LA Clippers vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | December 3 | 2022 NBA Season

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2 Ara 2021




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Roger Aylar önce
Thanks for the hardwork, always giving us highlights. Good work
Roger Aylar önce
Sany Sany
Sany Sany Aylar önce
@Roger yes, i appreciate it too. just asking doesnt nba will do a copyrights claim
Roger Aylar önce
@Sany Sany We know how monetization works on TRvid. Of course the creator of the highlights are getting paid, as they should be. Oh YOU thought I was claiming this creator is doing it purely for the sake and love of basketball? Of course not. I am a content consumer and I appreciate how fast this creator edits and uploads videos after each game. I am showing my appreciation for the time and work because some of us have no access to free live broadcast of basketball games. People like me find a lot of joy in watching highlights here on youtube. Even if I COULD pay for access to live games, I am unable to do based on the region i am in currently. So yea, I said it: Thanks for the highlights! I hope he gets paid good too. Ain't nothing for free in this world. If this dude can make money through TRvid bringing us highlights, then more power to him.
amanialsoquar Aylar önce
@Sany Sany TRvid could pay them, but it has nothing to with basketball. It's just based on viewers and subcribers.
Butla Bui
Butla Bui Aylar önce
@Sany Sany how you mean? if youtube paying them?
Lucianjay TV 758
Lucianjay TV 758 Aylar önce
Teams now know if they play hard they can beat the Lakers nobody scared of them.
Giorgos Tsionaras
Giorgos Tsionaras Aylar önce
@Hugominican TV i would call it lack of speed...they have no transition game at all
Vishkicka Aylar önce
What team is lebron joining next season?
Art Imp
Art Imp Aylar önce
Westbrook's game - 2/2 3's,
Kenneth Dela Cruz
Kenneth Dela Cruz Aylar önce
@Eric always blame Westbrook the couch Ad but no one blame the king James, the goat by himself, all hail to king James
DM hayabusa
DM hayabusa Aylar önce
Nobody scared this lakers...much more if theres kawhi...lakers are traditional players
Don D
Don D Aylar önce
Clippers are simply the better team. Lakers did better than I expected tho
X_Master_X Top
X_Master_X Top Aylar önce
@The Notorious God Remember Utah last year, they were first just to get wiped out by Paul George, also remeber the Warriors in 2016, season record don't mean shit if you don't show up in the playoff
The Notorious God
The Notorious God Aylar önce
@X_Master_X Top guarantee your the same guy who says lakers suck for losing during season lol
X_Master_X Top
X_Master_X Top Aylar önce
@The Notorious God regular season don't mean shit, if Kawhi comes back by April they're making the western finals easily
Don D
Don D Aylar önce
@Tec God94 dream on
McLovin Aylar önce
@Mikmaks!!! so random lol no one brought up anything about finals🤦‍♂️laker fan just can’t accept the trash fraud lakers lmaoooo I’d be mad too ion blame you😭🤣🤣
Jody in 台灣
Jody in 台灣 Aylar önce
Surprised it was this close. Clippers starters all between +8 and +13 Lakers starters all between -5 and -11
JoT Aylar önce
@Jason Wang why reply if you don’t care 🤷‍♂️ LOL
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Aylar önce
@JoT bro we don’t care
JoT Aylar önce
Taiwan No.1 !!!
mark fish
mark fish Aylar önce
Their defense is a joke. Morris twin beat them in 3 pt line.
Jason Wang
Jason Wang Aylar önce
I am suprised lakers big 3 cant take on PG clippers. What a joke
Taj Kaisi
Taj Kaisi Aylar önce
I believe it is time to consider the Lakers among of list of teams like Timberwolves, Kings, and Spurs.
