Ken Block’s 1,400hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn Vs a McLaren Senna Merlin // Hoonicorn Vs the World

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Welcome to Hoonicorn vs. the World: a show inspired by gameplay from Forza Horizon, brought to real life! Today’s matchup? Hoonicorn vs. hypercar. This 1 of 1 McLaren Senna Merlin edition is one of the fastest hypercars around right now, so we line it up with the Hoonicorn to see what happens in a straight line race against the two. Will light weight, a bunch of technology, and lightning fast shifts help this Senna eke out a victory over the monstrous Hoonicorn?

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16 Kas 2020




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UK 11 aylar önce
Just got my Merch 3mins ago! Thanks Guys! Took the H'corn for a rip on forza 7 the other day...smashes everything! This is the Hoonigan content we love 🤘
Damian Official
Damian Official 25 gün önce
@Hoonigan #PiotrWięcek.
Really? Because last time I ordered merch it never arrived and the card still got charged. Got no response from hoonigan support. Enjoy your merch tho 👍
Lucas Nilsson
Lucas Nilsson 3 aylar önce
@Hoonigan hoonigan va konigsegg
antonio hernanne hernanne
Jjjjjjkjjjji88 a internet iiiuuui que jjj77i e iiiuuuui
Legit Games
Legit Games 6 aylar önce
@Hoonigan it’s fine it was nearly 2 years ago and isn’t worth both of our time for a 50 dollar mystery box
D B Gün önce
Does Brian piss anyone else off???? What is his reason for being in ken blocks Aura!!????
Luis Carbajal
Luis Carbajal Gün önce
Ray Raz Reptile
Ray Raz Reptile 2 gün önce
Love watching this video lol , I’ve watched this so many times , video was really good footage of it launching , I need my own Hoonicorn lol
ace iimov
ace iimov 7 gün önce
damn that senna is fast in a straight line for a car that was never designed to race in a straight line. I mean it's literally the fastest road legal production car around a track.
Shaman Mystic
Shaman Mystic 7 gün önce
That mustang is like a jerry rigged weapon specifically designed to wipe the floor with most modern production supercars. Like a little kid making a toy then laughing when their toy beats a world class toy.
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill 8 gün önce
It would just suck to spend 1.15 mil in a hyper car just to be ugly and slower than a frankencar
Joshua Childers
Joshua Childers 9 gün önce
I wanna create a sn95 hoonicorn lol
johnny v
johnny v 10 gün önce
Like, u know.. like.. like.... i skip to the action,
truckerdude_ xxl
truckerdude_ xxl 11 gün önce
I wanna see the hoonicorn vs the 1000 hp tesla
elliott strike
elliott strike 11 gün önce
@Hoonigan Will there ever be a race between the hoonicorn and the gymkhana subaru of Travis pastrana?
John Hayes
John Hayes 12 gün önce
Oh let me just lean on you 1 of 1 McClaren 🤣
John Hayes
John Hayes 12 gün önce
Does anyone actually believe Ken Block has never drag raced stop light to stop light?
Davey Hurricane
Davey Hurricane 12 gün önce
As I thought nothing beats the hoonicorn after watching ford's 1400hp electric car.
Erric D Johnson 74
Erric D Johnson 74 14 gün önce
Man that has to feel pretty bad to get dusted in a 1.5 million dollar car 🤬😁😂🤣 Sad
Stephen Newell
Stephen Newell 15 gün önce
It would make me sick owning a car worth over 1 million and losing lol
A1 Image Capture
A1 Image Capture 15 gün önce
Holy crap. Landslide victory over the McLaren with a Twin turbo v8 brick :)
So Fly Shorts
So Fly Shorts 16 gün önce
The disrespect in the last one GOD DAMNNNN
Jamie Watters
Jamie Watters 17 gün önce
they made a drag KING.
Alex Samoy-Alvarado
Alex Samoy-Alvarado 17 gün önce
Christ I wonder what the quarter mile time was for the Hoonicorn?!
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf 17 gün önce
He's going through all 6 gears one right after the other in a couple of seconds? How does that work with the RPM?
