Lamborghini Revuelto - From Now On 

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Introducing the new Lamborghini Revuelto, our first super sports V12 hybrid plug-in High Performance Electrified Vehicle delivering 1015 CV.
A naturally aspirated V12 engine combined with an eight-speed, double-clutch transverse gearbox and three electric motors in a revolutionary architecture: a new paradigm for the automotive world.
13 driving modes. All-wheel drive is also available in fully electric mode.
The perfect combination of aerodynamics and design expresses maximum synergy between efficiency, functionality and style.
New Lamborghini Revuelto. From Now On.
Discover more: lam.bo/Revuelto_Yt
#Lamborghini #Revuelto #FromNowOn
The vehicle is not yet offered for sale and is therefore not subject to Directive 1999/94/EC. The fuel consumption and emissions data is in the type approval stage
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28 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Lamborghini 2 aylar önce
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FBI Pikachu Entertainment™
AllahIslam_ 2 aylar önce
Hi Lamborghini, please reply big Lamborghini fan
sonic and thomas robloxer others
thanks guys let's hope it could beat a sf90 in a drag race
Yacy 2 aylar önce
—DR1FT3R— 2 aylar önce
You guys made an indescriptible car 🤩
Viper Gaming
Viper Gaming 2 aylar önce
The Aventador is now going to be part of history, but this is gonna write history 🔥🔥
RA 2 aylar önce
@Viper Gaming one day I hope to own both 🙏😊
Landy Sok
Landy Sok 2 aylar önce
@RA in Forza
—DR1FT3R— 2 aylar önce
Tell me how many Lamborghini cars are trash… literally NONE
Fishy gaming
Fishy gaming 2 aylar önce
@RA Me personally I would never let that slide
Edmundo José Zuazua Chapa
Bot 🔥🔥🔥
The Whaleman
The Whaleman Aylar önce
You guys gotta give your marketing department a raise. "Thunder and Lighting finally together" gave me chills.
john doe
john doe Aylar önce
Perfect for Manowar lyrics
Carsten Li
Carsten Li Aylar önce
D'accord. "From now on" ist also pretty great. 👉2:09
Ananth Narayanan P
Ananth Narayanan P Aylar önce
When McQueen and chick hicks become buddies
The Whaleman
The Whaleman Aylar önce
@Ananth Narayanan P lol
Saber Aylar önce
Plot twist: You work for the marketing department
Ben Jacob
Ben Jacob 2 aylar önce
This sent chills down my spine! Amazing sound design too. You guys sure know how make a beautifully sounding engine. Props for keeping the V12.
One piece is the worst fúčking anime of all time
Are we gonna look at cars all day or are we gonna buy them?
Zer0 Aylar önce
@One piece is the worst fúčking anime of all time I dont think some one with username as you can buy anything :)
Jonas Spitaels
Jonas Spitaels Aylar önce
they straight up used the same soundtrack as buggati did for their chiron 0-400-0 km/h video but yeah the sound design is pretty good
Edilson Jr
Edilson Jr Aylar önce
Belíssimo, perfeito em todos os aspectos, uma verdadeira obra de arte
Tony Vega
Tony Vega Aylar önce
Bellisimo perfecto en todos los aspectos una verdadera obra de arte,
Jahagob Aylar önce
2:04 The moment, when the pitch of the engine matches the music. Goosebumps.
Saad Sheharyar
Saad Sheharyar Aylar önce
legendary comment
OTT Deon
OTT Deon Aylar önce
Editing??. A good commercial does not mean a good car
Ahmad Aylar önce
@OTT Deon he didn’t say if it’s good or not, he just commented on the editing.
ZACK Aylar önce
@OTT Deon as if you can buy it to experience if it's good or not.
Sashidher reddy
Sashidher reddy Aylar önce
LifeHacksHQ Aylar önce
Super G V2
Super G V2 2 aylar önce
The Aventador is now part of the history books. A timeless legend. Time for the Revuelto to now make its mark!
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez 2 aylar önce
To me Reventon with that stealth design is in History books too.
