Lake Mead Is Dropping FAST- Emergency Houseboat Recovery Before It's Too Late

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24 Haz 2022




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HeavyDSparks Aylar önce
Hey Guys, there are lots of scammers in the comments section pretending to be me. Any comment with a Telegram number or any comment saying you've won something and to message them is a SCAM! Please don't respond to or message these scammers, just report their profile to youtube as SPAM.
Kev O
Kev O Gün önce
Kinda saw that coming so I didn't go there.
Arizona Traveler
Arizona Traveler Gün önce
@Joe Diblasio they hacked into their merch store and charged over 500$ to the addition 55$ i spent. i did receive it back by dispute it and it was from somewhere in russian. no1 ever responded from heavy d and hung up when i called customer service. sorryi only get 640$ a month atm because im only considered 40% disabled from army. they dont understand it was the merch store that was hacked not being sent fake messages from heavy d
Joe Diblasio
Joe Diblasio Gün önce
@Bob Higgins Peirce let me know when you find them, i have a bone to pic with them.
Joe Diblasio
Joe Diblasio Gün önce
@Arizona Traveler how do you get hung up on in an email? You sound pretty desperate in both your messages and not understanding what he's saying.
Courtney King
Courtney King 8 gün önce
@Arizona Traveler why did they hang up on you?
STS Aylar önce
Hats off to sin City for putting it out there to begin with.
TuRF HaWG 15 gün önce
💯 Good people do exist 🙏
birdcage 17 gün önce
JCFILMZ 509 21 gün önce
Russell Mason
Russell Mason 27 gün önce
Yeah. That’s where I saw it first.
Little Jackalo
Little Jackalo Aylar önce
@chris oquinn it's not just about being fun, it's about having the resources. Being able to pay a dozen guys, those guys being able to take off work from their regular jobs, having a million dollars worth of equipment/vessels/vehicles to do the job, and paying for the thousands of dollars worth of fuel, is the main hurdle.
Mike Desilets
Mike Desilets 24 gün önce
Restoring faith in humanity, one recovery at a time. Well done team.
Drew Rogers
Drew Rogers 20 gün önce
Michael Butts
Michael Butts 27 gün önce
I was in tears when you guys started working your hearts out to get Craig's boat back in the water, and I was full cry when you did get it back in the water, and floating! You guys are truly amazing, and have hearts of gold. Thank God that people like you are in this world!💪💯❤👑
Time Forchange
Time Forchange 19 gün önce
I cried too
Vincent West
Vincent West 19 gün önce
What you guys do is truly inspirational. Seeing that dudes face when you got his boat out was worth the wait. Made my rough day way better and made me smile. Thanks again
JC 26 gün önce
You're a good man Dave (and your team too!) Bravo.
Sin City Outdoors
Sin City Outdoors Aylar önce
Amazing Day! Thank you for the quick response. Loved the video 👊🏼
TuRF HaWG 15 gün önce
New Sub 👍 Thank You for being You! 💯🙏
Ryan O
Ryan O 24 gün önce
U are good folks
Freedom Canada
Freedom Canada 28 gün önce
Without someone caring none of this is possible. Good job all
damister86 Aylar önce
What y'all did for that man that was stranded is AWESOMENESS, & you guys are CHERRY FLAVORED LIFE SAVERS. The only word that adequately describe y'all is HERO.
T GD 17 gün önce
SinCity Outdoors and HeavyD Sparks. Great work helping this man HeavyD. We need people like you, use their time,money equipment etc to help others. Obviously I understand you run a business too. You can tell you have heart man and a love of what you do.(recovery and builds) Keep up the good fight.
Jay soberanes
Jay soberanes 17 gün önce
The cost for recovery probably 1000 of dollars The smile on Craig's face when his boat was back on the water Priceless Great job everyone!!!!!
Vance 24 gün önce
Very cool! The world needs more people like you and your crew!
Paul 28 gün önce
This has got to be the best “full circle” content out there… Well done gents, well done!
STS Aylar önce
The country would be a hell of a lot better off with more men like you guys. 👍🇺🇸
Recovering Soul
Recovering Soul 18 gün önce
@NBA Youngboy Better was your name Cody before?
