Keane & Neville slam 'unacceptable' situation at Man Utd after disastrous start to the season!

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Gary Neville, Roy Keane, Micah Richards and Karen Carney discuss Manchester United's dreadful start to the season. They lost 2-1 to Brighton but who was to blame: the players, the manager, or the board?

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6 Ağu 2022




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The fact that McTominay and Fred were United's starting DM pairing today is very telling of how bad the club is run at the top. It is insane that anyone can watch United over the last decade, as they appointed proven manager after proven manager, and still think they are looking for the 'right man'. Not to mention the Frenkie De Jong saga is an embarrassment, especially if he ends up joining Chelsea.
Watching United fail and seeing the reactions of Neville and Keane, is proving to be one of the best comedy shows of modern times.
Watching this after the 0:4 loss at Brentford is... hilarious.
I absolutely love watching utd over the past 5 years, I actually couldn't wait for the new season to start so I could watch them more an more, an I tell u what, I got what I expected. How on earth is any manager supposed to do well with a squad like that, their starting 11 even is abysmal, never mind the bench. It's absolutely fantastic 👏🏻
She's got a point. We used to sign players out of nowhere that end up being class. Ole being one of them. We just cant do it anymore
Thought Machine
The biggest mistake in United history was appointing ole after Jose.. Jose was an authoritative man.. but ole was the exact opposite.. player's and their egos were pampered and they started taking pride in being United without actually doing much on the pitch..
Bolu Olaitan
When Jose mourinho said taking that Man Utd squad to 2nd in the league was one of his biggest achievement i thought he was overreaching at first but time keeps proving he is actually a Genius!
Erhh Sdhh
They really are struggling so much as a team right now. And I don't know why, but my instinct is telling me that this season is going to be worse than their last one. If you look at the other teams right now- Liverpool and City are the top dogs. Chelsea are a very strong side. Spurs and Arsenal have greatly improved and have solid teams. West Ham are a good team and can show up on a decent day. Newcastle have improved massively since Howe came in. That's 7 teams ahead of United. I honestly don't think they're gonna make top 6.
👈 Sonia’s Way
Watching MENU defence reminds me of our good old Mustafi days. I remember as an Arsenal fan when we had Mustafi at the back it was a nightmare. Defensively we were all over the place, there was 0 to no synchronisation at the back , anytime the ball entered our D-box it was either in Lords hand or our Goli. I can sympathise with you lots.
Sophia Miller
United's reaction to going a goal down compared to Spurs going a goal down is night and day. Spurs kicked it up a notch or two and United don't have that.
HelloThere !?!!
Love how everyone blamed Ronaldo for this teams bad play but now when they manage to have an entire pre season without him practicing another sort of play without having him “disrupt” the flow of the team on the pitch they still manage to play absolute garbage without him the first 60 then when he comes in the flow of the game actually becomes much better and it looks like the Brighton team actually had to play more defensive because now it was a goal threat on the pitch who could actually score or set up a chance as he did for Rashford but as usual mr better then Ronaldo because he presses misses it at usual
henry mcvey
“Already I’m dreading Brentford.” Prophetic!
The fact Maguire is still the captain let alone making the first eleven is absolutely baffling.
Smiley Scrubs
Man, I am really sorry for what's going on with Man United, I am from Germany and I am a FC Bayern Fan since childhood and gosh, I remember the glory days of this club, the 99 CL final, which sadly we lost, the legendary 90's team, with the NevilLe Bros, Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, the great match ups later in the early and late 2000's with Rooney, Ferdinand, the Robben Goal against united in the CL in 2010, from the corner kick at Old Trafford, all under Sir Alex, United was such a Top Team that I am really truly sorry about what is happening, I really wish they can turn it around and get back on top at some point, I really mean it, as a football fan through and trough that I am, that is my wish for this Club.
Pony Boy
Karen makes the most valid point in this whole discussion. Brighton lost Bissouma and replaced him with Caicedo who was awesome. Who does the scouting or makes player suggestion? Utd's player knowledge goes as deep as the back page of the Sun or Mirror. They either have no scouting network or think they have to sign galacticose, but they're not that club anymore!
De Van Man
Roy spot on as usual. The manager can only do so much. Time and time again that group don't work hard enough.
Imran Sheikh
The system the connection the chemistry the mentality and the the will and emotion to play are some of the key factors that united lads have lacked ever since the departure of sir Alex and the board cannot afford to overlook them any more if they want to build a functional man united. If a team symbolizes these factors and reconstructs it's foundation within it's punctuality, it could save hours of tactics and in return even bring silverware and glory.
Daniel Smith
Can’t wait to see what Roy thinks of the first half against Brentford 😂
Roy Keane is such a breath of fresh air. Calls it like it is.
Mr Pink don't tip!
Watching this after I've seen Connor Moore's impression of Neville, "This is Man Utd......"
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