Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas That Don't Suck *diy costumes 2019

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want some last minute halloween costume ideas that dont suck? well here are some easy diy halloween costumes / outfits for you! What are you being for halloween this year? xo -alisha marie
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19 Oct 2019




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AlishaMarie 7 aylar önce
like this post if u procrastinate haha which costume was ur fav? i think mine was mukbang LOLOL
Colbie Cardinal
Colbie Cardinal 4 aylar önce
AlishaMarie where’s the visco
Harry Richardson- Holt
None of them tbh.,
dasani geohagen
dasani geohagen 6 aylar önce
I wore my grandmas headpiece she wore to carnival in trinidad
Natasha FERNANDES 6 aylar önce
I love painting I am an artist so I'll dress up like one
Gacha Phoenix
Gacha Phoenix 6 aylar önce
Mukbang I'll just go to McDonald's and eat all night
Yeet Queen
Yeet Queen 26 gün önce
Im already shopping for halloween costumes but I'm the biggest procrastionator when it comes to school
Jasmine Geronimo
Jasmine Geronimo Aylar önce
*no part 3* iam officially sad
Drew Galardi
Drew Galardi Aylar önce
I Kidd you not I was a CVS recipt!
Drew Galardi
Drew Galardi Aylar önce
I Kidd you not I was a CVS recipt!
Laiba Moeen
Laiba Moeen Aylar önce
Who is here after corona
No one Important
No one Important 2 aylar önce
wolfis 2 aylar önce
where did you find the short and t-shirt for the billie eilish costume?
Maia Taitoko
Maia Taitoko 2 aylar önce
Vsco girl all the way 🌊🌻
Tia Poddar
Tia Poddar 3 aylar önce
Ok....Why can i never hear the lawn mower or aeroplane?
Kyle's Channel
Kyle's Channel 3 aylar önce
Halloween 2019 🎃 I was Valek (The Nun) From the Conjuring Universe
Rosie & Kk
Rosie & Kk 3 aylar önce
Mine was the last one and Lizzie migration one
Jenna Stewart
Jenna Stewart 3 aylar önce
Anyone here in February 2020??????
Spurs 3 aylar önce
Next year I’m going to be billy Eilish you looked so much like her but you hair needed to be blue and when you took you shades of you did not look like her
Noor Mahmoud
Noor Mahmoud 4 aylar önce
hi Alisha ! I know its not halloween and its still 2020 but , my friend is obsessed with billie eilish and ill make sure to show her your costume of billie eilish ! and ill make sure to give the credit to you
Jessica Muller
Jessica Muller 4 aylar önce
Billy Eilish
Ronnie’s Life
Ronnie’s Life 4 aylar önce
Erin Bryan
Erin Bryan 4 aylar önce
Delaney Kelly
Delaney Kelly 4 aylar önce
ya girl here this year for 2020 i am going to be Lady Gaga
방탄Girl 4 aylar önce
EUPHORIA!!!!! Jung look♥️♥️♥️
Sofia Alvarado
Sofia Alvarado 4 aylar önce
Billie Eilish
Isabella Michael
Isabella Michael 4 aylar önce
Lily pop theatre tv
Lily pop theatre tv 5 aylar önce
E phoria that reminds me of something I want name for you Jung-kook
iihxney bee
iihxney bee 5 aylar önce
I freaked out when she said *isabella* *thats my name*
Amelia G
Amelia G 5 aylar önce
The amount of times she said “so easy”
CAMillion Ideas
CAMillion Ideas 5 aylar önce
I liked all of them
CAMillion Ideas
CAMillion Ideas 5 aylar önce
Lollipop and flamingo dancer from Spain
Meg aka Gordon Ramsey
Meg aka Gordon Ramsey 5 aylar önce
It took me to long to decide what to be. But I’m gonna be a Snapchat filter. The flower crown one.
Xx itsplaysed xX
Xx itsplaysed xX 5 aylar önce
I like old town road , the cowboy girl
Ïćė Bûñńî
Ïćė Bûñńî 5 aylar önce
I loved the Euphoria one but Halloween had passed ;-; I’ll just do it next year and I also loved Billie Eillish ❤️
leila R.
