Killing Rommel - The Demise of the Desert Fox

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What were the circumstances that led to the death of Germany's most famous WW2 general, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel? Get the full story here.

Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Fe...

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Credits: TCY; Wald-Burger; US National Archives; Bundesarchiv



15 Tem 2021




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Mega Negbert
Mega Negbert 6 aylar önce
My great uncle destroyed a dozen of Rommel’s tanks in North Africa during the war. He was the worst mechanic the Afrika Korps ever had
Siddhartha Desai
Siddhartha Desai 3 gün önce
Mike j
Mike j 8 gün önce
My grandad was a Royal Engineeer too fought in North Africa against Rommel , god bless grandad .x
Sumadijaboy 14 gün önce
Killerd90 23 gün önce
alan mac
alan mac 25 gün önce
Great comment! LOL!
Ole Fella
Ole Fella 4 aylar önce
The fact that we get free documentaries on TRvid by Dr Mark Felton is truly a gift 👍
Shain Blair
Shain Blair Gün önce
You are teaching our youth many lesson of our history . And these cell phone generation really needs people like you and your staff GREAT JOB MR. FELTON
Brian Baird
Brian Baird 3 gün önce
Amazing !!
Ntate Mohlomi
Ntate Mohlomi Aylar önce
@Yorick Jenkins you mean they are not boring? Wouldn't watch some dreary academic presentation me.
scoldedcat 3 aylar önce
Although, he is asking for financial support.
Yorick Jenkins
Yorick Jenkins 3 aylar önce
Not especially. They are over dramatised and superficial in my opinion.
Ben Patsy
Ben Patsy 5 aylar önce
My Grandad was a desert rat and he got gunned across his legs and was captured by Rommel. He escaped from the prison, but had to hand himself back in because his legs became infected. Despite escaping they still treated him well and sorted out his infections.
Pat The baker
Pat The baker 16 gün önce
He’s lucky he wasn’t in a Japanese camp.
FBurck 18 gün önce
@Justin Case Thats for sure
Justin Case
Justin Case 18 gün önce
Won't ever see Spielberg direct a movie with a detail like that.
I MAN 24 gün önce
The North African Front is the Front without Hate. Cuz Few or rarely War Crimes happen there
david graham
david graham Aylar önce
General Rommel was well known to treat captured enemy soldiers with dignity and respect and punished any Axis soldier under him that abused them
david graham
david graham Aylar önce
I had the chance to take care of the nurse who looked after Rommel after his staff car was strafed in France and he almost died. She immigrated to Canada after the war and showed me some of the letters that she received from his wife/son thanking her for the care of General Rommel during his hospital stay and subsequent convalescence.
The way back
The way back 13 gün önce
Is there a possibility that you would share these letters with Dr. Mark Felton? He’d present them in a respectful way and give it the historical value it deserves. Of course I know that privacy reasons could come into play which could make you refuse doing such a thing. However you decide to precede with this, thank you for your family’s service.
Internet Stranger, Stranger of the internet
Okay but for real, this new information found in 2018 has absolutely blown me away. I was under the impression that Rommel completely disassociated himself with Valkyrie's participants, but SEEING HIM IN A PHOTO WITH THE PLOTTERS was an AMAZING piece of history. I can't believe I didnt see this earlier, THANK YOU FOR YET ANOTHER BRILLIANT VIDEO, MARK!
RW4X4X3006 3 gün önce
Read somewhere recently, members of Rommel's staff were in contact with SHAEF though the OSS. So yeah, he was looking for a path to stop the war on the western front.
Kris B
Kris B Aylar önce
He wasn't involved with actual plot to assassinate Hitler but he knew about it and didn't tell Hitler. If I recall, someone Rommel knew begged him to cover himself and, at least, tell Hitler he was aware of a plot against him, but not any of the details, which wouldn't have been a surprise as someone was always trying to kill Hitler. Rommel refused though. Also the plotters had wanted Rommel to play a big part in the post-Hitler government but Rommel probably wasn't aware of that.
Smyth Harris
Smyth Harris 6 aylar önce
Rommel's son, Manfred, had a fine career in politics and maintained friendships with Patton's son and Montgomery's son.
Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch 2 gün önce
That’s neat
Rex Scipio
Rex Scipio 4 gün önce
Yeah. They probably respect one another's military acumen.
EconomyClass 9 gün önce
@Bill Osborn wow, interesting, and Stuttgart is also home to one of Germany's greatest exports, the VW Beetle. He ruled over one of Germany's largest economic engines.
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales 17 gün önce
@David Macdonald Rommel was never a Nazi. A great general and a good man. He had the respect of his enemies. You really need to educate yourself.
Andrew Leavitt
Andrew Leavitt 18 gün önce
@KMACK TIME If the “sins of a father” are not passed on then why would you consider them “a Nazi family” several generations later? Your comment is completely self contradictory. You can have it both ways
Raymond Massey
Raymond Massey 6 aylar önce
Note that Rommel’s home was actually in Herrlingen-Blaustein just outside of Ulm. He committed suicide not far from there on a spot overlooking the valley below. His grave is in the town’s cemetery, not far from the entrance to the church building there. There is also a museum to Rommel in that town’s old school house, that I can highly recommend.
Naikomi 4 gün önce
@Mustafa Yıldırım Rommel in snt that uncommon if a last name
J Rock
J Rock 16 gün önce
@Clem 100% he would have.
Pac Z
Pac Z Aylar önce
@Michael Lubin Good guess! Actually, however, it was the home of Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern-schplenden-schlitter-crasscrenbon-fried-digger-dingle-dangle-dongle-dungle-burstein-von-knacker-thrasher-apple-banger-horowitz-ticolensic-grander-knotty-spelltinkle-grandlich-grumblemeyer-spelterwasserKEPPELMACH-kurstlich-himbleeisen-bahnwagen-gutenabend-bitte-ein-nürnburger-bratwustle-gerspurten-mitzweimache-luber-hundsfut-gumberaber-shönendanker-kalbsfleisch-mittler-aucher von Hautkopft? No frets, however, given even the most diligent archivists commmit that error. On the other hand, a tip of the Tan o' shanter to you for including "...gutenabend-bitte-ein-nürnburger-bratwustle-gerspurten-mitzweimache-luber-hundsfut..." -- the historical connection of which continues to elude many to this very day.
Robert Glennie
Robert Glennie Aylar önce
@Mustafa Yıldırım Rommel had one son, Manfred. He survived the war, surrendering as soon as the American's were in Ulm. He became a politician and I think was Mayor of Stuttgart.
Gary Rosenberg
Gary Rosenberg 4 aylar önce
@Michael Lubin Having lived in Ulm by the Danube for 30 years, I must admit: excellent Swabian German, Mr Lubin! Actually, Ulm is the birthplace of Albrecht Berblinger, who in the early 19th century invented one of the first flying machines. And the birthplace of Albert Einstein, in case you're interested. Freundliche Gruesse from den Schwarzwald, old chap!