French Historian
French Historian Aylar önce
LeBrons defense was awful, as usual. Left Luke Kennard wide open for the dagger
Josh4Lyfe 13
Josh4Lyfe 13 Aylar önce
Paul George (who is the clippers best player) got doubled which left Kennard wide open. And then ibaka had a mismatch in the post versus monk therefore he got doubled with…. Left Kennard wide open…. The lakers defense was tragic and it really needs energy and work. But you can’t blame it all on lebron now 😂
Josh4Lyfe 13
Josh4Lyfe 13 Aylar önce
Ok I don’t know if you know basketball. Because first of all, lebron isn’t supposed to guard Kennard 😂 second of all both times Kennard those threes was because someone else was getting double teamed
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Aylar önce
@MrClebophd They we’re on course to make the playoffs until MJ’s knees blew out. But there was never a lack of effort on defense, is my point. Jordan’s mental approach to a game was different to what Lebron’s is
MrClebophd Aylar önce
@TheRealest 811 Well, when MJ was old, the game was different, and old MJ's teams were bad defensively too. They didn't even make the playoffs.
Filipe Rufino
Filipe Rufino Aylar önce
@TheRealest 811 he is casual
KT Heng
KT Heng Aylar önce
Make the Lakers shoot 3s. You will win 4 out of 7 games.
mark fish
mark fish Aylar önce
Their issue is no open shots, lack of ball movement caused it, otherwise monk, nunn, ellington and carmelo are 41% 3 pt shooters.
I thoing
I thoing Aylar önce
Make Lakers shoot 3s and you won't see them in the series of 7 games.
Marco C.
Marco C. Aylar önce
Make the Lakers defend..
DJ Sarumawashi
DJ Sarumawashi Aylar önce
Art Imp
Art Imp Aylar önce
Westbrook shot well - 50% fg, 2/2 3s. They did not use Dwight inside, and Lebron shot poorly. Monk and Carmelo are shooting well, need more time.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Aylar önce
Remember we have to keep that “same narrative energy” when they win, guys. Loll Even tho he promised us a thunderstorm that never came 🤣🤣🤣🤣
amanialsoquar Aylar önce
I love how you pretend you have no idea what he meant by that tweet. You guys pray & try to anticipate someone's downfall, but only continue with the narrative once it starts to go your way. His tweet didn't guarantee a championship, it only reminds your criticisms to stay consistent.
Mr Rich
Mr Rich Aylar önce
Julian Brown
Julian Brown Aylar önce
That Westbrook turnover was key at the end
Bogues Aylar önce
I’m pretty sure I could pay off my mortgage if someone gave me £1 for every time that has been said about Westbrook
Wael Epips
Wael Epips Aylar önce
This game feels so slow after watching Suns vs GSW.
Mo O
Mo O Aylar önce
Trading McGee and Dwight at the time was the worst decision this organisation made (defence wins championships)
Алшын Aylar önce
Pelinka rob Lakers again and again
Budimo Realni
Budimo Realni Aylar önce
Caruso aswell
Jordz Buenafe
Jordz Buenafe Aylar önce
Its time to give the keys of Staples to Luke Kennard
Josh4Lyfe 13
Josh4Lyfe 13 Aylar önce
@Argus Eyed huh?? Dude if you let Paul George take any shot for game your holding your breath. Kennard is very good but I would rather pg take the last shot than Luke Kennard 😂 let’s not get out of pocket here. Kennard won the clippers this game because the lakers left him wide open. They were doubling PG13 and serge in the post
Argus Eyed
Argus Eyed Aylar önce
Luke is good. He was struggling lately and his lack of production cost us games. Still, he is the last guy you want to leave any kind of space. A wide open PG 3 pointer is less dangerous than a contested Kennard one.
Pablo Diaz
Pablo Diaz Aylar önce
It's not Staples Center anymore, remember that.
Pale Blue Dot
Pale Blue Dot Aylar önce
Or Steve Kerr.
Jordz Buenafe
Jordz Buenafe Aylar önce
@Pat Maina thats because Luke Kennard is the only one open.
Roope Karjalainen
Roope Karjalainen Aylar önce
Those Clippers' 3 pointers in 4th quarter holyyyyyy
Essej Bardelas
Essej Bardelas Aylar önce
Clippers shooting 3s is a dagger..,
Ke Jun
Ke Jun Aylar önce
Kennard is that one who holds it at last moment.
Shukhrat Raimov
Shukhrat Raimov Aylar önce
6:52 Westbrook had to cover Kennard and instead he went in to the paint to get the board.. overall he did bad D on Kennard at the last plays.
