KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review

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KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review. We review, recap and explain the new M. Night Shyamalan movie Knock At The Cabin. This contains major spoilers for the ending and a full breakdown of the films plot. Spoilers are in full effect here so if you haven't seen the movie then check out now.

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Alright so M. Night fans are in for another twist and turn psychological horror story, with his latest, Knock at the Cabin. Four strangers, One cabin. The “Signs” are all there. But yeah, we’re going to be breaking this thing down for y’all, what that ending means, a whole lotta symbolism, and of course our reaction and review on the movie and mandatory M. Night cameo.

All sorts of heavy spoilers in this one, so a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into Knock at the Cabin.

Alright so Knock at the Cabin opens on a family of three on vacation at a remote cabin in the woods. As we’re introduced to a young Wen catching grasshoppers. It’s funny because she is categorizing them in her little notebook, showing us she’s an inquisitive little girl. She looks up, as a stranger walks out of the woods towards her, and this is Dave Bautista’s, Leonard. After the two play a game of back and forth questions, Leonard’s friends follow behind, and he tells Wen his heart hurts because of what he has to do today.

Like BAAMM, we’re right into the home invasion portion of the movie, as Leonard and the group try to calmly reason and discuss what is about to happen, but have to use force against Daddy Andrew and Daddy Eric. The couple is tied up, after Eric hits his head, resulting in a concussion. The four strangers line up with their makeshift weapons, and Leonard tells them they need to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the apocalypse. One of the three must willingly give their life to stop it, by the hand of another. “What? Noooo.”




26 Mar 2023




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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
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Perry Rice
Perry Rice Aylar önce
I want to go see the movie and it wasn't quote in there. Either Redman standard or the lady from the diner. And it really struck me that I cannot remember the. quotes for nothing to you tell me if you remember.🤔
MovieForge Aylar önce
The biggest twist for me is Dave Bautista can really act. He's kind of amazing. I very much did not see that coming. Touche Mr. Bautista. Touche
DemiAllen 2 gün önce
His acting was horrible. He did one emotion the whole movie. One face one tone..
Pwncake 5 gün önce
Ya Boy Frresh
Ya Boy Frresh 14 gün önce
That's y he isn't doing the marvel character anymore...he said that goofy acting is behind him and he wants more serious roles
Captain Jack Sparrow
You'd expect him to be like The Rock who has an emotional range of a stone. But from the 3 big former WWE stars John Cena, Bautista and Dwayne Johnson.. Dwayne is the least talented actor. But somehow the most famous.
Will Aylar önce
Lol not really
Steven Jimenez
Steven Jimenez Aylar önce
He finally did it, the twist was there was no twist
THE KNOWN 3 gün önce
Terrible movie! I’m disappointed at M Knight!
Chuy Roldan
Chuy Roldan 3 gün önce
what a twist
90s Baby
90s Baby 15 gün önce
@Daniel Durham oh wow i noticed that too
kwas 17 gün önce
There wasn't a twist in The Happening either
Matthew Thiessen
Matthew Thiessen Aylar önce
Redman is the twist. Redman attacked them in the bar completely unprovoked because that is the beginning of the story for all involved. The night in the bar was when the couple decided to become parents, which completed and solidified their family love. Also because of that night Andrew bought the gun which made the choice to sacrifice Erik possible. Without the gun Andrew would've had to kill Erik with his bare hands or a homemade weapon which he would've never been able to do. Finding out Redman is the attacker, first to die and the person that found/started the post on the forum is when we the audience realize destiny brought these people together through Redman and his actions made this all possible. Was Redman attacking them destiny and if he didn't attack them would the couple be the chosen people to decide the fate of mankind?
kevin Johnson
kevin Johnson 4 saatler önce
W comment
Luis Velazquez
Luis Velazquez 9 gün önce
this makes TOTAL sense! it's almost you like you have a sixth sense for this kinda thing.
DoorsToHideBehind156 12 gün önce
Excellent explanation for the film. I just have to point out one thing, switching "he would've never been able to do" To "he never would have been able to do" Just my dumb brain nagging correct sentence structure/comprehensive reading of your explanation.
Neptunian Vibes
Neptunian Vibes Aylar önce
And this is why some people embrace suffering. They think it’s just a puzzle piece in the grand plan.
Luke Bridger
Luke Bridger Aylar önce
Well shit. Ron really did the damn thing
Stephen Aylar önce
For Andrew, good luck explaining to the authorities why there’s 5 bodies in the burned up remains of the cabin, 3 of them dead from blunt-force trauma. Plus, I’m sure someone will eventually come around asking about Eric’s whereabouts. Damn good thing he’s an attorney and his daughter is a witness.
moral 15 saatler önce
Why are you trying to rationalize their world through ours??
free2saywhatever Gün önce
I think it’d be easy to explain that they were attacked and the Eric was killed by the intruders. Andrew and Eric not having a violent past, being in love etc all points to the fact that this wasn’t premeditated. In fact Andrew can simply say, there was a lightning strike and they barely escaped but Eric couldn’t IF none of the bodies are ever are discovered. Without any motive and any prior criminal history, it’s a fairly open and shut case. There is no reason to suspect Andrew would have wanted to hurt Eric and whatever plausible story Andrew can come up with, authorities will likely go with and close the case.
