Kate's Expressions During The Queen's Procession Say It All 

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It's hard not to show any emotion at all, and some Twitter users watching the procession of the queen's casket noticed some coming through on Kate Middleton's face. Here's what they saw.
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14 Eyl 2022




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The List
The List Yıl önce
Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II.
stardustgirl Yıl önce
Kate looks very tired and worn out and she's looking older than her age! It's sad to see her this way!
D H Yıl önce
Princess Kate Woman of GOD Masterpiece Beautiful Compassionate Loyal Royal charming caring interesting
Mr Jagoff
Mr Jagoff Yıl önce
Yeah right
stickywicket Yıl önce
When my mother passed 19 yrs ago I lost it before, during and after the funeral. I could not stop crying. After she was buried I couldn't stay away from the cemetery. I was completely lost without her. The only person who could pull me out of my grief was my sister-in-law. She'd get me out of the house and drive me up to the Smokies because she knew I loved it there. She made me laugh when I wanted to cry. I couldn't have gotten through losing my mother without my sister-in-laws help.
Isha Agni
Isha Agni Yıl önce
I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope you are doing better now
MAR HEM Yıl önce
Kate is taking it hard
shariys1 Yıl önce
What a wonderful gift to you your sis-in-law is! So very sorry for your loss.
Crystal Yıl önce
I am so sorry for your loss. When my mother passed away a year ago at the young age of 52, it broke my heart, that her ex partner and my brother lied to me about her funeral date, so I was unable to attend. It is heart shattering, as my mother and I were extremely close and I didn't get to say my final goodbyes. You are lucky and fortunate you were able to honour your mother and her wishes. P.S. my mother was cremated, so I have no resting place to visit.
Lena Yıl önce
so sorry for yr loss
Kedo Yıl önce
Kate seems truly dedicated to her husband and Royalty. She follows directions well and loves the entire public relations among royals. She does a good job and makes them look good.
amy shoemaker
amy shoemaker Yıl önce
Kedo...it's all game and facade of the royals
BamaMom0225 Yıl önce
Right. If she ever finds herself without a job waving a tourists and cutting ribbons she would be a shoe in for Princess Belle at Disney. No training necessary
Sherry Cooper
Sherry Cooper Yıl önce
She seem unhappy
amy shoemaker
amy shoemaker Yıl önce
@Sherry Cooper...yep they all seem " unhappy" ...due to a lack of real problems in their lives
M.E.D. Yıl önce
She wants to be Queen
Betsy Lawson
Betsy Lawson Yıl önce
The Queen was a perfect example of strength, grace and composure. Her family exhibited the same qualities. Princess Anne was a rock, she was fabulous. Princess Katherine was strength as well. They honored the Queen well.
bibi sweet
bibi sweet 11 aylar önce
The queen didn't do shit
MDianne Wear
MDianne Wear 6 aylar önce
@bibi sweet She kept the two boys with her at Balmoroo...for a week..public was annoyed because she was not at Windsor Castle. Queen came second week with both Princes and did public appearances 👈💕
Quaker 2023
Quaker 2023 6 aylar önce
Last time i checked, her name is Catherine, Princess of Wales.
Kedo Yıl önce
My heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine not being able to show emotion. Especially from someone you were so close to. Grandmothers are so special. I just lost mine back on August 17th and I haven’t been the same. Regardless of all the drama you can see the pain in all of them. Once the family Matriarch is gone it’s like the main thread that holds the family together is gone. I pray that they all find peace and healing through this most difficult time.
JV 9999
JV 9999 Yıl önce
Why don't you try writing an original comment rather than copying one.
lissainlenoir Yıl önce
Lost my mother on September 4. She was 97 and the matriarch. We are planning a trip back to her hometown to help deal with the emotions of the loss. I sympathize with you 😞
lissainlenoir Yıl önce
@JV 9999 you might also try having a little pity on someone who just buried a family member. Now that's not an original concept but at least it's a human one
Angela Colon
Angela Colon Yıl önce
@lissainlenoir This comment was copied from the person above. 😑
Tasch Can
Tasch Can Yıl önce
.. its all about the rule...
PixelStacker Yıl önce
My heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine not being able to show emotion. Especially from someone you were so close to. Grandmothers are so special. I just lost mine back on August 17th and I haven’t been the same. Regardless of all the drama you can see the pain in all of them. Once the family Matriarch is gone it’s like the main thread that holds the family together is gone. I pray that they all find peace and healing through this most difficult time. completely!
A vida sem gluten
When the person is good you feel sadness, but this queen is not what she shows in public...
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz Yıl önce
I think the whole world should pay respect to the Great Queen and close all businesses, hospitals, government offices, and TV stations around the world for a week. It's a small sacrifice that we have to endure compared to all the heroic achievements the Queen has done for the entire world. She is more heroic than any soldier, she is holier than the Pope himself.
Vivian S
Vivian S Yıl önce
@Tom Cruz Why should people suffer with hospitals being closed for a week?. Absolutely not!
