Kurstin x Grohl: The Hanukkah Sessions 2021: Night Two

Foo Fighters
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Once upon a time, two nice Jewish boys from Queens named Jeffery Hyman and Thomas Erdelyi changed the world forever with their music….. as Joey and Tommy Ramone!


Ladies and gentlemen….It’s the Ramones!

Blitzkreig Bop!




28 Kas 2021




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eva covault
eva covault Aylar önce
Just when I think I can't love Dave Grohl anymore, he comes back with the Hanukkah Sessions. Christmas wish granted. Thank you, Dave!!!
Yiftach Levy
Yiftach Levy Aylar önce
Ice4711 Aylar önce
Exactly what I felt too!
Cobb the Drummer
Cobb the Drummer Aylar önce
The first drummer for the Ramones couldn't keep up with the quick tempos they were trying to achieve in the music so their manager Tommy Ramone (having never played drums before) sat down at the kit and was able to play as fast and as solid as the band needed him to. The original drummer ended up being the singer, Joey Ramone, while Tommy continued to manage and produce from behind the drum set.
Lee Jeffords A&R Mojo#4181 Xbox mojostyles1 Twitch
@Cobb the Drummer Salute 🤘
Cobb the Drummer
Cobb the Drummer Aylar önce
He also wrote most of Blitzkrieg Bop. Love you Tommy 🤘
Lee Jeffords A&R Mojo#4181 Xbox mojostyles1 Twitch
Gold Star ✨👏🧐🎶🤘Respect Cobb.
Fabián Rodríguez
Fabián Rodríguez Aylar önce
@fate and bullets both premises aren't mutually exclusive.
Preacher Horror
Preacher Horror Aylar önce
Really? That’s fucking awesome!
D. Williams
D. Williams Aylar önce
THIS is what Dave Grohl was put on earth for!!!... Always celebrate your heroes...good one Dave, Joey would be more than proud...👍✌️🤓😎
Chris Kriskovic
Chris Kriskovic Aylar önce
Whether a creative spin like night 1 or playing a straight cover like night 2, always well done. Great job!
Pine Cone
Pine Cone Aylar önce
@Chris Kriskovic Joking, I love it!
Chris Kriskovic
Chris Kriskovic Aylar önce
@Pine Cone for religious reasons? Or for musical sensibilities?
Pine Cone
Pine Cone Aylar önce
Straight cover? It's a shonda!
Valeria Ponce
Valeria Ponce Aylar önce
Sencillamente EXCELENTE!!!!
Tonya S
Tonya S Aylar önce
Foo Fighters are more than just a band. They're humorous, adventurous, and FUN!
RockhoundBlack Aylar önce
Pat Smear be like: You finally played the whole song?!
Vinicius R.
Vinicius R. Aylar önce
Lol. Im laughing but with respect... 👀
Cro Mag
Cro Mag Aylar önce
No shit.
Robert Aponte
Robert Aponte Aylar önce
Wish there was a laugh button!
Terrakk Aylar önce
They promised to play the whole song the next time they came back to Dallas... that was April 21, 2018. I miss them so much 😭
Dina Aylar önce
I think the first time Pat played it was in NYC (I was at that show) at Citifield in 2015. Taylor and Dave were completely lost!
Naomi Arram
Naomi Arram Aylar önce
Dave Grohl serenading me with Chanukah songs. Life is good.
Margaret MacLellan
Margaret MacLellan Aylar önce
Love your Calvin & Hobbes photo !
Ben Simard
Ben Simard Aylar önce
Awesome version!!! Foufounes Électriques🤩🤩!!! Love the shirt Dave!
Marty Ballentyne
Marty Ballentyne Aylar önce
So awesome. Vive les Fouf!!!
maxsundance1 Aylar önce
@TheAgentB bien vu!! Je me souviens de l'interview à Musique Plus avec le "vj" et ses questions poches😅. gênant...
