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Music: Epidemic Sound - FROOK, Tarantulas

Captions: amara.org/en/videos/KnfSuDNDQ... thank you!

Russian - Anna Vinogradova
Spanish - Anya Vourakis
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German - AnnikaSp
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20 May 2022




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Alexia Spicci
Alexia Spicci Aylar önce
Still adjusting to the fact that we’ve gotten more content from Dan in the last two weeks than we have in two years
Mark Korobkin
Mark Korobkin Aylar önce
@CrescentMoonDancer15 yes, the cereal! how could i forget about it? (but tbh phil will steal that cereal right away)
@Mark Korobkin and the cereal! Don't forget the cereal!
Patricia Balansag
Patricia Balansag Aylar önce
hes lovebombing us so he can dissappear once again after the tour
Evening Enigma
Evening Enigma Aylar önce
Same, it's quite unsettling since we've collectively mourned and moved on from his absence, but never forgotten
W Duane
W Duane Aylar önce
@danisnotinteresting the getting ordained idea is a go though. Church of Darkness and Empty Being.
pseudonym of a nerd
To the person who asked about being awkward and alone: I went to their first tour alone. I was in my 30s and surrounded by teens with their moms. It was totally worth it and awesome. Don't let being alone stop you!
wildflower 13 gün önce
that’s kinda pathetic ngl, and creepy.
Claire 15 gün önce
Literally, if there's any show to go to that has non judgemental, community driven, fellow awkward folk..It's Dan's audience. Everyone's there for the same reason after all, it'd be so worth the anxiety. I hope they go for it!
Dominic Malachi Lewis
Dominic Malachi Lewis 20 gün önce
Me in Manchester at Interactive Introverts (still have the merch) 😅😎
Sarah Andrews
Sarah Andrews 24 gün önce
@Kirsten Terhune I'll also be going alone its not my spouse's thing either lol
the Mad Owl
the Mad Owl 27 gün önce
I went to both tours alone and made friends on both. And I'm not extroverted. At all. In fact I had just gotten out of the psychiatric clinic for, among other things, treating my social phobia at the time. The first tour was a really important experience to realise that there are people who will be nice and friendly to me.
Chelle Crone
Chelle Crone Aylar önce
Dan: I’m going to get ordained and marry these two people in the audience without them knowing. Also Dan: I would never force audience interaction
Ellathefinefella Aylar önce
Christ he really is back. You don’t understand how much I was expecting him to just disappear again. It would be ok and I just want the best for him but I’m excited for his return
Ellathefinefella 28 gün önce
@gtoss chddy Agreed
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Aylar önce
My life is changing a lot lately, and yet, at the same time, I feel like I'm being cuddled by nice and cozy 2018 again with all that Dan content.
amberbydreamsart Aylar önce
For people nervous about going alone: i have gone to many shows alone, it's legit usually a great time!! Just embrace the comfy solitude if you don't want to talk to anyone, if you do want to talk to people you already have a conversation starter, you know these people also watch dan, so just go with it!
verloren1983 Aylar önce
Yes! And especially for a show like this where so many of us are awkward introverts. When I was looking at tickets, there were clearly SEVERAL people who were flying solo besides myself. You definitely won't be the only person going alone. Just enjoy it!
cakesyouth Aylar önce
Thanks, I really needed that. I just bought myself a ticket after hesitating for weeks now. I have friends who would go with me but one of them moved to a different country last year and the other one has exams around that time so she's going to be at uni still.
sophstellar Aylar önce
is this dan, a comfort youtuber of my teen years, coming back to yet again be a comfort to my life in my mid twenties? yes.
