Korea's best handmade knife master. Knife making process

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Korea's best handmade knife master. Knife making process

Company homepage and sales site: search.shopping.naver.com/cat...

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23 Tem 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Fix Your Life
Fix Your Life 10 gün önce
The experience of watching this video is amazing. I love all the professional editing and superb angles. This is a TOP TRvid video!
Britski Hambone
Britski Hambone 2 gün önce
I have often wondered at how seemingly cheap the handles appear on these wonderful works of art.
jac williams
jac williams Gün önce
Fantastic craftmanship, this level of skill is only achieved over a lifetime of devotion to a craft. A little sneaky at the end though, he shows the knife cutting sections of steel of a block and you can clearly see the rolls and chips on the edge , but in the next clip he lays it down on the anvil and the edge is smooth and unblemished.
Britski Hambone
Britski Hambone 2 gün önce
Wow! I don't think I have ever seen anyone TWIST a Damascus blank before. How unusual.
Complete Solutions Contracting
great video workmanship and production
Horacio Aylar önce
Aí sim, vale muito a pena ter algumas dessas.
mazaj Aylar önce
This is amazing! I wish I had a knife like that ... 👋
JJ62 Aylar önce
I’m a mechanic. I charge £45 per hour for my labour. Even at £300-400 these knives would be a bargain. The skill and understanding of the metallurgic processes involved is astounding.
aangelfrancofranco Aylar önce
Texan Online
Texan Online Aylar önce
they put twisted up random metal or a steel core...big deal...so much wasted effort for no reason
aangelfrancofranco Aylar önce
yo escribi a un correo electrónico y nunca recibí respuesta, por eso NO ME FIO. LO HUBIERA COMPRADO SI HUBIERA RESPONDIDO. ES UNA ESTAFA ASIÁTICA
cart ninja
cart ninja Aylar önce
This is max 50 per hour skill.
cart ninja
cart ninja Aylar önce
Youre tripping
cristian bento
cristian bento Aylar önce
Eu compraria uma dessas, deveria vender pela internet com toda certeza ia fazer muito sucesso, parabéns
Mike Adkins
Mike Adkins 3 aylar önce
Beautiful pieces. Especially love the looks of the smaller one. Great job. Their sharpness is insane. Cheers
lweis lewlevis non
lweis lewlevis non Aylar önce
where can we buy it?
elbuendani 2 aylar önce
Dsm4g631Evo Aylar önce
Peaceful watching a piece of art being made. His heart and soul go into making every knife.
AnonymouS Aylar önce
Yeah it feels like it is one of the most stressless jobs
Дмитрий Степанов
когда изготавливают такой нож он не должен покидать руку. поэтому из слабого хвостовика мастера намеренно ослабляют нож.😛😛😛😛😛😛
Alexis Aylar önce
This guy doesn't simply makes knives...he actually creates Excaliburs for kitchen!
Lewy g
Lewy g Aylar önce
I'm not into knives but there's something mesmerising about watching a truly skilled artisan doing the work he's a master of with such meticulous attention to detail.
Stoic Pawn
Stoic Pawn 2 aylar önce
The amount of hours this man has on this craft must be mind boggling, an absolute master.
Aussiesteveification G
Absolutely yes 🙌
ราเสบ หมันวาหาบ
@Elijah Johnston 0
TheIron Smith
TheIron Smith 12 gün önce
Elijah Johnston
Elijah Johnston Aylar önce
Could become proficient in any craft in a few years if you truly dedicate especially in the age of information,
Андрей Железов
Ножи достойны руки мастера,хвала и уважение мастеру
Franik Zaclinski
Franik Zaclinski 5 gün önce
И что ими резать , людей , калбасу на охоте , это панты тупые
Charle Nicholas
Charle Nicholas 28 gün önce
Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and abilities. Your knives are beautiful.
