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We all competed to see who could stay up the longest with our friends and subscribers. The last person to fall asleep won $10,000!! I can't believe we stayed up for nearly 3 days.. This definitely was a challenge!! Mrbeast if you’re reading this, please put us in your Squid Game video.
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24 Kas 2021




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Stokes Twins
Stokes Twins Yıl önce
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Qwerty_🌊 Yıl önce
Shraddha Yadav
Shraddha Yadav Yıl önce
Lucas Parker
Lucas Parker Yıl önce
Ok done ✅😊 love your vids they make our day!
venderthenoob Yıl önce
mohamed firushan
mohamed firushan Yıl önce
Omg hiiii
Charisma Burge
Charisma Burge 8 gün önce
Red finally got his revenge on Brian 😂 I bet it felt good!!
Nafraitis Ellison
Nafraitis Ellison 10 gün önce
Y’all are so funny i love y’all videos 😂😂😂
DecTube 4 gün önce
Legend says there still taking the tape off of the door😂
Aleksandra Arsova
Aleksandra Arsova 7 gün önce
You guys are so funny 😂😊❤
Kayden jensen
Kayden jensen 9 gün önce
I stay up late watching Stokes twins😂
Divine 9 aylar önce
lets just say ty to mark for his hard work
DElliott 3 aylar önce
😍I loved this one.
Susan Goodwin
Susan Goodwin Aylar önce
It’s so funny that everybody got scared when y’all were flickering the lights lol
麗莎 3 gün önce
I would have stayed up for a second,I love my sleep😂
Tank Jaxon
Tank Jaxon 14 gün önce
I felt that pain when y’all woke him up with a air horn and a chair
Kelsey Wells
Kelsey Wells 24 gün önce
I love your videos❤
Cora Stevens
Cora Stevens 25 gün önce
Why is Shawn so funny?😂😂😂
~{Vioflow}~ 9 gün önce
Brian is so happy and calm in these videos and not like him now kinda, hes now beating the reff every single time he shows in a video
Rosie-Jo Austin
Rosie-Jo Austin 20 gün önce
Love your videos❤😊
Luna_moon1234 5 gün önce
The way they seemed scared when the dad got the belt reminds me of my friend when I dump water on him. 😂
Dylan Harte
Dylan Harte Gün önce
Me to
Alexx 9 gün önce
i would’ve stayed awake for ages if i was on there
FayFaychipie Aylar önce
I love the part when he gets in the water 12:34
🫶aldcislife1!🫠 7 aylar önce
I’m also Surpise how ref and Brian are calm lol
Thomas 5 gün önce
I’m shocked
it's.she.gaming 7 gün önce
I love your videos 😂😂❤️
Silas Becker
Silas Becker 4 gün önce
I love your videos! 😊🥳
Capybaragamer 6 aylar önce
You guys are so funny I give all support keep it up
Lils💤-☆ 2 gün önce
0:38 bro got straight to the point😭
Tony? Yıl önce
Words cannot describe how I feel about Shawn 😂😂😂
N e z u k o 🗒
N e z u k o 🗒 Yıl önce
He is my favorite there 😏
Bessless Bessie
Bessless Bessie 9 aylar önce
We love you guys ❤️
malak Yıl önce
I started laughing my heart off when Mark and Mya got a leaf-blower to the face. This is the type of content I love! Great work Alan and Alex.
