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#LoganPaul makes the entrance of a lifetime on this episode of #ColdasBalls. Maybe we should let him take over the show from #KevinHart.
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27 Mar 2023




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LOL Network
LOL Network 2 aylar önce
Logan Paul on Cold As Balls - who had the better playing card necklace?
Yalla 2 aylar önce
The security guy with his ID card
Erica Cosgrove
Erica Cosgrove 2 aylar önce
the paperclip on Kev's chain kills me
teranmm 2 aylar önce
The crypto scammer!
The Godfather
The Godfather 2 aylar önce
He will be the next rock! He is professional. Focused. And sounds like he has a plan. Lets get it! I dont root for u bro. But u a good bro. 💯
teranmm 2 aylar önce
@The Godfather sounds like you work for him. Foh
Tee Of
Tee Of 2 aylar önce
Good to see them collab again after all these years, bet Kevin didn’t think Logan would be at where he is now
Dimitrispc2 2 aylar önce
He was always a rich kid from a rich family the only thing that he needed is fame which is sad that logan paul is considered a “hero” to some people
T-Raw 2lit
T-Raw 2lit 2 aylar önce
@Dimitrispc2 it’s not like it took no hard work. He used to go crazy with the uploads also his parents worked. I’m not saying he had it hard at all but it wasn’t like he was the son of trump 😂
Austin 2 aylar önce
​@Dimitrispc2 and what do you think your comment helped picking a part the success or hard work of someone else? Like push people to work hard like Logan and hope more people can achieve success. Instead post something good
Dunosht3 2 aylar önce
@Dimitrispc2 And now Logan takes care of his parents. Something a Rich kid would never do lol.
You’re* 2 aylar önce
Yeah a con artist who steals millions of dollars from his fans.
Anthony_ Imperial31
Anthony_ Imperial31 2 aylar önce
Logan is one step further to reuniting with the rock
24 24
24 24 2 aylar önce
They’ll meet in the next wrestle mania
Skullsy28 2 aylar önce
Logan said the rock had reached out to him but Logan didn’t answer as he blocked him because of Japan.
Dino Maric
Dino Maric 2 aylar önce
@Skullsy28 when did he say that?
Mack 2 aylar önce
​@Dino Maric True Geordie Podcast 😉
Mowing Media
Mowing Media 2 aylar önce
@Skullsy28 No he said at that time Rock's publicist informed him that Rock doesn't want any association with him around that time period. But now he's good with him.
TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
I like how they add the security to the show
Powder 2 aylar önce
there's always been security in the show. it's part of the show.
Sanjay pal
Sanjay pal 2 aylar önce
Very nice
Naz Khan
Naz Khan 2 aylar önce
Ndoti Mativo
Ndoti Mativo 2 aylar önce
Priya Khandare
Priya Khandare 2 aylar önce
Jalani Abdul-Aziz
Jalani Abdul-Aziz 2 aylar önce
The way the spotlight went up and over Kev had me weak🤣🤣🤣
tam thuong
tam thuong Aylar önce
thi kim
thi kim Aylar önce
Carl Francis
Carl Francis Aylar önce
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Love Kevin, love Logan, them together is even better! ❤
plantdaddy 2 aylar önce
ya, sadly there were no dead bodies for him to photograph this time around
Ohsnapson Bro
Ohsnapson Bro 2 aylar önce
You love scammer Logan for his scam or the fact he laughs at suicide?
Akiko Tsuji
Akiko Tsuji 2 aylar önce
@Ohsnapson BroHe never laughed at it, he was terrified. You don’t know how fear works. And him being a scammer hasn’t been proven, especially since it was a project that nobody even knew about. Mind your own business
Derek Watkins
Derek Watkins 2 aylar önce
@plantdaddy original
Grant Kanigan
Grant Kanigan 2 aylar önce
Please never stop making these, they’re absolutely hilarious 😂
Jesse Salazar
Jesse Salazar 2 aylar önce
This episode was so funny lol. Logan is definitely a wwe natural who's fun to watch. Instantly one of my favorite cold as balls episode
The Faceless Question
The Faceless Question 2 aylar önce
World record holder...of what? I'm really curious.
