Kodak Black - Super Gremlin [Official Music Video]- REACTION w/ KODAK

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This is our reaction to Kodak Black - Super Gremlin Official Music Video

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2 Ara 2021




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ZIAS! 8 aylar önce
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Gr1m 17 gün önce
SnaggyMo 8 aylar önce
“I knew the perc was fake but I still ate it” sounds believable after this reaction 😭
StrictlyForDaCulture 26 gün önce
Yak don’t lie in his raps 🤣🤣🤣 Yak verzuz Yb out now ! we just dropped Moneybagg Yo verzuz Gherbo too😈
David Campbell
David Campbell 27 gün önce
Richy Rich
Richy Rich Aylar önce
Tanner Belton
Tanner Belton Aylar önce
The real shit ❤🔥 trvid.com/video/video-Jo3WB__6bOI.html
Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen 3 aylar önce
for everyone saying they shouldn’t have posted this… this is the kind of thing that needs to be available to the public. it raises awareness for what these stars actually go through. hiding it won’t “protect Kodak”, it’ll just let him do this over and over without any chance for reflection or to hear his fans reactions. Kodak knew he was doing this interview and made the choice to be messed up. Z and B didn’t do anything wrong, and they handled the interview extremely well.
South 10 gün önce
He is a grown-man, and a celebrity. He can make his own decisions. I agree I would've suggested not to put it up, but if he approves it (which is required) than he doesn't care. He has way worse public appearances than this. If someone wants to "protect" themselves, they can do so by not getting to this level of drugs. He just got pulled over 10 days ago in Florida with 60 pills - I'd say his problem is way bigger than having this on the internet. Much respect though and I do understand your preceptive and opinion - I am not trying to argue.
Cody07 Vids
Cody07 Vids Aylar önce
Poor B was very excited for it too
Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen 2 aylar önce
@po fair point, it can go both ways for sure, but it’s also good for the public to realize that stardom can effect people in many ways good and bad. I do think Kodak is a stand up guy who would appreciate his fans reaching out to him, though.
Po 2 aylar önce
@Noway1379 idk mang going thru shit n having the world know n watching. it could push you to be better but it could also add weight.. never know how it ends up but idk mang.. its on his family n friends n who ever's around him to try to reach him. idk how much fans can do
Noway1379 2 aylar önce
Damn bro if u woulda posed this when it came out I bet this comment woulda blown up. More people need to see this
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 6 gün önce
Blou poured his heart out, I wish Kodak was able to comprehend the beginning. They handled this well and blou looked like he had fun at the end :)
Charlie Notes
Charlie Notes 11 gün önce
B Lou really inspired by his presence and energy as an artist. This video really shows how real it out here for people on the come up. Great content man stay up
Daysha Nicole Jones
Daysha Nicole Jones 4 aylar önce
This was still the most respectful video. We all have our emotions and we can only hope it gets better for our boy. But I 100% agree on how humble this video was as well.
OhMyPulse 8 aylar önce
This video is proof he wasn't lying when he said "I knew the perc' was fake, but I still ate it" 😂😂😂 Fent nodding out every 20 seconds
Johnny Swimbait
Johnny Swimbait 19 gün önce
@Glawkey a bean? As in ecstasy? You're clueless dude
Austin Mcbeth
Austin Mcbeth 2 aylar önce
@Eboy that shit was scary man. Bro was seeing shit
Ace ArtDepoT
Ace ArtDepoT 2 aylar önce
@sterl harris Ctfu no the hell they not hard to get it’s all about who u know yeah there is a high rate of fakes out there but there’s still hella real ones going around if u a fool n don’t realy know u gona get got but if yk than yak n he wasn’t off a perc here either xanz or coke percs don’t do that to u I would know I’m a former perc head used to love them soo much not anymore learned my lesson hope yak does too before it’s too late
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis 4 aylar önce
Crazy how as the interview went on you could tell whatever he took was wearing off he went from completely outta his mind to actually being able to talk an answer questions 💯
AyeMartilla 16 gün önce
That black brought him back to life
a1up Aylar önce
@FakEu 🅥 nah fr he’s way too off that don’t even look like Kodak. I believe we see the real him sometimes
username7777 Aylar önce
@FakEu 🅥 lmao
FakEu 🅥
FakEu 🅥 3 aylar önce
Bruh he’s possessed that aint no perk .. mk ultra
Joseph Martinez
Joseph Martinez 5 aylar önce
You guys handled that like straight bosses.
