Kurstin x Grohl: The Hanukkah Sessions 2021: Night One

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Welcome back to the menorah, y’all. Let’s kick it this year’s Hanukkah sessions with one of Dallas, Texas’s favorite Jewish daughters. So put on your coffee shop spectacles and your Betsey Johnson dress and HAVA listen to this… "Stay” by Lisa Loeb.




27 Kas 2021




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DJ Cummerbund
DJ Cummerbund Aylar önce
The new Coheed & Cambria sounds amazing!!!
PNAF 10 gün önce
Is it weird that I’m floored by DJ Cumberbund?
Max Wells
Max Wells Aylar önce
Fuck the pain away is also epic you have to say
soulslaveone Aylar önce
ha ha ha ha
Bryan Aylar önce
Spit take funny! I honestly thought of Coheed & Cambria, when he started screaming. I have no knowledge of that style of music, except, I recall Richard on the Howard Stern Show wore an adult diaper to their gig, so he didn’t miss anything by running to the bathroom. That’s fanaticism!
Ian Parker
Ian Parker Aylar önce
Ha. Nailed it. My friends were watching like 30 of your videos last night btw! Cheers 🍻
Clever Tag Here
Clever Tag Here Aylar önce
As an old metal head... and Lisa Loeb fan, this is the cover I have been waiting for.
Antonio Enrico
Antonio Enrico Aylar önce
I never knew i needed a metal cover of Stay until now.
Katheros98 Aylar önce
Brilliant! My 7 year old daughter said "well I was not expecting THAT." 😂
Bluesbabesrv Aylar önce
Exactly my thoughts, only I am 71.
Henry M.
Henry M. Aylar önce
Turns out Dave Grohl would make a phenomenal metalcore singer. We already knew his cleans were legendary. Turns out his growls are fucking great, too!
Mr. Chopper
Mr. Chopper Aylar önce
CBRHurricane6 Aylar önce
This does actually make a good metal cover 😂
LS LS Aylar önce
Dave growl🤘🤘
atarijawa462 Aylar önce
Don't you mean his grohls?
follybeachusa Aylar önce
This is my new Hanukkah tradition & it’s just as important as lighting the candles. Never stop doing this.
Jennifer Frierson
Jennifer Frierson Aylar önce
WHY does the dress I bought at Target in September look better on you?! Damn.... LOL. Awesome cover of a song that drove me nuts growing up in Dallas when it came out. All of this is gold!! Thank you!!
Sophie W
Sophie W Aylar önce
Hahaha..brilliant 👍
Matt S
Matt S Aylar önce
It's not the first time Dave has crossed dressed and looked hot af 🤣😂
Matt Shaw
Matt Shaw Aylar önce
Dave has gotten me through some low points in my life. He always seems to know how to lift spirits. This song will do the same for countless lives. Humor heals, not to mention this is a bada$$ cover! Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters have all been great bands and have touched my life in one way or another. Been jamming to his music for almost 30 years!!!!
Tommey Tommey
Tommey Tommey Aylar önce
You are dead on brother. Dave seems to appear at the right time and has a way of bringing a smile when you didn't think it was possible.
Jay Harrison
Jay Harrison Aylar önce
No special hot girls for you, but I do hope you're currently higher than those lows, if not know that you will be again.
Fire Frost
Fire Frost Aylar önce
OH MAN! A little demented , A LOT of humor, some kick ass riffs by Kurstin and bad ass singing by Dave made this an EPIC ride on the good humor truck lol.. Thanks guys you just made my day! ( I sooo needed this) Can't wait to see what you do on night two LMAO
Kimberley Meisels
Kimberley Meisels Aylar önce
We do not deserve Dave but are so grateful for how he feeds his fans. The Nicest Beast in Rock™️ must outlive us all!
stacyann825 Aylar önce
@Meghan Crowne Or stay in an emergency room!! Came back, finished the show, then finished the tour on his throne!!!!