Mowing Media
Mowing Media 2 aylar önce
@The Faceless Question the most expensive and rarest Pokémon card in the world.
teranmm 2 aylar önce
@The Faceless Question scamming
Rembran 2 aylar önce
​@teranmm absolutely, logan gettin in on those scams and rug pulls
Kizzy B
Kizzy B 2 aylar önce
Logan's "Cold as Pauls" joke was actually hilarious lol!
Jerry Perez
Jerry Perez Aylar önce
It wassss😭
Mike Ross
Mike Ross Aylar önce
The scammer Logan Paul? How can you like someone who stole money from his fans, lied about it many times, finally admitted he was wrong then did nothing he promised he would to help his victims....
Dakoda Hill
Dakoda Hill Aylar önce
@Mike Ross sounds like a skill issue imagine getting scammed
Farhaan Ahmed
Farhaan Ahmed 26 gün önce
@Dakoda Hill Lmao these little kids coming here trying to cancel him is killing me
Stefan Mailey
Stefan Mailey 2 aylar önce
The older Logan gets. The more I almost like him. Great episode, Boys!
Stephen Sullivan II
Stephen Sullivan II 2 aylar önce
I agree, he's matured a lot.
Niglet Jones
Niglet Jones 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Sullivan II yea he matured into a scammer
[KIMSTER] 2 aylar önce
@Stephen Sullivan II yes mature man stealing money off kids thru nft
RandumbAsianKid 2 aylar önce
@[KIMSTER]u obviously dont know what happened
nicole parker
nicole parker 2 aylar önce
This is so well orchestrated and put together 😂loved it!
Dark King Astos
Dark King Astos 2 aylar önce
A paid promotion from Logan trying to save his reputation
Kevin takes being disrespect so well. It totally makes the show
Victor Susunaga
Victor Susunaga Aylar önce
When was he disrespected ?
brad wahl
brad wahl Aylar önce
@Victor Susunaga the spotlight i guess
Clare Sang
Clare Sang 2 aylar önce
Bams backhand won the show!!😂😂😂
TippyHippy 2 aylar önce
I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture
Toha Aylar önce
@West im pretty sure its probably dead lol wtf
Cooking wit Chef Zayy
Cooking wit Chef Zayy 2 aylar önce
Bam is legit hilarious bro checked his social right after 😂
Emmanuel Zanders
Emmanuel Zanders 2 aylar önce
What’s his social media
super 2 aylar önce
@Emmanuel Zanders go find out, you got hands 😂
zbaker330 2 aylar önce
@super its not like we know his last name or anything. why not just be helpful?
J Dawg
J Dawg 2 aylar önce
His marketing team is genius, went to my local grocery yesterday an they got Prime displayed all over the store in random spots. I'll have to try it.
OVYED DENO 2 aylar önce
you probably won't like it its sweet asf
Panashe Tshuma
Panashe Tshuma 2 aylar önce
@OVYED DENO so it’s got too much sugar?
jose garcia
jose garcia 2 aylar önce
It’s trash lol
NotAshamed_ 2 aylar önce
I personally don’t like it, but I know a lot of people that do.
AbigbagofFluckyou Aylar önce
Love everything Kevin does. These are always hilarious. Think the final one should be Dwayne Johnson or Caleb Presley
Mitchell Zavala
Mitchell Zavala 2 aylar önce
The dwarf line had me rollin🤣🤣
Lienuce 2 aylar önce
love this episode 💛 entertaining as always😆
Susan Aylar önce
When Logan bent way down for Kevin to unclasp his chain I was rolling 😊😅
RoySFord Aylar önce
HA!!! I don't know how Logan kept a straight face while Kevin was joking throughout this whole episode. I would have been cracking up the whole time.
N3WP0RT Aylar önce
Love how logan actually gets deeper in the water while kevin is standing up. Be safe kids don't go to the deep end.
