Keshia Knight Pulliam & Brad James Talk Married Life on a Farm, New Lifetime Movie

Tamron Hall Show
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30 Kas 2022




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Sunonymous Aylar önce
I’m soooo happy for her. She’s safe, emotionally, and it’s all in her body language. This guy is taking good care of her heart. ❤️
Barbara Collins
Barbara Collins Aylar önce
@Cynthia Holcomb that idiot divorced her before their child was even born!!
Cynthia Holcomb
Cynthia Holcomb Aylar önce
@The family what happened her last relationship?
The family
The family Aylar önce
Yes nothing like her last relationship
Cynthia Holcomb
Cynthia Holcomb Aylar önce
Yes what a Blessing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Joyce Bryant
Joyce Bryant Aylar önce
@D. Hill exactly
Marion Monson
Marion Monson Aylar önce
I think Keisha Knight is a reflection of what real love looks like after going through so much and God gives you double portion miracles and blessings.
Paul Abdul
Paul Abdul Aylar önce
The way women try to find a nice way to call someone fat or point out that she's fat now. If that's what you mean then say that and knock off that other bs lol
Paul Abdul
Paul Abdul Aylar önce
Just a nice way to call her obese
Essences_ of Amber
Essences_ of Amber Aylar önce
Yes he does
Joyce Bryant
Joyce Bryant Aylar önce
Yes exactly. I think she went through a bad marriage or relationship.
Natina Powell
Natina Powell Aylar önce
Beautiful Altogether
I love how Tamron is always truly happy for other women's joy and success
DoingMe. Aylar önce
It's her work
4Ever Steena
4Ever Steena Aylar önce
Both Keisha & Ciara went thru the worst 2 get to THE BEST! Beautiful example of perseverance and patience in God 🙏🏾💕💍🤰🏾
Juliette Joseph
Juliette Joseph Aylar önce
I'm glad she has found happiness. May their family be forever blessed!
Babeegirl1012 Aylar önce
@Paul Abdul she’s pregnant 🙄
Paul Abdul
Paul Abdul Aylar önce
She found golden corral too it seems
Cynthia Holcomb
Cynthia Holcomb Aylar önce
Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Nevaeh Brooks
Nevaeh Brooks Aylar önce
​@Christopher P. Braxtonthey stated numerous people times that she is pregnant
Beverly White
Beverly White Aylar önce
@Barby Madison they 😃
Latonia Jackson
Latonia Jackson Aylar önce
I have enjoyed Keshia Knight Pulliam's acting since she was a child!! And I still love her until this present day!! I am so happy that she persevered through the obstacles!! And now God has blessed her with a husband she deserves!! Bless this beautiful couple!! 🙏🏽🙂😍
Delores Spencer
Delores Spencer Aylar önce
Amen! ♥️ 🙏🏽 🙌🙏🏻 congratulations, long and happy life together
Latonia McMurry
Latonia McMurry Aylar önce
Beautifully said, young lady.
Cynthia Holcomb
Cynthia Holcomb Aylar önce
Yes Lord Jesus 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Marquelle Chapman
Marquelle Chapman Aylar önce
Brad said, " You just want to take care of her." That's one of the best things a Black woman can hear.
Tuterral Vester
Tuterral Vester Aylar önce
True!!! We Need More Men Like This! I'm Waiting Patiently 🤗💕🙏🙏
Jaszys SelfLoveCreations
That's all we deserve! And u know it! Xo thats right
Cynthia Kincaid
Cynthia Kincaid Aylar önce
That is one of the best things that a woman can hear. Any woman regardless of color.
Marie Smith
Marie Smith Aylar önce
Trice Riddick
Trice Riddick Aylar önce
@444mds stop lmaoo. Technically you're right. It's nobody's responsibility to take care of self but our own
Thank you God for turning the tables. It's time for the good people to win. Keshia looks amazing and deserves love and happiness. They really are a beautiful couple and I love their energy. Tamron looks beautiful as well.
AG Filmwriter
AG Filmwriter Aylar önce
Amen! 🙏🏽
S Love
S Love Aylar önce
"When you're thinking about who you want to marry...think about- who do I want raising my kids"- that was so profound. Well said.
Trolling Away 101
Trolling Away 101 Aylar önce
Not really. Everyone does not want kids.
