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Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Fe...

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7 Nis 2021




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AFGuidesHD 9 aylar önce
from Lance-Corporal to Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor, regardless of whether he was evil or not, that's one heck of a story. Imagine if some corporal Tommy told his mates in 1914 that he'd be King of England by 1935.
Sauce Spicy
Sauce Spicy 5 gün önce
@Cali Curmudgeon Rather King than PM to be honest, the cult and supreme being he was given was really beyond any imagination
P L 5 gün önce
It's easier when you kill everyone in your way.
Robert Vicol
Robert Vicol 9 gün önce
Napoleon was also a corporal.
Wilfred Yeung
Wilfred Yeung 18 gün önce
@Cali Curmudgeon a head of state is still one step ahead of a head of government
AFGuidesHD 22 gün önce
@Kristopher Ryan Churchill was born into a long line of aristocrats, so its not at all comparable. He got his commission in the military simply by being a Churchill.
xCharlesBronsonx 6 aylar önce
The trench runners were made up of brave volunteers who carried crucial messages through the mud and blood. Evading bullets, gas, and artillery shell, these men were the backbone of maintaining communication between the lines. They had one of the shortest life spans (next to tunnelers)
Michael Jackson The Guilty Dead Pedophile
It was a job for only the most talented intelligent athletic soldiers. Im not surprised that such a great man had courageous humble beginnings. He will always be admired and worshiped by everyone who did their research.
Fringe Wizard
Fringe Wizard 2 aylar önce
@concerned citizen why it be like this?
concerned citizen
concerned citizen 3 aylar önce
@BrosephComrade I was a Scout and later a Sniper, and I can tell you that even in modern times that the only people who are impressed by heroism and Rambo-like characters are younger men. This is also why you don't see very many 30-40 year old men joining the Military to try to become Navy Seals, Green Berets, Rangers etc. But even as a civilian, when older guys find out I'm a veteran, they usually have a very mild reaction, while every man under the age of 25 wants to run up to me and ask me if I ever killed anyone and what war was like.
Uncle Adolf
Uncle Adolf 3 aylar önce
In hitler's group (16th bavarian regiment) there were 9 runners... In 4 years in service hitler was the last runner from their group
BrosephComrade 3 aylar önce
>impressed only the youngest, most impressionable soldiers Masło maślane
Niall McDonagh
Niall McDonagh 8 aylar önce
Having read countless tomes on Hitler never and I mean NEVER have the authors addressed this crucial phase of Hitler's life in such detail. The reason: they might be forced to acknowledge his undoubted bravery...can't have that!!! Mr Felton thank you for treating us like adults. Let us decide.
B. Frost
B. Frost 6 gün önce
I've read a couple of books on Hitler. Both of them dealt with this period in great detail. I guess it depends on what books you read.
Follower of the Train
Follower of the Train 29 gün önce
@Anika Butler it IS a political issue. There is no way this scale of tyranny would have been reached otherwise. Giving up the things that make us human for bureaucratic red-tape is absolutely a political issue.
The Town Drunk
The Town Drunk Aylar önce
@Peter Ruane about Hitler? I certainly think not. These posts defending Hitler are beyond insane.
Peter Ruane
Peter Ruane Aylar önce
@The Town Drunk both of you are separated from reality
WingtipRepair 2 aylar önce
@Nigel McKenna "do your own research" Ahh, the worst response one can give to "source?"
Tin Man
Tin Man 9 aylar önce
Just think, if he'd been killed in battle in 1918 he may have been remembered for a time by a few as a brave, loyal soldier, an example to others before being forgotten to history within a few years.
pingu Gün önce
This is like a sort of survivorship bias. There may have been hundreds of men killed in the trenches who were capable of what Hitler did, who were only remembered as you say. It's exactly because he survived that we know who he is.
Niedergang und Abgrund
@Mark Nobody a painted picture of this situation in the woods of Flandern hung on a wall in Hitlers office later in Berlin☝️
hönö Aylar önce
well depends were he was born
Broke 2 aylar önce
@What Seek Ye but God still remembers everyone though :)
Broke 2 aylar önce
Even if he died the war would still break
John Stevenson
John Stevenson 9 aylar önce
Hitler was so universally hated, that his military service is usually belittled or ignored completely, but to really understand history, you can't just pick and choose the parts you like. From the tons of books I've read on the subject, this is the most I've ever heard about it.
Gluttonous Slave
Gluttonous Slave 8 gün önce
i don't hate hitler
fresatx 9 gün önce
@Francisco S. Innocent of what?
engineer gaming
engineer gaming 11 gün önce
@ΛLΣXIΛ cough cough jewish germans cough
H U M A N I T Y 20 gün önce
@superhumantv ftw offcourse
H U M A N I T Y 20 gün önce
@Francisco S. So?
Neil Jones
Neil Jones 3 aylar önce
Refreshingly unbiased, there is no questioning his bravery, a narrative rarely told..
Yeed Bottom text
Yeed Bottom text 7 gün önce
You mean to tell me he wasn’t trans with one testicle and a secret male lover???
scarediowan 5 aylar önce
What a nice man, he should run for chancellor.
H U M A N I T Y 20 gün önce
@Some random guy secularism=💩
Some random guy
Some random guy 26 gün önce
Yep, surely a man that deeply in love with Germany will rule justly and deepen the unity among people belonging to all religions. He also looks like he would totally respect any opposition and take what they have into consideration. Maybe even allow state sponsored holidays for minorities to let them know how loved and appreciated they are.
Tommyboy Aylar önce
Yes a career in politics seems outstanding for this young man
Eric 4 aylar önce
Mukundane Shepherd Crystal
One outstanding thing I know about Hitler's WW1 military service was that he refused to participate in the 1914 Christmas truce. Very remarkable work Mark Felton
K. S.
K. S. 3 gün önce
@Claudiu-Mihai Puiu You're moving the goal posts a bit. The front stretched for hundreds of kilometres and the situation varied all along the line. Yes in general it seems that the fighting died down on Christmas, but there was no truce and there wasn't widespread fraternizing in No Man's Land. I could go into great length about why and how it is really a myth but I'm not going to waste my time doing so on a comment for a youtube video.
Claudiu-Mihai Puiu
Claudiu-Mihai Puiu 3 gün önce
@K. S. So hundreds of letters made by hundreds of people from different sides of the war in which they say that the guns stopped that for a day, people stopped brutally murdering each other are all a fabrication? I highly doubt it. Also, the Angel of Mons is one thing, but seeing the guns not firing and hundreds of people, you know, walking in no man's land are a different much more believable thing. And I ask you again why you're so against this having been real? As nice as those few days were, they didn't solve that much in the end considering that just after that the bloodshed started again.
K. S.
K. S. 3 gün önce
@Claudiu-Mihai Puiu Many letters were written by soldiers claiming to have seen the so-called Angels of Mons, which is also a myth.
Claudiu-Mihai Puiu
Claudiu-Mihai Puiu 4 gün önce
@K. S. You are aware there are hundreds and hundreds of letters from the front coming from soldiers saying they witnessed the truce right? How the guns fell silent for a day or two because people really did not want to fight on Christmas, a holy day. Granted, it wasn't all along the front that it happened, that much is true. The French and Belgians whose countries were getting invaded weren't that keen on it, but there is proof that that did happen. Hell, there were a fair few mini-ceasefires from this point onwards and on to clear bodies from No Man's Land as well. I'm not so sure why you're so against proving that this did not happen though, what, do you really not like seeing moments of peace and happiness in otherwise 4 years of bloodshed, destruction and death?