TheAgentB Aylar önce
@Mathieu Lafontaine Not vintage. There a email adress on the bottom of the logo. Vive les Fouf.
Mathieu Lafontaine
Mathieu Lafontaine Aylar önce
Do you think it's vintage? Maybe Dave got it when Nirvana played there in 1991...
S. Christopher
S. Christopher Aylar önce
This needs to be a new tradition. I'm loving it!
Mayra Morales
Mayra Morales Aylar önce
Is there anything you CANT do? Dammit David! Love you to pieces!!!!!
Sexy Beast
Sexy Beast Aylar önce
Unbeleivable. I fucking LOVE LOVE it! So next level mindbombs!
B B Aylar önce
Love this song. Brings memories way back. You guys rock! Happy Holidays!
Anthony since 1969
Anthony since 1969 Aylar önce
The rest of the world is thinking. Why can't the Foo Fighters sound this raw instead of so freaking polished. We like it raw and in your face.
Víctor Fernández-Mallat
As a Montrealer, kudos for the Foufounes Électriques T-shirt. As a melophile, this was a great rendition of a punk favourite!
Heather Gordon
Heather Gordon Aylar önce
Yay!!! So glad you guys are doing this again! Absolutely love the songs you are picking! ❤️❤️❤️
Jill Aylar önce
This may be my favorite Ramones cover ever.
TheWINDASH Aylar önce
At this point I'll like the video before watching it. This 2nd wave of hannukah songs are beyond great
Mary Bryant
Mary Bryant Aylar önce
Understandable as they just don’t miss.
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith Aylar önce
OMG. THANKS! I'm not Jewish, but I SO enjoyed the 2020 Hanukkah Session, I already feel now, listening to Night Two, 2021 is going to be something absolutely awesome! (Thanks, guys.....being the Ramones, this absolutely made my otherwise dull Monday special!!🥰 Well done!!)
gardengatesopen Aylar önce
🍒 The cherry on top! 🍒
heidi brenke-malone
feel the same way about it. Just wonder - since they already played the creme de la creme - what in the world could be next?
LAV!SH Aylar önce
Love this guys!
Jokesonyou6666 Aylar önce
Tbh you should cover every song in existence and id listen to it😂 all the covers u do are awesome u have an amazing taste in music
Beach Girl
Beach Girl Aylar önce
Every *rock* song. “Every _song_ in existence” could bite us hard if they cover “She’s Having My Baby,” or “Muskrat Love”.
Gypsy Aylar önce
That Foufoune Électrique shirt is the crown jewel of this video for me. Québec loves you Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters
Coach Nate
Coach Nate Aylar önce
Always wearing it
Pat West
Pat West Aylar önce
Dave wore the t-shirt in Rio too! trvid.com/video/video-v6-95oD6pPI.html
Brendan Dulaney
Brendan Dulaney Aylar önce
I love how the old footage is in perfect sync with the music. Well done. Split cover great production
Tess de Haan
Tess de Haan Aylar önce
It seems like the footage is being played backwards?!
Noah Sidel
Noah Sidel Aylar önce
This is amazing, and I love the Foufs shirt. Montreal represent!
Aimee Webb
Aimee Webb Aylar önce
Yes! One of my favorites from this Hanukkah sessions
I'm Charming
I'm Charming Aylar önce
Grohl just knows how to hit the drums.
Clea Aylar önce
This is so cool! 🙌 Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays to everyone!
Linda Williams
Linda Williams Aylar önce
Love you guys. Thanks for this series again this year. Fantastic. Too bad it ends...
F E L I X Aylar önce
I love The Foo so much!!!
Diana Moore
Diana Moore Aylar önce
😊 Love it!!
Saxton Hale
Saxton Hale Aylar önce
Dave's voice sounds great here
Wayne Aylar önce
Awesome as always Dave! Happy Chanukah!!!
sonic jet
sonic jet Aylar önce
The beat behind Nirvana, the voice and sound of the Foo Fighters, now does rock n roll covers for the holiday, great :) good job
Mike Atkin
Mike Atkin Aylar önce
LOVE the Foufounes Electriques shirt on Dave. Great memories of attending a lot of shows at that venue in the 80s & 90s. I even performed there with my band back in the day.