XPHopefully 2 aylar önce
I like how they add the security to the show 😂they adding makes it even better
H8Hardy 2 aylar önce
Kev u need to start a actual comedy show with Bam & Daryl 😂 like a sitcom 😂 struggling roomAtes and u the landlord I’m tuning in every episode 😂
C F Aylar önce
OMG yes please, Bam Bam Loc and Darryl just grinding to make it thru life and Kevin keeps coming in to mess with them, but Bam Bam Loc keeps him honest lol
Alp Yigit
Alp Yigit 2 aylar önce
Logan is so talented it's insane, in his WWE performances he shocked me at how good he was at such a short time
Dimitrispc2 2 aylar önce
So we forget about the crypto scam that he did
Se'Jay Talkz
Se'Jay Talkz 2 aylar önce
@Dimitrispc2 I mean what can we do about it..?
Mowing Media
Mowing Media 2 aylar önce
@Dimitrispc2 bro seriously ur hate level is annoying. All the scammers of cryptozoo are in the jail or in court trying to bail out. Logan is not arrested coz he's not the scammers in the court of law, he got conned by some big conmen. And now Logan cannot do or say anything as matter is in the court. So this is the time where everybody is behaving like a detective debunking the great scam...😂
kArgzX Aylar önce
they would be awesome in a comedy together 😂
Surrender to the Flow Tarot
Agree. Some kind of buddy buddy movie. They could be the renaissance of those type of movies.
B B 2 aylar önce
I like how half the time it's the guest that submerges into the cold bath and Kevin just dips his legs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
OldmanWithers 2 aylar önce
Entertaining, but I didn't actually laugh until Bam did the slap at the end! 😂
Culinary Physics
Culinary Physics 2 aylar önce
When you thought you’ve caught them all, but then Kevin Hart and Logan Paul show up with their Pokemon chain necklaces. 😂
Isaiah Vander Maas
Isaiah Vander Maas 2 aylar önce
I never thought about it but Kevin and Logan would be a dynamic duo.
Randy Matthew
Randy Matthew 2 aylar önce
They looked good together
Geoffrey A
Geoffrey A 2 aylar önce
Yk they were an amazing duo back in like 2017 lthey had a few vids together
Dünya Can
Dünya Can 2 aylar önce
Logan is a funny dude. Entertaining to watch 🎉 have him more on this
Dark King Astos
Dark King Astos 2 aylar önce
He's a fraud scammer who left his victims high and dry and hopefully will soon be in court
Alp Yigit
Alp Yigit 2 aylar önce
@Dark King Astos You're replying to every post, you're obsessed, you a professional hater😂
Dünya Can
Dünya Can 2 aylar önce
@Dark King Astos what happened?
Donna Sumner
Donna Sumner Aylar önce
Pure entertainment. Well done guys 😅
Florio 2 aylar önce
Cold as balls will never get old
Dean Cosgrave
Dean Cosgrave 2 aylar önce
He is a natural at pro wrestling. For the time he has been doing it and the experience he has he is doing some great work.
Hollywood 2 aylar önce
BAM is the funniest guy in the whole world I absolutely love him. I hope kevin and him are friends in real life.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 2 aylar önce
love this episode entertaining as always
WalkerHD 2 aylar önce
This was Soo fun to watch 😆
Jay Williams
Jay Williams 2 aylar önce
Ok these two together was absolutely a treat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 one of the best ones
Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin 2 aylar önce
At this point I think we all here for Bam and Darryl 😂
Dark King Astos
Dark King Astos 2 aylar önce
I was hoping the feds would bust in and put cuffs on Logan myself
R J 2 aylar önce
Darryl almost laughed.
OPOL Aylar önce
@Dark King Astos for what
Justin Graham
Justin Graham 2 aylar önce
Lmao Bam practicing his pimp slap at the end was hilarious!😂
C F Aylar önce
Practicing? you mean perfecting lol Kevin already stated in a previous episode that Bam Bam Loc crushes p&%$y lol and he has the power keg and that glorious ginger beard. And he backs up Darryl all the time against Kevin.