Joanna Kirkwood
Joanna Kirkwood Aylar önce
@Lucius Vorenus I remember a Paul McCartney song going along with a depiction of it, if I remember it right the song was a Christmas number 1, but can't remember the songs name...
Constable Constable
Constable Constable 6 aylar önce
Hitler survived a ton of close calls in WWI and during WW2 avoided multiple assassinations by mere minutes, he definitely had more than luck watching over him.
Yeed Bottom text
Yeed Bottom text 6 gün önce
@Roberts all of europe would be communist since there would be no opposition to the inevitable invasion of Europe by the USSR
ezakustam 10 gün önce
@Rocco vs I wonder if you say the same in Black supremacy threads, or to Jewish extremists when they refer to you as cattle. You have genes and ethnicity, right? ANYONE can be the victim of genocide. That's the whole point. It's a catastrophically dangerous and irrational idea no matter who pushes it.
Richard Garrison
Richard Garrison 20 gün önce
@Roberts "The amount of war films and documentaries and lives it has effected is baffling" True. It is wonder that there is not a Hitler Channel on TV.
H U M A N I T Y 20 gün önce
@Admiral Ackbar so let it be
H U M A N I T Y 20 gün önce
@Roberts 🤡
Strelok Audio Design
Strelok Audio Design 9 aylar önce
what the heck, those paintings by hitler were legitimately good... how did he fail art school again?
Charles Klass
Charles Klass Aylar önce
His works were very derivative. I mean, VERY, VERY, V E R Y derivative. In the opinion of the art school board, they were cold and unfeeling, which is commonly shared by many in the art world. His pieces exhibiting landscapes were also lacking in detail in a big, big way. BUT, his pieces exhibiting buildings were EXTREMELY detailed and quite pretty in the opinion of the board. One member actually sympathized greatly with his plight, and reccomended strongly that he enter the art college's Architecture department, as the entire board agreed that he showed an incredible talent as an architect. However, that would've meant re-enrolling in his secondary school in Austria, and he was completely unwilling to do so.
Andy Aylar önce
@Chuck DaVinci You couldn't do better.
Steven Yourke
Steven Yourke Aylar önce
Did he ever have any lessons at all? Because those look like pretty good watercolors to me.
Steven Yourke
Steven Yourke Aylar önce
He couldn’t do human figures. He was very good with buildings. Do they rejected him and advised him to become an architect!
Dan Porter
Dan Porter Aylar önce
@Dr Jan Itor exactly what the nazis complained about. They did not like surrealists, pretty sure they banned it.
DrewPicklesTheDark 8 aylar önce
"Hitler was noted to very interested in the bigger strategic picture, particularly the Russian Revolution." And at that moment Europe's fate was sealed.
Yeed Bottom text
Yeed Bottom text 6 gün önce
@QUANTUM SNEAK half but yes
Cole Kazmierkiewicz
Cole Kazmierkiewicz 20 gün önce
@Swamp Donkey dude you do realize the Nazis were throwing poles in concentration camps by the millions. 20% of Poland’s population died in WW2 they were invaded! Wtf is wrong with you?
Chad Aylar önce
@Mr. Newb McMuffin the soviets did it. The Americans did it. The British also did it. Piss off
Roberts Aylar önce
Imagine how aesthetically and politically different the world would be today if this man died. If a random arse soldier would of shot one foot more to the left or right the world would be a totally different place. The amount of war films and documentaries and lives it has effected is baffling. 6 million jewish lives would of been speared, plus millions and millions more of innocent civilian lives. It truly makes you think how close we were to never of had to experience this. Bizarre
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Aylar önce
Sealed after he was defeated. Look at it now
hermanessences 9 aylar önce
"Hans Mendt, a fellow recruit, recalled how Hitler seemed enamoured of his new rifle. He regarded it with the delight of a woman with her jewelry."
RW4X4X3006 Aylar önce
@concerned citizen All the experts in my 21D unit were issued M-14's if they wanted them. Early 90's.
Jürg Schüpbach
Jürg Schüpbach Aylar önce
a good Marine then i guess
Anutla Puntual Unga Bunga
@Robert Bottyan what?
concerned citizen
concerned citizen 3 aylar önce
@crabtrap People in the Military still behave this way. When I was in, the ARMY was cheap. Only a few guys got new M4s, or ACOGs, and people were envious of those who did. I remember carrying my M14 around BIAP because I wanted everyone in the chow hall to look at me and realize that I was a sniper, and that I got to use a weapon most of them would never even be allowed to touch. Almost every where I went pogues would stare at that thing with wonder because their units didn't even have stuff like that.
RW4X4X3006 3 aylar önce
@K. I. I was gonna say, I wish I could get my hands on one!
Sarwar Alam
Sarwar Alam 8 aylar önce
Now matter what you call him now, (victors can say anything), based on this documentary you cannot call him a coward.
Yeed Bottom text
Yeed Bottom text 6 gün önce
Lefties still seething to this day
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens 7 gün önce
@Hayden Lavarias Stalin wouldn’t allow citizens to exacuate.
Mackenzie Jacob
Mackenzie Jacob Aylar önce
@Hayden Lavarias correct the winter and long supply lines plus the oil are the things what made Germany lose
Hayden Lavarias
Hayden Lavarias Aylar önce
@Mackenzie Jacobwell when Operation Barbarossa happens Stalin got scared and just hide and he almost gave up the Soviet Union to Hitler until the winter came they won
Mackenzie Jacob
Mackenzie Jacob Aylar önce
@Hayden Lavarias ye ur 100% right
Richard Crouch
Richard Crouch 8 aylar önce
Mark. These are brilliant. So informative. I love the opening sequences with the music
Roberts Aylar önce
Imagine how aesthetically and politically different the world would be today if this man died. If a random arse soldier would of shot one foot more to the left or right the world would be a totally different place. The amount of war films and documentaries and lives it has effected is baffling. 6 million jewish lives would of been speared, plus millions and millions more of innocent civilian lives. It truly makes you think how close we were to never of had to experience this. Bizarre
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Tanzania 3 aylar önce
Compare 1930s Nazi Germany Vs 2020s Communist Chinazi IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO Project before it's too late
Henri Sivonen
Henri Sivonen 9 aylar önce
Now this is what documentaries should be like. No-nonsense, unbiased and absolutely entertaining piece of information. My hat's off for you Mr. Felton.
Jacob 20
Jacob 20 21 gün önce
Every history documentary tries way too hard to be dramatic, and repeat the same lines over and over again for five minutes before covering the same topics we’ve heard about one thousand times. Mark Felton is a godsend.
Hn 28 gün önce
@Rick Jones Its a historical figure by now, born in the same century as napoleon lived. Its not much different than admiring napoleon, who led a harsh regime too.
nh6central Aylar önce
@peixe coruja He is my 'go to' person for history now ;
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Tanzania 3 aylar önce
@SMA Productions Compare 1930s Nazi Germany Vs 2020s Communist Chinazi IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO Project before it's too late
Chris A.
