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Ep 216: Kurama and Naruto use baryon mode! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Watch-Boruto216

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21 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Watch episode 216 here! got.cr/Watch-Boruto216
Luci Angela Sambrano Diaz
Luci Angela Sambrano Diaz 11 saatler önce
Eleto Poros
Eleto Poros 19 saatler önce
Johnny Bravo Perez Angelo
Matias Cesar
Matias Cesar 4 gün önce
Adrian Vaga Pupila
Adrian Vaga Pupila 6 gün önce
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
Hopefully the more successful the picture will be neater, good, there is Indonesian language, there is a beautiful female character with a large mountain covered with neat black hair who becomes the lover of the main character who often fights together romantically and intimately and is epic
Luci Angela Sambrano Diaz
Luci Angela Sambrano Diaz 11 saatler önce
Uff Naruto se ve super guapo con esa transformación.
Vishal 16 saatler önce
There is no need to worry anymore boruto I'll be the main character for this episode
S.A. samy789
S.A. samy789 17 saatler önce
Dar le kyuubi
Eleto Poros
Eleto Poros 19 saatler önce
Uno de los mejores my más epicos momentos del anime Boruto
Gamesnstuff 23 saatler önce
1:53 dude has byakugan yet have trouble seeing things from far
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
Good luck Naruto and Hinata get strength from the Ancestor Hinata and Tsunade from the ancestors of the Senju and often fight epic together and return to being Hokage guarding the village when Naruto is outside the village Sakura Kurenai Hana Inuzuka Hanabi is back in the main story
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
I wish you more success and the pictures will be better, hopefully there will be a strong female character, beautiful, big, closed, who is the lover of the main character and often fights with epic and terrible and other female characters are more beautiful and contain
Nico Orr
Nico Orr Gün önce
I've never realised this n I've watched this 100x but the orange aura in his kurama mode shifts to red in bayron it's his eyes his soul that's powering it ahhh this is deep man
Herr Wahnsinn
Herr Wahnsinn Gün önce
Chonky Kamote
Chonky Kamote Gün önce
His first battle with sasuke at the falls is even better. You can actually feel the speed and the weight of each hits. This is his strongest form that is more powerful than against kaguya, and yet I don't feel it. This is his final fight with kurama and it is pretty disappoining.
Ronin_4011 Gün önce
man I wish somehow Kurama returns and with naruto actually being able to use baryon mode anytime
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
I wish you more success, the picture quality will be better and neater and there are two beautiful white female characters with neat black hair and a beautiful mountain who is the lover of the main character. The Romantic even fights together to stay romantic with extraordinary strength
Dee 2 gün önce
Maybe someone can help me out, didn’t they split Kurama or did naruto fully absorb him?
King Of Seven Seas
Kurama burning his cakra & give naruto the strenght of nuclear
Zakir 160
Zakir 160 2 gün önce
Most naruto fans only watch boruto because of naruto because when he is involved, the views are in millions
Faisal Gün önce
Who's most?
Leonel Galan
Leonel Galan 3 gün önce
And Naruto unlocked ultra instinct I mean baryon mode lol
Johnny Bravo Perez Angelo
Una escena muy memorable la verdad.
SillifyyGaming 3 gün önce
What is this ost called?
ZIUKH 3 gün önce
I left it at the end of Shippuuden and, honestly, this is such stupid looking stuff man.. Why try to push so hard to make more money at the expense of such legacy.
Joe Sanchez
Joe Sanchez 3 gün önce
They should’ve just played the same theme as when Naruto freed the bijuu from Obito’s rinnegan.
LoveNotHate 4 gün önce
Are you still watching this?
Nino Orlando
Nino Orlando 4 gün önce
One of the most epic entries
Matias Cesar
Matias Cesar 4 gün önce
Esa entrada estuvo de 10
bun bun
bun bun 5 gün önce
The moment when sausage-kun and isshiki realize this anime called naruto next generation
Jarge Lupe
Jarge Lupe 5 gün önce
Uff esa escena es buenisima
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
I wish you more success, the picture quality will be better and neater and there are two beautiful white female characters with neat black hair and a beautiful mountain who is the lover of the main character. The Romantic even fights together to stay romantic with extraordinary strength
Noobdude 5 gün önce
1:39 "This planet" dude u are in a different dimension, but sure.
xorkatoss 6 gün önce
ok I'm gonna say it, Goku's first Ultra Instinct entrance was better...and the soundtrack was a lot better...