Gabriel Calderon
Gabriel Calderon 23 gün önce
This was beautiful to watch. I did get lost a couple times when new blades were added, but beautiful knives in the end
Bob Mcdougall
Bob Mcdougall Gün önce
^er what? At the start it was confusing as the 3 blades were added in the manufacturing stage. The viewer thought it was only one.
watchoutbehindyoubro 22 gün önce
They were tools. To cut the metal in half and what not. Nvm I see what you mean lol
Irineu Araujo
Irineu Araujo Aylar önce
Incrível ele e muito bom parabéns
suna kaya
suna kaya 2 aylar önce
Beautiful pieces. Especially love the looks of the smaller one. Great job. Their sharpness is insane. Cheers
lweis lewlevis non
lweis lewlevis non Aylar önce
whts the name of the compnay,, ? i cant use chinese words,, the link to the knifes is a scam..
Seyfullah Seyfullah
Seyfullah Seyfullah 2 aylar önce
bilinen şam çeliği yapıyor usta ve ondan uretıyor o bıcakları
Seyfullah Seyfullah
Seyfullah Seyfullah 2 aylar önce
This technique is the Turkish technique and it is unique in its field in the world.
gülabi polat
gülabi polat 2 aylar önce
jose carlos
jose carlos Aylar önce
Otimo video, parabens, esse tipo de arte, é gratificante em ver, e apreciar todo o processo. Brasil, Santa Catarina , São josé
Jonathan Tripp
Jonathan Tripp Aylar önce
This guy is a master at work, wow, the way he stacked the Damascus layers and then the San mai layer… wow, will surely watch this again.
Master Xaipres Spiele Kanal
@Padrino 1312 Das war kein scherz ^^ . Es heißt wirklich Koks was in denn Hochofen kommt . Ich hab Metallbau gelernt . Google es nach ... ja ich weiß warum die keinen anderen Namen dafür gefunden haben ... ist schon echt dumm , leider ist das die selbe Bezeichnung wie die Droge auf Markt .
Padrino 1312
Padrino 1312 26 gün önce
@Master Xaipres Spiele Kanal hahahah digga
Master Xaipres Spiele Kanal
@Dhi Hi i dont know how to spell it in english , because i am german . But in germany we say to it koks , I dont know maybe google translater or others can help you .
Dhi 29 gün önce
What is the Powder he is using..?
엄청난 시간과 노력으로 탄생한 작품이네요. 철보다 강한 칼이 탄생했습니다. 멋진 예술 👍
krasimir dimitrov
krasimir dimitrov Aylar önce
Невероятно голямо количество труд и качество. Браво на майстора!
J H 3 aylar önce
Unbelievable the skill involved. Time, patience, craftsmanship. Just amazing.
SSC Gaming
SSC Gaming 29 gün önce
Ded Menas
Ded Menas Aylar önce
Очень грамотно ! Особенно это заметно по моменту набора пластин перед началом сварки. Даже ржавые идут в работу ...🤩😄😄😄
mr_iw 3 gün önce
Показал видео кузнецу на работе. Он долго ржал.
Сергей Иванов
@Наталия П. Наклёп
Андрей Алексанов
при нагреве вся ржавчина сгорит
Наталия П.
Наталия П. Aylar önce
и ковка остывшего металла тоже весьма профессионально🤫
Farmer Jonas
Farmer Jonas Aylar önce
Я думаю то чуть другой метал
강지웅 2 gün önce
한번 배우고 싶다 한국이라면
SAFeCRACKeR09 Aylar önce
Amazing video, kept me glued throughout the whole process.
noname 15 gün önce
Невероятное мастерство! Завидую
Cookie Monster™
Cookie Monster™ 3 aylar önce
Beautiful work from the master and great job capturing the process on video. Good luck to his apprentice because there is a lot to learn!
csw4ak Aylar önce
Hi Cookie !!
lweis lewlevis non
lweis lewlevis non Aylar önce
you have to know whata re you doing...
dont think just do
dont think just do 2 aylar önce
@User Name I mean it's still something. It IS pretty standard, and a skill most people can learn. The only thing he doesn't seem to do is use stones and strop the edge on leather (to align microscopic burrs). That's why it doesn't push-cut (pressing rather than slicing), but that's a different type of showmanship from hammering off a metal corner (instead of wood). It's not magic, but it does require effort and training.