Brad Mislow
Brad Mislow Aylar önce
I love everything about this!!!!
CorsicaLTZ Aylar önce
Absolutely amazing 👏
Pugar Restu Julian
Pugar Restu Julian Aylar önce
millerhxc Aylar önce
Whoever came up with the idea to use and even flip certain Hebrew letters to look like English is kind of a genius. I initially got confused when עס came up and was like "what has that got to do with Oy?" But when it came around again...I got it. Haha.
Jeffrey H
Jeffrey H Aylar önce
That's was so awesome!!!🤘
Doctor Skull
Doctor Skull Aylar önce
Guitar sounds great 🔥😎🎸
Alon Mayer
Alon Mayer Aylar önce
Thanks Dave. Foo Fighters, one of my favorite bands for decades.
mikron Aylar önce
These just keep getting better! :D
LithiumSurfboard Aylar önce
As a Jew who grew up on Long Island back in the day, I had no idea that joey and Tommy Ramone were Jewish. I always assumed they were Italian. You learn something new every day. And yeah, this video was terrific!
elhanan bahar
elhanan bahar Aylar önce
@First 😄
First Aylar önce
@elhanan bahar Well done
elhanan bahar
elhanan bahar Aylar önce
@First im jewish😃
glenn oc
glenn oc Aylar önce
Yeah I thought they were Italian too.
ed reeves
ed reeves Aylar önce
AS a friend of Joeys I never knew or cared about his religion. "It's Time to sniff glue." Is all that mattered.
O.S. Angel
O.S. Angel Aylar önce
You just made Hanukkah greater to me 🤩
Josh Mills
Josh Mills Aylar önce
Thank you guys! You are bright lights!
Lee Jeffords A&R Mojo#4181 Xbox mojostyles1 Twitch
1 2 3 4 Bash! Let's Go!!! Glen, Dave. Ty, Looking forward to May 20th, and the Foo! 🔥🧐👏🎶🤘👍Go Ggals and Gguys!
Mr Will Cat
Mr Will Cat Aylar önce
Dave must be really bored 😂 I love it!!
Teddy Aylar önce
Absolutely awesome!!!
Grant Bassett
Grant Bassett Aylar önce
Absolutely bang on!!!!!!!👌
Jacob Aylar önce
Makes me wanna play this on guitar
Thrix S
Thrix S Aylar önce
Awesome!! Love this😍😍
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak Aylar önce
This made my day 😘
Lar Graydon
Lar Graydon Aylar önce
Dave Grohl is an absolute legend
DawnVita Aylar önce
love this!!!!
Ciara Grey
Ciara Grey Aylar önce
This was a great 2 1/2 minute jump around the room. Helps burn off all the pumpkin pie I had on Thanksgiving! Woo hoo! I pulled out all my Ramones stuff and listened to them!
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Aylar önce
I appreciate the fuck out of you Dave!!! You are the coolest!!! Your covers are magnificent!!!! You can do no wrong.
Luc Lenain
Luc Lenain Aylar önce
So good, Thank you Dave Grohl et all to remain so good - Not to mention the T-shirt that most French speaking dudes will be picking on: "Foufounes electriques" = Electric pussies... Happy Hanukakah!! :)
Mr. McQuade
Mr. McQuade Aylar önce
This is amazing!
Brian McLendon
Brian McLendon Aylar önce
I love this!!!!!
Axel Rosima
Axel Rosima Aylar önce
Two classics with one ROCK!!!
Cathie Kuypers
Cathie Kuypers Aylar önce
love it!!!
L C Aylar önce
Love this!!
