Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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Keanu Reeves shows us his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle. From his green Ducati in The Matrix Reloaded to his custom built Arch motorcycles, Keanu takes us through his collection!
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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ




15 Apr 2019

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KeepOnRecord 44 dakika önce
So the thing Keanu is known for nowadays is being humble and down to earth, despite being an famous actor and celebrity for more than 30 years (now). That says a lot about society, if being down to earth and NORMAL is an admirable trait. I mean... c'mon celebrity-ville, show us some NON-Kardashianisms!
Pankaj Saikia
Pankaj Saikia 2 saatler önce
2:07 for a moment I thought he is kunal khemu. 😂 😂
Ellie R
Ellie R 2 saatler önce
Granton Smith
Granton Smith 7 saatler önce
I wonder what Keanu thinks about the new Harley Davidson Livewire?
Bradley Park
Bradley Park 7 saatler önce
Frame times are too short to appreciate these superb bikes. Still watched it to the end though...
sebbsd 9 saatler önce
I like this guy, he’s so humble.
Ruohong Zhao
Ruohong Zhao 12 saatler önce
Y欧are breathtaking!
Mr. Atlas
Mr. Atlas 15 saatler önce
Motorcycle club
MERP 16 saatler önce
FBI 16 saatler önce
This is clickbait,should be called John wicks motorcycle collection
Joshua Marcotte
Joshua Marcotte 17 saatler önce
He is odd, yet charismatic. Definitely a rare example of a human being
Nairam Marian
Nairam Marian 20 saatler önce
The way he said ‘It’s not good for my... health’ he maybe depressed.. Wish there would be more people to make him happy..
truthCkur1 20 saatler önce
So i like Keanu Reeves...... but does anybody else thinks he's on coke?
Melli Wika
Melli Wika 23 saatler önce
it's impossible to not like him.
Faultty 23 saatler önce
I want to know whether he thinks biodiesel, hydrogen fuel cell, or electric is the main contender for fossil fuel free motorcycles into the future.
Japeth Mitchell
Japeth Mitchell Gün önce
Awesome engineering. I would like to find out if he could custom an endruo.
Twistdginger 000
Twistdginger 000 Gün önce
Such an Honorable Man. Much Respect
Asaleth Gün önce
Says he got his first motorcycle in 87 but he looks like he was born in 87
John Kp
John Kp Gün önce
I am a motorcycle collector. However, I am poor and only have one. Keanu can you help me out?
Alex Benedek
Alex Benedek Gün önce
awesome !!!
Domino52o Gün önce
I kinda like that hes a casual
Tero Kuusisto
Tero Kuusisto Gün önce
All those bikes are breathtaking.
Theodore Marakas
Theodore Marakas Gün önce
I dislike Hollywood liberal assholes. Keanu Reeves is the exception to the rule. Cool dude Check Awesome actor Check Decent human being Check Biker Check. What can I say.....It is impossible to dislike this man.
thatBAT dude6606
thatBAT dude6606 Gün önce
He is so humble and so down to earth he is so fucming cool we love you Keanu
fireangel49 Gün önce
One rare type of actor : the type that don't ride motorcycle just because that's cool, or because he can buy bikes that few can. Nor does he created a motorcycle brand just for fame or business.... He just TRULY LOVES motorcycle riding. And on top of that, when he gives you advices, it's like your uncle/big brother/random good motorcycle fan : really true advice without any trace of arrogance/bling. He deserve his reputation of coolest guy of holywhood.
M Smith
M Smith Gün önce
When he said River Phinics he showed emotion respect for a fallen brother.
Say no to Homo’s
More than tree
Mike Sokolow
Mike Sokolow Gün önce
Ahh, the life of a millionaire!
Artur Berger
Artur Berger Gün önce
4:15 I am in love
Marc Gün önce
Looks good my girlfriend needs a new bike send one over
Devy Hoseok
Devy Hoseok Gün önce
"I go through withdrawals, not good for my health..." ~keanu Same Keanu same This guy really REALLY appreciates motorcycles. Mad respect for this guy.
Frantuzzi Berg
Frantuzzi Berg Gün önce
I love KR 🙌🏽
WTF Gün önce
cool light and nothing else.
Steven Dolman
Steven Dolman Gün önce
Can I have a job at your company, any job, I'll clean the toilets, I ride bikes, please, I'll beg if I have to.
floatingpaper Gün önce
Me: Keanu reeves sucks and his stories are boring *several people are typing*
adrian burt
adrian burt Gün önce
The Commando did not have a featherbed frame.
cb550rider 2 gün önce
Shows us bikes he is trying to sell
Karen Sue  Pohlmeier
Karen Sue Pohlmeier 2 gün önce
Mr. Reeves, I'm so glad you're not in the whole "Hollyweird crap" but do be careful on the motorcycles. I know you know what you're doing but I'd hate for anything to happen to your lovely face and soul! 💛❤️💛
Kirsteinne Fernandez
Fact: His company, "Arch", was named after his late daughter, Ava Archer 😢😞👆🏼👶🏻
Marshmellow 12 saatler önce
Whoa.. I didn't know that 😒
Nathan Bowe
Nathan Bowe 2 gün önce
Really cool guy and funny. Seems like the down to earth type of person. Glad he's still with us.
Genesis 2 gün önce
He needs to ride with Norman Reedus!!!!
percival23 2 gün önce
You really see a great animated side of Keanu when he is talking about one of his passions. You definitely don't get this side of him when he has to promote one of his movies in an interview.
Sulaiman Anggalarang
Beautiful noise Keanu.. love it very much :D
gpr Arthur
gpr Arthur 2 gün önce
Tina Marie Farmer
Tina Marie Farmer 2 gün önce
oh man. my opinion. but I have huntingtons. he seems like he has something going on. i hope not
mahchymk93 2 gün önce
He's a Ducati biscotti
Buster Cottrill
Buster Cottrill 2 gün önce
Ya he's sikk.. anyways put that proto on cyberpunk so we can all ride it !! Lolz
Chip Chop The boop bot
wth 0:53 is that pewdiepie music ?
2 gün önce
Keanu Best of the Best!!!😁😁😁
Bayram Palak
Bayram Palak 2 gün önce
There is no Scooter Motor. :(
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