Sadaysalam 2 aylar önce
I was waiting for Kevin to get all the way in that tub the whole video 💀💀
dontae taylor
dontae taylor 2 aylar önce
Bam and Daryl really did gotcha hat to Kevin 😂😂😂
Hunter R
Hunter R Aylar önce
Bam has to be protected at all costs 🤣
C F Aylar önce
Bam Bam Loc and Darryl, you can't have peanut butter without the jelly
Bald & Bearded
Bald & Bearded Aylar önce
That backhand slap 😂
YRG_JR 2 aylar önce
Hands down the best show on TRvid 😂
I Rant
I Rant 9 gün önce
Na this has to be the funniest entrance of all time on cold as balls lmao
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez 2 aylar önce
This is my favorite content to watch by Kevin. ❤
Daryl Ness
Daryl Ness 2 aylar önce
This is the first time I have seen this show, and I can't assure you it won't be the last one 😂 sooo funny, it doesn't matter what Kevin Hart does he funny at
daddy walker
daddy walker 2 aylar önce
I feel bad for u despite the haters I can bet u if u watch the early episodes you’ll but stuck binge watching cuz k hart is hella funny lol
TheDon 21
TheDon 21 9 gün önce
As much as I use to not care for Logan or his brother I respect the fact he’s a hard worker and his wrestling honestly is top notch and very surprising to see him work! Let him cook!!!
Eric Dix
Eric Dix 2 aylar önce
bam back handing that bag was so hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brett Reed
Brett Reed 2 aylar önce
Loved this Episode! 🙌🔥
Jason Rose
Jason Rose Aylar önce
I STILL THINK WE NEED TO SEE COLD AS BALLS MEETS HOT ONES. Eating those hot wings inside this Ice bath DO IT
Yala Laleye
Yala Laleye Aylar önce
GENIUS !!! I'd love to see that! Hell i'd even try it!
Sami Ullah
Sami Ullah 2 aylar önce
Two of my favourite people, Loved it ❤️
CactusJack22 2 aylar önce
“Can I trust him? No but go ahead and give it to him” lmao
wesker1992 Aylar önce
Idc what it takes. I want a Dave Chappell episode
joaoaoj100 2 aylar önce
Kevin has an advantage over guests because he just stands in the tub 😂
CWDavis The Poppa Bear
No matter how y may feel about him. Logan Paul definitely put in that serious grind to get here. I first got to know him during vine!! now he's here!! amazing
ThePacheko 2 aylar önce
Had me laughing 😂🤣
Cory Lahey
Cory Lahey 2 aylar önce
“I’m Kevin Hart and I’ll NOT be boxing Logan Paul.” Lmao🤣
Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera Aylar önce
“Cold as Paul’s” was genuinely golden😭
Jack Aylar önce
Love how he walks on like he hasn't scammed a bunch of people.
Ty Tompkins
Ty Tompkins 2 aylar önce
Those last minute backhands 🤣
alt 2 aylar önce
Bam is sooo funny love those two guys at the end definitely starts of the show
deadpisces 2 aylar önce
Cold as Pauls line was genius hahah
Gareth White
Gareth White 2 aylar önce
Also Kevin is just insanely funny
Colin Meadowcroft
Colin Meadowcroft Aylar önce
Bam’s pimp slap at the end was hilarious
Sin Aylar önce
You just can’t hate Logan anymore his so cool even the way he talks and sometime his collabs with ksi and sidemen is just so nice to see
K On Point
K On Point Aylar önce
Practicing his pimp hand. Making it strong. Not mad at that. 😂😂😂
Devante Underwood
Devante Underwood 2 aylar önce
the security guards were my favorite part of the show. it was hilarious tho
Devante Underwood
Devante Underwood 2 aylar önce
but kevin didnt get in the ice.......
