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21 Kas 2021




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Isso é que é emoção 🤩
Play Top Games
Play Top Games Aylar önce
É gravação, ele não reagiu de verdade
Rabia Melo
Rabia Melo Aylar önce
Realmente kkk❤️😂
NOBODY Aylar önce
Everyone remembers after watching: Rabbit and the tortoise story. Moral : Slow and steady wins the race.
NAVANEETH K Aylar önce
Hard work.💪
Annathai Mass
Annathai Mass Aylar önce
@Unlucky Leprechaun like
NoTB3asT_ff Aylar önce
I thought this Lmao.... Fr 😂
picklesaus Aylar önce
that's a trash moral. the tortoise didn't win cause he was going slow, he won because the hair was cocky. the actual moral is don't be cocky
Sofia Bonniface
Sofia Bonniface Aylar önce
The replayed reaction got me 😂
Destiny Carrillo
Destiny Carrillo Aylar önce
Everyone loves an underdog 😂
Mark Jayson Capon
Mark Jayson Capon Aylar önce
That's what you called an epic comeback. 😁😁😁
TTMicrowave Aylar önce
Ah yes, khaby puts his hand over his mouth 7 times such a normal thing to do in exactly the same way each time
Aylar önce
Ikr this is so lazy
Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson Aylar önce
AHAH.. IT WAS ACTUALLY 10 OR 11 TIMES. *I counted*
MàSTèRKk GàMèR Aylar önce
Lycoomy Aylar önce
Khabys reaction to everything is so funny
Calex Andrei Saqui
Calex Andrei Saqui Aylar önce
Khaby being looped 😂😂😂😂
Spear240 Aylar önce
@Urano Destruido 💀 wtf
Spear240 Aylar önce
@Precious YT shut
Spear240 Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 I looks so silly
BART. gramy!!!
BART. gramy!!! Aylar önce
@Precious YT no
Qeebs not weebs
Qeebs not weebs Aylar önce
😂 actually he didn't react to this video
Lindiwe Ngwenya
Lindiwe Ngwenya Aylar önce
What an come back😂😂😂 And he was so chilled thou🤔😂😂
golddragon Aylar önce
F in chat to who thought Khaby would actually waste time reacting to this
sus 420
sus 420 Aylar önce
I feel bad for khaby for being in a loop
Evil 8 gün önce
Its not the real khaby
Anak Ayah
Anak Ayah Aylar önce
@シ︎Ꮲʀɪɴᴄᴇ ugl8yhjo88
Anak Ayah
Anak Ayah Aylar önce
@kaleshwar vines vnkf
the dumb one
the dumb one Aylar önce
@tarzan fuck your bad videos
Gregory Aylar önce
I feel sorry for everyone who thought the reaction was real 😔😊
@Uzumaki Naruto no its ok! 💖lol
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto Aylar önce
@jelly_Anita_cupkacke123 haha sorry if I'm rude lol
@Uzumaki Naruto don't say that it's rude they might not pay attention at khabby and think he is not in a loop
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto Aylar önce
Only idiot will feel for that
Brandy Pryor
Brandy Pryor Aylar önce
That comeback though 😍
SnøwyXD Aylar önce
He is the most funniest guy ever😂😂
Rainiest Aylar önce
F in chat for the people that think he actually reacted to this Edits and some things to say: it’s just a video stuck on over it looped and also people replying to this please chill out, it’s just a video and a comment I made when I was up at 3 am, thank you for the likes tho-
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto Aylar önce
@A PewDiePie Fan ツ lol 😂
A PewDiePie Fan ツ
@Uzumaki Naruto he said that it's khabby's channel and said can't u see the profile its litreally khabby He said but now thx... to us he is dead from these beautiful comments :D
Uzumaki Naruto
Uzumaki Naruto Aylar önce
@Kraken so what did he say?
ablublu Aylar önce
@NotATroll That is why everyone is freaking out and yelling at a kid! I swear people just want to make fun of other people when ever they get the chance even for the littlest things.
ablublu Aylar önce
It is sad to see everyone make fun of this kid.
Angelom Aylar önce
Remember The Turtle Story. Slowest Not Means You Don't Achieve Your Goal But it Means You Are on The Door.🔥🔥🔥
Bamanih Aylar önce
@Kuldeep Sarmah bruh
Kuldeep Sarmah
Kuldeep Sarmah Aylar önce
@titty inspector ''much'' bhi ? 🤣🤣
titty inspector
titty inspector Aylar önce
@clyde blackburne kuch bhi? Hat saala
Shylah White
Shylah White Aylar önce
Was it a turtle and rabbit
clyde blackburne
clyde blackburne Aylar önce
Bhawesh Thawani
Bhawesh Thawani Aylar önce
2 min of silence for those who think its real 😂
Nishu Aylar önce
Really thrilling experience 😂😂😂😂
Khaby looks so cute in his second reaction 🤣🤣
Waldir Braz
Waldir Braz Aylar önce
Flame4u_uwu Aylar önce
Honestly at this point I kinda respect that he plays a looped video and gets 100 k likes every time
chinita love
chinita love Aylar önce
Las caras que hacé 😅 que divertido juego!! 👍😁
Tonnito Edwards
Tonnito Edwards Aylar önce
The fact that the guy darting yellow balloons really hit the last one , made him to me be a go getter
Remember when Khaby made good non lazy content?
