"KAMBOSOS IS A F****** HERO!" Eddie Hearn Reacts to George Kambosos SHOCK Win Over Teofimo Lopez

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Boxing Social's Andi Purewal spoke to promoter Eddie Hearn in the immediate aftermath of George Kambosos' stunning SD win over Teofimo Lopez to become the new unified lightweight champion in New York.

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26 Kas 2021




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Joel Wilson
Joel Wilson Aylar önce
Can we all agree that Lopez senior might be the worst trainer in boxing, them corner instructions was horrendous
Angelo Philippopoulos
You are right.
Juke Dave
Juke Dave Aylar önce
Oliverio Ponce
Oliverio Ponce Aylar önce
@OuchPleaseNoooo sounds like an excuse?
Craig Hutchinson
Craig Hutchinson Aylar önce
@SiLo Mixing and Mastering lol fact
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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Christian Tang
Christian Tang Aylar önce
Knew he could do it. Well done George Kambosos Jr. Well deserved. 🇦🇺🇬🇷👊🏻🥊🥇
Red Lavish
Red Lavish Aylar önce
Only had a shitty 60 quid on kambosos and won back 500 quid, was gonna put a grand on him but my mate kept hyping up teo.
WETA♥️ Aylar önce
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Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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NeighborhoodWatch Aylar önce
My fav TRvid video right now no lie trvid.com/video/video-cc05a_tdrsU.html 👋
tommyh500 Aylar önce
@GNR good on ya
TeDaYMoNgU Aylar önce
You can tell Eddie loves an underdog and was really touched by this fight.
Rafael Sandoval
Rafael Sandoval Aylar önce
@Grand Gaming Legend He won becuase he had the heart and the skill.
Louie James
Louie James Aylar önce
@SiLo Mixing and Mastering foo Usyk ain’t no underdog he’s fucken gold medalist Olympian and undisputed cruiser weight. Your crazy. People just had Joshua winning over his size but Usyk ain’t no underdog
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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DJ Jays1
DJ Jays1 Aylar önce
Hes happy because hes got a better chance of making the fight with Hanney now and Gambosis for the.belts.for Hanney lol
Grand Gaming Legend
Consular Orc
Consular Orc Aylar önce
Great night for Australian boxing, what an incredible performance from Kambosos..
Manja Icke
Manja Icke Aylar önce
@Nathan Rooney don't worry, he will get 100 times more from us in greece.
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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Salvitori Popadillo
@Nathan Rooney He will now!
Salvitori Popadillo
Absolutely! So happy for him and my home country!
P4P KING Aylar önce
@Nathan Rooney its true he got no press before but if theres a rematch in australia they will sell that mutha biatch out! to the likes of horn pacquiao.
Richard California
Richard California Aylar önce
Teo and his dad got served a big humble pie tonight 🥧
Jake Hudson
Jake Hudson Aylar önce
@Swerve Ramos no Teo doesn’t want that smoke trust me Kambosos has his number teo power ain’t nothing special and certainly can’t knock him out so he will just school him. He’s the champ now he’s even hungrier to train and keep them belts. No way does Teofimo Lopez win the rematch certainly not with his dad in the corner. He’s delusional.
Swerve Ramos
Swerve Ramos Aylar önce
@Jake Hudson I think Teo wins a rematch. He won’t underestimate him next time. Teo literally just walked into to him and no boxing the whole fight. If Teo boxes him and let’s everything flow naturally he can beat Kambos.
Vangelis Korleone
Vangelis Korleone Aylar önce
Luckylokomotion Garcias
Gorge Kambosos Jr great 👍 credit to Australia 🇦🇺 ... respects from Mexico 🇲🇽
DC videos
DC videos Aylar önce
Teos Dad's a contradiction
J C Aylar önce
Hate him or love him you cannot deny that Hearns been making some very great fights happen these past few years
Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones 19 gün önce
@karlos Lowry wrong
Gulmeenay Sethi
Gulmeenay Sethi Aylar önce
@karlos Lowry Haha the fight was a mandatory but Eddie and DAZN put it on.
Adz Disdat
Adz Disdat Aylar önce
Ive never heard anyone ever say a bad thing about eddie or matchroom. Unlike bob, i think half the industry hates how he treats his fighters, even how he treated george and lopez during this fight, he brushed George off and told him this fight wasnt worth the purse bid and look who’s laughing now.. bob is mad asf with crawford and now with teo, not a good day for him
Unknown g
Unknown g Aylar önce
@karlos Lowry it was purse bid u mug so he's the one the paid the highest amount to get the fight and make it happen as soon as possible
Metz2300 Aylar önce
@karlos Lowry ahh ok but still, he had the balls to take it on even tho it probably wasn't projected to sell much.
