Lamborghini Huracan Turbo vs Kawasaki H2R: DRAG RACE

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This is going to be EPIC!

Mat’s rolled up to our latest drag race in a Lamborghini Huracan and he’s about to face off against an awesome Kawasaki Ninja H2R!

Trust us, the stats on both of these vehicles are insane! Starting with the Lambo, it’s had not one, but TWO turbochargers added to its 5.2-litre V10, and as a result, it now puts out an immense 1,100hp & 1,000Nm of torque! In terms of weight, it tips the scales at 1,450kg.

Then we have the Kawasaki… Naturally, it’s SO much lighter than the Lambo, weighing in at 216kg. It’ll also put down an awesome 310hp & 165Nm!

So how’s this one going to play out… Will the Lambo smash the bike off the line? Or will the bike shoot off and snatch the win? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

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9 Eki 2021




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Antonio Palmero
Antonio Palmero 5 saatler önce
Why ?
Hamad X69
Hamad X69 5 saatler önce
❤️🔥 awesome
Kenneth Gilomen
Kenneth Gilomen 6 saatler önce
Didnt expect the H2R to lose...
Abhishek 2
Abhishek 2 12 saatler önce
It wheelied in 3rd or 4th gear it says it how powerful h2r is
Mthokozisi Zuma
Mthokozisi Zuma 14 saatler önce
I think it’s time Matt learns how to ride motorbikes lol
Big Bike Riders
Big Bike Riders 14 saatler önce
That was just awesome 👍🏾
uau kawasaki
donohue76 Gün önce
Wow, well that was stunning ! Mat and Chris, my 2 beloved youtube presenters in one vid !!
MichaelAussie05 Gün önce
Bloody brilliant video thanks to all involved for making a really interesting and informative video Cheers.
Andy Nax
Andy Nax Gün önce
The motorbike needed front wings as Motogp motorbikes have.
V1spr R6
V1spr R6 Gün önce
The amount of power in the bike it's so hard to control
china man
china man Gün önce
This machiney are crazy they can take you out of your skin
Paul Lockwood
Paul Lockwood Gün önce
In a way, that's kinda the best drag race ever.
Kras IV
Kras IV Gün önce
If you are lucky enough to ride a H2R, its like nothing you’ve EVER ridden before. The POWER is insane.
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Gün önce
This video is a gentle reminder that I should stick to cars. A 300hp bike? Hell no.
Adrian Vac
Adrian Vac Gün önce
Get a new rider, he's rubbish
M B Gün önce
Not sure it needed to be dragged out over 10 mins 🤔
Brian Meskanen
Brian Meskanen Gün önce
God I love that Kawasaki. Sooo much better looking than a 'Busa
Giorgos Papadopoulos
To keep a bike down with such power, you have to twist.
Adam West
Adam West 2 gün önce
The bike has such a short span between wheels that is why it lifts on acceleration or stabiliser on the back.
Nicht noch ein YouTuber Udo Klos-Sartorius
What for an bullshit Race! Why Not an rimac vs. The Kawasaki h2r? Wehen bullshit make ist Right!
Walter 2 gün önce
Sundar Moradabad
Sundar Moradabad 2 gün önce
ismail hamiek
ismail hamiek 2 gün önce
life is race!!!! amazing
Ádám Torkos
Ádám Torkos 2 gün önce
We need a video where u are on the bike
Rock Rick
Rock Rick 2 gün önce
Before seeying this, i predict the bike will win easely
Rock Rick
Rock Rick 2 gün önce
Okay not easy. Keeping the front wheel down is superhard. Maybe getting a longer arm on the backwheel will do.
S. Arlo
S. Arlo 2 gün önce
next vid : Ducati panigale V4R / Ducati superlaggera V4 Vs Twin turbo huracan
MrZerk815 3 gün önce