Ethan 13 gün önce
@CrackHead Vibes I love how he just deflected your argument and insulted you then acted like he did something 💀😭
BigDaddyStumps 13 gün önce
@CrackHead Vibes guessing by your name you do? Lmao sorry I’m not a junky.
CrackHead Vibes
CrackHead Vibes 13 gün önce
@BigDaddyStumps u know nothing about addiction lmfao
Lost_personnn. Aylar önce
@BigDaddyStumps ok but yak doesn’t want help. And even if he gets help, he’s only gonna get worse. He’s been through things so much that at this point all he wants is drugs. And yak was supposed to do this with them. Hes barley ever sober so this would be the only chance they got and their friends. Yak’s other friends tried helping but its not that easy to stop a drug addict. Its a process and thats a process yak isn’t willing to go through. And his friends respect that and let him be.
Red Carpet Fly
Red Carpet Fly 3 aylar önce
This interview is wild! Good job guys for staying so professional and engaged! :)
Laurence Stephenson
He’s hurting so badly. I hope he finds himself and becomes his best version. Listening to previous interviews made me see that he’s really humble.
JDarnPlayz 8 aylar önce
G R 3 aylar önce
Like flys ??
Josh Bleezy
Josh Bleezy 7 aylar önce
@CAPTAIN USSOP fentanyl and other drugs, basically on the edge of an overdose
sombody 7 aylar önce
You a roblox account
sage Johnson
sage Johnson 4 aylar önce
I remember when y’all first started this shit 🙌🏼man this really motivation for me to see how for y’all came 💯
Phuck Phossil Phuels
Phuck Phossil Phuels 5 aylar önce
Take Notes. This is how your Homies supposed to act when you ain't on point. Good Shit!
NxA Kush
NxA Kush 2 aylar önce
@U U nah g, that would just make you feel even worse man, the last thing you need when your fucked up is someone telling you, you are fucked up 🤷‍♂️
Slammy Sammy
Slammy Sammy 2 aylar önce
@U U you don't have to confront it like that because more than likely, they'll just say "I'm fine" and will be annoyed with your attempt at prying
U U 4 aylar önce
not sure man..i feel like they avoiding his vibe by laughin it off.. i real bro would say hold on, look at u in the eyes and ask how you feeling
Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle 4 aylar önce
You can tell it hits him very very differently then it hits them this is a window into his thoughts his life his heart felt these lyrics its a good lick
Ki Wavy
Ki Wavy 16 gün önce
5:21 I couldn't stop laughing bro 😂💀
Bros Gang TV
Bros Gang TV 6 aylar önce
damn Kodak stay away from the drugssss please we love you
Aman Aylar önce
@tutorialsforyou Ohh damn it sounds pretty cool
tutorialsforyou Aylar önce
@Aman it’s indonesian bruh
Calvin Henry
Calvin Henry 3 aylar önce
@Ah Genius Thats just sad
Calvin Henry
Calvin Henry 3 aylar önce
@J T crazy bro
Bayro 3 aylar önce
just weed bro
A Freed Man
A Freed Man 4 aylar önce
I've lived long enough to know when someone is or is close to be hooked on some strong shit like heroin or crack cocaine. Unfortunately the industry incentivizes this man's demise. Sickening.