Salvitori Popadillo
Being an Aussie born American, this is one of the greatest nights in boxing 🥊 for us! I'm absolutely beyond myself!! Good on Ya George! Your an absolute Legend forever Mate!!!
So So
So So Aylar önce
@Salvitori Popadillo Tldr but that starting sentence definitely proved my point lmao.
Salvitori Popadillo
@So So Get stuffed mate or bloody shiela! I grew up in a house with Aussie flags, stuffed Koalas, kangaroos, wombats etc. When the Olympics were on, we rooted for the Aussies. Any Aussie boxers, I always wanted to win. We were members of "The Down Under club" where every year we'd have meat pie pasty and beer celebrations. Wine and cheese parties. Everybody there was Australian. My Poppy (mum's dad) fought in the Australian army in World war II. He was also a captain of a river boat on the Murray River. You seem to see the world in black and white. When you grow up a little bit and get out of mum and dads house and see the world, you might just learn some things. I'm going to guess that you're "an Aussie." You grew up learning that Australia is the greatest country in the world and that "Americans" (yanks) are this way and that way. Or Brits (poms) are like this or that. You need to get out and see the world and widen your view a little bit! It is possible for people to be from two different places and cheer for their country of origin even if they grew up somewhere else.
So So
So So Aylar önce
@Salvitori Popadillo I'm just saying you're not Australia, get over it lmao.
Salvitori Popadillo
@So So And you spend 80% of your time making irrelevant comments that have nothing to do with anything! Who ever said I "Identify" as Australian. I said I was born there. You are very ignorant! "You should do this." "You should do that." Lmao! You must be a real treat to be around. I would say that you're a pretty lonely person. I think we know the answers to my questions.
So So
So So Aylar önce
@Salvitori Popadillo When you've grown up and spent 80%+ of your life in a country, then you should identify with that countries nationality. It doesn't really matter if you happened to be born in a certain part of the world, if you weren't raised and spent most of your life there then you aren't truly that countries nationality. How much I've travelled is completely irrelevant to the point Mr Knox-Johnston, you're not Australian lmao.
Yemi Babatunde
Yemi Babatunde Aylar önce
I'm absolutely shocked by Kambosos's discipline and sheer determination!!! He won the fight!!! The fighter of the year for me!!! Congratulations to the Ozzie!!! A JOB WELL DONE!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
WETA♥️ Aylar önce
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Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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богатырь Росси́я
Absolutely. This is a modern day Spartan warrior. Thoroughly deserved and if he fights like that against the other guys I think he beats them all.
Carlos Talavera
Carlos Talavera Aylar önce
Canelo fighter of the year
anthony cain
anthony cain Aylar önce
Agree he's definitely gained lot of fans after last night . I know lot of us in UK stayed up until 4am for the fight and it's one of the few I'm glad I did 🥊🥊🥊🥊
Ash I
Ash I Aylar önce
This has been a right touch for Eddie.. sets up the undisputed for Haney as Kambosos said he wants him next
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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blessethishe Aylar önce
@Randy Wilson you sound dumb. Haney has the belt and Kambosa has the others, together those belts make undisputed. Its only right Haney vs Kambosa for undisputed. Nothing else makes sense. And Eddie Hearn will make it happen F lopez.
Guy Who Sells Vapes
@Randy Wilson Teo didn't want the smoke. What are you talking, about? He said he wanted to leave for Taylor. Devin literally followed and confronted Teo. Devin has been trying to set it up but Teo is too much of a chicken. Teo said "Arum met Devin", but Arum never sent a contract or a fight proposition. Teo kept asking "what did you do in the meeting with Arum?" To Haney. ( I'm paraphrasing.) Bob Arum said he never met with Haney or if he was serious about the fight. Bob Arum was confused on why Teo was making stuff up.
@sergii rybachenko kambosos and Haney literally talked about this months ago lol he even said it post fight .
sergii rybachenko
sergii rybachenko Aylar önce
@𝕸𝖎𝖘𝖊𝖗𝖞𝖑𝖚𝖛𝖘𝖈𝖔 Eddie say so, because Haney is his fighter.
John Grace
John Grace Aylar önce
Spectacular interview. Kambosos is the true champion. Best thing to happen to Australian boxing in years and best thing to happen in boxing this year imo.
Warlord RG
Warlord RG Aylar önce
Best to happen to all of boxing fans. Hard to watch Teo and his dad. Started to get on peoples nerves how they thought they were the best gift to boxing after even defending the belts! I’m so glad Ferocious won!
Slorm Raptor
Slorm Raptor Aylar önce
@JrsGraphiX graphics Chocolatito vs Estarada was the best for me
JrsGraphiX graphics
Best match this year munguia vs rosado But this was an excellent fight by kambosos
Josue Roman
Josue Roman Aylar önce
This is the reason Mayweather promotions CEO is hating on Eddie. He knows he's making money, business, and putting these great fights. Eddie Hearn has that old school vision where everything was love for the sport and not just money and fame.