Fun Fact: Since the 2019 season, the Clippers are 6-2 vs the lakers.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Aylar önce
The return of LeTrash Flames made his team worst tonight 9/23 FG 39.1% 2/8 3PT 25% 3/5 FTS 60% -5 +/- Straight garbage 🔥🔥🗑🗑
Spyros Kaziannis
Spyros Kaziannis Aylar önce
@Lonny Breaux welll I don't really understand the animosity or the agresiveness in the comment section. To some extent LeBron got this type of attention around his name after that ridiculous statent about the game that made him the best player ever on 2016. The media played along in an almost orchestrated way on this phony goat discussion and here we are in the comment session getting pashionate about it. That is even more ridiculous. If I had to express an opinion I would follow MJ's statement: you cannot compare players from different generations or even players that never really competed against each other on their prime. So the goat debate is pointless. Finally, I have no problem with LeBron going after a championship playing with a loaded team, because he needs more than just help to win one. He cannot be the one carrying the team anymore and therefore they need someone to consistently be dominant and setup plays for the laker team. A true point guard in his prime might be helpful.
Lonny Breaux
Lonny Breaux Aylar önce
@Spyros Kaziannis These dudes. Its either obsessively hate or love a player so when you only try to claim it's not black and white like that, they'll call you either a hater or a stan because you respond with common sense. It is what it is my man. They be talking like I'm a Lebron stan too when I favor both MJ as Kobe over Lebron just because I don't talk ish about him.
Lonny Breaux
Lonny Breaux Aylar önce
@chris wood Lol that's funny, but Lebron is still a superstar but not in the same regard as earlier in his career. Been like that since he came to the Lakers really.
Spyros Kaziannis
Spyros Kaziannis Aylar önce
@LeoBoyGB Im a Jordan fan
LeoBoyGB Aylar önce
@Spyros Kaziannis stop making an excuses for your boy. He had all the help. He literally hand-picked his teammates year by year. Stacking and load managing.
randomguy21 -
randomguy21 - Aylar önce
Clippers started the season slow but they are getting some rythm now
MrMessyb Aylar önce
Love THT but he gotta be giving us more than 8 points if he’s starting games
dimmykarras Aylar önce
Kennard is low key one of the deadliest closers. He's underrated.
Angelika Elise
Angelika Elise Aylar önce
Seen alot of story about him, he must be honest and for people to talk this good about him..
Andre Yu
Andre Yu Aylar önce
The Lakers played badly enough, and the defense was totally unsuccessful. If the players didn't play badly, then the coaching tactics are too bad!
frank castle
frank castle Aylar önce
So much for that 10 game winning streak
EU Wonder
EU Wonder Aylar önce
MVPG13 got almost 3ple double but he didn't mind to get another assist and rebounds to complete it. Kennard and Morris Dagger 3s killed the LA Lakers and the Refs. Monk and Melos 3s makes the Lakers offense decent with out them, Lebron will have nowhere to go or pass, will try to force a drive for foul or force westbrook/AD/Howard to shoot 3s. 😂 Clippers Offense/Defense is elite but once kawhi is back, they can compete the GSW/Heat Offense and Defense. They got perimeter Lockdown defense and more threat for outside 3s and perimeter offense.
Yle Maharg
Yle Maharg Aylar önce
Kawhi is unlikely to be back til next season
whobitmyname Aylar önce
And that's when Luke Kennard took it personal.
Tsunyik Yau
Tsunyik Yau Aylar önce
It’s hard to see Russ just grabbed 2rebs in a game
IZ san
IZ san Aylar önce
LeBron and AD stole it.
himme_id Aylar önce
lakers playing good with dwight in court.. they just need to figure it out how to close out game in 4Q, thats it
Rodrigo Soares
Rodrigo Soares Aylar önce
You should coach them.
E Aylar önce
damn I'm loving this lakers highlight tape bruhh
Pat Maina
Pat Maina Aylar önce
Jus Desireable
Jus Desireable Aylar önce
Again Lakers won't win alot of games making LBJ their primary scorer. They need to get the youngsters more engaged to take over games instead of relying on him to be the X factor especially against playoff caliber teams.