Recovering Soul
Recovering Soul 18 gün önce
@NBA Youngboy Better well if you would leave a person to certain death in heat over 100 degrees with no way out, that doesn't say much about the type of person you are. If you ever need to call for emergency help, maybe you should let them know about your, um, philosophy
xiaoka 18 gün önce
@Cody I’m glad to see so many people calling out your ignorant racism!
12 26 gün önce
@Cody You eat lead paint
Say it Ain’t so
Say it Ain’t so Aylar önce
@Cody ? After our faith in humanity is restored…Of all the things you might have said after a feel good moment..this is where your mind goes? That was an ignorant comment.
Dan Burch
Dan Burch 23 gün önce
Wonderful results x 2 !!! You and everyone involved allowed this man to keep his home and kept his boat from going into a landfill. You've shown the Park Service that the lazy way out wasn't the best. There are hundreds of other bits of debris that the park service can remove.
Suffacated 28 gün önce
I've seen alot of videos on TRvid for many, many years. What you guys did for this man in need of help really made me feel good. Your generosity, teamwork and ability to make shit happen is simply amazing. You guys are truly good people. Thanks for being that way.
Bill El
Bill El 26 gün önce
Shows how bad ass and big your recovery boat is when it was side by side with the houseboat and damn near just as long. Wow. Nice job gentlemen.
Mike Cicchinelli
Mike Cicchinelli 19 gün önce
I freakin love seeing people with power and money using it to help others. You guys rock!
Sal Aylar önce
That man looks like he doesn’t have much and was on the brink of losing even that. The smile on his face when his boat entered the water was pure gold. You made his year!! Best wishes to him. And to everyone who helped, you guys are incredible
Time Forchange
Time Forchange 19 gün önce
@bvr1962 that was a good lesson for the salesperson 😄
bvr1962 19 gün önce
@Time Forchange agreed I worked for a man that drove an 1969 chevy 1 ton pickup he broke down and called me to help I arranged tow and drove him to the local ford dealer the salesman spoke to him and he said I was headed to Boston and my truck broke down so I need a new one he proceeded to tell him what he wanted it was an 1989 ford 1 ton diesel near 60k he then said he wanted to test drive it to boston so he would not be late the salesman was being a jerk to him then the owner of the dealership stepped in and handed him the keys and said let me know what you think then explained to the salesman that he was the owner of Waltham watch company never judge a book by the cover
Time Forchange
Time Forchange 19 gün önce
@bvr1962 i agree with you many multi millionaires look homeless. I dated a guy who loaned a nationwide lumber company and would go around with mud on his boots and jeans. Another multi millionaire drove around in a beat up pick up truck and lived in a 1960s ranch home. There family owned half of the land in a well to do city. This guy didn't have $20k to pull his boat and didn't look like he had much food. Obviously not a millionaire 😄
El Nasty
El Nasty Aylar önce
@Little Jackalo The guy is 100% on drugs, and so is his GF who stays on the boat with him. The Lake drying up has absolutely nothing to do witht his man losing this boat. The county has already sent notices to him, regarding the boat illegally being there, prior to the Lake drying. When it dried up, It made officers, and county officials more strict about it. It also doesn't help bodies were showing up left and right over there. The guy is a known drug user, he has a long history of drug use, felony robbery charges, felony possession charges. The guy is poor, usually drug addicts in his shoes, can't afford their fix every day, so after a few days of not having your drugs, you act more like a normal human, to an extent. I've worked in drug rehab facilities, and you saying "doesn't talk, act like a meth addict, or having mannerism's of a meth addict" is just silly. I've seen meth addicts, who were 3.5+ students in college, and lived a decent life. Meth does not effect every person the same.
Little Jackalo
Little Jackalo Aylar önce
@shaunmilor doesn't look like meth. Looks like a medical condition. Doesn't act like a meth addict, doesn't talk like a meth addict, doesn't have the mannerisms of a meth addict, doesn't have the accompanying ailments of a meth addict (except for weight loss). Just doesn't exhibit any signs of meth abuse.