Meghan Crowne
Meghan Crowne Aylar önce
Dave doesn’t sit on the couch for a second!
Nicole Marvel
Nicole Marvel Aylar önce
I feel the same. He kills it here.
Psyclonus Aylar önce
@Donny Rodriguez me too. and Dave deserves us.
Donny Rodriguez
Donny Rodriguez Aylar önce
I deserve Dave
AliKat YEG
AliKat YEG Aylar önce
This is the best thing I've seen in 2021. I'm mad that I've got this damned song stuck in my head now, but I've already watched the video a dozen times because it's just SO FUNNY. Will keep this in mind for watching any time I'm depressed and need cheering up. Dave Grohl is an amazing human being. 👍👍
Zol Fodor
Zol Fodor Aylar önce
I won't sleep tonight coz all I can hear is this 🤘❤️😂 gotta admit Dave Grohl is a genius 🤘🤘
t3hsis Aylar önce
🤣😂😭 Edit: seriously was not expecting this and laughed way too much at this. Thanks, Dave. You nailed it! 😆 Suggestion to add it to Spotify, as we would *totally* add that to our covers playlist!
David Abrams
David Abrams Aylar önce
OMG I’m crying!! Never change, Dave. That was brilliant. 🤣🤣🤣
Knife Nuts Podcast
Knife Nuts Podcast Aylar önce
Dave’s growling vocals are pretty brutal! I’m in for the FF death metal album!
MK Productions 2.0
MK Productions 2.0 Aylar önce
It'd be crazy if they went away from the grunge rock & did that. Hell I'd be into that more than there Grunge I have all the respect for Foo Fighters but not that into grunge rock just like some grunge rock!
Richard Wintle
Richard Wintle Aylar önce
This is 100% the most awesome thing on the internet right now. Also, kudos to Dave for the glasses - the devil is in the details of course. :D
Eros Days
Eros Days Aylar önce
starblaze27 Aylar önce
Awesome. Only thing missing was to see Lisa Loeb somewhere in the background head banging to the music, or her appearing in one of the metal parts singing a line. Also since I just saw Mallrats again earlier today, the quote from Brodie saying "I would have been a sexy chick" came to my head on what I think Dave was thinking when he was wearing that dress.
starblaze27 Aylar önce
@Glenn Tate lol that would have been epic.
Glenn Tate
Glenn Tate Aylar önce
I told my buddy that it would have been great for Lisa Loeb to come out at the end and say...Jeez you guys fkn suck!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dale Kay
Dale Kay Aylar önce
That synth bridge is sick as hell!!! This is the best cover I've heard forever.
Candace Carroll
Candace Carroll Aylar önce
Dave Grohl should be declared a national treasure!
Robert Flores
Robert Flores Aylar önce
This inspired insanity! Dave always could rock a dress.
Valorie Moses
Valorie Moses Aylar önce
I’m verklempt. 🤣 Dave Grohl is what we need in this world.
Brandon Keene
Brandon Keene Aylar önce
The cover we didn't know we needed. Love the "Soooo" and expressions 🤣
Ryan McParland
Ryan McParland Aylar önce
I can't stop listening to this, I never realized how much I needed a metal version of miss you to end 2021
Jay Con
Jay Con Aylar önce
The best it made me smile even this difficult time. Thanks Dave.
