Kanye West Pays Tribute To Diddy During A Surprise Appearance At BET Awards | BET Awards '22

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Kanye West thanks Sean "Diddy" Combs for being his inspiration.

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25 Haz 2022




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Lyric C
Lyric C Aylar önce
I understand that Kanye takes music seriously!! This speech was from the heart! Kanye is a fan, a supporter a icon honoring and icon. Love it!!!
x 26 gün önce
It was just gibberish
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
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Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
Jobs will pay your bills business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy, the future is inevitable.
Betty Lawson
Betty Lawson Aylar önce
3hree O
3hree O Aylar önce
This was bigger and better than the award itself. Off the dome and genuinely from the heart. Kanye is a good person.
Dignity Aylar önce
@mrgwclips There is a clip of Ye saying nothing that was displayed from the Teleprompter
mrgwclips Aylar önce
How do you know this was off the dome ? You’re so weird.
Munchma Cuchi
Munchma Cuchi Aylar önce
This is what a crazy person looks like. My dad had a personality disorder. Acted the exact same way.
Bimmer Aylar önce
bro why you blatantly copying 😭😭😭
Hamza Hassaballa
Hamza Hassaballa Aylar önce
Corny bro
MC CABE Aylar önce
Kanye West looks like a Hacker that goes on stage straight after the pandemic and spits some truth to the people but can hardly breathe 😄 anyway great flowers from Kanye to Diddy! HipHop Legends! 🙌🏾
toyia 'toy' williams
Natural Kinky Curly―Marie
He's Emotional that's why it sounds like he can't Breathe.
Matt M
Matt M Aylar önce
He was definitely in his riddler bag
ty mck
ty mck Aylar önce
That breath part
Cleo. butterflysflyinthesky.
Bianca Navarro
Bianca Navarro Aylar önce
Through all his backlash I never stopped being a fan. He gives respect and honor where it’s due. You have to give him that.
Solo Aylar önce
Stacey Garland
Stacey Garland Aylar önce
Yes he does
Renzo Benz
Renzo Benz Aylar önce
@Reckless after 400 years, yeah it was a choice
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
@sxysasquatch hello
Victor Starkiller
Victor Starkiller Aylar önce
We must always show love and support to Ye. He goes off a lot and y’all may not like it but as Pharrell said once “that’s still our brother”. We can’t lose him. He’s a giant in this culture. Don’t let THEM tell you do scorn this man like they did Michael.
Shentell Ross
Shentell Ross Aylar önce
Amen and 💯
B. B. S
B. B. S Aylar önce
Amen 🙏
Kevin Long
Kevin Long Aylar önce
ladychocolateice Aylar önce
This was bigger and better than the award itself. Off the dome and genuinely from the heart. Kanye is NOT crazy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ruth Lutu
Ruth Lutu 25 gün önce
No he is not
Dr. LS
Dr. LS 29 gün önce
This is an amazing moment in time...Our grandchildren's grandchildren will look back at this archival moment...History in the Making!
dillion won
dillion won 29 gün önce
@Rondellte Frazier ye just loves attention and being different.
dillion won
dillion won 29 gün önce
@Angelica Terry no lies, they need too come to naija too see things for themselves 🤣🤣🤣🤣
dillion won
dillion won 29 gün önce
@Brandon Gordon Kanye just loves being different.
Anita Joiner
Anita Joiner Aylar önce
Aubrey James
Aubrey James 29 gün önce
@MrBookish No. Lmfao
MrBookish 29 gün önce
@Aubrey James check his history and upbringing , yes Genius
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
@Aubrey James oh
Aubrey James
Aubrey James Aylar önce
Genius 🤣🤣🤣
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
I engage in different kinds of prolific lnvestments- launchpad IDOs, ¢rypto, stock, NFTs, and multifamily real estates through proper planning and management of a widely known financial consultant, and so far the experience has been the best for my finances
B. B-Note Brown
B. B-Note Brown Aylar önce
I loved this. Kanye stays hungry. He has heart and I truly felt every word of his tribute.
Rexkinghon Aylar önce
bro is constantly competing with himself to push the envelope its wild
DonJvffo Aylar önce
If This Is Considered “Kanye Crazy” Then I’m Here For It.