Kim Coleman-Douglas
Absolutely! 😍💪🏾
Cynthia Holcomb
Cynthia Holcomb Aylar önce
Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
T. Rebecca Wade
T. Rebecca Wade Aylar önce
That’s how I chose my husband bc you just don’t want to create or accidentally create life with someone you couldn’t imagine having a child with. If you can’t imagine that person then don’t sleep around with them and take that risk lol
tanisha harlow
tanisha harlow Aylar önce
Lyrical Passion
Lyrical Passion Aylar önce
The chemistry is beautiful! It would be entertaining to see their life unfold on the farm! Such a fun-loving couple!
Lyrical Passion
Lyrical Passion Aylar önce
@Lovely One LOL! You're right! Second thought, maybe not, LOL!
Lovely  One
Lovely One Aylar önce
Noooo!!!! A reality show is the kiss of death for a relationship!!! They must be protected at all costs LOL!!!
Car Co
Car Co Aylar önce
Thank you Tamron for sharing such amazing black love. We need more of this in the world today. 🥰❤️
Your Black Therapist
I love Keisha's energy with her husband 👏🏾 Listen this farm will be a blessing to their familt. With Gates buying all this farm land, we need to be able to be more self sufficient ♥️.
DeVyneOne Aylar önce
Her life has been on screen since 5 years of age. I'm happy for her. Love and blessings to this family.
Recon Expert
Recon Expert Aylar önce
Black love which leads to black marriage and family is what I support 100%! Salute and many blessings to you guys💪🏾💪🏾❤️❤️
Paul Abdul
Paul Abdul Aylar önce
@Recon Expert now she knows how to maintain a nice figure her whole life. Wonder how she does it 🤔
Recon Expert
Recon Expert Aylar önce
@Paul Abdul A female like you
Paul Abdul
Paul Abdul Aylar önce
@Recon Expert who's Paula Abdul?
Recon Expert
Recon Expert Aylar önce
@Paul Abdul Paula Abdul baby girl you are hilarious
Recon Expert
Recon Expert Aylar önce
@Paul Abdul 125
Rachael Miller
Rachael Miller Aylar önce
We need to see more examples like this union in the industry. This was so beautiful- tear dropppssss 🥰 so happy for you both 💗 the eye gaze always gives it away for me... awwwww...
drayskibop17 Aylar önce
My birthday twin a year apart!! I love to see her always thriving! She’s a class act and I’m so happy she has found her life partner and best friend! Congratulations Keisha and Brad on your pregnancy. Praying for health for you and your baby!
Rachelle Brown
Rachelle Brown Aylar önce
Even more powerful when he said, she’s his best friend and this is who he chose to raise his children. Beautiful Well deserving of
Tammy Crisel
Tammy Crisel Aylar önce
So great to see this beautiful lady happy! She brought us so much joy on the Cosby Show and this guy sure seems like a stand-up man! God bless this beautiful couple! ❤️🙏
Pat Johnson
Pat Johnson Aylar önce
I watched them on December 3rd, in the new movie. It was great. What a lovely warm couple and a wonderful display of black love and family. May God bless and keep them together.
enosynce Aylar önce
Always been a fan of Keshia's--she was glowing on Tamera's live, I had no idea she was pregnant! Soo happy for her and her husband 💖👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🎊
Tracey Burris
Tracey Burris Aylar önce
I am so happy for Keisha and Brad. She deserves happiness and he does to. Many years of happiness and Congratulations to you both.
Vannese Green
Vannese Green Aylar önce
Love the chemistry ❤You can feel genuine love.. Congratulations on the baby!❤❤
Carlos Johnson
Carlos Johnson Aylar önce
I can see the bond of True Love that will be forever lasting. I am so very happy that they found each other, Brad James and Keisha Knight Pullman are so deserving that it was Ordain by God almighty himself! May the blessings and love that you share continue to grow forever and ever and congratulations on the new baby.
Nicole Odigie
Nicole Odigie Aylar önce
Here after watching this beautiful couple's Christmas movie, "A New Orleans Noel." It was so very heartwarming and gives you all of the Christmas feels. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. James. God bless!!!❤🙏❤
Jac Brad
Jac Brad Aylar önce
I just watched a Lifetime movie with them and am still smiling. I thought they made a beautiful couple but didn't know they are actually a couple. I wish you many happy years together
grateful Aylar önce
So happy for you Keisha...you deserve to have it all❤️❤️❤️
Precious Williams
Precious Williams Aylar önce
After what happened with Keisha's FIRST husband, she deserves ALL the happiness in the world!! I'm happy for Brad James & Keisha Knight Pulliam, & their growing family😍😍
Jay-C's Setting The Record Straight Podcast
@Ashley Haley Wait and see dummy.