Bradley Brewster
Bradley Brewster Aylar önce
Bam bam should’ve taken off with that Pokémon card !!😂
Kenderick Kinney
Kenderick Kinney 2 aylar önce
The back hand at the end funny as hell 😅😅😂
Travel The World
Travel The World 2 aylar önce
These two are legends
Treyvon Johnson
Treyvon Johnson 2 aylar önce
we need kevin on impaulsive. I know it would be hilarious
Hector Tornez
Hector Tornez Aylar önce
12:55 when he said “noo That’s the wrong black guy” security guy wanted to laugh so bad 😂😂
Shieldy_ 10
Shieldy_ 10 2 aylar önce
I think Kevin would actually be a good fight to watch whomever he's up against Misfits make the call
Anthony Crown
Anthony Crown 2 aylar önce
11:54 had me DEAD af 🤣🤣🤣
G3SH3N GOUNDEN 2 aylar önce
I can't believe he actually let that guy hold the the card the hole show😂😂
Voxle 2 aylar önce
He gets paid to secure things. Whole point of security
Mike Money
Mike Money 2 aylar önce
Nothing but respect for the Logan brothers...
BuyAReptilianhere 2 aylar önce
Kevin is seasoned what a pro. It’s hard to think Logan scammed a bunch of people”allegedly” and not yet
Tumiso Makhubela
Tumiso Makhubela 2 aylar önce
I love Logan so much. He is doing well in wrestling and he is so natural with it. The best to ever do it in the sport arguably in this generation. You can't deny that fact.
kheir cunningham
kheir cunningham 2 aylar önce
Lol! That pimp slap at the end 😂😂😂
Naazfesn shopping
Naazfesn shopping Aylar önce
Entertaining to watch Pure entertainment .This is the first time I have seen this .I hope kevin and him are friends in real life.
Ms Jaye
Ms Jaye 2 aylar önce
Kevin is hilarious, LOL! Why did he stumble like that when Logan jumped out haha! And why does he sound like Ella Payne when he speaks? 😹😹
alfredo ayon
alfredo ayon 2 aylar önce
Possibly the best interview ❤🎉😂
Prod By Nate
Prod By Nate Aylar önce
Kevin ducking down for Logan to take off his necklace is wild
Jason 2 aylar önce
Logan has grew on everyone even jake has got better but Logan is a true inspiration to many
Kargando 2 aylar önce
The speed Logan was punching really reminded me he’s still got hands
Demekik Solomon
Demekik Solomon 2 aylar önce
The last slap had me dying bruh
Its_Jared 2 aylar önce
As every Impaulsive fan waits for the Kevin Hart episode, we get this sneak preview.
Alfonso Reyes
Alfonso Reyes Aylar önce
True conversation ❤ respect
RuThL3Zz 2 aylar önce
The look on Logan face when kev pretty much tell him he cheating with leather pants 😂
geofery scott
geofery scott 2 aylar önce
There is no way that's an actual ice bath 🙃 I feel like it's gotta be warm water with fake ice lol
Sarah A.
Sarah A. Aylar önce
FlameTheWarlock Aylar önce
I have a feeling that Kevin is so short he's standing up in the tub of ice cuz it looks like he's not fully in🤣
Cory Lahey
Cory Lahey 2 aylar önce
Been here since the first Cold as Balls, and I’ll be here till the last. Every single one is gold.
Fat guy on a little bike
Who would ever sign with Floyd’s company knowing he doesn’t even pay out?😮 wondering if he couldn’t read the contract 😂
Levi Heichou
Levi Heichou 2 aylar önce
Undoubtedly Logans biggest success has to be cryptozoo
D8 L8
D8 L8 2 aylar önce
UNKNOWN 2 aylar önce
Give it a year. I might be huge.
Jacob F
Jacob F 2 aylar önce
@UNKNOWN or just forgotten again then he’ll have to be called out again to finish it
carminoodle 2 aylar önce
@UNKNOWN good joke!
Wade Ikitule
Wade Ikitule Aylar önce
Back hand boxing security style 🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Bernard
Matthew Bernard 2 aylar önce
"Cold as pauls" is hilarious 😂
Austin Dorogi
Austin Dorogi 2 aylar önce
Why was bams backhand the funniest part of the whole show 😂
ahhrealist 2 aylar önce
Bam’s backslap is a perfect 10!
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