ㅤa 2 aylar önce
wonder if itll be just as much as a pop culture icon! not big on european exotics but i think lambo is ok if you can afford it
Lombe Chewemukulu
Lombe Chewemukulu 2 aylar önce
My 2nd acc
My 2nd acc 2 aylar önce
@Tony Valdez Sesto Elemento 👌
Tony Valdez
Tony Valdez 2 aylar önce
@My 2nd acc Yeah but its cutom car i can say same about Vulcan or FXX:)
Nushkyn 2 aylar önce
This was the most beautifully crafted commercial I have ever laid my eyes on. The sound, VFX, narration, poetic dialogue describing the ascension from the older generation into a brighter, more electrified future. It made me shed some manly tears of joy that this is what the future holds. I would sell my own liver to get ahold of this beautiful masterpiece.
Got2b Aylar önce
do you know who is the cinematographer for the video
Kdream's Cosmos
Kdream's Cosmos Aylar önce
@Got2b please enlighten us.
Got2b Aylar önce
@Kdream's Cosmos no, i wish to know so i could see more of his work
On The Right Side
On The Right Side 22 gün önce
Your salvation is most important than a fancy usless car. Repent and believe in the gospel of Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the world.
Júlio Ferreira
Júlio Ferreira Aylar önce
A máquina já deixa nós impressionado aí esse comercial chama ainda más nossa atenção 😉😁
R_ TheKingSlayerX
R_ TheKingSlayerX Aylar önce
This car looks absolutely out of this world 🔥🔥
Павел Левин
Эта машина с детства привлекла своим выделяющим дизайном. Эти фары, двери, звук мотора. Я считаю эту машину не только транспортом, но и произведением искусства!!!
ayam pencen
ayam pencen Aylar önce
100 trueeeee...
Kaletso Phiri
Kaletso Phiri Aylar önce
Unbelievable engine sound ❤
John Smith
John Smith 2 aylar önce
I’m going to call it right now: with a Gintani exhaust, the naturally aspirated 9,500 rpm V12 of the Revuelto is going to go down as one of, if not the best sounding engines of all time
Exotics Of Lt
Exotics Of Lt 2 aylar önce
The stock Revuelto sounds similar to the Aventador, so by adding a Gintani exhaust, we have a rough estimate on how this beast could sound.
Sam_Xndr 2 aylar önce
Adam Garon
Adam Garon 2 aylar önce
Luke Daniel Galon
Luke Daniel Galon 2 aylar önce
Also novitec
Dan 2 aylar önce
I 100% agree wit you bro
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues Aylar önce
Meu Deus do céu isso é um sonho!!!! Sensacional!
FitnessWorld Aylar önce
That thrilling sound of exhaust 🔥🔥 goosebumps
BRUNO SOUZA Aylar önce
Adam K.
Adam K. 2 aylar önce
The new Revuelto looks sick! It kinda looks like an aventador but better! Can't wait to see these on the roads! Im in love with this car!❤ Thanks for creating these awesome cars, Lamborghini! I love the edits on this video by the way!👍😁
Jimmy Gaming
Jimmy Gaming Aylar önce
this needs to be a movie bro, the bull being the spirit of the car, the kid awekening into a new begining
John Dc2
John Dc2 2 aylar önce
The editing/cinematics/driving shots on this are absolutely breathtaking. Wow bravo.
Sheldon J Plankton
Sheldon J Plankton 2 aylar önce
Exactly! I was expecting this thing to begin explaining it's origin story 😂
Karan S
Karan S 2 aylar önce
What about background music copyright
Dark Side
Dark Side 2 aylar önce
Reminds me of Batman dark Knight
yes 2 aylar önce
aftermathsample305 2 aylar önce
I could watch this over and over again, gives me goosebumps! Tears to my eyes so beautiful! Last time I felt like this was with the Huracan Tecnica. Work of art!
NightWeevil Aylar önce
Such a sick car! The design, the sound, and everything about it is so cool! The video is also such a cinematic masterpiece!
Gabriel Campolina
Gabriel Campolina Aylar önce
I wanna know who made this video
Nicky Vill
Nicky Vill Aylar önce
whats wrong with it?
