Labor and Delivery for Baby #11

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14 Eki 2021




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AshLynn Hope
AshLynn Hope 2 gün önce
First let me say congratulations! I hope she is doing better now. It is really scary when something like that happens!
Marcia Jones
Marcia Jones 2 gün önce
Aawww congratulations she’s beautiful. Mum looks amazing to say she’s just delivered. Bless them both. ❤️💙
Feed a Tribe
Feed a Tribe 2 gün önce
Just watching this video for the first time now 😆 I love that there was someone to insist that, “she has to stay attached!” So glad all was well in the end. Congratulations again Xx
nna totaro
nna totaro 4 gün önce
Thank you JESUS!... IVE come to see... God our Father creates each and every child... I envision Him holding each infants tiny self in His mighty arms. He looks upon the earth, to ALL OF US HIS CHILDREN, chooses one of us to take & care for God's second greatest gift. HIS SON IS OUR GREATEST GIFT OF ALL.
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson 5 gün önce
Stop having kids
Eve M
Eve M 5 gün önce
A beautiful gift from God always a blessing...Congrats to u all...✝️💜
Joanne Ferguson
Joanne Ferguson 5 gün önce
I just found you guys and I am thankful and jumping for joy. I am in love with your family already and I am only halfway through this video. First one, but not the last. God is good
Kim Essex
Kim Essex 12 gün önce
Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn 13 gün önce
Watching this after watching your birth story video. Mother's instinct was so evident! You knew she needed help right away....you can see it in your eyes! Thank God it all turned out alright in the end ♥️
ASMR CUT & PEEL 16 gün önce
10 children in 2021, do you love having a big family or is it just for TRvid money? You are just like a machine that one has married to make babies!
Kiki Palmer
Kiki Palmer 17 gün önce
11 babies 😳….this lady is so fruitful!! I am guessing she does not experience nausea and excess saliva for 9months because I am on my second and I am done with pregnancy!!!!!!
Melinda Burge
Melinda Burge 17 gün önce
Wow #11? Congratulations! ✨
Victoria Jenkins
Victoria Jenkins 18 gün önce
Awww...she is beautiful
Julie Chambers
Julie Chambers 18 gün önce
Mim Henderson
Mim Henderson 19 gün önce
We just had our 11th 2 months ago🥰 I love that I found another family with so many🥰
Roxanne Davis
Roxanne Davis 19 gün önce
oOoOO my goodness she is beautiful.😍❤️ I am currently 36 week's I can't wait. Your entire family is a blessing.
Louisa Bartlett
Louisa Bartlett 19 gün önce
Wow so happy for you all again!
Mary FitzGibbon
Mary FitzGibbon 20 gün önce
Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I found myself praying for you all! Blessed.
michele Dickey
michele Dickey 20 gün önce
Oh mamma I could tell you were so scared and you knew right away something wasn’t quite right. The fact that they kept her attached is AMAZING!!! She is getting her oxygen and blood etc all she needs from that placenta. Too often they clamp and cut that cord while up to half of the babies blood is still in the placenta and then they have to give the baby blood etc. Baby needs to be attached to the cord until it stops pulsating if at all possible!!
michele Dickey
michele Dickey 20 gün önce
I’m really surprised you weren’t walking around more and working the baby down. It doesn’t help induction to be stuck in bed.
Anjie Evans
Anjie Evans 20 gün önce
Omg Sarah!! That was intense ❤️ congratulations!! She is gorgeous x
Bertina Masayumptewa
Bertina Masayumptewa 20 gün önce
Congratulations 🥳👏
Margy Milne
Margy Milne 20 gün önce
Did anyone see the orb of light as the nurse was palpating your belly ! At around 6.50
Prayers & Ponytails
Prayers & Ponytails 21 gün önce
“It’s a miniature cross…there’s blood, there’s screaming.” That whole bit made me smile and I’m right there with you, that would be a great verse to ponder during labor.
