önce
Hi demon😡I just pranked you😂
Ventilating_Volt Aylar önce
Jo anne Puno
Jo anne Puno Aylar önce
@Runae Amber Ulanday look around make sure no one is haunting me 😅
BublishAlpha Gün önce
As the emf level 5 goes off its a sign of danger and you should always keep prayers,As rem pods go off its possible for multiples but the most important is that there's actually one in the basement as the emf goes lvl 5
Lainah Geiger
Lainah Geiger 8 gün önce
I Love when shawn gets bored lol
abdul sattar
abdul sattar 22 saatler önce
I’m scared now help this made my fear of ghosts and devils even stronger and I feel something behind me my house is honestly huanted
Terry Jones
Terry Jones 11 gün önce
bro i like how shawn still acts sus even tho its a haunted house
T E L E G R A M me👉@StokesTwins00
Congratulations ☝️👆 🎉 you have been selected among other winners...Contact me on telegram to Calim your prize 🏆
Loxzo Aylar önce
I love how Zacks voice is actually so calm
cho minamoto
cho minamoto 15 gün önce
18:01 if you can see clearly the rocking chair was moving.. maybe it could be one of the ghost's that thought it was their mother, watching you twins while you sleep??
Boba Bean (。^•ㅅ•^。)
Man when I watched this I was so excited cuz I love this kind of stuff
Angela Donohue
Angela Donohue 10 gün önce
DAMN-IT I wish I could have participate in it. I am like a rock, I went to my first haunting last year and past every test, I survived. I have dreamed for so long to go to the Conjuring House so bad. I bet my life I could have won that $10,000 if I was there. BTW I LOVE that Akatsuki hoodie 😍
Amera Thompson
Amera Thompson 6 gün önce
They aren't wrong
Angela Donohue
Angela Donohue 9 gün önce
@M I appreciate your concern but I am not scared easily. I have been in contact with demonic possest people. I have been on missionaries to dangerous places. I have been studying the Conjuring house for a while now and seen every youtuber video on this house along with reading all 3 of the House of Darkness House of Light books by Andrea Perron. I believe I can handle this house. I am also aware that the house is not like other places. I have done my homework. Plus I am a Christian and have the Holy Spirit in me so I have authority over what reside in that house. And furthermore it isn't just the house, it's the land it sits on.
M 10 gün önce
There's very slight difference between brave and stupidity and don't forget this Conjuring house is very different compared to any haunting places infact Conjuring house previous owners also said that it's a portal perfectly disguised as a house.
Brooke Pyron
Brooke Pyron 6 gün önce
Did y’all see that thing move in the background when tanner is in the basement? It looked like an arm or something but the time was 17:18
Tristin Brandon
Tristin Brandon Aylar önce
I like how the ref wasn’t so chill in this video because he was scared that he would get possessed
DAABTV 3 gün önce
@Kawaii v1nce He meant mad or crazy
Terry Jones
Terry Jones 11 gün önce
he always thinks he is so strong then when a book moves he almost poops himself
Kawaii v1nce
Kawaii v1nce 27 gün önce
Ikrrr like he’s always chill ( totally))
Sultana Chouldhury
Sultana Chouldhury Aylar önce
I know right
LunaPlaysRoblox 17 gün önce
21:48 ok now this scared me a lot man just keep focusing on the door and you will know what I mean 😭😭
Fatai cola
Fatai cola 18 gün önce
did you know when tanner was sleeping in the basement there was something like moving in the like corner 17:18 thats SCARY😱
Flop Wars 2
Flop Wars 2 13 gün önce
Congrats tanner and shawn from being the greatest couple in whole history 🤣😂
Layla Burton
Layla Burton 8 gün önce
I almost broke my neck watching this lol bc I got Scared 😱
🍋  Lemon 🍋  Slimepup
"If there is a spirit with us, can you please leave the rem pod alone?" Ghost: no I'll be super annoying with da beeps >:D
kitten 5 saatler önce
"that's blood" Me:where is the blood Also me:looks for the blood (2 minutes later) there is no blood
Juvia Liu
Juvia Liu 8 gün önce
This gives me the creepiest was also really kind on how Shawn checked up on everyone during bed
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook 8 gün önce
When Shawn opened the birthing room door and the nun came out I literally dropped my phone because I got so scared
Faith Singleton
Faith Singleton 7 gün önce
I definitely believe in ghosts after watching this video cause at night I hear whispers!!!