F R Yıl önce
@Tom Cruz you need to get off the drugs
Shelly Lang
Shelly Lang Yıl önce
My Grandfather passed away August 17th as well, but his passing was in 2001. My Grandmother passed away October 4, 2019. I was extremely close to both of them. I have parents, but they are very crappy parents and not in my life, so my grandmother and my grandfather were basically my parents. Even today I want to pick up the phone and call them, but unfortunately I can't. However, when I'm home alone I will talk to them out loud. I tell them often how much I miss them and how much I love them. They come into my dreams almost every night. I really wish they were still here.
hen ko
hen ko Yıl önce
Imagine being scrutinized this closely. Mad respect for Princess Catherine for handling everything with such grace and class.
Camille Yıl önce
I suppose the money helps
HelloKittykat21 Yıl önce
I watched a great interview with Queen Rania who said that all the queens of the world would consult her Majesty for her wisdom as there has been no other woman in their position for as long as she and it was her Majesty who helped them in their roles in their countries and inspired them. What a legacy, influencing Royals, politicians and the public alike.
Vicki Evans
Vicki Evans 8 aylar önce
Tatiana Romanov
Tatiana Romanov Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing that.
Kristin Strickland
Kristin Strickland 29 gün önce
No one knew her views on a single thing. How much influence can a person like that have?
Meghan Vidler
Meghan Vidler Yıl önce
I’ve never been more grateful to be “ordinary” and able to grieve the loss of my parent in relative privacy, without the glare and criticism of the world.
Garvin Yıl önce
Then you shouldn't be watching if you think that give them their privacy
Diane McCloud
Diane McCloud 11 aylar önce
@ Meghan Vidler, I totally agree, and all have their skeletons in the closet....all....
Stephanie Ellis
Stephanie Ellis Yıl önce
Having cared for and buried my mother, I know how exhausting the entire process of aging, losing health and vitality, death, and laying them to rest is. I cannot imagine the seemingly endless days of events this family has to endure. Then to be expected to keep the well known British "stiff upper lip" with cameras focused everywhere looking for a flaw. God bless them all. 🙏 Rest peacefully, Queen Elizabeth. You did well, very well indeed. 💕
anna maria nalumansi
This woman has so much class and grace....
Pamela Meadows
Pamela Meadows 4 aylar önce
So I went back and watched what this was talking about with her gulping back her emotions and it really choked me up. It makes so much sense that the queen would want to spend time with Catherine to help prepare her way for being the future Queen. It even says a lot about Catherine that she would embrace the queen and take advantage of all she could learn from her. I remember seeing Catherine showing the Queen the garden that she had been apart of.
2blutigers Yıl önce
Kate is regal. It is hard to imagine how the family kept it together in front of the public.
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham Yıl önce
They have my admiration - what an ordeal for anyone!
Protocol. You're not supposed to show emotion in public and her hat choice was brilliant because it covered most of her face from most angles
R J Yıl önce
Kate was trained, nothing regal when your trained.
Garvin Yıl önce
What else have they got to do except pretend their supervisor to all humanity
Kaiyla Mart
Kaiyla Mart Yıl önce
She looks more evil than regal. If even the King himself could show emotions, who's Kate.
sandahlzoo Yıl önce
This hurts my heart. Her family loved her. Many memories play through their minds and to exploit any of those is unfair. RIP. Ma’am.
bonanzatime Yıl önce
I hope I live long enough to see her become Queen. She fits the role perfect.
common sense
common sense Yıl önce
I agree, I want to see Princess Catherine rise to Queen soon actually! She is the epitome of what I picture as a true royal in emotional, intellectual, physical, and psychological ways. I know she isn't perfect, but she is like the perfect role model for a queen to a king like William. William and Catherine just seem like a fairytale monarchy and I would love to still be alive seeing them together and appointed as King and Queen. They seem to be the best part of the royal family since the late precious Queen Elizabeth II, and I want to see that type of reign continue.
your dad
your dad 11 aylar önce
Why? and 'common sense' your name is antithetical to your comment, fix one
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Yıl önce
Princess Catherine' is the epitome of grace and dignity. Even under extremely sad and exhausting circumstances She is remaining Gracious.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Yıl önce
This hurts my heart. Her family loved her. Many memories play through their minds and to exploit any of those is unfair. RIP. Ma’am.
Jude in LA
Jude in LA Yıl önce
Holding in tears is a huge sign of strength. Now, she can grief in peace without the public watching.
Love you Real
Love you Real Yıl önce
You are truly right THANK YOU ❤❤
no name no name
no name no name Yıl önce
my phone
my phone Yıl önce
It’s not a sign of strength it’s a sign of oppression. People should be allowed to grieve
StochasticGreen Yıl önce
I don't think so, it's just the pressure of having to behave a certain way and she's always been good at that. If she would of been crying outwardly she would be just as strong. 🤷🏻‍♀️
God HG
God HG Yıl önce
The tears that are shed should be for the Atrocities done in African so this family can prosper.
Just Me
Just Me 2 aylar önce
This is such a powerful picture! Worth a million words. Says all you need to know about the relationship with HMTQ. It is heartbreaking & beautiful at the same time
Xavier Yıl önce
Oh my goodness I can see the gulp 😢. How strong she must be to hold back those tears. Do you know how hard it is to not let a single tear fall when you are truly grieving? 😔
John kearns
John kearns Yıl önce
Catherine should be allowed to cry
Jelly Belly Fun
Jelly Belly Fun Yıl önce
It's called self control, not strength.
Jelly Belly Fun
Jelly Belly Fun Yıl önce
@John kearns 100% agree. It's a natural human emotion to losing a loved one. There is something wrong if you aren't crying at the loss of someone you loved.
