Khloé Kardashian Holds Back Tears While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Khloé Kardashian is a pop-culture icon whose life is back in the spotlight with the family's brand new streaming series, The Kardashians, currently on Hulu. She's also the co-founder of the Good American fashion brand-keep an eye out for their recently launched collaboration with Zara. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as KoKo takes on the wings of death and discusses the telltale tricks of reality TV, paparazzi evasion tactics, and her iconic Complex magazine cover.








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22 Haz 2022




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First We Feast
First We Feast Aylar önce
Who do you think had the best outfit in Hot Ones history?
Medina Medina
Medina Medina 10 gün önce
Khloe!! And she did amazing
alex Mojtehedzadeh
alex Mojtehedzadeh 10 gün önce
Danny Romano
Danny Romano 12 gün önce
Khloe Simpson
@Khalilah D. See you everywhere
Robert Ferrin
Robert Ferrin 13 gün önce
Can you please have on Sam Harris or Tenzig Gyatso or Joe Rogan?
Relaxing Sounds
Relaxing Sounds Aylar önce
finally an interview where the poor woman doesn’t have to discuss her broken family. nice to see her happy
gaming moment
gaming moment 3 gün önce
@Relaxing Sounds so what?
Kyle Bawden
Kyle Bawden 6 gün önce
@Bacon Guy Poor emotionally not poor physicality
Day 7 gün önce
@William Rivera all the more reason for her to not draw attention to it everytime she speaks🙄 I'm glad we're in agreement, Mr Rivera
William Rivera
William Rivera 9 gün önce
@Day people get cheated on everyday b she aint special
A10 15 gün önce
@Bacon Guy ehh you could be rich af - but semi broke spiritually.. There's things in life - realll happiness money can't buy but temporarily hold.
Ms Nicole
Ms Nicole Aylar önce
This was such a good interview. Sean was so thoughtful considering Khloe's interview anxiety. The questions were light-hearted and I know she appreciated that! Great job Khloe!
Artnail Boutiq
Artnail Boutiq Aylar önce
She is so polite and nice 👍
Escka 28 gün önce
I'm not a huge Kardashian fan, but Khloe truly killed it and came off so down to earth that she won me over. Great interview as always.
Rizlack 21 gün önce
@Ale And I think she has become rly pretty as well
Ale 25 gün önce
@M S it’s not your face, weird asf bothering so much about someone you don't know. People have bullied her all these years for how she looked with her natural face, and now with stuff done they still do! Why should she care about what random people say if there’s always gonna be haters? She can do whatever she want, she ain’t harming anyone or herself and if it makes her feel good, good for her.
Julian Rojas
Julian Rojas 26 gün önce
@M S she has the money to do it and if it makes her feel more confident and better about herself why not ? It’s her body she can do what she wants to do with it tbh especially if she looks good why does it matter
Kayten Aylar önce
I love that he’s literally writing down what she says about skin care. He’s always so genuine and that’s what I find to be so entertaining in an interviewer
original channel
original channel 26 gün önce
I wrote down the eye vaseline too
MusicInMyHeart 26 gün önce
I’m so proud of the Hot Ones audience for being so respectful of Khloe. She came in so nervous; you could see it in her body language. Everyone in the comments (hopefully they’re not being filtered!) so far have been cheering her on. And Sean- wow! Thank you and the Hot Ones crew members for making her feel comfortable.
Zombot 9 saatler önce
I'm not cheering her on. She's an awful role model.
Ezekiel Beltran
Ezekiel Beltran 14 gün önce
Yeah no kidding dude what an unintrusive interview I love these
Doña Isa
Doña Isa 24 gün önce
agreed 100%
Melancholique Aylar önce
Hot Ones is literally the best PR a celeb can get. I don’t dislike Khloe or anything, but it’s hard to have a negative opinion when Sean is so good at humanizing celebs that normal people see as living almost in a different world. Also, I was NOT expecting Sean and Khloe to have so much chemistry 😂
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie 13 saatler önce
Water Earth always get along
Eric Harris
Eric Harris 3 gün önce
Couldn’t have said this better…
Reginald Brown
Reginald Brown 4 gün önce
@Eclipse2582 Why do you think that?
