Katt Williams On Kevin Hart Verzuz, Cancel Culture, Emmy Win + New Tour!

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Katt Williams sits down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss a variety of topics including his thoughts on Cancel Culture, winning an Emmy, Norm Macdonald's passing, how he dealt with life during the pandemic, his past legal issues and more.

He also shared some advice for comedians today, as well as cleared up comments about wanting a Verzuz against Kevin Hart.

You can watch him live on the 'World War III' Tour! For more info visit Ticketmaster!

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21 Eyl 2021




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Easy Mon`ey
Easy Mon`ey 12 saatler önce
I don't think Kevin Hart can step to Kat Williams.
Ashiea Smith
Ashiea Smith 12 saatler önce
Speak Kat u not in the store . NOT 4 SALE
Roxanne Bononcini
Roxanne Bononcini 16 saatler önce
#KattWilliams #Genius GOAT respectfully ❤❤❤❤❤
Derric Smith Sr
Derric Smith Sr 19 saatler önce
Imagine if Netflix in the middle of this BS with Dave Chappelle that Kat Williams gets a deal with Netflix too?😆😅🤣🤣😂 #ComedyUnleashed
Franklin F .
Franklin F . Gün önce
12:00 mgtow quotes vol-1 🎯 /. Kapp I would love to wright for 🐩. 2 weeks. ,, I'm cnote 🎯
Smooth Criminal
Smooth Criminal Gün önce
This nigga can’t live without thinking about Kevin hart.
Visual Reaction
Visual Reaction Gün önce
Alli sadiqq is way funnier
Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor 2 gün önce
Katt is DOPE AF! Ringing that moon like a bell & it wobbling is real! 💙 he spits truth if u listen really closely! 💙‼️
Daniel Goff
Daniel Goff 2 gün önce
I love kat win is he coming back 😂
Blessed 1
Blessed 1 2 gün önce
I absolutely love and adore this LEGEND❗❗❗❗ SALUTE MR. WILLIAMS ❤️
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 gün önce
denzel won an academy award for glory in 1990, 12 years before he got one for training day. get fact checked ebro
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 2 gün önce
katt saying he got arrested just for being rich and black and it shows the racism of the police. in real life he was arrested for repeated assault, gun possession, burglary, death threats, child endangerment AND NEVER ONCE WENT TO PRISON. so what does that show?
AH Winds
AH Winds 3 gün önce
Long live Mr. Katt Williams !
IAM KIMK 3 gün önce
I love that he mentioned " For God's People We understood what was going on"... I truly felt that statement.
Anthony Cobbs
Anthony Cobbs 4 gün önce
They Chapelle has more material out in cat has. And that’s no knock on Katt Williams Dave Chapelle just has a larger body of work.
D. Bigge
D. Bigge 4 gün önce
Katt put it down. I now want to meet this Katt. All these people complaining about the ocean is to salty.
Felecia Goldson
Felecia Goldson 4 gün önce
Continued: Correct, "baby mama's". 🕊
M Muhammad
M Muhammad 5 gün önce
These guys asks some stupid questions!! I thought lamestream media was bad!!
Sis Rere McB
Sis Rere McB 5 gün önce
LOVE Katt❣️
Ting från förr och nu
He is the funniest blaCk man......and the late Robin Williams is the funniest white man on stage........the ENERGY!!!!!
Michael Tra
Michael Tra 6 gün önce
I just want Katt Williams to know that the Pimp Chronicles is the only stand up set I can recite word for word
Noel Thomas
Noel Thomas 6 gün önce
Katt Williams will make a good Prince bio-
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 6 gün önce
Luv KATT .
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 6 gün önce
Nyc is FAR from back. It’s a mess.
Kandice Todd
Kandice Todd 6 gün önce
THE KING 👑 I LOVE IT…He intelligent, funny, intuitive and his strength is amazing!! I always stay down Katt….
Omiseun 18
Omiseun 18 6 gün önce
I’m not feelin dude in the the black shirt, tho his questioning was not surprising. Katt held it down as always tho.
Lesa Overton
Lesa Overton 7 gün önce
Kevin is not better than Katt.
Ernest Valentino
Ernest Valentino 7 gün önce
I love 💕 Katt but I think he stole Madea s curtains 😁
Joseph A
Joseph A 7 gün önce
Hip hop is evolving like a child with no dad.
Joseph A
Joseph A 7 gün önce
Hope the tour makes it to Texas San Antonio. I hope. If not I’ll drive to Austin or Dallas if I have to