Ashley Haley
Ashley Haley 20 gün önce
Boy get some business. Some men actually know how to control their dick and be monogamous, maybe you just attract male whores. It takes a certain miserable person with a bad spirit to even wish another person this happy and smitten anything other than the very best. You’re miserable and it’s obvious. Maybe from not being accepted, maybe from the ones you wanting not to wanting you, who knows. Thankfully Keshia is blessed by the most high and as long as she has haters like you she will continue to excel and level up in life
yolonda bell
yolonda bell Aylar önce
Jay-C's Setting The Record Straight Podcast
@4 DYAMONDX I don't care enough to argue with you.
4 DYAMONDX Aylar önce
@Jay-C's Setting The Record Straight Podcast you say that as if it's a good thing.
Brenda Mitchell
Brenda Mitchell Aylar önce
I just love these two. Wishing them nothing but love forever and always.
Ms Riri
Ms Riri Aylar önce
I love this for her!! So happy they found each other. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Y W Aylar önce
I am so elated she's finally found her happiness & she definitely recognized her self worth after Ed!!! I love these 2 together & their positive energy!!! Knowing your worth & not settling is everything!!!
DailyCare Non-Medical Homecare Agency
Yes, I was thinking the very same. Now this is the best man for her I’m so happy that they found one another ❤❤❤
Shataya Jefferson
Shataya Jefferson Aylar önce
I'm so happy for them both I love seeing Keshia so happy she deserves all the happiness in the world
Bambi Eyes Flores
Bambi Eyes Flores Aylar önce
They are such a beautiful, genuine couple. They look so happy together. They have wonderful chemistry and you can tell it's true love. God bless them! 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️
aiuc lse
aiuc lse Aylar önce
"When you're thinking about who you want to marry...think about- who do I want raising my kids"- that was so profound. Well said.
S Lima
S Lima Aylar önce
I'm so in love with them. I saw them on the Tamera show the other day and they're so awesome. I'm so happy for Keisha. She waited on God and got her blessings.
Agnes Okpeh
Agnes Okpeh Aylar önce
The Tamera show?
Shirron Jude
Shirron Jude Aylar önce
Congratulations Keisha! You deserve it all! I love you every since your were Rudy on the Cosby's! Blessings all over you and your family! ❤🙏🏽🔥🥰🙌🏽👏🏽
Amma Mama
Amma Mama Aylar önce
She's been through a lot. I am so happy for her. And she is SMITTEN! ❤❤❤❤
Marquisha Jerry
Marquisha Jerry Aylar önce
Aww Congrats to you both! I'm happy for her, and I pray that this marriage last. May God be with her and her family💓 Amen.
Beverly Williams
Beverly Williams Aylar önce
This young woman so deserves this love. He seems to be a man who genuinely loves his wife! God Bless their love and their family!
Cooking for hungry men
I am so happy for her she deserves this beautiful couple ❤
Roxanne Aylar önce
I love them together! Happy for her! The baby is going to be beautiful!
Tameasha Janaye
Tameasha Janaye Aylar önce
Omg I’m crying real tears on what he said about choosing a husband/wife 😭😭😭 I’m happy for them psa: doing yo job gets you married and pregnant 👏🏾👏🏾😂
Tasha W
Tasha W Aylar önce
I am so happy for Keshia and glad she found a decent man that truly loves her for her. This is beautiful. Congratulations to you both.
pinkierere025 Aylar önce
The energy, chemistry, and love…may it outlast time❤❤
Dorothy Chambers
Dorothy Chambers Aylar önce
I'm so happy she found her happiness. Good job Brad, guard her heart! She deserves her happiness. She's so glowing, and I'm here for it! May they bundle of be healthy and feel with love! God bless
Sylvia Hamlin
Sylvia Hamlin Aylar önce
I love these two as a couple, with all that Kesha has been through in her past , I’m so glad she has a strong wonderful man in her life. Congratulations Keisha and Brad and I wish you much success in life! ❤❤
Lynda Bryant
Lynda Bryant Aylar önce
I’m so excited for them! Worked with Brad on a project, he’s very funny! Blessings to the James family! ♥️
Theresa Edgett
Theresa Edgett Aylar önce
OMG I so love these 2 together ❤️ they are taking care of each other's hearts and it shows. Beautiful 😍 I want to experience this type of love one day.
BERNICE Shaffer-Parmeley
Jojo B
Jojo B Aylar önce
I loved this interview and I love these two for each other. This makes me smile and im happy for them. May they have a healthy baby and a safe delivery
Kimberly Brant
Kimberly Brant Aylar önce
Just watched the movie!! It is great! They were wonderful in it. Loved this interview as well!