Poppop 2 aylar önce
@User Name You can do heat bang flip twist as much as you want, but final product will be suck. Blacksmith job requests years of practice. You are like: what F1 driver does? - forward, turn left, turn right, stop 😂
손용석 2 aylar önce
Дмитрий Степанов
не молодцы но я упертый и все равно хвостовик маловато.ну извиняюсь бывает такое.👍👍👍
휴우 Aylar önce
칼이 이렇게나 어렵게 만들어지는군요 정말 대단한 장인의 손길이 느껴지네요 존경합니다.
obser Aylar önce
@Pete 양산칼: 모든 방향으로 금속결정이 동일해서 길이방향으로 잘 굽거나 부러질 수 있습니다. 탄소함유량 많으면 부러지는 쪽. 단조칼: 길이방향으로 두들겨서 늘리는 과정을 반복하면 금속결정이 길이방향으로 정렬되서 칼이 길어도 잘 부러지지 않습니다. 가운데 탄소함유량이 낮은 연철을 넣으면 길이방향으로 잘 안부러지구요, 바깥에 고탄소강은 날이 잘 무르지 않는 단단한 칼을 만드는 목적이죠. 두들겨서 늘리고 접어서 겹치고 하는 과정이 많을수록 비싼 칼이 되는거죠. 초반에 원재 여러장을 겹쳐서 작업시작하는 건 단조공정을 줄이면서 같은 효과를 노리는 굿아이디어라 봅니다.
Pete Aylar önce
대량생산되는 칼이랑은 어떤 차이가 있는건가요?
네임값 Aylar önce
특수공법이라 어려운게 큽니다. 흔히 쓰는 다이소 식칼과는 칼이라는 카테고리만 같을 뿐.. 강재부터 가공법과 그에 걸리는 시간과 노력 등을 감안하면 아예 다르게 봐야 맞겠죠.
obser Aylar önce
대부분의 칼은 프레스 찍은 단층 판에 날만 세운 거구요, 저 칼은 전쟁할려고 만드는 칼이에요.
Murat Darkin
Murat Darkin Aylar önce
Imagine how difficult forging a sword would be with hammer in the hand centuries ago
Kevin Hill
Kevin Hill Aylar önce
Dang!This guy certainly knows what he is doing! Very versatile impressed!
CommonMan 3 aylar önce
Incredible work!! I'd be freaking out while heat treating a blade with those many layers and twists and turns and different steels welded together, but he seemed confident! True master of his craft.
Kranwk25@gmail.com Omar
What is the white powder?
L 3 aylar önce
Piękna robota super 😊
Trivial da Cozinha
Trivial da Cozinha Aylar önce
Simplesmente sensacional , ver algo Bruto se transformar em algo suave. Igual a vida, Deus tem propósito para cada um de nós, tomamos muitas pancadas reclamamos, choramos mas no final tudo tem uma razão de ser. Parabéns mestre divino seu trabalho.
notime Aylar önce
bela analogia, parabens
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor 3 gün önce
WOW :D beautiful work! What an edge, what an art piece 👏 👌
Rhett Miller
Rhett Miller Aylar önce
Incredible work. Loved this video. Hopefully his injured finger heals soon.
Дмитрий Степанов
все хорошо но мне не нравится когда у клинка хвостовик тонкий это все равно что обрезание.
dilek  kul
dilek kul 2 aylar önce
Incredible work!! I'd be freaking out while heat treating a blade with those many layers and twists and turns and different steels welded together, but he seemed confident! True master of his craft.
Мехильсон Иван
Супер!!! Мастер -- золотые руки!!!
Dave Chavez Jr
Dave Chavez Jr Aylar önce
Truly a master craftsman!
Zhora Kornev
Zhora Kornev Aylar önce
Круто! Мастер на все руки! Мне очень нравятся ножи из слоёного Дамаска, и они требуют постоянный уход... Очень круто! С радостью бы хотел стать Вашим учеником!)
kontenent 29 gün önce
дамаск-это тот же самогон.самый лучший нож-из однородной стали
Chris Daldy-Rowe
Chris Daldy-Rowe Aylar önce
I still often wonder if this new age era of Damascus blade work will live up to the Ancient variety that this video is about. I suppose time will tell. Awesome work
Semechki for Putin
Semechki for Putin Aylar önce
this video isn't about ancient damascus steel. ancient damascus steel was good quality crucible steel, nowadays more commonly referred to as wootz, whereas the stuff in the video is pattern-welded steel, aka modern "damascus steel". also good modern steel with no goofy pattern is functionally better than either pattern-welded or oldschool damascus steel.