Linda Williams
Linda Williams Aylar önce
Dave you are so crazy,lol. I needed this today. I laughed my ass off watching this. It brought back memories of my son. Josh passed 2 yrs ago. We lived in Memphis and I volunteered for Memphis in May musicfest every year for at least 10 yrs or more. Josh was 6'4" when he was 14, really cute, and crazy. He would snagg a VIP badge from somewhere. It is 5 stages on the banks of the MS river. All I had to do was sit at Riverside and Beale at the bike rack and drink and watch the bikes & music & people. Sorry Lisa but this is a true story, he is down at the opposite side of the park that I was. It's getting about 2 am and I wondered where the hell is he at. I ask the cops Did you guys arrest anybody down at the green day stage. They just laughed and said no but it is pretty wild down there. About 3am he comes Stumbling back down. I said Josh what have you been doing??? He said well I was with Green Day smoking and playing on the golf carts. Oh and Lisa Loeb wanted me to go with her to her hotel. I laughed my ass off and said , did she know you are only 14. He got a shit eating grin and said no I didn't tell her, but I knew if I left you would kill me. I said well so you had a great time then, he smile and said hell yeah. It was great. I am so glad he did. Dave you made my day, lol... Especially the crazy music. He would play that crap full blast and drive me crazy .lol good memories, love you guys. Oh, love your dress. Lol. You never fail to make me 😊 😃 happy, thanks....I have not thought of this for at least 10+ yrs. Josh is somewhere Laughing at you guys too. Thanks Lisa....
meljean 19
meljean 19 Aylar önce
This was like have 2 of my personalities being crushed and smooshed together and it made me so happy! 💜
Jellyblv Aylar önce
This is so amazing and hilarious! The twirl in the hallway had me shook! Can't wait for other covers :) And also the glasses lol
Cat Cat
Cat Cat Aylar önce
I love how nothing is off limits with David. I believe he loves all music
Miang Borinaga
Miang Borinaga Aylar önce
Love you Dave! You made me laugh the whole time man, that eyeglasses though. Loved this version.
John Luna
John Luna Aylar önce
I'd love to see a project with Frog Leap and the Foos. Feels like a good fit, good creative energy.
Megan Gay
Megan Gay Aylar önce
Dave… you are a gift. I couldn’t be prouder of a) laughing so hard I spit my cocktail across my patio and b) of my DMV homie for putting this magic into the world when it needs it so badly.
Eros Days
Eros Days Aylar önce
I can't stop listening to this. It gives me chills and tears in my eyes from the joy it gives me!!
Geekywitch Aylar önce
This was the moment of pure joy I didn't realize I needed today. Thank you, gentlemen!
Lisa Moncrief
Lisa Moncrief Aylar önce
This is just everything! Made my whole week! It’s the only way I ever wanna listen to the song! 🤘🏼♥️🤘🏼
TheRichDude Aylar önce
Well let's admit it guys we really loved this and enjoyed 😁
Kari M
Kari M Aylar önce
I mean, what, when, how does he make time for pulling off these things and be great every time? 🙌😂
Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel
Dave Grohl is one of my favorite humans ever
Sabrina De Cristofano
Dave, you're everything in one single person. ❤️🇮🇹
Metalheart333 Aylar önce
Dave please make a full album like this! Your Death Metal vocals sound awesome!
Shar Banning
Shar Banning Aylar önce
I'm so glad this is happening again this year!
Kevin Maryles
Kevin Maryles Aylar önce
So glad we got a sequel this year. Happy Hanukah guys!
Edwin Roberto Suárez Vásquez
Excelente como siempre muy buena interpretación
Handlebar-Orion X.
Handlebar-Orion X. Aylar önce
I love it! This made my night after a hard day at work
Blayne Aylar önce
This is fuckin gold, Dave! Keep'em coming bud.
nartyteek Aylar önce
It's always good to see you back in a dress, sir! Makes me feel like a kid again lol.
stacyann825 Aylar önce
The Learn to Fly video is pure gold!!
Rye Hiker
Rye Hiker Aylar önce
I had completely forgotten about this from last year. So good. The world needs more Dave Grohl (and Greg Kurstin).
neilius85 Aylar önce
Daaaamnn, Dave completely killed that right there!!!! Best cover I've heard in ages!! And the video, lmao!!!! That's a masterpiece fellas!
Erin Sayer
Erin Sayer Aylar önce
Who was also able to perfectly sing along to this? 🤣 🕎💙🤍
Luin Haden
Luin Haden Aylar önce
oh my gawd! When I thought it couldn't get any better! Whoever put this together is a Genius! In the words of Wayne and Garth... WE'RE NOT WORTHY, WE'RE NOT WORTHY! wow!
