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27 Oca 2023




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This game is a prime example of some people don’t deserve the job they have
Jr Brown
Jr Brown Aylar önce
@Let Me Get Uhhh this user said "trajectory" ......... Well that moving force was just "SOFT" .... Thiers your "TRAJECTORY" change ....... Lmao 🤣
jon ballesteros
jon ballesteros Aylar önce
I totally agree
J Aylar önce
@moody clan Read you like a book, stay away from sports, get into politics you are made for it.
Coulter Marcell
Coulter Marcell Aylar önce
Can’t help but feel bad for the Lakers, they played well enough to win the game, probably one of their best games all year and for the refs to take it away from them the way they did was simply just sad to watch. Refs needs to held accountable
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
@Phatch Thanks for your concern but things are going extremely well. If only you could accept the truth. Lmao!!!!
Phatch Aylar önce
@Stevereno M. btw Bud isn’t a term of endearment, Bud- “ compact growth on a plant that develops into a leaf” you’re sprouting you don’t know how to talk basketball but eventually you will 👍
Phatch Aylar önce
@Stevereno M. I feel bad for you man maybe you’ll find something in life… Passion can quickly turn into frustration and anger when things aren't going well. Anger and frustration trigger the body's stress response adrenaline and cortisol.
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
@Phatch I feel sorry for you not knowing the difference between "passion" and "tantrum". And I'm not your "bud". Lmao!!!!
Chase rides bikes
Chase rides bikes Aylar önce
This rivalry will never die
Awe someone’s mad
The Celtics have no rivalry. Chef Curry is Tatums father, no rings?
Patriots Nation
Patriots Nation Aylar önce
@Jonah Cannon probably arent? Lebron clearly got fouled and no call
Jonah Cannon
Jonah Cannon Aylar önce
@Divine Departure you’re using clown and laughing emojis, relax. Clearly I hurt you buddy it’s pretty obvious, didn’t mean to make u mad just stating facts
Divine Departure
Divine Departure Aylar önce
@Jonah Cannon i am also chill kid and the fact you brought up that first on somebody's post that's not even related shows you got hurt first? yeah yeah 😂😂😂😂🤡🤡
I’m a dawg
I’m a dawg Aylar önce
I’m a Celtics fan through and through and I gotta ask what refs was doing out there 😂
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. 11 gün önce
@mac wise He stops dribbling before he reaches the free throw line and takes 3 steps before shooting (and missing). Lol. That, my good friend, is a travel.
mac wise
mac wise 12 gün önce
​@Stevereno M. Lol travel where are u blind
Matt Aylar önce
Its like that scene in little nicky
Thomas Zizzo
Thomas Zizzo Aylar önce
@Stevereno M. ughgh...... man this has already been refuted again and again---it wasn't a travel. he took a gather step while picking up his dribble and took 2 steps. look it up
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
@Kai Phan It's called poetic justice. He travelled and it wasn't called. He then missed the layup. Deal with it. How many offensive fouls has he committed in his career that the refs have called the foul on the defensive player? When it happens, which is often, I've never seen the defensive player scream and start writhing around on the floor like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. He probably would have missed the two free throws and then blamed someone else for that. He ALWAYS has someone else to blame when things aren't going well (refs, teammates, coaches, etc.). He's a joke, actually.
CF Aylar önce
Thank god the players and all that basketball didn’t get in the way of what we all came to see… the Refs. Great job tonight boys.
Big Rael
Big Rael Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 this is funny
Rjay Dy
Rjay Dy Aylar önce
What a moment in NBA history
NeverFold Vlogs
NeverFold Vlogs Aylar önce
I love how Mike Breen announces every game like it’s the Finals The man is legendary can’t lie
congruence Aylar önce
@shawn phelan Van Gundy can sometimes be ok when he speaks the truth but sometimes he tries too hard and it doesn’t work for me, Jackson has proven over and over he doesn’t pay attention or know what he’s talking about, at least when it comes to Boston
Gerzon Obando
Gerzon Obando Aylar önce
@shawn phelan dude im talking about everyone complaining about him announcing every game like its the finals.
shawn phelan
shawn phelan Aylar önce
@Gerzon Obando he's clearly not complaining, what comment did you read?