Arturoferg 3 aylar önce
Incredible!! The blades look and function perfectly!!!
Jesus Triviño
Jesus Triviño Aylar önce
Hasta el más maestro forjador de cuchillos tiene permitido usar una curita o vandita en su dedo,👏👏👏👏👏
Doğukan Şahin
Doğukan Şahin Aylar önce
Çok güzel oldu, çok zor ve özel bir iş ellerine sağlık usta 🇹🇷
Cesarluis Ortizdiaz
Cesarluis Ortizdiaz 26 gün önce
Disculpa en donde puedo conseguir una de obras maestras de el excelente maestro coreano mis respetos y muchas y muchas gracias desde México
stenobro Aylar önce
Wow, would love to have a set like that.
claude kim
claude kim Aylar önce
theyre only like 60 bux (the website says 54k but korea counts in cents not dollars).
Paulo Dos Santos
Paulo Dos Santos 4 aylar önce
Parabéns,pelo maravilhoso trabalho.
Олег Варшавский
Gustozo marvilhozo
Сергей Бояркин
Просто нет слов, смотрел еле дыша. Вот это талантище .
리다이린 Aylar önce
소리, 불길, 망치질과 땀방울... 단순하게 보이는 것으로 아름답다라고 느껴진다는게 정말 놀랍고 존경스러워요!
MUG Aylar önce
我は官軍我敵は 天地容れざる朝敵ぞ 敵の大將たる者は 古今無雙の英雄で 之に從ふ兵は 共に慓悍决死の士 鬼神に恥ぬ勇あるも 天の許さぬ叛逆を 起しゝ者は昔より 榮えし例あらざるぞ 敵の亡ぶる夫迄は 進めや進め諸共に 玉ちる劔拔き連れて 死する覺悟で進むべし 皇國の風と武士の 其身を護る靈の 維新このかた廢れたる 日本刀の今更に 又世に出づる身の譽 敵も身方も諸共に 刃の下に死すべきに 大和魂ある者の 死ぬべき時は今なるぞ 人に後れて恥かくな 敵の亡ぶる夫迄は 進めや進め諸共に 玉ちる劔拔き連れて 死する覺悟で進むべし 前を望めば劔なり 右も左りも皆劔 劔の山に登らんは  未來の事と聞きつるに 此世に於て目のあたり  劔の山に登るのも 我身のなせる罪業を  滅す爲にあらずして 賊を征討するが爲  劔の山もなんのその 敵の亡ぶるそれ迄は  進めや進め諸共に 玉ちる劔拔き連れて  死ぬる覺悟で進むべし 劔の光ひらめくは  雲間に見ゆる稻妻か 四方に打出す砲聲は  天に轟く雷(いかづち)か 敵の刃に伏す者や  丸に碎けて玉の緒の 絶えて墓なく失する身の  屍は積みて山をなし 其血は流れて川をなす  死地に入るのも君が爲 敵の亡ぶる夫迄は  進めや進め諸共に 玉ちる劔拔き連れて  死ぬる覺悟で進むべし 彈丸雨飛の間にも  二つなき身を惜まずに 進む我身は野嵐に  吹かれて消ゆる白露の 墓なき最期とぐるとも 忠義の爲に死ぬる身の 死(しに)て甲斐あるものならば  死ぬるも更に怨なし 我と思はん人たちは  一歩も後へ引くなかれ 敵の亡ぶる夫迄は  進めや進め諸共に 玉ちる劔拔き連れて  死ぬる覺悟で進むべし 我今茲(われいまここ)に 死(しな)ん身は  君の爲なり國の爲 捨つべきものは命なり  假令(たと)ひ 屍は朽ちぬとも 忠義の爲に捨る身の  名は芳しく後の世に 永く傳(つた)へて 殘るらん  武士と生れた(うまれた) 甲斐もなく 義もなき犬と 云(い)はるゝな  卑怯者とな そしられそ 敵の亡ぶる夫迄は  進めや進め諸共に 玉ちる劔拔き連れて  死ぬる覺悟で進むべし
Connor Gabriel
Connor Gabriel Aylar önce
im new here! amazing work! can someone explain what the twisting purpose is? really curious about that
J analytics
J analytics 29 gün önce
The entire process is to make a Damascus kitchen knife. Damascus steel is known as being incredibly strong as a result of it being created from multiple layers of steel, as you saw in the beginning with the steel plates. Once the plates are heated and mashed together enough, they twist the mangled metal in order to create even more layers of steel within the blade. Think of it like toilet paper. One slice of toilet paper is very thin, but once you crumble up that piece of toilet paper, its