Kim Librisk
Kim Librisk 21 gün önce
How many kids you both want I had no idea you was pregnant
Betsy Smith
Betsy Smith 22 gün önce
"I don't freak out, I show compassion." Me too, me too. 😅
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 22 gün önce
congratulations on your new baby girl I'm very happy for you
linda phillips
linda phillips 22 gün önce
That's easy for a man to say...but you have a good one.
linda phillips
linda phillips 22 gün önce
My daughter wakes me up and says, Moma, I need to lay down....When she says that you rush to the car, take towels, and drive well enough to scare your son-in-law. The nurses come in and prepare. The doctor barely gets his gloves on. I am a nurse, but not a LnD nurse. I have never delivered one. My labors were hard and long but not hers. She has 4 hours tops. Congratulations!
Julie ann Smailes
Julie ann Smailes 24 gün önce
I have had seven children I only intended on three ..I lost one and went onto to have three more ..Al births were different my last a c section ..but with no. 5 I had just some pethidine ..that was calm and number 6:was completely natural .out of all of them natural is best ..congratulations ...your both amazing ..beautiful lady ..blessed to cope with a large family I guess you will have a dozen....UK. ...biggest family is 22...
rachel de haan
rachel de haan 25 gün önce
My last 2 hours ours
Natoya Williams
Natoya Williams 25 gün önce
Your so beautiful
THE DODA BIRDS 26 gün önce
Solo is so cute being nervous and scared for you. That’s adorable. I went into labor naturally and still took a shower before I went to the hospital.
Thalia Angulo
Thalia Angulo 26 gün önce
The panic in your voice but your still somehow remained calm. I am in full blown out tears. Before you even held baby you knew something was not right. Your mother instinct did not fail you. So glad you and baby are doing better. Congratulations again Sara & Solo
Alicia Farrar
Alicia Farrar 27 gün önce
Congratulations. I love how your Mommy instincts knew right away. 💕 I definitely shed some tears for you guys. May God continue to bless you.
Marla Baldwin
Marla Baldwin 27 gün önce
Congratulations!!! She is precious 💖
HATTULKAVEL 27 gün önce
I have LOTS of friends with huge families. Love it !!!!!
evalina Warne
evalina Warne 28 gün önce
Casey Couture
Casey Couture 29 gün önce
How scary momma!!! I'm so happy that you're both healthy and safe 💓💗 you're so strong 💪 💗
Remember Me
Remember Me Aylar önce
Congratulations. Welcome Baby Gal.
Cynthia Galloni
Cynthia Galloni Aylar önce
Looks like Eli!!!!
Catina Cheatwood
Catina Cheatwood Aylar önce
Congratulations 👏👏
alecia keith
alecia keith Aylar önce
Lisa Grafton
Lisa Grafton Aylar önce
Congratulations to your entire beautiful family! God is good!
reese Aylar önce
Glad everything is fine. You having kids before helped. u & your husband was able to point out that something wasn't right...congratulations
Alexis Murphy
Alexis Murphy Aylar önce
They sent me into labor with patosin (or however it’s spelled ) but it ended up making me hemorrhage . I almost died and almost lost baby who is now 8 . Congrats on baby 11 💜💜
Major Old Lady aka, Mom
You know, of course, that you have to change the Intro pix, right? ⚘🙃⚘
Purple Cottage College Mom
She is sooooo 😍 beautiful 😍 ❤
Cheri Whitley
Cheri Whitley Aylar önce
I loove u guys..what a great nurse!!!..she is awesome..I had two..one they broke my water and u r right the pain is harder..but I had her in 4 1/2hrs..my second one was 23 hrs but I had her natural and she was 10lb 24 1/2” long..yea..no more for me..U rock Sarah!!.it’s amazing how well u did and soo calm like it’s nothing..omg what a scared moment..I was crying and not sure what all happened..but she is beautiful!!..maybe she should be named Miracle..CONGRATS!🎉❤🙏🎂
Terri Brady
Terri Brady Aylar önce
Congratulations 🌹 👏 🌹 many blessings prayers 🙏 ❤
Laura Davis
Laura Davis Aylar önce
Congratulations .. great job mom!! Many blessings to you all❤
Pat Smith
Pat Smith Aylar önce
Neither my mom or myself ever went to the hospital to have our babies without getting in the tub to take a bath. My mom one time got in the tub to wash and the labor pains hit really hard and fast and then she couldn’t get out of the tub so she had to scream for my dad to come and help get her out. She barely got to the hospital in time, she walked in they put her in a wheel chair and took her to labor and delivery, she got in a gown they checked her and took her to the delivery room immediately, my parents were so shocked at how fast he came.
