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Kumail Nanjiani is best known for his Academy Award-nominated film The Big Sick and his role as Dinesh on HBO's Silicon Valley, now in its sixth and final season. He also stars alongside Dave Bautista in Stuber, which is set to hit theaters on July 12. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the comedian discusses tech bros, breaks down his favorite video games, and explains his obsession with The X-Files. Not only that, but he becomes the first guest in Hot Ones history to dine with a knife and fork.
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Season 9
Episode 7
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11 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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First We Feast
First We Feast Yıl önce
What's your favorite episode of Season 9 so far?
Jessica Mohun
Jessica Mohun 27 gün önce
Hot ones shaq
Himanshu Pal
Himanshu Pal Aylar önce
@Andyjoseph8 yes hands down it was bang on!
Raheem Carvey
Raheem Carvey 5 aylar önce
Get Marlon Wayans or all the wayans bros on this !
Omar Arbelaez
Omar Arbelaez 6 aylar önce
either Kristen Bell or Aubrey Plaza both were hilarious. I would love to see Jlaw or Keanu Reeves on here.
The Mark Craig
The Mark Craig 8 aylar önce
Aubrey Plaza snorting milk is just flat out funny.
awwwyeaboyeeee 2 gün önce
Wish he would have talked about being on Portlandia. The cell phone store episode was one of the best.
noor 2 gün önce
seriously this show is a career maker, people have the potential to repair their image and reputation, by just coming on here.
Jim Hillestad
Jim Hillestad 3 gün önce
You need joe rogan as guest!
Ryan Burks
Ryan Burks 3 gün önce
After every episode of this show, I have to immediately drink some milk.
Claudia Meisters
Claudia Meisters 4 gün önce
Patek 5167 R, beautiful watch!!! Wow this show brings everything
T K 6 gün önce
This is my favorite episode!!
tim tao Mathisen
tim tao Mathisen 6 gün önce
zolacnomiko 10 gün önce
"Everyone close your eyes. Pause the cameras." Cameras: ::zoom in closer::
iamcoolstephen1234 12 gün önce
You've worked alongside directors...Do you see a character trait that runs through all of them? Fuck you. rofl This was one of my more favorite episodes. I like Kumail as a guest. Onto more I guess....
Andy Bradley
Andy Bradley 13 gün önce
11:20 that’s the PewDiePie song
ZERO 14 gün önce
All I hear is prismo.
byron p
byron p 15 gün önce
Tums is the absolutely perfect sponsor for this show. But honestly...you can't promote rasslin', not when the WWE owns it. [wrestling is a real and actual thing and has nothing to do with ralssin]'. which was kinda fun to watch until Vince decided to own ALL of it. It has sucked ever since. Even Donald got involved, it was that bad (look it up).
Jay Ro
Jay Ro 15 gün önce
Sean Evans rocking is making me :/
Grant Novak
Grant Novak 16 gün önce
Why does Kumail look like he's turning into Liev Schreiber in the thumbnail?
Jane 16 gün önce
He doesn't want to be seen blowing his nose on camera, he uses his phone camera to see how sweaty he is, and he argues against the he-man trivia when hes supposed to be plugging himself, like an absolute nerd. This is the man of my dreams
JD Dimensions
JD Dimensions 17 gün önce
Is This The Guy Who Play Kumar From Harold And Kumar?
JerkWarlord 17 gün önce
Pawan M
Pawan M 17 gün önce
House gets shitting on couches....classic.
William Paunan
William Paunan 17 gün önce
"Do you see a character trait in all of them?" "Fuck you"
Riwaj Regmi
Riwaj Regmi 17 gün önce
i would love to see Larry David on this show
Red Hot Chili Peppers man
Kind of sad they didn't even mention his wife at all. And also how it isn't really common for his culture to be married to a white woman.
Red Hot Chili Peppers man
@greasy2007 That's not the point.. at least mention her too.. and in his culture.. its kind of a big deal marrying outside his race. I know from personal experience.
greasy2007 16 gün önce
Well he's in America... And white ppl r everywhere
VideoPipistrella 18 gün önce
OMG, Kumail is so hot
jonnnnniej 20 gün önce
Never knew he was such a nerd, and I love it!
jonnnnniej 20 gün önce
Am I the only one who thought Kumail was better looking before he got buffed?
Sean Palizzi
Sean Palizzi 21 gün önce
Love the Nine Club hoodie at the end
Junior Holanda
Junior Holanda 21 gün önce
Why do Americans always use plastic fork and knifes? Even the Kardashians who are filthy rich eat like this at their home.
Tim Moore
Tim Moore 21 gün önce
I'd be all about the chicken strips or do boneless wings. Just easier and I'm lazy. lol
Peter Hanna
Peter Hanna 21 gün önce
he is amazing
Cahleeb Jamisn'ton
Cahleeb Jamisn'ton 21 gün önce
Strips? Nah man.
Julie L
Julie L 22 gün önce
Lauren Eggleton
Lauren Eggleton 22 gün önce
After a nasty breakup I gained almost 10 pounds solely on biryani and that's facts. The ultimate comfort food
Mr Alvarado
Mr Alvarado 22 gün önce
Sean....I just noticed that when Kumali was eating with a knife and fork you left him hanging. Any reason why?
Tyrone Ingram
Tyrone Ingram 23 gün önce
pathfinderLXXIV 23 gün önce
20:05 LMAO!!! Poor guy. 21:36 He nails it. "I'm a house guest". They come in feeling invited... but toward they end it's more like the realization after being lured into that van for free candy and puppies that there wasn't actually anything good planned for you all along. LMAO
Ryan whatever
Ryan whatever 23 gün önce
I like Kumail but I am disappointed that he did not mentioned "Last of Us" in his list of games...