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Aylar önce
I love them both and even more that now they are together. This is a beautiful union.
The Dover CC
The Dover CC Aylar önce
Such a great interview! Glad to see them happy together.
Tonya Frazier
Tonya Frazier Aylar önce
So happy for them congratulations on your pregnancy! May God continue to bless their union 🙏
Misty Stewart
Misty Stewart Aylar önce
Fun fact - Many years ago at the Whole Foods market in Atlanta, GA I walked past (Keisha) and she spoke to me. She has such and warm and friendly spirit. Blessings to the both. ❤️❤️
Re Al
Re Al 28 gün önce
@The Most Beautiful Woman In The World from your attitude towards referring to her as Rudy she should be RUDE to you. You said that with a lot of ignorance and self entitlement
DoingMe. Aylar önce
@The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Mthrfucker that's a character! Do you want to be called box head? No,you might Have a box head but it's not actually your name,right? That's slow.
The family
The family Aylar önce
@Leggs it might come across as mocking. Likes probably why some don’t like it
Sunshine Mitchell
Sunshine Mitchell Aylar önce
@Fashionizkeethank you!!! Her name is Kiesha
Miss Introvert
Miss Introvert Aylar önce
I’ve met her also.. very beautiful person ❤.
Dom Elizabeth
Dom Elizabeth Aylar önce
Made me tear up, he really loves her. God, I see what you’re doing for others 👀. I know you’re going to do it for me 🙌🏽!
Mz. Scorpio
Mz. Scorpio Aylar önce
Continued Blessings To This Beautiful Family! Congratulations On The New Addition To The Family 🥰💜🙏🏾😇🌹
Mya D
Mya D Aylar önce
When I tell you I'm happy for Keisha I really sincerely am I'm so grateful to God that he sent her a good man in her life I can't help her thinking about what she went through with the last one but that's history now may God enrich her and her husband their family their Farm and all that he's doing in their lives the acting and directing the producing amen
Lynn Winters
Lynn Winters Aylar önce
I love them as a couple. I like each individual, but they are an amazing couple. Many blessings in your lives.
Self Motivated
Self Motivated Aylar önce
Bery glad to see her FINALLY happy. God bless their marriage ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Cooking w/The CHAMP LLC
I met Brad years ago on a movie set. Salute to him & Keisha 💪🏾 may they continue to be blessed.
under dog
under dog Aylar önce
I’m so happy for her. They are a beautiful couple. She finally found her BUD.👍🏾
No Lid Creations
No Lid Creations Aylar önce
One of my favorite couples..may God continue to Bless you and your family 🙏🏾💜😊
Helen Lena
Helen Lena Aylar önce
Congratulations Brad & Keisha. I truly enjoyed watching the New Orleans Christmas show. From beginning to end the each story line. Kept a elated smile and fulfilled joyous ♥ wiithin my spirit. Happiness Is the spice to life. True and respective love is priceless. You both are the lovable husband and wife team. Which is a breath of sunshine to see. 💯 💪 PURE 💜♥️💚💛
Ebony Brooks
Ebony Brooks Aylar önce
I love this ❤. I’m so happy for her. Congratulations also on her new bundle. Such a beautiful couple.
DailyCare Non-Medical Homecare Agency
This is real love and they deserve it. I love them together such a beautiful couple. Congratulations keep loving one another ❤❤❤
Willie Baker
Willie Baker Aylar önce
Reps Aylar önce
Awe such a beautiful family, mom is glowing and dad is adorbs🖤congratulations on the addition to ur fam👶🏿
Tonya Floyd
Tonya Floyd Aylar önce
Yes ! I'm so happy for y'all ! Both of you are very deserving of love and happiness. May God continue to bless y'all's union with endless blessings. #Heartwarming #Interview #BeautifulCouple 💖💯
Carol Nicholson
Carol Nicholson Aylar önce
So happy for them both … love her . She deserves the best
Crystal Mcafee
Crystal Mcafee Aylar önce
I so happy she found love again after the first marriage. I just love them together. Congratulations Keisha on your new bundle of joy!!
God's Original
God's Original Aylar önce
I am super happy for her. God bless her and continue to bless her. Congratulations to both of them.
Linda Crayton
Linda Crayton Aylar önce
Love this, she so deserves this !! Congrats to you both!
Sopha Lawson
Sopha Lawson Aylar önce
So so so happy for her and him. So a beautiful genuine couple. You can see they put God first. Beautiful!!