Monae Robinson
Monae Robinson 13 gün önce
I’m sure those bodies are cremated
Virgo-lll Aylar önce
i doubt that the bodies would be found though.remember this is something supernatural
searcher00211 Aylar önce
I kept waiting for the big twist but it never came and at the end, I thought, "that's it???". The acting and camera work were very good though. It gave me a very creepy claustrophobic feel as if I was in that cabin watching these events unfold.
CWS and TKP 66-02
The twist is that Amazon made $19.99 off curious suckers. This’ll be on Prime next month, right next to The Black Phone, Honk for Jesus, the last five films Bruce Willis made. 🙄
Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez 6 gün önce
Ohhh 😮 that’s what I was feeling I’m like this isn’t anxiety we’ll it is but it felt different it definitely felt tight and small
charles johnson
charles johnson 13 gün önce
Yes you are absolutely right about the colors
Nick Delgado
Nick Delgado Aylar önce
The twist was that God was really real in what they was saying was true because in these days hardly anyone believes anymore
Paige Larson
Paige Larson Aylar önce
The camera work was fantastic, I felt do uncomfortable when he was talking to the little girl at the start and it was zooming so close on their faces that I had to look away and take a deep breath
Hales M
Hales M Aylar önce
I don't really understand why you looked at the colors that way... they also represent the horsemen colours-- conquest was the white horse (leonard) - he's a teacher and the one trying to overtake the couple he's wearing white; war was the red horse (redman)- had assaulted him in a bar ie. Violence, he's wearing a red shirt; famine was the black horse (Adrienne) - chef she's wearing black; and plague was the pale horse (sabrina) - nurse, and she's wearing pale yellow.
Meagan Money
Meagan Money 14 gün önce
I thought the "pale white horse"=death + was last too..
FlipBoji Aylar önce
@b26TR I think Hales M meant that the plagues didn’t match the individuals. Like the nurse dying should’ve released the virus, and Adrienne should’ve released a more famine like apocalypse. Idk tho
Wenjie Wu
Wenjie Wu Aylar önce
I liked and agree with your color theory
Mari Fritz
Mari Fritz Aylar önce
Brown noise
JayScarim Aylar önce
It may not have been a brain shattering twist but the twist was that the intruders were the horsemen and everything started going back to normal at the end, meaning it was all real.
Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez 6 gün önce
@Daralic I think they are different in this universe they are probably the opposite because they are trying to stop it not make it start. They have no desire for it to continue
Yahji Aylar önce
I don't think so because the 4 horsemen all represent something totally different than what was spoken in this film. Also, if it was all real, explain how he knew about the truck they all drove together in that was parked down the road!?
Yahji Aylar önce
@Daralic 💯💯💯
Slap Titties
Slap Titties Aylar önce
@Jefé 5 minutes into them all being in the cabin I told my wife "bet they're the 4 horsemen". She didn't know what that is so I explained it to her and she agreed
SunGodSalazar Aylar önce
"Really don't know why Redman attacking them at the bar was a thing" I think the point was to still instill that doubt in Andrew and the audience that all of this is still either a coincidence or some big con. I mean, Shyamalan knew what he was doing directing this movie because with him, you WANT there to be a big twist to look at.
Traption Aylar önce
It also was in the book, he takes him to court too. So Andrew knew his name. Makes the other intruders second guess themselves for a min before the first disaster happens. Takes a while for the first one to happen.
Ramon1991ist Aylar önce
I agree. Would also like to add the fact that this bar incident with Redmond is the reason Andrew purchases a gun, which is the weapon eventually used to make the final sacrifice to save humanity. Redmond might've been at the bar that night just out of plain coincidence, or perhaps his visions led him there.
Mr.LightzPlease Aylar önce
You forgot to mention when Leonard knocks he knocks 7 times resembling the 7 seals that god protects his right hand with
7979 9 saatler önce
There were also 7 insects in the jar which Gwen caught and 7 people in total who were in the cabin.
Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez 6 gün önce
I counted that and locked it up I’m like this is the first clue adhd brain lol having to spoil it for myself
GymGainzHeater 🔥
@E l l i e who cared would’ve been better
E l l i e
E l l i e Aylar önce
The title should've been Seven Knocks at the Cabin then, but maybe that would give away too much.
E l l i e
E l l i e Aylar önce
I am glad that M. Night is exploring a simpler, smoother story-telling style, proving that he doesn't need to rely on "Shyamalan twists" to make his movies work. Never been an M. Night fan but this movie is making me reconsider.
Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez 6 gün önce
The one about the monster is good but you gotta be careful with spoilers split was good to but the ending got a bit 😅aside for the ending I think if it ended just without the blah and just the abuse of the character it would of been amazing still a good movie if u ignore the twist
Littl’ she   double dutch
The twist was that the intruders were the 4 horseman. M Night’s work is very complex and thought provoking. With all his films, the delivery and or editing is what ultimately lowers his audience score. My honest opinion is that his movies should be longer. The content of Old, the Happening, Signs, the Village is retrospective and timeless. Please support him, he’s one of a kind! I can’t wait to see this.
-redacted Aylar önce
I believe this was adapted from a book. No thanks goes to m. Night.
Susan Peuler
Susan Peuler Aylar önce
Saw it opening night and was mesmerized. Loved the premise and interaction of characters faced with unfathomable choices. Would have wanted to know more about the characters playing and why/how these 4 people became so dedicated to their cause. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and have been a big fan of M Knight Shamalan’s for some time!
nada Gabri
nada Gabri Aylar önce
@Kat June my POV does not stop anyone from enjoying anything even if subpar to me 🙄
nada Gabri
nada Gabri Aylar önce
Low standards.
Brian Ng
Brian Ng Aylar önce
For the 4 horsemen, I think the visions haunt them. As the movie said a few times - the screams of the future victims forced them to be dedicated in the hopes that the disasters can be averted.
VinnieVertigo Aylar önce
Dave Batista’s character, Leonard liked catching grasshoppers. What other insect looks identical and is often mistaken for grasshoppers? LOCUSTS! a.k.a. The Locusts Of Conquest who was the Horseman of Conquest?…Leonard was. Just another little detail I liked that wasn’t as obvious as their shirt colors clearly symbolizing which horseman each of them were.
Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez 6 gün önce
I was thinking that the grasshopper he get would be a venomous one signaling he would bring distinction or a plague but I’m glad it’s related to locust because that adds more to the biblical meaning
Manuel Ramos
Manuel Ramos Aylar önce
He punked us all, making us not just wait for a twist but expect it but when it didn't happen, we were all shocked. I thought this was a wonderful take on the story & it was well done. M.Night is a master story teller & whatever you may think about his films, there's no question he's great at what he does, a storyteller 1st, a director 2cd.
Angeline L
Angeline L Gün önce
I agree. No twist was the twist. I thought at least the two women and Leonard were being manipulated. I always expected one of the dads would kill the other for their daughter's sake. I thought after that happened the survivor would find out is was all for nothing. I was wrong. I thought it was a good film. Like everyone else, I want to give a shout out to Dave Bautista's fine acting job.
Jace Breland
Jace Breland Aylar önce
I called them being the 4 Horseman early on. I really enjoyed this especially the flashbacks of their relationship. The MVP is definitely Bautista's acting.
Gcash 6 gün önce
no you didnt
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter Aylar önce
Love a lot of the actors here and it’s cool seeing Batista’s acting career progress… & shameless share if you want more of Rupert go watch Servant!
Isabel Aylar önce
Yes he's amazing in that series!
garrett1433 Aylar önce
This was WAY better than Old in my opinion. Bautista killed it!!!
Mason Carlisle
Mason Carlisle Aylar önce
I loved Old, but it felt like a long Twilight Zone episode. That's not a knock against it, but this felt way heavier in atmosphere.
nocturn_o Aylar önce
Nah. A tie at best.
No Plates No Dates
No Plates No Dates Aylar önce
Fiery Blaze
Fiery Blaze Aylar önce
I really liked the guy’s character who had the concussion. He had an amazing personality.
K Cifuentes
K Cifuentes Aylar önce
The inclusion of one of the four horseman being the same guy who attacked them at the bar was only their to keep some suspense and confusion half way in. Cause it had no pay off
UnCreative Deconstructionism
Facts lmao
Lucci Club Studios
Lucci Club Studios Aylar önce
The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse twist got me I wasn’t expecting that at all I thought it was one the guys having a wild nightmare
Daralic Aylar önce
The twist didn’t really work for me….Eric was concussed the entire time. Already sensitive to light, not thinking clearly and was biased towards religious explanations.
DC-Supreme Aylar önce
@Scodoukabout halfway through I’m like wait are these supposed to be the four horseman of the apocalypse? And their shirts and personality’s represented the different colors of the four horses
Scodouk Aylar önce
@John Cena What's Lebron timing?
John Cena
John Cena Aylar önce
@Scodouk you on some Lebron timing☠️
Scodouk Aylar önce
It wasn't really a twist. I clocked it from the beginning of the film.
Tube Aylar önce
It was good enough. Great camera work, eerie, sad, a solid display of love and fear. Idk I’m glad it wasn’t too complicated it was pretty straight forward and well shot with great performances from all.