Unknown g
Unknown g Aylar önce
@CUTWEST you a casual if you think eddie didn't try make the wilder fight happen when they offered him 100m to fight aj lol its out there and he admitted to ducking aj on twitter do your research
Cherrylstha Aylar önce
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Danny Bosko
Danny Bosko Aylar önce
Fuck yeah! Amen
Josue Roman
Josue Roman Aylar önce
@B brainwashed? I thought Kambosos was Australian 🤔 Last time i checked.
Sly Fox
Sly Fox Aylar önce
@Ryan Watterson So it was cool when Top Rank has been doing that for the past 50+ years? It's business. The product is entertainment. The vast majority of the talent is already on PBC and all of the developing talent has slowly been migrating there over the past couple of years. Top Rank is a decent place to start out of the amateurs and build up to about 20 fights and a title shot. Beyond that they're useless. You must be a broke b*tch if you're trying to shit on them for focusing on making money and business. That's the whole point.
S R Aylar önce
Missing that rematch clause huh Teofimo. Should've signed with Eddie Hearn.
Cobi 1019
Cobi 1019 Aylar önce
@J M “you kids” it’s not undisputed if you don’t have all the belts kiddo that’s why teo wasn’t announced as undisputed Haney has a belt and if he beats Haney he’s undisputed I rather listen to a boxing org and commissioners than sum kids opinion online google is free goofy do sum research
J M Aylar önce
@Cobi 1019 He's just saying that because he is supposed to 🤦🏿‍♂️ he knows he is really undisputed. It's the same reason teo wasn't announced as the undisputed champion during this fight. The WBC and it's corruption messed everything up with all these fake, undefeated champion it's all a hussle they make money from fighters holding their fake belts it's called sanction fees. There is a reason there are double the amount of "champions" than 10 years ago, WBC played a big part in that so of course their belt would be causing such unessasry issue. You kids nowadays are too stupid for your own good can't even read things that are right in front of you, I blame social media lool.
J M Aylar önce
@Cobi 1019 Loma just saying that to remain professional learn to read In between the lines instead of trying to sound smart whilst making a fool of yourself. Haney didn't win the belt in the ring and the rule everyone knows/respect is to be the man you have to beat him, ain't no handouts to be a real champion never worked that way and new generation of retartded people are not going to change that. Haney is a fake champion and only won the right to fight the champion, not be one there is a difference. Haney can only be considered a real champion (by real fans and not just casuals/retards) if he beats kambosos if not he can keep pretending to be, whilst kambosos remains undisputed.
Cobi 1019
Cobi 1019 Aylar önce
@J M and he said he wants to fight Haney for undisputed you have to be drunk or sum and sounds like you scared haneys gonna beat him and become undisputed
Cobi 1019
Cobi 1019 Aylar önce
@J M you gotta be the dumbest person I’ve talked to today loma gave up the belt to become franchised low key think he ducked Haney , many people including loma said that Haney has the real belt pay attention and don’t just get on here sayin bs
bengolfs1 Aylar önce
Teo showed the heart of a lion tonight. That being said, he's overrated and still a prospect. He needs to fire his dad immediately or he will be out of the sport before he turns 30.
JNN321 M
JNN321 M Aylar önce
Teo won't be able to stay at 135 weight class forever as his body continue to mature. Not sure yet if he can hang with the bigger boyz. Did not do well when smaller fighters like Loma and Kambo. started to apply pressure on him. He got to bring something extra in the table at higher weight class. Definitely needs a new trainer.
Allan Clow
Allan Clow Aylar önce
@Jon Mack well watch it again. Teo was 'active' in the first half but he didn't land much. Loma started fighting and Teo had no answer. He was literally shell shocked. Keeping up with Lomas pivots but doing so with zero defense in the process. Rewatch the 12th, too. It was a draw imo they traded exchanges.
E Willio
E Willio Aylar önce
Just get him out of there already! Brilliant 🥊😂😂😂
Gulmeenay Sethi
Gulmeenay Sethi Aylar önce
Huh? Heart of a lion? He thought he won every round bar two. Delusional is what Teo is.
Pato Smith
Pato Smith Aylar önce
@Jon Mack he won a very close fight against lomachenko and nearly got knocked out towards the end ... loma was not frail but he was injured from one of his shoulders ... teofimo never had great footwork ... he had size and power ... to be fair, lomachenko didn't do enough during the first half, he was concerned with the power ... he did have a good jab but loma is a very small guy ... this guy was bigger and had a longer reach and could get in on teofimo and did at will ... loma needs to come in through the sides ... anyway, loma is history ... he lost that fight and today teofimo lost this fight and his dad did not help him ... in the corner the advice was soemthing along the lines of "fuck this guy up" ... that's not the advice a guy who's getting his ass beat needs, he needs to know how ... what's happening ... what should i watch for ... what did we do in training camp that i should do now ... the advice was knock this guy out from rd 1 - 12 .... that's stupid ... teofimo is good, i don't know about great ... his dad is a moron ...