Chris A. 4 aylar önce
@SMA Productions youre sad
Schäfer 9 aylar önce
As a German I can tell Mark's pronounciation of the german terms is pretty accurate. I'm not used this from english speakers (I don't mean to offend it's just my experience).
yannick245 Aylar önce
@BrosephComrade I'm gonna remember _"pan"_ as an easy example. Thank you!
Sigehelm Thegn
Sigehelm Thegn 3 aylar önce
@Warm Cold They're not really in English but there are sounds in English that bare a semblance somewhat to ö and ü
Sigehelm Thegn
Sigehelm Thegn 3 aylar önce
That's because we English are not taught German properly, sadly. Even less so now. It's a beautiful language.
BrosephComrade 3 aylar önce
@Warm Cold [Ä] exists in English in words like “pen” or “pan” [Ö] is like the [u] in “Saturn” or like the vowel sound in earth/turf/dirt [Ü] is pronounced like the [y] in “system”
᚛ᚂᚐᚈᚔᚅᚌᚓᚓᚉ᚜ ᛞᛖᚱ ᛚᛁᛝᚷᚹᛁᛋᛏ
@Warm Cold which dialects are you talking about?
John B
John B 8 aylar önce
One of the best documentaries I have seen- time lined and narrated beautifully. I knew he was a decorated soldier in WW1 but I never knew the extent of his bravery . Whatever he turned out to be, I admire his courage shown in this conflict
Erik Stewart
Erik Stewart 9 aylar önce
My granddad fought in the mentioned Scottish regiment, unaware of a young Austrian corporal on the other side.
BCNTR 2 aylar önce
Hey Erik. Are you aware of any relatives in America?
1nikg 3 aylar önce
@Faithless Hound yeah I noticed that too
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 3 aylar önce
The most amazing thing in the video (I don't know if it was a real battle or staged afterwards) was the kilted piper marching up and down ON TOP of the trenches as his comrades ran up and and over and shells exploded around him.
Kenya Tanzania
Kenya Tanzania 3 aylar önce
@Monke Man Compare 1930s Nazi Germany Vs 2020s Communist Chinazi IN YOUR NEXT VIDEO Project before it's too late
Sheila Rosario Tuaño
Sheila Rosario Tuaño 3 aylar önce
Oh, wow!
Peter43John 7 aylar önce
Say what you wish about Hitler, but this piece proves he asked nothing of his Generals that he personally wasn't prepared to do himself! 😮
Ben Connor
Ben Connor 13 gün önce
@acostalot Can you blame Hitler? Look at what happened to Mussolini. Gobbels and Hitler wanted a last stand in Berlin and getting publically hanged by the soviets would kinda 'ruin' what they were going for
baraxor Aylar önce
@acostalot What family? Eva?
man dam
man dam 3 aylar önce
@00ICU812 bruh wtf 🕺
00ICU812 4 aylar önce
@acostalot He gave Eva a better death than the savages in the Red army would have done. They would have raped her to death. He was a great man and will be remembered forever, the truth will always be out there no matter how many disgusting lies his haters spread about him.
acostalot 4 aylar önce
@Le Predator Yes, cowards run away from responsibility. No it doesn't take balls to kill thyself.. Having balls is facing the punishment for your actions, even if it means torture, and not murdering your whole family. Hitler didn't carry his burdens and put them upon others, and as such makes him a terrible coward. He went out the easy way.
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson 9 aylar önce
It’s remarkable for a soldier to spend four years as an infantryman and survive the war intact
Vingul 6 gün önce
@Rithvik Muthyalapati nonsense theory.
Lt. KYZR Aylar önce
besides losing one testy
baraxor Aylar önce
That's why Hitler claimed that "Providence" was always looking after him.
S M 2 aylar önce
He was wounded
teslashark 3 aylar önce
@Just Sayin' Does it matter?
V Mann
V Mann 9 aylar önce
Interesting. His paintings would look really good on postcards or hanging in a library. I don't know anything about art but I think those paintings could build the atmosphere of a room too.
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 3 aylar önce
@David Kermes That was a fatal shortcoming for an aspiring art college student, since the core of the training was to draw and paint the HUMAN figure, not buildings and scenery: even though there is a market for the latter. They suggested he should apply to a school of architecture instead: but he lacked the academic credentials to become an architect.
David Kermes
David Kermes 4 aylar önce
Hitler's downfall in art was, that he could not draw or paint human figures. As I recall he tried twice to get into an art academy in Vienna but failed both times. Think what might have happened (or not) if he had just gone into producing pop art.
robertrstevens 4 aylar önce
Also, unlike some reviews of the book (Mein Kampf) which he wrote while in Landsberg Prison, his book has been assessed by some literary critics as a near masterpiece - up to the point in later chapters where he slides into Crazytown with his insane antisemitic diatribes. Give the devil his due: he was a very good artist, soldier and writer! [So stop comparing him with tRump!]
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 4 aylar önce
Especially your nice new 0.01% bunker... :-/
Orbit 8 aylar önce
When he was homeless in Munich he did actually sell postcards
historex54tamiya 8 aylar önce
I come from the winning side an a huge family of soldiers from before WW1, but as a former soldier myself, I respect duty. This is NOT me defending Hitler nor his crimes, my respect is to him as a soldier, same as Napoleon before he equally failed.
Will Bee
Will Bee 9 aylar önce
In WWII, his own generals tried to blow him up & he survived that! You’ve got to nod your head in disbelief on the back of this presentation.
Prince Solomon
Prince Solomon 3 aylar önce
He survived way too many assassination attempts.
Uncle Adolf
Uncle Adolf 6 aylar önce
There was also an assasination where he felt he needed to drive his car.. (we all know hitler doesn't know how to drive a car but he knows some of the basics) hitler said to his chaffeur he will be driving.. and as hitler drives slowly into berghof the guy in the back sit got shot (his chaffeur) whilst hitler ran and escaped, the assasin was heinrich grunow who then shot himself not knowing that what he killed wasn't hitler... But how can hitler predicted it so early? As if he felt something's not right in the air?
Nigel McKenna
Nigel McKenna 6 aylar önce
Will Bee Klaus von Stauffenberg carried the briefcase bomb into the meeting room and walked out again.
Jayjay Simmons
Jayjay Simmons 9 aylar önce
Thank you, Mark, for such a truthful and historically correct relaying of the facts of this episode of Hitler's trench days. I am subbed.
Jerry Jerome Hawkins
Jerry Jerome Hawkins 9 aylar önce
I always knew Hitler had served during ww1 as a trench runner, etc. What I didn't know was that his service time covered the entire length of the war. He definitely saw some serious action. So after being wounded he begged his commander to allow him to return to the frontlines to fight alongside his friends once again? Ideology aside... you have to respect that.
Matthew Garrity
Matthew Garrity Aylar önce
@Noah Mann-Engel acknowledging his achievements does not equate respect. Diminishing and downright ignoring his achievements, gag ordering talking about it, makes it all easier for the next Hitler. Attacking others for deviating observation is closer to fascism than acknowledging Hitler's WW1 achievements. But I guess you already know that, Rottenführer Engel.
crabtrap Aylar önce
@Noah Mann-Engel buck up, buttercup!
Noah Mann-Engel
Noah Mann-Engel Aylar önce
No, you really don't have to respect Hitler in any way at all, fascist.
crabtrap Aylar önce
@Matthew Garrity truth.
