Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ

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Keanu Reeves shows us his most prized motorcycles at his shop, Arch Motorcycle. From his green Ducati in The Matrix Reloaded to his custom built Arch motorcycles, Keanu takes us through his collection!
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Keanu Reeves Shows Us His Most Prized Motorcycles | Collected | GQ




15 Apr 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Eliosa Chiundo
Eliosa Chiundo Saatler önce
I see Keanu I click...
Kyrallie 3 saatler önce
imagine trying to steal one of his motorcycle and he suddenly appears first in your garage
Yuvi 6 saatler önce
Wholesome Keanu Chungus 100
Stixnfeet 9 saatler önce
I agree with all the, “Keanu seems SO cool an real” comments. But I also am aware, he’s an ACTOR....and a multi millionaire promoting the sale of his own $50k + Bikes. Just attempting to “keep it real.” That’s all.
Stacy Stalstone
Stacy Stalstone 17 saatler önce
When he slapped the seat... 😲
Sly11B Enal
Sly11B Enal 19 saatler önce
What a stud....
Aravinth 19 saatler önce
That's Ducati Senna a rarest bike
Mr. Untouchable
Mr. Untouchable 19 saatler önce
He’s literally stuck in Jon wick mode
Sirp Gün önce
I killed his dog
lenjamim lenson
lenjamim lenson Gün önce
so we not gonna act like he didn’t say “touched a 10 year old kid in a way”
J V Gün önce
Keanu my introvert idol, like me in so many ways ✊
Avinav rishi
Avinav rishi Gün önce
Finding the right key must be so hectic.
smartxalex Gün önce
I literally just found out this weekend that Keanu Reeves has a motorcycle brand. This man is truly a gem.
neilsthepoet Gün önce
Keep doin exactly what your heart balls and soul tells you!!!
Alex Gün önce
John Wick 4 with Jason Mamoa and motorcycles.
Simeon Michael Peter Puślecki
Cały czas myle Pana w piśmie. Pisze o drugiej w hierarchi parti osobie na wojnie kontynentalnej i popełniam błędy. Sorki. Chodzi o Pana.
KC JONES Gün önce
Yeah most of your faves are lame, dont care your in movies, been riding longer than you, building longer too...
Lorenc Cala
Lorenc Cala 2 gün önce
Man the way he looks down as he is talking makes you respect more for who he is.
Elijah Corp
Elijah Corp 2 gün önce
Nice bike, Keanu
j c
j c 2 gün önce
He is so handsome
Эльвег Насунов
Looks and behaves like excited nerd while being a holywood star, amazing.
Xo Murderous Xo
Xo Murderous Xo 2 gün önce
I love Keanu Reeves 😍 he’s such a down to earth person. I love all of his movies too. He’s one of a kind ❤️ love all of his John wick movies, I have his skin and pick axe on fortnite hehe
Clive Roberts
Clive Roberts 3 gün önce
KEANUUUUUU!!! Good ol canadian boy
runrun 3 gün önce
love bikes all way have all ways will
Moonlight Drive
Moonlight Drive 3 gün önce
This dude just likes motorcycles... cool
Kokanno B.
Kokanno B. 3 gün önce
Is keanu Reevs Biracial?, I always thought he looked half asian.
Fabiano Strapazzon
Fabiano Strapazzon 3 gün önce
Haizaa Keanu 😊👍! Você é um mad max!
Lightning Seed
Lightning Seed 3 gün önce
Even his hobby is cool
mex55 4 gün önce
I love watching people talk about things they're passionate about
Jason Chicoine
Jason Chicoine 4 gün önce
You need to give jay leno a call he can set you up to ride any bike you want
F.B.I 4 gün önce
Wake you samurai we got a bike to ride
PXL PND 4 gün önce
How can you not love this guy
Adidas Psycho
Adidas Psycho 4 gün önce
"in a film called My Own Private Idaho.." Me: F%$K im watching that
Annette Reynolds
Annette Reynolds 4 gün önce
A guy driving a coach at 40mph hit me in the back and that put paid to my biking. I'm now permanently disabled and had to sell my V-Max. I miss it very much.
aye g
aye g 4 gün önce
my dad's a keanu fan and he loves motorcycles too so i showed this to him and he was smiling the entire time
turdle frog
turdle frog 4 gün önce
He just looks like a person who likes motorcycles
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 4 gün önce
Wow john wick🤔🤔🤔
Timo Rouw
Timo Rouw 4 gün önce
i use arch btw
Hoonatic Bloggs
Hoonatic Bloggs 4 gün önce
Wow, don’t know if I can count him as a real motorcyclist if he’s never been 150+
Melinda Colden
Melinda Colden 4 gün önce
im a rookie rider on her brand new 125cc bike and i love seeing this man so passionate about motorcycles
MATHS FEAR 5 gün önce
I don't like bikes but if I comes to my dear 😉 its soooo interesting 😂😂🔥🔥
AretnaP 3
AretnaP 3 5 gün önce
I'd Take a 1984 SUZUKI RG GAMMA 500... Over Any Of'Em!