raja md riza raja ikram
Btw you always make me laughing:)
KaTania Taylor
KaTania Taylor Gün önce
I love your video !!😃😃😃
Marissa Vela
Marissa Vela 12 gün önce
8:22 made me laugh so hard
Reese Sun jia ee (Xishanps)
You guys make me laugh more harder you know
Cool Picture
Cool Picture 6 aylar önce
I love how Brian is smiling in the entire video 😂
Nally river 🌊🌊
Nally river 🌊🌊 6 aylar önce
Yea same 😂
Rachel LaRocco
Rachel LaRocco 6 aylar önce
Brittany Lockridge
Brittany Lockridge 5 aylar önce
akam akram
akam akram 10 gün önce
Yea ikr
Your awesome boy
Your awesome boy 6 gün önce
He always gets angry 😡
chargermastertroll 4 aylar önce
It's funny that every time stokes twins tries to make Brian scared but he's just smiling every moment
Elijah 4 aylar önce
You're the coolest TRvidr ever seen I watch all your videos I like all your videos I am your number one fan please let me be in one of your videos
Tango And Pixel Boi
Tango And Pixel Boi 8 gün önce
13:40 Got me 😂😂😂
Aimirei Evangelista
Aimirei Evangelista 7 aylar önce
its my first time seeing brian happy
nsenderle 3 aylar önce
sooooo nice
Rosie-Jo Austin
Rosie-Jo Austin 20 gün önce
Kat you did pretty well🎉😊
LevelWon 7 aylar önce
Can we just talk about this, Mark had a shirt on for most of the video
SpaceDogeTheOnly 6 aylar önce
Bukayo saka
Bukayo saka 5 aylar önce
Asher Levi
Asher Levi 5 aylar önce
I know right
Rocky dog 12
Rocky dog 12 6 aylar önce
Marks mouth with the hair dryer 😂😂😂😂😂😂
zentix 5 aylar önce
I can never stop laughing at this channel my whole family watch yall
•°Lunchy Aka CSS°•
i just love your dad in this video so much with the belt tho- making me laugh and subscribe for that!! edit:shawn too
Cayenne Low J Ning
Cayenne Low J Ning 4 aylar önce
L love how Brian is calmer and more like himself
Nontando Nare
Nontando Nare Aylar önce
Well I actually agree like brownies actually weigh more karma and Brian I actually really understand and I might have said brownie table and that's meant to be cold so I really really want to become much more coma and oh my gosh OK I'm sorry what I'm trying to what is there like it's not meant to become more coma or brownies I'm actually so sorry this thing autocorrect in each system is just making the crazy and I actually understand you like I can when I get there and Brian I actually need to tell you I'm not sure how to tell you this but I know what to do you should not everyone out so you should knock everyone out so they can like so they fall asleep and then your way and then you're just the last one awake and you're just like the first one away again like you win the challenge and bring the money so also Stokes twins Alan and Alex bring all of your friends that you know and take them to Molong please please please please please because like would be an honour and like I'm really really happy with this and it's just gives me so much more credit well it doesn't really and I really want to be in one of your videos cat you're right about Alex being fat sorry
Grace Gatti
Grace Gatti 15 gün önce
@Nontando Narenice writing
Dean And Mechelle Henrichs
Noah Williamson
Noah Williamson Gün önce
I love your videos stokes twins ♥️
Doing the extreme with cherry bee
This was so extreme i loved it❤
123Go Siblings!
123Go Siblings! 6 aylar önce
I'm so surprised Brian Stay calm during this video
Anne marie Brown
Anne marie Brown 5 aylar önce
It was so funny when Brian was like “you guys see how many girls are here this isn’t even a competition” 😂😂
Greek guy
Greek guy 4 aylar önce
Icon GtagYT
Icon GtagYT Aylar önce
abbyrose 12 gün önce
Lol I watched this so many time I ❤ it
Xx_kelly 2 aylar önce
The fact that calebs punishment was to have shaving cream on him 🤣🤣 he made Abs with the shaving cream
keira yvonne
keira yvonne 12 gün önce
i like how when they were playing with a quija board and they pranked them brian got scared too
Naman Sharma
Naman Sharma Yıl önce
Done! Belated Happy Birthday guys! Love you so much, you keep me smiling everyday. And also just wanted to say how much I love Tanner, Kat and Shawn. Your videos would never be the same without them. Tanner's poor jokes, Kat's fat jokes and Shawn's sus music😂😂
Austin Brooks
Austin Brooks Yıl önce
That’s a dumb post
Elliot ⁉️
Elliot ⁉️ Yıl önce
My brother's name is Tanner
Jasiel Smith
Jasiel Smith Yıl önce
Allotallosaurus 6 aylar önce
11:44 how brian didnt want to leave any challenge and attacked the ref when trying to get him out
Crystle XD 💎
Crystle XD 💎 6 aylar önce
I’m pretty sure we all know that the most best way to defeat the stokes twins is telling they’re dad to get the belt XD
Raymond Killips
Raymond Killips 5 aylar önce
Momp. Koop
Ross Ruppel
Ross Ruppel 5 aylar önce
Yeah he always has the belt he is So funny also
Kaitlin Dyer
Kaitlin Dyer 3 aylar önce
Yea just get the belt out
Nontando Nare
Nontando Nare Aylar önce
Joke twins really don't feel bad my mum and dad really smack me in the belt is well I know sorry I meant Stokes twins not jokes twins ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ 😡 ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ emoji ☺️ ☺️ ☺️ emoji
Slay We're
Slay We're 3 gün önce
I'm surprised that Brian wasn't mad when he got out
Gamer Crazy
Gamer Crazy 5 aylar önce
I’m VERY VERY surprised Brian didn’t get angry when he was eliminated😲
Deno Sarcevic
Deno Sarcevic 19 gün önce
Thanks Mark for falling asleep while editing the video. Thanks for falling asleep.