Matthew Garrity
Matthew Garrity Aylar önce
Credit where it's due, he never pussied out. Even in the end he pulled the trigger himself, dude said he'd do something and he did.
Orion Star
Orion Star 9 aylar önce
I know people have commented and i’m not just jumping on the bandwagon but holy smokes his paintings are incredible 😂 I always thought he wasn’t very good
leachimy 3 aylar önce
@Reality Matters Well the terms you put on someone to join an art SCHOOL means he can just skip it since there is nothing more to learn.
NotSoVery Ready
NotSoVery Ready 3 aylar önce
@Faithless Hound Ah I see, thanks for the correction. Have a nice day/night.
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 3 aylar önce
@NotSoVery Ready He wasn't so much "invited to be an architect" as told to apply to a school of architecture instead when he was turned down by an art school. Architecture was impossible for him: he had attended the Gymnasium at Linz, where he was the same age as Ludwig Wittgenstein, but whereas LW was advanced one year due to his proficiency, AH had to repeat a year. I presume he never took the Abitur, because we don't hear about it.
NotSoVery Ready
NotSoVery Ready 4 aylar önce
@Reality Matters yeah he turned the invite down because he have to attend second grade again in which he dropped out already and didnt want to do it again, so he still continued his drawing and claimed to "end his life as an artist, not a politician" but it looks like it didnt go well for him in the long run
Reality Matters
Reality Matters 4 aylar önce
@NotSoVery Ready invited to be an architect, that ws new to me. Thx.
Les Hemmings
Les Hemmings 9 aylar önce
Fascinating Mark. Thank you. I appreciate the neutral stance letting the actions of the people involved shine through the shade cast by events that were far in the future for them. It's a difficult thing to do but you're getting better & better at letting the history talk to us instead of having us shape shape the history with our lofty overview. One thing, I was watching the footage from the trenches. How much is reenactment & how much is actual filming done "live" as it were. Maybe you could make a video that shows what to look out for to enable us to tell the difference when we see footage from the trenches or overlooking no man's land in The Great War.
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 7 aylar önce
I have read elsewhere that Hitler's fellow soldiers on the front line called the messengers "rear area swine" because they didn't have to sleep at the front. Regardless of that, he was clearly brave but it's also notable that the officers who recommended him for medals did not promote him to any kind of command role, leaving him as an Obergefreiter or "old lag who doesn't have to sweep up any more."
ric 63
ric 63 9 aylar önce
Thanks for that. Not about his army service, but he had become quite an institution at the Mannerhiem, where he spent some years. He seemed to stick to a regular routine, painting postcards in the study room of the Mannerhiem, occasionally splashing out on operas and cakes when the finances allowed. I suppose you could say he was very much the upper class of 'vagrants' who inhabited that world.
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 3 aylar önce
The hostel sounds more like a modern YMCA than a dosshouse for tramps and alcoholics.
PaddyHolman9 9 aylar önce
I’m sorry but let’s take a minute to appreciate how much effort Mark puts into these videos absolute legend
Gerald Sun-Tzu Bull
Gerald Sun-Tzu Bull 9 aylar önce
@Mark Axworthy I don't know why I'm wasting my time here, but I must ask you if you'd enjoy watching a video where every time someone talks about something, they then list all the places they heard it said before moving onto saying anything else? You would spend alot of time listening to nonsense. Do you read the full credits of every movie you watch?
jewelltuber 9 aylar önce
@Michael Hains Maybe it's time he provides all of the pertinent research information at the beginning of the comments section.
jewelltuber 9 aylar önce
@DoublePlusUngood Not good enough, if he wants to present topics supported by his academic credentials then he must present the topic as an academic otherwise he's just another youtube hack.
jewelltuber 9 aylar önce
@DoublePlusUngood And where would he start.......................
jewelltuber 9 aylar önce
@Mark Axworthy I agree, they could easily be contained in the comments and be of great assistance to further research.
IG 9 aylar önce
This is far better than watching the first 30 minutes of the Rise of Evil over and over every lesson when I was in High School.
John Smith
John Smith 11 gün önce
Rise of Evil and Escape from Sobibor every lesson I feel nostalgic all of a sudden
Lord X
Lord X 7 aylar önce
@K. I. When I was in High School the cutscenes from COD WAW got me into history, that’s why I’m here.
K. I.
K. I. 9 aylar önce
Yuck, that's absolute garbage if you're trying to actually teach anyone anything. But then again, history teachers are typically well aware at how futile their lessons are and that they only reach maybe a couple kids at the most in each class. So, I guess they go with the dramatic depiction to try to get and hold a student's attention. We have to remember, history is consistently rated as one of the least liked school subjects. Kids like classes like english because they think stories are more like real life than history is, even though history is ACTUALLY real life.
Ronny Sunshine
Ronny Sunshine 6 aylar önce
It's really amazing how 1 man could make such a huge mark in history n change the entire world forever. With the inventions that came from the wars n everything
ketan patil
ketan patil 9 aylar önce
You have included many rare images in this video, good Job Mark.
TheAto2000 9 aylar önce
You can always learn some new information about Hitler ,even if you know the main life story.I realized this after watching some of a Hitler documentary on TV the other night here in America and now Mark Felton's video does not at all disappoint.
Jorian Kell
Jorian Kell 6 aylar önce
That crap on TV is bunk
Shill of the Russian Federation
Now I realize why he became so popular. Every single German at the time had either fought in the trenches or lost some relative in them, so it's not hard to imagine how he managed to be taken seriously in such a visceral way. Because not only did he talked the talk; he had already shown that he was man that had walked the walk (or run the run in his case).
Reetta 11 gün önce
@MrExplodeable Just like the Muricans or Russian did, so what's your point?
Richard Garrison
Richard Garrison 20 gün önce
@Cal Guy How about meetling AH after work for some drinks? That would be less intimate and approving than a home visit.
edgardo altmann
edgardo altmann Aylar önce
@Forastero compare wiht mao and stalin he is a nice boy.
Viktoria Ironpride
Viktoria Ironpride Aylar önce
@Cal Guy Communism, no doubt. That overwhelming hatred and fear of the "Commies" lasted up through the Vietnam War and really only faded after the fall of the Soviet Union. Unless you lived up through those times you could not understand how viral that hatred and fear was.
Майкл Aylar önce
@Cal Guy "you tell me" We can't because a bot will automatically detect it and shadow ban us. Enjoy your echo chamber.
hungrysoles 6 aylar önce
I heard that Hitler cut down his mustache to the size he left it so that it made a better fit for his gas mask. You should also look into why Hitler admired King Frederick the Great of Prussia that he even had a portrait of him in the bunker,
Vingul 6 gün önce
The pictures in this video contradict that.
yannick245 Aylar önce
@Uncle Adolf Nope, he had a full moustache during the whole war. The gas masks in these days didn't seal with your skin. A full moustache was no problem.
Uncle Adolf
Uncle Adolf 6 aylar önce
It was also a fashion trend back in the day (toothbrush mustache) and also men liked to groom their mustaches when they got nothing to do and it symbolizes manliness, but for hitler that mustache wasn't just to fit a gas mask or for fashion, but a mark he got from war
aliascent 9 aylar önce
18:37 Imagine being the guy who recruited Hitler as a spy and sent him to the worker party. The biggest oopsie ever.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Aylar önce
@Faithless Hound Yes, devoted to big business you say, but under him Germany went from them bringing piles of cash to buy a loaf of bread and selling their children in the streets for a foreign dollar to the jewel of Europa in under 4 years during a great depression. No forced labor during that time either or they wouldn't have got the Olympics in 36. Nations sent parties to check on the conditions of a certain group and it must have been ok. Clearly his heart and soul were devoted to the people.