Diane Okura
Diane Okura Aylar önce
So precious.
Nizia Harrison
Nizia Harrison Aylar önce
Gail Rodgers
Gail Rodgers Aylar önce
My first baby, I asked the nurse why they had a shower in the room and she told me that I wouldn't believe how many filthy women came in to have babies. On my 2nd, I was induced and I don't recall them telling me to eat breakfast, but I did and ended up throwing it up on the nurse, she also got drenched when they broke my water and then got blood and 'gore' on her when the baby came. I'm sure she was glad to go home after that! I'm so glad it all went well for you. I'm watching in the wrong order. You said something that made me understand what had happened to me 38 years ago when you said as the baby gets bigger they don't have as much room so you don't feel them move as much. My second one never seemed to be that rambunctious during my last month or so. When he was born he weighed 10+# and the doctor said he had been losing wait at that point (he was only 18 days late). No wonder I didn't feel him moving as he had no space to!
Becky Bramlett
Becky Bramlett Aylar önce
Congratulations on your new baby
V Gil
V Gil Aylar önce
She is perfect and beautiful!
Ann Black
Ann Black Aylar önce
Beautiful baby congrats!
Morgan Herring
Morgan Herring Aylar önce
Amazing 🤩 beautiful 😍 congratulations 🎉
KAES ASMR Aylar önce
I just love how in tune you are with your body. Like you are a legit pro and knew right away that something was wrong. Thank god mommy and baby are safe and sound. Love you guys. Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊
Kathryn Stratman
Kathryn Stratman Aylar önce
She is adorable!! Congratulations
Shabby Paisley
Shabby Paisley Aylar önce
Number 11 WHAT?! How is your uterus not dragging on the floor ? That's crazy
Susan Ford
Susan Ford Aylar önce
Oh my, she is a sweet precious beautiful baby💝 Congratulations Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters and Grandparents. God Bless this wonderful family🙏
Auguriiiiiiii per voi genitori meravigliosiiiiiiii 💋💋💋 siete una famiglia meravigliosiiiiiiii tutti voi
Sandy Lipscomb
Sandy Lipscomb Aylar önce
Lisa Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez Aylar önce
Diana Toews
Diana Toews Aylar önce
Congrats what a blessing!!!
suzi crossley
suzi crossley Aylar önce
Can you say what music you were listening too?
Our Tribe of Many
Our Tribe of Many Aylar önce
Worship music.
Alexa Rowedder
Alexa Rowedder Aylar önce
Watching this October 22nd. So I’m a little late. But this time 4 years ago I was being induced too! Tomorrow, October 23rd, is my daughters 4th birthday & I’m on my couch bawling happy tears for your family & all the memories this brings back 😭❤️
Vivian Reudink
Vivian Reudink Aylar önce
Hahahaha, your perception that the general public would all shower and be clean in preparation for a scheduled induction is sweet. Ask any OB or OR nurse how often a person comes in clean vs. dirty for an induction or scheduled surgery. The answer would most certainly surprise you.
Teresa Ellis
Teresa Ellis Aylar önce
Oh congrats..my baby girl was 9lb erbs palsy shoulder distocia birth...I said..I don't hear her crying..and they said we are working on her..it's terrifying!She is almost 30...still my baby!!
Our Tribe of Many
Our Tribe of Many Aylar önce
Wow....I was 9lb 2oz.