Ifrit86 Aylar önce
Haven't seen the movie, but could the grasshoppers in the beginning represent the fact that overabundance can cause catastrophe since grasshoppers can turn into locusts based on their environmental conditions?
chilliverse Aylar önce
I liked the performance by most of the cast. Bautista and the kid were the one that kept me watching it till the end. I felt like the story lacked something, and the transition to flashback felt off place. Overall, the film was a 6/10 for me
andimari Gün önce
I noticed when andrew and Erick were arguing at the end, andrew was talking about humanity that “they’re monsters” while Erick saying they’re just scared. Erick really sounded like Jesus there which makes sense since both made a sacrifice. I dont know who andrew is supposed to be, maybe the devil but I found it very cool how in that moment they represented Christian deities and their arguments for humanity
Yiriks Aylar önce
For some reason, I have not read anyone making this connection yet. What if each of the Horsemen are connected to the disaster that proceeded their death? The earthquake started before Malice's (Redmond as the assailant) death. Earthquakes to represent the aggression of nature. After his death, the next plague started: tsunami/flood. This could relate to water being a necessity for human existence, being necessary for food and existence and thus nourishment (Adriane as the chef). The virus is inextricably linked to healthcare and therefore healing (Sabrina as the nurse). This one is more of a stretch: the planes use all kinds of guidance systems, so crashing could be because of a lack of guidance (Leonard as the teacher). After the four horsemen, it is time for the final judgment, which means the second coming of Christ. Christ's second coming comes after the rise of the Antichrist (CCC 675). Fire (caused by lightning) inaugurated the coming of the Antichrist. That chapter could only be ended by the second coming of Christ, who had died for humanity's sins. Eric did the exact same and could end the chapter and thus avert the end of humanity. (Eric probably saw Jesus before Redmond's death. Jesus was standing with the Horsemen, as Jesus is the 5th Horseman. For Eric, this both confirmed the story being told and foreshadowed his own role in it) Each of their deaths didn't start a new chapter, it ended one before the next one could begin. Each plague's chapter was ended by someone representing the opposite: war/peace or repetence (What if Redmond wasn't Malice, but Peace, after having gone through the prison system and becoming, as he said, a 'different person'); famine/nurturing; death/healing; conquest/guidance and the Antichrist/Christ.
86Kera 2 gün önce
I love the contrast of the couple . One with a temper and scared then you had the one to be calm and think clearly .
Jerry Aylar önce
I thought it was Eric's vision or point of view, that he was testing Andrew on how strong their relationship was so when he knew it was strong was at peace and thus sacrificed himself for the health of Andrew and Wens relationship because he didn't want to live in this world of misery and destruction anymore.
Marvin Campos
Marvin Campos Aylar önce
Great breakdown! Felt like you were able to make a video on how most of us felt after watching this. ❤
DJ Driftjob
DJ Driftjob Aylar önce
Knock At The Cabin was an intriguing, thought-provoking emotional roller coaster. I enjoyed being torn between what side to believe as the story unfolded. The acting was great, the cinematography was fun and is what has been one of my favorite aspects of M. Night’s storytelling. Another great addition to his work. Great video from Heavy Spoilers as always! KNOCK KNOCK
Johnny Stephen
Johnny Stephen Aylar önce
Bautista is a BOMB ass actor yo! He gets better every time
faulk281 Aylar önce
Bautista bomb ha get it
Will p
Will p Aylar önce
@Johnny Stephen not hating at all i utilize both there workout routines .db just takes on alot better rolls ..dewayne does the same roll over and over .like all 32 of the fast and furious movies well ok not the 1st 3 and has to remind the world every movie he is swolt ..db doesnt .all im saying he can learn alot from db like switch up the character some
Ab-straQ Aylar önce
I see what you did there
Will p
Will p Aylar önce
Very much so .to play a 2nd grade teacher who acts frail and has a huge heart .and unlike others he kept his button up shirt on the whole movie .he dont have to convince you in every movie he is swolt .
YeliMe Aylar önce
The Sixth Sense wonderfully blew my mind. After that I've been satisfied reading the spoilers for all the other movies.
Kelvin Dickson
Kelvin Dickson Aylar önce
I thought the movie was thought provoking, and very well paced with suspense and dialogue. I was waiting for the classic M Night twist at the end, but was refreshed by the outcome...2 👍🏾 👍🏾 up!
GOBIAS Industries
GOBIAS Industries Aylar önce
I think they had Redmond be the one who assaulted Andrew just to add a to the coincidence angle, and to make us (and the other Horsemen) think he might have planned the whole thing 👍🏽
bill salcido
bill salcido Aylar önce
I asked my friend what this movie was about. He told me it’s about 3 people in a cabin, some people try to convince them to kill one of them to save the world. He was spot on. No reason to see the movie lmao
EarJuice Aylar önce
The twist should've being they got the wrong cabin because Dave didn't have his glasses on.