Vinny W
Vinny W 6 aylar önce
Field Marshal Rommel is an icon to this day. A man of courage and respect. A great tactician that we as Marines came to respect years after his death. “Be an example to your men, in your duty and private life. Never spare yourself, and let the troops see that you don’t in your endurance of fatigue and privation. Always be tactful and well-mannered and teach your subordinates to do the same. Avoid excessive sharpness or harshness of voice, which usually indicates the man who has shortcomings of his own to hide. -Erwin Rommel.
KB52 5 gün önce
Rommel won many of his victories with Italian troops.Also ,a lot of his early successes in N. Africa were due to an excellent source of information provided by Italian intelligence.Rommel called it "the good source". Once this wealth of information dried up, he began to lose.
Agency Island
Agency Island 6 aylar önce
Rommel got my respect when he buried a commando officer who was sent to kill him with full military honors. Say what you want about who he fought for, but that man understood the meaning of honor
Moto Martinski
Moto Martinski 5 gün önce
@I'm Just a Bisaya 🇵🇭 You've just presented a view seemingly based largely on your own outlook and thoughts, rather than facts. Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor in 1933, only because sufficient of *the NSDAP (Nazis) were _elected_ * by German citizens to make them (by far) the largest political party in the Reichstag. On Hindenburg's death the next year Hitler simply assumed the presidency and combined it with the Chancellor role. In 1933 A large number of the German electorate (almost 60%) favoured Nazism and handed the Nazis a relative majority in that historically pivotal March election. In effect the final power grab made by Hitler and the Nazis in 1934 had been enabled and was supported by about 6 out of 10 Germans - and when Hitler led Germany to war, naturally the visible support nationally increased in the early years until at least early 1942. Privately, support for the Nazis declined from then on, but any claim that the overwhelming power of Nazism had not been enabled in the first place by democratic election is plain Pollyanna revisionism. And any thought of many German civilians being "happy" that Germany lost the war is peculiar. Accounts seem to indicate that German civilians were generally weary, stunned, dismayed by the utter devastation of their cities and infrastructure. _Relieved_ that it was finally over (and Hitler that so many of them had enabled initially, was now gone), would be a more accurate description.
Haagsebluff 17 gün önce
@cc Rider He was a General at war, you clown!
Halo Jripp
Halo Jripp 25 gün önce
@cc Rider He was not a Nazi
A_L Aylar önce
@cc Rider liar. nazis only caused chaos and war nothing else, no repe
ddandymann Aylar önce
@Agency Island Yep, the Soviets under Stalin were just as bad as the Nazi's. You're spot on.
David Grainger
David Grainger 3 aylar önce
I knew Charlie before he was killed in a car accident a few years ago on his way to go flying in a Harvard. He was definitely the one who hit Rommel. He didn’t brag about it, he just described to me that day and his fortuitous attack. Wonderful guy, he has been missed in the aviation community in Canada.
Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central
Brilliant video. Thanks.
5nhy Fiery
5nhy Fiery Aylar önce
sheeeeeeesh u didnt have to say its brilliant everybody knows that
Naranbat Batjargal
Naranbat Batjargal 5 aylar önce
@itsnotme 1961 11
itsnotme 1961
itsnotme 1961 5 aylar önce
No Patton. You are both a couple of putzes. Montgomery played a role. He did not do it alone.
Anna Lisette
Anna Lisette 6 aylar önce
My husband, who was much older than me, knew one of General Rommel's drivers who had moved to Southern California. My husband had some driving lessons with him and passed some of those lessons on to me. I have always had the idea that General Rommel was a decent human being much admired by his troops and by the people.
biz4two biz4
biz4two biz4 15 gün önce
@Pat The baker ... I know he was not part of the SS. However, every and I mean every soldier was required to take the oath to Hitler. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi. Therefore, he (Rommel) was a Nazi. If Rommel was NOT a Nazi, then he would have been imprisoned or killed outright. During World War II, the Nazi ruled Germany and the Wehrmacht. Again, they were Nazi. Don't try and fool yourself and others.
Pat The baker
Pat The baker 16 gün önce
@biz4two biz4 not a nazi he was in the Wehrmacht they had nothing to do with the SS
Philippe de Herte
Philippe de Herte 17 gün önce
@biz4two biz4 It must be nice to live in such a mentally primitive, comic book world where everything is black or white, with "good guys" and "bad guys."
biz4two biz4
biz4two biz4 20 gün önce
a decent human being?? He was a Nazi Field Marshal during WW2. No such thing as decent.
Anna Lisette
Anna Lisette Aylar önce
@ash mellor Yes!
Joey Landry
Joey Landry 6 aylar önce
Back in the late 80’s I was a patrolman in a small southern Virginia town. We had a WW2 veteran who was part of operation Torch, Mr Orange was his name. He operated the town gas pumps for all the town police vehicles and I loved hearing him talk about seeing Patton and the respect that he had for Rommel.
Sturminfantrist 3 aylar önce
"My Name is Joe Roberts i work for the State..........."
Robert Walters
Robert Walters 6 aylar önce
My Dad had seen elements of captured Panzers from Rommel’s Afrika Corps while at flight school in Texas during WW2 and said that those German prisoners were so disciplined and honorable that model prisoners were given a jail pass to attend dinner outside the camp with trusted Texas families and always returned to prison camp at the scheduled time … Washington DC never knew !!! … true story
Andrej Arendáš
Andrej Arendáš 2 gün önce
@fred garvin yeah. Meanwhile in Russia Germans executing whole villages. I wonder what would Americans do if Germans killed civilians in USA
David Lynch
David Lynch 4 gün önce
@cmmguy uh huh.
David Lynch
David Lynch 4 gün önce
Same deal in Canada and many remained there.
60love45 Aylar önce
@fred garvin I always wonder what would have happened to German POW's if the US had lost 25 - 30 million people, like the Russians did......
Penguin Pie
Penguin Pie Aylar önce
they also had a POW camp in alberta near the rocky mountains. They took prisoners on hikes in the mountains because they were basically done for if they tried to escape out there in that wilderness. a lot of them immigrated back after the war.
jason kinzie
jason kinzie 6 aylar önce
My grandfather fought in Africa. His unit was captured and he spent the rest of the war as a POW on a farm in Germany. Before this happened Rommel came out and talked to them, reassuring them that they would be well treated. My grandfather was impressed and always thought highly of Rommel after that.
Helen Sulzer
Helen Sulzer Aylar önce
@Andy Snyder Andy, he may not have been a monster but he is not a hero, at least not mine. Some students in Munich tried to organize resistance against Hitler. They were executed. They gave everything to stop these criminals. I see them as heros.
Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder Aylar önce
@Helen Sulzer Rommel was not a member of the Nazi Party. He had some good points but he still was an enemy combatant. He was respected by the POWs that he took because he followed the Geneva Convention as much as possible. Have some perspective please! He wasn't a monster like Eichmann or Himmler.