Gunmettle Aylar önce
And virtually EVERYTHING about it is fake 😂 You don't honestly believe this is all showing off the real car, sound and design do you? That's not how commercials work. This is called a Blackbird, a digital stunt car that is overlaid with CGI graphics to look like the car they're trying to sell. They can control the shine, the glimmer, the lighting around it, how vibrant it looks and obviously not being the real car means all of the sounds it makes are fake and designed around what people think sounds like a badass engine. All you no brainers, I swear, it's highly amusing how you all get so excited over blatant attempts by companies directing cinematographers to deliberately fool you. Go look up on TRvid right now "Lamborghini Revuelto Sound", a video came out just 8 days ago showing off the sound of it's engine. Then you can go and tell me how it compares to the "awesome, chills-down-your-spine" sound of it in this video LOL. In your defense you'd probably say "W-well.. well.. 😢 it sounds good enough! You're just mean and don't get it 😭"
TheRole_1 Aylar önce
@Gunmettle so what?
nunca tive tanta vontade de ter uma lamborghini, como eu tive vendo esse video
AgroAlbedo Aylar önce
Tremendo trabajo los de marketing, sonido,Efectos especiales y etc. Genial !!! Un Mounstro ese Revuelto 👏
Coleman Trebor
Coleman Trebor Aylar önce
Damn i first thought that you guys would have made enother boring or bad car like other new futuristic car but this is freaking badass and chill at the same time. (That v12 sound divine) very good job 💪🔥
Milo C4X
Milo C4X 2 aylar önce
Great job Lamborghini! You are killing it with the lineup! Long live the Revuelto!
dr_emmz 2 aylar önce
Love this comment, long live the revuelto
Aaron Fauth
Aaron Fauth 2 aylar önce
The Aventador can now rest in peace.
yes 2 aylar önce
Kissagyal 2 aylar önce
Revoltillo mejor de hubiera llamado
Md Hussain Ansari
Md Hussain Ansari Aylar önce
That exhaust sound🔥❤
Auto Hub
Auto Hub 2 aylar önce
Amazing 🧡👌
Liam Adamec
Liam Adamec 16 gün önce
“To combine the sound of the engine with the light of a new beginning” One of the best quotes ever
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 2 aylar önce
Amei carro ficou perfeito
MBA Shawn
MBA Shawn Aylar önce
I'm gonna miss the Aventador :( what an absolutely beautiful car, will always be my dream car❤
Rescueplayz & Finem Ludum
MAMADZ 2 aylar önce
As a first Lamborghini's HPEV supercar this car is banger! And thanks for keeping the V12 alive! Long Live the Glorious V12✨️
yes 2 aylar önce
MAMADZ 2 aylar önce
@yes what bro?🗿
Cody 2 aylar önce
BigNigga24 2 aylar önce
Bluffness 2 aylar önce
This reminded me of everything I love about a Lamborghini, it took me back to when I fell in love with this brand thanks to the exquisite design and sound of '05 Gallardo.
Christian 2 aylar önce
Lamborghini just never misses. So happy the V12 lives on! The Aventador will always be a legend
I think we couldn't even imagine that monster before it's existence. Realistically Lamborghini with more friendly environmental combustion process and 1000 hp+ that's gonna write history and that will be a big international achievement about racing, luxury cars. Congrats!
Cristhian Llanes
Cristhian Llanes 2 aylar önce
De verdad que sí está revuelto😂 por sus tecnologías pero el diseño aerodinámico está brutal 😎😎😎
Tu Ru
Tu Ru Aylar önce
This was the first trailer from a car brand that gave me chills. Amazing video!
dunichtich100 2 aylar önce
It is not a car, it is a musical instrument that also transports people - pure emotion! 👌🏼
SlicQidden 2 aylar önce
yea its not a car /: there no stick and a computer is suggesting you move
NocturnalPlur S
NocturnalPlur S 2 aylar önce
Haha. ok
Dawn FM
Dawn FM 2 aylar önce
it's a batmobile
Raunak Tiwari
Raunak Tiwari Aylar önce
what is this "EMOTION" crap
ayam pencen
ayam pencen Aylar önce
Ak M
Ak M 2 aylar önce
One day I'll be able to afford this legendary car. I don't care if it's not the fastest, it's just something that I want.