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 3 aylar önce
@James MacDonald There are many examples of opposition politicians who were government agents in secret. The Communist Parties of both the US and Great Britain had several, including the people charged with weeding out spies. Rumour includes the IRA executioner code-named "Stakeknife" and Arthur Scargill's deputy during the Miners' Strike.
James MacDonald
James MacDonald 4 aylar önce
Capt. Mayer recruited Adolph (and 2 others ) to infiltrate the NAP. When Capt; Mayer heard how well Hitler had done on the first meeting, he told him to make the party his full time job. He even paid Hitler 6 gold marks a month, and let him stay in the police barracks. There is evidence that Hitler was still a paid informant as late as 1922 when he was now party leader
Fringe Dweller
Fringe Dweller 6 aylar önce
@Faithless Hound Hitler tolerated the Strassers, particularly Gregor for his exceptional organizational skills but ideologically Hitler reckoned him more a Bolshevik than a National Socialist.
Faithless Hound
Faithless Hound 7 aylar önce
@Fringe Dweller The Night of the Long Knives was devoted to the slaughter of the Strasserite wing of the Nazi party, which was strong among the Brown Shirts. The Strasser brothers were both antisemitic and anti-capitalist, whereas by then Hitler favoured a Mussolini-style corporate state which supported big business. Hence the development of slave labour during the war. After the war, Strasserism had a brief resurgence in the New Party in England, but it never had traction with the American right, which remains resolutely Hitlerite.
Dream Diction
Dream Diction 9 aylar önce
2:25 Hitler spoke with a heavy Austrian accent, he rolled his 'r's' in a rustic south german austrian manner. 18:15 The Bavarian Soviet Republic was destroyed by the Freikorps, not by the German Government in Berlin. The Freikorps were men who refused to return their rifles to the German Government. The Freikorps sent the Communists running back to the USSR despite the confused apathy of the Government in Berlin.
Marcus Rotkirch
Marcus Rotkirch 9 aylar önce
The origins of Hitles's strange moustache could well have been included in this video. Like many fervent nationalists during the war, Hitler sported a moustache modelled on that of Kaiser Wilhelm. When the Kaiser went into exile, this was seen as betrayal by his followers; to show their rejection of him while displaying their wounded national pride they shaved off the ends of their moustache. There were in fact quite a few walking around in Germany with a Hitler moustache after the war.
Denia titaden
Denia titaden 6 aylar önce
You need to be able to fit a gas mask it is difficult with facial hair.
pes nevim
pes nevim 9 aylar önce
To be a runner in the Great War on either side was only for men who were extremely brave. Not a fan of AH, but for sure he was a real soldier. Great channel.
Red Cloud
Red Cloud 4 aylar önce
@Paul Nicholson your grandad won the lottery. He was very lucky to have made it home. God bless
Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson 4 aylar önce
My grandad was a runner in the British army. He survived obviously but injured in mid 1916 which got him sent home for good. He was in France from Feb 1915 to July 1916.
Steve 4 aylar önce
You had to say you aren't a fan of AH? That's surely a given.
Red Cloud
Red Cloud 5 aylar önce
@John Soft from what I understand pow's in ww1 were treated a lot better then those of other wars. The British and German soldiers of ww1 hardly hated each other and couldn't understand why they were killing each other. They were forced to fight each other.
mebsrea 9 aylar önce
@Melon Lord Clearly you haven’t been reading many of the comments on this video.
Dogmeat09 9 aylar önce
man cant get enough of this channel reminds me of when I was a kid and WWII documentaries played on the history channel none stop. thank you for this. keep it up.
Ray 9 aylar önce
You've got to love and respect channels like these. There's only a handful of them out there but they dedicate so much time into the research of these stories.. it's really incredible. The channels i'm following are Mark felton ofcourse, operations room, dark docs/skies, armchair historian, bazbattles (love that one) and timeline. Figured some of you guys may like these. I'm always open for suggestions though
Frank V
Frank V 6 aylar önce
History Hustle ( English spoken by a Dutch history teacher ) very good ! on Facebook too.
C H 9 aylar önce
My Grandad was a runner 2/7th Royal Warwicks. He told me that one time he was running a message and saw a German patrol so just hit the ground not looking at what he was landing on.... he landed on a skeleton and he could tell it was a German one as it still had a uniform on
Expo 8 aylar önce
Who denied his chance to study in art school?? History would be so different if he'd been given that opportunity.
AjitaDas399 3 aylar önce
he would probably join the army anyway
DestinyChaser 3 aylar önce
@Alex Q only THAT specific war. But I bet more people died in WWII than were born during the baby boom
Nature and Physics
Nature and Physics 3 aylar önce
@DestinyChaser Wars do not thin out human population. They stunt human growth. Fool
Mike Forester
Mike Forester 4 aylar önce
Would it have been? Hitler most probably would have rushed to arms in 1914 regardless of being enrolled in arts class or not. I'm betting that many an arts student -- inspired by old Theodor Körner poems -- voluneered to enlist in August 1914.
H B 4 aylar önce
@Dillon Crane Of course it would. Do you seriously swallow the FDR propaganda that Hitler was coming across the Atlantic to get them? Give me a break. His ambitions were in Central and Eastern Europe. Even if he had succeeded, he would still be dwarfed by the imperialism of the French and British.
Jack Benny
Jack Benny 9 aylar önce
I remember in History Class the teacher would make fun of Hitler for being a failed artist. They never mentioned he fought in WW1. Our school system is garbage.
Anglo Saxon
Anglo Saxon Aylar önce
@Josh Pennington what genocide?
Joe Hill
Joe Hill 2 aylar önce
@abrams atwo "Muh democrats are the REAL racists"
abrams atwo
abrams atwo 2 aylar önce
@Joe Hill actually it's the exact opposite. Doubt me ? Take a peek at any metropolitan ( US ) School system. They've FAILED MINORITIES for decades! Just the way democrats want to keep minorities... in the dark , with indoctrination of victim hood. Racism at its finest !
abrams atwo
abrams atwo 2 aylar önce
@Phillip Q for sure !!
abrams atwo
abrams atwo 2 aylar önce
@Ping please enlighten us oh mentality gifted one.
Nico Polis
Nico Polis 6 aylar önce
He was third in a competition for two grants for a prestigious art school in Germany . He was a very good artist , as I have seen many of his paintings . One of his paintings sold for 200 , 000 Euros some years ago .
Robert Huitrado
Robert Huitrado 7 aylar önce
Love the video, I only have one comment/question, how could there was no mention of the time he was almost killed by a British soldier but let go? I know that case is still questionable to some but I believe there is enough evidence to say it most likely happened as spoken about by both parties.