K T Aylar önce
made me laugh for 10 minutes🤣🤣🤣🤣
Duckie Aylar önce
Syndy Kellogg
Syndy Kellogg Aylar önce
I really enjoyed the movie. His movies always seem to have a deeper meaning. I like that, it gets u to think outside of the box or what really matters in life.
damian walker
damian walker Aylar önce
You were wrong about the colors, the represent the color of the horses the 4 Horseman rides. Black for Famine, Yellow for Death, White for Conquest, and Red for War. Leonard was the inverse of Conquest aka Guidance, Sabrina was the inverse of Death aka Healing, Adrianne was the inverse of Famine aka Nurturing, and Redmond was actually just Malice/War
Fabian Janting
Fabian Janting Aylar önce
Not Andrew, it's Leonard
NXRift Aylar önce
So I watched this last night and honestly left pretty underwhelmed. Like the entire time nothing seemed to shock me or move me. It was kind of given that they were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypses from the trailer and the premise was pretty simple. I guess nothing really grabbed my attention and I left with a feeling of "that can't really be it?". Am I the only one who felt that way? Besides that, I was very happy to see Bautista in a more serious role.
free2saywhatever Gün önce
I think it’s more cerebral than a pure thriller/horror movie. It makes you wonder the sacrifices others have made that you don’t even know about. For me, the takeaway was two things, the power of pure love and sacrifice and unknown sacrifices of other. So you can run across someone whom you don’t know anything about but secretly they made a sacrifice so huge that it saved the entire world. It makes you wonder about the consequences of your actions and words to others. In Eric’s dream, he sees Andrew and Wen living a happy life. But still modest life. Which probably means Andrew and Wen kept the sacrifice they made to themselves (which makes sense since Andrew would likely be sent to a psych ward or prison had he told the truth) but it really highlights that the one person who saved the world doesn’t even have it acknowledged by anyone and it was a selfless act as he had nothing to gain just loss from saving the rest of the humanity.
thatguy52 Aylar önce
felt the same way. it had tension, mystery, a little bit of thrill. the ending was indeed underwhelming.
Mr. Angry Dude GRRRRR
It’s one of the better Shymalan films of recent times, but that’s a low bar. I think a lot of the reviews have been overly positive, and honestly it’s not worth too much thought because it’s not that deep. I agree it’s underwhelming and if you compare it to the really great films of the past it’s almost embarrassing bad, it certainly has a few cringeworthy moments. But I guess with films over the last few years being so absolutely dire anything that is reasonably ok looks like a masterpiece in comparison.
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan Kim Aylar önce
yea I think a twist at the end would have really elevated the film but no
Tyler Wordleman
Tyler Wordleman Aylar önce
So if the “four horsemen” of the movie didn’t want the apocalypse to happen then why did they kill each other bringing on the different apocalypses? Couldn’t they have just not killed each other and thus, no floods, earthquakes or plane crashes would have happened?
mickey 6 gün önce
because if they didnt then the world would end sooner
samy mucho
samy mucho Aylar önce
Because they felt like it was their calling. The mentioned how they have not had any peaceful rest since they keep seeing the dream and hearing the screams. Almost as if not completing the job was their personal hell.
Aizen Sousuke
Aizen Sousuke Aylar önce
The fact that they still had to kill Eric is the twist that all of it was real.
Will p
Will p Aylar önce
Just great movie .everyone can interpret the meaning as they see fit .. Batista role proves you can be the bad ass wrestler that becomes a actor and not have to always play the guy that whoops the whole world .or tries to pull off the same pose's in every movie ..there is another that could learn alot by watching Batista.(dwayne)
JF3 Aylar önce
dont attack the Rock like that lmao
Tripp550 Aylar önce
The book ended a little more confusingly. As your not 100% sure if it was all real or not and it’s left as a question as to if Andrew killed Eric. Andrew’s ‘vision’ could and most likely was due to his head injury. And the connection to Ron weasly and Eric in the bar was added to make it more a question of wether this was a chance meeting or if they really were ‘chosen’. As in, did Ron take advantage of the group’s delusions in order to settle a vendetta against this couple? The tragedies on the tv were big but none of them were as obvious as planes falling out of the sky like in the movie. Earthquakes, tsunamis, plagues, all terrible with high death tolls but the first 2 could be chalked up to “this shit happens all the time and all you have to do is keep turning the channel until you find one.” The 3rd one made you a little suspicious that maybe they were telling the truth, but also had you wondering if this was preplanned. Did they pick a day were all four of these things were already known from earlier in the morning so they pick this day to do it? Were they somehow broadcasting cherry picked news channels, showing them old content? It was well written as each new event made you more suspicious but didn’t lean you far enough in either direction. Which really made you feel what both Eric AND Andrew were feeling. Real? Not real? God? Cult?
I kept waiting for the big twist that never came so had a big feeling of what was the point. But funny enough as a movie ie a piece of art I was fulfilled. I mean as part of M. Nights collection this film takes its place in his Marmite collection.
nada Gabri
nada Gabri Aylar önce
Jose Olvera
Jose Olvera Aylar önce
This is one of the first mainstream movie where the gay characters have so much character development. You really genuinely care about these characters. It is so refreshing and I allaud the actors for having so much chemistry and really making you feel the emotion.