Marlon Dixon
Marlon Dixon 17 gün önce
Damm how many gear is in that box
J K-J 18 gün önce
Guy in the Mc couldn’t launch worth a shit.😂
J K-J 18 gün önce
Damn the Redeye has more Horsepower than the Mc. 🥀🥀☠️⚰️
abhishek singh
abhishek singh 18 gün önce
Colin Smith
Colin Smith 19 gün önce
little 2.0lte golf hold my beer haha trvid.com/video/video-Ub6ndGZwixE.html
straightlaced 19 gün önce
Hoonicorn moves out man wow…. gives me chills
Daniel 20 gün önce
i thought the senna was walking in round 2 😆
Vinicius Brandao Cantuaria
This mustang vs tesla plaid S man... it will be insane
difou 23 gün önce
I first thougt its in forza but nope😂
Vini grae
Vini grae 23 gün önce
He’s a rally driver ofcourse he keeps getting faster 😂
Duarte Baptista
Duarte Baptista 23 gün önce
McLaren Senna needs more love
Kerv Hall
Kerv Hall 23 gün önce
Imagine if the only way to say that you have the fastest car in the world was to beat the hoonicorn.
sinethemba mthethwa
sinethemba mthethwa 23 gün önce
Hey Hoonigan Team please do a drag with a Sesto Elemento 😉 there's something I want to see .
Frank Teicher
Frank Teicher 24 gün önce
hoonicorn vs leroy!!!!
Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez 24 gün önce
Still stands true built not bought !
ziggy sleiman
ziggy sleiman 25 gün önce
How about the Rimac Nevera???? I think that would be a great race!
It will be a great battle with a testla
Kenny Karlsson
Kenny Karlsson 25 gün önce
Thats a misil on wheels. What a brutal car.
Marko Dj
Marko Dj 26 gün önce
Hoonicorn vs rimac
8MilesZ 26 gün önce
We will never see the hoonicorn vs a Tesla plaid anymore 🥲
Larry C
Larry C 26 gün önce
you need to give the mclaren 8 cars and the hit!
John Hirtle
John Hirtle 27 gün önce
Very loud noise and the world goes backwards real fast...
Lukey4mayor 28 gün önce
Dude the hoonicorn shred the opposition in forza, love this company
JD RFTR Aylar önce
10:53. U welcome
Zachary Murphy
Zachary Murphy Aylar önce
Imagine putting a fully built race car up against a hyper car thats not even fast. There 720 would gap a senna..
Ani Jp
Ani Jp Aylar önce
Would be great and bad ass if the hoonicorn could race the tesla Roadster and the Rimac navera
zombee Sama
zombee Sama Aylar önce
1400hp is no joke haha
Hellified Aylar önce
love how kens not fuckin around, full race gear while the Mclaren driver is just chillin in street cloths. Ken knows the power he holds
Joshua Smart
Joshua Smart Aylar önce
Hoonicorn vs 911 turbo s remapped?
jay r
jay r Aylar önce
Very few cars will touch that unicorn!! Very few!! Car is stupid fast! Reeled that car in like a small 🐠 fish.
bafokeng thatho
bafokeng thatho Aylar önce
This kenblock thing is so something else. Who build such a beast
gan eezen
gan eezen Aylar önce
you guys gotta put a speedometer et the bottom corner of the screen so we can see his speed when hes taking the corners 12:00
Future Gamer
Future Gamer Aylar önce
Tesla Vs Hoonicorn?
Martin Siekawitch
Martin Siekawitch Aylar önce
Bonus round! McLaren looks like he wasn't trying on purpose!🤙
whyte rhyno
whyte rhyno Aylar önce
That things a weapon! ford all day everyday 🤙🏼👌🏼
edge1133 Aylar önce
Let’s see the hoonicorn race @wolfpackrides hellenore
Brian Markavitz
Brian Markavitz Aylar önce
10:50 Finally
admdub Aylar önce
I laugh and smile like an idiot every single run…those gear shifts my gawd
Nick A
Nick A Aylar önce
Built not bought. This is why.
Ford mustang hoonicorn por siempre
Vicente Koroneos
Vicente Koroneos Aylar önce
Why do you guys only race people with lower horsepower and heavier weight
Enzo Castro
Enzo Castro Aylar önce
Zerg Hirsaw
Zerg Hirsaw Aylar önce
Next hoonicorn vs H2R
Mark Trudgeon
Mark Trudgeon Aylar önce
Lets go top end mate
Mark Trudgeon
Mark Trudgeon Aylar önce
Let's go on a track then...