Bear3 Necessity
Bear3 Necessity 7 aylar önce
Fascinating and so little publicised. Thank you Mark Felton. Struck by Hitler's resilience and readiness to daily face death for years on end. Also struck by the aloof, non-collaborative (back stabber?), non-team nature of the role of runner, and what that says about what he became 🤔
James Dean
James Dean 3 aylar önce
On 26 May 1918, whilst delivering a message, Hitler personally captured 8 French soldiers and marched them a couple of miles to captivity. Can’t imagine many of our present day politicians doing that.
anubis44 Aylar önce
@PrimusVsUnicron And that commander was a Jewish officer, who spoke up for Hitler and recommended Hitler for his Iron Cross, that he wore proudly on his chest at almost all times in public, while he was mass murdering Jews.
PrimusVsUnicron 3 aylar önce
Hitler’s commander captured the French Soldiers
Philly Love
Philly Love 9 aylar önce
Imagine being poor, desolute, and without hope after WW1. In a bar in Munich you see a guy with basically unlimited swagger and charisma telling you there's a better way. You sign up and he takes you from bar room rants to the seat of power in government in less then a year. Its not hard to see how he had such dedication and fanaticism from those around him.
Dalton Williams
Dalton Williams 4 aylar önce
@Jens Havla you are forgetting about the final battle that has yet to come. The last and final one before the new beginning
Michael 8 aylar önce
@aceous99 100% Stalin was a creation of the Western Allies, the disaster that was WW1 lead to the bolsheviks launching their unholy crusade against the Russian Empire. The Western Allies (specifically, their bankers and financiers) are 100% responsible for every egregious act following WW1
DestinyChaser 8 aylar önce
@Jens Havla lol
otto meyer
otto meyer 8 aylar önce
@Athal Wulf excellent
Jinzo 8 aylar önce
he had something special but used it in the fridge wrong way
H B 8 aylar önce
I am a historian myself, and this is all high quality stuff. I am happy you didn't parrot the "war hysteria" myth, since the protocol from Pasewalk clearly lists him as a victim of gas poisoning.
82 Luft
82 Luft 3 aylar önce
Incredible, deep research in putting this outstanding video together. Thank you, Mr. Felton.
Walshey 4 aylar önce
You know this was rather refreshing! Usually when I pull up something on Hitler it's American made. That usually entails constant jump cuts, a narrator with a deep voice, 'experts' giving one liners, and really reaching information (DID YOU KNOW HITLER ATE BABIES ON THE FRONT LINE?!). Well done.
Todd Moss
Todd Moss 8 aylar önce
Having survived the carnage of the Great War, it’s understandable how Hitler carried a sense of invulnerability.
Michael James
Michael James 9 aylar önce
Outstanding video. Imagine if the BBC did documentaries as well as Mark Felton.
Vingul 6 gün önce
@Δrgo LMAO yes why would they not! Oh dear!
Phil Hughes
Phil Hughes 9 aylar önce
Connors Restorations - They did. Can you imagine them broadcasting a John Pilger documentary these days? Or ever again for that matter.
Phil Hughes
Phil Hughes 9 aylar önce
MGTOW Veteran - could you translate that into Human?
Phil Hughes
Phil Hughes 9 aylar önce
Chain Reaction - look at Dr Felton's two previous videos- and the comment sections of both. These are clear cases of people preferring to believe the story that fits their narrative, regardless of proof.
MGTOW Veteran
MGTOW Veteran 9 aylar önce
@Phil Hughes Propagading fake history to undermine with active measures
manoj kumar Pandey
manoj kumar Pandey 9 aylar önce
One of the few channels where you don't need subtitles to get what is being said. 👍👍
fdllicks 6 aylar önce
The 2 videos of Mark's that really reveal Hitlers personality were this one and his video of his quick visit to Paris after it was conquered. Check that out. I also want to say Ive always found it fascinating Hitler was gassed and went temporarily blind in Ww1. When WW2 occurred, not one time did he allow the Germans to use chemical weapons, not once. All the soldiers of WW2 carried gas masks (German, Russian, American and Brits) and not once were they used. Even in the final weeks Hitler refused to allow any use of chemical weapons. A third point, Mark notes his fellow soldiers found it odd he never received a parcel from home. Very revealling.
Jonathan Ford
Jonathan Ford 2 aylar önce
@CC-8891 Kinda sus isn't it? He's so evil he'd gas women and children to death but refused until he very end to use gas in war, even when Germany was on it's last legs. VERY strange
CC-8891 4 aylar önce
Yes he didn't allow gas use in a military application. He only allowed poison gas to used on defenseless civilians he deemed 'subhuman'.
Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan 4 aylar önce
Dr. Felton, you do a tremendous job with all of your productions. However, making silent footage come alive, is some of your best work.
Rocky M
Rocky M 8 aylar önce
Another excellent, informative video that I benefited from watching. One of the things I noticed was that the painting wasn't at all bad. From a historical perspective, this makes me a bit more curious about his other paintings. It also makes me wonder about the attitudes of the Germans from outside Germany during that and the subsequent war.
K Rel
K Rel 9 aylar önce
Is this guy the best military documentary narrator in human history?
Gzus Kreist
Gzus Kreist 9 aylar önce
YES. Mark Felton is one man Every other narrator is just that, a narrator and just reads a script.
Tobias F
Tobias F 9 aylar önce
Of course. Its Mark Felton!
craig tracy
craig tracy 9 aylar önce
Yes, Mark in very well informed, also a great narrator.
John Pierce
John Pierce 9 aylar önce
He is
MasterAfricankingofjam enos
The Reil Neid
The Reil Neid 9 aylar önce
Thank you very much for such informative & educational documentaries. Even at my age, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to learn about topics that you do with so much professionalism.
Remembrance1776 8 aylar önce
Hitler almost never joined the German Worker’s Party. As a government spy, he attended a few public meetings and as one of the audience found its members boring and not worthy of attention. During his last government mandated attendance he was about to walk out with no intention of returning when someone began advocating for Bavaria to break away from Germany and join Austria. Hitler, outraged, immediately called the person out for being a traitor to Germany. After speaking for some time on the subject, the effect of his speech on the audience was clear to the German Worker’s Party and they asked him to join which after some internal debate Hitler did. The rest as they say is history.
milind maiti
milind maiti 9 aylar önce
What a fine painter! Happy Birthday to him, hope he gets into art school!
Krakenpots 4 aylar önce
Uncle Adolf
Uncle Adolf 5 aylar önce
He did, he painted the whole europe red
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 8 aylar önce
As Austin Powers would say....Sadly, that train has sailed. Thank god.
Ray Carl
Ray Carl 8 aylar önce
Can’t say how much I enjoy and learn from your documentary’s, thank you.
MadmanMortonYT 9 aylar önce
"Sir, we've made an error and let that Austrian join the army." Ludwig III: "Oh. Well, I'm sure that won't be an issue later on."
Lorenzo Gadda
Lorenzo Gadda Gün önce
I really wonder what he would have done of won the war ??
Mark France
Mark France 13 gün önce
Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor 6 aylar önce
Not possible...perhaps Prime Minister & First Lord of the Treasury and poss Foreign Secretory as well, as I thin Churchill was
TheGreatScot 45
TheGreatScot 45 6 aylar önce
@P F He would have absolutely be conscripted to the Austro-Hungarian army.
jebes909090 7 aylar önce
Lance corporal hitler *spills drink on self* "ah f**k this juice. I HATE JUICE!"
ken 8 aylar önce
Great video. Thanks Mark. I'm currently reading 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,' by William L Shirer. Absolutely fascinating. One of the great historical books for this period
George Tunstill
George Tunstill 16 gün önce
Great book. I have a paperback copy and a Kindle edition of that book. Very different from other books on WWII I have read because it was written from the viewpoint of an American journalist who lived in Germany during the time of the reign of the Nazis and not from a historian. After you're done reading that book, might I suggest reading "The Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler". It was also written by William L. Shirer.