Carlos Filipe Sousa
Carlos Filipe Sousa 14 gün önce
You guys created a job/mission that fulfills a lot of life goals: having fun, playing with big toys, making good deeds, and earning enough money to keep doing it. Congrats
cmcer1995 25 gün önce
You guys are awesome to lend a helping hand to someone in desperate need. That was one tough job, but persistence won out. And to think that no matter what he was in a win win situation with you as if things went sideways you were going to buy him a new boat...that is like a miracle now days. Great video coverage and congrats to everyone involved for the wonderful service you provide.
Lucy Young
Lucy Young 28 gün önce
Thanks for helping the ole guy at lake Mead. That was heart warming to know there’s good people like you in a not so friendly world. Thanks for being you.
TJ Geneseo
TJ Geneseo 20 gün önce
Well done boys. Making a difference everyday!
Ramsin Gabriel
Ramsin Gabriel Aylar önce
Dude, ive been a long time lurker on your channel. I just randomly watched Sin City Outdoors and seen this guy there. To see you take him back onto the water is pretty amazing. New Subscriber, keep up being awesome man, we need more selfless people like you.
Edo-floyd de Jong
Edo-floyd de Jong 14 gün önce
I had this too bro i got a reccomended video of those other guys explaining why lake mead is drying up and now they r together so good to see And you dave are a true inspiration to me the rest of the team too
Rex44 24 gün önce
Legit summarized the same exact thing for me. Lurker of the channel for months, then I got to see the Sin City stuff about the drought, kept following it a bunch, digging around then saw the comment on one vid. I figure to check here and low and behold he actually did it. Truly wild.
RMM25-06 27 gün önce
No shit... The one time I actually appreciated the Algorithm. I have always watched HeavyD. But now I'm a Subscriber
willpickup Aylar önce
M. van der Gaag
M. van der Gaag Aylar önce
Did they get paid though?
Jan Post
Jan Post 28 gün önce
You guys did great work, surely you saved the man from being homeless. Something this country is seeing too much of. Kudos great job.
Tex_Gil 27 gün önce
Dave is such an amazing dude. That dude just never quits, and his entire team is the exact same way. They're all just such good, crazy people lol.
maxine image
maxine image 25 gün önce
Would hang with these good crazy people anytime. My kind of people..
JD Brown
JD Brown Aylar önce
Well done, HeavyDSparks & crew! Didn't think the Navy boat was going to work, but it and the yankem ropes did the job!
Large Larry
Large Larry 23 gün önce
Everyone involved did a good thing helping this man out.
Vincent Najger
Vincent Najger Aylar önce
The HeavyD team are the role models that today's youth need (especially young males). You guys are providing so much more than TRvid content, heavy recovery and good deeds. Being positive role models for people all over the world is, by far, the most important work you guys do.
nk361 Aylar önce
Completely agree
Rusty Minor
Rusty Minor 26 gün önce
My heart swells with pride all you guys are heroes and it’s awesome that diesel Dave took his son with him to see what people can get done when they pull together
EmDee 26 gün önce
I’ve been working with rigging and house moving and jacking for about 10 years now and can’t help but think every time I see these videos of you guys rescuing people in need really makes me want to be out there working with you guys!
Greg Emmerson
Greg Emmerson 24 gün önce
Well done guys for getting Craig's boat back in the water 🤟 any update on how he's doing now? You guys are awesome 😁🤟🤟
Ford Mustang 2015
Ford Mustang 2015 16 gün önce
@Scott Blackwell well that's a depressing outcome xD
Scott Blackwell
Scott Blackwell 18 gün önce
He's in jail for tax evasion...he was trying to avoid the exposure, but it didn't work out.
Ken Wood
Ken Wood 23 gün önce
That was bad a$& man! Love your equipment, love your attitude, love your heart! You guys rock.
NoNonsenseKnowHow Aylar önce
Nice recovery! Glad to see it was a success!
williemo44 24 gün önce
Nice to see a guy like Craig win. I know the feeling when the world seems to run opposite the direction you are trying to go. Keep hope alive.
Acd 24 gün önce
You are a good dude Sparks! You and your crew are great people, glad guys like you are still out there. Good job to sin city outdoors also!
Michael E
Michael E 26 gün önce
Hey, you guys rock! What a beautiful thing to do for this guy. I would have really enjoyed being there to help, but I just saw this great video. I wonder..... and for future reference..... did you guys ever think of using a snatch block pulley system to double up your puling power? If done right, it should give you not only double pull power, but 1/2 the "jerk" action on each pull. It should pull the houseboat slower, but with more force and sustained movement on each attempt. It would also put less shock on the navy boat. I congratulate you on such a great and generous work!!