Kaiser Lake
Kaiser Lake Aylar önce
Was thinking the samething
JF Kennedy
JF Kennedy Aylar önce
300 iq move of LeBroom (sweeped in 2018) bringing Westbrook to LA to divert the blame , King move!
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald Aylar önce
Damn dis a game the Lakers had to win so they can have good momentum
oj oj
oj oj Aylar önce
Fanboys : wait until the king comes back 😂😂😂 😂😂😂 😂😂😂
JUKEBOY Aylar önce
@oj oj because he's still great for his age. Can't deny it
oj oj
oj oj Aylar önce
@JUKEBOY and why yo all fanboys keep hype him when u guys know lebron is nowhere GREAT player anymore.rn 5 players better thn lebron: kd,steph,giannis,joker,cp of booker
pond Aylar önce
Nah he trash
JUKEBOY Aylar önce
Even though I like Lebron, he's aging so we cannot expect the same things from him. However he's still a great player
Henry Hays
Henry Hays Aylar önce
You'd think 3 All Stars would be able to handle one lonely star player with his cast of smaller role players 🤔🤷🤣🤦
Nik M
Nik M Aylar önce
Majestic, the Goat, King LeBron selectively not win this one. He saves energy for the finals.... if they ever
Durantula Aylar önce
@French Historian ok my goat is gonna end up with 4 or more championships with them finals mvps, gonna end up 1st all time scoring 10th all time assists and rebounds, retiring as the most complete player ever. Mj with the wizArds was an average player, lebron at year 18 was mvp candidate before injury and still a top 10 player in the league in year 19. Big difference. No other superstar in nba history has done this, ill wait until u bring one
King Boyata
King Boyata Aylar önce
@French Historian And he made his teammates better and never quit on them
French Historian
French Historian Aylar önce
@Durantula MJ accomplished so much more than LeBron, and in much less time.
French Historian
French Historian Aylar önce
@Durantula retired with 6 championships, 6 finals mvps, 5 regular mvps, 1 DPOY, and 10 scoring titles. Also a perfect record in the finals, compared to Lebrons losing record
Durantula Aylar önce
I wonder what was your goat doing at year 19?
Vuce3000 Aylar önce
The Clippers are the kings of LA Now !!!!
Rocky Alonto
Rocky Alonto Aylar önce
6:05 🤔 lebron was freeze, but happy to see king James return the favor 😁
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Aylar önce
How do you fail to answer in crunch time at home hosting your ‘tenants’. With a super team playing against role players and Kawhi cheering on the Clipper bench. Embarrassing
Mario Cindrić
Mario Cindrić Aylar önce
@Gabriel Nieves No they are not, they are very good players who would at other teams played much bigger roles and have bigger numbers. Role players are players who are playing just several minutes who doesn't participate in anything except in few segments. Clippers are trying share the ball to open man and open shot, they have designed actions for each player, it's called game plan and system. They are all vital parts of the team. You have systems who have only 2-3 players like that and you have systems where you have 6-7 players like that. For example Hartenstein is role player and Kennard isn't. Every team has leader and player with more freedom than others, it doesn't mean when he's in trouble that others won't step up. Role players don't step up, they stay in their role. That's why I wrote you that you don't know what role player means. But that's most the problem with today's youngsters, you use terms that you don't know what they mean.
Gabriel Nieves
Gabriel Nieves Aylar önce
@Mario Cindrić Yes you're right, but the guys besides PG are mostly role players.
Mario Cindrić
Mario Cindrić Aylar önce
@Gabriel Nieves You don't know what role player means? Not every player who isn't all star is role player.
Gabriel Nieves
Gabriel Nieves Aylar önce
@Emmanuel Ashak the are still role players🤣. They're not all stars or superstars are they?
Emmanuel Ashak
Emmanuel Ashak Aylar önce
@klsyk I’m the one “don’t know anything” you’re right, knowing every player on that team and what they’re capable of, I’m the one don’t know anything you’re right. Maybe those “role players” have a much more important “role” than your small brain realizes.