made of much more layers and is more usable, although probably not enough to clean 😂, it still works. The final finish shows all sorts of lines running throughout the blade, each line represented the line that used to be between each steel plate, but now has been twisted, smashed, heated nearly a thousand times over. That’s why he demonstrates cutting basic steel with his Damascus blade, although made from the same metal, the Damascus blade is much denser as a result of the twisting.
Геннадий Николаевич Иванов
Видео феноменально. Мастер редкий человек. Знания имеют очень высокий потенциал изготовления. Труд кропотливый и усердный. Впечатление от увиденного на долгое время. Много знал мастеров ковки ножей, но здесь мастер очень высокого уровня. Изделие не имеет аналогов - сталь - высокого качества самой высокой оценки. Рубить металл и резать целофан - меч самурая. Храни Бог мастера и его Труд. С глубоким уважением к мастеру и уважение к человеку или людям разместившим видео здесь.
Владимир Пузенко
Да, только наоборот. Резать целофан и рубить металл. После рубки он целофан резать не сможет. Если приглядеться на видео видны смятые участки лезвия после рубки
답글안읽으니깐 쓰지마세요
웅장하다.. 저런거를 몇번 해봐야 익숙해질까.. 영상 보면서 요령있으신게 보이고 타이밍에 맞춰 칼날을 가로 세로 바꿔주시는데 엄청나십니다..
Skadi 26 gün önce
@V V 수요공급은 늘 공존해야만 하며.. 수요가 나락가면 물건을 만들어둔 의미가 없어지죠. 수요가 생기면 대충 번 돈으로 다시 재료를 사들이고 새로운 경험과 시도를 도전하고... 그런 뜻으로 설명하신거 같네요.. 공짜로 물건을 만들 순 없으니까요.. 그리고 일이 없다는건 아마 아무도 손님이 찾아오지 않는다. = 돈이 안벌린다. = 재료를 살 수 없다. 같은 맥락이라고 볼 수 있겠네요. 나이 많으신분들이 보통 일 있어요? 일 없어요? 많이들 하셔서 저도 대충 알아들었네요. 잘모르신분들도 많이 계실듯
꿀호빵 Aylar önce
@V V 뭔 개소리에요? 개소리는 일기장에 쓰세요
V V Aylar önce
저 기계와 일이 있어야지 저정도 하죠 기계만 있고 일이 없으면 못하죠
Fernando Gonçalves
Muito interessante essa técnica de aproveitar o metal para tal arte.
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez Aylar önce
Skillfulness of a grand master love the video would like info on how to purchase the whole package of the knife being made in the video.
Krad Aylar önce
First person I've seen who folded the metal while it was still hot. This is incredibly entertaining to watch.
Joeni Snapje
Joeni Snapje 27 gün önce
Such a beautiful craft 👍🏻 What a masterpieces 💋
Stander Garage
Stander Garage 3 aylar önce
é uma obra de arte! parabéns !
TheRemoteTTL Aylar önce
this is amazing. when using calculator of currencies, it seems like one knife is around 30 euros. aint that expensive but effort person puts into making one is enourmous. just like wow. art not knife. masterpiece of art that should be kept as symbol of patience, devotion.