Lancashirelad 22 gün önce
@Mike Early Listen to what he says at 41:07
Greg Banks
Greg Banks 24 gün önce
Or using a pump to remove the sand from around the boat and creating a new channel
Keith Oliverson
Keith Oliverson 26 gün önce
Best act of charity I have seen in a long time. Great job!!
J.J. Aylar önce
I'll never forget how Craig, although stranded and basically losing everything in front of him. Showed his appreciation to 'Sin City Outdoors', by giving them what possession he had (a fishing lure) to say thanks for just checking in and trying to help. *Thank y'all for showing Craig, that we're in this together. You guys were literally his saving grace.
FyerFyter33 Aylar önce
He also gave Jr a fly fishing pole that he “wasn’t going to use”.
EvasiveSnail 27 gün önce
This man makes me feel good about the world. I am glad you helped him because he really deserved that and he was awfully grateful. He is kind from the soul, much like yourself I guess! Great work as usual!
Keays Racing
Keays Racing 27 gün önce
Congratulations, Heavy D and your crew!!! Craig gets to keep his home!!!
Mike Parsley
Mike Parsley 24 gün önce
HeavyD this makes me feel great! Good job for helping and using your resources that you had readily available. You are a true class act. Your whole team did a great job. Proud of you guys man.
Adam West
Adam West 24 gün önce
I can't even imagine the self gratitude one would feel doing what these guys are doing?
Based Department
Based Department Aylar önce
Words can't express the amount of respect I have for everyone involved in this story, from Sin City getting this man's story out there and using the large fan base as a beacon for help that this man needed, and the HeavyD crew for quickly responding knowing they have incredible resources and man power and $$ that they have built up and earned over the years and use it to help others is something not even alot of billionaires are willing to do. Hats off
hazel duerdoth
hazel duerdoth Aylar önce
Amen 🙏 to that
js70371 Aylar önce
If I ever became I billionaire I would literally spend practically every day of the rest of my life doing random acts of kindness for strangers. Being buried with a golden soul beats the shit out of being buried in a golden coffin. 🙏🍻
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Aylar önce
Ms. Construed
Ms. Construed Aylar önce
So true.💕
Luke Wuckert
Luke Wuckert 19 gün önce
Incredible work, it's refreshing to see people use their skills and equipment for such good cause! Bravo fellas
Steve Dillner
Steve Dillner 26 gün önce
You guys are awesome for helping out. The world needs more of these acts of kindness!!
Donna Rigby
Donna Rigby 28 gün önce
Amazing seeing Craig’s face - well done to all your crew and the sin city guys brilliant watch x
allen3272 26 gün önce
You men are awesome! Helping this man just makes me so happy! Great feeling helping others. Love it
RamblinAround Aylar önce
Glad to see you were able to help him out. That was awesome.
Barbara Mena
Barbara Mena Aylar önce
God bless everyone who was there for doing this, kindness kindness you're pay off will come back ten fold
Stubbington Marigold
It’s baller ! I love seeing these videos of guys using their rigs to help others
Jack Connors
Jack Connors Aylar önce
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez Aylar önce
Knowing how that lake is running out of water! He will get stuck again, either he stays where the water will stay or live on a beached house boat in the dessert
Jack Connors
Jack Connors Aylar önce
Euclides Velazco
Euclides Velazco 27 gün önce
rodney middleton
rodney middleton 29 gün önce
Good on you all at HeavyDSparks for helping this guy out of a certain bad situation regards from Australia ...............
Derek Wiffen
Derek Wiffen 26 gün önce
Fabulous thing to do. Keep on breathing man we need more people like you. Doing what they can to make this place better. A big cheers from Oz!
C D Aylar önce
Keep ups the great work BOYS . its refreshing to see people helping out wherever they can!!
Eric Strietelmeier
Eric Strietelmeier Aylar önce
Guys like you and Sin City Outdoors are what makes this the greatest country in the world! Awesome job guys!
Chris Struck
Chris Struck Aylar önce
My favorite youtubers right now!