leila R. 5 aylar önce
tick or treat
hispana Lopez
hispana Lopez 5 aylar önce
Hi 👋
sabine 5 aylar önce
I’m so sad she didn’t continue the mini Halloween story this year
elisa voisin
elisa voisin 5 aylar önce
Video starting at 1:47
My 5 Cats 2019
My 5 Cats 2019 5 aylar önce
Welp, I missed it, I guess I’m too late 😂 👻 But who else is still here because Alisha is great? 😄 Don’t know what black mirror is.. wait, how could you see? 🖤 Figi girls photobombs seem pretty fun to me 😂 💧 I do that a lot with my big sisters pics, 👁 When she’s about to click the button, my finger will flick 👐 Oh I’m sorry guys, I’m getting off track. 🤦‍♀️ That’s just how I work, I get distracted like that! 😂 Anyways, I must say that alisha is the best! 💓 Clicking on her video is like opening a treasure chest! 🤗 Like this comment if you agree, 👍 And keep a look out for other poem style comments written by me! 👁💕😘
Jada Banister
Jada Banister 6 aylar önce
I MISS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiera Poehl
Kiera Poehl 6 aylar önce
Trick or treat
Marzia sevieri
Marzia sevieri 6 aylar önce
I was a devil for Halloween me and my other 2 friends so it was charlie's angels devil edition
Lorena Alejandre
Lorena Alejandre 6 aylar önce
You are so pretty
Miss Mindy
Miss Mindy 6 aylar önce
what happend to roomate wars
Marzia sevieri
Marzia sevieri 6 aylar önce
omg yhhh
*C o o k i e*
*C o o k i e* 6 aylar önce
Omg I love the beginning of the vid
Billie.eilish fan
Billie.eilish fan 6 aylar önce
ofc Billie
Lexi online
Lexi online 6 aylar önce
Old town road
Taylor Elizabeth
Taylor Elizabeth 6 aylar önce
I'm being m&ms with ma friends this year!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets 6 aylar önce
idk but her merch is exepensive
Cecilie Dale
Cecilie Dale 6 aylar önce
Donut Lover
Donut Lover 6 aylar önce
Noha Zaki
Noha Zaki 6 aylar önce
Billie eilish
Jessica French
Jessica French 6 aylar önce
I love how she says the most trendy costumes!! Then like 10 seconds later she puts air quotes around trendy!! ❤️❤️ I’m dead!! 😵 Love you Lida!!
Annabelle Dalov
Annabelle Dalov 6 aylar önce
The one with her in the black dress and red lipstick like GIRLLLLLLLLL👏👏👏👏💃
kate :]
kate :] 6 aylar önce
i loveeeed the swiftie one omg! i was a scarecrow, watermelon, deer, n modern princess belle
Bonabie Medina
Bonabie Medina 6 aylar önce
I know I'm late, But I was a bunny..And I was wearing a Annoyed shirt that you can tie on the bottom so I walked to this door and it was a guy like Bill nine and he called me a "Annoyed Bunny"
Ella Montgomery
Ella Montgomery 6 aylar önce
I was a panda My fav was Billie
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain 6 aylar önce
Trick or treat!
Katherine Rivera
Katherine Rivera 6 aylar önce
A jelly fish is so easy and cute
MeechDaKatalyst 6 aylar önce
Wow I love her
Susan Moore
Susan Moore 6 aylar önce
Who else still waiting for the Halloween roommate wars?
Natalia Bustos Rodriguez
What happened to the scary endings like last year I was really waiting for one🥺😔
KK 6 aylar önce
Billie eilish costume is dope af
noor bho
noor bho 6 aylar önce
Hey Alisha 😍 love you work ❤️
Day vlogs
Day vlogs 6 aylar önce
I'm a pink bag
K Lazz
K Lazz 6 aylar önce
I was Elton John so like ✌🏻
Rylee Jameson
Rylee Jameson 6 aylar önce
Taylor Swift the best ever!!!!😁😁😁😁💗❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗
boobjob 6 aylar önce
love music on ur main channel videos. who is singing?
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur 6 aylar önce
Mark Thorne
Mark Thorne 6 aylar önce
Harley Quinn btw this is my dads account and im a girl
Isabella Lunenburg
Isabella Lunenburg 6 aylar önce
she didn't do the thing she did last year and the year before with the roomate war and the clown thing i was waiting for it ;((
Lauren Jarvis
Lauren Jarvis 6 aylar önce
I was a lifeguard with two other girls.
Amber Romero
Amber Romero 6 aylar önce
My fav was Billie Eillish, Fiji girl. The Vsco Girl was so funny
Amber Romero
Amber Romero 6 aylar önce
I was Scooby Doo
Ashlee Lantigua
Ashlee Lantigua 6 aylar önce
who elese misses the scary clown series at the end of the halloween videos
Abbey Auberson
Abbey Auberson 6 aylar önce
VSCO girl is my favorite because of how lazy it is to do 😂💁🏼‍♀️
Lauren Lowery
Lauren Lowery 6 aylar önce
Seeing alisha with dark long hair now tho.. weird af but you look so good!
Nae nae gang
Nae nae gang 6 aylar önce
Hania Naveed
Hania Naveed 6 aylar önce
Hello I am muslim do you like Muslims?
Marissa Kempf
Marissa Kempf 6 aylar önce
I was a nerd
Jacky Lopez
Jacky Lopez 6 aylar önce
Where are you black velcro air forces from
Tori Allen
Tori Allen 6 aylar önce
my favorite costume was billie eilish bc she’s the loml😍😍
Merritt 125
Merritt 125 6 aylar önce
Ok well um it is nov 2 but I was a cow and I live in Michigan so it snowed so I could not do anyone of those 🤪😂😂
Khoushi Khan
Khoushi Khan 6 aylar önce
What happened to prank wars 😢
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