Liam still unknown
Liam still unknown Aylar önce
This is exactly how it's like to see the mind of the hunter trying to get the rabbit just to finish wabbit season (His mind is right, reality is left)
nightion Aylar önce
Epic comeback
Pengumations Aylar önce
Me divierten más las caras que hace Khaby, 😅🤣😂
Galactic Lava
Galactic Lava Aylar önce
That comeback was fire.
Suresh Dhakate
Suresh Dhakate Aylar önce
God level editing😂😂
Tearus Midnight
Tearus Midnight Aylar önce
The fact that he uses the same video part where khaby is surprised and reutilized over and over again makes me laugh
Rasyid Ridho
Rasyid Ridho Aylar önce
Epic comback is real bro 🤣🤣
Ian A.
Ian A. Aylar önce
He blew a 3-0 balloon lead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
stop‼️ Aylar önce
Moral: Don't lose hope👍🏻😁
Sehal Aylar önce
Slow and steady wins the race🔥
Damn khaby stuck in the past and in a loop
Start the Music
Start the Music Aylar önce
Slow and steady wins the race 😂
expeirment_failed Aylar önce
Rip that people believed that this reaction was real.
Rich Mountains
Rich Mountains Aylar önce
Khabys face. Priceless
user_uknown Aylar önce
Khaby is slowly getting consumed by tiktok and low effort videos He just put himself in a loop "whatching" these guys play
Anshu Bokde
Anshu Bokde Aylar önce
Silence For those who really thinks that Khaby lame reacted it
Inathi Mtshalanga
Inathi Mtshalanga Aylar önce
That was so close 😐, but he made it, yeah!😄.This was a fun video to watch, cause you just couldn't tell who was going to win.
I'm Subbing to Everyone Who Subs to Me
Idk what warzone players means when they say clutch, but this is what the word means to me.
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh Aylar önce
Fact - Everyone was smiling at the end 😂😂😂
May Galdonez
May Galdonez Aylar önce
De todo un poco
De todo un poco Aylar önce
Yo viendo como los movimientos de khaby se repite :3
Mazz Aylar önce
Ahahaha love how ridiculous 😂😂😂
V1RUS Aylar önce
Reação Magnífica
bugu Aylar önce
Reação tão foda que tiveram que deixar em loop
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee Aylar önce
that comeback lol
That was a great comeback
『Oliv Roblox YT』
Epic comeback🔥
Raviteja S K
Raviteja S K Aylar önce
Slow and steady wins the race
Abdulla Eminov
Abdulla Eminov Aylar önce
If I raced someone, from one end of a football field to the other, and I went full sprint and they only walked, who do you think is gonna win the race
Darwish Irfan
Darwish Irfan Aylar önce
Its gale
tarzan Aylar önce
👉trvid.com/u-shortsYeQV9d4vEaM 👉trvid.com/u-shortsYeQV9d4vEaM
Craig Harrison
Craig Harrison Aylar önce
Hari haran.S 11
Hari haran.S 11 Aylar önce
Not like that cool mind is must
Ida Panno
Ida Panno Aylar önce
Quando o amarelo tava na frente Eu torcia para o time vermelho ele ganhou
Realyn Channel
Realyn Channel Aylar önce
hahaha khaby being a loop😂😂😂
Bonk choi
Bonk choi Aylar önce
I love the guy’s face the whole video
JustCarl Aylar önce
i feel bad for the people who thought this is the real khaby channel and the reaction is real🗿
Learn & Teach
Learn & Teach Aylar önce
Congratulations winner 🏆🤣
PHANT0M Aylar önce
Great comeback✨
Manashi Das
Manashi Das Aylar önce
What a comeback!!
La Otaku por moda
La Otaku por moda Aylar önce
10/10 genial increíble la cara de no se cómo se llama pero su cara estuvo muy chistosa
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar Aylar önce
Is this destiny or hardwork?