Eric freeman
Eric freeman Aylar önce
Yes sir!
Star Sportscards
Star Sportscards 21 gün önce
Love how it all came together to help this person out, good deal!
coster🦉 22 gün önce
God bless you Dee you're a humble man what a great thing you have done today the Lord will bless you for that 100 fold your soul running over by the deeds you do...
Brent Rawson
Brent Rawson 24 gün önce
Enjoying the channel, found you when you teamed up w/ AWP last year, and now subscribed after your adventure w/ Matt down south. The most profound thing about this boat recovery was the metal anchor points; 2 metal plates, large screws/bolts (into fiberglass), and silicone. I’m amazed it held, particularly w/ powerful jolts from a kinetic rope.
Anthony M
Anthony M Aylar önce
Thank you for digging Craig out, such a selfless thing to do.
Nick E.
Nick E. Aylar önce
Real Americans like these guys will always end up prevailing no matter the obstacles. Very inspiring.
message me+①(③⑧⑤)⑦⑦⑤②②③⑦
INBOX ME✔️👆📩 thanks for watching🎉🎊..
Alex Andra
Alex Andra 9 gün önce
I’ve watched this at least six times from start to finish. When Craig says he gave up all hope, I can relate. So I watch this to remind myself don’t give up hope there’s always a miracle around the corner.
Elizabeth Secco
Elizabeth Secco 27 gün önce
You guys are guardian angels! Bless you all for your hard work and your big heart! So humble and kind for what you did! We need more people like you!🙏🏼💕
Dragons of the Sky
Dragons of the Sky 27 gün önce
This was amazing. So glad you guys did this for him. That was great 💯💯 Cool to watch too!
Louis Figueroa
Louis Figueroa 23 gün önce
I just want to say thank you for being a true American and helping people from the kindness of your heart hopefully one day our paths will cross God bless
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson Aylar önce
I really just cant get enough of this. Ive never seen a video like this with the pure will and determination to help a fellow man. I love the recovery vids but this hit so different. With all the bad shit going on 24/7 in this world it made me feel so good to know that mans home was saved. Its so damn hard for alot of us these days with fuel and inflation but he seems like he doesnt have alot or is maybe down on his luck a little more so to see the absolute heart felt joy on his face made me tear up. Sin City is new to me with only watching 3 or 4 vids but if you cant tell how great and respectful these guys are then your blind. Huge shout out to Sr and Jr and Heavy D on making this happen. Love it love it love it!!!!!!!!
Rad Chick
Rad Chick Aylar önce
I cried when the boat finally hit the water. You guys are amazing. My bf used to tow in the everglades, and now we live in N Florida woods. He is constantly having to pull the neighbors tractors and excavators out of the swamps and I get to cover him for the snakes which are enormously plentiful. People who have never been there don't understand how satisfying this kind of help can be for people, but what you guys did saved this guys life, literally. Ty 😊
tom jo
tom jo Aylar önce
Jeffs Trains
Jeffs Trains Aylar önce
Wild how it all clicked
T P 28 gün önce
I use to not be a fan of HD when they had the TV show,however seeing him help people I'm need...that's great stuff man.
Suze's Life
Suze's Life 27 gün önce
The pure look of joy on Craig's face was priceless! Y'all are awesome!!! 💖💜💖
G Vinar
G Vinar Aylar önce
You guys are great!! I caught you by accident and it was the best wrong I’ve done in a very long time. You are just full of love bless you and your families for the time you spend helping others!!
Christine Black
Christine Black 22 gün önce
Just so exhilarating to see brute strength in action there between all the members of the team and ultimately success!!! Yeah!!!!!!
Chris Aylar önce
The speed in which these men get things done is absolutely insane. They asked for the stranded man's info on the 22nd and they managed to fly out, recover the boat, record, edit and publish the video by the 25th. What a fucking team!
WES808 Aylar önce
Aloha HeavyDSparks I enjoyed watching your video on Houseboat Recovery at Lake Mead It"s really AWESOME !!! To know there is People like U and your crew that help people in distress like U do in many of your video"s. I"m a macho man of a guy take no crap from anybody but that video brought tear"s to my eye"s .Keep doin what your doin and I believe good karma come"s back 100 times back to the giver like U and your crew !!!! U guy"s ROCK DA UNIVERSE!!!!GOD BLESS U and CREW !!!