Moni Fears
Moni Fears Aylar önce
Absolutely love this interview ❤❤❤❤
JustZee15 Aylar önce
Omg! I’m so happy for the both of them, love and being in love looks damn good on them! In another lifetime I can experience this, maybe, but in the meantime, I’ll just watch other people’s happiness.
kay Jack
kay Jack Aylar önce
💯I feel the same . It's beautiful to see this for other people .
Monique Ann
Monique Ann Aylar önce
So happy for them both! Love it. I wish I would have been picked for my damn ticket to be in the audience lol.
Monique D
Monique D Aylar önce
So happy to so these to together. I smiled through the entire interview.
Carmella M.
Carmella M. Aylar önce
Love that eye bat. Keep that humor and emotion going. To have someone who loves and supports is priceless, especially these days.
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor Aylar önce
What a Beautiful, Loving , & Caring Couple & Interview, so Happy for the “ Happy Couples “ ❤️❤️❤️
Cornelius Haugabook
Absolutely love them both & wish them many blessings.
Penny Toney
Penny Toney Aylar önce
I am so happy for Brad and Keisha very good actor and actress. Praying for much success for their union stay blessed
Charlene Miller
Charlene Miller Aylar önce
I am so happy for Keisha and Brad and Ella. Blessings on the baby.🤗
judy&theRose Aylar önce
…beautiful couple…heartwarming interview…good job all…outstanding Tamron…!!!
Diva Den
Diva Den Aylar önce
I went to HS with her first Husband so I'm so happy that Brad came into she and Belle's life.
Sharon Aylar önce
Very elated for this beautiful couple, may their love together endure their lifetime. ❤🙏🏽
keemaa77 Aylar önce
Loved it. I pray they grow old together with God's comfort, peace, joy and love.
CeeCee G.
CeeCee G. Aylar önce
She deserves happiness since her first marriage fail with all the drama. Congratulations!
Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson Aylar önce
God bless Keisha and Brad, they look beautiful and they have found the characteristics in each other’s of what God expect in each of us. Congratulations on your pregnancy. 🎉❤
E. B
E. B Aylar önce
Happy, happy, for her. I've always loved her spirit. So many people tell me that we favor.
This is 50
This is 50 Aylar önce
I am soooo happy for her too, she/they deserve to be happy in love, good for Keshia, good for them 🙏🏾.
M Atkins
M Atkins Aylar önce
Always love that young man and I'm so happy for them both together. May the favor of the Lord encompass you and family...blessings
Loraine Morgan
Loraine Morgan Aylar önce
This was such a cute segment. I'm happy for them both, but especially for Keisha.🥰
Paige Viper
Paige Viper Aylar önce
What a man- he acknowledged his wife and her presence and didn’t give any physical contact to Tamron, yet respectfully gave his “hello”
Monika Davis
Monika Davis Aylar önce
Tamron has a husband. She doesn't need his hug. He did exactly what was appropriate. For ALL those needy women out there, his hugs are for his wife. It keeps everything in order. That is how stuff gets started. Then it will be, "Oh, look at how he hugged Tamron. I wonder what they got going on." You all say you love their relationship. Let's preserve and keep sacred matters in their proper place.
Stoney high High
Stoney high High Aylar önce
It's not wrong to give a hug and decent eye contact to say hello🤷🏿‍♀️
Feefs 21
Feefs 21 Aylar önce
💯. I'm Muslim we don't do touching unless you're my family or same sex.
Monika Davis
Monika Davis Aylar önce
Wasn't that the most masculine and beautiful/exquisite way to display his love and adoration for her? That is the way.
Amanda Lewis
Amanda Lewis Aylar önce
Janine Scott-Ford
Janine Scott-Ford Aylar önce
So sweet! You see the love in their eyes
DesiLu4ever Aylar önce
I am so happy for them!!! 💕🙌🏽
Shirley Phillips
Shirley Phillips Aylar önce
I love watching both of them. Such a beautiful couple.💖🥰
Honey Bee
Honey Bee Aylar önce
They're a beautiful couple, wishing their growing family nothing but happiness 😊 ❤
Nikkiey Richardson
Nikkiey Richardson Aylar önce
She deserves all of this 🥰🥰she doesn’t know it but she’s been my bff in my head since we were little😂 so go best freen get ALL of your blessings ❤❤❤❤
Ultimate Living With Dee
Oh sooooo happy for them!! Also...Tamron is an amazing interviewer! 🥰
Lead by Faith
Lead by Faith Aylar önce
They need their own reality tv show, I would definitely be watching.
Mzlyz S
Mzlyz S Aylar önce
Ooohweee I LoVE THIs. ❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉 Beautiful couple and the chemistry and friendship really shines!
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