Abu Taher
Abu Taher Aylar önce
John Aaron Lee De Lara
Khaby was legendary now hes a reaction template
Miriam Jerry odoemena
Moral lesson: itz not over till itz over🤗🤗
Claire Garner
Claire Garner Aylar önce
No way I was on the end of my seat lol
✨ SHYANTIKA✨ Aylar önce
I wanna question everything in life now
Farhana Rumman
Farhana Rumman Aylar önce
Happy Lad
Happy Lad Aylar önce
Dude what a come back 🤯
Mrigank Aylar önce
Guys trust me it's a real reaction of kabhy lame ngl
Shanekia Lowe
Shanekia Lowe Aylar önce
Seems like khaby lame is not lame anymore 😂😂🤣
Eshwar Pix
Eshwar Pix Aylar önce
Am I the only one who is feeling sad fr khaby🤣
T. M.
T. M. Aylar önce
Add this game in "squid game part-2"
CENASTYLE Aylar önce
Yeah great idea thanks for your help 🤭 lol
Mr bacon memes
Mr bacon memes Aylar önce
F in the chat for who thought this was real lol
RagingMoose69 Aylar önce
People:slowly popping balloons Meanwhile khaby having a existential crisis
Trisha *KPOP FAN*
Trisha *KPOP FAN* Aylar önce
I thought they're aiming for the balloons tied to a higher ground or like, upwards but turns out, that was a carpet thingy and they're just hitting from afar and the room's pretty white that made an illusion.
HყPҽɾ 父Mαϝια
What is serious in this video just a game but khaby rection was like shocked
HყPҽɾ 父Mαϝια
@No you yes I know that bro but putting khaby old reaction video in the side a normal looking video in which no reaction was about to shocked make this video foolish😒
No you
No you Aylar önce
Its not him you know, its just a poser looping one of his old reactions
Rainin Aylar önce
He is being looped u know right?
Ibuki goes brr
Ibuki goes brr Aylar önce
Clutching late game has the best feeling ever
Liane Zander
Liane Zander Aylar önce
Yurut6tt 😍😍😍😶😎🐷😶😳😶🐷😶🐷😶😜🥳😜🐷😶😍😎🐷😎🤔😶☺️😎🐷😶😜🤔😜🤗😜🤔😜🤗😜🤔😜🤔😶😍😶🤔😶🐷😶🐷😎😍😶😎😍😶
Abdoulaye Sane
Abdoulaye Sane Aylar önce
Une bonne arrivée vaut mieux qu'un bon départ 👏
Sujud Heru
Sujud Heru Aylar önce
Tadinya ketinggalan, tapi akhirnya dia yg menang 👏👏
ÏGRIT Aylar önce
great clutch right there
Eehyni Eunhuw
Eehyni Eunhuw Aylar önce
Idk if there is rules but could you just pop the white balloon I would do that
Kanwarjot Singh
Kanwarjot Singh Aylar önce
Im i colored blind because i can see it blue
i am fine
i am fine Aylar önce
@Epic Autos that would be great
SUPER Gamer999
SUPER Gamer999 Aylar önce
@Epic Autos lmao
Epic Autos
Epic Autos Aylar önce
Or hit the other player with the dart
Farzana Bilal
Farzana Bilal Aylar önce
Omg I didn't know khaby lame can move his arm as fast as light
sham Darwish
sham Darwish Aylar önce
Epic come back🔥
padmanaban padhu
padmanaban padhu Aylar önce
Your path may look tough, complicated but never give up.
artist 🎨 🖌️
it would be funny if you already popped the blue balloon 😂😂
Khaby Lame
Khaby Lame Aylar önce
cool ❤
Noot Noot
Noot Noot Aylar önce
Running around while someone else throws darts in your direction. Smart
Dharmendra Kumar
Dharmendra Kumar Aylar önce
Moral :never give up
Shivam Aylar önce
When main anime character realises the power of friendship:
Shareni Morán
Shareni Morán Aylar önce
Todos pensando que ganaría el amarillo yo encanbio apoyaba al increíble rojo
Namjoon's lost air pods
The fact that they replay Khaby's video again and again Me: 👁👄👁
cingo1959 Aylar önce
Khaby in a loop😂🤣
Lucky_-*R. Aylar önce
Khaby amazing face🤣🤣🤣
Suriya YT
Suriya YT Aylar önce
What a comeback by red😄
the madrad thundercatz
Yellow had us in the first half ngl
LucasSushisFF Aylar önce
Da hora👏😎
Thats awesome ...Epic comeback
NutDealer Aylar önce
Khaby is so powerful he can manipulate time.
Vibha Bhatnagar
Vibha Bhatnagar Aylar önce
جوري ؟💌
جوري ؟💌 Aylar önce
I thought he finished the first red, but he won't win the speed after him. He won the jump. Jabee Lam. Tell us, is this a game out of their minds or not, or they messed it up ???🥲💬
Dashing Gamerz
Dashing Gamerz Aylar önce
The right one firstly gone disbalenced but after than it takes his consistency and prove the story😁😆🤣
Sultan kuto
Sultan kuto Aylar önce
Her:he's probably out there cheating The boys:😎😂😂😂😂😂😂
Epic comeback bruh
Zander Zyla
Zander Zyla Aylar önce
He was so far ahead that guy got lucky
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