Gabriel Gaitan
Gabriel Gaitan Aylar önce
Me too.
Tahin Pulinx
Tahin Pulinx Aylar önce
go for it , hope we both get it one day
Mustapha Diallo
Mustapha Diallo 27 gün önce
@Gabriel Gaitan 2107
C.H1301 Aylar önce
What a car!! Incredible in every sense of the word!!😊
Mace2GO RC
Mace2GO RC Aylar önce
And the bull continues to rage. Love Lamborghini since the countach. Hearing her roar in this commerical just gave me chills. What a lovely sound
Oscar Buquet
Oscar Buquet 2 aylar önce
Honnêtement j’ai eu des frissons ! C’est la meilleure voiture qu’aurait pu sortir lamborghini à notre époque et je l’aime déjà ! 😍
gizzad Aylar önce
The sound work on this video is insanely good.
A. Muco
A. Muco Aylar önce
The same team who works on Porsche's promo videos. They really know how to give you goosebumps!
Steven Bonfiglio
Steven Bonfiglio 2 aylar önce
I remember being 10 years old watching the Aventadors introductory "Relentless Force" video in 2012, now im 21 seeing the Revuelto being unveiled. Lamborghini is a part of my childhood and they constantly make me excited about the brand. I hope to own a Lamborghini in the future and this is a constant motivation!
dark_bull63 2 aylar önce
im 21 well
Tien Duy Nguyen
Tien Duy Nguyen 2 aylar önce
Introduced 12 years ago, the og Aventador still look like a modern design super car by today standard, may take more time to call it's timeless design, but still truely a legend.
Thomas Turbato
Thomas Turbato 2 aylar önce
@Tien Duy Nguyen well is only 12 years... u guys talk about childhood but u 20 yrs old u stil child xD
yes 2 aylar önce
Tien Duy Nguyen
Tien Duy Nguyen 2 aylar önce
@Thomas Turbato i'm 34 btw
Umang Chaubey
Umang Chaubey Aylar önce
Loved the sound ❤
Orange Aylar önce
Thanks for keeping an actual good sounding engine inside!
Francisco Márcio de Sousa cruz Sousa cruz
Belo motor tourinho um sonho maravilhoso carro
Nic Aylar önce
These cars never cease to amaze me
Jawad Affan
Jawad Affan Aylar önce
Goosebumps after hearing the revv sounds 🥵
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Lamborghini, you just manage to make everyone who doesn't know about Lamborghini become a fan in a matter of seconds!!! you are surreal and can take the breath away from anyone who listens to v12be in shock!!! Congratulations Lamborghini I'm in love with this brand!!!
Alp 2 aylar önce
Bro, who doesn't know about Lamborghini.
fly 2 aylar önce
@Alp Bro, who legitimately replies to a scam bot?
Alp 2 aylar önce
@fly Apparently me, oops.
fly 2 aylar önce
@Alp lol
Mailson Guimarães
Mailson Guimarães 2 aylar önce
CARALHO! Arrepiou tudo aqui. Se eu tivesse uns milhões sobrando, seria um dele e um Urus ❤
Khalid 2 aylar önce
Just can't wait for SVJ and Ultimae version, Imagine how sick they will be. Chills 🥶
MATRIX Aylar önce
The people who worked on this trailer have exceeded the expectations.
Shohaib Multani
Shohaib Multani 2 aylar önce
It feels so good to hear the sound of V12 in this EV era
Rawane Fall
Rawane Fall Aylar önce
A very strong company full of passions congratulations 💪🏾❤️
SyenPie 2 aylar önce
One of the sickest commercials I've ever seen. Especially 1:55 to the end, literally got chills watching this segment. Considering many people having mixed feelings about Lamborghini going electric, it was a very smart PR move to go absolutely ham on their official commercial and really play to our emotions and make it feel just as epic, just as powerful as the old Lamborghinis.
Runaway 2 aylar önce
The Reventon Roadster commercial is still a masterpiece.