Ricky Romario
Ricky Romario 6 gün önce
naruto : black zetsu boruto : karma simple 👍
Adrian Vaga Pupila
Adrian Vaga Pupila 6 gün önce
Se me puso la piel de gallina con esta escena
Антошка Левельская
Sasuke: When the hell I'll finally catch up you
Jorge Peralta Savi matamoros
El modo byron se ve perron.
TheDarkDragon OF ember
Are You Trying To Make Me Cry? Kurama's Death Scared My Heart
Christian Mixon
Christian Mixon 7 gün önce
Best and saddest moment ever!
Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles
1:55 why did he squint like he doesn’t have a whole byakugan? 😭😭
Ruben Fernando
Ruben Fernando 7 gün önce
Naruto nunca decepciona con sus transformaciones
Crunchy Doughnut
Crunchy Doughnut 8 gün önce
Coolest transformation naruto has ever had
Mezzi Guzo Luto zogu
Naruto es la razón por la que veo Boruto.
Adem Whitney
Adem Whitney 8 gün önce
still not as cool as night guy
Shazasterman 8 gün önce
All Might's fight was way better too.
Kori Villigan
Kori Villigan 8 gün önce
Greatest entrance in history
Imam Malaysia
Imam Malaysia 8 gün önce
*The moment where Sasuke realized he's gonna be the side character again*
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
I wish you more success, the image quality will be better and neater and hopefully there will be additional female characters who are white with neat hair, big breasts, wearing closed Chinese specialties, who are lovers of the two main characters who often fight together and are very strong
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
Hopefully naruto will come soon with hinata to fight together using the power of hyuga's inheritance I hope Tsunade returns to be Hokage to protect the village from within and Naruto often travels for peace with his wife Sakura and Kurenai as companions
ѕℓуη 9 gün önce
The OST is epic
R orki.28
R orki.28 9 gün önce
OST/100 20000000/100
Rosa Elena Peralta Garcia
Naruto marco mi infancia
dalila matamoros
dalila matamoros 10 gün önce
Frosty 10 gün önce
After naruto dies and Boruto becomes the main character. This animes views- | | | | \/ (You can't even lie its not like you were here for boruto anyway)
Faisal Gün önce
Speak for yourself bruh boruto still gets millions of views even without Naruto
NS16 9 gün önce
Everybody is hyped for timeskip boruto what u mean
unknown error
unknown error 10 gün önce
TRvid view dont bring them money tho😂😂😂
commo 10 gün önce
I need to see eight gates va Baryon mode
crackhead savage
crackhead savage 7 gün önce
baryon mode will one tap eight gates
Flamin Steve
Flamin Steve 8 gün önce
Baryon mode Naruto would annihilate eight gates guy.
ezchantes Iusino
ezchantes Iusino 10 gün önce
El soundtrack de la escena es magnífica
Martingex 10 gün önce
kuba nowak
kuba nowak 10 gün önce
song ?
kuba nowak
kuba nowak 9 gün önce
@Gi Gigigigi that's it ! thx :)
Gi Gigigigi
Gi Gigigigi 10 gün önce
Kaguko im not sur
Joaquin Leto
Joaquin Leto 10 gün önce
Naruto is cool
Gagan Garg
Gagan Garg 10 gün önce
RIP Kurama
ASI 10 gün önce
I don't get how this video has less views than naruto and sauske vs momoshiki
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 11 gün önce
Que épico momento de Naruto Uzumaki
Sari 11 gün önce
When Kurama hand-seals, you know it's game over
SKIBONEZ 11 gün önce
So ken kaneki I’m Naruto form?
Antonio Pedro Sanchez Savi
Epicardo Pa!!!
Хамуил Зебуглый
Kurama: Do you know when Naruto is strongest? When he protects someone...
Ricardo Soto
Ricardo Soto 11 gün önce
Animators went so crazy 😤😤😤
Jared Phoenix
Jared Phoenix 11 gün önce
Amazing moment!
BrucifyMe 11 gün önce
This really hits different if you're old enough to have followed Naruto since it appeared on Toonami back in the early-mid 2000s. To quite literally grow up with the character makes this scene that much more impactful versus just binging it all as a newer fan in a few months/year.