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez Aylar önce
Dont worry B Lou he was just off that perc or some crazy drug. He represented the chorus to the song to the fullest. Im sure he loved what you said about him on the inside
CyberHero 3 aylar önce
Zias's facial expression @3:12 had me fknnnn dying!! 😭 That "What the fuuuuuuuk Is wrong with him look" 😭
Nic Canfield
Nic Canfield Aylar önce
George Faux
George Faux 2 aylar önce
The awkward laugh too😂😂had to come back to this video
DeluxeGames 4 aylar önce
6:55 the moment of realization on their faces
Yonnybonny Aylar önce
Ik bro
Easy Breezy
Easy Breezy 8 aylar önce
Kodak scaring me in this video😂
luh tunka
luh tunka Aylar önce
yall trippin this is a CLONE!
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez 2 aylar önce
@N0T-BLU-YT Look like he in his studio, cause they say he has alot of unreleased and point at the back
Mav Hunter
Mav Hunter 3 aylar önce
I really hope he’s alright.
Yes he is omg smh
Jeremiah 4 aylar önce
I swearrr
Angel 28 gün önce
5:10 had me and zias dying lmao
Kaique Pompéia
Kaique Pompéia Aylar önce
Ri mt cm o kodak black loco kkkkk ainda mais subindo um balão 🎈
Amir Olivis
Amir Olivis 2 gün önce
1:31 zias and yak with the look away had me weak🤣
Javen Crawfis
Javen Crawfis 17 saatler önce
5:19 the way Zias try’s not to laugh is hilarious
UmJu 7 aylar önce
I respect how y’all stayed professional. Y’all knew he wasn’t in his right mind & stayed solid, hella respect
Alexander Magallanes
Alexander Magallanes 7 saatler önce
That wasn’t professional 😂
South 10 gün önce
@Jade Gray He is a grown-man, and a celebrity. He can make his own decisions. I agree I would've suggested not to put it up, but if he approves it (which is required) than he doesn't care. He has way worse public appearances than this. If someone wants to "protect" themselves, they can do so by not getting to this level of drugs. He just got pulled over 10 days ago in Florida with 60 pills - I'd say his problem is way bigger than having this on the internet. Much respect though and I do understand your preceptive and opinion - I am not trying to argue.
Kayode Molen
Kayode Molen 22 gün önce
They probably were laughing they edited the hell out of that video if you really pay attention
Thurston Miller
Thurston Miller 25 gün önce
Yo guys I get it posting it seems like a view magnet. But in all honesty. Everyone trying to chase the life style of some of these rappers. Let people see this side of it. It’s part of it. It’s not all glamour. It’s life embrace it. These dudes handled it better then most.
Kanye East
Kanye East Aylar önce
5:20 Zias holding in his laugh got me weak asf
This is literally the best interview of all time hands down
EK Twizz
EK Twizz 3 aylar önce
Respect when Zia’s turns his head to laugh ✊
swy 2 aylar önce
Towards the end Kodak came back to reality 😂
ToNYD2WiLD 8 aylar önce
“This shit like crazyeee homie” lmao this video was dope as hell but shit had me dying
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 8 aylar önce
Bro as a content creator you can’t be saying this kinda shit funny. You gotta fan base which means you got more responsibility then a normal person. Did we learn nothing from juice?
J T Dehaney
J T Dehaney 8 aylar önce
2:30 B lou looked at the camera like “Fuck”
Rogues 4 aylar önce
How did these guys not die of laughter at 10:12 man they better people than me🤣
Zach Who Is Tall
Zach Who Is Tall Aylar önce
@BL00dSoDa it’s called a booger
Zach Who Is Tall
Zach Who Is Tall Aylar önce
@SuperKvlogs boogers 😭 it’s a black an mild he’s not getting weed in his mouth. Isn’t he on probation and shit? He can’t smoke weed
Zach Who Is Tall
Zach Who Is Tall Aylar önce
@Rogues bracing for a cough or sneeze.
Jaden Hurd
Jaden Hurd 2 aylar önce
@Zach Who Is Tall that was not a sneeze lmao.