What’s Uppp
What’s Uppp Aylar önce
its 3 in the morning and yet i still watched it.Thats how much i love the stokes twins
G Gün önce
Me to I would stay up all night on a school night and pretend to sleep when my mom comes
Max Ramos
Max Ramos 6 gün önce
i thought this would be a scary video but its actually really fun
Jayce Long
Jayce Long 9 gün önce
When I was watching this I saw a shadow then stomping and I paused the video and it kept going😊
Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin 20 gün önce
Shawn: IM WINNING THIS CHALLENGE. * proceeds to wear over 1,000 crosses and has holy water in hand *
Željko Vuković
Željko Vuković 9 gün önce
19:46 i also saw a shadow 😭
Brooke Briggs
Brooke Briggs Aylar önce
I was about to wreck my hole room after watching this video.😂
oh my god
oh my god 6 gün önce
@Winter Crystal 💀
Winter Crystal
Winter Crystal Aylar önce
Elise Valentine
Elise Valentine Aylar önce
Iris De Koninck
Iris De Koninck 12 gün önce
i watch this video everyday like three times😂😂😂
Sasha Bateman
Sasha Bateman 4 gün önce
Chonana Baclayon
Chonana Baclayon Gün önce
♡ausomepawsome♡ 11 gün önce
I used to live in a haunted house and I swear I felt like I was being watched PS I was in the computer room so ya but I was always hearing voices and I would reaspond to them because I was scared about them attacking
Melissa O'callaghan
i love how shawn is really bored
15:53 as long as it's not Brian he'll be fine XD
editswithme 3 gün önce
17:18 notice theres a face next to the room where the tiny window is at..
•𝒾𝓉’𝓈 𝓂𝑒☻
Shawn was so happy in the inside when bubba came
Epicplayz 17 gün önce
Jeasus when she said Batsheba I ultimately knew there was a ghost or one of Shawn‘s morals
AXXRY Aylar önce
Malgorzata Nigro
Malgorzata Nigro Gün önce
Is it just me or when tanner was setting up in the basement an arm or something behind him kinda like stuck out from behind the wall
Sophya OT
Sophya OT 12 gün önce
When that nun came out of the birthing room my soul left my body 💨
Da boyz plaze
Da boyz plaze 18 saatler önce
It’s funny how they don’t care that there in the conjuring house😂😂😂
That LEGO channel
At 23:36 When Alex Alan Kat and Shawn were sitting on that couch I saw something in the dark room in the background.
Figure Aylar önce
If I were one of them I would prob run in a second just when I get inside the house 😂😂😂😂😂
hellop 28 gün önce
i would step in then step out
refko_69 Aylar önce
that s my idea lol
Andrew Ramage
Andrew Ramage 8 gün önce
When I watch ghosts and creepy I get very creeped out but you guys make it funny and better
Adam_YTube 4 gün önce
It's OK if your scared of things you just need to overcome then :)
Bennett Horbenko
Bennett Horbenko 12 gün önce
I’m going full screen wish me luck guys😂
Cheeska Mae
Cheeska Mae 7 gün önce
Shawn is the spirit walking around 💀
Newtube Aylar önce
If I was in the challenge I got the 10,000 I’d probably also get an exorcism
Faye's Fabulous World
Faye's Fabulous World 20 gün önce
26:12 I was freaking out
NURAY Ceferli
NURAY Ceferli 20 gün önce
I really believe these stuff And tanners laugh makes all the videos funny and fun I really enjoy it
Zayden Fontes
Zayden Fontes Gün önce
No joke but as long as they’re trying to scare tanner I literally saw a smiley face with long hair
notren 20 gün önce
17:18 or 17:19 if you zoom closely to the background it looks like smn peeking or smth that fell all of a sudden.
Marcos Dapito
Marcos Dapito Aylar önce
my soul almost left my body after this video😂
Oxeloteli 7 gün önce
you are really, really brave!!! I will get out at the first minute!