RhayaderGoesToTown 23 gün önce
I want a highlight reel of guests cursing at Sean
Omar Karim
Omar Karim 24 gün önce
18:50 “... There’s a picture of a nuclear bomb on there-“ *BOOOOM!!!*
Corey Wright
Corey Wright 24 gün önce
Peep that gold nautilus
Sir Gor
Sir Gor 25 gün önce
I know Kumail from Gameinformer's Replay!!!
ridiculous Nicholas
ridiculous Nicholas 25 gün önce
Danny Mcbride, James Franco, please.._.. But theyre prolly too scared. Agreed, Spice pussies! Loljknotsorrywtfaid?
Subi Bosa
Subi Bosa 25 gün önce
patek phillipe
ThePheasantPluckerr 25 gün önce
Would love to see some British comedians like James acaster or someone on the show
Nerd Alert
Nerd Alert 25 gün önce
How is this dude claiming to be Pakistani? He uses a fork to avoid touching spice.
Azeemah Nakhoda
Azeemah Nakhoda 26 gün önce
the host is so bland and boring and unspicy... funny how this is the kind of show he would host.
Kelly Martell
Kelly Martell 26 gün önce
Kumail is soooo funny!!!
Sahdev Raghuwanshi
Sahdev Raghuwanshi 26 gün önce
I'm subscribing only if you bring Keanu Reeves, did you hear it sean.
SamAsm 27 gün önce
7:27 - Math is life.
VIPUL ANAND 27 gün önce
Interstellar: we used actual astrophysics for the movie's scientific accuracy . Silicon valley: hold my dick-to-floor ratio
Hasnat Ali
Hasnat Ali 27 gün önce
why do some of your videos have the last sauce at 0.5 mil and others to 2+mil
Anglwngz5 28 gün önce
Chris Hemsworth next !!
M MJ 28 gün önce
20:35 is that the soundtrack to Raiders of the Lost Ark in the scene right before the Nazi's faces melted off?
Heather Reeves
Heather Reeves 27 gün önce
M MJ 😂😂😂😂😂 if not, it was close enough! Thank you for a sincere belly laugh this morning!
Glitterpop785 28 gün önce
Sean knows his shit! He also pronounced Kumails name perfectly!
Rick James
Rick James 29 gün önce
this is pathetic tbh. Grab a wing and eat. Thats the challenge
dread fairy
dread fairy 29 gün önce
We need a Kumail redu now that hes jacked!💪💪💪
Debopam Bose
Debopam Bose 29 gün önce
Kathi rolls aren't unique to Pakistan. And they originated in Kolkata in Eastern India.
XLDC gamer
XLDC gamer 29 gün önce
Stuber brought me here😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!!!!!!
Omkar Patil
Omkar Patil Aylar önce
Kunal: Pause the camera Shawn: lol what?
OneRageyBoi Aylar önce
ps2 to ps3 was a huge leap, what does he mean? l;olol
fathersavage Aylar önce
I'll be a pinch runner for eating wings if a guest needs help getting through them
joadest Aylar önce
Hey, I met Kumail Nanjiani as an orc once in Shadow of War.
veronica eve
veronica eve Aylar önce
This Beta Male, just became Alpha 🔥🤘 Yes papi! Love you Kumail
vrudelta Aylar önce
Is that a gold Patek Aquanaut on Kumail's wrist?
samantha edwards
samantha edwards Aylar önce
I would like to join the shower u shouldnt just do famous people
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay Aylar önce
Loads of love to the staff of first we feast from Pakistan 💚♥️
Amanda Nerud
Amanda Nerud Aylar önce
I love that the entire end of the interview is derailed by Kumail fact-checking his final trivia question. :) True total nerd cred!
Squish Aylar önce
Love it when the guest calls out how creepy this host is, lol.
Roca Mallorca
Roca Mallorca Aylar önce
“You probably know him from *lists Kumail’s acting and directing accomplishments* me: How dare you Sir- I know him from Burning Love 💅🏻😂
Holly Raynsford
Holly Raynsford Aylar önce
Love this guy 💜🙌🏻🔥👏🏻x
Robert Hamel
Robert Hamel Aylar önce
Would love to see Chris Ramsey do this. The cross over between two huge TRvid channels would be awesome.
DefenderofFuture Aylar önce
J Obr
J Obr Aylar önce
Sean loves a segue. Should do a compilation of " that's a great segue before we move on to the next wing". Could include almost every episode
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 4 aylar önce
idk if that's canon" perfect ending
Pierre Roux
Pierre Roux 4 aylar önce
I would love to watch D.Trump eating Mexican chili sauce
Nora Muldowney
Nora Muldowney 4 aylar önce
Kumail is very handsome 👀
Erica Renee M
Erica Renee M 4 aylar önce
I watched this episode to see if there were any questions about the x files. I actually really liked the episode he was in, it was a very Darin Morgan episode
Amirool Bahri
Amirool Bahri 4 aylar önce
im pretty sure Kumail never seen an episode of this series XD
Rod Serling
Rod Serling 4 aylar önce
Swole af lol
Sonya Pegasi
Sonya Pegasi 4 aylar önce
I know him from Adventure time
Aditya Chache
Aditya Chache 4 aylar önce
Keanu Reeves Leo dicaprio Cillian Murphy I want these 3 people on this show
rest in peace Mia
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