Rhiannon Hamrick
Rhiannon Hamrick 24 gün önce
@Love GottaGetOut will come back to like your comment when it is past 69 likes. I won’t be the one to ruin it
Wren watching asmr
Wren watching asmr 27 gün önce
@danisnotinteresting yay
tina ly
tina ly Aylar önce
@Beth omg i didnt know about PATD coming back
Mar Vergara
Mar Vergara Aylar önce
Same, but for my 30s
Lisa Kokx
Lisa Kokx Aylar önce
@Beth it's like that tumblr post come to life... you know the one
Migle Germanaite
Migle Germanaite Aylar önce
I distinctly remember myself, a troubled teen, with my dinner, in my side of the bedroom watching Dan's videos and eating. I am now an adult, sitting and eating lunch, and watching Dan's videos once again. I have come full circle, who would have thought.
Ellaine Ellaine
Ellaine Ellaine Aylar önce
Liv Byrne
Liv Byrne Aylar önce
like the t shirt
emily Aylar önce
My sister forced me to watch you when she was a literal tween and now she’s 21 and I’m forcing her to go to your show. Circle of life
azistired Aylar önce
i just love how much more confident and comfortable in his own skin Dan seems rn. i'm so proud of him (and hopeful bc this means there's some hope for me lol)
EmRobinson Aylar önce
Im so glad Dan's back, it feels like a reunion with the cynical "sort of" bestie that I haven't spoken to beyond Tumblr for 3 years
wendy bijellberg
wendy bijellberg Aylar önce
these danisnotinteresting uploads really bringing me back to the 2016 era
dnptwt Aylar önce
@wendy bijellberg it’s a charlie party SLAY
Hanpan Brissett
Hanpan Brissett Aylar önce
Remember when we thought 2016 was a shit year
EddieIsVeryGay Aylar önce
omg you’re also Charlie Spring?
wendy bijellberg
wendy bijellberg Aylar önce
@dnptwt omg hi other charlie👋🏻
dnptwt Aylar önce
hi charlie spfring\
ZeroCritikal -
ZeroCritikal - Aylar önce
Dan is like the cryptid you see as a rare occurrence every now and then and I live for it
Haili Moseley
Haili Moseley Aylar önce
Dan dude I hope you know, like, however posting again makes you feel- you literally bring life back into some of our existences just by being on our screens and speaking words. My heart feels comfortable in a way it hasn't felt in years just knowing you're alive and slumbering along across the pond all the same, no matter what shit happens in my life
sl0wt0wn Aylar önce
dan and mcr coming back is actually the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm so happy about it
KJ_says_hello Aylar önce
Love this casual Dan content. So good to see you being yourself and chatting about the tour. I like the little stubble, btw. It’s cute. I’m sure there were some REALLY weird questions in the Q&A but I liked this video format 😊
Trini Fernandez
Trini Fernandez Aylar önce
Now the person on whom that kid is crushing on is definetely going to know they have a crush on them.
Ashley Hoffman
Ashley Hoffman Aylar önce
@Soulless Cadmium for Dan howell anything
Soulless Cadmium
Soulless Cadmium Aylar önce
@Ashley Hoffman how are you feeling about dan marrying the two of you
Bella Aylar önce
Ashley Hoffman
Ashley Hoffman Aylar önce
@Amelia Harris hahaha will do
charis Aylar önce
still the same dan we all grew up with, love that you're interacting more! wish you all the best in life, thank you for bringing me joy in life 🖤
LisaFT769 Aylar önce
I hope you show comes out on some kind of platform even DVD. I won't be able to make it to your show because of my severe anxiety and crowds terrify me. I love you and your content. Thank you for coming back!
emma roy
emma roy Aylar önce
god, i remember watching you when i was 12. you’ve grown so much, i have missed you dan! it’s so nice to hear you again
Angie's Tales from Wales
it's so wild that I remember watching dan as one of my favourite youtubers as a depressed undiagnosed schizophrenic teenager just to make me smile and give me hope and get me through each day. I'd come home from school and watch him and feel like I had a friend. now im doing better, in therapy, married, and moving on with my life and recovery, and dan is still here, like a friend who has been holding my hand and guiding me through my darkest days. it just feels right. thank you dan for being the friend I needed during those horrible times.
