Key Glock - Proud (Official Video)

Key Glock
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Listen to the single "Proud". Out now!
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Official Video by Key Glock - Proud © 2022 Paper Route EMPIRE




17 Oca 2022




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I can feel the pain through this track. Glocks eyes say it all. We appreciate you bro. ❤️ RIP Flippa
this still gone hit 20 years from now
Meek Mozart
“Shit deeper than rap” this hits the soul
Chad Hensley
It's so hard not seeing you two together still seems unreal..... GLOCK stay strong keep Dolph in the music forever and take care of Lil Dolph and the family.....
You know he put his all into this you could feel it💯
Rachel Storm
"Yeah, I'm fucked up, no cap, just the other day, caught myself cryin'
Diverse Mentality
Key Glock the one, how Dolph saw that before the world is what makes him special and I know Glock will keep his name and label alive. This song is amazing. LLD 🐬
Ken Doll
This shit gave me chills before he even spoke... That is crazy.. we love you Glock🤞🏽💪🏽 keep goinnn Key
"I be tryin drink the pain away sipping line after line, yeah im fucked up no cap just the other day caught my self crying. Then I wipe my face shook that shit off and got back on my grind, and if it aint bout no money then im deaf the same time blind" This whole song just goes crazy
Sko Dak
"I can get It back in blood but I can't get back the time" man that shit hit hard bro fr
Lifted Energy369
You know it's a great song when you start crying 😢 😭. Sending him love and support. I hope he knows a warrior is watching over him.
Jet Girardier
Jet Girardier 19 saatler önce
this track gives me chills every time. hits deeper every time. LLD RIP
“if I get the chance, I won’t miss 100 rounds” that verse hit different 💯 we rocking with glizock PRE R.I.P dolph 🐬
Rawecki Films
Key Glock so happy you came out with this song man.... I can feel the pain in those lyrics! I loved watching those 'behind the scene' videos with you, DOLPH and the crew man!
Derek Granger
I listen to this over and over and I feel this more and more each time.if I ever get the chance I won't miss 💯 rounds 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯. It's a lot direct messages in this song. Stay dangerous Glock and like you said he's looking down smiling and he is, was and STILL PROUD OF YOU,
Vibez Brown
This track gives me chills. The beat, lyrics , flow, and moral of the story is to real . Great job
Malik -R&BG- Harvest
Definitely held back tears to this damn man … we gotta make sure we support the whole pre
John Neal
This song makes me angry all over again just to know they killed this mane all over jealousy and it almost snatched a tear out my eye cause I know his pain to loose a real right hand man and everybody knew how real and genuine he was
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
This man is the face of PRE now. We have to protect him at all cost 🙏🏿🐬🗝
Ami 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
Message to the future generations : DON'T LET THIS HIT DIE
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