Adriana Corpus
Adriana Corpus 4 gün önce
HAHAHA! nailed it
You Beautiful Humans
Not a kardashian fan but I’m so glad I didn’t skip this one. She killed it.
Count Your Miracles.
The ones who say this watch Kardashians the most.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 29 gün önce
Said her publicist.
C R 29 gün önce
The pantry chat was so cute. She was so happy with that compliment.
Dominic Marengo
Dominic Marengo 6 gün önce
The music is so chill to
Craigory Robie
Craigory Robie 7 gün önce
I noticed that too. He can Mahe any guest almost forget there on a show.
Barbara Reyes
Barbara Reyes 27 gün önce
Yes before this question, she look so rigid and anxious, but right after i noticed she relaxed so much
Gillian Quinn
Gillian Quinn 5 gün önce
She’s the kind of woman who never gives up. I truly wish her well and hopefully settle down with a man who will love her for who she is and not the name or fame.
Alisa Laska
Alisa Laska 3 gün önce
I would love to see Kris do the show. She would be HILARIOUS
Rica Carmel
Rica Carmel Aylar önce
Sean's "Like a show or clothing line" was the CUTEST. Also props for Khloe for actually making it to the end of the hot wings and taking actual bites of it.
September Renevers
September Renevers 24 gün önce
i just got to that part and i busted out laughing at his face adhfsfs
Halie Parker
Halie Parker Aylar önce
Haha yes I loved that!!
Ann Tomlinson
Ann Tomlinson Aylar önce
Right! She didn't tap out. Go girl!
Manda Bentley
Manda Bentley Aylar önce
She’s the best! I love het
moonlightbae Aylar önce
time stamp?
Amber Torres
Amber Torres Aylar önce
At the beginning of the Kardashian journey, she was so outgoing and loud and funny and real. She was my favorite. This interview, just shows how much of that she gave up. It seems like she was trying to be a certain person. She wanted to be pretty. She was nervous how she looked. She even states how interviews give her anxiety. She has done so much transforming. I hope she knows, that she is good enough, as she is. Don't let people's judgements of you make you change who you are. I wish her happiness. I think she is lovely. But it would be exhausting to live in a state where you are trying to be perfect. There just isn't such a thing.
Unapologeticdida 21 gün önce
same, she was my favourite . I used to watch the show because of her.
Jackie Maldonado
Jackie Maldonado 21 gün önce
Right. When I close my eyes, she sounds like Kim lol
MrsBungle78 23 gün önce
Yeah, going through all of life’s awkwardness in front of the entire world & majority of them wanting you to fail must be hard.
Ale 25 gün önce
obviously she’s gonna be reserved when she’s being watched by millions of people scrutinizing her every move, specially since she’s been really torn apart by the public since the beginning, that has to get to you eventually
Giorgia Melandri
Giorgia Melandri 8 gün önce
She’s so different from all the other sisters: very down to earth and smart in her language and just in general. Love the way she handles her clothing line too. Forever and ever my favorite sister
Ntane Mohlala
Ntane Mohlala Aylar önce
whoever came up with “interview while eating hot wings” is a genius and whoever decided on Sean for the host deserves all the praise in the world.
Lisa Torch
Lisa Torch 2 gün önce
A guy named Chris came up with the concept
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang 7 gün önce
@aw Alexa Chung was an inspiration of theirs when they created the show. Not a direct creator or anything
Gwynbleidd 13 gün önce
@Bobbywaterboy Boucher "know how to fight?"
aw 16 gün önce
@Markus Selander were you replying to me? either way, i watched the idris episode after this and sean said it was a guy named chris. not alex or alexa chung (idk where they got her from)
GLOWING OWL 24 gün önce
just by her energy and demeanor , I can tell she has been picked apart and publicly humiliated to the point of major anxiety and insecurity :( hopefully she finds peace within herself
MelCam Aylar önce
I know she’s traumatized from reading comments after interviews but I hope she reads these! Honestly Hot Ones fans are the best. Great job Khloe!
Eunice Braga
Eunice Braga Aylar önce
What a good sport! She finished the lot too so props to her.