Toni Stop Motion
Toni Stop Motion Aylar önce
No one gave George K that chance everyone thought Teo was going to walk threw him. George is a true Warrior.
Tali Sav
Tali Sav Aylar önce
At 7-1 I had kambo purely for the return. Was a great bet
TheRealist1 Aylar önce
I picked him, and it was glorious! Lopez got too much too soon, but that can't be taken from him. He had perfect timing getting Lomachenko on that night. We all knew something was wrong Lomachenko never takes 5 rounds to start, then it comes out that he's hurt. Now we see him get beaten by a wide margin, and I'm not surprised.
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia Aylar önce
I did, and I won 2,000 Kam 💯💯 lol, teo was way to overhyped lol
A Bro
A Bro Aylar önce
Gentlemen George beat the fake over. Well deserved.
stillbaked Aylar önce
Kambosos won me 1k it ain’t much but it’s honest work 🤝
Mr. Boeing 747
Mr. Boeing 747 Aylar önce
Good Job on Eddie Hearn for making this fight happen. Dude just simply loves boxing. Period.
holyX Aylar önce
I still remember how he lunged to catch Bellew as he fell from Usyk's KO. That is real heart and care, when a person acts on his true uncalculated instincts. Eddie is a better guy than many give him credit for!
emma willis
emma willis Aylar önce
@B but the build up turned it into a big fight. Everyone watched it
B Aylar önce
@G-man it wasn't a "big fight"
G-man Aylar önce
@B Yes it was, but Hearn still put in a higher bid than Lopez's promoter Arum, if he wasn't all about the big fights he wouldn't have outbid Top Rank for it.
B Aylar önce
It was a mandatory ordered by the IBF
R. K.
R. K. Aylar önce
George is 100% Greek in blood, from Sparta actually. Heroism runs in his blood ✌️🇬🇷
The guy
The guy Aylar önce
Just like Michael katsidis, great warriors
MuscleAKAOzzy Aylar önce
Teo got taken over! Everyone underestimated Kambosos 😆 Wtf 19-0? 20-0!!!!!!!! He showed text book boxing had lopez all set up from round 1 His movement was insane Great combo's power punches where on target ! Well deserved to the Greek Aussie Spartan ! 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇦🇺
MuscleAKAOzzy Aylar önce
@RNS ONE A reminder knock-down in first round 2 min in... huge difference compared to round 10😉
RNS ONE Aylar önce
That overhand right to end the first round was the proverbial shot across the bow! Teo had no idea what he was in for! An a$$ beating!
Emperor Kambosos
Emperor Kambosos Aylar önce
thank you for bringing us this fight eddie you fucking legend, im a greek aussie and beyond proud
svpjef Aylar önce
Thank you Eddie for believing in our boy. What a fight and what a Warrior!
It’s not what Teo done wrong. It was what Kambosos done right. Brilliant performance by Kambosos, fully deserved his win. That’s how to humble loud mouth’s. Teo wil be back. Great fight
KT Aylar önce
@SOLDIER BOY - HEALTH & FITNESS CHANNEL it’s because teo didn’t take him serious and that’s what he needed, is to lose so he knows he can’t underestimate anyone just because he is better on papers
@Jerome Truitt Teo tried to load up too much. Teo has a brilliant jab and did not use it to maximum effect. Kambosos was clever by hanging just out of the pocket and with his speed, kept pick-pocketing Teo, who became frustrated. Maybe Teo next time could beat Kambosos, but for now, I think credit goes to Kambosos.
Jerome Truitt
Jerome Truitt Aylar önce
Teo did alot wrong. Ive seen way better performance from him. This is Kambosos at his most hungry and he nearly lost. A focused Teo that isnt ring rusty beats Kambosos.
GH Aylar önce
It’ll humble both Teo and his dad who is a loud mouth
sony sony
sony sony Aylar önce
Вали звідси
King Zuko
King Zuko Aylar önce
Great freaking fight! 🥊 Eddie basically said it all, it’s moments like that, is why I love boxing so much! 👊🏽🥊🔥
sealed secure
sealed secure Aylar önce
Teo was humbled. He needed it. George earned every bit of it!
diana branch
diana branch Aylar önce
S Manns
S Manns Aylar önce
Eddie is such a good guy. Hopefully he and George can come to an agreement
bon bon
bon bon Aylar önce
Yes an agreement for Kambosos vs Haney fight in Australia!