Funk Wiccas
Funk Wiccas Yıl önce
Ahh! @xavier ... your humor is priceless! 🤣🤣🤣
Kristine Kruszelnicki
I honestly don't understand the big deal about their tears. Everyone else gets to bawl and be a damned mess at a funeral of a loved-one but they're expected to look stoic and not cry? Seems messed up! I'm glad there was a private ceremony after the comital that was reserved only for the family and away from the eyes of the media! They needed a chance to just weep over their mom and grandma like a normal fricken human family!
Night Reader
Night Reader Yıl önce
With such a lovely person as the Queen, it is hard to NOT show emotion with her passing.
ChatGPT 4 aylar önce
Kate is the epitome of class in a modern era
Anita Virdee
Anita Virdee Yıl önce
Catherine is an incredible person so kind so loving so devoted to her family 😢❤
Elise Fincher
Elise Fincher Yıl önce
I can't even fathom losing a loved one but to have your grieving process scrutinized in the way it's being done. I was an absolute mess for a while after my dad passed away. I really know I'd not be able to process anything if I had to have the world watching me process and go through the stages of grief with a microscope and scrutinizing it.
steve webb
steve webb Yıl önce
Be prepared because it happens to us all one day .If you're unlucky like my mum who was cheated of natural life by Chinease man made covid . It is far worse for families to accept the loss , than a woman living a full 96 years .
Lydia Lily
Lydia Lily Yıl önce
@The Red Hot Chili Peppers Sex Offender Playlist!! what has that got to do with the Queens death !
Heinrich Logan
Heinrich Logan Yıl önce
Thought as much, I had gotten emotional watching this, how you doing @Elise Fincher
John Carsone
John Carsone Yıl önce
It has to be so difficult to grieve publicly. Heartbreak is written all over their faces. Noone would fault tears from any one of them.
M.E.D. Yıl önce
It wasn’t her grandmother or mother
Quaker 2023
Quaker 2023 6 aylar önce
@M.E.D. So? How many people were angry at Queen Elizabeth when Princess Diana died? None were related, but the outrage was real.
AllThingsLifeAndBeauty 11 aylar önce
Yes, people being human, showing emotions, the world needs more real people like Princess Catherine
Tina McMichael
Tina McMichael Yıl önce
I lost it when my mother passed. Ive been told a large part of me went with momma when God called her home. It did, but they angrily say it! For 3 years, I'm told and still break down and cry. I was always there. She had a stroke. Where she went, I went. She gave me a special birthday card acknowledging everything. Even with the stroke, she knew I was by her side, and I talked on. She said the sweetest things in the bd card. If I could say one little nugget to help anyone along, it would be.... Momma told me she would always be with me in spirit and called me her angel.. My condolences. I pray strength and peace for the rest of their lives....💙
S N Yıl önce
The truth is, she is not the only one grieving. They all are. Just because they grieve differently doesn't mean they aren't.
Expat Moose
Expat Moose Yıl önce
Here here, even if Charles flies of the handle cos of a “bloody Pen” let him get on with it, cate being the one with a gulp at a funeral, we tend to forget the royals are as human as we are….on another note, not sure how many people look behind the scenes of what’s going on rather than gasbagging about Meghan, who’s putting her in the forefront.?.? The average joe and the media that’s who, stop going on about her, let her go back to US and live her life if that’s what she wants, one day (I hope) Harry may wake up and come home….
allisonpetamber earlpetamber
Well said
Nora J, Jones
Nora J, Jones 7 aylar önce
@Expat Moose - I think the main reason Charles was so angry about the pen is because it is a historical document. After hearing a historian report, I understood his outburst.
Expat Moose
Expat Moose 7 aylar önce
@Nora J, Jones sure I agreed with that, my point was as a Royal no matter what reason he’s entitled to get angry over something like any other person
Southern Yıl önce
Thank God for Princess Catherine. She has remained kind, respectful and loyal. Watching her hold back all her sadness was painful.
Gladys Drouin
Gladys Drouin Yıl önce
RenStarburst Yıl önce
While Meghan markle was almost smiling and looked like she dont care at all
AngelWings Yıl önce
Eve Lim De la Cruz Alejandro Talde .
Katherine is bad woman.Fake
Angela Ross
Angela Ross Yıl önce
@Eve Lim De la Cruz Alejandro Talde . proof!!!!!
thriving development
Catherine, Princess of Wales is one of my role models. Not because she is a real-life princess, but because I find her grace, sophistication, honour, class, and strength inspiring. She has an air of modesty and realness. She is down to earth and brings and her big smile brings such calm and warmth. I should also mention that I am not British and I wasn't even a huge fan of the royal family. I just love her.
Serena Atkins
Serena Atkins Yıl önce
thriving development
@Serena Atkins You don't have to introduce yourself, sugar!
Lisa Wentworth
Lisa Wentworth Yıl önce
she is a class act...
Titan Dragon
Titan Dragon Yıl önce
It must be very difficult to say goodbye to your loved ones in public. I suppose people forget sometimes that the Royal family are just a family at the end of the day. They mourn as we mourn. The difference is, the whole world isn’t watching your every move. I feel very strange myself, having the Queen gone. She’s been here for my entire 44 years of life. I can’t imagine losing my parents. I’m lucky that they are both functional and healthy at 81 and 82 years of age. But I realise how real death is now. It sounds strange to say. But when we are younger we think that life lasts forever. So I will cherish every bit of time that I have left with my parents. It’s hard to even fathom them being gone one day.