Dee♤ 3 aylar önce
@SuperKvlogs yak smoking a black not weed
Anthony Mario
Anthony Mario 3 aylar önce
Kodak was baked at the beginning then he came back to life and started kicking it
James Henry
James Henry 5 gün önce
No cap that shake back be real 😂😂
Chikadzae 4 aylar önce
5:18 Zias turning away laughing after Kodak said “I jus process fr” 😂
Willy Pierre
Willy Pierre 2 aylar önce
2:27 that weak “fasho” completely decimated my manz smile and vibe😭
Michael Sedillo
Michael Sedillo 15 gün önce
Fs fs
801 Aylar önce
Will Bowers
Will Bowers 8 aylar önce
blou speaking his heart out and yak is just baked out his mind
Daniel Correa
Daniel Correa 11 gün önce
@derrick webb Blou missed the song intro Kodak was quoting: "Tied, they dead, flies everywhere Y'all know that, it’s Lil Kodak, ayy, you play, you lay": Pimpin Ain't Easy - trvid.com/video/video-OE_dwXN_YHI.html
Caden Freeman
Caden Freeman 18 gün önce
SEPII 19 gün önce
Yeah… baked…
Israel Peacher
Israel Peacher 22 gün önce
ik he was hurt when he was just looking at him sit there not saying nothing
Chidiogo Nwabuike
Chidiogo Nwabuike 4 aylar önce
Ziad actually just spit that drink back in the cup 6:20 😂😂
ThaEarthquake 22 gün önce
The way B. Lou looks from Kodak to the camera gets me everytime 😭😭
Joe Douglas
Joe Douglas 4 aylar önce
The video definitely had to be uploaded ! Let’s these so cal gangstas see how stupid you look doing this lame shit because your favorite rapper be rapping about it ! Respect to these two guys for how they handle it
😈 Fantasy🍑Peach
😈 Fantasy🍑Peach 3 aylar önce
Nicobrinx 8 aylar önce
The amount of meme potential from this is epic
J cole
J cole 11 gün önce
@4k Danny dying?
Watch mo
Watch mo 8 aylar önce
@4k Danny ok?
Aaron Seitz
Aaron Seitz 3 aylar önce
He snapped on this one
Angel Lizalde
Angel Lizalde 3 aylar önce
Respect to big lou and zias kept it pretty professional
Jason Bored
Jason Bored 3 aylar önce
The uncut version of this would reach billions of views
Bjjizzle 4 aylar önce
Man, I love these guys… I hope KB slows it down a bit so he can appreciate the love
Fruit Punch Samurai
Fruit Punch Samurai 7 aylar önce
I would've been laughed my ass off 😭😭😭😭 props to them for keeping a straight face
Nick 2 gün önce
nicholas maharaj
nicholas maharaj 19 gün önce
If they didnt shit would went different
Moon 20 gün önce
kodak was high as hell
x?an 22 gün önce
@Wowed fr
Potato 28 gün önce
DevineSkiee Animates
DevineSkiee Animates 2 aylar önce
5:09 “what’s your process like sometimes” Kodak: “I just process fr” Zias laughed, shit got me rolling 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Ripe Tomato
Ripe Tomato 2 aylar önce
After he said that Shit about flies I knew he was Trippin 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kirra Smith
Kirra Smith 3 aylar önce
this really was hard to watch but I’m glad some parts had me rollin ooouuu 😮‍💨😂😂
Kaius 2 aylar önce
Good Video! That look at 1:30 had me crying lool
Keylor Avila
Keylor Avila 8 aylar önce
As a fan of Kodak, this is heart breaking. However there's nothing I could do. If he's not willing to do it for himself first!