YotaXD Aylar önce
Bullshit comparison but fun video
Alex Duran
Alex Duran Aylar önce
that's a fuckin monster
GAFFO707 Aylar önce
Now thats a bice fish.
Charlie Maybe
Charlie Maybe Aylar önce
this is so stupid a car with half the horse power and half the driven wheels and has a ton a drag in the form of downforce against the hoonicorn. Of course the hoonicorn is going to win, i bet even with a purpose built drag setup on a prepped surface, you would need like 1000 hp rwd to even come close to the hoonicorn.
TeeJay Aylar önce
Wanna see the Mustang vs the Rimac Nevera 😍
Dwight Aylar önce
A car made to comply with environment regulations vs a car that has no limitations in place .Why do you even bother?
EagleEye Pitts
EagleEye Pitts Aylar önce
#MOPEMUP 🤣🤣👌🏻💯 Just bought mire merch. That backpack is dope! Nice way to go back to college for the last semester 💯
Neez NutZ
Neez NutZ Aylar önce
the only mustang that is fast
Luisk Aylar önce
I always had dreams of being in the hoonigan team vin is so far my favorite but ken ur too if u see this buddy
edin shealtiel
edin shealtiel Aylar önce
Patrik Aylar önce
Try racing Rimac Nevera, Thats where heroes are being made!
Pedro Aylar önce
One of the most ridiculous cars on forza but it’s so fun
Maverick Gaming
Maverick Gaming Aylar önce
Someone has to call up that nissan patrol from the grand tour. That’d be a race
Brett Aitkins
Brett Aitkins Aylar önce
Man ....ken block kills em dead ...goes to the funeral waits 1 day digs em back up an kills em again . pickle me toes n call me uncle Willie that thing the king
ewehinger Aylar önce
Man...coming back to watch these episodes makes me wish they brought out the hoonicorn again. But this time with a serious drag setup... longer gears, some meaty drag radials and took on some real competition like the Audi rs3... that would be epic. Really enjoyed this series.
Alyssa789i Aylar önce
Number 1 bullshit
Antonio Costa
Antonio Costa Aylar önce
Always love “a small child could crawl through there” “IT could yeah” lol fucking it
Zaf Khan
Zaf Khan Aylar önce
No way the Senna had the launch on. But the Hoonicorn is a beast! The Godzilla of the 1/4M
Jamaine Obah
Jamaine Obah Aylar önce
Love how ken is just casually leaning on a 1 0f a million McClaren 😂😂
Al Covic
Al Covic Aylar önce
How many runs you did just to get the fck to apear there as if its just a set and go this is fake as fck.Im disappeared in human kind that subscribe to this as legit... its all fake
Tactical X-Rays
Tactical X-Rays Aylar önce
Hoonicorn V2 vs WRX STI ….Right?
Saika Mendez
Saika Mendez Aylar önce
why the Senna doesnt burn in fire?
Harry Aylar önce
Race is at 10:59
Jose Nieyo
Jose Nieyo Aylar önce
El mustang es un monstruo pero el otro no lleva piloto,no lo exprime bien
Irvin Anguiano
Irvin Anguiano 2 aylar önce
We need to see a race with hoonicorn vs famous wrx sti race car
Corners of my mind
Corners of my mind 2 aylar önce
Could a professional driver in that McLaren it'll be a totally different ball game
Flávio 2 aylar önce
sahil bankar
sahil bankar 2 aylar önce
It's stock officer.
Matt S
Matt S 2 aylar önce
Somebody needs to give the dude from McLaren some turkey and mash taters to go with that gapple sauce
Michał Kaszuba
Michał Kaszuba 2 aylar önce
hoonigan i bet u u cant race boba like a car boba search in internet
Bald harder
Bald harder 2 aylar önce
What. Did. You. Expect. With. Double HP?
John Fortenberry
John Fortenberry 2 aylar önce
It didn’t even look like the other guy was giving it everything. H’corn is very fast but this just kept getting worse, skeptical
A Dragon
A Dragon Aylar önce
The Senna is a much easier car to run on so it makes sense the driver was very relaxed
Ian Harrison
Ian Harrison 2 aylar önce
ken is sand bagging! lol funniest excuse to lose a race and hes not even flooring it
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