Lakers Training Camp ! LeBron James, Russ, and AD have a 3 point contest

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Los Angeles Lakers first day of training camp with new head coach Darvin Ham. Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, And Anthony Davis have a 3 point contest. Lonnie Walker does defensive workout. Laker's new rookie Cole Swider is impressive.

edited and shot by Jordan Richard aka Jordanswishcultures

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26 Eyl 2022




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Swish Cultures
how do you like the new additions ? and how do you think the new squad will do ?
Keep it 💯
If Russ ends up staying with the Lakers this year we need to embrace this man we get nothing out of tearing him down if he is successful we are successful
Ninja Channel
You gotta love how Russ is just the same dude no matter what's happening around him.
Lotus Life
Whether ur a Laker fan or a Russ fan or not, the world really wants to see Westbrook finally get a ring. He deserves it through all the shit he has gotten his career and all he has put his body through
Crius XI
I really hope Russ is successful this season man, i really don’t want to continue disliking him as a player. I hope he can do it.
Ro Methazine
Russ looks great. Can’t wait to see Him get comfortable. First consecutive season in the same jersey in a long time.
Justice Rushing
I’m most interested to see the offensive scheme & the rotation because they definitely have pieces!
The’lon Fleming
Cole Swider is exactly what we needed
Anderson Lameira
Quero muito que o Westbrook dê a volta por cima, ele é um cara bom de grupo, tralhador e merece ser campeão
alejandro arellano
I'm excited to see Swider this season, I'm predicting he gets a similar start to his career like Reaves.
E Smith
Excited to see nunn back. I wish he could’ve played last year. I think he would’ve made a difference
Darrius Beal
I believe Russ is gonna show up this coming season I think his confidence is coming back because the coach believes in him unlike frank
Sharon Lycorish
It's a beautiful thing to see them practicing together. That's all they need to build their chemistry together as a unit. Don't tear Russ down. We need to build up this man who has given so much to the game of basketball.
Dylan Hartford
Russ lookin more happy then he has in a while with the lakers
I’m happy they got younger. They definitely showed they’re age last year. It’s refreshing seeing some young guns on the team that’s going to give maximum effort
Giovane Batalione
Tomara que este ano o time tenha um desempenho melhor e consiga brigar pelo título de campeão! Mesmo morando no Brasil o Lakers mora no meu coração deste a minha juventude!
Devo Tha Kid
I’m i the only one who thinks this season will be special 💯
Brad Ogier
Lonnie is such a great pickup. Hope to see him play well
Shoutout to Russ for still being a cool dude among all of the shit
Julio Martis
I'm just impressed about how Ham's vision, approach to the game. I really looking forward to see it with the implementation. He has a younger team than Vogel, so that is already an advantage.
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