Kevin Gates "No More" (In Studio) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for “No More" (In Studio)” by Kevin Gates.
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I’m Him Coming Soon
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17 Aug 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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cutdacheck juheardd
cutdacheck juheardd 3 gün önce
Puerto Rico gangland 🇵🇷
moneymuziek 5 gün önce
Fuck i need this on spotify
Angel of Death 613
Angel of Death 613 5 gün önce
Yochanan Israel
Yochanan Israel 7 gün önce
💯 Gates from Flint Michigan
Keaton Hughston
Keaton Hughston 7 gün önce
Much love bro
Keaton Hughston
Keaton Hughston 7 gün önce
Raven Symone
Raven Symone 7 gün önce
Bae so sexy...i love this man..
Patrick Richardson
Patrick Richardson 7 gün önce
Yo live in lafayette louisiana I'm drummer Not try to give up on the dream With stacks in my pocket Family Friends Fans Proud of me I'm Patrick Got the beats for low Just got to get me in the studio
Popa Stoppa
Popa Stoppa 10 gün önce
I like how he go back to his old tracks & reboot them and make'em sound even hotter
Stephanie Botts
Stephanie Botts 17 gün önce
Check it bag on me trvid.com/video/video-bytJ6fRBKrU.html
Jacob Lindsey
Jacob Lindsey 18 gün önce
Whoever disliked a bitch!!!!
Skylar Banks
Skylar Banks 21 gün önce
Brandon Betts
Brandon Betts 22 gün önce
"Got me a load delivered."💪🔥
Ben G
Ben G 24 gün önce
Learn to let go of my feelings , got back in the building, and got me a load delivered!💪🏼
iayah studyway
iayah studyway 25 gün önce
He fine
CHRIS GR3EN 25 gün önce
Fanny S. Taylor
Fanny S. Taylor 26 gün önce
He went even harder Kevin is very talented I like everything about the song
Emeth Neitor
Emeth Neitor 28 gün önce
"Te amo Mexico" we love ya too Gates 🔥💪
A Amanda Taylor
A Amanda Taylor 28 gün önce
Love you on this but I just wonder do you see me in the middle of all these
Nelson 28 gün önce
Copycat of no more from Disturbed
Josh Roy
Josh Roy Aylar önce
I tried to show you I loved u ain't gotta show u no love no more I ain't gotta run no more
Greatest Beeb
Greatest Beeb Aylar önce
I Tried to show u I Love you, aint gotta show nothing no more, must Want me to run behind you, I Aint doing no Running no More!!! ..... Gates Spits straight Facts, he knws Watsup
Justin Worek
Justin Worek 6 gün önce
“Said that he knew I’d be back because all women are wicked and they only love they self”
Trippy_rubixs Aylar önce
This beat plug daughter
Trippy_rubixs Aylar önce
Plug daughter
jDUB1 Aylar önce
*Baby Mama Drama Anthem*
TheKilla063 Aylar önce
Super depressed and after talking to all kinds of people this the only thing that picked me up
advice from Raheem and more
He the truth
Imakeperceptivemoves 21
"You didnt make me bitter you made me better"👌
Google Daark
Google Daark Aylar önce
Where all the mexicans at
TRE STAYLIT Aylar önce
Lol this is chief keef old beat.
AJW Jodoin
AJW Jodoin Aylar önce
This is a message from Tommy to his wife. Angela Tommy. Is out jail met him today if you're wanting money
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy Aylar önce
You don't have good taste in women that's why you're hiv positive right now lol good day
Natalie Strickland
Natalie Strickland Aylar önce
Antonio Foster
Antonio Foster Aylar önce
This is basically my theme song!
Marcus Mcafee
Marcus Mcafee Aylar önce
Gates I’m trying to advertise this song on my social media but I can’t because you won’t release this on one of those steaming apps... work with me big guy!
RipperMagoo 305
RipperMagoo 305 Aylar önce
Not sure, but I’m fairly certain I’m responsible for about a mill of these views 🤷🏻‍♂️
va2ga2009 15 gün önce
RipperMagoo 305 I promise. Lol
Taylor & Allison A-TAY
Mr. Gates can you please throw this on Spotify 💕🙏🏼
Dblock90 Dblock90
Dblock90 Dblock90 Aylar önce
Dis my dawg
Jasmine Goodman
Jasmine Goodman Aylar önce
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy Aylar önce
You niggas are walking around with mad cow disease and think I'm going to be bothered lol simp bitch
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy Aylar önce
Local niggas dont have enough money..... I only used a few local niggas for drugs.. just like the white women do...
Amazing Amy
Amazing Amy Aylar önce
My nigga ❤
Twist Aylar önce
Josh Mullins
Josh Mullins Aylar önce
I pray got touches her soul too💪🤟💪🤟
I play this shit so much muthafukas already know what’s bout to crank when I get the aux 💯😂
Nino Boyd
Nino Boyd Aylar önce
Wish he woulda put this on the album
Byron Ball
Byron Ball Aylar önce
Manuel III
Manuel III Aylar önce
greggtc730 Aylar önce
Gates Greatest Rapper Ever. Get em Gates. Thank you.
B B Aylar önce
Up in rank in the cartel!
tara lee
tara lee Aylar önce
gates Issa god 😍😍😍😍😍
Kweez Mac Eaze
Kweez Mac Eaze Aylar önce
Im a rapper just startin up my quailty isnt studio yet but will be soon an will drop more snippets soon would help alot thank u have a blessed day
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Aylar önce
Jessica Norvitz
Jessica Norvitz Aylar önce
🔥 #boss
dallas adakai
dallas adakai Aylar önce
This song is what I needed!! 💯🔥 i feel like I could get through anything with his songs!!
Hazel Aylar önce
Mending a broke heart Womp womp Love that shit
Jenna Juice
Jenna Juice Aylar önce
This song is one of my favorites of KG, it helped me get thru my jail time when I got locked up for this ho I though was my dawg but opened my mail and gave me the wrong court date so I'd have a warrant. She shared to step down tho karma is a bitch and I will help pour the gas!!!
Drew & Sheilah G2
Drew & Sheilah G2 2 aylar önce
“He said he knew I’d be back cuz all women are wicked and they only love they self” 🙌🏼
Kenneth Holland
Kenneth Holland 2 aylar önce
Ian doing no running nomore
Tiger TV
Tiger TV 2 aylar önce
Te amo mexico ....kevin gates voice
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