Everywhere Visuals
Everywhere Visuals Aylar önce
My life is changing a lot lately, and yet, at the same time, I feel like I'm being cuddled by nice and cozy 2018 again with all that Dan content.
Everywhere Visuals
Everywhere Visuals Aylar önce
I can see from the amount of likes that I'm not the only one who feels like that. Glad to know we all agree that we have no idea how to adult.
Shivyadra !
Shivyadra ! Aylar önce
this dan comeback is getting me through my final year of school
Natalia Aylar önce
this is it
Feminist Vlogs - No boys allowed!
I like people with long brain. I have long amount of disl*kes btw. Why? Maybe people with short brain disl*ke because jealous of my long amount of subscr*bers. Please have long brain, dear ever
YellowSubmarine Aylar önce
honestly same
neo Aylar önce
i hope there will be a recording of the show after the tour ends because unfortunately i live in russia and wont be able to see it live. i went to the ii shows in moscow and its not really the situation where i should be upset by not attending a show when there are bigger issues involving our country but ive been watching dan for 8?? years and now am studying linguistics because of dan and phil. i just wish to have something to look forward to during this state of despair in the world and in my mind
Dawn Light
Dawn Light Aylar önce
So happy to just feel you being yourself, wish i could be there on tour it sounds so raw and epic and i am amazed by the authentic hardcore yet heartfelt autmosphere you've create by not backing down on what trully inspires you
llikaveam Aylar önce
these past three days have been hell for me this is the first thing that made me genuinely smile in a while no joke thank you for this daniel
grayson Aylar önce
dan you can’t just awaken my childhood like this for the past 2 weeks and act like nothing happened
Meredith F.
Meredith F. Aylar önce
I feel like the void in my soul is now slightly smaller now that Dan is back. Thank you Dan. We love you.
nanami_nish Aylar önce
Like I found you when I was 13. I remember feeling like I was home and just when I was feeling meh and all those other disgruntled noises, here you are again! Seeing you and Phil during the tour was the biggest achievement in my life and I hope we can see you again soon!
Crow Soto
Crow Soto Aylar önce
I missed your sense of humor so much lmao amazing storytelling as always, wish I could convey story and emotion the way you can
regalfury Aylar önce
You were my first comfort TRvidr back in 2015 when I was just finding TRvid as a teen (and thru Interactive Introverts days), and now you're back in my life in my twenties 🥲 I've missed you, man. So happy to be seeing you regularly again
Rose Barnes
Rose Barnes Aylar önce
I’m literally bringing my dad, who has no idea what to expect, I showed him some of your vids Dan, now my dad is scared 😭🙏
kiyajadie Aylar önce
hearing Dan say "I specifically remember the boys in Amsterdam were very attractive" is so refreshing
Tyler-Marie Fox
Tyler-Marie Fox Aylar önce
Started watching you at 13 during the biggest depressive episode of my life now 6 years later I’m turning 19 just finished college (literally yesterday) after it causing me the second biggest depressive episode of my life and now I’m seeing you live in Birmingham and Brighton, my life is coming full circle😌
ren 🌙
ren 🌙 Aylar önce
it's truly so awesome to have dan back. so many of us can re-live teen years that were made better through his content 🖤🖤
_x.ile_ Aylar önce
we missed you Dan, glad to see you
oli Aylar önce
for those worrying about going alone: i went to interactive introverts by myself and had a great time! yeah i was kinda nervous before the show started, but once it did the fact that i was alone didn't matter at all
Kulsoom Jawaid
Kulsoom Jawaid Aylar önce
I'm going alone to the Chicago show in November - if anyone else will be there solo, we can get coffee of something lol
arowanis_habigotis Aylar önce
I went to my first concert alone (Bruno Mars' tour) and I was fine! The experience was remarkable.
Sienna Luna Crespin
I also went to Interactive Introverts in 2018 alone and it was awesome!