Phoenix Love
Phoenix Love Aylar önce
When I saw the double head banging it was instant Wayne and Garth 🤘
nedomedo Aylar önce
Sure we're worthy! ☺️
Izaak Diggs
Izaak Diggs Aylar önce
This is equally insane and brilliant---can't wait for the coming nights! #oyvey
Kim Luther
Kim Luther Aylar önce
These are outstanding and I needed the laugh.
Dennis Yanan
Dennis Yanan Aylar önce
OK, I needed that. I just left reading the "news" and was damn near suicidal (it's been a hell of a year, need therapy, but can't afford it). Seeing Dave in the dress at the start gave me the laugh i needed to be able to handle going back to work tomorrow.
Quaux Aylar önce
OMG this is so damn funny
anomar Aylar önce
I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Dave
Batgirl Grohl
Batgirl Grohl Aylar önce
Jazzzi82 Aylar önce
I have a way too big tattoo of this guy hahaha
Ian Ashman
Ian Ashman Aylar önce
Dave never fails to absolutely nail it. This is effing brilliant and funny. Awesome.
Atayu Aylar önce
I laughed so hard my face hurts. Dave Grohl: the gift that keeps on giving.
Randy Daniels
Randy Daniels Aylar önce
Holy piss buckets this is the absolute greatest cover that I never knew I needed! Riffs for days!
Mary S
Mary S Aylar önce
I have watched this so many times. My face hurts from laughing. I love it so much.
James Aylar önce
Jesus didn’t expect that. Fucking hilarious tho.
bononista Aylar önce
I'm glad this is back and hope it's gonna be every year. The content we didn't know we needed! Going to an upcoming Foo Fighters show? Better triple check your mobile ticket because Ticketmaster's app is still jacked. See y'all @Fresno (because my Sacramento ticket never arrived and there are no humans at Ticketmaster helping anyone).
Neelia K
Neelia K Aylar önce
THIS IS BRILLIANT!! Lol 😂 Ive been listening to cannibal corpse a lot lately so I totally dig this! Lol 😂
Pau Aylar önce
🤣 I'm loving this so much, and it's just getting started
Seth Holdaway
Seth Holdaway Aylar önce
Holy Shit, just laughed my ass off! I love this so much. Thank you Dave for making my day!
Robert Sherman
Robert Sherman Aylar önce
I'm dead! Almost split my side laughing while head banging. Funny! And strangely... It worked!
Guitarrilarizando Com Tiago Marques
Para os Gringos o Violão que eles usaram é um Gianini Marca dos primórdios aqui no BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
ajulam81 Aylar önce
The first time I heard of this..13 days ago on a long journey to take care of our brother who passed. The girl from Pandora or whatever was raving about Dave in a dress singing Lisa Loeb...After a very difficult day I got a minute alone to search this song... Oh man between the nostalgia and giggles this song took my heart and lifted her high...It has actually been something my older sister texts me and just says how it helped her get there a moment or a day Thank you 🌹🌹🌹
Terry Harding
Terry Harding Aylar önce
Beginning to end top shelf awesome guys! Always keepin is rockin and laughin 🤘🤘🔥🤘🤘
Dan Bregman
Dan Bregman Aylar önce
So happy they are doing this again! The first night ROCKS. Happy Hanukkah!!!
Paul Davis
Paul Davis Aylar önce
OMG, imagine you in an actual post hard-core band. 🤟🤟
NancyinNYC Aylar önce
This is my favorite part of Hanukkah!!! Thanks for doing it again!!!
Howard Weingard
Howard Weingard Aylar önce
Best damn cover of Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” I have ever heard
Chloë Hoffman
Chloë Hoffman Aylar önce
This is fantastic... Now I want a proper FF cover of this song 😂
B A Aylar önce
Just saw them in Sacramento last night, and it reminded me I hadn't yet watched these. AMAZING! Made my week!!!
Alan Barry
Alan Barry Aylar önce
Brilliant! A great song can be interpreted in many styles AND simultaneously!