In Coguto
In Coguto Aylar önce
Final 3pts hit of the board... You must be kidding
kyo Banana
kyo Banana Aylar önce
Clippers Beat Lakers without LEONARD
Slim Thug
Slim Thug Aylar önce
Warriors Won, Lakers lost. It was a good day 😌😌😌😌
Everyone knows that the few three point shots the lakers take hurts them more than anything except for the coach.
Christos B
Christos B Aylar önce
Let’s say the truth : Lakers have serious issues : this team has no future without drastic changes
Rodrigo Soares
Rodrigo Soares Aylar önce
This team has no future. Period.
jastyl Aylar önce
Go Clippers, from France
sakhile Aylar önce
I'm not even mad at the lakes. This was a good effort
Elias Cruz
Elias Cruz Aylar önce
Clippers side players was on real heat tonight that’s all
Nicolás Esquivel
Nicolás Esquivel Aylar önce
Marcus Morris was onfire
Юлиан Георгиев
Luke Kennard killed it tonight.
Don D
Don D Aylar önce
Imagine Kawhi had played
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Aylar önce
He would’ve locked LeBunny’s azz up without even trying
Don D
Don D Aylar önce
@Eric like all season long
Eric Aylar önce
@Dota Recap bro, Bron nearly triple double, unlike Westbrook who scored 10 fucking pts
Eric Aylar önce
Westbrook played poorly
Jeff Q
Jeff Q Aylar önce
destroyed man, batum wasn't even there
Krunchy Aylar önce
AD where are these back to back games at? Stay motivated.
Gem Hook
Gem Hook Aylar önce
Any teams got a chance to beat a team with Westbrook in one of the most overrated players the leagues ever had
Rodrigo Soares
Rodrigo Soares Aylar önce
If you wanna lose, put Westbrook on the floor when the game is on the line. He will take care of that.
Bálint Rab
Bálint Rab Aylar önce
The last 4 Clipper baskets were all scored over Anthony Davis
Istvan Nemeth
Istvan Nemeth Aylar önce
This was a good game for Lakeshow. We did not have luck this time. It was one of those games. We start to click!!!!! Lakeshow💥💥💥
Istvan Nemeth
Istvan Nemeth Aylar önce
@Nikky Blammon Agree 100%
Nikky Blammon
Nikky Blammon Aylar önce
Monk needs to play first team not bench love melo but the guy plays no defence and Westbrook to , lebron needs a consistent run of games 🤔
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Aylar önce
I love to see the Lakers lose 🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯
Lefasix TV
Lefasix TV Aylar önce
Theres so many changes lakers have to do.. that team is too slow. No defence and no a consistent 3 point shooter.
Mario Cindrić
Mario Cindrić Aylar önce
Basically they should cancel this season and start preparing for next.
Rodulfo Cabanas
Rodulfo Cabanas Aylar önce
How far does the Clippers would have reached with Leonard on the floor?
bigstepguy Aylar önce
I think without Kawhi on the floor PG just plays better, he's just better when he is the first option. He's great playing with Reggie.
Nick Burson
Nick Burson Aylar önce
They always seem to loose in the blue.. has anyone done that math on it?
Sam Aylar önce
Almost 10 out of 10 times on this col.
Crimson Dragon
Crimson Dragon Aylar önce
Paul george vs davis "the glass bottle", lebum and westbrick. Lakers are trash. Not a single excuse to defend this team season perfomance.
R C Aylar önce
@Eric lol eric ok
Otis Lea
Otis Lea Aylar önce
Russ didn't exactly have a bad game, he only shot up 8 shots, he was passing a lot this game.
Mario Cindrić
Mario Cindrić Aylar önce
@Eric PG was 0-7 for 3pts. He also played one of his worst games this season. Give us next excuse.
M Mullz
M Mullz Aylar önce
@F R considering age and history, Lakers are more likely to be shortnumbered by June than the Clippers. Still...would make an interesting series. Clippers in 6 if they meet.
chris wood
chris wood Aylar önce
@Dota Recap LeFalsehair got exposed by Hartenstein !!!