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Aylar önce
Lies again? Serie A Leader L1R1
Kashif Hanif
Kashif Hanif Aylar önce
These are the same guys Pennozoil used for their Dodge from Hell and Ferrari trailers, incase you want to see more of their work!
Jabrr020 Aylar önce
Going hybrid is fine but full electric will never work.
DopamineMVWM Aylar önce
This was so hacky and cheesy
TheAceStriker Aylar önce
This is how you make a commercial. Absolute masterpiece.
Incptn Live
Incptn Live 2 aylar önce
Damn, I got the chills after watching that. Amazing production on all fronts!
Vinicius Bueno
Vinicius Bueno Aylar önce
Caramba🤯 que coisa mais linda😦. Uma exibição de belza, força e poder. 💰🍷🗿😎
Sukai 2 aylar önce
That shot at 1:36 just screams power and ferocity!!! I love the tilted angle
Bahati muhamed
Bahati muhamed Aylar önce
This one is absolutely classic!🔥
Un être de lumière
Un être de lumière 2 aylar önce
God that SOUND !!! This is going to be legendary, even more than it already is.
MrSoiSauce 2 aylar önce
They’ve got sound samples on their website for the engine AND the e-mode. Both sound nuts
Neru 2 aylar önce
the sound of an angry bull
yes 2 aylar önce
Сергій Дужих
@MrSoiSauce Could you send a link?
Abrupt Chancla
Abrupt Chancla 2 aylar önce
"Thunder and lightning finally together" I love it
Sid Poseidon
Sid Poseidon 2 aylar önce
That V12... what a majestic sound
vini Aylar önce
Cê lokooo tio, que som do carro
William Ochieng
William Ochieng Aylar önce
And that ladies and gentlemen is how you make a hybrid ❤
Antonio Alves
Antonio Alves Aylar önce
Esse vídeo ficou parecido com um treile de filme. Linda essa Lamborghini!
DR ORBIT 2 aylar önce
Some people were afraid you'd go all electric next, awesome of you keeping the V12 alive!
T Ellison
T Ellison 2 aylar önce
They said about 2028 it will be fully electric
Ashton Bear
Ashton Bear 2 aylar önce
@T Ellison yes because oil is running out & this world is coming to an end every soon unstoppable future 😢
ralgia 2 aylar önce
Oil is abiotic
ErgoNaut 2 aylar önce
@Ashton Bear synthetic fuels are the future. electric cars wont be the only option.
William's Biking
William's Biking 2 aylar önce
@Ashton Bear I hope your being sarcastic
san 2 aylar önce
This trailer is freaking insane dude. The sound of this car. Man it's a masterpiece.
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris 2 aylar önce
This is just a masterpiece thank you thank you so much for giving the world a sound track !!! All these soft limiters and turbos !! I think this is just destroy all it’s competitors. Who wants a quite supercar 😂❤❤❤❤❤
Harun Demirtaş
Harun Demirtaş Aylar önce
Very nice sound 🔥🔥
lambo13mario 2 aylar önce
the best car i have ever seen and the sound
Chit Padia
Chit Padia Aylar önce
All the credit goes to Enzo Ferrari who made it possible for us to witness this amazing machine💥
ZaKTricKzz 2 aylar önce
Literally a stealth fighter for the roads.
Ivan Jerez
Ivan Jerez 2 aylar önce
No kidding!
Sai Gaikwad
Sai Gaikwad 2 aylar önce
Yessir! Cruising around on that silent mode and then firing up the V12 like hittin the afterburners. And imagine this with a Matte Black spec holy
Ryan O
Ryan O 2 aylar önce
probably not a stealth fighter bro, wake up your kids while its driving in another state.
GRD PROJEKT 2 aylar önce
Yes. Bright orange ear shattering V12 car really is stealthy.
yes 2 aylar önce
Cody 2 aylar önce
This trailer and cinematic’s were absolutely amazing
bandog700 Aylar önce
Está precioso !
Leaxpae Arts
Leaxpae Arts 27 gün önce
We all know that Lamborghini will be iconic forever 🎉
Sgt_Derpguy _25
Sgt_Derpguy _25 Aylar önce
It's been a wild ride for the Aventador, but alas, all good things must come to an end, but fortunately, the Revuelto will also make a mark to the Car community!