Chester Eldo
Chester Eldo 5 gün önce
But did he register as a Motorcycle Club President?
Freddyphresh 5 gün önce
Just a great lad all around
Kabir Palamadai
Kabir Palamadai 6 gün önce
8D McBrady
8D McBrady 6 gün önce
How can he be so cool, nerdy, confident and humble all at the same time???
Marc Teleki
Marc Teleki 6 gün önce
I would love to ride one of you motorcycle I am sport cruiser lover
Ромка 921
Ромка 921 6 gün önce
Перевод бы на русском.... люблю этого актера..
clark kent
clark kent 6 gün önce
Motorcycles shows
flufffy Panda
flufffy Panda 6 gün önce
i have a bad mind 0:30
Han P
Han P 6 gün önce
rubber mounted lol i only have a rubber mounted condom :^)
Hofer Luca
Hofer Luca 6 gün önce
Keanu _Revs_
Paralolodinges 6 gün önce
can i have one :D hahaha
Dutch Glory
Dutch Glory 6 gün önce
Dear Mr Reeves, Why is it that you American's say Aluminum......It' Aluminium!!
Απόλλων Καλαμαριάς
He is the one..
Brittany Grove
Brittany Grove 7 gün önce
If you need a redhead Arch spokesmodel who has her motorcycle license I will happily take that job!
Robert Lashley
Robert Lashley 7 gün önce
He did a good job.
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor 7 gün önce
I woke up in a new Ducati
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 7 gün önce
**what shall it profit a person if they gain the whole world and lose their own soul?**
those headlights are sick where can i get one
afreena123 7 gün önce
Keanu is so lovely and knowledgeable, love him 😘😘
YGL Bull
YGL Bull 7 gün önce
I want a Arch bike now because of Keanu Reeves
J Alvarez
J Alvarez 8 gün önce
Keanu is someone very2 stay humble in the world
peter parker
peter parker 8 gün önce
Meanwhile many people are starving and or have no transportation
Peter Weir
Peter Weir 8 gün önce
worst actor in history
James Frost
James Frost 8 gün önce
God bless President Trump. MAGA MAG 2020!
Simeon Michael Peter Puślecki
I osobiście. Nie wiem czy się uda. Chciałbym dać sygnał marynarce wojennej o rozpoczęciu działań w rejonie Indii na końcu kampanii. Także jeśli Pan będzie na statku albo pan Tom Cruise. Nie wiem czy będe mógł.
Simeon Michael Peter Puślecki
Oglądam reichs "reakcje łańcuchową". To jest prosze Pana nawet scenariusz jeśli można tak to nazwać. Ale w realu. Jeśli chodzi o miejsce w hierarchi Pana.
Simeon Michael Peter Puślecki
Guten mein the second personalisty in new reźim in Europe. I'm belive to start this plans. Mayby in future at first.
黒ニワトコ 8 gün önce
Tonight I saw the coolest and most cute guy. ❤(。☌ᴗ☌。)
fatfreddy fatfreddy
fatfreddy fatfreddy 9 gün önce
Ce gars a un cœur en or , a des kilomètres des stars nombrilistes à l’ego démesuré. Un exemple pour tous.
simon sez
simon sez 9 gün önce
I don't get the s&s motor. I ride a heritage so I like harley motorse. But that bike needs a V4 like a VRod or vfr or ducati. Maybe they want air cooled.
Chin Chin
Chin Chin 9 gün önce
those motorcycles are incredibly ugly
secpac58chichi 9 gün önce
I have never seen him riding any of those super bikes - he is always on old BSA's and Triumph's (at least in LA and NYC)
Giuseppina Wick
Giuseppina Wick 9 gün önce
😘ahh.je suis amoureuse 🥰❤️❤️❤️😘
Gustavs Reders
Gustavs Reders 9 gün önce
He is SO COOL!!!!
brian mays
brian mays 9 gün önce
Keanu you need to make a motorcycle movie!
Justin Case
Justin Case 9 gün önce
Awesome MCs
Justin Case
Justin Case 9 gün önce
Allison Awesome
Allison Awesome 9 gün önce
I Love YOU KEY KEY 99.9%
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