Shaka Brah
Shaka Brah Aylar önce
I’m just not keen on driving for 2 hours to a big city by myself, hopefully my friend can go or I can convince my parents to drive me
Mink Aylar önce
@loudly confused Yeah, this is my worry too! I wouldn't mind going alone if the city I'm in wasn't so meh at night
UseYourImagination *
Glad to see you again! You're awkwardly awesome 😁
Jo Stewart
Jo Stewart Aylar önce
Dan, I’ve had a lot of good things happen to me in the past 6 months but getting to see and talk with you again is the best thing
Alexis Reid
Alexis Reid Aylar önce
It’s so comforting being 20 and watching him now. I’m so excited to see you in November ❤
serry ciok
serry ciok Aylar önce
I started watching you when I was 15, now I'm 25, married and I just had my first baby, and I still want to go to this show.
Makayla Goodnight
Makayla Goodnight Aylar önce
I'm so excited for the tour. I saw you and Phil during interactive introverts with my fiance, and now I get to see you again with my husband. Got lots to look forward too now!
Jessica Able
Jessica Able Aylar önce
I'm optemistic that you're talking about the same person 😄💕
Joanna Aylar önce
I started watching you when I was 15, now I'm 25, married and I just had my first baby, and I still want to go to this show.
Alaina Seawell
Alaina Seawell Aylar önce
Missed you Dan, you have come back when I needed it most. Thank you
Roowerks Aylar önce
Happy to see this in my feed today. Whatever you've been up to, it's done you well and I'm so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing you in Indy in November.
olive oil
olive oil Aylar önce
i think you will never lose the spot you have in my heart dan
Zayna Aylar önce
HazelEyedDreamer 25 gün önce
I'm easily as excited for the pre-show playlist as I am for the actual show
Savannah May
Savannah May Aylar önce
I just finished a marathon of rewatching all of Dans videos on his main and right as I finish rewatching his most recent, this pops up on my screen. I feel as if my sad, closeted inner child is truly healing now more than ever. Thank you Dan the man. Truly a friend to us all 💚💚💚
heathzzz Aylar önce
nothing brightens up my day more than dan actually uploading. great to have u back xoxo 🖤
Damara Ankrum
Damara Ankrum Aylar önce
Here we are, 10 years later and Dan is still my safe place. Thank you for being my safe and funny space 💕
Cosmos Aylar önce
I love your content so much Dan, these causal videos are exactly what we need!
sandra 28 gün önce
I'm so glad to see your videos again Dan
Shae Aylar önce
Watched this a few hours before my first ever job interview to calm my anxiety and just 😭💙
Anna Wyckoff
Anna Wyckoff Aylar önce
I’m so excited!! Dan is the reason I was able to get the mental health help I needed.
Tiffany Marchan
Tiffany Marchan Aylar önce
it’s crazy remembering im 23 now. i feel like the past 10 years have gone way too fast. this Dan content, along with the Mcr return, have made me so excited about life again.
That one Slytherin
That one Slytherin 21 gün önce
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane Aylar önce
Seeing mcr and dan return in the same month has sent me reeling back to my emo teen phase and I am hEre for it
Caitlin Irelan
Caitlin Irelan Aylar önce
I just turned 22, and I forget that om not 17 sometimes
si Aylar önce
omg we're the same age thinking the exact same thing lmao. I just saw mcr on the 24th of this month now I'm going to see Dan in Dublin too 😭 ive been struggling so much mentally and it's like the universe telling me to keep going (or to carry on....hah hah....)
Robyn Daniels
Robyn Daniels Aylar önce
I saw MCR too, I've never been so happy, doesn't even feel like it happened 🤣x
Marcy Trancy
Marcy Trancy Aylar önce
I feel like I got slapped back into my teens and these uploads are giving me so much comfort again
M. T.
M. T. Aylar önce
Dan, no matter how slow at uploading, still has done more than I have in the past 10 years when it comes to a creative career Age 14: Dreaming of a YT career Age 25: Preparing to start my own journey Thanks for being an inspiration Dan~
TheOnlyLynnabeth Aylar önce
I feel like Dan is representative of our whole millennial experience.