Janielle Dee
Janielle Dee Aylar önce
Ms. Gracefully Broken
I also will take this crazy any day..where that line at…SIGN ME UP..Kanye is full is greatness PERIOD 💯
Keisha Iz Awesome
Keisha Iz Awesome Aylar önce
Not a Kanye West fan but everything he said was 100% from the heart. Mad respect my guy
Orlando Yero
Orlando Yero 11 gün önce
How could you not like his music
KP Aylar önce
He was emotional and meant every word in his speech. Loved this
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
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ivonne torres
ivonne torres Aylar önce
He’s breathing heavy because that face mask is hard to talk in. I don’t understand that fashion.
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
Jobs will pay your bills business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy, the future is inevitable.
GLOCK Aylar önce
@Jefry Ortiz zapata why you pockets watching you broke tho 😂 he will be by time he 30
Jefry Ortiz zapata
Jefry Ortiz zapata Aylar önce
@GLOCK but not a billionaire
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Aylar önce
When Kanye said “slavery was a choice” people looked at him crazy but I understood what he meant by that. He was saying as us black people there were more us than the masters. If we would have came together and fought. There would have never been 400 years a slavery. But we were so paralyzed and afraid to fight. We just took the beatens and just did what they say. If u really sit and think about it. You’ll understand what Kanye was trying to say.
Guest 25 gün önce
Facts! Us real niggas understood the point!
Valentine Ezegwu
Valentine Ezegwu Aylar önce
I understood him when he made that statement.
east O
east O Aylar önce
@Sivad Fashion because of the fear of the unknown
Stress1978 Aylar önce
@Joe Joe Know your history young brotha it wasn't that easy SMH.. Our ancestors where not all from the tribe of Shabazz. There were nation of tribes there brought over for slavery that didn't speak the same dialect.. communication was obstruct.
Angel Aylar önce
I love Kayne!! Saying he is a genius is an understatement. He deserves all the blessings that come his way! I’m rooting for you ♥️
DEE Aylar önce
Kanye. not Kayne.
CocoaTi Aylar önce
This man is NOT Crazy and is a musical genius. Very emotional human being. I feel like he is a good soul
SuperPunch76 Aylar önce
@harrison opare Exactly.
harrison opare
harrison opare Aylar önce
@Tack Draas he didn't change the game with sampling common now..u talk as if he created sampling...he's not the first billionaire in hip hop stip this...I get he's really good at what he does but people just throw that word "genius"around
Tack Draas
Tack Draas Aylar önce
@harrison opare he change hip hop with sampling, he put melodic vocals over 808s basically the blue print for every melodic rapper today him and t pain. Not to mention he topped that with MBDTF, he was the first billionaire in hip hop and inspired a lot of what was going in fashion like his life of Pablo listening party was also a show for his fashion line so yeah dudes a genius.
Joshua Gregoire
Joshua Gregoire Aylar önce
Thank you Kanye for going against the rules and speaking your mind. God bless you and keep up on your faith.
C White
C White Aylar önce
AWESOME SPEECH KANYE! As always going deep from the heart! Love this!!
Nakalema Juliet
Nakalema Juliet Aylar önce
I have watched this speech like 100 times .it was so iconic.every word and the humor that were in it , they were so fantastic 😍😍😍.I will always be on Ye's team no matter how the world portray him.He is so cool , respectful, kind and down to earth. Team Ye all the way🥰🥰🥰.
TheBlackSuper Saiyan
Truly a beautiful speech from one of the most gifted minds in the world
Nazerinne Aylar önce
I was so enthralled by Ye's speech.. Such sincerity, such peace... Once again, proving his sanity to the naysayers!!! This is what winning looks like!!🖤🤎🖤🤎
Liz Ryan
Liz Ryan Aylar önce
He sounded so humble in this speech, I loved it. I hope he is doing ok
Nero H
Nero H 16 gün önce
@Cole von Richthofen Cos its from HIS perspective, you'll always clownin you'll self
Rocky Rox
Rocky Rox Aylar önce
My female intuition tell me he back on the Roxy’s
Jared Marshall
Jared Marshall Aylar önce
@Randy Marsh his mom died 15 years ago...
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh Aylar önce
@Jarrod Galack what do you mean how do I know? Exactly what I said! His mom died, his wife left.him and the kids stay mostly with her. He also suffers from bipolar disorder which everyone knows
Jarrod Galack
Jarrod Galack Aylar önce
@Randy Marsh how do you know?
B B Aylar önce
Will forever appreciate Kanye’s authenticity.