MOHIT FILMS 28 gün önce
I literally cried i Don't know why 🔥🔥 hats off team Lamborghini
PacMan2986 2 aylar önce
Goosebumps all over! Man, Lamborghini never gets it wrong.
yes 2 aylar önce
leothesouthpaw 2 aylar önce
@yes stop lolling
goldleck Aylar önce
​@leothesouthpaw lol
MBA Shawn
MBA Shawn Aylar önce
@leothesouthpaw "lolling" haha lol😂
pranaykaushik kukatla
Awesome electrifying car, superb trailer which brought goosebumps to me. Insanely awesome and great.
Bugatti 2 aylar önce
I'm glad to know that the sound of naturally aspirated V12 engines won't go away any time soon 🔥🇮🇹
Luís Aylar önce
Uma Máquina
Phobia FX
Phobia FX 2 aylar önce
This is EPIC :) Great job! Can't wait to grab one!
redthorn Aylar önce
this sound ❤‍🔥
Ron Swex
Ron Swex 2 aylar önce
That was probably the best presentation of a new car model ever. Beautifully edited.
João Marcos
João Marcos 2 aylar önce
Que magnífico
English song
English song Aylar önce
The video Grapher just nailed it😮 my huge respect to him
Pet Lover Adara
Pet Lover Adara 11 gün önce
It's a dream car that many enthusiasts can only aspire to own!
BDZ 2 aylar önce
As much as this engine sounds great, there's just something GLORIOUS about that way the Huracán|Gallardo's V10's sound ! 🔊
Didier David Jiménez. Cortez
Ojalá tuviese la oportunidad de escuchar ese sonido de ese motor tan limpio y real en algún juego de carrwras
Tim Hedgepeth
Tim Hedgepeth 2 aylar önce
Thank you for keeping the V12 engine!!! I cant wait to see what's in store for this car! Hopefully you can inspire other car brands to follow a similar path with their cars
Roger Halt
Roger Halt 2 aylar önce
Are you on the waiting list?
Tim Hedgepeth
Tim Hedgepeth 2 aylar önce
@Roger Halt gonna need to save up a little bit more, but one day
Metin Hesenov
Metin Hesenov Aylar önce
what path?
HaiPing Plays
HaiPing Plays 2 aylar önce
How thoughtful of Lamborghini to produce such affordable cars. 😄
Hunting 2 aylar önce
This ad is absolutely nuts. I would do anything to be on their marketing team 😎
Psycho_Vip3r Aylar önce
This car looks and sounds insane the next evolution of Automobile is here
vero1897 2 aylar önce
Magnificent... Just like every Lambo.❤️
ZPS-Guy Aylar önce
FlamingGaming 143
FlamingGaming 143 2 aylar önce
Now this company knows how the car community works! Even tho Challenger and Mustang went the full EV Route already, Lamborghini knows how much the sound means to us❤️
Samarth Parihar
Samarth Parihar Aylar önce
Yea the only disadvantage of EVs is the lack of that feeling and the roaring of the engine.
ギガ チャド
ギガ チャド Aylar önce
@Samarth Parihar disadvantage or advantage? It's just higher power efficiency by not wasting energy into sound and heat but putting it all into the wheels
Cicada Cult studio
Cicada Cult studio Aylar önce
@ギガ チャド and can explode anytime it wants..ev explode anytime they want
ギガ チャド
ギガ チャド Aylar önce
@Cicada Cult studio so only evs burn themselves up? Someone needs to look at stats
Cicada Cult studio
Cicada Cult studio Aylar önce
@ギガ チャド yes..evs are the most problematic thing on earth right now
omar reyes mendoza
omar reyes mendoza 2 aylar önce
The sound editing of this video is a masterpiece
YASSINE INSTRU 2 aylar önce
The producers of this masterpiece video must have won an Oscar for sound and video editing.
EGGHUNT - Koenigsegg Jesko
görünümler 2 Mn
Bu araba alınır! #car
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