King_dreko Aylar önce
Bro how y’all gon come at dis guy for being booted up when this is what he rap about, y’all being singing his shit but he livin it. Y’all acting like bro don’t know wut he doing, that’s how he operates rn hop off
CuzMix 7 aylar önce
@promethozeen get what hes not off da drugs bruh he said it him self
Med F
Med F 8 aylar önce
@Keylor Avila how can he be like that when he's on probation?
Alex c
Alex c 8 aylar önce
As a fan of kodaks music this is sad to see, heartbreaking? No. Why? Because I don’t know him personally. Stop worshipping people you have no clue who they really are
He going through a lot man I pray for u Kodak
Wuss_Good Aylar önce
Fun fact: when Kodak says dead like flies he’s referring to his words at the beginning of “Pimpin ain easy” bruh ion know that till recently 😂
Eldridge YT
Eldridge YT 4 aylar önce
5:54 to 6:04 had me crying
Lifeofadancer93 4 aylar önce
It’s boul spitting the drink back into the cup that has me ctfu😂😂
Lilo 5 aylar önce
I’m gonna be honest this was hard to watch but Blue and Zias handled it so well. Kinda made me sad but I was laughing too. Hopefully Kod is okay and doing well
malakai Rodriguez
malakai Rodriguez 2 aylar önce
Haha “kod”😂
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa 2 aylar önce
@Dave Ortwine He knew the perc was fake but he still ate it cuz he a gremlin
Dave Ortwine
Dave Ortwine 3 aylar önce
@twizzy this ain't nothing. He's just off the Molly an the opiates
DavoSavoo Official
DavoSavoo Official 4 aylar önce
1:19 Was Prolly Tha Most Akwardest Shit I Eva Seen
Adam Ricketts
Adam Ricketts Aylar önce
I feel bad for Kodak it looks like he looked down and realized what they were thinking :( 😂
Markopolo 3 aylar önce
This part had me dying laughing WTF he high as hell 1:30-1:32😂
Vil 5 aylar önce
I believe Kodak would've been good if he wasn't on Drugs. He's a good man I believe. I'm sorry for Zia's and Blou but they handled it very well!
Damon Gross Jr
Damon Gross Jr 3 aylar önce
The fact that he couldn’t really talk details but still did the reaction ✅
Meami 8 aylar önce
Man Pray For Kodak 😔
Davidddd 6 aylar önce
Nah fr jit was tweaking crazy in dis video no cap
James Howard
James Howard 8 aylar önce
@P71 Owner more than faded 😭he out of it
Tion Ross
Tion Ross 8 aylar önce
@Bruce Wayne TBH
Edgar 8 aylar önce
Pray for him??? This just Kodak
PanchoER 4 aylar önce
Kodak Black is the type of friend we need🤪 Greetings from Puerto Vallarta Jalisco 🇲🇽
sierra forte
sierra forte 4 aylar önce
Woooooow this fool gone frfr big up’s to y’all for finishing the video on a professional note
Piff1nTheA1r 4 aylar önce
Damn zias doing his thang he got 60 locations damn I ain’t even know he had bags like that. Lmao Kodak was gone bruh Z had to turn away and laugh when blou asked him about his process 🤣
_ BO441S12 _
_ BO441S12 _ 2 aylar önce
man’s is so out of it. lowkey disrespectful asf. but you could tell zias and blou were uncomfortable i watched a ton of their vids and i gotta say this was the most awkward. lmao or when zia’s screamed at the person calling him over and over😂
taylor roland
taylor roland 8 aylar önce
SAD to see Kodak like this! I hope we don’t lose another legend to this type of stuff. Praying for him.