60love45 Aylar önce
@Samir S An american is never a socialist, Neither was Hitler.......
Stronk Serbia
Stronk Serbia Aylar önce
@Sigvard Björkman I text him later 😉
Frankie Carioca
Frankie Carioca Aylar önce
@Preservation Wealth Management 😂💀
Erich Voß
Erich Voß 4 aylar önce
The fact that the German Amry has an Army base bearing his name to this day shows you what kind of man and Leader he was, and how well respectd he is to this very day. Great documentary. Rommel was a good man in a very bad situation.
Lew Phelps
Lew Phelps 5 aylar önce
Another thoughtful and classy historical analysis. Thank you, Mark Felton.
Dangerously Based
Dangerously Based Aylar önce
Bearded Epstein
Troy Staunton
Troy Staunton 6 aylar önce
I know for a fact my family hold Rommel in high esteem, my great uncle died at El Alamein. In a German hospital bed, the few records we could tack down showed that despite being an Australian soldier, he was given adequate treatment but war wounds were to significant. Perhaps the fact his name was Bauer helped him. But either way. Rommels desert corps medical team treated my great uncle well and he died that’s all we can ask for. Certainly spared him going to fight the Japanese where if he was wounded his best hope is a bayonet to the guts by enemy soldiers.
James Agnew
James Agnew 6 aylar önce
Fascinating insights Mark, as both my parents grew up during WW2 these extremely well researched and presented programs continue to inform and give some sense of closure on the horrors of this dark period of history. Thank you
Matthias Klasen
Matthias Klasen 6 aylar önce
I just recently learned that my grandfather served in the Africa Corps with Rommel as a truck driver. Before the war he was a poor cow farmer from a small village. He was captured in 1943 in Tunisia and moved to Texas as a POW. He returned to Germany in 1947. My dad was born in 1952. Luckily he survived otherwise I wouldn't be on this planet.
#4-MK1 8 gün önce
Matthias; do you know where the POW camp in Texas was located?
Malcolm Towle
Malcolm Towle 27 gün önce
What planet would you be on then? Asking for a displaced planetary friend.
Kris B
Kris B Aylar önce
Your grandfather grew cows?
Dwight st. john
Dwight st. john 3 aylar önce
My rural Canadian relatives all served in the war, usually infantry. Most of Europe and N. America was still rural based, plus farmers were already physically fit and often a good shot. All mine survived as well.
Laxoutorelse 4 aylar önce
You’re actually glad to exist?
thomas red
thomas red 4 aylar önce
Felton productions outshine 95% of the “professionally” made documentaries. History nuts like myself could watch these all day. Wait…I do!!
Don L
Don L 6 aylar önce
General George Patton also had much respect for Rommel as well. The information contain in this video by Professor Felton is the best and most accurate regarding the end of Rommel.
Сапарбай Кыдырбаев
Рускийязыкдпвайдааайдавай за не
Rohith S
Rohith S 4 aylar önce
Obviously. He was the one who said 'we fought the wrong enemy' .
Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald 5 aylar önce
After years of reading the history of World War II and the life of Field Marshall Rommel, I want to add a thought here regarding his death. I agree with with Dr. Felton conclusions here. Rommel agreed with those who felt Hitler had made bad decisions during the war. He agreed to take poision to end his life and to protect and save his family. What a gallant decision he made.
ramakrishnan natarajan
When you r with Hitler you have no other option
Pat The baker
Pat The baker 16 gün önce
Imagine Rommels reaction when he heard about operation Barbarossa. The war was lost that day.
tomloft2000 5 aylar önce
you might call it "heroic" in the true sense of the word.
David Peters
David Peters 6 aylar önce
What a great video. Cleared up several things I have wondered about for years. Rommel was an honorable man and I think History respects that.
James Birabent
James Birabent 3 aylar önce
Rommel showed real German class. Hitler was a coward and an idiot in comparison... as a strategic leader Rommel was brilliant... Hitler completely ignorant!!!!
Matt Gibbs
Matt Gibbs 6 aylar önce
There are lots of World War II channels on TRvid and Mark Felton's stands out because of his crisp diction and steady but pacy delivery. We might have seen the newsreel footage and images elsewhere but Mark with his intriguing research and masterful storytelling creates documentaries which always bring a surprise. Thank you, sir, for your information, education and fascinating viewing.
kaleuclint 6 aylar önce
The other ones do not have the authority and authenticity that comes from a Doctorate in the subject area. Agree re "pacy" too; not about building up time on channel statistics.
MahasiswaAkhir 6 aylar önce
You guys can check Kings and General YT channel. One of the best of course
E-Curb 6 aylar önce
@themadsnowballer Subscribe to this channel and look at the extensive library of former videos created by Dr. Felton.
themadsnowballer 6 aylar önce
What are some other good ones?
steve molina
steve molina 6 aylar önce
Well Said Sir!
Coach Men
Coach Men 4 aylar önce
I have always found it fascinating that the placement of a satchel altered the course of human history. For those who were not aware the explosive device was in a satchel bag that was placed underneath the table but it was placed on the inside of the heavy solid oak leg at the end of the table. It was this solid oak leg that deflected the blast and protected Hitler from the full force. ( this is as I understand how events transpired )
fred garvin
fred garvin 4 aylar önce
not only that my friend, stauffenburg was supposed to set a second bomb, a second fuse, but at the last minute didn't have time because they were harassing him to hurry up! the meeting is happening, hurry! so he didn't have enough time by a few minutes to set a second bomb which was the plan all along, then to top it off, the satchel was moved, and even more the meeting was moved from a solid cement bunker to a wooden one which kept the blast from being much much worse. so many things happened in just this one attempt to kill hitler it's amazing. then, if you read more, there was an attempt a year earlier in 1943 by german officers to plant a bomb on hitlers plane, but the fuse didnt go off because of the cold, thus sparing hitler. had this worked a year earlier, things might have really been different.
tim sauder
tim sauder 6 aylar önce
I was trained by a German who was with Rommel in NA. His men had the highest regard for him because they achieved incredible things. He said that they held out for 6 months with 90 tanks, six shots a day against the American and British 600 tanks. The German tanks shot further. He ended up in America in a prisoner of war prison that was so open in the southern small town that he said they could go into town as long as they had their German uniforms on. Rommel would have ended the war and saved Germany from the terrible devastation. Don't you wish someone was outside that bomb bunker to kill them all?
tb7771 6 aylar önce
Been a more than avid ww2 buff for 40 years. I've known all of this information, yet Dr. Felton had me mesmerized and glued to my screen.
Jonny qwest
Jonny qwest 3 aylar önce
I was a soldier in the US army stationed in Germany for most of the nineties. In an NCO academy in Baumholder, one of the classrooms had a quote from rommel and attributed to him, that every ounce of sweat in training avoids spilling a gallon of blood in battle, or thereabouts. Decades after the war’s end, my army thought highly enough of Rommel to add his principles as a guide to better soldiering.