Franco Fernandez
Franco Fernandez 12 gün önce
They're laughing when they're friends are in serious deadly possesive danger
strzzx 3 gün önce
I’ve been laughing at Shawn so much
Norbert Cristian Boji
Norbert Cristian Boji 20 gün önce
I love how the most Times they get scared at the start its because of the cameras light.
sanjeed rahman
sanjeed rahman Aylar önce
legends say the 10k still remains
Magic Duck Of Wisdom
Magic Duck Of Wisdom 13 gün önce
aww on the first night Shawn making sure everyone is okay❤
Brenden1313 16 gün önce
I’ve been to this place it’s scary, but I spent only two nights there. It’s freaking scary.
Amanda Bonicelli
Amanda Bonicelli 16 gün önce
If I was in that video I would leave 😂😂😂
mikayla youens
mikayla youens 14 gün önce
i got so scared and i would've left ASAP but im glad you guys didnt.
RamziTakieddine Aylar önce
The Camera man has balls of bedrock. The fact this man got stuck I every room and didn’t even shake the camera
it's josh
it's josh 10 gün önce
XXWEDNESDAY 25 gün önce
Balls of steel
SteamNinja Aylar önce
Yeah i agree Shawn does have balls of bedorck
nia 8 gün önce
17:20 i saw something moving looking at tanner
The Hellenist
The Hellenist Gün önce
17:14 if you look closely behind tanner something is with him.... 👻🧟‍♂️👹
Yolanda Rivera
Yolanda Rivera Gün önce
hi im on my moms accounts so thats why its a girl on the pfp but i have to say that i love your videos and when im down you guys always make me happy and i been watching your videos for about 4 years and i just love you guys
kat Gün önce
the way shawn looked at everyone
Kondwani Nyirenda
Kondwani Nyirenda Aylar önce
I literally watch your TRvid videos every day Even at night time sneakily
Little_Psycho 10 saatler önce
at 3:56 really scared me, I'm not used to seeing ghosts but l did watch Conjuring 1,2 & 3 & it scared the hell out of me
MillyYT 10 gün önce
17:35 Is it me or is there like a hand shadow-
Luce 17 saatler önce
… Did anybody else catch the demon with purple eyes at 13:19 Edit:Imagine the ghosts have a crush on Tanner😂
the cummonusit gamer
the cummonusit gamer 15 gün önce
I just realized that when Alex and Alan was sleeping the chair was rocking
David clairzimon
David clairzimon Aylar önce
"stokes twin"one step in the house"Lee's immediately" "Me""stays inside the house for a lot of days vibing with the ghost"
LR11 Aylar önce
Szl1019 Aylar önce
Arna Dagny
Arna Dagny 11 gün önce
If I was you I would love to go there actually cause I likes scary places!😊
T E L E G R A M me👉@StokesTwins00
Congratulations ☝️👆 🎉 you have been selected among other winners...Contact me on telegram to Calim your prize 🏆
Halt&Seek&Figure 20 gün önce
The more you guys Stay The more Strong the Monsters Get
Louis Alexander
Louis Alexander 14 gün önce
i like how in the start in the video sean gets possesed and it says (IN THIS VIDEO...) but it was never in the video
Irma Boric
Irma Boric 2 gün önce
at 17:19 look for something behind tanner bc i saw something i swear it was kinda peaking aroud the corner
Briella Aylar önce
I can’t believe the cameraman just left like that 😂
WILL_BYERS ツ Aylar önce
i CAN believe the cameraman left that's a REAL haunted house💀
Alicia Henry
Alicia Henry Aylar önce
i know right😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Messina
Tyler Messina Aylar önce
his name is bates
Irena Zavtrikoviene
HY CHIANG Aylar önce
Max Slocum
Max Slocum 9 gün önce
At 3:30 pause it and look at the levitating shadow!also 6:11 trust me
Hadley Heldt
Hadley Heldt 2 gün önce
"YoU ShOuLdN't Be HeRe" Got me laughing so hard 🤣 😂
Jessica Noble
Jessica Noble 7 gün önce
When I was watching this I had markers on my bed something pouled my foot and knocks the markers over
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