Vincent Olusanya
Vincent Olusanya Aylar önce
I agree with everything and more Kanye said about Diddy. I always wondered if I was alone in thinking Diddy single handedly shaped the music industry, hip hop and pop culture for at least over a decade. Since 1993, He has been involved and shaped the careers of many legendary artists or groups. From Jodeci, 112, Usher, Mariah Carey to Mary J Blige and the Notorious BIG. From Craig Mack to Jadakiss and Mase. Mase is the reason Kanye and Drake rap like they do. I remember the iconic Jodeci's leather ensembles. Devante's hats turned back, and the groups general gritty look. At that time for an R and B group it was unprecedented and it was all Puff's idea. Even Jagged Edge straight took that from Jodeci. . Puffy made wearing suits, shiny or otherwise, cool amomg rappers who would only wear Timberlands nobody ever wore flyer than him. For better or for worse, no single living individual in Entertainment today has contributed more to black music and pop culture than Diddy, give it up to the man.
Jared Marshall
Jared Marshall Aylar önce
Dr. Dre, Kanye
Plotakio Trionqui
Plotakio Trionqui Aylar önce
When Kanye is claiming to a genius. He can show this moment as proof. A masterpiece from the heart ♥️
Asoh Enoch
Asoh Enoch Aylar önce
YE has touched my life in so many ways that I can’t count, he’s a genius and to have the kinda grace God gave him is truly a blessing to exist in the same era👑
King Aylar önce
Such an iconic artist. Respect to Kanye West. Also, respect to Diddy. Both of them are legends.
Brenda Anderson
Brenda Anderson Aylar önce
You are a good person Kenya you take care of your self I would to talk to you I am old enough to be your Mom if you have the time text me please
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco Aylar önce
ALexander Aylar önce
@GsOrestes He don't know what artist means.
AYO tha Prod.
AYO tha Prod. Aylar önce
@GsOrestes this gets closer to home every time. Freestyle JX100
He was inspirational and he brought humor love you Kanye West
Ferdinand Glenn
Ferdinand Glenn Aylar önce
A living legend
Merritt Network
Merritt Network Aylar önce
I have stood with Kanye from the beginning till now and I will continue to because of moments just like this.
ill C
ill C Aylar önce
"This was bigger and better than the award itself. Off the dome and geniunely from the heart " Kanye is a MULTI Billionaire now !
Sharon Renders
Sharon Renders Aylar önce
So much respect for Kanye, and when he speaks best believe he means everything. He isn't just giving a speech because its needed.
Latrenda Leslie
Latrenda Leslie Aylar önce
Man. So much pain and love inside him. I got tears in my eyes for him.
Roberta Wheatley
Roberta Wheatley Aylar önce
Although he looks strange, Mr. West's speech is heartfelt. I am still and always will be a fan. 👍🏾
Gaza Aylar önce
I’m forever grateful for Ye. Thank you for being someone who stands for what they believe in, in a world where most fall for anything. Respect! 🤘🏾
Ann Marie Hilarie
Ann Marie Hilarie Aylar önce
Kanye you're my brother and I love you. Would someone in his circle, celebrity friends, someone close please just put your arms around him and let him know you really care. That's all he wants, that's all he needs, that's all he's crying out for. Love is it. Love is the fundamental thing. Love the person, not the celebrity, not the things but the person. Someone to sit with him " real talk", accountability partner, just a real friend, like hey buddy how do we heal, grow, continuing living lives that please the loved ones we've lost. After the passing of his mom he fought but was never the same and I can totally relate. After my mom passed it was like the foundation collapse beneath me. We all need love and that's what saved me. Remembering the love of my dear mother and carrying on with a life that would make her proud and demonstrate how excellent of a job she did. I did get help. It's ok to not be ok but heal healthily my dear baby brother. Kanye, again I love you, you're my brother, you're a gift to the world and I wouldn't want to lose you. You are loved. Your big sis.
Laura G
Laura G Aylar önce
Kanye is a legend no matter what he’s been publicly portrayed as
RAYA WILLIAMS 25 gün önce
Mthunzi MHLONGO 28 gün önce
Fiji Dayy 🎵
Fiji Dayy 🎵 Aylar önce
Is my recent video a W? 🤯
Tom Aylar önce
Erm no
Marlen Anguiano
Marlen Anguiano Aylar önce
keeping it sweet
keeping it sweet Aylar önce
I totally loved that he ended this awesome speech in Jesus name. God bless you YE
The anonymous help line
Elizabeth Hilliard
Elizabeth Hilliard Aylar önce
This is one of the best speeches I have heard about on TV. KANYE is not crazy at all. He was suffocating around the Kardashians. He needed to be free. Long live Kanye, Great speech,.