Artie Aylar önce
@Wrangle McDangle you clearlyhave no idea how much effect cyberbullying can have on someone's head
mycollegeshirt Aylar önce
@Wrangle McDangle ... Calm down, relax. you're overreacting over overreacting.
Wrangle McDangle
Wrangle McDangle Aylar önce
Rommel Reyes
Rommel Reyes 21 gün önce
This show really brings out the real person behind the celebrity. No acting to try and please the audience. I love it.
Austang 14 saatler önce
Khloe is my favorite Kardashian, she's the most normal one in the family. She really stands out on her own and is down to earth, also surprisingly relatable.
Enrique Serna
Enrique Serna Aylar önce
This is a reason why I love Sean and the hot ones interviews. The way they make any celebrity comfortable and help us (the viewers) see a more genuine side from these celebrities is amazing.
Michelle Lablue
Michelle Lablue Aylar önce
khloes always like this & transparent & very down to earth anyway this is who she is , that's y she's a lot of people's fave .
Corinne Hall
Corinne Hall Aylar önce
I actually really appreciate Khloe. She had really had a lot of personal stuff put out in public but she seems to be a genuine and nice person.
ThanatosOnPluto 17 gün önce
@M O They were groomed into it by her mother, tell me you have no respect for abuse victims without telling me.
M O Aylar önce
She did it to herself. Noone forced her to put her personal life on tv/internet for fame and money.
Doug Hannon
Doug Hannon 24 gün önce
When Khloe joked about complimenting her pantry as a good way of flirting, I kept waiting for someone to try the line, "yeah, it's a real pantry-dropper" Would have been perfect.
Ati 7 gün önce
Nice Doug
Jackie Maldonado
Jackie Maldonado 21 gün önce
Go, Doug!
Cade Lindsey
Cade Lindsey 24 gün önce
Underrated comment Doug
Kayla Black
Kayla Black Aylar önce
The best show to be on if you have anxiety about interviews. I'm so sick of hearing the same questions and interviewers asking personal questions trying to get click bait out of someones pain. Bravo Sean
Ferrrix 3 gün önce
love how so many pf your interviews show such huge personalities in a honest light. thank you!
Giselle Soriano
Giselle Soriano Aylar önce
She’s the best kardashian !!!!! So nice & genuinely funny
rusty wine
rusty wine Aylar önce
Agree. Koko has always been my fav Kardashian
Michelle Lablue
Michelle Lablue Aylar önce
Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen Aylar önce
are you a bot?
Dally Aylar önce
You can tell Sean really took her seriously when she said she has a lot of anxiety around interviews. He really did a great job of putting her at ease. Also, props to her for going out of her comfort zone and coming on the show to begin with. I definitely have more respect for Khloe because of this.
HoovAir Aylar önce
@J D 😂😂😂😂
J D Aylar önce
Do they pay you in cookies? I'm sad for you.
Ken Locklear
Ken Locklear Aylar önce
@J D get a life
HoovAir Aylar önce
@J D do you want a cookie? Lol no one cares
loren chanel
loren chanel Aylar önce
agreed! both were so enjoyable in this episode
Alice Fitts
Alice Fitts Aylar önce
She's always been my favorite Kardashian sister, But over the past few years I've grown to love her even more and this really just takes the cake. This was an amazing interview.
Gabrielle Drysdale
Gabrielle Drysdale Aylar önce
Khloe!! You better be reading these comments!! We love you girl and you deserve to feel like a valid human being!!
Julia DiStasio
Julia DiStasio 24 gün önce
The way she's constantly telling herself she's so proud of herself after eating each wing is so sweet
sabrina sav
sabrina sav Aylar önce
proud of her for pulling through and getting out of her comfort zone. sean really is one of the best interviewers, very reassuring too.
Manuel Almodovar
Manuel Almodovar Aylar önce
Never cared about the Kardashians, but mad respect for Chloe for handling the hot ones challenge like a boss.
marlon clark
marlon clark 22 gün önce
@natters yep
natters Aylar önce
her name is actually spelt with a K! Khloé. remember all the kardashian/jenners have K’s😁😁
Eagle Jiang
Eagle Jiang 8 gün önce
i actually appreciate the way she talks and that she has a very clear voice because even though there aren't actual subtitles for this ep, the auto-generated ones are pretty good because they speak so clearly!
mola mola
mola mola Aylar önce
I appreciate that Khloe put herself out there, even though this was way out of her comfort zone.