DiddleyMahanes 8 aylar önce
Best history channel, I really enjoy learning about parts of untold history also the research must have took a while but was very enjoyable to do.
ursosentado 8 aylar önce
12:04 the bard rocking heroicly with his bagpipes on top of the hill true mvp
Krakenpots 4 aylar önce
True legend!
I B Newton
I B Newton 9 aylar önce
Excellent historical content from rarely seen footage. ⭐️
Felipe Jaquez
Felipe Jaquez 9 aylar önce
I wonder what this young man did after the war, hopefully nothing too crazy haha...
@Trey Stephens exactly what I said...bad taste.
Kate Henderson
Kate Henderson 3 gün önce
@Shepard_AU you’d pay for such blatant propaganda? Cringe
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens 3 gün önce
@Delightfullydemented65 they can troll all they want to but that doesn’t make them right.
Let the "troll" frenzy begin...
Trey Stephens
Trey Stephens 7 gün önce
@Oneshothunter that’s what the Russians said.
peterm3964 6 aylar önce
Capitain : We can’t get a message through there’s too much shelling, machine gun and sniper fire . ADOLF : Hold my beer.
Ponen Longchar
Ponen Longchar 3 aylar önce
Hold my pilsner
Keith McCormack
Keith McCormack 3 aylar önce
Hold my rifle.
musashidanmcgrath 9 aylar önce
Husband: lying on couch, deep in thought... Wife to herself: he's so distracted lately. I wonder if he's having an affair? Husband: Tank battle? Air combat? Long Range Desert Group? I wonder what Mark Felton has in store for us next?
Pub60 Aylar önce
Another great video Sir, had one of the wounds proved fatal for Hitler imagine the lives saved and the world we would have today. I can’t call it fate without the evil hand recognised, the man should not have survived his exploits yet there was a protective hand on his shoulder….we as a civilised society are destined for failure due to such interference.
octavio medeiros
octavio medeiros 6 aylar önce
Had this man been accepted in University so many lifes would have been spared. History is full of such sick jokes...
jsldj 9 aylar önce
This was DEFINITELY NOT what we were taught in high school or college! THANK YOU, Mark!
Erebus 6 aylar önce
@John Hancock They weren't even allies
Nigel McKenna
Nigel McKenna 6 aylar önce
Tom Jones that's 100% correct. Stalin had 170 divisions of the Red Army on Germanys eastern front. All they were waiting for was instructions from their commanders. In actual fact, nobody knew exactly what Hitlers next move was going to be, before Operation Barbarossa swung into action in June 1941. Some believed he was going to invade England because there was a thing called Operation Sea Lion. But that was a bluff because the real German target was always to deal with the Bolshevik Communist Soviet Union.
Nigel McKenna
Nigel McKenna 6 aylar önce
John Hancock it wasn't an alliance between Germany and the Soviet Union, it was called a non-aggression pact, signed by Ribbentrop and Molotov. There's a massive difference between a non-aggression treaty and a friendly alliance.. An actual alliance was something that Britain and France had between them.
Greg Kahl
Greg Kahl 6 aylar önce
Also the same fate as his brother Robert,. Robert intended to run for presidency. The only 2 that can only be trusted
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 8 aylar önce
No one listens in history classes. Admiration of Hitler is just...sad.
STONEHENGE: How They Built it, is Solved. ~
Excellent source footage. At 11.55 authentic combat shot, indicated by it being filmed from below ground level, shows a German soldier taking a round in his left leg and collapsing in uncertainty whether to continue which was now impossible or signal a medic directly followed by a British sequence of similar grit. Nice work!
J C Aylar önce
Your descriptions are very well done. Will you be doing a video on "The Beer Hall Putsch" of 1923 at anytime? That would be super intriguing.
Goffik 4 aylar önce
Good job with this video Mark. It's nice to see an honest account of Hitler's military career for a change. So many other sources gloss over it, or try to make out that he was some kind of coward hiding in a nice safe job far behind the front lines. Rarely are his medals mentioned, and if they are then the real reasons for them being awarded are rarely detailed. I hate to see that kind of dumbing down or warping of history. If future generations are to fully appreciate and understand events (and people) from the past, then they need the facts as they really are. The facts in this case are that one of the most evil men in human history was actually a pretty brave soldier, whether people like it or not.
FHI Prince Peter
FHI Prince Peter 9 aylar önce
I always wondered how Hitler earned his Iron Cross and how Historians seemed to blind side his service in World War I as though it had no bearing on later events.
ahappyimago 7 gün önce
He ran around delivery guy messages under heavy fire. That’s noteworthy but not as noteworthy as his starting a world war
Art Ziegler
Art Ziegler 9 aylar önce
He had a pet dog named Foxl and kept a notebook with drawings he did. Both were stolen and he was pissed about it, mostly about the dog since he believe he had been saved by the dog. He had gone out from a shelter because the dog insisted to be followed outside and immediately a shell had hit the place. Had he been inside he would had been killed.
Mícheál Flaithbheartaigh
@xiaoka Apart from the fact his statement is 100% true ?
Uncle Adolf
Uncle Adolf 8 aylar önce
God moves in mysterious ways, that dog was his guardian angel protecting him from death.
Marian Nestos
Marian Nestos 9 aylar önce
@Shoobbie C WW2 would have happened anyway.
PORRIDGE GUN 9 aylar önce
@Chandru Alpha Some say he had precognition. But if you analyze the plots, many were incompetent and likely to end in failure.
Praise the Sun . Praise Deus Sol Invictus
@Shoobbie C even then there would be
Danny 7 aylar önce
I cant imagine any allied politicians with this level of bravery, shame he deviated
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Aylar önce
Is he who deviated? Look at the west now
rgkk 6 aylar önce
Charles de Gaulle was also heavy figthing in The Great War, then attempting escapes as POW, then volunteered in Polish-Soviet war.
Jorian Kell
Jorian Kell 6 aylar önce
@Cal Guy hahahahaha, no.
Jorian Kell
Jorian Kell 6 aylar önce
Jack Churchill, dammit!
Nigel McKenna
Nigel McKenna 6 aylar önce
@Cal Guy where are you from?
Eric Moore
Eric Moore 9 aylar önce
Love your voice. Definitely has some old school doc vibes. I wish you would do a video on Napoleon Bonaparte.
JDP 9 aylar önce
I was captivated by this video then suddenly it ended.
Uncle Adolf
Uncle Adolf 5 aylar önce
Yeah just like when hitler killed himself
Espo Sexy
Espo Sexy 8 aylar önce
@Pixelated Mess He's a jazzercise instructor in Seattle
Pixelated Mess
Pixelated Mess 8 aylar önce
Yeah, I wonder what ever happened to this Hitler fella
Espo Sexy
Espo Sexy 8 aylar önce
That's happens when women see my penis
Thomas S K
Thomas S K 2 aylar önce
Thank you for telling this important part of Hitlers life..Everything else focus on the evil and cruel person Hitler was as leader of Germany.. This gives a very good and a lot more detailed back ground. Thank you! To bad Hitler was killed in the WW1 that would have saved the world for a lot of suffering... Ohh one thing.. it would be a interesting twist and side story to know what happen to Lt. Gutmann after 1934...