Oliver Mayo
Oliver Mayo 6 aylar önce
I wish more youtube presenters would adopt this format, I loathe having to watch the presenter stood talking. This channel shows historical photographs and video and the narration is in concise and formal plain English language which is perfect. One of the finest channels on youtube.
bobojr456 Aylar önce
@tore haaland Do your knees hurt from being on them all the time for this plagiarist?
tore haaland
tore haaland Aylar önce
@bobojr456 i don't think you have headache often!? You know....no brain, no pain.
Mark Maki
Mark Maki Aylar önce
Indeed. I would characterize at least one history-dedicated channel as book-ended by egotism. I see none of that with Dr. Felton; only unique and interesting subjects, good research, background, facts, and relevant graphics. God bless Dr. Felton.
Krakensian 2 aylar önce
Much better than anything the so-called History Channel presents these days.
MortalClown 2 aylar önce
@V. G. R. L. Really focused on the important things, we see.
badlands555 3 aylar önce
Mark I very much enjoy your channel. Couple of thoughts. I read once that Rommel in his staff car accidently joined up with a british column by mistake travelling at night. They realized their dilemma when the column stopped and all they could hear were british voices. They took the first turn to anywhere and were never found out. Also I think the battle of the kommandorski Islands would make a great video. Thank you.
Jay 6 aylar önce
The papers that were discovered is something I never knew about. VERY interesting twist. As for the respect that the allies had for him, especially General George Patton, that is well known. I'm convinced that had both Patton and Rommel survived the war and met face to face, they would have become good friends. They were both soldiers and BRILLIANT tacticians.
Christophe Billiet
Christophe Billiet 6 aylar önce
I would love to hear dr. Mark Felton extrapolate the post-war happenings, tensions and (geo-) political moves. I know this rabbit hole goes very deep but if anyone can guide us through, it's dr. Felton. (: As an ex-history student myself, I crave these and in my mind it's all the more amazing what all followed. These events are now in a sort of danger zone of false documenting and wrongful admiration as generations have passed since. But those in the know and those who are strongly interested in these facts, can see the trends of those times pulling through until today. Of course causality and correlation are two different things, but it's in these cases where political friendships and future plans were made, regardless of "opinions" (remember, these were all Nazi's, a great deal even belonging to the SS - which as we all know, is more akin to a sect or a cult). Furthermore I would like to add that war is a hideous beast, and it can all happen in a metaphorical blink of an eye, maybe even more so today (cyberwarfare is invisible until it isn't anymore). Don't let yourself become desensitised, remain humble and remain curious. (:
ItsKarl 5 aylar önce
I remember watching War and Remembrance as a kid. I was 11 or 12 at the time, and there were only two scenes that managed to stick to my memory as I grew up. One was a scene where Robert Mitchum's character was accompanying a night time bombing raid or some such, and was injured. The other was that of a German general telling his family, in front of his own home, "I will be dead in 15 minutes". That really got to me. Only years later when I read about Rommel did I realise that this must be the same character as from War and Remembrance.
Lowell Whitaker
Lowell Whitaker 5 aylar önce
James Mason did the same in the 1951 film telling the wife what about to happen
PaInTeX99 6 aylar önce
I talked to an old man in a Bar in avillage close to me and he told me that Rommel had asked him how he was doing when he visited his unit one day, that’s when he told Rommel that one of his comrades had fallen a day earlier so Rommel asked what he could do for the man and he just wanted a pack of cigarettes so Rommel actually got him one. This man actually started crying when he talked about Rommel that’s how much this meant to him
sydney martin
sydney martin 2 aylar önce
@PaInTeX99 Hi Patton may have been respectable but Rommel was respected and loved
sydney martin
sydney martin 2 aylar önce
Femto 6 aylar önce
A meme? So it’s bullshit?
mugwump 6 aylar önce
@Vegito Blue Don't be such a PLUM.. Do you think *you'd* be believed more for having Anime cartoon characters in yours?
Warlord 117
Warlord 117 6 aylar önce
@Vegito Blue What a Maroon. Swastika you mean the Old Eurasian Icon Hitler borrowed.
johnmacn 5 aylar önce
This is by far the most interesting recounting of what happened that I have ever heard, read, or seen. I find it odd that these new photos have come to the surface after digital manipulation has progressed to such an advanced degree to be able to forge this type of photo. I am guessing that these photos are on paper of that time with silver bromide, silver chloride or a combination of both as the active agent.
Johan Ragnarsson
Johan Ragnarsson 6 aylar önce
You are great at what you're doing, please keep it up. I feel privileged to live in a time when I can access information like this by just looking at my phone. You are one of if not THE best at making history alive on TRvid, thank You.
Bobby M
Bobby M Aylar önce
Man I love the videos this guy does. Everything is top notch, and there's always historical facts that I've never heard of before. Thanks Mr. Felton
Steven Hyde
Steven Hyde 6 aylar önce
Thank you mark for a better understanding of Rommel. I learnt something from your Video, I always had in the back of my mind that Rommel never wanted Hitler murdered. I also learnt from another video that the American Amoured Corps during the Battle of 73 Easting used Rommels tactics to cross the desert, and take out the Red Guard during operation Desert Storm. Thanks again for a great video.
JoAnn Leichliter
JoAnn Leichliter 6 aylar önce
The newly discovered photos are interesting for sure, and they confirm what we already believed, going all the way back to Desmond Young's biography of Rommel.
Joseph Lininger
Joseph Lininger 3 aylar önce
I consider myself a military historian but I'm truly blessed to savor every episode.Thank you
John Vincent
John Vincent 6 aylar önce
Mark, terrific work as always. By this point in the war, Germany was clearly heading for a defeat that would likely bring about the loss of power, wealth, status, and privilege of Germany's elite, many of whom were high-ranking military officials. Many were willing to do anything to anybody to avoid such a personal loss. Killing Hitler, appointing another, and ending the war in the west to allow for a better defense against the Soviets makes logical sense. However, the Western Allies were never going to agree to an armistice with or without Soviet support. With or without Hitler or Rommel, the destruction of the German Reich was now inevitable.
John Vincent
John Vincent 6 aylar önce
​@Question Reality I understand the sentiment, however, being involved in the plot shows that this is what he did. Rommel was a brilliant tactician and general. The Canadian doctor never met Rommel however, Montgomery and his staff held Rommel in extremely high regard. Rommel, being a commoner, had an ability to communicate with the common soldier, a common touch, that the Juncker military officials could never muster. In his death, Rommel was lionized however, like most men, he was a complicated human being. Rommel was happy with Hitler's leadership and happily participated when Germany was swallowing up Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, vast swathes of the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Greece, Crete, etc, killing vast numbers of people in the process. Rommel was not an ardent Nazi but he did not disagree with these policies and actions. As a top-ranking military official, he is complicit. Rommel discovered peace only when Germany itself came under threat of invasion and an occupation that would likely be brutal, particularly for the elite and especially under Soviet control.