Mauri Uru
Mauri Uru Aylar önce
Muy buen trabajo!
Игорь Пнх
Игорь Пнх Aylar önce
Мастер на столько делает все в ручную, что один палец был в засохшей крови. Молодец. Такой нож будет стоить 20 000 и это только себистоимость.
Димид Димидов
Самое лучшее в человеке СМОТРЕТЬ как другие работают. Будьте мастером своего дела господа, товарищи, граждане
Logosh_Br Aylar önce
O cara que forjou as facas Ginsu 2000. 😁👍
Ruffy B.
Ruffy B. Aylar önce
I really fell in love with the piece of art this man produced here .. Could anybody share a link for me, so I can purchase one of his wonderful knives? 😍😊
juan Aylar önce
check the info
A Aylar önce
I got a custom chef knife made from him for my birthday and it’s truly a masterpiece.
DamplyDoo Aylar önce
What's his website
Uxc Aylar önce
do you cut street light poles with it?
best hits
best hits Gün önce
Trisha Roy
Trisha Roy Aylar önce
The last test of knife by cutting a cold metal without losing it's sharpness was really amazing... I would love to have such knife in my collection.
Ricardo Caldeira
Ricardo Caldeira Aylar önce
@hi bye From 22:36 onwards the dents in the blade are hard to miss.
hi bye
hi bye Aylar önce
@Tom what lmao?
Tom Aylar önce
Why do you think it doesnt lose its sharpness? I think you can even see the effects this procedure has on the knife
Алексей Пашин
Шикарные мастера чувствуется не понты а именно надёжность максимальная изделия.
Андрей Алексанов
понты не более,качество ножа ------Е-Р-У-Н-Д-А
Sam Lavrentyev
Sam Lavrentyev Aylar önce
На взгляд просто, но это невероятно. Amazing. Круто и восхитительно.
barış çelen
barış çelen Aylar önce
Eline sağlık Dayı o yaptığın işlemler Türkiye de maliyetini kurtarmaz
It's evident knife making is tough, but it also looks so fun and uniquely satisfying. 😌
himawari0830 2 aylar önce
hüseyin gültekin
hüseyin gültekin Aylar önce
Emek, sabır ve ustalık harika, muhteşem
Sky Aylar önce
a work of art when if I was cutting I would love to use a knife like that
Александр Громилов
Супер ты мужик! Слава людям труда! Творческих вам успехов!
Виталик Ким
Добрый вечер
v1rus_one 27 gün önce
Legend says sweat is the key ingredient of a master’s masterpiece.
Coffreek 2 aylar önce
Thank you for including the flux application. I've never been entirely clear on that part. It's also nice to see that even a master can end up with a little "fish mouth" on the end of a billet! Gives us amateurs some perspective!
Elijah Johnston
Elijah Johnston Aylar önce
Keeps the metal clean through the process of forge welding. But his pieces were rusty when he put them together anyway 😂😂💀😭😭
Johnny Porker
Johnny Porker Aylar önce
@Praxss Like Dennis said it keeps oxygen away but the reason it does that is to prevent well, oxidation. It's the same process as rusting but it hardens and flakes off a lot, without the presence of oxygen the metal billets are welded together. If you take two pieces of metal in space that don't have a layer of oxidized metal they will fuze together. This is called cold welding
Spoony Aylar önce
@schumbo Southpark S15E10
schumbo Aylar önce
@Jack Richards Man what language is this?
Joe Baby
Joe Baby Aylar önce
Fish mouth? Billet?
놀자 Aylar önce
이런칼은 얼마나 하려나 우리아들 하나 선물해주고 싶은생각이 ㅠㅠ 칼 만드시는 모습이 정말 아릅답고 멋지시네요.,
king process
king process Aylar önce
김씨공방 들어 가셔서 문의 해보세요 설명란에 링크 있습니다 ^^
Vild Aylar önce
It's said the samurai grand master iron smiths could make samurai swords that with one swing with the blade could chop the pipe of a machine gun off - after watching this, I believe it's true! (Yes, I know the Samurai are Japanese and that this gentleman is Korean but you get my point)
Virgile Lonziano
Virgile Lonziano 29 gün önce
Beautiful ! What is the chemical used at the end to give waving motives to the blade ? at 20:48
king process
king process 25 gün önce
borax ^^
José Leis Maia
José Leis Maia 27 gün önce
amazing master of knife arts .👏👏
meltem cinar
meltem cinar 2 aylar önce
Unbelievable the skill involved. Time, patience, craftsmanship. Just amazing.