Will p
Will p Aylar önce
And there is no scenes shoved in your face where they are all over each other.really they never make physical contact
Isabel Aylar önce
Don't forget Brokeback Mountain ❤️
Morris DuBose
Morris DuBose Aylar önce
I'm interested to watch this and try and parse out if there was any real-world effect that the writer and director were trying to achieve
Kat June
Kat June Aylar önce
I thought the twist was going to be that the daughter came to the realization that they really were telling the truth and that she was going to end up killing one of her dads. 😅
William Lusk
William Lusk Aylar önce
Hey, Jimmy's back! Glad to hear you're getting more vids to helm, proud of ya, kiddo. Looking forward to seeing this one, Bautista has given a great performance in this, and might be one of M. Night's best films recently (not saying a lot there...) but he DOES have a good grasp of theatrics and drama.
Murphy Benard
Murphy Benard Aylar önce
It was definitely a movie that made you question your beliefs, what you would do, and who would you choose in that situation... and when or if you would have believed any of it.... for me the planes fallen was the kicker 🤷🏾‍♂️💯
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim Aylar önce
definately the first two are nothing new. those happened many times before. especially the tsunami
G Zowine
G Zowine Aylar önce
Batista a better actor then people give him credit for. If you haven't watched marauders it's a great movie and one of his best performances in my opinion. Great video thanks my friend
zeekmorris Aylar önce
M Knight only makes certified bangers. He don’t miss bro.
Icecold Butter
Icecold Butter Aylar önce
One of his best films by far. i just saw it tonight
Busta Myers
Busta Myers Aylar önce
I think it was a good movie I kept trying to figure out what the twist was going to be and when it ended I was like hmm no twist. Gonna have to watch this again
Rebel Eric
Rebel Eric Aylar önce
I'm definitely a fan of nights movies and I definitely was waiting on a twist. But I'm glad it wasn't a twist. I really enjoyed it low 7/10!
Michael Willey
Michael Willey Aylar önce
Great breakdown, like always 👍🏼
Turd Goblin
Turd Goblin Aylar önce
Hell yes, I can't wait to see this one! This movie looks pretty bad ass!
Leezus Aylar önce
You were wrong about the clothing colors. They were wearing red, black, white, and ‘pale.’ Which are the colors of the horses of the 4 horsemen. That’s how I figured it out after the first death.
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim Aylar önce
i figured it out after first death but not because of the colors.
Sherleelah Jones
Sherleelah Jones Gün önce
I didn’t see the movie, but when I saw the trailer, I knew immediately that the four horsemen were being presented one way or another.
The guy selling the noisy air fried "guiltless gorgeous crispy chicken which doesn't get better than that!" was so convincing, I was riveted to my seat! OMG, what a natural! I'm sensing Oscar vibes!!! Was great to see a realistic male gay couple for once, well done on that research. Thanks M A bit light on the fright and Leonard's blood effects were poorly executed... but maybe this is more of a fun satire?
SaveDeion Aylar önce
I really enjoyed it. Really clicked for me once I connected the dots with Eric's sacrifice being similar to Jesus's sacrifice. Especially in the last scene where the couple was arguing on about if Eric should even sacrifice himself.
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo Aylar önce
M. Night is a one trick pony. I will say Bautista is increasingly becoming a serious actor with each new script.
Shaina Elise
Shaina Elise Aylar önce
I'll be watching this one for Rupert and Dave, full stop.
El Nigga
El Nigga Aylar önce
Rupert leaves too early
van Aylar önce
Rupert is great, but Dave carries this movie.
Anthony Bertuzzi
Anthony Bertuzzi Aylar önce
Finally my man made a good movie that didn't need a crazy ass twist just a good movie
Death Star 9
Death Star 9 Aylar önce
Good review. I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t the greatest movie, but original and well made. Worth the watch.
Honest Comments
Honest Comments Gün önce
M. night is an excellent story teller and phenomenal director. He doesn't get the credit. Anyway, the point of his movies are to tell unique stories...you come out enjoying his work. It's doesn't always has to be same. the point is is tells you a stories...in some cases he is uniquely surprising the audience the end and in some cases like The Happening and Knock At The Cabin...he is trying to make a point...which is to be nice to mother nature (The Happening) and be nice to other human beings (Knock At The Cabin). Mr. Shyamalan is trying to do his part and be some of hist stories about humanity and teaching us lesson. People nit pick about his movies but when it comes to movies like Batman and Superman...man who can fly and die and come back to life...now these are ridiculous stories are OK to them.
BMac 279
BMac 279 Aylar önce
So the Shayamalan twist was that there was no twist, which is what we were all expecting.
xEvilNeverDiesx Aylar önce
The twist should have been the two at the end find a dad player behind the TV and the 4 horsemen were still alive and it was all a trick to see if they could get a family to kill a member.
