Kader Sylla Product Pillage with our Pillage Giveaway Winner!

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For a while now, NHS has been hosting pros from all over the world to come raid the warehouse. Marshall was chosen as this year's Product Pillage Winner! With a little help from Kader, we gave Marshall the full Product Pillage experience: Raid the warehouse, fill up a cart with over $1,000 dollars worth of goods, and test them out on the ramps. Thanks to EVERYONE who entered - Maybe we'll be seeing YOU next year!!
Great to have you Marshall!
See what the Fun Factory is up to: www.nhsfunfactory.com/
Ride the Best!




19 Nov 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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faboupalmeraie 8 gün önce
169 indépendant trucks
kai parker
kai parker 15 gün önce
you gotta love andrew he’s so chill
Hova IV
Hova IV 19 gün önce
That kid is annoying asf
Yea Boi
Yea Boi 19 gün önce
Kid is cool man he is like her sweats for you and your lady lol
Dylan 21 gün önce
Is this free if not how much money is this
Rj McLean
Rj McLean 23 gün önce
Damm wish I had just one shirt from there free would be amazing so lucky these guys
Ron Thunders
Ron Thunders Aylar önce
This is giving me a product boner
jesse newton
jesse newton Aylar önce
Imagine him getting all psyched on the Indy shit just to bounce to Venture.
Bagwis Angeles
Bagwis Angeles Aylar önce
Hey I'm from phillipines I'm a no.1 fan of Santa Cruz,Mob Grip,Creatire, Independent ilove your videos.and my favorite is product pillage
Gatuuu.mp3 Aylar önce
Bryan Guevara
Bryan Guevara Aylar önce
I need table skate i can kikflip 360flip popshove hollie fromsideshove
gustavo Aylar önce
he’s like the beetle juice of skating
Lincoln Evans
Lincoln Evans Aylar önce
This comment is a memorial for all the broke bois
Austin Grace
Austin Grace Aylar önce
Man a product pillage has got to be so fun.
Silent wave
Silent wave Aylar önce
When Kader started freaking out about the jorts💀💀
Lucas Mariano
Lucas Mariano Aylar önce
Só queria viver isso.🤘
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 2 aylar önce
I would’ve made the whole warehouse have to shutdown because of all the stuff I put in the carts
ping pong
ping pong Aylar önce
Same no joke I would have like three fuckin carts full of shit
Mike666 Honcho
Mike666 Honcho 2 aylar önce
How often can pros do this?
_ad0ns -
_ad0ns - 2 aylar önce
I really like trucks I really like trucks
Aldo Rojas
Aldo Rojas 2 aylar önce
If I had a product pillage and got to choose the skater to join me I would say in a heartbeat, figgy.
jay Gabris jay Gabris
jay Gabris jay Gabris 2 aylar önce
Pls me I'm from phil
Eugene Urameshi
Eugene Urameshi Aylar önce
Same dude
jay Gabris jay Gabris
jay Gabris jay Gabris 2 aylar önce
TrenTon _sk8s
TrenTon _sk8s 2 aylar önce
Ur total comes out to 69,420 dollars
Ivo van Dijk
Ivo van Dijk 3 aylar önce
What type spitfire wheels does kaders board have ?? They look fking sick
Alexandre J
Alexandre J 3 aylar önce
SUNCHO ALIPAYO 3 aylar önce
I wAnt too
Anthony Gross
Anthony Gross 3 aylar önce
Kader is a cool kid
skater skater
skater skater 3 aylar önce
Kader leave in independent right?
Luke Bray
Luke Bray 4 aylar önce
damn he cusses like a sailer jeez
Eg yolk
Eg yolk 4 aylar önce
Kader for president
Faneto1k 4 aylar önce
now he’s with venture
chuck fu**ng schulinder
I whish i can get a pair of trucks
vScxr_3 4 aylar önce
Ayyyy I love your trucks
Oscar Withers
Oscar Withers 4 aylar önce
I love how kader just casually calls Eric Coston asking him if the the boards are f@#ked
owen thomas
owen thomas 4 aylar önce
Atomic Galaxy
Atomic Galaxy 4 aylar önce
he called andrew reynolds
Kwiqs 5 aylar önce
“One for you and your lady”
TUME 1 7 gün önce
What a g
drifting high enough
drifting high enough 5 aylar önce
Yooooo dude sounded like Shaggy at the start.
Andre garcia
Andre garcia 5 aylar önce
I wish I can get skateboard stuff but I am always broke
Ulysses Salvador
Ulysses Salvador 6 aylar önce
Thank you NHS!!!!! 😍😃😃😃😃😃🙏🙏😇😇🤗🤗
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 6 aylar önce
Man I love Kader he’s honestly on of my favorite skaters and I’ve been skating a few years before he’s born
Chicago Dan
Chicago Dan 7 aylar önce
I’ve always wanted to try those ball wheels. You can probably power slide all over the place. If I ever see them on sale for like $20, I’d be all over that.