Question Reality
Question Reality 6 aylar önce
You're wrong if you're thinking this is 'what any officer/general/colonel would have done'; Rommel was completely different. I learned about Rommel's conduct from a Canadian doctor with Montgomery, and Rommel wasn't 'just some Nazi', far from it. The kind of relations between Afrika Corps and the allies was an unusual (in the extreme) fraternity few know of it seems in popular literature.
Bagó István
Bagó István Aylar önce
Great work again Mark ! As far as the role Rommel would have played after the demise of the Führer my personal theory is that it would be a minor one. Who ever was in charge of the plot was in much higher position than him and wanted that the regime survival to be assured. Everybody is pointing out that it was Stauffenberg who organized and lobbied for the execution of the plan but they are forgetting one small thing . The Reichsfürher SS Heinrich Himmler . The SS Intelligence Service the SD was in direct competition with the GESTAPO and had a rich history in organizing this kind of operations. At this point of time Himmler was fully aware of the fact that the Nazi Empire days are numbered and his prosecution for the crimes committed is not far away....He selected a few candidates the likes of Friedrich Fromm for example and after that watched behind the scene the developments. What Himmler had not taken into account was the fact that already was a secret plot in place .That alone could explain the speedy developments and the "success " of Stauffenberg being able to place the bomb next to the Führer. The details were organized with tipical german thoroughness...there was even a famous notebook listing the conspirators according to their proven or pressumed support for the physical removal of the Führer. To have your name added on that list was sufficient to say a thew words with double meaning over a drink with somebody...That was the case with Rommel. His name was added to the list and the fact that some people during their interrogation spit his name out was not a surprise for Himmler who after acquiring the list ( not surprisingly....) just initiated the rolling up with the help of the SD and GESTAPO. We can even speculate on the fact that Himmler was envious on successful people and considered them as possible threats...and Rommel certainly was high on Himmler hit list. Interesting detail is the fact that the name of Albert Speer figured also on the conspirators list but with a question mark meaning that he was unreliable....What happened during the reprisals just point to the conclusion that Himmler was preparing his one and his entourage survival.....the Maison Rouge meeting...the secret letter sent by Himmler to Winston Churchill...Thanx again Mark for your dedication to this often overlooked but not forgotten events of ww2.
V S 6 aylar önce
I went to the small village in southern Germany during a Christmas trip and visited Rommels grave as well as the hill where he as taken to before he swallowed the poison. It was a beautiful and peaceful place with a memorial stone explaining the story of his death. I spent a good 20 minutes under the tree next to this stone. There are flowers and wreath sent by military units from the British Army. There were some locals passing by and they all said hello. It was a beautiful afternoon.
sydney martin
sydney martin Aylar önce
@Paul Baker I agree with u whole heartedly
sydney martin
sydney martin Aylar önce
@Bob Terryson Good day to u At least they can't say he never looked after their property
Bob Terryson
Bob Terryson Aylar önce
Herrlingen, Rommel's villa was stolen from a jewish family.
sydney martin
sydney martin 2 aylar önce
HI GENERAL ROMMEL What can I say .Much love and respect I SALUTE YOU R. I. P.
Pike Bishop
Pike Bishop 5 aylar önce
Anyone who loves military armor and planes etc appreciates Luftwaffe warbirds, they were badass. What a childish dipsit you are.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 6 aylar önce
No debate here; great information (and presentation). It’s a great “what if” as far as it goes. It’s been some time since I read it but I think Churchill sniffed at the plotters as “far too late”. He wasn’t wrong; I think Nazi Germany was always going to go down the hard way irrespective of Rommel. I certainly respect him, though.
fred garvin
fred garvin 4 aylar önce
totally agree, most likely the supreme ass hole himmler would have taken over had hitler been killed, not rommel. himmler is one guy I wish they could have hung slowly
gumdeo 5 aylar önce
Indeed, if the plotters were going to act, it had to be before the Aliies demanded unconditional surrender (24 January 1943).
The Angling Oracle
The Angling Oracle Aylar önce
As per David Irving's book "The Trail of the Fox" - Speidel is the key to the ultimate price that Rommel paid. Speidel spun a story to the jury of generals mentioned that he found out about the plot (which he of course was one of the main players) and reported to his superior Rommel - ergo he did his duty while Rommel did not. The jury of generals had to either believe Speidel's story was true (and thus Rommel guilty by not providing a warning) or false, and thus Rommel absolved and Speidel was lying. Because the generals had their own grudges with Rommel overall they chose to believe Speidel - according to Irving's narrative. Rommel dies, Speidel lives. Speidel somehow avoided the fate of the other plotters - most of the main players in the plot had major connections with Speidel by serviing on staff or similar units. It is very odd that Speidel, a confirmed plotter and likely pointed out by the others under torture, survives somehow. Convenient for Rommel's General staff competitors perhaps . Speidel avoided being executed, survived the war, built up the myth of Rommel in order to build himself up, and somehow became the head of the post-war German military and NATO commander. Particularly egregious from a "traitor" point of view was some of the delayed movements of some of the panzer units to assist in Normandy - in particular Schwerin's 116th Panzer Div. - delayed by Speidel by the courier Holtermann. While Speidel was a German general, his actions/inactions were directly attempting to cause German defeat and causing German casualties- a coup is one thing, but that is something else , yet he became a post war NATO leader. Interesting and one wonders where the Allies fit into this part of the story. We'll likely never know - but certainly someone does.
Mike Summers
Mike Summers Aylar önce
My uncle was in the African korps and met him once or twice and he said he was decent man . My uncle was captured in Al emayne and then shipped to Canada 🇨🇦 after the war he was shipped to England to work the land and help after the war before he was released, it was in England that he met his wife a English girl from Leicestershire and he ended up staying in England as he had nothing to go back to his home was now part of Poland.
Furious Sherman
Furious Sherman 6 aylar önce
As a Canadian, I have to thank you so much for mentioning Charley Fox as one of the pilots most likely to have shot up Rommel's car. He's a bit of a legend where I come from, especially since he was closely linked to a high school that my dad used to teach at. Apparently, Fox was actually officially credited in 2004 as definitively the pilot who attacked Rommel on July 17, 1944.
Furious Sherman
Furious Sherman 4 aylar önce
@John Armstrong Clarke Road Secondary School in London, Ontario, Canada.
John Armstrong
John Armstrong 4 aylar önce
Where is the high school? I never knew about him...
Nicholas Hohwart
Nicholas Hohwart 6 aylar önce
I had heard of beforehand what happened to the general, but not those disturbing details of how it came to be in the end. Those last few minutes were quite sad, in a way. Another excellent video. This was probably my favorite video of yours highlighting those of higher command.
Temuujin B.
Temuujin B. 6 aylar önce
@Ronald BaileyEL who cares about nationality or race when it comes to losses? War is a waste of human lives... generals of all sides ordered men to kill another human beeing... Americans were not fighting on the good, but the right side... sobat the end everyone will rott in hell.