Suzanna Heike
Suzanna Heike Aylar önce
I hope her team reads some of the most encouraging comments for her. This is a thread where to find all the positive people rooting for her as a person reguardless of the celebrity and where it comes from, that balances just a little bit the full on hate she's been getting online for so much time. Congratz Khloe I had a great time watching your episode, thank you everyone for letting your nice go out to her in the comments.
Mia Crawford
Mia Crawford Aylar önce
I love how verbally she is telling us she’s freaking out and unable to keep it together but physically she seems totally cool calm and collected 😂
killiaja221 Aylar önce
Cuz her people probably set up a fake
Caroline J
Caroline J Aylar önce
it's the botox
Karen Valencia
Karen Valencia Aylar önce
It’s the Botox.
Laurr Bear
Laurr Bear Aylar önce
Yes I came to the comments just to see if anyone else thought it was bizarre how her mouth moves or doesn’t move lol
Arak Drakoniz
Arak Drakoniz Aylar önce
The parts where she sweats, tears up or freaks out even a little were probably edited out. The Kardashians care *waaaay* too much about how they look.
Aliyah Moss
Aliyah Moss Aylar önce
I was surprised to see Khloe on here and I hope her PR team sees these comments because it’s all positive for Khloe, good job Khloe you did great and we love go see your humor. Great job on Sean being considerate of her anxiety with interviews and keeping it light questions but also good use for helping her PR
Haterade 5 gün önce
Khloe looks better than any other Kardashians at the moment, splendid turn of events 👀
Kaytlin R
Kaytlin R Aylar önce
She did really well! Especially for someone that doesn't ever eat spicy food...Khloe even did better than Gordon Ramsay at handling the heat.
Sleeping Z
Sleeping Z Aylar önce
Well Gordon is a chef and they really have much more sensitive mouths. This allows them to identify ingredients and how it is well cooked or not
Sierra Rymer
Sierra Rymer Aylar önce
Loved this interview! Also love Khloes mature demeanor but is still simply funny. Her advice for skincare was great and mentioned how it was affordable and you need to stick to it! Keep doing interviews like this Khloe, Sean you’re the best!
Alfina Tauhura
Alfina Tauhura Aylar önce
I think it was good to have Sean, one of the best interviewers right now to interview her. He asked her questions outside of what people always ask her and I think it was great for Khloe.
shooby shooby
shooby shooby Aylar önce
@Vice u mean rob that gets fed by his mommy? rob that got a house from his mommy’s pocket? that one? u funny asf
BarbaraBeauté Aylar önce
@JustNess78 I agree with you this was cool but on Hot ones it’s cool to hear the stories behind celebrities’ accolades. This was very surface, no depth.
we Aylar önce
Believe in Jesus Christ. He loves you all 💖. "If anyone is ashamed of me and my message in these adulterous and sinful days, the Son of Man will be ashamed of that person when he returns in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”
Cinema Gulp
Cinema Gulp Aylar önce
@peekaboocharlie I didn’t say she had a fake personality. I said she was devoid of any signs of a personality at all.
peekaboocharlie Aylar önce
@Cinema Gulp Sean was the one with the fake personality. I found her to be authentic even aside from answering the questions.
Brittany 9 gün önce
This is the best Kardashian interview I've seen 💯% . She killed it and kept going I love how real Sean makes everyone but to do it even with a Kardashian who are always in the lime light its beautiful. The chemistry they shared was awesome.
emilygarciasaravia 19 gün önce
She killed it I’m really surprised she’s even did this, love her 😂❤️
Joe Garcia Jr
Joe Garcia Jr 25 gün önce
Lol she didn’t know what to say at the end. That “watch Hulu” killed me 😂. I honestly thought when she started crying she was going to stop. Much respect Khloé!!!
Sarah Dempz
Sarah Dempz 11 gün önce
Love that you treated her like a human and didnt just ask about drama drama drama!