Ger Dublin
Ger Dublin Aylar önce
Don't think lopez wants any more of that smoke, badly beaten ✌️
Hope Dozzer
Hope Dozzer Aylar önce
Eddie is truly the man of boxing. Great work he has done.
alex rennie
alex rennie Aylar önce
@Rey Piñoco agreed man
B Aylar önce
@Hope Dozzer went against all odds with Joshua? What?
Hope Dozzer
Hope Dozzer Aylar önce
@Rey Piñoco exactly. He went against all odds with Joshua. Now put on a show for Gambosos and Teo, which none of them are his fighters. Amazing Promoter.
Addyy Brown
Addyy Brown Aylar önce
@Rey Piñoco fact
Rey Piñoco
Rey Piñoco Aylar önce
If every promoters are like Eddie Hearn... boxing would become the best sport in the world.
James Foster
James Foster Aylar önce
Great job George, he fought his heart out and deserved the W
TwitchandAsh Aylar önce
I’m glad Eddie was real about the fight acknowledging that George Kambosos won and that Teofimo was delusional when saying he won that fight he didn’t!
D S Aylar önce
This is the vid I've been waiting for. Finally some nice justice in boxing. I called it and have been obsessed with this fight haha
juicebox Leal
juicebox Leal Aylar önce
Great fight by George. Besides getting knocked down, Honestly i think he won by quite alot.
Chuy Hdz
Chuy Hdz Aylar önce
I'm gonna be honest I wanted George to take that W which he did I hope teo humbles his ass up he be thinking he's God's gift to boxing . George made a promise to his grandfather which he came through much props and respects to you George 👏 🇲🇽
Michiko Nishioka
Michiko Nishioka Aylar önce
I thought politics would prevail but good thing judges aint biased.
B H Aylar önce
One judge was off. But surprisingly it was not Glen Feldman this time.
David Johnson
David Johnson Aylar önce
One Judge was way off ! George won by at least 2 rounds
Jose Lino
Jose Lino Aylar önce
Let me wife u 😍
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt Aylar önce
Your a hundred percent correct
Yaona Jr. Roberto
Yaona Jr. Roberto Aylar önce
There's one.
John Rambo
John Rambo Aylar önce
Good on you Eddie Hearn talking straight from the heart.. Go GEORGE what a fight.
tonythebigdog92 Aylar önce
Love everything about this fight results! New champion willing to unity right away , Teo get humbled his dad gets humbled no rematch clause and kambosos shouldn’t give it too him do him the same way he did loma now let him claw his way back up and we will see if he really wants it, this loss can make or break him he can become the next Nicholas Walters just fade into nothing
Zylcjusz Aylar önce
This is the most incredible comment (and momment) by Eddie Hearn. It really describes the magic and mystery of boxing. Thank you Eddie.
Larry Wilburn
Larry Wilburn Aylar önce
Teo: I won that fight, everybody knows I won that fight. George: Just smiled and gave him a vegemite sandwich.
Larry Wilburn
Larry Wilburn Aylar önce
@cat bhoy Ty sir
cat bhoy
cat bhoy Aylar önce
Danielson 24
Danielson 24 Aylar önce
Captured By Smartphones
It was quite apparent there was gonna be an upset. Teo was busy flaunting his belts and fooling around with his yes men.
Mark Whittaker
Mark Whittaker Aylar önce
Plus to me he's totally drained at the weight.
beatonthedonis47 Aylar önce
Showed more heart in 36 minutes than Kyrgios and Kokkinakis have shown in their entire careers.
Tali Sav
Tali Sav Aylar önce
Tony Cee
Tony Cee Aylar önce
Congratulations to the Australians and the Greeks! They shut me up ✊🏼
Tony Cee
Tony Cee Aylar önce
@DEE respect brother 💯
DEE Aylar önce
We love you brother! Win lose or draw we show respect. Teo is a warrior. George is a warrior. George truly believes in himself. Whatever lies ahead, he'll always in the end be a man how it it ends up and give you respect.
RatedH1 Aylar önce
Eddie’s been on the tequila 🤣 no surprise seeing him by Kambosos’ side at every turn after the fight, seeing £ signs - i had Kambosos winning by 2 rounds too
Rowan Morsman
Rowan Morsman Aylar önce
Too funny him standing there clapping next to Kambosos when he’s standing on the ring apron
TheShrek__ Aylar önce
As long as Kambosos gets some of that cash I'm all for it.
NYC Boxing
NYC Boxing Aylar önce
Teofimo loss can be attributed to his Coach / Dad.
Paul B
Paul B Aylar önce
A real fighter won't pass the buck, Teo is the reason Teo lost, not his dad.
