Kate's Expressions During The Queen's Procession Say It All

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It's hard not to show any emotion at all, and some Twitter users watching the procession of the queen's casket noticed some coming through on Kate Middleton's face. Here's what they saw.

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14 Eyl 2022




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The List
Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II.
Kate seems truly dedicated to her husband and Royalty. She follows directions well and loves the entire public relations among royals. She does a good job and makes them look good.
When my mother passed 19 yrs ago I lost it before, during and after the funeral. I could not stop crying. After she was buried I couldn't stay away from the cemetery. I was completely lost without her. The only person who could pull me out of my grief was my sister-in-law. She'd get me out of the house and drive me up to the Smokies because she knew I loved it there. She made me laugh when I wanted to cry. I couldn't have gotten through losing my mother without my sister-in-laws help.
Betsy Lawson
The Queen was a perfect example of strength, grace and composure. Her family exhibited the same qualities. Princess Anne was a rock, she was fabulous. Princess Katherine was strength as well. They honored the Queen well.
My heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine not being able to show emotion. Especially from someone you were so close to. Grandmothers are so special. I just lost mine back on August 17th and I haven’t been the same. Regardless of all the drama you can see the pain in all of them. Once the family Matriarch is gone it’s like the main thread that holds the family together is gone. I pray that they all find peace and healing through this most difficult time. completely!
Katherine is absolutely stunning. So much elegance, poise, humility and beauty in this woman. What a gem.
Pamela Hermano
Imagine being scrutinized this closely. Mad respect for Princess Catherine for handling everything with such grace and class.
hen ko
Imagine being scrutinized this closely. Mad respect for Princess Catherine for handling everything with such grace and class.
Kate is regal. It is hard to imagine how the family kept it together in front of the public.
This hurts my heart. Her family loved her. Many memories play through their minds and to exploit any of those is unfair. RIP. Ma’am.
Meghan Vidler
I’ve never been more grateful to be “ordinary” and able to grieve the loss of my parent in relative privacy, without the glare and criticism of the world.
Stephanie Ellis
Having cared for and buried my mother, I know how exhausting the entire process of aging, losing health and vitality, death, and laying them to rest is. I cannot imagine the seemingly endless days of events this family has to endure. Then to be expected to keep the well known British "stiff upper lip" with cameras focused everywhere looking for a flaw. God bless them all. 🙏 Rest peacefully, Queen Elizabeth. You did well, very well indeed. 💕
I watched a great interview with Queen Rania who said that all the queens of the world would consult her Majesty for her wisdom as there has been no other woman in their position for as long as she and it was her Majesty who helped them in their roles in their countries and inspired them. What a legacy, influencing Royals, politicians and the public alike.
S Neyhart
The truth is, she is not the only one grieving. They all are. Just because they grieve differently doesn't mean they aren't.
Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW
Kate has lost the UK’s longest and most unique mentor, and also a grandmother who understood the position her own children were in like no one else could. I don’t think everyday civilians can fathom the magnitude of the loss she must be feeling.
Abbie McKendrick
Ive never cried at funerals, only days after, after having enough time to process the death and realize it really happened
Tina McMichael
I lost it when my mother passed. Ive been told a large part of me went with momma when God called her home. It did, but they angrily say it! For 3 years, I'm told and still break down and cry. I was always there. She had a stroke. Where she went, I went. She gave me a special birthday card acknowledging everything. Even with the stroke, she knew I was by her side, and I talked on. She said the sweetest things in the bd card. If I could say one little nugget to help anyone along, it would be.... Momma told me she would always be with me in spirit and called me her angel.. My condolences. I pray strength and peace for the rest of their lives....💙
Brien McNally
It is almost cruel what is expected of this family. The physical and emotional strain must be almost unbearable. I truly sympathize with them in their grief. May God bless them and give them strength. God bless Queen Elizabeth. A job well done by a gracious lady. The world will miss her more than we know.
Thuy Pham
I really adore this woman. She's always elegant, humble, working silently without whining and complaining
John Carsone
It has to be so difficult to grieve publicly. Heartbreak is written all over their faces. Noone would fault tears from any one of them.