Lightofthemoon Ahweheyu
Brought so many tears of joy and happiness for mankind‼️ I've watched them all at least 3 X's‼️‼️‼️
nodaklojack Aylar önce
Magnetic Purpose
Magnetic Purpose 26 gün önce
awesome job everyone!. especially sin city outdoors for sharing this gentlemans story. you guys truly do amazing stuff even when you all joined up with Adventures With Purpose. i own jareds original blue boat. we found 2 trucks underwater. soon we will remove the first 1 but need lift bags for the second as its 40ft under. you all are amazing people with kind hearts.
Mary K Shelton
Mary K Shelton 25 gün önce
Great job, guys! Keep doing what you do, and maybe it will encourage others to follow suit!! God bless y”all and keep you safe in all your endeavors
ZJ BLACK 20 gün önce
Rush B
Rush B 23 gün önce
That is amazing to see the hard work to help out this guy. Way to go guys. You all rock!!
Angus Osbòrne
Angus Osbòrne Aylar önce
being an old retired dude on a fixed income myself and seeing what all you guys did for this gentleman just tugs at my heartstrings. far too often it seems people just don't care about someone stuck in a situation like that (no pun intended) but you guys are awesome. keep up the good work.
Spying Dutchman
Spying Dutchman Aylar önce
@Bloodshot Terror ... Yeah, YT has some work to do Now it's too easy to install a Tampermonkey Script to spam the comments, chat, or live streams.
Bloodshot Terror
Bloodshot Terror Aylar önce
Damn these fake accounts.. every comment.
Phil 22 gün önce
Absolute fantastic rescue Chaps, boy did the old bloke need your help and you came rose to the challenge massively. Restores all faith in humanity, truly a humbling story. Is there nothing you can't achieve?
salvador benitez
salvador benitez 29 gün önce
You guys are great human beings and I love watching your uploads. We need more people like you guys..... Stay blessed brothers.!
Ticker 29 gün önce
I'm so glad you guys went out and helped him when I saw him on another TRvid video and they were asking for help, I did not think it was gonna be you guys, but I was hoping it was going to be you guys, you guys rock!
Wake up USA
Wake up USA 28 gün önce
Timothy Korioth
Timothy Korioth Aylar önce
I originally saw this houseboat on Sin City Outdoors after seeing his previous videos on fishing/living and lake level dropping. When they said "If there's anyone who can help them out, let us know" - I thought of y'all immediately. I'm not surprised to see this come to fruition. Two great channels and hope for humanity.
Chunky Stripper
Chunky Stripper Aylar önce
who didn't know this clout leech would swoop in at this opportunity
Grandpa & Grandma Just Keep Going
I said the same thing! Thank God they came to his rescue! And what made me love these guys even more is when Heavy D said, “if I break his boat in half I will buy him a new one”….what a wonderful human!!
Tyson Smith
Tyson Smith Aylar önce
Same thing an I check and it’s already posted
MARK ROBERTSON 24 gün önce
Heavy D sparks God bless you and thank you for helping out when we’re locals you are a godsend sir thank you so much for your service we love you God bless you sending love and light
newbeginning 18 gün önce
You guys are amazing!!! I'm so glad there are still great people in the World😍
Ralph Wood
Ralph Wood Aylar önce
I just wanted to thank you guys for serving your country. That is a great thing you did for that man. We were all pulling for you. And I can’t believe that he’s not able to live on the houseboat at the lake. After paying for a slip anyways thank you Guys that was great.
Ritchie Hostetter
Ritchie Hostetter 22 gün önce
Awesome. Always feels great to help outhers . Especially when they are down on their luck. Great job
Primogeniture Aylar önce
Given all that's going on in this country, this was a breath of fresh air and good for the soul. Thank you!
kchididdy Aylar önce
Everything about this is uniquely American. Good job, boys! Stop the hating and other bullshit. Get to work and get shit done like these guys!