Analease Jac
Analease Jac Aylar önce
the main thing I love about these interviews is Sean isn't trying to make people look bad or ask tantalising questions. they're such well thought out questions and he supports the whole way through
Tom Peters
Tom Peters Aylar önce
@ONYX I rewatched from episode one. I think there were a couple of episodes where you can tell Sean was testing out supporting their ideas to stop or not being as pushy about doing the next wing. DJ Khalid was something else but it was definitely the last time I saw Sean use any of those tactics. From then on he was 100% support because the best result is the celeb finishing the challenge.
ONYX Aylar önce
Ha. You should watch the dj Khalid episode , that was a train wreck on both sides
Sonny Russell
Sonny Russell Aylar önce
It’s called PR
SeanRb 26 gün önce
Let’s be honest, most of us plebeians would cry like babies on this show. She held back and stayed tough!
C K 25 gün önce
It’s so crazy to see how much she takes after her mother. Pure class, but also super down to earth.
Sam Boljevic
Sam Boljevic Aylar önce
She gracefully kept composure and did not react like others. She did a good job!
Zaniya and Mommy Tv
I loveeee khloe she’s unintentionally funny
Shelly T
Shelly T Aylar önce
Never expected Kardashian to be on this show. Nothing negative - all positive vibes. Loved it. Good job Koko. Took it like a champ all the way to the last dab. 🙌🏼
Stephen A
Stephen A Aylar önce
thought the same thing, she was great!
b1k2q3 *
b1k2q3 * Aylar önce
Darren Balagot
Darren Balagot Aylar önce
@dirt porcela!n I was gonna say-by already assuming she was gonna be negative already proves that people have a set attitude on people. Lol.
Randomeris1 Aylar önce
@dirt porcela!n I like this man
dirt porcela!n
dirt porcela!n Aylar önce
It's because you're conditioned to like awful people.
marygrace Aylar önce
I really hope she knows how genuine and likable she came across in this video
VI James
VI James 19 gün önce
Sean truly is one of the best interviewers ever! He handled one of the biggest stars the show has had so well and I think this is one of the best episodes. It was nice to see Chloe as an actual human, rather than how the Kardashians are represented on reality TV.
Gúnther Oberholster
Gúnther Oberholster 11 gün önce
Love this show. Gosh. Sean is so good at this. Made Khloe so relatable and reminded me of why I liked her as a teen.
tkash 29 gün önce
I feel like Khloe has become so much more reserved over the years; from watching her on KUWTK from the very first season to now on hulu, I loved her then and i still love her now. ❤️ Its so sad what she has been through over the years with relationships and the media and I respect sean for having a great interview session with her. Youre awesome Khlo Khlo we love you!!!
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
I know she’s traumatized from reading comments after interviews but I hope she reads these! Honestly Hot Ones fans are the best. Great job Khloe!
aferguson850 17 gün önce
Such a nice guy
Frøst 18 gün önce
@Jon Collins Bro most people can’t even handle the criticism of 1 or a few people. Imagine the criticism of thousands, or millions CONSTANTLY. It’s not easy being a celebrity, it’s not as glamorous as most people think.
Lourdes Torres
Lourdes Torres 23 gün önce
Your comment is beyond LAUGHABLE! 🐒
Tiara W
Tiara W 24 gün önce
It’s just best to ignore the comment section all together.
pablo furnace
pablo furnace Aylar önce
Awe. 😍😍 She did so well! Especially for someone who does not usually partake in hot sauce activities 🤣. Sean really does a great job of bringing out the most relatable human elements of his superstar guests. Hot sauce is also a great leveler. At least she can rest easy that no one is going to be chopping up this interview into anything negative. ❤️
Desiree Vargas
Desiree Vargas 9 gün önce
Love Khloe K and love hot ones so glad she did this great interview
Trezzy K
Trezzy K 25 gün önce
I'd love it if there were a Hot Wings competition for an average person to win a chance to sit down and answer great questions and eat hot sauce with Sean. It would be awesome! (PS love this episode! Watched it 5 times)
Trezzy K
Trezzy K 22 gün önce
@Vincent M The beauty is it could be about absolutely anything! The discussion that follows would be so entertaining. Sean always brings the best out of people.