Renee Aylar önce
It's so good to see Dan 🖤
sarty Aylar önce
For those worrying about being too old.....I went to the first two tours in my early 40s and now I'm 49. OMFG. Anyway, you will NOT be the oldest person there and you will have fun so don't sweat it! Age is just a number, it is what is in your heart and mind that counts
missa soup
missa soup Aylar önce
ladies who have a superior taste in content >
Lyla Yu
Lyla Yu Aylar önce
wholesome thread :) it's nice to see people of all ages enjoying dan's stuff
glitch84 Aylar önce
Reading this being 38
Alex P
Alex P Aylar önce
Went to see Tatinof with a friend when we were both a year or so out of uni, so in my early/mid 30s now. We felt like the oldest non-parents in the audience at the show we went to, but honestly it was still fun as heck and no-one gave us a second glance coz we were just there having a blast like everyone else! :)
Rhonda Ross
Rhonda Ross Aylar önce
I'm in my 50s and I am going!
Erinyes Aylar önce
Hey Dan. Just watched your video in main. Wanted to say that you’re very talented. I am mostly a lurker, and I love every video you make. Stay safe and healthy!
z tay
z tay Aylar önce
Loved how casual this felt :’) very chill
Lazybugs Aylar önce
your content makes me happy, thanks for it all ♥
nanami_nish Aylar önce
You uploading here feels like a fever dream, life just became better tbh. I love you sm Dan, anything that you put out, I will cherish it with my entire heart 🥺💟
coffeesinthemoon Aylar önce
Hannahbanana Aylar önce
Nice to see you being a more comfortable, less forced version of yourself, loving some real Dan, you are actually chill man 😅
Rayy of Sunshine
Rayy of Sunshine Aylar önce
I really hope the show will be available afterwards to stream/purchase! Have fun everyone that can go!
Nonnewtonian Aylar önce
This is making me calm. Thanks, Dan :)
jenn Aylar önce
i still don’t genuinely believe you’re gonna leave phil home alone for that long tbh
Dr Agon
Dr Agon Aylar önce
He's coming back to a house on fire, and Phil watering the plastic plants crying
toxic.pink Aylar önce
He's coming back to an army of gold pigs
Charlotte du Plessis
Life feels a bit fuller having Dan back in some way. We missed you.
star cheesey
star cheesey Aylar önce
Me and my sister are going and we couldn't be more excited! We discovered you as young teenagers and now we're adults, this is actually insane but we have no shame in going.
hahachickem Aylar önce
I started watching you when I was 8 (not a good idea, but I don't regret it.) I'm 16 now, so it is a bit wonky to think I have been watching you for half my life. Hope I can figure out a way to come see you on tour!!!!
naomi Aylar önce
this still feels like a dream, so happy to have you back 😭 this video is on point
Paige Ruff
Paige Ruff Aylar önce
I deeply appreciate Dan's goal of the show to be a safe space for everyone.
Heather Yanos
Heather Yanos Aylar önce
Dan, do have any idea how happy some of us are to see your return?