Gerzon Obando
Gerzon Obando Aylar önce
I dont understand what ya complaining about i love this guy makes every game feel fun af
shawn phelan
shawn phelan Aylar önce
@congruence u tripping. They're all great
RGE:KAM Aylar önce
Pat Bev had a Helluva GAme! 3 threes and a Put Back Dunk SHEESH
SenjuSolos Aylar önce
@nick corson for Patrick Beverly it is he does not put up a lot of numbers
nick corson
nick corson Aylar önce
Lol 3 threes…. That’s not good lol.
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez Aylar önce
And lost
M.Wade Aylar önce
Heat fan here; love seeing my team against both of these clubs; and I know we don’t always see eye to eye in regards to our rival clubs, but even Celtics fans are saying the refs screwed the Lakers.
Dripski Aylar önce
Top 10 funniest moments in NBA history from LeBron jumping around to Pat Bev with the camera😂
Mny Mar
Mny Mar Aylar önce
I swear😂😂😂
Al Gomes
Al Gomes Aylar önce
That was the most dramatic reaction from Lebron that I have seen in sports entertainment 😂
azboy3333 18 gün önce
@christian but he dont got one
christian Aylar önce
@Nurse McFarlane your mom
Nurse McFarlane
Nurse McFarlane Aylar önce
@Pent Butler Like who?
Pent Butler
Pent Butler Aylar önce
It was a game deciding shot other players would have acted the same way
BranBran Aylar önce
@Dan McCrossan bro I’m not even a lebron fan but I’m sure it’s frustrating asl having a bad call for a game deciding play
You Call That a Knife?
8:06 I love the genuine confusion on the Lakers faces. Like damn, we really are playing against the refs too
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez Aylar önce
Excuse excuses. 13 place Lakers
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
They follow the immature leadership provided by Lebron. Lmao!!!!
BD Clips 🏀
BD Clips 🏀 Aylar önce
@Christina Mcconnell their not even that old and their very good but i agree no team can win if the games are being rigged
clipped it
clipped it Aylar önce
@Christina Mcconnell FACTS but thats the choice/sacrifice you have to choose to make rather take new prospects and hope their stars or take old stars use em til their black holes
Tonio5100 Aylar önce
Refs should have to start doing press conferences after the games so we can know what they be thinking during certain moments of the game
Big Rael
Big Rael Aylar önce
@matt burgoyne they cnt because WE KNOW some games are fixed for ratings and with the refs in the hot seat almost anything they say will be absolute BS & and they cnt have that ruining their "money" (fixing games *NFL as well*)
Big Rael
Big Rael Aylar önce
This is actually a great input. In close "questionable" games, this would be great for the fans and players! Lots of push and shove. I think they should implement that seeing that refereeing determines games as well. I LOVE IT! AND WE NEED ANSWERS 🤣
Chance Wims
Chance Wims Aylar önce
This is such a w comment
Relax with me
Relax with me Aylar önce
Refs not playing, lakers are in last place, don’t waste your time calling anything
CJ the great
CJ the great Aylar önce
Stretch Gang Nation change it
Dandandan Aylar önce
What an amazing game, the highlights show there are no technical fould thrown around!, the refs must've officiated this very fairly!
Sebastian Base
Sebastian Base Aylar önce
Damn what a tuff game by the MVP's, the Refs!🔥
timmyd Aylar önce
AquaDolphin Waters
AquaDolphin Waters Aylar önce
Lakers played well. Great win by the Celtics I think that was a foul on lebron.. at the end of regulation but refs miss calls all the time. On to the next lakers.