1lear Aylar önce
*He was suffocating in that getup too*
Carol Tejeda
Carol Tejeda Aylar önce
Absolutely heartfelt speech! ❤️❤️❤️
Leah Correthers
Leah Correthers Aylar önce
A True King!!!! A heartfelt message.
Patience Danladi
Patience Danladi Aylar önce
Kanye is deserving of a lifetime award too. Congratulations to Diddy
SkyNet General
SkyNet General Aylar önce
@hamster1 wt/f does the hip hop argument here have to do with Colombians ????
hamster1 Aylar önce
@SkyNet General best artist to come out of Colombia is Gloria in modern family 👌
Stress1978 Aylar önce
@Geeks Calls Right its too early.. like all these rappers today who wanna wanna be legends 😅 out the gate smh
Timmy Ggz tv
Timmy Ggz tv Aylar önce
Kanye West one of the greatest
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
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ORTIZMUSIC71 Aylar önce
Kanye is far from crazy, he is finally outside looking in, what's crazy is that people still don't understand his creativity.
Crystal French
Crystal French Aylar önce
its got to be such an honor to pay tribute to someone you've looked up to since a child .
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
very good
WHY TV Aylar önce
Dope 🔥🔥💯💯
MASTORY ZA 254 Aylar önce
The fact that you can't see Kanye's face easily is a clear indication of how much value he can bring to anything anytime he uncovers his face.
Abdullai Abdul Rahman
For real 🖤
ess s
ess s Aylar önce
Legends, Kings, Icons, tastemakers! I love Kanye and I respect Diddy they deserve all the accolades, honors, and crowns 💙💙👑
TheDistrict644 Aylar önce
That man is still going through it. Hopefully he will finally be able to clear his mind and come back even stronger. I think taking time for self was his best step forward.
Mateja Ercic
Mateja Ercic Aylar önce
Kanye is the greatest artist of all time. Truly an icon
Stasia S
Stasia S Aylar önce
One of the best speeches I ever heard.
D Mackaveli
D Mackaveli Aylar önce
Everytime Kanye gets on stage, he makes a moment. So inspirational 🐐
Jasmine 14 gün önce
His energy is unmatched
Killa Beez
Killa Beez 14 gün önce
@Young Phantom yeah definitely not 😂😂
Young Phantom
Young Phantom Aylar önce
i should’ve been on that stage performing my new track
Jerome Productions
Jerome Productions Aylar önce
E2dW F
E2dW F Aylar önce
Everyone is fighting there own Battle every day so I totally understand kanye 💯..keep fighting west..
Santiago Chilla
Santiago Chilla Aylar önce
This is Diamond! one of the most talented people giving another legend his flowers is legendary.
M Aylar önce
That was absolutely beautiful. What a tribute 💓
Good Night
Good Night Aylar önce
Man Kanye and his genius can’t get over him - Many Blessing Ye
That was so touching and from the ❤️.
Jonathan Bono
Jonathan Bono Aylar önce
A legend showing love to another legend, love it, need more of this
CheekyNi Aylar önce
Diddy is a legendary crook. Kanye is humble, and still through shade. "Understood contracts that a lot didn’t understand."
Anthony Holley
Anthony Holley Aylar önce
A legend that robbed , stole and steals from his artist and leaving them broke and destitute!!!
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco Aylar önce
Diddy is not a legend lol
MsNikki726 Aylar önce
It’s so refreshing to hear him so humble! I love this!
Kris King
Kris King Aylar önce
I got the chills when he said “in Jesus name”
Roxanne Stapleton-Whyms
So well done Kanye!!! Lovely tribute!!! Keep well and strong!!! Congrats Puff!
Connie Benyamin
Connie Benyamin Aylar önce
this man is an absolute genius. no one compares. I love kanye
Roshay Erving
Roshay Erving Aylar önce
Kanye is part of our childhood up until now. His is Legendary no matter what!!♡
Shugah Babii
Shugah Babii Aylar önce
Real Talk 🙏
Mike Bipping
Mike Bipping Aylar önce
@_PrettyBrownBrown used to? we still love him to this day. he created an entire wave of artists✊🏽
_PrettyBrownBrown Aylar önce
I used to love him
Jay Young
Jay Young 27 gün önce
Unwritten, all he said was from the heart 💯
Mascha Kucher
Mascha Kucher Aylar önce
Kanye is a music genius! love him
Naomi Robinson
Naomi Robinson Aylar önce
All I can say is, I love this man. I salute you Kanye !!!