Crash Hard
Crash Hard 9 aylar önce
I didn't have parents, I lived where a family lived but was not a favorite as my so called siblings was a favorite to one of them each. I have never had anyone to turn to, and was grateful when Child Protective Services took me and moved me 700 miles away from them. I am 58 yrs old and have not ever picked up a phone and called. One evil sibling found me and showed up at my doorstep. I shut the door and called a cab. So be grateful you have parents worthy of such love.
Barbara Hirsch
Barbara Hirsch Yıl önce
There is no way I could have not gotten emotional and cried, sometimes you just have to let it go, sometimes there is no control, it just happens😢
hurst Yıl önce
Hello Barbara, how are you doing?
AV zeolla
AV zeolla Yıl önce
It’s a parent that Will and Kate fell in love on their own when they were much younger. She knows her role in all this pageantry and she plays it well.
Eva St-Val
Eva St-Val Yıl önce
I share the pain with all members of the family and all the people in this country, this is a beautiful family inside a beautiful country inside, outside with class and love they handle the circumstances with respect, love and reverence to their Queen, their mother, their grandmother who they love so much. May she rest in peace.
Jennifer MacNicholl
Jennifer MacNicholl 6 aylar önce
I give them all lots of credit. I can't hold back tears 😢
Janet Gray
Janet Gray Yıl önce
I applaud all of the Royals as they mourned the loss of their Queen. They were so stoic that they could not mourn as the public did with tears flowing down their cheeks. I am sure that they have had their moments but still. When my Mom’s casket laid in the entrance of our church for viewing and for those to pay their respects, believe me, their were plenty of tears shed by me and my siblings. It was so emotional that I could hardly contain myself. I took care of my mother in the last 6 to 8 weeks she was alive. We had just lost my husbands mother 3 months before. I was a mess! May God watch over them as they grieve and may Queen Elizabeth Rest In Peace.
A M Yıl önce
People think it’s not that hard to lose an elderly person….and it really is. You’ve known them longer.
Quaker 2023
Quaker 2023 6 aylar önce
That depends on the age YOU were when the elderly died. Prince Louis won’t be as sad as Prince William about the Queen’s passing, he’s only four years old. He’ll likely be sad when he’s Prince George’s age.
Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson Yıl önce
I can't even fathom how hard this must be. They've had to deal with this grief for so many days in the public eye. I've tried not to watch too many videos. I can't imagine what it must be like to go through this while a billion people watch.
Innocent Nemesis
Innocent Nemesis Yıl önce
Kate has lost the UK’s longest and most unique mentor, and also a grandmother who understood the position her own children were in like no one else could. I don’t think everyday civilians can fathom the magnitude of the loss she must be feeling.
Irene Lipare
Irene Lipare Yıl önce
Up iyo
Horna Mcintosh
Horna Mcintosh Yıl önce
Remember she is going to be the first lady of the next 4 monarchy. She has a lot on her plate. Let us all pray for strength for her. I think she has learned more she knows from the Queen 👸.
Deborah Runnells
Deborah Runnells Yıl önce
Love you Real
Love you Real Yıl önce
Gamayun Yıl önce
Katherine is absolutely stunning. So much elegance, poise, humility and beauty in this woman. What a gem.
Time Traveler
Time Traveler Yıl önce
She truly is! Catherine is the real deal with timeless grace. She will continue to make the Queen proud.❤
Halloweenville. 9 aylar önce
She's the closest thing to Lady Diana we have got. In fact i think she is even more genuine , as she doesn't ever carry any drama around with her. Even if she is suffering with personal pain, she doesn't drag it into the media.
personaking7 9 aylar önce
She's older than wm and it shows
Star power ALDC
Star power ALDC 9 aylar önce
My name is Catherine I’m honored
Quaker 2023
Quaker 2023 6 aylar önce
@personaking7 your brown eyes are turning green, megain.
Hostile Yıl önce
It is awesome to have someone you feel safe with, when you are surrounded by a good many that want to wrong you. It feels different inside, at least for me...