Santiago Arias
Santiago Arias 6 aylar önce
There is a film..."Rommel"
Declan Brennan
Declan Brennan 6 aylar önce
@John Smith I doubt nuance would be of interest to you but Rommell was not a member of the Nazi party.
John Smith
John Smith 6 aylar önce
Only a warped mind would find the demise of a killer Nazi sad.
Declan Brennan
Declan Brennan 6 aylar önce
James Mason plays this scene with great pathos in "The Desert Fox"
Kareem Monzer
Kareem Monzer 6 aylar önce
This was an incredibly well studied episode Doc. I’ve been obsessed with your channel since discovering it a few days ago.
Scott Schaeffer
Scott Schaeffer 3 aylar önce
It’s the most fascinating period in our history. I never tire of learning about it. Thanks Mark!!!
WillyB 6 aylar önce
Mark you are the savior of all history nerds
Trek001 6 aylar önce
What I love about these videos is not just the great content, but also the fun listening out to where Mark has re-recorded a line or two because the sound varies quite a bit
Roller Ghoster
Roller Ghoster 6 aylar önce
This is the type of history channel that a WW2 nut like myself loves.
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sydney martin 2 aylar önce
Hi Yep Dr Felton is truly outstanding and an encyclopedia of information Good work
Premnath Divakaran
Premnath Divakaran 4 aylar önce
True .. succint words.
Roller Ghoster
Roller Ghoster 5 aylar önce
@MichaelKingsfordGray 🤫
bobojr456 5 aylar önce
This guy has shown to be a plagiarist who also doesn't bother to check the validity of his sources NUMEROUS times. But sure. Expose your own ignorance.
JZ's Best Friend
JZ's Best Friend 5 aylar önce
@Marginal I always thought that adding sugar to peas was the original sin.
Robin Grey
Robin Grey 3 aylar önce
a decent man. When David Sterling of the SAS was captured during a raid North Africa , Rommel wrote to his wife in Scotland informing her of his capture!
Chris R
Chris R 6 aylar önce
In 1950 I used to live in Ulm, and went to his well kept grave a few times. My school in Ulm served as a field hospital where he was brought after his suicide. His son was later mayor of Stuttgart . The airport of Stuttgart is named after his son. Chris in Toronto
Jay ThatGuyYouKnow
Jay ThatGuyYouKnow 6 aylar önce
I just think its very ironic that many of us in the west, that loathe everything Hitler stood for and those who supported him, revere Rommel for his character and tactics. I for one would love to hear some stories by the people that surrounded him from the time he became general to his demise. I'm sure that would be a very interesting if they can be aggregated and presented accurately.
alitlweird 3 aylar önce
The more I learn about Rommel, the more I respect and admire him. But that Hitler guy… now _THAT_ guy was a real jerk. (RIP, Norm MacDonald)
Christian S
Christian S 6 aylar önce
excellent, informative, and condensed presentation by Dr. Felton. If somebody has more time to spend on Rommel, the way he thought and led, I recommend to check out Rommel's book "Infantry attacks" (available as a pdf on the web), in which he writes about about his time a a young officer and platoon leader in WWI.
A Gator
A Gator 6 aylar önce
Interesting history! Strange that the common history lessons kind of forget Rommel so I assumed he died in the Bulge or in Berlin. He would have been a true hero if Valkry succeeded.
Jon Hill
Jon Hill 5 aylar önce
I can add a small footnote to the Afrika Korps story. In 1968 I went on a summer tour of Europe with a couple of fellow students from the Univ. of Florida. In Hamburg we pooled our money and bought a used German Ford Taunus station wagon that we drove all over western Europe. While traveling through the beautifully scenic Bavarian Alps one afternoon we came upon a picturesque gastehaus (roadside tavern) and decided to stop in for a snack and some good German beer. Imagine our surprise when, upon opening the front door, we were confronted with a room full of middle-aged Germans wearing WWII desert campaign uniforms, which we recognized immediately from films about the desert war. We noticed that some were missing various body parts as well. It was as if we had just wandered onto a movie set. But they were all laughing, swing steins of beer about and singing some of the old Wehrmacht songs. We froze, wondering if it was a good idea us to be there, given their painful history and our being associated with the other side. So we moved quietly to a small table in a far corner, hoping not to be noticed as obviously American (blue jeans, etc.) But within just a few minutes a waiter walked over with a tray of beer steins and some dark bread. One of our group spoke a little German and told that waiter it was a mistake, that we had not yet ordered anything. The waiter laughed and said, "Yes I know, but they realize you are Americans and want you to feel welcome here." That's when it dawned on me that the losing side also had it's veterans' associations too and that we had stumbled into a reunion of Rommel's fabled Afrika Korps. And they clearly honored Rommel's code of ethics for treating the opposing side with respect and hospitality. Long story short, we spent a very memorable afternoon drinking steins of beer, laughing, back-slapping and learning some of the popular songs of the their day (Lilly Marlene is the only one I can remember now). Some of them who spoke English gladly shared stories of their adventures during the war and of their great respect for Rommel, whom many of them had met or seen during the desert campaigns. But by the end of that unforgettable afternoon the four of us felt that we had been fully adopted by these gentlemen as honorary members of the Afrika Korps. (Not something that happens every day) Fun Footnote: the very next day we were all arrested for driving a car with 'bad brakes' into Switzerland - the German Taunus! Different day, different culture. But that's a story for another time ....
Christian DeMarco
Christian DeMarco 14 gün önce
Please tell us the rest of the story!
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 5 aylar önce
Great story....thanks for sharing that!
Amanda Rothchild
Amanda Rothchild 6 aylar önce
Rommel in my mind was a fine Field Commander, and I always admires fine battlefield Commanders. Nations wins wars when their field Commanders excels on the battlefields of conflict. And by extension E. Rommel, was even a batter battlefield war commander than Pattern, Monty and even Ezen. He was better than those guys. Rommel's real problem was with Hitler, no wonder why he was some where involved with a plot to kill Adolf Hitler
david felton
david felton 6 aylar önce
Erwin Rommel is definitely an intriguing figure. Thanks for another outstanding video, brother!
Lt. KYZR 4 aylar önce
Rommel’s honour to the cause was outstanding, may he Rest In Peace
Lior 5 aylar önce
Heinz Guderian mentioned in his memoirs that before Rommel was attacked by the bomber, he had kept a Panzer unit for his own use (and not for the defense of the Atlantic Wall or for mobile reserve [he disagreed with the idea of mobile reserve[) which was presumably to be used for the aftermath of the July 20th plot (or even directly for it).
Kevin Michael
Kevin Michael 6 aylar önce
Good and informative piece on the Desert Fox. I'd enjoy seeing a video on Heinz Guderian--"When his eyes flash, Wotan seems to hurl lightning," the best WW2 German commander, imo.
