Last of Us (HBO Series) - Episode 1 Recap | "When You're Lost in the Darkness" 

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After 8 separate upload attempts, I finally got this through the TRvid police. Never give up on your dreams.
Anyways, this is the long-awaited recap of the pilot episode of HBO's Last of Us. Me and my boy Damon go through a scene-by-scene breakdown of the episode and analyze what we saw.
Just a quick disclaimer: neither of us played the video game so we literally don't know what we are talking about...just giving our 2 cents
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Intro: (0:00)
Initial Thoughts: (0:23)
Opening talkshow scene in 1968: (1:25)
Official show intro: (3:15)
Introduction to Joel, Sarah, and Tommy in 2003 Austin, Texas: (3:55)
Sarah finishes school and goes into the city: (6:28)
Sarah visits the Mrs. Adler: (8:25)
Sarah and Joel watch a movie: (10:40)
Joel gets a call from Tommy in jail: (11:36)
Sarah wakes up to chaos: (12:24)
Joel, Sarah and Tommy escape in the pickup truck: (15:02)
Joel, Sarah and Tommy drive into downtown Austin: (16:50)
Sarah wakes up from the crash: (18:29)
Joel and Sarah run from the Infected: (19:16)
Solider points the assault rifle at Joel and Sarah: (19:34)
Sarah dies in Joel's arms: (20:20)
Intro to Boston in 2023: (20:58)
First time seeing Joel in the Boston QZ: (23:07)
Joel does a drug deal with a FEDRA soldier: (27:02)
Tess gets held hostage by Robert: (29:00)
Introduction to Ellie being held captive by the Fireflies: (31:38)
Joel talks to the radio operator: (32:56)
Joel returns to his apartment: (35:26)
Tess and Joel come up with a plan to deal with Robert: (36:53)
Introduction to Marlene, leader of the Boston Fireflies: (38:58)
Tess and Joel get information on Robert's whereabouts: (41:00)
Marlene and Ellie have a talk: (41:57)
Tess and Joel enter the Firefly Base through Haymarket Station: (43:24)
Tess and Joel negotiate with Marlene and Kim: (44:35)
Tess and Joel agree to take Ellie: (46:09)
Tess, Joel and Ellie go back to the apartment: (47:46)
Escape from the QZ: (49:20)
Final Thoughts: (53:55)

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Rachael Gibson
Rachael Gibson 3 aylar önce
honestly great recap you honestly said all the stuff i was saying/ pointing out while watching this show this might be my new fav show of 2023
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Thanks a lot! And yes, this show does the whole zombie apocalypse thing in a totally different and refreshing way. I think even more people will come around to this show come summertime
Kies AbuShalfeh
Kies AbuShalfeh 3 aylar önce
Love your recaps!!! Keep it up! ❤
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Appreciate that very much!
Kies AbuShalfeh
Kies AbuShalfeh 3 aylar önce
When is episode 5 recap coming!? 😭
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Working on it right now, redoing Episode 1 took forever lol. Episode 5 should be uploaded tonight or tomorrow afternoon at the latest
allbadthingspod 3 aylar önce
Great recap. You definitely picked up on the tone. Since you guys never played the game you should stream playing it once the first season is over.
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Yeah this definitely has me itching to play the game. That's definitely a good idea I'll try and get my streaming set up
Monster 3 aylar önce
very great video! you both earned a sub
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Awesome, thank you!
McMega33 2 aylar önce
should have 250k+ views. keep the videos coming. utube will have to appreciate this channel sooner or later. subbed and liked*
LaBritt 2 aylar önce
Hey that means a lot, been working on more stuff so stay tuned!
Amber Smyth
Amber Smyth 3 aylar önce
did anybody else notice that the zombie that chased him to the river while he was carrying Sarah... is the SAME zombie who "kissed" and impaled tess's mouth with his mouth spores at the end of the second episode????
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
That's a great catch! We know that infected can live up to 20 years so MAYBE that same zombie survived for 20 years and migrated up to Boston. More likely that they just re-used an extra lol. Good call though!
Amber Smyth
Amber Smyth 3 aylar önce
@LaBritt he looked SO similar in that episode to how he looked in the second.. that I felt like maybe they were bringing it full circle but now that I think of it I think Tommy or the soldier shot him in the head so I guess that would mean they just reused the same extra.
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Yeah good point, I forgot about the solider taking him out
BlueMagic PressAndCurl
Nice! Subscribed!
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Awesome, thank you!
Faebe 3 aylar önce
This a good vid
LaBritt 3 aylar önce
Appreciate that very much!
The Last of Us Season 1 Recap
The World of The Last of Us
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the last of us but its a comedy