Yung Emir
Yung Emir 7 aylar önce
Max Zerus
Max Zerus 7 aylar önce
Can’t imagine if we lose Kodak
Ihomecontracting 7 aylar önce
This rappers are not them they have masks on
Trell Smith
Trell Smith 7 aylar önce
Yea bro we watch and laugh but this is sad fr bro getting too high out here and people gone be laughing till he end up like juice world drug overdose is killing a lot of our great artist and always have and for y’all sayn why they post this yak is always like this unless it’s something serious he gotta do he high out his mind just watch his lives bro gotta stop atleast when you gotta be out in public do it in private that way if you need too you can pass out and not worry bout nothing
Taziah Collier
Taziah Collier 7 aylar önce
@Gang right they think they kno everything
Sky da god
Sky da god 4 aylar önce
5:14 Zia’s knew he wanted to laugh 😂
Speks 5 aylar önce
Ever since X passed away he started popping the bad things even more
Jayme Taylor
Jayme Taylor 4 aylar önce
Look at Zias face at 5:20😂
Seamus O'Donoghue
Seamus O'Donoghue 3 aylar önce
Kodak a goon he having me dying laughing
Wendell Buchanan
Wendell Buchanan 3 aylar önce
My guys… this video man. Hilarious. But I would like to see y’all do this song with out Super Geek with y’all 😂
XENO MUSIC 3 aylar önce
This is really sad but I laughed when Kodak said “ shit I just process for real “ and Zia’s turned away and laughed
Rudester 3
Rudester 3 5 aylar önce
That track super 🔥. The beat super 🔥 too 🎶 🎼 🎵
Yung Obey
Yung Obey 4 aylar önce
4:17 - 5:00 is sad af reminds me of myself at one time I'm glad I got off that shit. I hope one day Kodak can too
Yung Obey
Yung Obey 3 aylar önce
Ya or fentanyl laced percs which is more likely especially cause the fact that he raps about taking fake percs in the song
Rory 4 aylar önce
What he on? Percs?
LVSkinny 8 aylar önce
This niqqa Zias face tell it all 😭😭
Marco DOB
Marco DOB 8 aylar önce
You going in on these comments 😂😂😂😂😂
Nwro B
Nwro B 14 gün önce
Y'all two legends Dawgs cheers
NzumS 3 aylar önce
The point between genius and insanity is small. It seems like Kodak landed the middleish sweet spot. LMAO. You see how his soul ist flying around him and he is just trying to get it back the whole video long.
Philip Oliveira
Philip Oliveira Aylar önce
Only thing I’m saying is my dude Kodak holds it down with the LIGHTER LEASH, CAUSE WHEN HE SLIDE, LIGHT LEASH ON THAT BIC, KEEPIN IT LIT🔥🔥🔥
Sibonelo Shilaluke
Sibonelo Shilaluke 4 aylar önce
Damn it hurt my heart to see Kodak like dat ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹💔💔I hope bro makes better choices with his life This shit hurt 😢 my heart seeing bro like dat
Tavon Daniels
Tavon Daniels 6 aylar önce
My boi Lou experienced like 5 different emotions in less than a minute Excitement Pride Embarrassment Disappointment Acceptance Stay strong Lou✊🏿 People gotta realize these Superstars are just regular humans 🤷🏿‍♂️
REIMROC Aylar önce
nah bro was tripping off the perc 😭 if he wont be woulda acted different
VLone Cobi
VLone Cobi 2 aylar önce
@Booty pasta 😂😂😂
meliiim 2 aylar önce
Fr facts u speaking facts 💯
Edgar Ramos
Edgar Ramos 3 aylar önce
Brody was like bro I’m ur number 1 fan and kodak not even giving af baked af
Red Shamrock05
Red Shamrock05 4 aylar önce
3:33 You see Lou look over at Zias right here LMAO you already know why. Kodak is something else man.
Joe Mcgroarty
Joe Mcgroarty 2 aylar önce
Damn man this got me sad af bro seeing BLou’s reaction after speaking his heart
Brvxn86 2 aylar önce
They do say, “ never meet your heroes “ . But in this case , “never meet your heroes off a 30 “
rod2wavy 4 aylar önce
peep how zias had to spit the water back in the cup to keep from laughing 6:20
Ali Fayad
Ali Fayad 7 aylar önce
For two funny cats, they really pulled a solid move by not clowing and laughing at Yak while he was almost O.D’ing.