Matthew Colorado
Matthew Colorado 28 gün önce
"and expired soon after" Mark, that was great. Never heard death put like that before! As always, great work!
David Lynch
David Lynch 4 gün önce
Cyanide poisoning is a terrible death. Better to leave the details out.
RobWhittlestone 6 aylar önce
My father was attached to the British 8th Army in North Africa in the 9th Signals Regiment with the task of countering the Afrika Korps and locating Rommel if possible. I didn't know about Rommel's sad demise but I did know of the respect my father held for him as a brilliant tactician and ethical soldier. A sad end to a good man.
Mrmrliamo 6 aylar önce
Mark feltom, Rommel's car is in Meath in Ireland, I actually recovered this car from a vantage run, the driver did not die, he actually lost his leg, the car was restored, but the built holes are still in it, the same guy that owns Rommel's car has a treasure of cars, he has a taxi car from 1896 that's a Renault and was used in France, Ben Cullen tried to buy it with an open cheque, he wouldn't sell it, I know the car Rommel was in, I sat in the seat, its in Meath in Ireland, just a piece of useless info for you, its liam again from the West of Ireland
Fifth Business
Fifth Business 3 aylar önce
I wouldn’t say ‘useless’ at all, Liam. Quite pertinent, actually. I had thought the driver had survived as well. Something to look into ...
ML 4 aylar önce
Mark, I'm a new subscriber. There is so much good about your series: the theme song, your voice, the clean and compelling narrative. I can tell a lot of work goes into these histories, and I truly appreciate it. I've learned a lot here. Thank you!
Gamini Edirisinghe
Gamini Edirisinghe Aylar önce
I fully agree with MLS comment, here.
rogerlebaron 6 aylar önce
probably the only of hitler’s generals/field marshals that has any sort of enduring post war respect. fortunately for the allies he travelled to paris on the eve of d-day to celebrate his wife’s 50th birthday. this contributed to the delay in re-deploying panzer divisions from calais to normandy & the rest is history…..
jboss119 5 aylar önce
@Adam H. No just opposed to what you said. Keep up pippi!
Adam H.
Adam H. 5 aylar önce
@jboss119 haha alright buddy whatever you say.
jboss119 5 aylar önce
@Adam H. You mean exactly what you did in the first place? Yeah that's pretty weird. I get your point. I gave an example. If you don't like it then address why. There is no need to be petty or to act cute. Your not very good at it anyways and it takes away from the topic.
Adam H.
Adam H. 5 aylar önce
@jboss119 Ya it's bizarre. Judging anothers intentions while pretending to know their situation is appalling.
Vlad 6 aylar önce
@John Smith The gentleman is correct about Rommel's wife's birthday. No general on either side had the respect Rommel commanded-not even close. No general did so much with so little. You doubt his respect? He led from the front prompting soldiers to follow him thru hell. Just read the comments of his adversaries paying their respects after his death & captured POWs with fond memories of their captor. If on the winning side, he'd be more respected & studied than Churchill.
Nitro Martini
Nitro Martini 6 aylar önce
I heard a bit of information on the suicide of Rommel, but this provides a very substantial wealth of information on the subject. Thank you Dr. Felton.
Bruno ZZZ
Bruno ZZZ 5 aylar önce
I would love to see an episode on the British commando attemps on Rommel's life in North Africa!
Penguin Pie
Penguin Pie Aylar önce
i once got asked who I admired in a work group training thing and I answered "rommel" to a lot of open mouths. I hope they took the time to learn about this remarkable man.
Manuel Shipwood - Thubten Gyatso
Maybe just a hand full of Mark's videos would teach more than history class in school could ever do
JDLove 5 aylar önce
Or you could just read for yourself ya know? That thing nobody wants to do hardly ever because it results in this thing where you actually think for yourself.
Douglas Turner
Douglas Turner 6 aylar önce
The movie "The Desert Fox" starring James Mason as Rommel came out around 1954. Many of Rommel's former subordinate Officers were asked their opinions of the portrayal. Their main observation was: "Much too polite"! Apparently Rommel was a very brusque and demanding leader.
Dominic Alberto
Dominic Alberto 6 aylar önce
I saw that movie a couple of times.
Pappysshoes 6 aylar önce
@Delta Recon06 One of those common sailors who served on U-96 is to my knowledge still alive today at over 100. He is consulting with a developer on a U-Boat simulator and a rumor is out there he is also consulting on a remake of Das Boot although i expect it would be Hollywood garbage compared to the original.. Atrocities did happen on every side, but U-Boat Captains were also known for acts of humanity, Otto Kretschmer was known to radio freighters to abandon ship before he torpedoed them if it wouldn't kill his own men. On other occasions he gave food and other aid to survivors, a type VIIC U-Boat had "zero" aid to spare at sea without handicapping it's own crew in some way to some degree. Whats his name above knows none of these things or is simply omitting them, one is as likely as the other.^^
Delta Recon06
Delta Recon06 6 aylar önce
@Pappysshoes exactly, I remember hearing that many captains in the Kriegsmarine were not that fond of nazi ideals or leadership.
Pappysshoes 6 aylar önce
@Delta Recon06 Probably one of the best examples was his refusal of Hitler's direct order to summarily execute spec ops prisoners or Commandos if you will captured in North Africa, Rommel refused this order in writing stating that he would not Butcher men who were fighting for their country. Far more Guts and Principles than the individual above i wager, Hasso Von Manteuffel also defied Hitler and he did it in person to his face calling him a Bohemian Corporal, Hitler no doubt would have had him executed earlier in the war but he could not spare his experience at the time in question, either way the man had huge stones, Hasso was also not much of a Nazi. Much is made of the U-Boat arm of the Kriegsmarine being fanatic Nazis all, this is also an alternative history propaganda useful lie, one can respect mens courage without defending the ideology(ies) they fight for or are forced to fight for. Much bravado surrounding courage in resistance is spouted by the young and ignorant, when in fact most would wet themselves and beg to serve on their knees had they been in Erwin or Hasso's shoes, the common sailor of the Kriegsmarine were farmers sons, bakers sons etc. who defied logic in definition considering how much spine it took to serve their country in a smelly dank steel coffin. Both my Father and my Uncle would have said so. It is easy and Cowardice to insult dead men, these righteous armchair historians simply make crap up as they go.^^
capriracer351 6 aylar önce
I actually have that movie on VHS somewhere. I actually wasn't a bad movie. Not sure how historically correct it was though.
Roy Willis
Roy Willis 4 aylar önce
Thanks, Mark for a first-class video excellently narrated. What I also liked was how you added names to photographs of individuals named therein. It can be very frustrating when narrators mention a name and then shows a photo of 3 individuals???? Please keep up your good work! I've subscribed!!!
Marcio Reis
Marcio Reis Aylar önce
Thank you Mark for such an enlightening part of History. It's unfortunately that we don't see this kind of Honor and respect nowadays .