Zizi Chen
Zizi Chen 11 aylar önce
I love your videos 😍 it's so funny!
Y’all r the sweetest youtubers ❤
Niko_kit💎 7 aylar önce
But why is shawn so sus? He is my favorite 😂❤
firas homsi
firas homsi 6 gün önce
shawn is the sussiest person and funniest in this group 😭😭
Darian 6 aylar önce
It’s was pretty funny when kat screams running out of the bathroom and she got slapped with a giant hand😂
david philipson
david philipson 9 gün önce
Shawn is so funny😂😂
Mahesh Priyantha
Mahesh Priyantha Yıl önce
I love how stokes looked absolutely terrified when he was watching kat and Sean 🤣
Miniatures studios ✔️
Axtumn Aesthetix
Axtumn Aesthetix Yıl önce
@Axtumn Aesthetix you don’t know how to spell Sean?
Axtumn Aesthetix
Axtumn Aesthetix Yıl önce
@Turtlesrprettycool Its not how u spell his name genius
Callie olson
Callie olson 6 aylar önce
The dad has the best punishments ever😂😂😂😂
GeDouo 5 aylar önce
Shawn really got the tissues and lotion 😄
Keishla M. Carrero Cruz
I loved the one with the horn 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Madeleine Little
Madeleine Little 5 aylar önce
That was so sweet how you guys let Tanner win, I cried.
Sang Rohani
Sang Rohani 22 gün önce
Yup that was so kind of you
Sumo Rogers
Sumo Rogers 3 gün önce
I never go to sleep because I never get tired😂
s n o w
s n o w Yıl önce
12:32-12:50 Imagine waking up in the middle of night and Tanner's screaming🤣
Kandace Hall
Kandace Hall Yıl önce
*Kitty Kat Lexi*
*Kitty Kat Lexi* Yıl önce
Levi vernon
Levi vernon Yıl önce
An actual video that Brian doesn’t get mad
KingDeshawnxio 6 aylar önce
Shawn was punching air and I like how Alan said a hell no we have to turn this off before we fall asleep😂
N B 12 gün önce
i love your videos 😃😃
Kayla Schwartz
Kayla Schwartz 9 aylar önce
I love how you've put so much effort to stay up late! It's amazing!! 🫢😊
Kirsten_ 8 aylar önce
Kenton Gadwa
Kenton Gadwa 7 aylar önce
The ScissorLuv Gamer
i love the reference from victorious when kat says ,"whats that supposed to mean?"
firas homsi
firas homsi 6 gün önce
the way shawn acts when hes sus
Suvarna Devraj
Suvarna Devraj Yıl önce
This made me laugh too much 😂😂 I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️
bubbles Yıl önce
Helen Csanadi
Helen Csanadi 9 aylar önce
I always watch the Stokes Twins cause' i love watching how sus shawn is and him in the room with the door locked doing his sisisinononos lol
Ryder Musall
Ryder Musall 8 aylar önce
Shawn is sus
AuXaiya Registe
AuXaiya Registe 8 aylar önce
❤❤❤ 😊😊😊🎉🎉🎉
Hueyfrmcharlitt 7 aylar önce
To be honest Brian was the most calmest when they turned the light off😂😂😂
Jenny Lyn Pagcu
Jenny Lyn Pagcu 7 aylar önce
Ang mga pangalan ay mata
codm gamer
codm gamer 7 aylar önce
@Jenny Lyn Pagcu ano mining non?????