Chicago Dan
Chicago Dan 7 aylar önce
Reynolds has always been good at scouting out talent but he really knocked it out the park with Kader.
JUSTIN SETTLE 7 aylar önce
wonder if he stashed all the indy product away for when he leaves venture and goes back to indy
Can Yücesan
Can Yücesan 7 aylar önce
I would love to go through nhs ware house and rob it like this. Get indy trucks 144's bunch of bushings and spare pivot cups. hardwares, tool, bearing placer. bunch of bronson bearings like raws and g3's. Santa cruz and baker decks and mob grip. independent hoodies, sweatshirts, t shirts, socks.
VanillaRice420 7 aylar önce
How many men do I have to kill to get in on this
socks 7 aylar önce
i wanna product pillage w kader bruh :(
Jeremiah Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor 7 aylar önce
Kader: fuck yea Me:lol
Jared B
Jared B 7 aylar önce
I got that Tom Knox board
Khalongi Lattie
Khalongi Lattie 8 aylar önce
Wtf a 9.75 😳😳😳
Kader sounds like a kid still😂 but i wonder how old he is
BANET!ST!C saucedo
BANET!ST!C saucedo 8 aylar önce
Josip Pirak
Josip Pirak 9 aylar önce
no one: kader: i fucking love socks
Sonya Revilla
Sonya Revilla 9 aylar önce
My dream is to do a product pillage there ... Pls help make it happen indy
ilisax. love
ilisax. love 9 aylar önce
i love you kader
Rans 9 aylar önce
sana all lahat!
Patrick Dutton
Patrick Dutton 9 aylar önce
kader is the man
Ryan Kiernan
Ryan Kiernan 9 aylar önce
I have that Santa Cruz board
jeshua caro
jeshua caro 10 aylar önce
where are they at? in the beginning??
Mateo Casanova
Mateo Casanova 10 aylar önce
“Don’t tell anyone” kader
Beau Sokolski
Beau Sokolski 10 aylar önce
“I love sticker now get the fuck outta my way “ 😂😂
Yes No
Yes No 10 aylar önce
Kader is such a rad dude more sick vids of him
WUBALUBA DUBDUB 10 aylar önce
I probably will not rode nhs board cause I'll probably hang it somewhere in my room
stevenskates Baker
stevenskates Baker 10 aylar önce
Yo i love when kader says i cant see where the teucks are and theres a ladder right in front of him
Adan Ochoa
Adan Ochoa 10 aylar önce
I love that he’s black and talks like a white boy 😂
Ian Commissiong
Ian Commissiong 6 aylar önce
I hate when people say that? To me that is basically saying all black people talk "hood" and "uneducated" You watch to much t.v. try interacting with a real black person. And feeding into the stereotypes. I have heard that dumb shit my whole life from white and black people and it is retarded.
a.l.e_x 10 aylar önce
Adan Ochoa uhh, okay
SEXORC1ST 10 aylar önce
That warehouse is the dream fr
hunwa bugs
hunwa bugs 10 aylar önce
Comment ur fav part of the vid
mister skatersir.
mister skatersir. 10 aylar önce
*Every poor skater dream* Lol
Joshua Jeffers
Joshua Jeffers 12 gün önce
Lol 🤣
gumballbird Yt
gumballbird Yt 10 aylar önce
Wait what size board does he skate?
Bottledincork 10 aylar önce
Kader seems like such a nice young man.
Sirongame 11 aylar önce
Kid: f#€k it throws the store in the car drives away
JTD Clan
JTD Clan 11 aylar önce
These videos make me jelly
Jack 0818
Jack 0818 11 aylar önce
this makes me feel poor
Quqck_ 11 aylar önce
zulthemannygod 11 aylar önce
Kader tryna get on santa cruz
dubb 11 aylar önce
if you were smart youd stack up on shoes and boards nd grip tape.
uihiufewhiu ubediacbdhs
Juan Alaniz
Juan Alaniz 11 aylar önce
Gonna skate forever man hopefully I would win something like this from a family of 8 would be so stoked to win spread the love to my family
dbrezzo 11 aylar önce
You will believe
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos 11 aylar önce
Kader the type of kid you don't wanna mess with or he'll roast the shit outta you 🤣
J.W Dogtown
J.W Dogtown Yıl önce
Kader on Santa Cruz soon
Jessica Sammys
Jessica Sammys Yıl önce
na they lame
gavin sk8s
gavin sk8s Yıl önce
5:38 lmao my name is Gavin
Kai Podruzny
Kai Podruzny Yıl önce
This would be a dream come true, like honestly i don’t know what I would do if this happened to me.
Ste Shar
Ste Shar Yıl önce
wow I thought kader was this fucking kid. hahaha trvid.com/video/video-DcHtiOhD9uA.html
Milton Portal vides
.l. kader
Paper420Planez Yıl önce
Did Andrew get what he asked for?
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