Vincent M
Vincent M 22 gün önce
What questions would a random competition winner answer? Sean’s specialty is asking deep questions that these celebrities usually don’t have the chance to answer.
Rylo Ken
Rylo Ken Aylar önce
This was actually a great episode. The girls are usually a lot better when they’re not doing canned interviews or corny fronts. They’re usually a lot less insufferable just being normal. In any event, my boy Sean better get those digits
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez Aylar önce
I thought Sean was with some journalist or something
Vee Bee
Vee Bee Aylar önce
Sean is precious and needs to be protected at all costs 😂 “like a show or a clothing line”
Christine McPhillips
Yes, that was so precious. I think he looked a little hurt she wasn't taking advantage of the PR opportunity. Hugs to Sean for helping her out.
BeheadedKamikaze Aylar önce
The delivery was priceless! But he's such a great host, he always has the guests' back.
Ivan Aylar önce
Matt Saladino
Matt Saladino Aylar önce
Can we all agree that Sean is a master interviewer? Sheesh this guy is AMAZING!
senni bgon
senni bgon Aylar önce
Really proud of her journey and love that she agreed to come on.
Cynthia Morales
Cynthia Morales Aylar önce
For not being able to do spicy food i think she did really good and she finished all of them while still giving good answers
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown 10 gün önce
Love her!! Very real and down to earth. Very intelligent, poised and genuine. My favorite sister of the bunch!
Ke Aylar önce
sean is the perfect person to interview khloe. he’s respectful & doesn’t ask cliché questions that everyone already knows the answer to. edit: woahhh 1.1k in 8 hours 🫠
I also love how he prompts her at the end. Made me chuckle.
Tyler T
Tyler T 25 gün önce
Really really impressed that she made through the whole gauntlet! Good for her. This was a great interview!!
gademode Aylar önce
I didn't expect to walk away from this enjoying the interview but once again Sean's skills shined and we all got to watch a fantastic interview. Props to Khloé for making it through.
Froehlich07 3 gün önce
I have never seen an episode of their show and always thought of them as a joke.. But I really respect she went on this and i'm glad that i got to see her out of the "the show" and out of media. Just her being her, i really enjoyed this🙂
Raena Holloway
Raena Holloway Aylar önce
I wanna see the rest of the fam try this 😆 or have them do it all together!
KennyG881 Aylar önce
This episode is a perfect example of how great of a interviewer Sean is. No matter how hated/beloved the guest is, Sean brings out the best in his guests and always makes it fun and exciting.
arica Aylar önce
yall obviously dont keep up with them( no up intended) bc khloe wasnt behaving any differently in this interview… she always acts like this
arica Aylar önce
@Steve St. James useless but shes still richer than you steve…
C Aylar önce
Or maybe Khloe is a nice person and she just being herself..
Modeus Aylar önce
@Steve St. James if she’s useless what might you be?
It's Kenny Chu
It's Kenny Chu Aylar önce
The dislikes don't look so good lol
The Thirst Hokage
The Thirst Hokage Aylar önce
I’ve always freakin loved Khloe . Seeing her like this makes me respect and love her even more . What a sweet lil bean 💕🥺
deron tucker
deron tucker 19 gün önce
He got her to show her points on her clothing line a lot…. Well done Sean…… well done..,. You keep it together and are always on point…!!!!
Anabek Cardoza
Anabek Cardoza 11 gün önce
She did absolutely amazing , good job Sean great interview!
Ahmad Danial Mohammad
Top notch delivery by Sean. I watch the show just to learn how he communicates and keeps the flow of the interview so smooth. Dealing with celebrities coming from different backgrounds, he is able to tailor himself accordingly. Great sense of humor too!