NYC Boxing
NYC Boxing Aylar önce
@Ralphunreal When you coach is feeding you the wrong information telling you that your winning every round. His father sabotaged his possibilities of calming down and fighting a smarter fight. You can choose to ignore your corner, but they are there to help you win. Next time try not to respond with at the of the day 🥱🥱🥱
Ralphunreal Aylar önce
not really, at the end of the day teofimo is the one in the ring. The better and more versatile fighter won.
Unknown g
Unknown g Aylar önce
@THERE WAS NO CHECK!!! lol yes but he's dad was giving terrible advice to a 24 year old " finish him now" in round 2 after being dropped he's a terrible trainer
Don't abdicate responsibility, Teofimo was ego-checked and it was deserved. Showed his true colors after the fight, as well.
Willyboyy Reacts
Willyboyy Reacts Aylar önce
Had Kambosos winning months ago when they were supposed to fight in June! Knew he had it! #AndNew
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez Aylar önce
Eddie Hearn is BEAMING, dude gambled and got a GEM. Best promotor in the game, thanks for a “brilliant” match. 🇲🇽🇺🇸 HANEY IS NEXT!!
Clayton Wood
Clayton Wood Aylar önce
Well Said Eddie your a fucking hero for calling it what it is!! An amazing upset!!
King Aylar önce
Kambosos got a new nickname the “Emperor”
Saqib Aylar önce
What a night of boxing ❤️
ποια γελασε την ακουσα
At the end of the first round teo s dad told him. C mon man finish him already what are you doing. Dude. Is this the mentality of a serious serious title fight? Is this a boost? This reveals that his father's game plan was go out there and try to ko him in one round. Very wise very wise indeed. ALL GREECE IS PROUND OF YOU GEORGE ❤️❤️🇬🇷🇬🇷
allen panicker
allen panicker Aylar önce
Eddie has just got undisputed lightweight champ so soon. Devin was getting avoided and now with a win over Diaz holy shit
Big Boy Toyz Rc
Big Boy Toyz Rc Aylar önce
Teo couldn't defend his belts ONE DAMN TIME😒 That's some Buster Douglas type ish🤣
Saibot 4.8
Saibot 4.8 Aylar önce
“Its not about how many followers you have its about how many belts you hold” -said the man that lost all his belts in an upset
E Willio
E Willio Aylar önce
Well he will still keep his belts for memory purposes so he can be comforted by those while Kambosos Jr gets his new shinny belts made for him.
Tomob Aylar önce
That’s still a statement to stand behind though to be fair! Still funny though
Edwin Morales
Edwin Morales Aylar önce
Well deserved kambosos you humble up the Lopez family. God bless you 🥊
Kev Aylar önce
Australia needs to get behind this guy.. kids done it all, moved to usa and done it the hard way.. not like Tim dosent wanna leave oz, fighting nobodys or Japanese high guard robots
Steve Triantafillos
Too true brother
Mike Osborne
Mike Osborne Aylar önce
Unlike Lopez, George is a true warrior and will fight all-comers instead of just running his mouth.
Tasty Gravy
Tasty Gravy Aylar önce
Exactly, just what boxing needs.
Bob Diaz
Bob Diaz Aylar önce
This has just played how you would have never expected to play in your hands Eddie. Is a Xmass present from the universe to you. You deserve it mate.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn Aylar önce
Good Job on Eddie Hearn for making this fight happen. Dude just simply loves boxing. Period.
Sinisha Tomic
Sinisha Tomic Aylar önce
Showed true Aussie spirit! 🇦🇺🇬🇷🙏🏦🍻
Tony Justiniano
Tony Justiniano Aylar önce
Eddie Hearn thank you 🙏 for putting on a terrific fight. It was well worth it!!!
Marco Antonio Luna
Marco Antonio Luna Aylar önce
Thank you Eddie Hearns for an amazing fight. You are the promoter of the century..
sebasbf barajas
sebasbf barajas Aylar önce
Being an Aussie born American, this is one of the greatest nights in boxing 壘 for us! I'm absolutely beyond myself!! Good on Ya George! Your an absolute Legend forever Mate!!!
("ZERO"); Aylar önce
Teofimo took the bait and he paid the price .
Cloudy Stephen
Cloudy Stephen Aylar önce
🇦🇺"I knew my guy could do it"🇦🇺 George Kambosos Jr LET'S GO CHAMP!!! 💪🏾😎👍🏾
Olivier The MaD PaNdA
Bravo kambosos, epic win!!!
Lessco Brandon
Lessco Brandon Aylar önce
It really was inspiring. True gladiator. Best bout I've seen in many years, and I've seen them all.
Truth Speaker
Truth Speaker Aylar önce
I'm glad lopez was soundly beaten. Kambosos definitely won this fight tonight with such skill. I had it 8 rounds to 4 for Kambosos victory.