Joseph A
Joseph A 7 gün önce
I haven’t stopped being a fan of this guy since the first time I saw him.
Kevin Gordon
Kevin Gordon 7 gün önce
Lovr Katt Williams but NY is NOT in a resurgence. They're actually in bondage now. New York has fallen, completely.
Ian Wallace
Ian Wallace 8 gün önce
Big up Katt. This is man not going with the flow but going with his flow. Respect...
Pal Joey
Pal Joey 8 gün önce
God I love me Some Katt Willams. And I know he loves his white fans just like me!!
Pamela Dunbar
Pamela Dunbar 9 gün önce
Love me some Katt Williams. He tells the whole truth!! ❤💯🎯👑
Mister Sixteen
Mister Sixteen 9 gün önce
Bro known prince since 12? That’s crazy
Lun 9 gün önce
I think Katt Williams is a brilliant. legend.
Mitchell Brock
Mitchell Brock 10 gün önce
Katt's intellect, vocabulary, and enunciation are second-to-none! And is literally one of the most unintentionally funny people on the planet. I can literally listen to this dude talk all day.
Tyra Herron
Tyra Herron 10 gün önce
I love Katt
J W 10 gün önce
My homie from the same city as me. Cincinnnati in the house
Robert Varner
Robert Varner 11 gün önce
You can be brilliant at your occupation and still make bad decisions. DMX was a brilliant rapper but he made bad decisions when it came to drugs.
rodesia2 12 gün önce
Katt is crazy funny!! Love his shows. But Katt don't act like you weren't out there wilding out. Happy for his success and the fact that he is honouring our legends while they are alive..
Gwen Jones
Gwen Jones 12 gün önce
Love the fit, love Katt period❤️❤️❤️
Builders Music
Builders Music 12 gün önce
Can’t live without the weed like Peter Tosh. Big up my weed family Jamaica and world wide. Big up Katt Williams again and again and again. We don’t do what they do at no point. My kids , my friends , my country love Katt Williams. My great grandmother is Williams also.
Builders Music
Builders Music 12 gün önce
Miss mi favorite stand up Stàr. So good to see him. I was wondering what’s going on with him. I would really love to see him in 🇯🇲 Jamaica.. I know that would be an amazing special. I know he would come to jamaica 🇯🇲 find out about the people and culture and when him Start drop jokes people would faint like a michael Jackson thing.
Lisa Edmonds
Lisa Edmonds 12 gün önce
Hey Katt!!!!!!!! Please come back and make us laugh!!!!! We love you!!!!
V.I.P. GLOBAL APPS 12 gün önce
Ryan Bland
Ryan Bland 12 gün önce
There will never be another one like him
MagicTrench 12 gün önce
My boy !!! The goat !!! Where the special Katt!? Keep going !! #GOAT
5StarFilmz 13 gün önce
"It's just amazing to be hanging with Mr Cooper" 😏
Tres 13 gün önce
“The nice ladies”....reminds me of Katt calling Wanda in the Morning “nice lady” as he schooled her...he is pure gold!!
itaekumba Jah
itaekumba Jah 13 gün önce
How it looks when you made it and not conforming to Hollywood motives - Keep Rep'n Katt
Benjamin Sadiki
Benjamin Sadiki 13 gün önce
Salute to Kat,we support u brother,Keep shining,love from South Africa 🇿🇦
Lisa Pritchett
Lisa Pritchett 14 gün önce
Rosenberg is obviously not listening to the words of Katt williams.
VADER The Kitten Channel
KATT looking dapper in that suit & hat.
S0ulR3avr93 14 gün önce
My driving outfit 🤣🤣🤣
Reese Brindle
Reese Brindle 14 gün önce
Every girl go crazy for a Sharp Dressed Man! Love this guy. He’s a light in the darkness this world is in.
Curtis Scott
Curtis Scott 14 gün önce
Katt so overrated .. He can't walk in Kevin Hart's shoe.. I never new that he was considered one of the best until 8 or 9 months ago.. so I started to watch his shows very average
kelly carter
kelly carter 14 gün önce
Let me just say one more time we love you I wasn't you once a week and you make my day every time I do it thank you for being Katt Williams
kelly carter
kelly carter 14 gün önce
You are amazing your brilliant to say that but you are amazing and Brilliant funny as hell
kelly carter
kelly carter 14 gün önce
We love you you got this and especially for the trip you are so funny we love you Keep On Keepin On
kelly carter
kelly carter 14 gün önce
Katt, you are the," King of Comedy" 2021 and on..... please continue On! Ivote Katt Williams for president love your truth