Imagine spending hundreds of thousands on a car that can lose to a 25k bike if the H2 can keep its wheel down there is no way that lambo had a chance
SkS 3 gün önce
H2r is king of bikes
Boya Darat
Boya Darat 3 gün önce
get a Motogp please, and bring back F1 car
Pieter Botha
Pieter Botha 3 gün önce
I challenge you to invite Brad Binder (South African motorcycle racer) with exactly the same Lambo and put him on that H2R...Trust me.
Nurse Pianist
Nurse Pianist 3 gün önce
Race it with Bugatti Chiron, Aero Sc Tuatara, Venom Henessey Gt, or Koeniggseg Agera, It cannot win on 1st 3cars because those can reach topspeed of 480+
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate 3 gün önce
Whos got the biggest balls? The guy driving fast inside a tin can... or the guy riding on top of a razer sharp edge?
po pe
po pe 3 gün önce
scams scammers scam Lamborghini cheating cheat poop shit
po pe
po pe 3 gün önce
scams scammers scam Lamborghini cheating cheat poop shit
po pe
po pe 3 gün önce
scams scammers scam Lamborghini cheating cheat poop shit
Cesar Gomez
Cesar Gomez 3 gün önce
👓 👓 👓 👓 ⏳ SEEK YE the LORD while He may be found, call ye upon Him while He is near: [Isaiah 55:6 KJV] ⏳ 👓 👓 👓 👓
ShortAsianDude 3 gün önce
Chris at the first race: f*ck the race imma wheelie all the way
Nicola Roberts
Nicola Roberts 4 gün önce
Brilliant, Just love cars & bikes, He did a good job riding that. Hand full ! Respect.
Muhamad Aldi
Muhamad Aldi 4 gün önce
Faruk Bagci
Faruk Bagci 4 gün önce
Take for ona time Kenan Sofuoğlu or the new motobik super Champion Toprak Razkatlioglu. For a bike race :) I think it will be more better and more fun.
Julio Clavijo
Julio Clavijo 4 gün önce
Is fast Lamborghini 😊
Android 890
Android 890 4 gün önce
Biker big balls👏
SHANNON SA 5 gün önce
Jesus H Christ.... £60k for a bike ....
XAVALON 5 gün önce
Wake up until morning Kawasaki stabs Lambo every time. Friend is constantly lifting Kawasaki one by one. Call Kenan Sofuoğlu and get up with him Let's see what the result will be.
Jeff Osborn
Jeff Osborn 5 gün önce
Now let's talk about the price difference! 😁
nuffflavor 5 gün önce
Mad respect to the H2R rider. Not that he won, but he pushed the bike as best as it could without losing it.
Fanai Val
Fanai Val 5 gün önce
There is no chance to beat for Lambo over H2r.
Anshul Nautiyal
Anshul Nautiyal 5 gün önce
4:23 that evil laugh
ramish rambarran
ramish rambarran 6 gün önce
What machines !!!! Biker is great !
Matic Butinar
Matic Butinar 6 gün önce
Akrapovič Slovenia
Ron M
Ron M 6 gün önce
That guy is a top notch rider.
prasanna kumar
prasanna kumar 6 gün önce
Chris is always a gem on motorcycle. Highly skilled rider, hats off…
Soundcore Classics
Soundcore Classics 6 gün önce
traction control on H2r is not on.
Ali Asghar
Ali Asghar 6 gün önce
Best race ever,
Ali Asghar
Ali Asghar 6 gün önce
Does h2r have launch control?
Soul Jaunt
Soul Jaunt 6 gün önce
H2R is a crazy bike, woah...
RoadRunner 6 gün önce
Stretch the h2r and there’s not a production car or modified car that’s keeping up
King S
King S 6 gün önce
millionaire: i have a Lamborghini Me: Pff i have a Kawasaki
G & Exclusive
G & Exclusive 6 gün önce
Air Pressure Apply Force.
fire 1
fire 1 7 gün önce
I think the lambo to upgrade at 1200-1250 hp , 1400 hp maximum hp to beat definitely the motorcycle in Rolling race from 100 mph to 200 mph or the car lambo with 1200 hp from the video race with f1car 750 hp and Nissan gtr with 1300 hp...the lambo în that video take 8.9 sec 1/4 mile