Namdaets 01
Namdaets 01 Aylar önce
Imagine if that was the play-in tournament... Well it's official, I'm starting to question this whole season, and I'm just a fan of basketball..
Jake Fox
Jake Fox Aylar önce
@shawn phelan you know they’re a laker fan when they’re thinking about the play in tournament lol
shawn phelan
shawn phelan Aylar önce
The play in tournament? Who cares about that?
Bless Baby Tha Don
Bless Baby Tha Don Aylar önce
Facts bro the NBA is controlled Now by we kno who
golden hoops
golden hoops Aylar önce
What a great game from the Lakers defeating the #1 team in the league and it just shows you how great they are when they are healthy.
Kenaut Aylar önce
@Justine sure. If they got all the help, then they should have won last year championship right? The Celtics live by the 3, die by the 3. If they shoot a good 3pt percentage, they win a game. If they don't, they will be beaten like a pulp like what the Magic did few weeks ago. They also lost against the Suns in their own home court. You win some you lose some.🤷
Justine Aylar önce
@Kenaut w some help from the refs
Kenaut Aylar önce
The Celtics won the game...😳
Ice Bear is… Ice Bear
That Celtics-Lakers game was really a heck of a rivalry. But, the refs are seriously damn soft.
QuickCamShot Aylar önce
Lebron traveled and gets fouled, good no call. 3 refs haven't seen both. Sound fair enough, and the best team in this era won after 5 minutes OT.
Jul Bri
Jul Bri Aylar önce
Guess u were going for Lebron
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
I know. I can't believe they didn't call travelling on Lebron when he took three steps before the shot.
TheGameoF_ Life
TheGameoF_ Life Aylar önce
Its not even about soft anymore. Its about them clearly cheating. You see Lebron het fouled and do not call it.
Phatch Aylar önce
@Yaboiyikes you don’t know basketball
You Heard Me
You Heard Me Aylar önce
The non-call was a huge error, and I was rooting for the Celtics. That said there were still minutes to play in OT. Keep your head up. Because in order to succeed you have to be able to set your anger aside or use it to your advantage. And go and get what they are trying to take away from you.
The Boundless Human Spirit
An amazing game, ofc big shoutout to the refs for helping ma Celtics out 😅
Rashaad Aylar önce
6:57 Pat Bevs best highlight by far😂😂
Tyrone Graves
Tyrone Graves Aylar önce
Malcolm Brogdon game is so sweet man. He is so smooth off the dribble really reminds me of Tony Parker
Don Aylar önce
@Tyrone Graves And he is not going to have a crappy attitude about being the 6th man.
Don Aylar önce
@Jeffrey Acosta Are you serious? The top 10 in that draft were Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown, Dragan Bender, Kris Dunn, Buddy Hield, Jamal Murray, Marquese Chriss, Jakob Poeltl and Thon Maker. The only 3 guys out of that group I'd take ahead of Brogdon based on their NBA careers to this point would be Ingram, Brown and Murray.
Tyrone Graves
Tyrone Graves Aylar önce
@Jeffrey Acosta he doesn’t have to be a superstar on a team that has Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. He wasn’t brought in to be that.
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards Aylar önce
I miss having him on the Bucks :(
F D Aylar önce
That Pat Beverly putback was sick
Jason Watson
Jason Watson Aylar önce
At what point does The NBA start punishing referees? And I’m not saying this to support the Lakers or the Celtics but tonight was absolutely awful.
MT Price
MT Price Aylar önce
@Wade West II rockets James harden. Idc he’s state padding his way to Kareem so no point in arguing
Mike B
Mike B Aylar önce
Never. NBA themselves train their referees to cook games like this for extra time more views more cash money
Brandon Moon
Brandon Moon Aylar önce
They missed the grant williams call on being out of bounds and shoulda called traveling on Bron plus the flagrant on Malcom so Bron can get over it
Maqil187 Aylar önce
At what point does leflop stop flopping
Trace McSorley
Trace McSorley Aylar önce
It was clean, great defense C's! LeCope never stood a chance!
mokreem Aylar önce
GREAT GAME.... Win or lose either side, Great Game.