Вадим Кущевский [ЗМП-021]
only if you are american
Alam300 11 gün önce
Epic!!! 🙌🙌
Adimeire Santos de Souza
ErahTwT 11 gün önce
Kurama Be like : One Mouth Opened a thousand words speakes
ASI 10 gün önce
@ErahTwT spoken*
ErahTwT 11 gün önce
Adisaur 11 gün önce
So isshiki, tell me, do you want these clones to have baryon mode or no
Gamesnstuff 11 gün önce
That would be epic
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
good luck I hope there is a great enemy two mysterious beautiful women with neat black hair with closed robes there is a mountain that stands out hidden makes an organization that threatens an epic fight together finally becomes the main character's lover with a long story
Chacher132 12 gün önce
Rip Kurama
Luis Fillipe Beserra
Luis Fillipe Beserra 12 gün önce
the soundtrack in this scene reminded me of sailor moon crystal season 3 where usagi sacrifices herself to defeat pharaoh 90s
Xavier Sanchez peralta
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
Wish you more success Hopefully Naruto and Sakura will be given a daughter with their partner again and hopefully Boruto will have a beautiful lover who has big breasts and has extraordinary strength, often fights epic together and hopefully Sarada will grow up to be big.
niguna 12 gün önce
Epic moment
Envoy Eli
Envoy Eli 12 gün önce
Hiruzen Sarutobi: It's only when you've sacrificed your life for someone precious to you that the true strength of the shinobi can emerge. In this moment, no truer words have never been spoken
Adimeire Santos de Souza
pumpkin spice latte
pumpkin spice latte 12 gün önce
does kishimoto even realize that when you remove naruto sasuke and kurama from the anime, 99.999% no, 100% of the people watching will loose all the reason to watch stupid boruto
unknown error
unknown error 12 gün önce
People will just lose the reason to watch boruto clips on youtube lol, not necessary for the people who watched the actual episode
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
Wishing you more success in the afterlife and there will be additional female characters who become lovers of the main character, who is beautiful, black hair neatly with closed clothes and sizable breasts and extraordinary strength, often fighting with her lover in epic
DON DJORK 13 gün önce
2:21 there is no cross in his eyes from combining sage and kyuubi chakra this time… this form all kyuubi chakra my boy really snapped 😤😤
NxBshnik 12 gün önce
Rikudo sennin modo > Baryon Modo
Cristina Savi
Cristina Savi 13 gün önce
choiril akhiar
choiril akhiar 13 gün önce
Imagicnation 13 gün önce
Boruto's Dad should get his own show sometime, maybe some kind of prequel
Grég FLYING 13 gün önce
2:21 Ohhh dammmm Datebayohh 🤩
Richard Castro
Richard Castro 13 gün önce
For just this one time, naruto became as strong as goku..at the start of dbz
Mass for Dead
Mass for Dead 13 gün önce
When you are so MC, that you need to save the MC.
DevilGames 13 gün önce
That's gotta be konoha's anthem.
Charles James
Charles James 14 gün önce
Naruto Franchise just never disappoints. Other franchises’ do fight scenes great but the naruto series as a whole has a way of providing meaningful battles coupled with great lore and emotions all into a single fight which gets us fans invested. It’s quite remarkable they have achieved this for so long! This battle is just one of many this series has done to impact us emotionally. I Love Dbz bleach one punch etc but the emotion in the naruto franchise is amazing.
king of shamans
king of shamans 14 gün önce
Fire will be a flame where the leaves dance The shadow of the fire will light the village And the leaves will sprout again -the third hokage
Elizabeth Ordoñez
Elizabeth Ordoñez 14 gün önce
Muy buena escena
Nataly Manport
Nataly Manport 14 gün önce
Epic Stand!!!
Tri Tran
Tri Tran 14 gün önce
The soundtrack make my heart beat even faster. Does anyone know the name?
Gi Gigigigi
Gi Gigigigi 13 gün önce
Kaguko Something like tgat
Charles James
Charles James 15 gün önce
Boruto really has dope fights and epic scenes. This is coming from a long time naruto fan.
Pengaku Cinta ( أحمد )
Wishing you more success and hopefully there will be a beautiful female main character with black hair and white skin, big breasts with tight clothes but her body is covered in clothes, who becomes the lover of the male main character and often fights epic together
Gian Pierre Sánchez
Gian Pierre Sánchez 15 gün önce
Marius Moise
Marius Moise 15 gün önce
Happy birthday Naruto , thank you for making my life more beautiful !🥺❤️
Cristina Natalia
Cristina Natalia 15 gün önce
Epic stand
Saruto Uchiha Uzumaki
Saruto Uchiha Uzumaki 15 gün önce
Nilesh Makwana
Nilesh Makwana 15 gün önce
1:54 goosebumps literally. ❤️
Anurag Ranjan
Anurag Ranjan 15 gün önce
Naruto is always the main character
metal87power 15 gün önce
It's like Kaioken. Well, Goku did it first.
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