[FRANKIE] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
I'm absolutely shocked by Kambosos's discipline and sheer determination!!! He won the fight!!! The fighter of the year for me!!! Congratulations to the Ozzie!!! A JOB WELL DONE!!!
- [L A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
I'm absolutely shocked by Kambosos's discipline and sheer determination!!! He won the fight!!! The fighter of the year for me!!! Congratulations to the Ozzie!!! A JOB WELL DONE!!!
Dingo Hunta
Dingo Hunta Aylar önce
Eddie is a legend. George enjoy the victory, you have a heart bigger than Phar laps well done champ.
Tim Springbok
Tim Springbok Aylar önce
Great fight George all of Australia is proud of you mate!!!
Bed More
Bed More Aylar önce
Lets go kambosos i just want kambosos to keep doing what he is doing and not get off boxing just because he won this fight if theres one guy that i want to be the best in the lightweight 135-140 is kambosos
Fort One
Fort One Aylar önce
Why is he the "one guy who you want to be the best at 135-140"?
Flip Aylar önce
Kambosos proved me wrong! Congrats on a well deserved victory!
Joseph Dale
Joseph Dale Aylar önce
This is why Lopez kept ducking this fight. I saw it it Teo’s eyes that he was scared months ago.
Lee Roy Ibarra
Lee Roy Ibarra Aylar önce
Mexican here we will claim George over Teo; his heart and humble nature will get me to tune into his fights 🇦🇺🇲🇽
blessethishe Aylar önce
Can we get that undisputed fight? Kambosa vs Haney!!!! Thank you Eddie Hearn
angry brit
angry brit Aylar önce
One knockdown each and 2 rounds in it, what a fight tho absolutely well worth staying up for
DaleG Aylar önce
Got completely outboxed!, brilliant performance from kambosos and fully deserved, absolutely delusional from both teo after the fight and his dad in the corner
Business Innovations - Soluciones Integrales
Si el padre de Teofimo lo aprecia debe de soltarlo para que un coach profesional del boxeo🥊 lo entrene y lo asesore adecuadamente. Es increíble que durante toda la pelea no hayan hecho ningún ajuste y más increíble el descubrir que de nada sirvió todo el tiempo posponiendo la pelea, que carajos hicieron? No sé vio estudio del rival, no se vio técnica aplicada, no plan B, C nada... después del knockdown en 1er round se le apagó la chispa. Vergüenza debe sentir López padre de su inútil trabajo y obsoleta asistencia, no tiene nada que hacer aquí.
Y’all wonder why bob didn’t bid on this fight because he knew lopez wasn’t shit and would lose
B. Cherry
B. Cherry Aylar önce
I have a feeling Floyd ‘bout to offer Kambosos an amount he can’t refuse!
Joseph Christian Roldan
I was rooting for Kambosos!! Nice work my friend!
Robbie Bailey
Robbie Bailey Aylar önce
Was great to be in MSG tonight and see Lopez’s dad get made to look the doughnut he is.
sony sony
sony sony Aylar önce
Ukrain💪💪💪kambosos😎💪💪💪💪💪 lopes💃💃💃💃💃
Boxing Proff
Boxing Proff Aylar önce
Hearn is the promoter boxing needs. He gets fights done when they need to happen.
Healthy Mind Healthy Body
Kambo's win is a great example of the power of self belief. Team Lopez are bad losers, but amongst all the excuses they might have, fighting 10 days after the birth of your son seems like a valid contributor to this defeat
Jerome Truitt
Jerome Truitt Aylar önce
@Moss Enthusiast you are correct I thought he fought in 2019
G-man Aylar önce
George Kambosos recently had a son born 2, so if that theory holds any water it flows both ways.
Moss Enthusiast
Moss Enthusiast Aylar önce
@Jerome Truitt lopez last fight was oct 17 2020 and kambosos was oct 31 2020....
Jerome Truitt
Jerome Truitt Aylar önce
Being out of the ring almost 2 years didnt help matters much either.
Healthy Mind Healthy Body
@Moss Enthusiast For me the two situations aren't similar in terms of the emotions involved, but that's open to interpretation. My son is infinitely more important to me than my Grandfather's were.. But making the weight for Teofimo could have been ever harder than usual if you believe the neuroscience put forward by Huberman, saying that Cortisol levels rise in men around the birth of their children and lead to weight gain. This would make it harder for Lopez to make weight for this fight. Either way Kambosos is a credit to himself and his family, he kept his class, pre and post fight 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mad Max
Mad Max Aylar önce
Dont throw Ryan Garcias name to go against anyone! Ryan always ducking.
RobM Aylar önce
Hype job
Dayton Best
Dayton Best Aylar önce
How can GGG say the things he has said. He has already fought Canelo, twice. Whats wrong with Eddie pushing his fighters, both of which were champions, to fight Canelo?
imamonolith Aylar önce
i wonder if australia will even recognize this fight. Kambosos did an amazing job. beast combination and grit. beat him to the punch.