BigDaddyStumps Aylar önce
By not trying to help him they’re clowning him. They’re clowning him for uploading this.
AllNightGamer 2 aylar önce
@lit lit ENT o.ding is slang meaning over doing it doesn't mean over dosing
lit lit ENT
lit lit ENT 3 aylar önce
He was not almost OD-ing, someone almost overdosing loses consciousness and will not pick back up , also breathes very slow. Yak a grown ass man he know what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. & it ain’t nobody’s business tbh just enjoy the music and stay In a fans place
shkam thxrsty
shkam thxrsty 4 aylar önce
If you really listen to Kodak you gone know wat he said 😭😭😭
Damn Dooshie
Damn Dooshie 2 aylar önce
Kodak deadass almost went out @ 4:39 i thought the percs got him for a sec
Tori Hester
Tori Hester 4 aylar önce
5:06 - 5:21 Zias couldn’t hold that in😭🤣🤣
lllTrapoidslll 2 aylar önce
5:19 bro Zias couldn’t even hold it in anymore
Gabe T
Gabe T 8 aylar önce
This really gives me to reflect upon myself and my life. Seeing Kodak like this is really sad and shows me how my friends see me. I’m gonna try to better myself. I hope Kodak gets some help if he needs it.
Gabe T
Gabe T 5 aylar önce
@KeltxnB thanks for the support bro. I’ve got to find the things that will really help me and then maybe I can figure my shit out.
KeltxnB 5 aylar önce
@Gabe T hey man there's no perfect formula to stop you just need to know that people love you and care about you and even if you don't want it help can always help. Just take everyday a step at a time, set an end goal and surround urself with people that won't distract you from that goal. I know how hard it is to just stop hanging out with people bc you want to better yourself and they aren't there yet. All I can say is trust yourself and try. Much love and keep ya chin up
Gabe T
Gabe T 5 aylar önce
@KeltxnB yo thanks for checking in it means a lot. I’m just over a month off of dextromorphan but I’ve been doing other drugs and I have all kinds of feeling sand emotions and it’s all kinda fucked up. I’m in and out of depression, getting high, and sudden bursts of energy. I hope I can continue bettering myself, but I don’t know how long I can last especially since there’s new drugs knocking on the door
KeltxnB 5 aylar önce
Been a few months, hope you doing alright 👍
Gabe T
Gabe T 7 aylar önce
Thanks for the support. I fight everyday through the pain
Patrick Wallace
Patrick Wallace 28 gün önce
Kodak feelin good man, he's in another dimension.
MrCrackerJacks 3 aylar önce
3:10 look at Zias’s face 💀💀
ANJR 3 aylar önce
This is why you lay off the drugs, B Lou went from happiness and in awe to pure disappointment. You tell Kodak was high af just off his eyes
Eli Landrum
Eli Landrum 5 aylar önce
Lmao y’all gotta remember they lit asf too!
Colin Sykes
Colin Sykes 8 aylar önce
Zik trying to hold it together while Kodaks off the bean has me dyin
Wow DOOD 4 aylar önce
HEAVEN 4 aylar önce
@Enlightened Kidd That shit was funny 😂 . It's his choice to do drugs and it's his choice to get off of em
Andrik Pozos
Andrik Pozos 6 aylar önce
Off da perc. Bro
YBfromOblock 8 aylar önce
@El Chapo wtf
Garfield Bishop
Garfield Bishop 4 aylar önce
super gremlin is a wicked if he feat an artist on dat it would go double platinum or triple nice song 👍🙏
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Aylar önce
5:15 He couldn’t hold his laugh 😭😭😭😭😭
Hammad Choudhry
Hammad Choudhry 2 aylar önce
6:19 Bro when Zia’s spit out his drink back into the cup 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GYATTTTT GOD 2 aylar önce
5:17 bro this Nigga Zias a professional He was holding that shit in so hard I would’ve been crying at his high ass 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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