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim Aylar önce
i thought for a moment that all those news stories were just scenes from a disaster movie or two
Not_A_Bot_I _promise
As a Gay myself, I was actually really happy at the end that the world was saved by the love of a Gay couple. Lol I’ll admit I wasn’t too into it at the beginning. But Batista, seeing Ron Wesley, and the weird plot I also felt I needed to know wtf was going on. And I did like it. Also was even more shocked when M Nights name appeared at the end. I didn’t know he directed it. Making me like it even more.
Shawn Claude
Shawn Claude Aylar önce
M Night and Peele should do a grind house double feature like Quentin and Rodriguez did. Their styles seem very similar.
CinemaPats Aylar önce
Peele is worlds better than Shyamalan.
Smile4mypride Aylar önce
You aren't wrong. I thought the same how Peele movies remind me of Shyamalan's.
Shawn Claude
Shawn Claude Aylar önce
@endlessvoid I said what I said lol
LFG2 Aylar önce
The reason for Redmond being Rory O’Brian was to further make Andrew, Eric, and the audience second guess whether the attack was based on them being gay or if it was all legit. As well, you say that M. Night gives it away half way through, but I’m not sure how? It isn’t until the airplanes start falling from the sky that you can start to believe it’s real, but like Andrew points out, how do we know the news reports aren’t fake or prerecorded? We don’t truly know until Andrew & Wen leave the cabin.
Raymond Forchion
Raymond Forchion Aylar önce
Really enjoyed this movie. In the end, the big questions are the ones worth asking
hunterphille12 Aylar önce
I really liked this one from Night. Like someone else said, for his twist there was no twist
Brian Ng
Brian Ng Aylar önce
Really enjoyed the movie. I’m glad Mr Shyamalan stopped his schtick in this movie. No gimmicky plot twist/reveal meant the story was it, and I enjoyed the journey- the drama and thrills.
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim Aylar önce
he still had to make an appearance but i like that part. at least he didn't make himself a major character like in lady in the water.
Encognitus Maximus
Encognitus Maximus Aylar önce
I think for M Night's twists....its execution of them. Not all are bad, just could've been done differently.
M Picc
M Picc Aylar önce
@PDC Design hey....you have to admit...OLD was pretty original and different.
Encognitus Maximus
Encognitus Maximus Aylar önce
@Mr know it all Lol. Re-read what I said, slow. I wasn't referencing this movie specifically. Pretty simple stuff.
PDC Design
PDC Design Aylar önce
@Armando Guerra Too many people are still giving M. Night credit for creating mediocre movies. What's so original about references to the same old religious mumbo jumbo? 🙄😬
Armando Guerra
Armando Guerra Aylar önce
You mean the same way the Star Wars trilogy could have been better if the movies were better?
Greg Fulton
Greg Fulton Aylar önce
I love how the 4 people wore the different colors of the horsemen
Summer Skye
Summer Skye Aylar önce
0:06 I couldn’t wait to see this movie I watch all of his movies. They are all magnificent to say the least very edge of your seat each one of them this movie cabin at the woods I follow several of people that were in the movie itself definitely again edge of your seat kept me guessing wondering was it legit was it fake, was it something more? I’m not very religious but I saw your video and now I understand more. You definitely explain it very well, and I was wondering, where he would show up in the movie, so you clarified that too, but yeah, I didn’t notice the bright light right away, and I had a feeling he was going to survive and I was correct. I really didn’t believe that Batista would actually kill himself in the movie I thought he would’ve been with these two that survived, but very amazing very crafty very entertaining. Definitely not losing his touch one bit, and I definitely look forward to seeing more of his movies.👍🏻👍🏻
Jon Murphy
Jon Murphy Aylar önce
He probably decided to "subvert expectations" and not do a twist because so many people complain about his style and twist endings... 🙄😑
707RipOtee Santa Rosie
I like the movie, I was hoping for the classic M. Knight Twist. Everyone did a great job!
Crisin Snow
Crisin Snow Aylar önce
At the end when the lighting hits and there’s a glaring light standing at the back kinda had me tripped out
GOBIAS Industries
GOBIAS Industries Aylar önce
Most people couldn't afford a $400 emergency, so it isn't too much of a stretch that she spent her life savings driving there 😆
MrDknuckle Aylar önce
Good job Jared on the break down -- thanks
Eric Ratcliff
Eric Ratcliff Aylar önce
I went to go see this last night and holy shi it was good I wasn’t to sure if the 4 was lying or not the suspense was good
Ziggy Doom
Ziggy Doom Aylar önce
It's an M.Night movie without a twist. He's come full circle.