Shae G
Shae G Aylar önce
Great speech YE! You can tell this was from the heart
Latifah Mouton
Latifah Mouton Aylar önce
I love how u can see the Kanye smile straight thru the mask this was very genuine I love it 💕
Christopher Nkole Kapilima Jr
@Dorothy Riley It's a YE thing.
Arsenalfansvoice Aylar önce
@Dorothy Riley cos he loves it.
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
Jobs will pay your bills business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy, the future is inevitable.
Dorothy Riley
Dorothy Riley Aylar önce
Why the mask
Matthew Sikaundi
Matthew Sikaundi Aylar önce
I Swear did 😁
Kay Rene'e
Kay Rene'e Aylar önce
when he says "in Jesus name"!!! THOSE CHILLS
Richard Kusemererwa LONDON
From the bottom of his heart..the greatest of all...Love Kanye.
Yasmine Bianca
Yasmine Bianca Aylar önce
It’s nice that Kanye was the one to speak about how influential Diddy is and has been. We just bought a bottle of Deleon and love it. At the end of it, all we really have is a Love. Love to them both.
Faith Love
Faith Love Aylar önce
What a bond 🤝 and from the heart❤ friendship actually is👊; that kind of friendship is hard to find. When you lucky to have it you treasure it 🤲 with love and respect. Kanye you're a genuine friend with a heart ❤.
Nikki Smalls
Nikki Smalls Aylar önce
Kanye did a great job...Diddy opened a lot of doors for people and just even made it possible for people to dream bigger. I'm happy he got this award...it was well deserved
Mr Mxyzptlk
Mr Mxyzptlk Aylar önce
@Emanoel Venancio I love my bro and I still call him Kanye.
Zerozerozero Aylar önce
Diddy ruined every Biggie song. Kanye is a schizo that makes bangers
Denise Griffin
Denise Griffin Aylar önce
Who deserves to be awarded for gems stolen from other artist ❓give your artist their masters so they can feed their families and collect THEIR ROYALTIES
vmodez Aylar önce
Yh Diddy open doors as well as scammed and closed doors on a lot of his artist!👀
MLG GAMER Aylar önce
Ayooooooo and this is why I appreciate and love Kanye West the guy speaks some interesting things. this speech is amazing! Props to both of them. I like how you really collected his thoughts then that's really noble of Kanye and it felt like a very wholesome moment
Fi Rouz
Fi Rouz Aylar önce
I am not black but we all need BET. Growing up queer, brown and muslim, all I had was rap and R&B growing up in Europe. I looked up to people who dared to be themselves and represent it in a way that suited THEM!
Blessed🙌🏾 Aylar önce
I Love KANYE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And his speech to Diddy and in general was GREAT!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 23 gün önce
Yes, me, TOO ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Dåvíñçí💥💥 19 gün önce
I love the fact that he ended his speech with " In Jesus name ". Much love ❤️
XTOCRACY Media Ltd Aylar önce
YE is the epitome of turning struggles into genius. I rate him for life, he needs some flowers too. Congrats to PUFF
Migel Rothschild
Migel Rothschild Aylar önce
Who's puff?
Young Phantom
Young Phantom Aylar önce
put my in your top five, seriously. just listen to the new track
Flyassbetty since back in the day
Ombuze Aylar önce
The GOAT is back. I still pray that God continues to look after him man. He's been thru a lot.
Catherine Nungari D'Souza
l love Kanye so much he so thoughtful of whatever he says and does to the people he loves and care about he goes all out. l love this talented and hardworking man who doesn't what people say or think about him may God continue to bless him .............every single day ......
ItsCapDC Aylar önce
Good to see Kanye still laughing and smiling. 🙏🧠
Danny Curtin
Danny Curtin 28 gün önce
Congratulations to Mr.Combs and thank you Kanye West for everything you do for our world.Your both such an inspiration to us all.