Easy-Tricks Aylar önce
What a solid game matchup lakers vs referee!
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
@Brendon Zhang So you agree he traveled. Thank you.
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey Aylar önce
@Stevereno M. it's called a gather step, the steps taken before gathering the ball don't count. Stop crying in every comment and go learn some basketball rules.
Brendon Zhang
Brendon Zhang Aylar önce
@Stevereno M. you are lying. Only 2 steps. Watch closely.
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
They NEVER call travelling on Lebron. He took three steps before that shot. Stop whining.
Kid Mars
Kid Mars Aylar önce
Players like Bron and curry bring the best out their opponents bro it’s crazy to watch, EVERYTIME someone faces them it’s like they got something to prove
El28z Aylar önce
Boston is Boston and both teams have the most championships. Boston #1 in the east & Lakers #1 in the west
4KT Karam
4KT Karam Aylar önce
Curry???? Curry doesn’t compare to LeBron? LeBron drives to the rim three times the amount curry does and gets the same number of calls
Adrian Gonzales
Adrian Gonzales Aylar önce
KSUBI KAYY Aylar önce
One of the weirdest losses all year
Catching Sports
Catching Sports Aylar önce
Lakers played the right way, played together, stayed aggressive And it’s unfortunate that the game ends off a play like that 😔
Mad Lad
Mad Lad Aylar önce
@cindy canaga gather step plus two steps?
jt Aylar önce
"Why do you haye Boston?" Lebron: "Cuz they racist asf 😂"
Redheadboi Aylar önce
@gaming with jon he absolutely is. but lakers suck so he needs to do the dirty work
Edward Jensen
Edward Jensen Aylar önce
The game didn't end with that call ! The Lakers lost it in overtime!!!
Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez Aylar önce
And lost . Still at 13 place. What a sad joke
Nathaniel Cranshaw
Nathaniel Cranshaw 9 gün önce
I’m a diehard Boston Celtics fan but I love lebron james once he retires it’s only Celtics for me💚.
Jason Martin
Jason Martin Aylar önce
In my 38 years of watching this game I have never seen any one cry so badly over a bad call lmao
No Mxre Kavosseaye 🏚💰
This is becoming a thing for us the calls we need to win the game they don't call them NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS WE ARE PLAYING SOME GOOD BALL WE HAD TO PLAY TEAMS AND THE REFS
Jason W Theis
Jason W Theis Aylar önce
Wow. Can't say there weren't other bad calls in the game, but that no-call on the final regulation shot by James was just egregious. Tatum took a swinging swipe at his shooting arm and literally knocked it away from the ball. And, there was a referee not ten feet away with a perfect view. LOL Can't blame James for being so incredulous on that one; their season is literally on the line at this point.
Lamar Lagrant
Lamar Lagrant Aylar önce
Ik it was a missed call but the Lakers getting better I see it
Lamar Lagrant
Lamar Lagrant Aylar önce
I agree they need Rui to step into that Kyle kuzma type role and Westbrook to make good passes and keep atacking off screens to
Nurse McFarlane
Nurse McFarlane Aylar önce
All about Anthony Davis staying healthy for them to have a chance.
Super Nova
Super Nova Aylar önce
Even though they lost, I loved how the Lakers played tonight.
Ricky Moss
Ricky Moss Aylar önce
@Treshawn Wilson yes they can go on a run healthy but that's my gripe with LeBron why is he and AD sitting out tonight? AD is just coming back he might not be 100% but he's definitely well well-rested
Ricky Moss
Ricky Moss Aylar önce
@Desiree Balay yeah true I agree to that which is unfortunate
Desiree Balay
Desiree Balay Aylar önce
@Ricky Moss yeah I get that. Almost No team is ever at a time 100% healthy. Though some injuries or even some players hurt, are more impactful to teams than others
Relax with me
Relax with me Aylar önce
Keep dreaming
FrostB7acK MyotisCO7D
@Time2Check Time2Check out of the convo that no one invited you in😂😂😂
Mr. Guy
Mr. Guy Aylar önce
I’m not even a Lakers fan but they definitely got the short end of the stick in that game. Never leave it to the refs, the go with the team that paid the most under the table
Braktooth Aylar önce
I was enjoying this game until that last missed call. That's horrendous. Those refs man, that was terrible.