Jackie Aylar önce
Khloe always looks and show out herself so real both inside and outside the keeping up with the Kardashians show, that’s the reason why I like her, you can easily relate her to one of your friend
kgkustomz97ser Aylar önce
real? she had a nose job, lip injection, cheek implants and liposuction. where is the real? lol
Michelle Vennik
Michelle Vennik Aylar önce
She has given amazing interviews and she said ahead of time, hot sauce/chicken aren’t her thing… and seeing now that she has a baby on the way (via surrogate)… she really couldn’t say much. It’s sad they have to hold their tongues SO MUCH because of gossip columns. She really is an amazing human being, humble and always uplifting. But yeah she’s not a spicy girl whatsoever 🤣 I was bummed she cared about her hair so much and didn’t just put it up! Sean tried so hard and there just wasn’t much to get out of her at the end. She was struggling & that’s real.
Cosette McCullough
Cosette McCullough Aylar önce
When Hot One’s posted on their Instagram about this interview, the comments were flooded with a bunch of hate. How they wouldn’t watch the interview since it was a Kardashian as a guest and how Sean was a sell-out. To them I say: your hate isn’t wanted or needed here. This was a great interview and just because Khloé is a Kardashian doesn’t mean she can’t have a genuine interview with someone as great as Sean. Edited to say: I don’t watch KUWTK, I don’t feel any sort of feelings towards the family. This is how I feel about them as human beings.
Lorenzo Martinez
Lorenzo Martinez 15 gün önce
She’s the only one out all her sisters that seems like the sweetest 🥰 I love her for being such amazing person
Marco Pineda
Marco Pineda Aylar önce
You guys should do a 2nd show or extra scenes called hot ones afterburn and make different cool desserts (shakes, sundae’s, smoothies etc) while letting the celebrity unpack their thoughts about the wings of death and being able to talk about whatever they want while cooking off. Like me, I’m pretty sure hot ones fans would love more content with these celebs.
Candice Knight
Candice Knight Aylar önce
Love that idea!!
Brittany Toubaili
Brittany Toubaili Aylar önce
Leslie Marino
Leslie Marino Aylar önce
@Rowlo Live you're generic. If you dont like the idea..... keep scrolling 🙄 trolling on people who just talking to eachother isnt very cool.
Devon Blackwell
Devon Blackwell Aylar önce
You're title is brilliant! It just took me in a completely different direction. My personal opinion is the show is perfection as is, when I read that I thought you were going to suggest bloopers etc. Show the camera crew and the celebrities that they bring along that are clearly there, but we don't get to see them and their reactions. Lots of laughs and we all love behind the scenes.
Alexis Rose
Alexis Rose Aylar önce
usually they only have the celebs for the 30 minute time span or whateve. it’s very expensive to have celebs
Roxana Ortiz
Roxana Ortiz 24 gün önce
I legit love how Sean interviews. He asks deeper questions and it shows that he cares about the people who go on the show to make sure we see beyond what we normally see on screen. Khloe’s watch Hulu at the end lol
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Aylar önce
Really proud of her journey and love that she agreed to come on.
Sebastian Vokon
Sebastian Vokon Gün önce
If I’m enjoying drinks alone I always wind up watching episode after episode of hot ones and I can’t be the only one
Genesis Rubio-Carbajal
When I saw the bite she took for “The Bomb” I cried for her 😭😭😭
Nicole Gevirtz
Nicole Gevirtz 9 gün önce
SAME “Oh Gawd.” 😅
nkogliaz Aylar önce
Sean is one of the greatest interviewers of all time at this point, guy knows his facts, always comes correct and on point, and can literally deeply engage anyone who comes on this show while still being sincere and honest, I think it's cemented at this point that this cat is a legend.
WavyBaby Aylar önce
Only second to Nardwuar
romnesia7729 Aylar önce
The other best interviewers are: Sean Evans Sean Evans Sean Evans and Sean Evans.