Kay Roberts
Kay Roberts Aylar önce
Oh! God bless you two and your beautiful family. Welcome, sweet baby!
Judy Whitehall
Judy Whitehall Aylar önce
Praise God everything is going to be fine.congrats on ur new baby tó the tribe of many .May the LordJesus continue to blessed this family .
Lisa Melanson
Lisa Melanson Aylar önce
Congratulations!!! Glad everything is good with your beautiful baby girl! When things got scary in the vlog the tears started. I couldn't stop them.
keriann01 Aylar önce
❤️❤️❤️❤️so precious!
Shante's Aylar önce
Oh my God, u mean I have been gone for this long. I never knew u were expecting anyway showers of blessings. Welcome angel
Raising The Cassady's
I know I'm late to watch this video. When solo stopped filming I started crying. I was so terrified for y'all. Congrats! So happy everything resolved itself quickly!!
Amber Dean
Amber Dean Aylar önce
Solo is such a beautiful example of a totally supportive partner. He wants to just support you and whatever you want to do as far as the epidural. I pray wholeheartedly every woman giving birth could have such a selfless, loving, and supportive partner. Congratulations on the blessed addition to your precious family.
Yol Rivers
Yol Rivers Aylar önce
Induced labor for patients with pre eclampsia is important to save mom and baby.
Sheree Champoux
Sheree Champoux Aylar önce
Congratulations on your Babygirl!
April Carson
April Carson Aylar önce
Did you see the orb of light when they first started pushing on your belly. Above the monitor
Jen Perez
Jen Perez Aylar önce
Oh wow I literally cried watching Peace’s birth! ♥️🙏 God is so good and always present. Congratulations!!!
Brenda Hines
Brenda Hines Aylar önce
Awe!!! Praise GOD that he took care of that little miracle.....😍😍😍😇😇😇😂😂
KM Aylar önce
Thank you Lord…. She’s a beauty.🙏♥️🙏♥️🙏
helenmingle Aylar önce
congratulations she is beautiful. Loving couple.
alida flus
alida flus Aylar önce
This was beautiful to watch Sarah, I'm so glad she is okay, it must have been such a scary moment for you. God bless you and your beautiful new baby and all the family. ❤❤
The Wretch He Saved
It comforted me to know your husband was alittle nervous lol. We are about to have #5 any day now and every time I bring it up my hubby gets all quiet and uncomfortable 🤭. First home birth so maybe thats why. Congratulations on your guy's beautiful baby girl! Praying for you and your family 💗
Laurie Nettles
Laurie Nettles Aylar önce
Congratulations she’s beautiful. Welcome to the world little one. God Bless.
Rosemary Valdez
Rosemary Valdez Aylar önce
My fifth was born in the car half an hour after water broke. My sixth in the hospital bed, I was alone.
crazy yet wonderful life
So wonderful a new addition to a wonderful family..so adorable... congratulations!!!
Carole W.
Carole W. Aylar önce
Congratulations! beautiful baby and family, thanks so much for sharing, it brightens our day
Holly Hill
Holly Hill Aylar önce
Get the epidural!!!!
Kala Spencer
Kala Spencer Aylar önce
My oldest boys are 9ctober 7th and 9th....you are smack in the middle
misbelle smith
misbelle smith Aylar önce
They don't look old enough to have had 11 children. I'd guess her at like 30 years old. Congratulations!
marie barrett
marie barrett Aylar önce
Debbie Robertson
Debbie Robertson Aylar önce
I have been watching for your next post did I miss something?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Aylar önce
Gosh my eyes are filled with tears and I was so panicked for you guys! Congrats Sarah and Solo!
cynthia brewer
cynthia brewer Aylar önce
Wow! Sarah you are a warrior! Thanks to both you and Solo for sharing such a private moment.
MomReviews Aylar önce
That sweet baby is givin me some baby fever! Soak up all those snuggles, mama!
Jeni Hansen
Jeni Hansen Aylar önce
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