Texas Proud
Texas Proud Aylar önce
Lesa Gaither
Lesa Gaither 23 gün önce
I Thank you for all you guys do, it touches my heart ❤️. Then I watch this video today, low and behold it's at One of my Grandpa's favorite place to fish. It is also the same lake that claimed him in 1963. I'm not sad, just happy to hear The name "Lake Mead" I never got to meet him because I was born in 1964 just stories. The Lake and that He worked on the Alaska Pipe Line. Thank you for the memories ❤️ You're all Angels and a blessing to many.❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Roton
Daniel Roton 14 gün önce
great job guys! that had to be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world on that one, God bless you guys for the work you do! great video.👍
MrPrFcT 29 gün önce
I just want to say thanks to the police for all the hard work they put in to rescue this house boat. Bravo. We need more of you. Not
Jason 24 gün önce
This is so inspiring. Well done, y’all!
EdibleWildFood.com Aylar önce
I recently started following Sin City Outdoors and this is why I am here now. You and your crew are incredible individuals who have brought some badly needed good news and warmth into our world. Thank you for bringing a tear to my eye and restoring my faith in the joy people can bring to others! I can't even imagine how Craig feels! I am now a subscriber! Love to all from Karen in Ontario, Canada!
Denise Hale
Denise Hale 28 gün önce
You guys are awesome! I hope you are blessed beyond measure for the good deeds you do, like this one!
Tex_Gil 27 gün önce
Damn that Navy boat has some balls! Just like the rest of the diesel crew 🤘
Gil Ceniceros
Gil Ceniceros 23 gün önce
Hoorayyy! Awesome job! It shows that almost anything can be solved by caring folks, a workable plan, and lots of persistence and horsepower!
Marie Feser
Marie Feser Aylar önce
God bless you, your team, Sin City Outdoors! Just such a great thing you did for him. In a world with so much bad news, I sat holding my breath each time you pulled!! Woohoo, really proud of all of you, thank you!!
Jay Wright
Jay Wright Aylar önce
I just want to say, Heavy D, you gave the people what they wanted, I have never clicked on a video faster than this one. I love that you take on any challenge, and you have whatever vehicle to recover it with. This is why you have subscribers, and this is why we keep coming back for more. I live in Arizona so this one hit home for me. Keep doing gods work.
Kevin Hammond
Kevin Hammond Aylar önce
Justin Hadley
Justin Hadley 15 gün önce
Y'all are truly inspiring. Makes me want to be a better person! Thank you guys for showing the world good people still exist!
Sarah Dean
Sarah Dean 17 gün önce
Such a heartwarming video x Love how you and your team help so many people in need selflessly
Carrie S
Carrie S 29 gün önce
Wow that was amazing. I've never seen this type of thing before. You folks all worked so so hard. I just subscribed- heads up from Sin City Outdoors. You guys all have good hearts! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🎣
Crystal Kennedy Bradley
I happened upon your saving Craig video and I'm telling yall that I was as excited and as proud as if I was pulling it myself by hand!! You guys are awesome! I'm crying so hard and am SO proud of you all. God bless yall.
Only Hands 💎🙌
I don't think Craig will ever be able to express how thankful he is to have your help. Congratulations on the recovery and making a difference with someones life 🤟
Only Hands 💎🙌
I mean you can say thank you but feel like you can't say it enough... All I was getting at, is it's hard to show how grateful he must of felt.
Robert spragg
Robert spragg Aylar önce
He came pretty close to expressing what it ment when he said "How can I ever thank them? Take them fishing a couple of times???..." the emotion of his voice said it all...
CJ Hunter
CJ Hunter Aylar önce
Craig's Words ...( "You the Boy'z!!" came straight from that Man's Heart ) as soon as his Boat touch the water !! You Guy's are Badass man !!
The One
The One Aylar önce
I believe Craig did. His desperation hardened him. A man’s man!
Boyce Adams
Boyce Adams 20 gün önce
Great job gentlemen. Just like in the military, never give up!
Denise Ruddell
Denise Ruddell 18 saatler önce
That was awesome !!!!! One man's life, and a huge amount of team work and humanity ... it is so very uplifting to watch how determined you were to help Craig. Our world is such a better place with you all in it, WTG everyone
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jahardin77 22 gün önce
You guys are great dudes! I've had COVID and have made a great day of watching you all help people. Restores faith in humanity!
Edo-floyd de Jong
Edo-floyd de Jong 14 gün önce
Hope you okay bro Greets from the netherlands
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