Dylan Billion
Dylan Billion Aylar önce
His instegating azz...I luv it Instegating pain for our pleasure 🤣
FINALxxxPUNCH Aylar önce
This show is on point
Christina Badillo
Christina Badillo 27 gün önce
Ahhhh 😍 the energy! I loved this interview. He was literally taking notes 😅 but hey, if I met her I would too! It’s that gym mind that allowed her to keep going! It makes you strong 💪🏼 I’d love to see them do something like this again sometime! “Like a show… or a clothing line… ??“ 😂
Jordan kelso
Jordan kelso Aylar önce
Khloe is my fav she’s hilarious and so genuine loved this episode!❤️❤️
Becks Seavey
Becks Seavey Aylar önce
She really kept her composure up until da bomb. I’ve always wanted to try this hot sauce cuz I’m a big hot sauce collector and have a ton of bottles of hot sauces this one is on my top 3 list to try
Nikki Lefever
Nikki Lefever Aylar önce
Absolutely love her! Another great interview for the books 🖤
Castaway Gibo
Castaway Gibo Aylar önce
I really admire that seriously. She said she doesn't eat chicken, hot sauce or like interviews and yet she's stepping out her comfort zone to be nice and bring a different following to hot ones for the people that follow her they will watch that episode and probably watch more episodes because she introduced them to hot ones.
Taylor T
Taylor T Aylar önce
Y’all just love being hateful and rude🤢
Awillii Aylar önce
@coliniscolin lol those are vegetarian wings
Castaway Gibo
Castaway Gibo Aylar önce
@Adam Golden your not giving her enough, do better change the way you treat people and life will treat you better.
William Pomeroy
William Pomeroy Aylar önce
I hope people can tell that I was being sarcastic, but it’s the internet so probably not.
coliniscolin Aylar önce
eating chicken wings is brave?
Elyse 28 gün önce
Khloe is awesome! She’s real and she feels her emotions
Cosmicalthoughts 29 gün önce
She did absolutely amazing!!! Would love to see the others try it!
Jessica Rodz
Jessica Rodz Aylar önce
This was definitely a really good episode! She pulled through like a champ! Way to go!
Trey 24 gün önce
*You did great, Khloe!* Not a fan of the Kardashians but huge props to Sean and the crew for setting the interview to be as comfy as possible for Khloe. The Hot Ones Community in the comment section is a solid 10/10. Glad to be part of it. ♡
Joey Pinkpants
Joey Pinkpants Aylar önce
Give her props, she handled this really well considering she doesn't do any spice! She killed it more so than a lot of guests have previously!! Love it.
ctrlk Aylar önce
@Darth_Vader what?
Sherry Berry
Sherry Berry Aylar önce
@Darth_Vader what a ridiculous and ignorant comment.
Darth_Vader Aylar önce
@Alisa Longoria dude, relax !! it was just a joke and it had nothing to do with misogyny 🤦‍♂. And thank you sherlock for explaining to us that having procedures doesn't re-write tastebuds 👏
Alisa Longoria
Alisa Longoria Aylar önce
@Darth_Vader dude, the misogyny isn’t cute. She was able to go all the way through, plastic or not. Someone having procedures doesn’t re-wire their tastebuds.
Nanc Aylar önce
more than dj khaled lol
Megan Ray
Megan Ray Aylar önce
This was great. Love how brave these celebs are to go on this show and put themselves through this! Way to go Khloe!
GabieG Beauty
GabieG Beauty 23 gün önce
Love this interview!!! And love the chemistry 😀💜
Selina Xiong
Selina Xiong Aylar önce
YOU GO GIRL!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!
Mia Rosia
Mia Rosia Gün önce
Khloe is probably my favorite interview now that has been show
Julia Gutierrez
Julia Gutierrez Aylar önce
What I love about Sean is that he asks questions that are real and POSITIVE. He’s not trying to overstep boundaries and dig into peoples personal life just having a fun convo! Fav interview show of all time for that reason alone.
Paola Avila
Paola Avila Aylar önce
I agree, this was an interview about Kloe. Not about her family, drama or anything negative and even left her daughter out.
Julia Gutierrez
Julia Gutierrez Aylar önce
@Artie right ?! 🤣🤣
Artie Aylar önce
What the heck happened in this reply section
Old Granite
Old Granite Aylar önce
Not dunking on the Kardashians, but I personally don't care for any reality shows of that stripe and I'm glad they're around for people that do, but I'd watch Evans interview a teacher or mayor or panhandler, etc because the he and team always come up with great questions, treats everyone with respect, and does what appears to be a great job to make the process as fun as it can be eating Da Bomb
Bec Aylar önce
Me too, Sean is the best interviewer of all time. He always keeps it cool 😎
Emily Still
Emily Still Aylar önce
She handled it like a champ!!!!
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