Coringa Aylar önce
@Angara Başkent Merhaba
Angara Başkent
Angara Başkent Aylar önce
@Coringa Merhabana merhaba gardaş ...
Xerkies Aylar önce
@Robosing wow you took that very serious 🤣
Robosing 2 aylar önce
@Michael Garratt What if I were to tell you, you were the one being a creep? You are facing your own insecurities when you see things unfold that make you uncomfortable. Bascially go outside and touch grass. We're in a freakin TRvid comment section. If she is bothered by him she can just block him. She doesn't need you calling out stuff by proxy.
Sadam 1937 Sadam
Sadam 1937 Sadam 2 aylar önce
I am from Baghdad, from Iraq, my name is Saad
Name_Rejected Aylar önce
I want one of these in my life, talk about perfection.
thru my eyes
thru my eyes Aylar önce
this guy is a master at his craft
Den Lazar
Den Lazar Aylar önce
imagine the blacksmiths in the Middle Ages when there were no weapons, what efforts and difficulties they put in without the existence of machines
Иван Иванов
Браво! Больше слов не могу найти. Склоняю голову.
MIA 2 aylar önce
모루 위에서 망치 부딪히는 소리가 너무나 청아하게 들려서 좋았습니다. 우리나라 각분야에서 본연의 일을 묵묵하게 이뤄나가시는 모든 장인분들을 응원합니다!!
Coringa Aylar önce
@4f52 referência de que??
4f52 Aylar önce
@Coringa Referência
Coringa Aylar önce
@4f52 essa o que ?
4f52 Aylar önce
@Coringa Meteu essa
SOLDADO 💂 Aylar önce
Vocês do oriente são engraçados mas caprichosos gosto disso ! 😉
dave g
dave g Aylar önce
i love craftsmanship of all things at the level of respect! just beautiful
Betty Abbott
Betty Abbott Aylar önce
I got a custom chef knife made from him for my birthday and it’s truly a masterpiece.
Jay R
Jay R Aylar önce
She’s lying lol
magnüs Aylar önce
How much was the knife
Guderian Aylar önce
Work of art. Wish I could do it
Tactical Unit
Tactical Unit Aylar önce
Yes! Thats how you make a knife! Not just saw a steel block out, cut and polish it. Happy to see this quality.
Tony G
Tony G 4 aylar önce
I love knives but after seeing yours and going thru the process makes me love them even more. Thanks for sharing
달구 4 gün önce
칼이 진짜 ㅈㄴ 쎄보인다 ㄷㄷ 쓸일은 없는데 소장하고싶네 뭔가
Angels And Autobots
Amazing work! Just for my own education, what is the purpose of the white powder at 2:00 ?
27 gün önce
해외 다른 유튜버가 하는거보다 무늬가 훨씬 자연스럽고 예쁘네요 굳
Ekdlwoasred Aylar önce
I love how he uses salt on the metal. Must be for flavour when you use it for food
Tony Carver
Tony Carver 2 aylar önce
I would be honored to own one of these masterpieces.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Aylar önce
@Cmac 613: The knives in the link appear to be typical Japanese and Chinese mass produced product selling for around $45.00. The ferrule is entirely different on one model and the tang is riveted, not at all like the three knives hand produced in this video. I have my doubts at that price.
J T Aylar önce
Can you clarify which is the correct link? Was it @Min Young Lee?
Cmac 613
Cmac 613 2 aylar önce
You can buy them. The top.comment has the link
obser Aylar önce
와 이게 바로 전설급 도검이군요. 심부 연철 인장력과 외부 다층 고경도 탄소강. 저 칼의 주인이 되시는 분은 요리사인가 무사인가?
옛날 대장장이들은 진짜 대박이구나...
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