Hoodie Pen
Hoodie Pen Aylar önce
After watching HBO’s Winning Time, I can definitely say that Celtics homecourt games are a magnet to these kinds of infuriating scenarios. The refs totally rigged that no-call on Tatum. One conspiracy theory is that they’re trying to protect MJ’s legacy by keeping LeBron from winning more games or having a chance with another championship ring.
Eclipscian Aylar önce
You clearly do not watch Celtics homecourt games
Mike Villarino
Mike Villarino Aylar önce
41 points for LeBron James, incredible performance!
Ronald McZee
Ronald McZee Aylar önce
Thta was a tough loss for lakers they played hard .
Juan Daniel
Juan Daniel Aylar önce
One of the most historic performances by the game mvps the Refs!
Warren Chester Grogg
Brogdon is rock solid. He reminds me of Andre Miller.
K Bonilla2.0
K Bonilla2.0 Aylar önce
Very few times I have seen Lebron that mad at an official. I understand home teams will get the benefit of the whistle but the refs needs to get it together.
Sagat Uppercut
Sagat Uppercut Aylar önce
The Lakers are getting better. Imagine if Austin Reaves was providing defense.
marcus gomez
marcus gomez Aylar önce
And imagine if AD played close to good
Jhun Raven Basmayor
I'm not a Lakers fan but they deserve to win this game vs Celtics in last play before the OT, foul is not give. So Lbj and the the whole team of L.A. was so disappointed in the referees. 😫
Brix Ton
Brix Ton Aylar önce
Jason Tatum proudly pointing that finger up after that foul on LeBron is insane,lol🤣
Tyler Priest
Tyler Priest Aylar önce
@Step flurry lol Steph is still a killer tho
Eclipscian Aylar önce
@Imdontai's biggest hater still 1.5 on the clock, and LeBron ain't the best ft shooter. May make only 1, then Celtics drive in and get a foul as well. Game doesn't end there guy.
Step flurry
Step flurry Aylar önce
@Tyler Priest they just won a championship so you can't talk about them🤡
Raul Abucay
Raul Abucay Aylar önce
He thought he is foul.
Tyler Priest
Tyler Priest Aylar önce
@Skillz it does. If he wasn't out it wouldn't have been a contest💀
Dibb Rees
Dibb Rees Aylar önce
this game got me so emotional when the foul is not call even tho I'm just watching i can feel the frustration of lbj that it made me cry because i can't do anything about it im just holding my tears back because my family is just near me and even tho im not a player it took me a long time to recover and focus watching the game can't blame lakers that they didn't win the game because imagine someone punch you in the gut and it will take you time to recover plus our emotions all over the place cant really focus even i that only watch the how much more for the lakers that really played hard and just to lose to some referee who suddenly blind and can't see a thing karma will get them
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
What about Lebron's travel on that last play that wasn't called?
Top Tier Hater
Top Tier Hater Aylar önce
It’s just crazy how that ref called the foul for JB at half court but didn’t call Lebron getting hacked right in front of him.