GW0WVL 7 gün önce
It takes a heavily modified supercar to beat an unmodified motorbike 🤣
Thomas Knapp
Thomas Knapp 7 gün önce
stock production bike,put a longer swing arm on it,no ontest..
Dimitrioui oui
Dimitrioui oui 7 gün önce
The price.
Adante Watson
Adante Watson 7 gün önce
my name start with watson
Latest Counts
Latest Counts 7 gün önce
The biker need a longer swing arm. Then the result would be different.
Jayme 7 gün önce
Needs a rear drag bar on the bike.
Silverfox9 7 gün önce
Real man drive superbikes. H2 FTW
Mr Pantur
Mr Pantur 7 gün önce
Get underground racing to modify that lambo the proper way.
Gagan Kr
Gagan Kr 7 gün önce
No matter what you bring its always be h2r
Shreck M
Shreck M 8 gün önce
Love to get terminal speed of that bike
M -
M - 8 gün önce
3:08 Sounds better then the Lamborghini 😂
Mario Junior
Mario Junior 8 gün önce
vladimir draskovic
vladimir draskovic 8 gün önce
Your oil lamp on lambo is on!
Claudio Volber
Claudio Volber 8 gün önce
O cara da moto é um cabaço, PQP!
Augustus Santiago
Augustus Santiago 8 gün önce
Kamal Ahmed
Kamal Ahmed 8 gün önce
try corsa mode (manual) it goes like fast and i mean FAST. CRAZY FAST
Diamondfighter2 8 gün önce
I’m pretty sure the h2 has launch and wheelie control. Why not use it
mack cummy
mack cummy 8 gün önce
4 tires driving are better than 1
mack cummy
mack cummy 8 gün önce
yup, no surprise there are lit up warning lights on the Lambo dash.
chetan sharma
chetan sharma 8 gün önce
If youtube have 1k like button I would definitely press all of them for this video😍
SmartfoolGB 9 gün önce
Audi dropped off power at the top end. A different tune to take advantage of top end capabilities at the expense of low speed savagery might be worth looking at.
Aaron 9 gün önce
That Lambo was the best car ive seen keep pace with a bike. Don't tell the "Fuzz".
mitchell baker
mitchell baker 9 gün önce
My fzr did 1/4 in 8.0 at 149 mph ... 165 horsepower full mod extruded metal that H2r is looking like a joke... Extend that swingarm 6 in and see how that Lamborghini pairs up
GamingPrince 9 gün önce
Nice bike
Ugyen Wangchuk
Ugyen Wangchuk 9 gün önce
4:18 6:48 7:58 9:10to skip all his bullshit lectures
itz_dullah_yt 9 gün önce
Who saw Mat nearly went 200 mph
Panji Nurhidayatulloh
Hiba Ghandour
Hiba Ghandour 9 gün önce
Shit goooppoooood
Kuthozo Vero
Kuthozo Vero 9 gün önce
Go check out ZS moto vlogs. He rides at 340KM/h.
Awishkar Gurung
Awishkar Gurung 9 gün önce
Hahahaha no lamborghini only Kawasaki HTR
Awishkar Gurung
Awishkar Gurung 9 gün önce
You have to change your drag
Armaghan Sarmad
Armaghan Sarmad 10 gün önce
That H2R is Brute
Gustav De Wet
Gustav De Wet 10 gün önce
Stupid bike, only made for top end. Don't it have launch and traction control, anti wheelie? Will probably drop it with ń Ducati R. Old 1997/8 Suzuki did 9.2 or so sec. Drop all new bikes on the quarter
TONYSTARK 10 gün önce
Why is the guy on the bike is sitting almost upright and did he turn on the launch control?
nathanielwoodall pickens sc
Put a swing on that.
tom anderson
tom anderson 10 gün önce
Am I the only one that noticed the oil light on in the lambo?
Neilakandan Sujith
Neilakandan Sujith 10 gün önce
It’s not h2r it’s h2 because h2r didn’t have mirror
Yahya Khattak
Yahya Khattak 10 gün önce
U forgot to say that the hurcan has SLICKS!
Punya Jyoti Bayan
Punya Jyoti Bayan 10 gün önce
Donot misbehave with h2r 🔥
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