Tiago Aylar önce
Lakers really lost the game on the defensive end and all those missed FT
david ocampo
david ocampo Aylar önce
Lakers against contender and semi contenders (clippers) 🤣 are a laughing stock
Christoph Graus
Christoph Graus Aylar önce
No defense, no win!
igano Aylar önce
They can't run cause most of them are old people with rusty hips and knees, like pensioners.
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Aylar önce
Up to the leader to set the intensity levels on D. But the leader lacks that intensity on defense himself
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar Aylar önce
Without Kawhi thats impressive
The Rambler
The Rambler Aylar önce
How one earth was Kennard left wide open in the closing minutes of the game
Salem Aylar önce
AD was too soft doesn’t protect the paint and he wasn’t defending no one
Borislav Ivanov
Borislav Ivanov Aylar önce
he been soft for years now.
Der Stolperjochen
Der Stolperjochen Aylar önce
Just ordered a few of these $ 35 Shirts. Can't wait till they arrive. And they even said worldwide shipping is for free. Incredible.
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell Aylar önce
Not a prayer, these guys are rip off merchants
R C Aylar önce
@JT JT maybe to steal ur goddamn money? wtf u asking bro lol
JT JT Aylar önce
@Subeyer Alideq If what you think is true then what is it? a scam with the names of NBA players ? a big joke? if it doesn't exist what would be the point of doing that? I'm just askin'
Subeyer Alideq
Subeyer Alideq Aylar önce
@JT JT i dont think they real. the website has no reviews on trustpilot.
JT JT Aylar önce
My man let me know about it here when you receive them please i really wants to know if this is real and about jersey quality thanks
F. Lundamo
F. Lundamo Aylar önce
Killed by them 3s
bnt Aylar önce
Risman Wildan
Risman Wildan Aylar önce
Waiting for Nun to play. I believe they will get better.
Troy Horatio
Troy Horatio Aylar önce
Lakers taking too much 2pt plays when it could be 3pt plays smh , Melo only took 6 shots but hit 2 of 2 3pt
2fast4uKim Aylar önce
Watching the Lakers lose is just so satisfying...
Argus Eyed
Argus Eyed Aylar önce
Bro, it was to the Clippers. Use something else. Like: "ecstatic"
theinvisibleman Aylar önce
Westbrook curse in full effect
Ken K
Ken K Aylar önce
watching defeated James after Morris hits that bank 3 pointer! HAHA you can't buy a chip no more Lebron the skill level round the league is just too high now!
DJB. Aylar önce
@TheRealest 811 Actually the starting lineup of Bron/Wade/Bosh/Rashard Lewis/Ray Allen was older than Spurs Kahwi/Green/Splitter/Parker and Duncan.
DJB. Aylar önce
@TheRealest 811 Actually the Spurs were younger overall as a team with Kawhi/Danny Green/Patty Mills etc... even though The big 3 were older. But at the same time Wade and Bosh were both shadows of themselves and the rest of the Heat players were old. Actually the Heat had the oldest roster in the whole NBA that season.
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Aylar önce
@DJB. Jordan was 28 in 91 and Isiah, Dumars, Rodman were around the same age Isiah being only 2 years older. Whereas Duncan, Manu, Parker were way older than prime LBJ and his superteam
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Aylar önce
@DJB. I’m talking starting lineups
DJB. Aylar önce
@TheRealest 811 Come on bro you straight up lying now. When the Spurs beat the Heat their average age where 28 and Heat 30. Google it. He didn't lost titles to those older teams such as Boston and Detroit because he didn't make it out of the First round. In 91 most of Bulls best players were under 30 with MJ being 27 and P ippen 25 only Cartwright was over 30.
antho Aylar önce
Crazy Bron playing against Brandon Boston Jr...
Martha Kent
Martha Kent Aylar önce
Wow.....thanks for his contact info, I'll get to him right away
Arda Bodur
Arda Bodur Aylar önce
Lac >lal this simple (lac non kawhi😂😂)
MultiMemich Aylar önce
Bron is scared get loose. He is still healing up.