Marolyn Dycus
Marolyn Dycus Yıl önce
By the expressions on her face says it all. She truly loved the Queen
Murad Yıl önce
К сожалению в нынешнее время уже нельзя назвать другого человека, которого так искренне бы уважали так много людей по всему миру
Blandine Antonacci
Beaucoup de courage...Vive l'Angleterre..vive la Reine Élisabeth ❣❣
Sheila Rogers
Sheila Rogers Yıl önce
I’m just going to say it …. I absolutely adore Princess Catherine ❤ She is everything a royal should be. She balances her royal duties so perfectly with class , grace , humility and tact. I have so much respect for her. The Princess and the Prince of Wales are fantastic parents and will be a phenomenal King 🤴 and Queen 🫅 one day . Praying for the comfort of all the royal family during this sad time 🙏🏻😢🙏🏻😢🙏🏻😢
Cathy Denby
Cathy Denby Yıl önce
I wouldn’t be so sure who would of thought that a woman who was hated by the monarchy & The public would hold the title of Q shock Spit on The one Royals grave that nobody could be compared too,, Diana The People’s Princess was treated like shit by servants & staff not to mention her family Charles wished he was Camilla’s tampon 🙈 I don’t forget the leaked phone calls He was refused to marry her & look at them now Love prevailed but at what price the miserable life Diana had her boys were everything he tried to take that from her too, I bet she’s so Proud of both her boys William would make a better King than his grandma was Queen but nothing is set in stone if we were a decade behind there would be outrage at Camilla’s position it would be a nice gesture if Meghan wasn’t treated like shit,, she loves Harry & fools say she was more about his Royal Title then why the fk did she leave because Harry knows what his mother went through she would be always compared to Kate even as kids William & Harry “The heir & the spare” absolutely disgusting all these stupid Rules need to STOP Charles was dizzy on his feet 40 mins walking behind a coffin Jesus come on then stood in the chapel in a time when William should be consoling his wife The Queen had her Favs we all know that even when it came to her own kids,, the Royal guard that passed out and smashed his face off the floor bless him Rules Rules it’s ok to a certain extent but the children can’t be playful or cranky must be good now look up at the very noisy fighter flights and smile don’t cover your ears & cry your a toddler now 🙈
Rachel S. White
Rachel S. White Yıl önce
The British pay deeply for them to act that way with their taxes. The royals have had comfort for centuries.
Sheila Rogers
Sheila Rogers Yıl önce
@Rachel S. White They absolutely do live in comfort and privilege. No doubt about that .
Maynards so blue
Maynards so blue Yıl önce
Total opposite of Megan markle
common sense
common sense Yıl önce
I totally agree with you about the Princess and cannot understand the commenters who trash Kate when she has done nothing to soil the reputation of the royals unlike her brother-in-law and many others who have degraded the family. Kate has been priceless in manner, elegance, decorum, sacrifice, elegance, support, and as the mother of future monarchs. She fulfilled everything expected, plus she is now able to expand her wings as Queen Consort! She is truly amazing. I believe the Queen truly loved her!
Alisha Meadows
Alisha Meadows Yıl önce
The Royal ladies have done a wonderful wonderful job in grieving whilst showing their commitment to the Royal family and the British nation. We are so so lucky to have the Royal family. My ❤️ goes out to the Royals having to grieve in such a public way. Having lost very close family members myself I cannot imagine how you find the strength to grieve on such a public platform. The Queen would have been so so proud of you all and she knows that her legacy is in very safe hands. Her ❤️ for you all will help you through the day’s ahead. There will come a time in the future when you can look back and smile and laugh with something she used to say or do and these things will bring comfort. My ❤️ and prayers are with you all at this very sad time. I’m so proud to be British ❤️🇬🇧
Poppy Popstar
Poppy Popstar 9 aylar önce
An absolute role model in every way. Love you Princess Catherine 👑
Anneliese Paule
Anneliese Paule 9 aylar önce
She acts like a robot. She must feel terrible on the inside.
Duarte Cardoso
Duarte Cardoso 9 aylar önce
@Anneliese Paule No she's not...because she's my xoxo🥰
MrRogueGman 9 aylar önce
Addtionaly, it is Katherine. Not Catherine.
Duarte Cardoso
Duarte Cardoso 9 aylar önce
@MrRogueGman They used to be nice to me but, fairly, but now they treat me like shit...I'm gonna leave them here for sure...one minute they r ok, kind of, next min they r screaming on top of their lunges, they are definitly being witchcrafted, this ain't normal...
Janet Breckon
Janet Breckon Yıl önce
Bless her heart, my prayers go out to her. So heart broken, as are the other family members.
Kedo Yıl önce
I truly miss the days when grief, pain and suffering could be kept private. Now we have to know what EVERYONE is doing, thinking and saying 24/7. And if that isn’t bad enough we JUDGE it, criticize it and complain about it. Humanity is the biggest threat to humanity. My God give these people PEACE and COMFORT-not a camera focusing in on their every expression or frustration. I feel for them all and pray no one just collapses from the pressure.
George Lewis
George Lewis 9 aylar önce
I adore Kate's facial expression🌹
Luxury Hub
Luxury Hub Yıl önce
I genuinely miss the times when sorrow, anguish, and pain could be kept secret. Now, we must constantly be aware of what EVERYONE is doing, thinking, and saying. Additionally, we JUDGE it, condemn it, and whine about it as if that weren't horrible enough. The greatest danger to humanity is humanity itself. Give these individuals PEACE and COMFORT, not a camera that zooms in on every sign of annoyance or displeasure, please God. I hope none of them pass out from the strain as I feel for them all.
Kimberly Moore
Kimberly Moore Yıl önce
I think it's really really horrible that people that people focus on their facial expressions and put them under such a spotlight. I think that everyone needs to leave these people alone. Show them grace and give them space to feel what they need to feel.
Zebras Adventure
Zebras Adventure Yıl önce
I am still crying , what a lovely people our Royals . It feels hard not to able to give them huge hug and send my love to them at this difficult times .
Soussan Sabra
Soussan Sabra Yıl önce
She’s upset beyond belief I pray for her it hurts me to see this beautiful woman under this much pain for the late Queen. I root for her health and wellness 😔🙏🏻
Whisper flame
Whisper flame Yıl önce
Kate is truly an admirable woman. She's truly a heartfelt and loving part of the royal family. She will make an amazing queen someday.