Jasmin Addy
Jasmin Addy Aylar önce
so happy to be watching new videos from you again ❤️
Sam Aylar önce
okay but as someone who sets up green rooms every night, your rider is my favorite kind of simple rider 😭 you’re a godsend to every hospitality person on this tour 😭
Alika Bilyalova
Alika Bilyalova Aylar önce
Im having my exam- depression here but you gave me a little bit of dopamine this Sunday! So thank u danny boy💓👾
Patrice Linman
Patrice Linman Aylar önce
I love how the past two years has just made me regress back into my teen self. I'm fully back in my emo phase and I'm watching Dan again it's like we never left 2014 I love it
Another Human
Another Human Aylar önce
It's like a weird episode of twilight zone where we all unanimously agreed that past few years didn't happened
allyinthesky Aylar önce
literally and with mcr coming back. it’s all full circle
Black Cat Badru
Black Cat Badru Aylar önce
same here lmao
Eren Summers
Eren Summers Aylar önce
i was in the midst of what’s been probably my most severe panic attack in twenty six years, went on youtube and saw you had posted on here. i’m on at @6:25 and i’m already feeling/breathing better, thank you as always daniel 🥹💛
Madison Stagnaro
Madison Stagnaro Aylar önce
So happy you are doing what is best for you & still creating ; never stop creating , if you perform or publish it or not ❤️
Rachel Calderon Montes
The amount of Dan content we're getting is IMMACULATE
vheymoon Aylar önce
this video just put 10 pounds of nostalgia on my heart right now. that probably doesn’t even make sense lol but that just how i’m feeling rn🥺 i used to watch dan’s videos years back when i was in HS (gonna go back & watch your Audience Participation Fear video just to feel alive) and was never able to go to any of the Dan & Phil Tours but now i’m an adult + i have my own car i can drive i really want to go to this tour! i’ll most likely go alone though 🥺🤍
𝒮. Aylar önce
I (sadly) can't go to the tour but I'm really excited to see new content from you! I started watching like ten years ago and you're the only TRvidr I still watch after so long :'D
farah Aylar önce
its either going awol for 2 years or 90 min uploads theres no in between for this man. thank you for coming back ❤
Ritte Aylar önce
I rewinded the seal part so much so I could send it to my friend, Yuki-chan is so wonderful 10/10 perfect seal plush
Lucy Prevo
Lucy Prevo 20 gün önce
The fact that your Siri has an Irish accent I greatly appreciate Dan! I wonder why you chose for him to have an Irish accent 😏
Bean Aylar önce
I’m currently in shock by the sheer amount of content we’ve gotten this month
Kirin Schlabitz
Kirin Schlabitz Aylar önce
This might seem stupid but thanks for just chilling eating cereal in a video it helped me actually remember to eat and follow through instead of just putting it off and choosing not to eat. Hope you're doing well and can enjoy all the memes and possible peace of 💁🏽💅🏼⚔️ month
Adrianna Aylar önce
just when you think you're out of the fandom, a tour with dan ropes you right back in
Brinda Banerjee
Brinda Banerjee 26 gün önce
I cant believe I started watching Dan before I was even a teenager and now I'm like less than 2 weeks away from no longer being a minor
Soof Aylar önce
I was not feeling well mentally at all tonight so I made some soup and watched this video and it really helped. Thank you Dan 💗
Eva Rabon
Eva Rabon Aylar önce
The amount of comfort these videos have given me lately is unreal
Anastasia Willetts
Anastasia Willetts Aylar önce
this is a good year for emos, Dan's posting on youtube again and My Chemical Romance is on tour, and Dan's doing on tour this year, brillant
firstname lastname
firstname lastname 27 gün önce
As someone who has struggled with existentialism for over 10 years and who has panic attacks every single night (for the last 2 years) about existentialism, I don't think I will be going to your tour unfortunately. But I am really, REALLY proud of you, and I'm glad you're back. I look forward to hearing about your tour's success, and I hope to support you in other ways in the future.
tabs Aylar önce
missed you so much dan, so glad youre back
Maddie Aylar önce
I'm literally planning a 6 hours trip to see the tour with my best friend that introduced me to you when we were 13
Nicole Ntola
Nicole Ntola Aylar önce
This is legitimately so cute🥺🥺
Pyuakua 29 gün önce
I like casual and just natural Dan. I cannot WAIT to see him in November in Michigan!
Hannah C
Hannah C Aylar önce
well now I'm more excited for the preshow playlist than the show thanks dan
grace gomes
grace gomes Aylar önce
new dan content is making me feel so safe and calm and cosy
Thats_So_Luna Aylar önce
Can’t wait to see this new era of Dan and what he will do! Will be here supporting. Was wondering though will there be somewhere to watch the tour if we can’t get tickets to the show 😅
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