Nuggetgaming 7 aylar önce
Felix Ntamfura
Felix Ntamfura 4 aylar önce
Kayden BOY
Kayden BOY 20 gün önce
When Kat fell over from the hand😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Steve Ty
Steve Ty 5 aylar önce
you guys's videos are so easily rewatchable
yuliet Ramos
yuliet Ramos 16 saatler önce
I love your youtube vídeos ❤🎉
M A L I Yıl önce
*DONE!* 💛 I almost teared up when Tanner cried...These videos would never be the same without Shawn and his super sus music, Tanner's silly weird jokes and Kat's big laugh...I know u both wouldn't see this but just taking a moment to appreciate both of u and ur hardwork 🥺 Honestly you both are the best Alex and Alan💞 _Happy belated Birthday hope yall reach 20M subs soon cuz yall legit deserve it for making me smile...Love from another Asian_ 🥳🇱🇰
Kylie Ross
Kylie Ross Yıl önce
Nuhaa Hameem
Nuhaa Hameem Yıl önce
I'm so so glad you got a heart cz I'm Sri Lankan too, and I feel the same❤
M A L I Yıl önce
@Nuhaa Hameem Aww! 🥺 Thanks soo soo much!! 🥰
ToyLover Yıl önce
poisonvfx Yıl önce
Hey I'm from Sri Lanka to
Alvina Pascoe
Alvina Pascoe 4 aylar önce
i love your video's so much i watch them all day
Monica Gutierrez
Monica Gutierrez 6 aylar önce
Your videos are so good that I can't stop watching your videos
Eliah Perez
Eliah Perez 19 gün önce
This part is funny as hell😂😂 5:30 😂😂😂
Michelle Yates
Michelle Yates 9 aylar önce
Shawn is really SUS in every video 🤣🤣🤣
Angel paete
Angel paete 26 gün önce
Caleb got a concision 😂😂
Yerim Lee
Yerim Lee Yıl önce
Alan and alex's dad snapping the belt never gets old
Show Up Nur
Show Up Nur Yıl önce
probably the best thing ever LOOOL
xanderizz Yıl önce
Lol and can I get 2k before 2022?
Melonist Yıl önce
Melonist Yıl önce
xPAnkit Yıl önce
Liam Storming
Liam Storming 6 aylar önce
The fact that Shawn was playing prodigy lol
Luna 7 aylar önce
Brian and ref are SO calm
mb gs
mb gs 19 gün önce
and brian is doing good in his anger management
The belt never gets old lol
Papabear Papabear
Papabear Papabear 3 aylar önce
I agree I mean that’s what happens when you fall asleep during a challenge
Rosie ._.
Rosie ._. 3 aylar önce
Amelia Dabreo
Amelia Dabreo Aylar önce
i love your videos so funny
I love how they have breath of the wild on their back and the wall
NamesOnNotepad 8 aylar önce
The stokes twins are the best youtubers (my opinion) they never run out of amazing content!
Andrea’s-Braclets💗 😊
The twins never fails to make a smile and make us happy laugh every single day at least one time when we see the stock twins we should not be haters we should love them
Gacha_ a3sth3t1cBunny
Gacha_ a3sth3t1cBunny 8 aylar önce
FroggyCori 8 aylar önce
Felix 5 aylar önce
I love the oluligi thingy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥲😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jax:) 12 gün önce
Kat and Shawn are exactly like me and a boy in my class! You don’t wanna know 😂😂 😂😂
Raeya Sunshine
Raeya Sunshine 5 aylar önce
I love your videos so much
Kharson Chambers
Kharson Chambers 6 gün önce
I’m surprised Brian didn’t get mad when he got eliminated
Rukhshana Rahmani
Rukhshana Rahmani 10 aylar önce
i love how the way the dad hits their bottom with a belt when they do something bad
Manmeet Dhawan
Manmeet Dhawan 8 aylar önce
The dad was going to sleep at the start and then Shawn punishment is the belt
éfg6 fct6 tuc5f
éfg6 fct6 tuc5f 6 aylar önce
The dad's belt hits shawn☠️
AlfieM2010 4 aylar önce
When it hit Shawn I felt that
Pol C.
Pol C. 3 aylar önce
I liked and subscribed
Humaira's tasty food and kitchen
Yo ur comment is at 69 likes currently
L. Faden
L. Faden 8 aylar önce
Shawn is always so sus and does funny things LOL😂
Nawaz Afridi
Nawaz Afridi 7 aylar önce
Your right bro stop being sus shawn
kris Chiyapo
kris Chiyapo 7 aylar önce
@Nawaz Afridi but that would ruin the funny part
Patrick Lui
Patrick Lui 7 aylar önce
jSav 7 aylar önce
Shawn is Sussy
Danielle Spiller
Danielle Spiller 6 aylar önce
Si si si si si si si no no no
Darian 6 aylar önce
I feel bad for Caleb he could have got 500$ but he had to use it to get home 😢
Andrew Hofman
Andrew Hofman 2 gün önce
Never punish the dad😂