Angie Williams
Angie Williams 8 aylar önce
I have to say, I’ve watched a ton of celebrity and high rank funerals on tv and this was the first one where I actually respected the cameramen. Usually they zoom in on the family and loved ones trying to catch them doing something juicy but this time when it came to the super emotional parts, they zoomed out and focused on something else to allow them to have their moment and compose themselves before the cameras went back to them. I get why they have to be stoic all the time but I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who would criticize them for showing emotions during a time like that.
They were clearly close, every time they had an event, the Queen smiles so much seeing Princess Kate.
OceanSwimmer Yıl önce
Catherine, the Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge is one of my favorite people. I've never seen her put a foot wrong, ever. She has accepted her role with strength, grace, and intelligence while raising a family and of course being a loving, loyal, and supportive wife, mother, and daughter. I pray she, William, and her children are blessed and protected by the Lord's Divine Grace always.
Brudzool Yıl önce
Kate is a wonderful young woman. It’s not a surprise she was close to the Queen.
Giuliano Sánchez
Se la ve una mujer integra y valiente!!
Brien McNally
Brien McNally Yıl önce
It is almost cruel what is expected of this family. The physical and emotional strain must be almost unbearable. I truly sympathize with them in their grief. May God bless them and give them strength. God bless Queen Elizabeth. A job well done by a gracious lady. The world will miss her more than we know.
Interrupting Cow2
Must be so hard to show grace during an event that rarely happens then living in luxury for the remainder of the year.
A Beautiful Country
@Interrupting Cow2 Live in luxury yes, but expected to work until death.
Frank Vanga
Frank Vanga Yıl önce
@A Beautiful Country work? 😂😂😂
JB Yıl önce
@A Beautiful Country 90% on this planet work til death and never experience luxury. Did these people actually work for the luxury they have. I’m sure you believe so…
Sheila Hunter
Sheila Hunter Yıl önce
@JB Yessss 💯% agree with you!
Daniela Pagliaro
Daniela Pagliaro 9 aylar önce
Princess Catherine is the epitome of grace and beauty!
Basia Sidor
Basia Sidor Yıl önce
I am full of appreciation for Princess Anna, in this very difficult time, in addition, in the light of the cameras, she shows stoic calm and dignity. Sympathy, Princess Anna.
BillyAlabama 11 aylar önce
Catherine always has an unerring sense of how to conduct herself. She will be a magnificent queen.
AM Hunter
AM Hunter Yıl önce
I approached this fearing that people were going to start being spiteful about Kate. Frankly I think she's amazing and I'm happy to hear that so do most people. If she continues in the way she's going she's going to earn the nation's hearts when her time comes, just as her husband's grandmother has done.
Candace Leduc
Candace Leduc Yıl önce
Everyday since the Queen died, I have been watching all the videos. I'm exhausted, but I can't even imagine how difficult it is for the entire family. The Queen was such a wonderful devoted, strong, feisty & funny woman with a smile that lit up the room, and watching all the videos and pictures of the past made me love her more. I miss her already. She may not be my Queen, but she is my Queen, in my heart. I loved so many things about this glorious & iconic woman. God bless your family and I hope you support each other through this terrible time and continue to do that through the years. Family is so important. You don't want to live with regrets, so make the very best of it now.
Some Guy on YouTube
Not every family is important. Some families hurt their families. Don't be ignorant. And yes my family sucks and has stolen estate money and disrespected each other
Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson Yıl önce
@ Candace Well said. Ignore the miserable one. I loved the Queen also. She’s been there throughout my life. There have been many Souls leaving us. I lost my Mothrr last year to the faux vaccine. Queen Elizabeth was one year older then my Mother, and is the same year as my Father. Queen Elizabeth and my Father, are WWII Veterans.
Debra Zawlocki
Debra Zawlocki Yıl önce
Me, too. I'm American. But, as a role model, HMTQ had no peers. She was always the pinnacle of womanhood. We knew God would eventually call her home. But, I wasn't ready for her to leave. She was an amazing woman. You Brits were blessed with her presence.
Mo Yıl önce
Well said!!!!!! This goes for every family ❤
Calle Yıl önce
"Curtsying to her mother one final time..." I BURST IN TEARS
ohmissbeliever Yıl önce
It was a historic moment. Princess Anne is everything 💔
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham Yıl önce
And here I am reading your note, and I am withering again! A precious royal moment.
me Yıl önce
Princess Catherine is the most loyal, level headed member of the royal family. Her morals are written in her face 🤗
ohmissbeliever Yıl önce
Don't forget about royal princess Anne! ❤️
maahir Yıl önce
@ohmissbeliever always.... Princes anne >>>>> king charles III She did more for her mummy than her brother.
Marya Laya Espaldon
She'll be an amazing Queen Consort. Until then, I hope she enjoys life with all its chaos.
me Yıl önce
Who could ever overlook Princess Anne 💖 she is a beautiful loyal lady. I've always thought of her as an aunt to me. Sorry about my wording. I did not mean to put one before the other 😊
DD DG Yıl önce
It’s interesting how much hatred is spewed for the dead without a thought for what some of them may have gone through in life. I hope that that much vitriol is not experienced by such people during their last days. I admire Cathrine for her strength and dedication through it all from the beginning. She never made it about herself but more about the people she loved. She’s a rare woman indeed.