Representative of MJ
Trade Lebron for someone who actually plays defense
Hongyi Zhao
Hongyi Zhao Aylar önce
Lebron getting old is the main reason for Lakers’ struggling
Allan Houston
Allan Houston Aylar önce
Lebron fans love to use age as an excuses. But all of these players were old, when Prime Lebron James defeated them: Post-injuries Kevin Garnett ( age 35, 36 ), Ray Allen ( age 35, 36 ), Manu ( age 35 ), Tim Duncan ( age 37 ), Paul Pierce ( age 33, 34 ). +Prime Lebron James lost to old Tim Duncan ( age 38 ), Manu ( age 36 ), Tony Parker ( age 32 ) and young Kawhi Leonard ( age 22 ) in the 2014 Nba Finals. +Prime Lebron James lost to old Jason Kidd ( age 38 ), Shawn Marion ( age 33 ), Dirk Nowitzki ( age 32 ) and Jason Terry ( age 33 ) in the 2011 Nba Finals.
ellation ellation
ellation ellation Aylar önce
6:09 Lebron TRAVELLING!!
Michael Ben
Michael Ben Aylar önce
he's really amazing with his amazing skill he changed my 0.3 btc to 2.1 btc
sdadsada Aylar önce
Am i the only one who likes more the lakers when lebron is not playing and ad and russ are running the show ?
Novral wijaya
Novral wijaya Aylar önce
Lakers always late to catch up score....need a new vision to run the game.
선풍기 Aylar önce
best game today
Yatno Ajah
Yatno Ajah Aylar önce
Lakers keok deui euyyyy ayeuna ku team sekota deui 😭
Zixyツ lol
Zixyツ lol Aylar önce
Everytime they verse clippers always win
陳友諒 Aylar önce
lebum is the problem
CJ Salud
CJ Salud Aylar önce
@Unbiased Critic lol he stopped playing since he was 29 see his record bro. Stop with that old age BS. Jordan was still part of the first def team when he was 36 yo
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Aylar önce
@Unbiased Critic I’m talking his career overall. Not as good as Mike was on defense
Unbiased Critic
Unbiased Critic Aylar önce
@TheRealest 811 He’s 37
dont talk to me
dont talk to me Aylar önce
@Eric maybe because he didn't get that much touches to the damn ball
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811 Aylar önce
@French Historian His fans try tell me he’s a better defender than MJ was 😂
Lita Brasil
Lita Brasil Aylar önce
Wow, how cool😍I am a Brazilian who loves basketball, when I was a teenager I played a lot of basketball at school and made a lot of baskets🏀❤️I also love the United States and the Americans, I would like to live in Los Angeles ❤️my favorite actor is Keanu Reeves, I would love to have his contact❤️🇧🇷🇺🇲
Charoen P
Charoen P Aylar önce
Lakers lost, it's the norm 😂😂
HapiChes C.
HapiChes C. Aylar önce
Lakers complete superstar vs Clippers with No Kawhi.
Regal Banks
Regal Banks Aylar önce
I'm sorry but PG has the smoothest game in the league...Like that's how I want my MyPlayer to be...like Paul George
Regal Banks
Regal Banks Aylar önce
@The Loner for smoothest game? Or you're saying he's a better player? Or maybe you think both? Either way, i disagree..but Derozan does have a smooth game, but PG got the 3 ball in his arsenal and a much better fadeaway game
The Loner
The Loner Aylar önce
DeRozan >>>>PG
Moun33 Aylar önce
I m confused... Does Lebron wear #6 or #23?
karikari's world
karikari's world Aylar önce
Starting big!!! No just very tall
Алшын Aylar önce
Russ is panic in the clutch
我DURANT㋡ Aylar önce
what happened with Lebrón 🤣🤣🤣🤣
keith meadows
keith meadows Aylar önce
Anytime lakers get beat is a good day!
Edwin Fam Brown
Edwin Fam Brown Aylar önce
LeBron should just grab the ref in the remaining minutes and demand Kennard to be kick out of the game.
rcasagranda Aylar önce
And no Claw... that Lakers team...
Pablo David
Pablo David Aylar önce
dont cry lakers! hahahaa!
Nikola Pavlovic
Nikola Pavlovic Aylar önce
I cant believe morris made that game winner
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