FLipSide Aylar önce
it's obvious. It's celtics home :P
Thomas Zizzo
Thomas Zizzo Aylar önce
first there was the non-foul called on Schroeder, followed by a technical for him getting upset (NBA skipped over this play in these highlights; the ref literally waits to see if tatum's shot goes in and then makes the call once it doesn't, schroeder naturally can't believe it and gets T'd up) which shifted the momentum of the game then there was the late call at 7:14 (ref is literally moving back to the other side of the court til he suddenly decides to make the call once the celtics start complaining) then, of course, there was the no call on Tatum fouling LeBron 7:28, despite lebron throwing a tantrum and everyone on the lakers bench ranting and raving I don't think I've ever seen a single game where the refs seemingly manipulated one crucial play after another to give one team the advantage...in effect handing the W over to them, more than this one. a week later and I'm still stunned. I've always been skeptical of the whole notion that refs rig games for the home team or just rig games in general, but after watching this over and over..... I'm really not so sure anymore
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton Aylar önce
Time to see warriors and LeBron playing together
Storm Comilang
Storm Comilang Aylar önce
I’m not going to watch the whole video as i already know the real highlight😂im loving this😂😂
L AV Aylar önce
Lebrons' frustrations were maxed out on this game. Him walking up the ball in the last seconds just told me that he was completely over that game and wanted to get the hell out of there.
Glitch Kidd
Glitch Kidd Aylar önce
​@Stevereno M. yes, all lebron cares about his stats, which is why lebron went haywire and was super upset after not getting a call that he deserved that most likely would have, listen, WON THEM THE GAME, if lebron only cared about stats, he woudnt care that they lost and that he didnt get the call, because he already had a great statline, and lebron if you remember is a pass first guy, so idk what you mean by if bill russell had lebrons mindset, lebron is about to become the nba's leading scorer, and is top 10 all time in assists, hes had to score more because just assisting a lot wont help the lakers win games, i dont need to convince myself of that, when i know its true, and also id take bron over bill russell any day, and i think majority of people you ask(including nba analyst) would also take bron over russell
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
@Glitch Kidd Keep trying to convince yourself. That's your choice. I'll take Bill Russell's 11 Championship rings. It's funny because if Russell had played the game with Lebron's mindset he could have scored about 30 ppg but wouldn't have needed a toe to wear all of his rings at once. The object is to win, not just pile up stats, which is what Lebron is all about.
Glitch Kidd
Glitch Kidd Aylar önce
@Stevereno M. cuz tatum hacked him, lebron is an all time great, you know his positives, i dont need to explain them to you, anyone with half a brain knows that 😂😂
Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison Aylar önce
Imagine losing like this 4 more times in a season. That's the bulls this year. All proven too by the l2m officiating report the day after. RIP Lakers 😭
tommy jan
tommy jan Aylar önce
LeReactions are the best, seriously thought he was bout to flop 1 min after the play
Ode Solomon
Ode Solomon Aylar önce
majesticgreek Aylar önce
I am no lakers or lebron fan by any means but it is actually crazy that these people somehow got their jobs
Ronald Reas
Ronald Reas Aylar önce
Congratulations Boston
Tiffany Aylar önce
AD in his press conference said, “I’m sure nothing will happen to the refs.” He’s right and that’s what needs to change.
Stevereno M.
Stevereno M. Aylar önce
@KyFiGz So true. Good advice.
cindy canaga
cindy canaga Aylar önce
@Gabyyy Wait, weren’t they being blown out by blazers by about 30 halftime and just bout tied it back up by end 3rd qtr? Refs musta been in lakers payoff that game
KyFiGz Aylar önce
Coming from the guy who plays 1/4 of a season. Maybe win the game and not go to overtime and stop pointing fingers. Calls are missed every single game. Get over it
Tony Campuzano
Tony Campuzano Aylar önce
Lakers had that game , crazy I couldn't believe my eyes last night! I'm like I though this only happened in politics 😅😅
Relax with me
Relax with me Aylar önce
You mean lakers are last place in standings? Lol
Joe Aylar önce
Another great defensive NBA game.
Joe Aylar önce
Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe Aylar önce
Just here for the delicious tears of Laker and LeBron fans.
Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
This literally the perfect example how the Celtics doing "so good" they refs been helping them the whole season
Florentino reyes
Florentino reyes Aylar önce
lebron showed his best play here..i feel him.