Linda N
Linda N Yıl önce
Kate is a lady and a good soul.
Ry 9 aylar önce
I hope that after the formal necessities that they were all able to cry, hug and comfort one another, and mourn in peace and in privacy.
ladynottingham89 Yıl önce
I lost my grandmother who was the backbone of the family at 73 years old from stomach cancer in 2013. She raised three sons by herself after my grandfather died tragically in a car accident. She never remarried and yet my dad and uncles wanted for nothing. Queen Elizabeth gave the impression that she too was the pillar of her family. I'm not trying to make this about me, but I empathize with the family on this sad time for them. May God bless them and strengthen them.
stay off the roads
mate everyone in the world looses family members. jesus christ
kali kali
kali kali Yıl önce
@stay off the roads no shit everyone 'LOSES'someone... Thanks for the reminder 😮
kali kali
kali kali Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing..I know what you mean ❤❤❤
Catherine LW
Catherine LW Yıl önce
@stay off the roads = Low class.
Margui622 Yıl önce
@ladynotthingham 893: Mu condolences for the lost of your grandma. In every family exists someone that is the base, the pillar of the group. Well said.
Frank Ammerlaan
Frank Ammerlaan Yıl önce
She will be missed greatly.
Jon Platts
Jon Platts Yıl önce
I remember seeing Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge as she was at the time in the Royal car when the visited Leicester. I was alone on the pavement as they passed and I could see they were relaxed and smiling whilst they chatted (I got a wave from all of them with their beautiful smiles).
h phoenix
h phoenix Yıl önce
I recognise an indomitable strength in Catherine Princess of Wales. My sincere condolences to her and the family, bless them all 🙏
mogznwaz 7 aylar önce
I really miss our beloved Queen. Catherine will also be a wonderful Queen- she understands what duty means
Terri Backhaus
Terri Backhaus 6 aylar önce
The Prince and Princess of Wales are so sweet and always act with such decorum. I felt terrible for her during the Queen’s procession…she looked worn out and sad. I am sure she learned such an invaluable amount from the Queen, on how to represent the people and countries. God Bless them.
Kitten9620 Yıl önce
Ive never cried at funerals, only days after, after having enough time to process the death and realize it really happened
Serpil Kaddy
Serpil Kaddy Yıl önce
I'm so glad you said that, because that's exactly how I am. It's like I have a trauma freeze where I have no reactive emotion when traumatic things happen, and then days after I erupt. Thanks for making me feel a little more sane! X
One does not cry to honor the loved one - God knows I love my mother when she died enemies attended the funeral - it was sunny but very cold. I showed strength although a world ended. My emotions mean nothing my love and faith everything
J. Queen
J. Queen Yıl önce
That’s how I am
kîttyñ Yıl önce
Never cried Still not Bro I'm serious-
Jaynie Kinser
Jaynie Kinser Yıl önce
Yes! I’m exactly the same! I like it because I’m calm at that time and weeks later I feel it but by then my life is so busy it carries me to a happy place.
Tigger *
Tigger * Yıl önce
It takes a lot of discipline not to show emotions .. Any small twitch of emotion at this very sad time , just shows she and the others are also human. GOD BLESS THE.
Mokie Yıl önce
Oh gosh, RIP Queen 👑 the way Kate and her smiled at one another reminded me of the friendship I had with my late Grandmother. 😢I can’t imagine having the cameras on all the time. I hope she finds the time to release all those tears…
Donna Allgaier-Lamberti
It's a long hard day. They are all grieving. Catherine also was taking care of her children during this difficult day. Give this lovely woman a break!
Love Litany
Love Litany Yıl önce
This poem is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II may she rest in peace Queenie I love the Queen she was never horrible, never mean She was a wonderful head of state, with all the worlds problems on her plate, Like politicians destroying her country, upholding traditions and all their superstitions, She was assiduous to her duties, carried out with Grace and Beauty, she Devoted her life to the service of this Country, A dutiful wife, bringing life, bearing the sorrows of her nation! Regal and Sovereign, a Jewel in the Crown Of gods beautiful creation 🙏✨🌍
olivia Yıl önce
Princess Anne is a STRONG woman, daughter and mother. It's horrible to lose your mother. I went a bit crazy when my mother died in 2017. Broke down during the funeral and the two years after. I can't imagen how it must be for The Late Queens children to mourn in public. King Charles and his siblings need to rest after the funeral.
Sidah Yıl önce
Dedicated to her family and the Monarchy. She has always shown great poise and great respect for all. A true ambassador who is selfless and not about promoting her own interests.
mrslavanderblu Yıl önce
No, lol. Not always. But she has grown greatly into her role over the years.
Ruwayda Sulaiman
Ruwayda Sulaiman Yıl önce
Who's gonna have her back now if her husband is on his adultery spree
Anniefanny Charles
No but she has gone behind the scenes and spread mean gossip about her sister in-law. Well she succeeded in getting her to leave the country. Unfortunately, her husband wasn't about to lose another loved one to the bullsht that surrounds the entire gang at Windsor. We're so grateful they've chosen to live here in America. We love and appreciate them.
elaine bennie
elaine bennie Yıl önce
Catherine is a true lady and special person.
Vanora Moon
Vanora Moon Yıl önce
Kate always conducted herself with grace and respect for the Queen and family honor. I believe the Queen was pleased and proud of her.