David Szikman
David Szikman Aylar önce
That was so good and really f’ing funny.. awesome 👏 👏👏
Paul Nicklin
Paul Nicklin Aylar önce
Great sound love lt 🤟
Lukas ZeSpychowa
Lukas ZeSpychowa Aylar önce
Love it, Dave is absolute legend for me since I heard Nirvana in late '90
Dana Grossman Leeman
So much fun! Thank you!!!
Diana Mariani
Diana Mariani Aylar önce
Would love to hear Dave and Foo play Sister Christian and Call To The Heart. Love the drums in those songs. He could blow it out of the water.
yambored Aylar önce
Thank you! Love this!
Scott Kidwell Music
Hell. Yes. Happy Hanukkah 🕎 Thank you 🤘
Cat Arnett
Cat Arnett Aylar önce
It's Dave Grohl's world and I'm happy to live in it. 🤘💥🔥
S.E McMurphy
S.E McMurphy Aylar önce
All I want for Christmas is MORE Dave Grohl. 🎅🏻🌲
Tiarles Taborda
Tiarles Taborda Aylar önce
OMG , the best session👊
7 from Outer Space
7 from Outer Space Aylar önce
This is so awesome yeah!! 😂👍
Roselyne Studios
Roselyne Studios Aylar önce
This is honestly the best piece of work!
Dwayne Koblitz
Dwayne Koblitz Aylar önce
That was, INDEED, good!!! Dave is GOD!!
Marilena Salazar
Marilena Salazar Aylar önce
Neal Geisler
Neal Geisler 21 gün önce
Thanks very much for the Hanukkah Sessions Kurstin and Grohl . Absolutely Fabulous!! 10 Stars !!!
Yoav Levinson
Yoav Levinson Aylar önce
I approve this Jewish masterpiece
SturgisBaby Aylar önce
AHHHH ... RAMONES!!! Good one!! 👍🏻
Rodrigo Cassel
Rodrigo Cassel Aylar önce
E essa caixa heim papai... que tiro!
beckett9375 Aylar önce
I am nearly 47 years old and have a Nirvana tattoo that is decades old. Being in the same room as Dave Grohl would make me cry
Joe Mabry
Joe Mabry Aylar önce
Long live Dave Grohl!!!
Henry Goodelman
Henry Goodelman Aylar önce
This makes me so happy thank you
Charlie Birch
Charlie Birch Aylar önce
Absolutely Awesome!
Irene Nattel
Irene Nattel Aylar önce
From a Montreal fan…loving the t-shirt!!! And the whole thing!!!
Ryan Prevost
Ryan Prevost Aylar önce
Love It!
Claire Fuzipeg
Claire Fuzipeg Aylar önce
Perfectly done, the footage and the music just so good.
Jan Yamson
Jan Yamson Aylar önce
David Grohl is a rock star living legend and so humble no doubt about that! 💯👈🏽
Phil Ferrari
Phil Ferrari Aylar önce
the drummer should get his own band. amazing
Surrender the Ectype [METAL BAND]
Killer work, cheers from Denver
Chad White
Chad White Aylar önce
That was brilliant
Nicola Carter
Nicola Carter Aylar önce
Dave and the Ramones,what’s not to love🤷‍♀️
jarrett finney
jarrett finney Aylar önce
Thank you so much for doing this again!! I loved this last year! Yall should make Hanukkah eps every year and keep doing what yall are doing! Im not even Jewish. I just love it
Lex Slate
Lex Slate Aylar önce
I like this. Excellent job.
Jasper Wijmstra
Jasper Wijmstra Aylar önce
Get punked!!! Thanks for these great songs. You rock!!!
awhiting480 Aylar önce
Well done!!
Kathleen Cooper
Kathleen Cooper Aylar önce
Legendary!!! 🤯😍🤩
David Monzon
David Monzon Aylar önce
Keep on rocking. Happy holidays
Shawn Friday
Shawn Friday Aylar önce
Seeing Dave on drums brings the happy.
Chris Hepburn
Chris Hepburn Aylar önce
That guitar tone is epic!
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