Kuxlow Invers
Kuxlow Invers Aylar önce
What a solid game and match up Lakers vs refs
Jeff Morphis
Jeff Morphis Aylar önce
How about the Lakers play some defense. Stop crying about the refs . Lbj didn't get fouled, and they got out play in overtime .
gary Aylar önce
All those complaining about the refs. How many times did the Lakers try to go to the hole? They shot jumpers all game and Boston attacked the rim. You don't go to the line much shooting mostly jumpers.
Kyle Aylar önce
Refs have been on the lakers side for years or decades. One missed call you are cursing the hell out of them. Be grateful will you. Besides, the lakers won't make it to the playoffs, this loss meant nothing
theylove-_-Green 2k
theylove-_-Green 2k 11 gün önce
The Lakers did great this game but the greatness gave up in OT.
Jangot Aylar önce
refs are perfect people and so humble that they cant admit their own mistakes.
Phillip Natividad
Phillip Natividad Aylar önce
Brah that outback by pat Beverly was insane!!!
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis Aylar önce
Definitely was a missed call. But the Lakers also played horrible during OT where they had a chance to correct it. Although to be fair, if the foul gets called, there likely wouldn't have been an OT to begin with.
Just Here
Just Here Aylar önce
Ain’t no way the refs didn’t call that TRAVEL ON LEBRON before the TIP TAP foul crazy right
Lil JB
Lil JB Aylar önce
The lakers played so good respect to Patrick Beverly tonight as well but that definitely was foul on that last play the refs gettin paid 😭😭
Anthony Toledo
Anthony Toledo Aylar önce
@RentFreeInsideYourHead Bro u really have no life to type this or hate ur life if u have to hate on a man that doesn’t know u this much…. Lebooty juice is funny tho😂😂
Rent Free • 68 years ago what the f*** I just read
MrEddie0683 Aylar önce
cindy canaga
cindy canaga Aylar önce
@AverageDre YEP!!
lirpa5 Aylar önce
At least we now know why the Celtics have the best record in the league.
Golden Okoko
Golden Okoko Aylar önce
I can’t be the only one that love when the announcers say JT OR JB for three‼️‼️‼️🔥
Golden Okoko
Golden Okoko Aylar önce
@Blue Rushing 👍🏿
Blue Rushing
Blue Rushing Aylar önce
Your the only one ...
P Smith
P Smith Aylar önce
That was a nice block by Tatum to end regulation
Sonnel James
Sonnel James Aylar önce
Lakers really didn't have the same reaction as Lebron did until they watched the replay 🤷‍♂
Terrace Avery
Terrace Avery Aylar önce
I can only name two reasons to why the Lakers didn’t get the call they deserved. 1. The Lakers handled this situation poorly complaining to the officials and Patrick Beverly was upset that he got called for a technical to start overtime. He even brought a camera on the court to show the replay. 2. Both teams used their challenges earlier which were both successful, and afterwards everyone hoped for under reviews. However, replay does NOT work.
bailey dong
bailey dong Aylar önce
Wow! What a close win by the lakers! So glad lebron was able to clutch it up with 2 free throws after tatum fouled him!
Kyle Aylar önce
Lebron would've bricked those free throws if the foul was called. Still an L
Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins Aylar önce
@Yaboiyikes Don't cry, It's alright
Fk Joe byeden
Fk Joe byeden Aylar önce
Bailey dong what a great OT performance by GOAT james Walking down the court like a lazy sack of 💩 when they were down by 3
DontPressButtons Aylar önce
NBA officials taking a huge L lately. It’s almost comical.
Brandon Moon
Brandon Moon Aylar önce
Everyone forgets rob and marcus were out if they woulda played this woulda been 15 to 20 point blowout
Ben Jason
Ben Jason Aylar önce
Boston got a lot of soft foul calls. Never seen such a late foul call on that Jaylen Brown and-1, like the refs realized Boston was down 1 so they just gave him a free throw to tie.