Ms. Gracefully Broken
I’m a fan of Kanye’s for life 💯..big ups to Diddy as well
Maicon Marques
Maicon Marques Aylar önce
Muito sucesso guerreiro sou seu fã
Christina Thurston
Christina Thurston Aylar önce
Beautiful tribute ❤️
3DTV FILMS Aylar önce
When Ye talk the world stops only MJ had that effect thank you Ye for all the moments and words of inspiration!
Traci B
Traci B Aylar önce
Good well said speech Mr. Kanye Blessings ✌🏾
EthelClaire niagwan
Kanye is an amazing soul.......
kenneata G
kenneata G Aylar önce
Love you Kanye!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Speech was amazing!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Keisha Hanley
Keisha Hanley Aylar önce
Kanye is a good man !! I hope he stays together and God protects him .
Tanya O'Neal
Tanya O'Neal Aylar önce
You go Kanye… that was awesome!!!
Shah Decorday
Shah Decorday Aylar önce
My impression of Kanye is that he is an "intuitive and emotional" EMPATH I think he is finally learning how to manage his gift. He said he's off the grid for a year, hence no visuals on award shows for a year
Georgio Aylar önce
Kanye is potrayed as arrogant but hes so respectful of icons. The way he jumps when Dame wants him to do something. As great as he is he still has respect.
7n1 Sun
7n1 Sun Aylar önce
Will Always Love Kanye West! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Brittany Bjorklund
Brittany Bjorklund Aylar önce
This is my generation!!! Wooooo love y’all! Thank you for all you did for music night we truly had some of the best hip hop and rap! 😊😊❤️👏👏
M. C.
M. C. Aylar önce
Music is forever! Without overthinking it, we’re all connected under the culture.
Dash Vanessa
Dash Vanessa Aylar önce
Love this comment
Ken Locklear
Ken Locklear Aylar önce
"music...the universal language"🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶
Felicia the Creative
Buckhead Berries
Buckhead Berries Aylar önce
Genius! ALPHA💯much respect to creatives everywhere.
AD Smooth
AD Smooth Aylar önce
I don't rock with BET so I didn't watch this... But I heard the jokes about him... However I hear the emotion and reverence in his voice for Puff. It's a beautiful speech!
XVR Aylar önce
I love how kanye said IN JESUS NAME at the end and everyone turnt up. 🙌
Lisa Thornton
Lisa Thornton Aylar önce
First time my actually listening to Kanye; that was a genuinely kind and sincere tribute to Sean Combs👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Mock Chris
Mock Chris Aylar önce
He is good a man
Lets Grow
Lets Grow Aylar önce
Kanye will always be my favorite artist. He’s way ahead of PC culture and the bullshit mainstream media portrays. He thinks for himself and the media and average people can’t understand him.
Stress1978 Aylar önce
@Karabelo Mathe You can thank smartphone lingo for creating all these corny acronyms.. and short hand instead of just spelling it all out.
David Murray
David Murray Aylar önce
@Mr Mxyzptlk Personal Conduct which is lacking at the event.
Mr Mxyzptlk
Mr Mxyzptlk Aylar önce
@Karabelo Mathe I’ve never heard of BM in my entire life. PC however is a much more common acronym.
Karabelo Mathe
Karabelo Mathe Aylar önce
@Mr Mxyzptlk There are so many acronyms, it's so hard to keep up; and some have different meanings, for instance BM is baby mama, Business Management, bowl movement, black man, BMW.
Mr Mxyzptlk
Mr Mxyzptlk Aylar önce
@Karabelo Mathe you live under a rock?
Jess lyn
Jess lyn Aylar önce
Wow that was actually a good speech. Kept it classy and humble. Dig it.
K_ Dinero
K_ Dinero Aylar önce
He a fan you can tell he meant everything he said 👏🏾
Steve Siri
Steve Siri Aylar önce
Kanye West spoke his mind, 🤔 it's real love when you speak and express yourself paying tribute!! To a hip hop icon winning his life time achievement award!!! Congratulations to "Puffy Combs". 🙂👍👍💯🌎
Brandi Harrison
Brandi Harrison Aylar önce
It's good to hear Ye smiling/laughing
Veronica Renee'
Veronica Renee' Aylar önce
Candace Oglesby
Candace Oglesby Aylar önce
David Murray
David Murray Aylar önce
Desmondenae Aylar önce
Hes intelligent with certain things , I wouldn't say most
JustEraseTheSystem Aylar önce
@Jupiter's Kiss 🍒 if you have to ask gotta go do your homework
Jupiter's Kiss 🍒
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