yankeez99 14 gün önce
Katt williams is a spin artist BUT hot 97 is pitching softballs. This nonsense, lets talk kinda about stuff and then let you say w.e bullshit you want without facts.
CiscoKid 14 gün önce
Wow. This interview blew my mind. This man is a brilliant man. I truly respect this man without even knowing him. But wow. I'll never see him the same. Buy I will appreciate his art even more now when I witness it.
Im dat dude!
Im dat dude! 15 gün önce
Ranesha Edwards
Ranesha Edwards 15 gün önce
Funniest man on earth noe
Michelle Martin
Michelle Martin 15 gün önce
Love Kat!!!!
Jeffrey Nunez
Jeffrey Nunez 16 gün önce
I really hope that Kevin Williams did not sell out I see you a lot of blue Freemason in him And you people are hot 97 you should feel ashamed of yourself I get it you got a family for For me it's easy to talk like this and to stay consistent All I have is my immediate family.
KINGMii Tha Great
KINGMii Tha Great 16 gün önce
Kat always speaking facts and from the heart 💯#respect 🎙️
Shareef golden
Shareef golden 16 gün önce
Does he have a podcast cause hes always speaking real truth
Walter Mazyck
Walter Mazyck 16 gün önce
Yoooo is this niggga hi
Saundra Holmes
Saundra Holmes 17 gün önce
As always, much respect, Mr. Williams. Much respect indeed!
Iris Essex
Iris Essex 17 gün önce
I miss this guy’s comedy talk about funny….he’s the man to bring the laughter. Hope he’s doing great.
Sienna Poulsen
Sienna Poulsen 17 gün önce
Katt Williams… the Legend that walks among us ❤️🏆
Sienna Poulsen
Sienna Poulsen 17 gün önce
The fact that Katt gets dressed up for a skype interview is so endearing. You can tell he respects these guys in how he talks.
Joslyn Hester
Joslyn Hester 17 gün önce
Dressed to the 9's in a chair 💙👑
dezertease 17 gün önce
For some reason I can't stomach these two assclowns. I just love Katt, and the ish we'll do for love.
Pauline Ackermann
Pauline Ackermann 18 gün önce
They're out for you because you're Christian, not because you're black or rich, and you tell too much truth. That will not be tolerated.~:>
Trinty T Awareness
Trinty T Awareness 18 gün önce
Shout out Katt
pinkdreamer04 18 gün önce
I love Katt Williams!
GARY GIBSON 18 gün önce
Katt speaks the Truths that makes the Gate Keepers uncomfortable. Because Katt doesn't seek or need their validation (being in the store) They are forced to Award him in an attempt to valid themselves. Smart Katt move. Checkmate!
i1der78 18 gün önce
Aaaaand that was the moment Rosenberg realized he wasn't as smart as he thought he was.
ReallyWell 18 gün önce
Glad to see one of the real ones still thriving.
She Said That 28
She Said That 28 19 gün önce
Facts Katt!
She Said That 28
She Said That 28 19 gün önce
Excellent job Katt!
She Said That 28
She Said That 28 19 gün önce
Go head Katt!!!!!
tradz house
tradz house 19 gün önce
Basically what we're saying, is that the Comedian-Versus Set-up sh0uld be similar t0 say, 'Wild "N 0ut' - j0ke 4 j0ke, rather than 0ld sk00l 1hr f0r 1hr ye dig! Either way, it's a battle ;)
Dale Rich
Dale Rich 19 gün önce
Katt is a clown, his material is rerun after rerun
King Ceaze
King Ceaze 19 gün önce
I actually had a chance to see Katt perform in Ac “he is truly funny” one of the best on the stage ever… I would like to see his show in NY
Marci Christina
Marci Christina 19 gün önce
I loved him in Hawaii
Marci Christina
Marci Christina 19 gün önce
He's so brilliant
Charlotte Allen
Charlotte Allen 19 gün önce
This is so good I watched it twice!!
horus44102 19 gün önce
Live in the UK and Katt a legend!!
ChoppedByT Podcast
ChoppedByT Podcast 19 gün önce
This interview is why Katt Williams and Dave Chappelle are probably top-2 when it comes to comedians. They're naturally funny (that's a given), but they speak so much truth and are gifted storytellers as well!
blazecityinc24 19 gün önce
My favorite comedian
harrylfullen 20 gün önce
Let's get back too the music÷
harrylfullen 20 gün önce
Per say! If you where White!
Chuck Chillout
Chuck Chillout 20 gün önce
36:30 Katt takin shots with tha lil smack after he sip frm his pimp cup😁😁😁 But he's 100% rt
UNKNOWN X 20 gün önce
That jacket and shirt is jumpin
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White vs red ice cream challenge #Shorts