The Systems Ninja
The Systems Ninja Aylar önce
I'm glad that LeBron still smiling in this video's thumbnail 😀
Thatboy_ Chey
Thatboy_ Chey Aylar önce
Crazy lbj not getting foul calls anymore
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Aylar önce
He traveled on that play so good no call
Raza Kids
Raza Kids Aylar önce
A lot of bad calls during this game but both times these 2 teams have played each other this year, it's been a great dramatic ending
Dr K.I.A.
Dr K.I.A. Aylar önce
Waste of time..b/c of the refs..true fans deserve better.
IGMM1 Aylar önce
Patrick Beverley Takes Camera to Ref for LeBron James No-Call Foul In the 4th Quarter! - trvid.com/u-shortsSYEixfVcIaA
Amadou Aylar önce
I feel bad for lebron cause not only that they lost the game too
threerings134 Aylar önce
The NBA stops games constantly and officials spend minutes poring over seemingly every questionalble call .Tonight there was an obvious foul that would have swung the outcome, yet because the ref swallowed the whistle, it was not a reviewable play. Van Gundy also made an excellent observation stating that teams should be allowed to retain their coaches' challenge until they call for a review that is unsuccessful.
Gary Tucker
Gary Tucker Aylar önce
All we want is consistency. If they are calling everything, then do so. If they're gonna let them play, fine. How did the Celtic player get a call when the ball was already out of his hands, but Lebron (no defense playing ass) CLEARLY got hit and NOTHING?!?
SouthOfHeaven86 Aylar önce
that’s a clear foul and a clear travel at the same time😅
Harun mohamed
Harun mohamed Aylar önce
I watched it last night and it was so funny how Lebron was like IT WAS A FOUL😡
Vincent Chiang
Vincent Chiang Aylar önce
This is the most fixed game I've seen in a while
Sports311 Aylar önce
The officiating in this game was absolutely terrible on all parties involved, but the Lakers down 5 not playing with any sense of urgency on both ends of the court really hurt them in the end
Thunderous O
Thunderous O Aylar önce
They knew the fix was in
Bruce Scott
Bruce Scott Aylar önce
@Sac12 ...Get over it!!! LOL!!!
Ck Dragonborn
Ck Dragonborn Aylar önce
Bron should work on his shots more💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
DarrenBootay Aylar önce
As a Celtics fans great win and a real fan thank you ref 😅😂
Lleeveem NFT Gaming Hub
This game will hunt the league for a long time.. Changes will be coming. mark my words
ThuggzBunney Aylar önce
Awesome to see the inclusivity of the NBA, allowing blind folks to ref too
Angel Zenny
Angel Zenny Aylar önce
not blind they just turned the blind eye theres a difference.
Brandon Moon
Brandon Moon Aylar önce
LeBron has gotten enough calls in his day..he be alright
Prince Racaza
Prince Racaza Aylar önce
You don't have to be a Lakers fan to see or even hear that slap on Lebron's arm.
CJ the great
CJ the great Aylar önce
@RonnelJhon Orboda ??????????
RonnelJhon Orboda
RonnelJhon Orboda Aylar önce
@CJ the great but I don't have a mom 😳
Dishane Moore
Dishane Moore Aylar önce
Yea the refs missed that last call but also take into account that pat Bev missed a key free throw prior to the last foul call that would’ve put them up 4 . Then the next play Beverly slaps browns head on the put back lay up which jaylen ended up tieing the game. If lakers took care of business they would’ve never been in that position to blame the refs, they’re not disciplined
Carmelo Jeosef Reyes
The ref at the baseline didnt saw the foul but the ref at the arc saw thw foul 😂
Chuck marquez
Chuck marquez Aylar önce
Tatum is mature enough as a nba player to know Refs dont call fouls at last ball possesions esp in game tied. It's not one of those game rules but it's been there implicated without being said and written. Bron's been playing for 20 years and hasnt realize that.
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