Dan X
Dan X Aylar önce
That's what happened when u sparred with senator Pacquiao for 100 rounds. U learned from the legend. Congrats to Kambosos he made Aus and Greece proud 👍
Gvon Gaming
Gvon Gaming Aylar önce
Watching the fight now and just started round 4. I'm not sure if this continues but Lopez's dad has some really bad advice. 4 was a clear winner for Kambosos and Lopez hardly landed anything but his dad is like, "that's a clear win son." The advice is wrong, and Lopez looks like a 16 fight fighter that has finally had a hard fight that he can't power through. Through 5 Kambosos is taking this with maybe a round or two for Lopez. Watching some more and I feel sorry for Lopez. He looks like he's lost belief in hid dad but out of respect is listening. Deep down he knows what's going on. Keep the dad but get another head trainer in because he does have enough tools but needs something extra from a top quality coach.
taykova Aylar önce
New Fan!! I'm from America but im so glade them belts went to him shout out Kam!!! He did his thing
Brayden Jones
Brayden Jones Aylar önce
Such a long wait for this fight and an unbelievable result. As an Australian and a big Loma fan I couldn't be happier. George v Loma (or anyone else for a title defense for that matter) in Australia would be amazing. It's actually possible now.
RobM Aylar önce
Great fight well done aussie
Frizsld Aylar önce
Teo really delusional before amd after smdh he really thought he won lmao
michael ougarezos
michael ougarezos Aylar önce
Good words Eddie, I am so pleased of the outcome and I've been saying all this week, Beware of Greeks bearing FISTS
James Valdez
James Valdez Aylar önce
Great Interview like always! Hearns is the top boxing promoter, period.
FeedGotcha Aylar önce
Kambosos should find the biggest check and keep it moving… beast. Prob give Lomo the rematch he was deserved
Adonai Zedek
Adonai Zedek Aylar önce
Teo came in really aggressive looking for a knockout instead of letting it come to him. Teo came in with his right hand low and got repeatedly hit with left hooks of the jab. Teo would not addjust out of the philly shell with hand low. Teo was badkly judging his range leaping in from too far out. Teo did not adjust to the overhand right. Teofimos father gave himno good nstruction for adjustments or the reality of what was going on.
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal Aylar önce
Teofimo kinda did it to himself though as soon as he felt the Australians power than he stopped fighting crazy
prince julian
prince julian Aylar önce
absolute classic, well spoken Eddie
Brandon Villatuya
Brandon Villatuya Aylar önce
Eddie Hearn made the fight happen in one go. And what a fight it ended up being
Murvin Johnson
Murvin Johnson Aylar önce
Told everyone he was going to win. Teo is very basic... lol 😆 thanks for the 💰
Δ Γ Aylar önce
Βάλτου όποιον θες και θα τον νικήσει!!να θυμάστε τα λόγια μ!χαιρετισματα από Ελλάδα!εκτος από κορυφαίος αθλητής είναι και σπουδαίος άνθρωπος !!του αξίζουν όλες οι επιτυχίες !!ειναι ένα πρότυπο για τους νέους !!αυτα τα άτομα αξίζουν την κορυφή και όχι οι αλήτες!!!μπραβο γιωργαρα!!!!
Blob Ho
Blob Ho Aylar önce
I tink having Eddie as the promoter makes a lot of sense when it comes to big boy fights cause his wisdom makes sense. Anyone out but Haney is the one that makes sense the most
Tim Aylar önce
Eddie hearn is the undisputed king of getting A-sides beat. Nice touch for him this time that the A side was bob arums guy...
Tim Aylar önce
@MosKhan1 geeeze mate, wish I was as hardcore as you. Then I’d know the incredibly obvious. Do you really think casuals are unaware people can lose?? So what every casual puts there life savings on the favourite every fight? Cause obviously they would if they didn’t realise upsets exist…
MosKhan1 Aylar önce
When will you casuals understand that everyone can be beat, were all human beings, nobody is invinsible it just depend if you pick the right poison. Boxing has the narrative in building a man to be unbeatable because that what makes money, people are often overhyped to get all the casual on board. Real fighters appreciate all men who step in the ring and never underestimate anyone.
B Aylar önce
@Moses Boateng Kambosas wasn't a champion. He was a mandatory enforced by the IBF. Why do people make shit up
Tim Aylar önce
@Moses Boateng Not hate, i love it. (he didnt really make this fight... and last big a side loss mikey garcia was in a deadset tune up, hardly best vs best.)
Moses Boateng
Moses Boateng Aylar önce
This is what he gets for making the best fights where champions fight champions? When does the hate stop!
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