Nicola Carter
Nicola Carter Aylar önce
Lol this is gold! And Dave, you fucking rock that frock!😍😂🤘
J Anthony
J Anthony Aylar önce
This really inspired me last year to play a bunch of covers. This and the the Let It Be doc is good inspiration. I am looking forward to this year’s picks. Let the Muse descend!
MysticEdge 4
MysticEdge 4 Aylar önce
The Get Back documentary on Disney plus was very inspiring for me as a songwriter, especially watching Paul form the song get back so quick. I tried taking bits of the conversations in the film and putting them into songs.
SU Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣💖🎶 Dave me representa!!
Susietopspin Aylar önce
OMG freaking brilliant.
Barak Samesh
Barak Samesh Aylar önce
Thanks for doing this again this year Greg Kurstin and Dave Growl
The Millennial Gardener
This works surprisingly well. I'd pay to see a collaboration show.
irineu px
irineu px Aylar önce
Its impossible not to love this man
mutlupb Aylar önce
I nearly had an aneurysm laughing at this. Love it.
Fauxpinky *
Fauxpinky * Aylar önce
I've watched this about 50 times already...I love this video so much, guys.
BigKRCarter Aylar önce
I’m so happy this series is back!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
MrX13 Aylar önce
Love this! All was needed was for Lisa Loeb to cameo and sing along with him in a grunge like voice. Would be epic!!
kimjoan212 Aylar önce
Gotta love Dave …. He’s even wearing the Lisa Loeb eyeglasses 🤓….. the whole look from the necklace to the dress 👗…. 💯💥👍🏾🤟🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Rattlehead M
Rattlehead M Aylar önce
I'd love to see you guys do a collaboration with Leo Moracchioli. You guys are awesome!
adamtwelve Aylar önce
I loved this too much! Hope Dave does more heavy songs, he has a great death metal voice!
m_alquimist Aylar önce
So good to start the day listening to this!
messinger harold
messinger harold Aylar önce
that was....sublime, enthralling, uplifting, hilarious, perfect.
Logan B
Logan B Aylar önce
This series is gonna be legendary.
Darren Morin
Darren Morin Aylar önce
He seriously needs to be in a Deathmetal band... This was hilarious and awesome!! Well done!!
Brenna O'Connor
Brenna O'Connor Aylar önce
OMG! I love this so much. I'm actually sendimh this to my brother since he loved this song by Lisa Loeb. I had a hear it all the time growing up.
Kacper Cieśla
Kacper Cieśla Aylar önce
This is amazing on so many levels.
Brandon Koenig
Brandon Koenig Aylar önce
We need more Metal Grohl!!!
Jesse Keith
Jesse Keith Aylar önce
Dave...dress .. going to haunt my dreams...but brilliantly epic
Tin Chua
Tin Chua Aylar önce
From glasses to dress, Love it Dave. The best cover songs ever!! 🤣😂😭
Heather Nemethy
Heather Nemethy Aylar önce
I didn't realize how much I needed this in my life.
Malisa Lavis
Malisa Lavis Aylar önce
Big Love to you guys, Rockin out as usual! X
DaveGrohlLover Yeah
When you realize that Dave not only has the same haircut as you but also looks better in a dress than you.
WearyCowboy Aylar önce
Wrong...Lisa is hott.
Pam Williams
Pam Williams Aylar önce
He does look good in this dress☺
Randall Coedwig
Randall Coedwig Aylar önce
Beach Girl
Beach Girl Aylar önce
@Laurie Smith , Taylor _does_ look great as a woman, but when Dave shaves his facial hair, he pulls it off well, too.
SimoneTh Pereira
SimoneTh Pereira Aylar önce
Kenny Angel
Kenny Angel Aylar önce
Wow Dave....just, wow. That sir, was awesome.
Wendy Ridgway
Wendy Ridgway Aylar önce
Dawg bless you, Dave, you intrepid warrior. You’re the template for every kid in their garage right now. Thanks for keeping it LIVE.
Foo Fighters. Walk.
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