Keith Hoerling
Keith Hoerling 5 aylar önce
Mein Opa hat Rummel kurz kennengelernt. He delivered a message to him, in the early days of WW2, when specific food items were already scarce, and Rummel ensured he was fed. He gave him butter to take home to the family.
Ben is a Ten
Ben is a Ten 6 aylar önce
Mark, your videos are deeply fascinating and informative. I appreciate your hard work and admire your knowledge of the War. Much respect and thanks from 🇨🇦. Be well my friend.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 6 aylar önce
His son, Manfred, became the mayor of Stuttgart in the late 70s and would actually hold a lunch once month with newly arrived American soldiers who were stationed in the area all throughout the Cold War. Rommel was also not a party member, something Hitler would usually bring up in conversation to which Rommel's reply was, "I am a solider, not a politician." He was an honorable man, and very capable general, to which even his enemies acknowledged and could not deny. Perhaps of interest (and verified), during the Gulf War in 1991 some Iraqi officers were taken as POWs and put into a back of an American M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. Hanging inside was a picture of Rommel and one of the Iraqi officers asked why is a picture of a former American enemy hung inside their vehicle. The M2s senior NCO replied, "he is the grandfather of American armored tactics and the reason you are sitting inside my armored hull and I not sitting in yours."
Eric McQuiston
Eric McQuiston 6 aylar önce
A sad ending for a good man ! Keep up the great work Mark.
phil1904 2 aylar önce
He really was the best German general. Many senior German officers were jealous of him and slandered him after the war. In April 1944 he said. "If you think they will arrive in good weather, taking the shortest route, and give you advance warning, you are mistaken... The Allies will land in terrible weather, taking the longest route... The landing will take place here in Normandy, and this day will be the longest day." The best one.
Mark Nowak
Mark Nowak 6 aylar önce
This is some of the best and most consistent content on all of TRvid! I always make sure to watch the full ads when they come up so they generate more revenue for this channel
Dmcs1917 6 aylar önce
I’m not even a full minute in, but I can already tell this is going to be a good one mark.
Ivana Notyers
Ivana Notyers 6 aylar önce
Rockmaster 6 aylar önce
@J. Bones .....No, great comment sir.
Rockmaster 6 aylar önce
Mark is the Best, my Son told me about him & now I subscribed to him......Brilliant videos as always from Mark.
Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick
It's a Felton Production
Piere Vojzola
Piere Vojzola 6 aylar önce
Hi, I had a feeling that there was going to be a bad ending to this storey!
Jackson Reilly
Jackson Reilly 6 aylar önce
Hello Mark. I have subscribed to your channel because your war videos are the best on the internet. You do that which historians should always do, that is present the facts without pontification. As adults, we are quite capable of individual judgement without partisan narration and you give us exactly that.
Jozeph Kerr
Jozeph Kerr 4 aylar önce
Thanks for another great video. I always wonder how you still manage to bring up so much intrested facts about the war, when it was covered millions of times by other historians.
Schala 6 aylar önce
I've had the good fortune to actually meet Honorary Colonel Charley Fox prior to his passing in 2008. He was truly young at heart, and recounts his days in the skies like it was yesterday. I'm eternally grateful for his service. Our encounter was recorded in the Royal Canadian Air Force Journal, authored by my good friend from the United States Air Force. Lest we forget.
Frank Dahm
Frank Dahm 6 aylar önce
i would like to say that this was one of the most enjoyable videos i have watched from Mark Felton
Ranger Reviewer
Ranger Reviewer 6 aylar önce
Rommel's death has always haunted me. What the allied troops of two World Wars could never do, the secret police of his own people did. Suicide is such a horrible punishment for a man of genuine patriotism and professional integrity. Rommel was no saint but he didn't deserve to die as he did, except that his political enemies were petty men, extremely envious of his military prowess and heroic popularity. Probably the greatest compliment a man can receive is the respect of his battlefield enemies. Rommel certainly had that. Thank you for posting this.
david graham
david graham Aylar önce
General Rommel deeply loved his wife and son and didn't want any harm to come to them so when offered the chance to protect his family he chose suicide (I believe the story goes (from William Shrier's book-the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) that he was provided cyanide capsules and he was given a full military funeral after this
Spock 6 aylar önce
Love it. My dad told me this when I was a kid around 1969, he only mentioned option 3.
Robert Martens
Robert Martens 5 aylar önce
"And will continue for decades to come" Wow he knows his history and he knows the future too.
Rob Kay
Rob Kay 5 aylar önce
Complicated: but this episode must have contributed greatly to the demoralisation of the Reich: and I don't think his death was in vain. Rommel comes over to me as a damned good general and an honourable man who was sadly sucked into the ghastly politics of the Nazis. But its a shame that he wasn't killed in that brilliant air strike.
Joel Effler
Joel Effler 5 aylar önce
Well done. As history has recorded, there were numerous German casualties of Hitler's madness.
sharon johnson
sharon johnson 5 aylar önce
I love Mark Feltons videos. He is so consise. He always lets us see who he is talking about
Steve King
Steve King 2 aylar önce
Despite him being a mortal enemy at that time, there is still sadness at the manner of his end.
Rommel's open refusal to implement the notorious Kommando Order issued by Hitler speaks volumes about his sense of honour. A superb soldier and a decent man. I knew a Desert Rat veteran who served as a Captain in Churchill's old cavalry Regt- 7th Hussars. Tom was an ardent admirer of Rommel, and had a great deal of respect for German soldiers. He once quipped to me, "The only officer more popular than Montgomery with the men of the 8th Army, was Rommel!"
Jim Wall
Jim Wall 6 aylar önce
Mark Felton Productions is absolutely wonderful. Very informative, clear and precise. A plus production
Walboy Fredo
Walboy Fredo 6 aylar önce
15:21 l recall the 50th anniversary of his "death" , the modern German Army laid a reef on his tomestone plus survivors of the British 8th Army also laid a reef. In the end both groups saluted his grave. That's respect big time.
Michael Huck
Michael Huck 4 aylar önce
The Marshall Islands once issued a stamp with Rommel and Monty.
Sage Onion
Sage Onion 5 aylar önce
I think laying a Reef on Rommels grave would form a Barrier between both sides unless it happened in Australia then it would be Great
Sunny Duncan
Sunny Duncan 5 aylar önce
@Michael Lubin Funny 😎
Sunny Duncan
Sunny Duncan 5 aylar önce
@Nescon Productions Thanks for the belly laugh!
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@CLASSICALFAN .100 And what about that old propaganda film "Wreather Madness"?
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The father of the Dutch king, Prins Klaus, commanded a panzer division under Rommel. This was obviously not something that endeared him to the Dutch population. When asked about this in an interview, he replied: It was a war and I fought for my country. Straightforward honesty like that, actually does endear one with the Dutch. To connect this back to Rommel - he was a talented, professional soldier doing his best in difficult situations. Any side of the war would have been lucky to have a man of this caliber. He was on the other side, but no disrespect to him as a man.
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