Judy Pasqualone
Judy Pasqualone Yıl önce
Must be so difficult to suppress the tears when in the public eye on media. She has so much class. Clearly mourning the loss of the Queen.
Patricia Sentz
Patricia Sentz Yıl önce
You can see how hard she is trying not to cry. I found myself crying for her. Meagan's feelings are hard to gauge especially since she's an actress. With Kate you can see all the grief she is dealing with. Such a wonderful lady.
Evelyn Zlon
Evelyn Zlon Yıl önce
I agree that Meghan's thespian talents make her hard to read. However I can understand why Harry married her although she patently treats him like a dog. She seems to genuinely honor the Queen, and Princess Di too for that matter. I can understand how one can become infatuated with someone who lauds your ancestors of the opposite sex, even if they treat you, the individual, like so much trash.
Evelyn Zlon
Evelyn Zlon Yıl önce
And as long as Meghan seems to worship Di, the Queen, et al, which may or may not be sincere, Harry will continue to let her walk all over him. Even unto death. Place your bets.
Time Traveler
Time Traveler Yıl önce
The utter grief on the faces of all the Royal Family members was palpable. They truly looked gutted. On the other hand, Harry looked more irritated than grief stricken and his wife was simply emotionless. If all the hurt they caused the Queen while she was alive didn’t convey how little they cared for her, then their demeanour at the funeral surely did.
Will Prapestis
Will Prapestis Yıl önce
More fantastic work from staff writer Nicole Tommasulo. Really love her style, and it seems to have really influenced the entire site!
Hannah Bezanson
Hannah Bezanson Yıl önce
Catherine is truly one of the classiest women I have ever seen. She is confident and warm and fun while always maintaining proper decorum.
TheRose Ombrella
TheRose Ombrella Yıl önce
wow then you haven't seen much
Cathy Denby
Cathy Denby Yıl önce
The woman suffered her fair share of crap nothing compared to Meghan Kate suffered an illness I myself had on 2 pregnancies & one resulted in the loss of my daughter it’s Hypremesis Gravidarum & comparing it to morning sickness would be like comparing a paper cut to having your arm slowly cut from your body with a rusted butter knife (a meme Ive Read) 🥴 it affects only 2% of pregnancies I’d 4 pregnancies & 2 were with HG poor Kate had this illness on all 3 of her beautiful children causing her to miss Prince George’s first day of school & the press had a field day from Is she really who we thought? To rotten mom it wasn’t nice. I felt for her especially knowing she would be expected to carry more than one child it’s awful the nausea & vomiting is relentless I spent probably 5 months combined of the 7&half I carried my youngest in Hospital it’s hell If you could you would die, actually women feel like Death is coming the only thing that kept me going was that love for my baby Had I experienced this with my 1st I’d probably only have had one child Bless Her
Jackie Walker
Jackie Walker Yıl önce
Bull.......Kate's a better actress than Megan!!! Time will tell.
WRITE ON Betty Yıl önce
@Jackie Walker Kate is not any kind of actress. She's AUTHENTIC. You must be one of those 'Sugars' we hear about.
Leslie-Ann Mills-Gomez
@TheRose Ombrella I know right
ImForgivenToo Yıl önce
princess Kate......a model of grace !
AEKAskenburne 3 aylar önce
Oh how much I whish Katherine and William all the best!!! What a wonderful couple! 🥰
Rest in Peace Your Majesty ❤🥺 Kate is truly wonderful ❤🥰
Michael Gruber
Michael Gruber Yıl önce
Eimear Lennon
Eimear Lennon 9 aylar önce
I am so sad our lovely queen has passed away I love how respectful princess Catherine is to queen Elizabeth love you princess Catherine ❤️
Janet McDaniel
Janet McDaniel Yıl önce
Kate is a caring person
carolyn thornton
carolyn thornton Yıl önce
IN MY VIEW Kate is a JEWEL placed in the Monarchy’s Crown. Her character of goodness shines everywhere she goes.
Lori Garza
Lori Garza Yıl önce
Agree. Her and William both are well suited and tempered for this. They will do very well when their time comes.
Dora Syiem
Dora Syiem Yıl önce
Absolutely right 💯🙏
Maria Betancourt
Maria Betancourt Yıl önce
Yes she is , others just care about the other tv actress
Karen Mazur
Karen Mazur Yıl önce
She is beautiful a d heis a very luckey man. But harry is married to a bossy one. She makes him do things that maybe he really doesnt want to do. She made him leave his country.
Lynette sanchez
Lynette sanchez 11 aylar önce
Kate is beautiful inside and out amazing ❤️🙏
Claire Wyndham
Claire Wyndham Yıl önce
I know this will fall on deaf ears, but just let that family grieve. I lost my husband very unexpected and early in our marriage. I can't imagine going thru my hell with everyone watching
Cole van dais
Cole van dais Yıl önce
Her willingness to take on the great responsibility as an inspiration to the people and peacemaker will always be remembered
Michael Gruber
Michael Gruber Yıl önce
Chel Belle
Chel Belle 7 aylar önce
So sad seeing that beautiful Queen oh how I wish she could live forever like she will in our hearts
Anita Williams
Anita Williams Yıl önce
God gave us tears as a release of our emotions. Hopefully during her private moments she sheds the tears she has to hold back in public. Seeing her wanting to cry made me cry
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