Tekk Hero
Tekk Hero 9 aylar önce
I was wondering why hitler seemed so at ease standing on the front lines looking out over battle fields with his commanders in ww2. Now i know why. Compared to his experiences in ww1 it was a walk in the park
Groniz Herz
Groniz Herz 9 aylar önce
He said that the only way he could ever demand germans fight and risk their lives in WW2 was due to how he had himself done it throughout WW1.
Tekk Hero
Tekk Hero 9 aylar önce
@BobPants SpongeSquare yes i know. He liked being at berghof looking at forbidden us drama movies during the late hours of the night
jo 9 aylar önce
@Colin Harris hitler visited the front lines on many occasions. There is even a video on this chanel about the time the russians almost got him
BobPants SpongeSquare
BobPants SpongeSquare 9 aylar önce
@Tekk Hero yeah cuz you make it seem like he was this leader who was out there with the soldiers and overlooking everything when he really wasnt. He was far away with his inner circle and officers planning stuff out
Tekk Hero
Tekk Hero 9 aylar önce
@BobPants SpongeSquare im definitely not romantisizing him hehe. Im not insane ;)
Noman Qureshi
Noman Qureshi 9 aylar önce
Love you Mark Felton - very honest and fair analysis of history.
nigefal 17 gün önce
Always have to ration these Felton videos to stop myself binging them. As usual always well presented, thought provoking, and well researched.
Brasi Brad
Brasi Brad 3 aylar önce
In case anyone wants to know even more: Look for a story never told. Leaving out some of the words just to stay safe.
RLM 10 gün önce
@yannick245 Good
yannick245 Aylar önce
It's called: _"Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told"_ While it has some very good points and informations, the narrative is definitely pro-nazism/fascism. So the movie also has a strong bias. But I like to get my infos from every side...
gtown boi
gtown boi 2 aylar önce
It opened me and my wifes eyes years ago.
Travieso Arce Fan
Travieso Arce Fan 6 aylar önce
I can't believe the bagpipe player at 12:10!!! Just blasting away on his pipes while the enemy does the same with machine guns and artillery. Amazing!!!
Danger Joe
Danger Joe 9 aylar önce
This is utmost interesting. In germany, our history teacher in tenth grade did try to depict hitlers job as a trench runner as a cowardly and harmless duty and hitler as a bad soldier.
PORRIDGE GUN 9 aylar önce
@mebsrea brainfart. I meant 56% of public/government spending
mebsrea 9 aylar önce
@PORRIDGE GUN 56% of GDP on the military? Are you insane? Not even at the height of the Second World War did that large a share of US GDP go to military spending. The real figure for 2019 is 3.4% of US GDP.
Robert Seviour
Robert Seviour 9 aylar önce
@Jas Guy Your statement is light on fact: Germany has the most successful economy in Europe and this was achieved under a succession of highly competent chancellors. Merkel brought a great deal of stability to her country and the continent.Sloppy that you couldn't be bothered to find out how her name is spelled. I have spent many years in Germany and it makes the US look undeveloped in comparison.
Troll Squad
Troll Squad 9 aylar önce
@CobraPlayzYT Ayo I ain’t a weeb you obviously don’t know the definition of a weeb
Juan Olivier
Juan Olivier 9 aylar önce
German schools are made to teach all kids far-left propaganda.
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 9 aylar önce
Shocking lack of bias. Mark is doing what our most trusted "news outlets" won't. Thank you for facts over feelings.
William StClaire
William StClaire 9 aylar önce
Thank You Sir for your unbiased story. You certainly tell it as it is and how it should be told.
Anointing of seer
Anointing of seer 9 aylar önce
Much respect for the guy playing the bagpipes on the front line, big balls!
Killer Joe
Killer Joe 17 gün önce
That did take balls. One would think asshole playing those annoying bagpipes would be the first to get nailed - by his own men.
anubis44 Aylar önce
My great grandfather was one of those guys in the British Army, a Pipe Major. His bravery is almost beyond belief, as he went over the top of the trench FIRST, and then led the men towards the German positions while walking bolt upright and playing the bagpipes. He was killed, along with his brother, in the First Battle of the Somme.
WolfSeven 9 aylar önce
I just recently discovered your channel, like finding a pot of gold at the end of a glorious and bloody WW2 rainbow?
Dana Wilkes
Dana Wilkes 9 aylar önce
My Grandfather went to school with Adolf Hitler when in Linz Austria. I am 71 now and finally talked to someone else (he was somewhat younger than me) a couple of years ago, that their Great Grandfather did the same. Little did they know, what was to come of this. Small world...
Scott Charney
Scott Charney 9 aylar önce
@Dani Al True, but I think that in private he did not have nice things to say about the Mufti.
mano fiske
mano fiske 9 aylar önce
@Dana Wilkes "...to try TO get information..."
TheZestyCar 9 aylar önce
@Dani Al Wow. I was not expecting this.
77thTrombone 9 aylar önce
@Dana Wilkes that would've been a huge search, given what little you knew: a birthday, last name starts with 'f' & likely 2 syllables, religion, born in Linz _or a nearby town._ Actually, given the magick of Internet, you may be likely to find something than your uncle was. Do you know German? If not, tell me a religion & birth year, and I'll poke around, maybe find a site you can poke around on. No promises, tho.
77thTrombone 9 aylar önce
@tachikoma kusanagi you missed my point. I wasn't talking about the Germans who pounded Coventry. I was talking about the Germans who emigrated in late 1800s, early 1900s from, say, the Falk Laws. First issue they have: assimilate in their new country. Second issue they have: their new country gets involved with -one- -make that two - major wars with their country of origin, the 2nd war being particularly inhumane, even among wars. Thus, what value is there in Mr Fostey, who left Austria-Hungary decades prior, telling anyone, "Hey, I went to school with the guy who started that war!" ? Net: 1) you may be angry with mid-20th century Germans. 2) Mr Fostey has good reason not to discuss his childhood association with Hitler.
Riddle FFS
Riddle FFS 6 aylar önce
You deserve 100 Million subscribers!. a honor for your consistent uploads of great history content.
Kevin Parrett
Kevin Parrett Aylar önce
Best channel on the tube , this guy knows everything I want to know . WW2 is my favorite history I watch things over an over again because it’s done so well .
Greys Matters
Greys Matters 3 aylar önce
I get it now why he believed in destiny so much. His application being accepted on the basis of a clerical error ? Who writes to the King of Bavaria ? Instead of being deported he gets accepted in the army. Dalliances with death in the trenches ? Failed assasinations ? Nah. Too much for a simple coincidence.
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Aylar önce
Yes and it took all the kings horses and all the kings men to stop him too.
Riatore X
Riatore X 3 aylar önce
12:05 It's crazy to think that Tolkien was also present during the early days of the Somme. Their trenches were seperated only by a few hundred feet of land full of barbed wires, shell holes, and countless dead bodies. A homeless failed artist, and a struggling Oxford graduate, both destined for greatness...
Arto Turunen
Arto Turunen 9 aylar önce
12:05 gotta love how EVERYONE gives way or avoids the bagpipe player who walks however he pleases :)
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