Jeremiah Manning
Jeremiah Manning Aylar önce
Where did you find this representation of the 4 horsemen? The only ones I’ve ever heard of are “war, famine, pestilence and death”
Kellan Hills
Kellan Hills Aylar önce
The film lies about the four horsemen
Waldy World
Waldy World Aylar önce
They state it in the film with the other names
1972Geoffrey B
1972Geoffrey B Aylar önce
me too
ronj77 Aylar önce
Some versions of the film have a "mysterious" figure in the scene, while some other versions just get the lens flare from the mirror!!! 💯🤔
Arrow - Mation  I  Films
Here is a good(ish) plot twist they should have added, While Andrew was growing up he was playing basketball. Leonard was his coach. When Andrew reached 7 he had a sister named Adrain that died once she reached 24. Andrew later realized that his childhood basketball coach died a few years before his sisters death. Andrew gets depressed and goes to therapy. He later meets his husband. He goes to a date with his husband. He later meets an a--- named Redmond. He hits Andrew in the head which knocks him out and puts him in the hospital. Sabrina is his nurse and Andrew goes into a coma. And this was his dream/vision. The reason Wen (the daughter) is here is because, Andrew always wanted a child and gets what he wants and what he needs. Andrew needed help, he needed more peace.
Paid Phatz
Paid Phatz Aylar önce
Batista was so great in this❤‍🔥❤‍🔥
Eozoon Aylar önce
7:27 The colours they wore are based on the colours of the Four Horsemen's horses.
SierraNevaduh Aylar önce
The colors of the horses in Revelations are white, red, black, and pale. Unless blue = black and yellow = pale, they are different.
Megan Sullivan
Megan Sullivan Aylar önce
It makes sense to me. I don't think MNS was actively hiding it.
who? cares
who? cares Aylar önce
I noticed that off the bat! I'm shocked more people don't know about the four horsemen considering how much imagery of them is depicted in media
Paul David
Paul David Gün önce
I’m not a big M Night fan but I enjoyed this one.
jalyn jerez
jalyn jerez Aylar önce
I like this movie, usually this type of movies they manipulate themselves but here the world were really ending and they were good people.
James Wilhite
James Wilhite Aylar önce
You’ve entered a realm of movies I haven’t even heard of. It’s refreshingly Serendipitous
Spice Nico
Spice Nico Aylar önce
About ten minutes into the movie when I noticed the colors of their shirts I was like yeah those are the four horsemen.
Lex Treefrog
Lex Treefrog Aylar önce
The ending wasn’t revealed until you see a plane fall from the sky from the cabin and that doesn’t happen until there’s like 12 minutes left
Adonijah Morningstar
If you look at that picture of the Four Horseman, it's actually five horseman in the picture as Death and Hades ride the same horse. They are called the four HorseMEN not the four HORSES! Why do people always make this mistake? The first rider is not part of the four.
Alexander Best
Alexander Best Aylar önce
The twist was.... There is no twist
Ira L
Ira L Aylar önce
were you given before the movie showing a copy of a legal document where MNS was obliged to provide a twist by the end? Why can't he make a movie without a twist? Lynch made one straightforward film without any surrealism and no one complained, but if there is no twist in a movie from MNS, it's apparently the first horsemen of the apocalypse.
The Fan Without a Face
Uh yeah there is, the twist is they were telling the truth. It's not a huge twist but the fact they everything they were saying was legit is a twist.
the wolf 01x
the wolf 01x Aylar önce
What a twist
Stella brown
Stella brown Aylar önce
Exactly!! They should have had a twist on there…it could had been one of the best “ Cabin” movies. The concept was there, but the execution was lacking. I give it 7/10 too.
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez Aylar önce
… Twist was … he changed the original ending 😮
Marcus Benzel
Marcus Benzel Aylar önce
Wait she doesn’t die? That’s one of the big moments in the book!
David Shaw
David Shaw Aylar önce
In the book she dies? The couple lives? & Human race is saved? !SPOILER! How does she die?
Saint Mar
Saint Mar Aylar önce
I agree with your video for the most part except the ending when the girl turns on the radio and Her Dad turns it off .. but then he turns it back on .. and then she turns it off and then turns it back on .. I think this more just a symbolism of their confusion and grief .. and how to go forward with respect to everything they've just endured. What are your new boundaries after experiencing something traumatic? ... certainly not the same as before its taken place.. it's different for everyone
jbauer140 Aylar önce
you know what have been very cool for the ending is that diner scene in the end, as the camera pans and shows the people watching, then in the background you here " is there anything else I can get for ya?" , and as the camera pans onto a hand that puts a coffee cup down, the person says " no thank you...I HAVE A WORLD TO SAVE...AS YOU HEAR THE RAIN START TO POUND DOWN THE PERSON GRABS THEIR TRENCHCOAT" as the camera pans upward only to reveal DAVID DUNN, that he actually survived the ending in Glass! LMAO Hahahahha sorry its 3 am thoughts race though my head and for some reason I thought of how cool that would've been as a laugh.
jbauer140 Aylar önce
@E l l i e hehehehe
E l l i e
E l l i e Aylar önce
Half way through, I figured out where you're going but it still made me laugh. 😆
coolguy101084 Aylar önce
It was a fine movie. The horseman was figured in the trailer. I was thinking there was more but wrong. I’ll watch anything the director makes, ever since Signs
Jam Slam
Jam Slam Aylar önce
The plot twist is that Andrew and Wen grow up to become Woody Allen and Soon Yi.
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