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Chi-Town hooper turned Michigan legend, we’ve got THE Juwan Howard on this week’s episode of Knuckleheads. And this one? This one’s for the culture, y’all. How the Fab Five assembled and the origin of their signature swag. Getting drafted and playing with Chris Webber again. Winning a ring after 17 years in the league and just needing to feel that champs’ champagne in his eyes - no goggles. And finally getting back to Michigan, where he’s determined to capture the NCAA title that eluded the Fab Five back in the day. It’s story time from one of our favorite OGs. Don’t miss.

Episode Highlights:
00:00:00 : Intro
00:04:19 : Who bust yo' ass?
00:06:52 : Chicago ballers he looked up to
00:11:39 : The McDonald's Game
00:12:56 : Growing up in Chicago
00:16:20 : University of Michigan and Fab Five
00:47:20 : NBA Draft
00:48:48 : Washington Bullets
00:58:32 : Juwan's First Big Purchase
01:01:47 : Juwan's Haircut
01:03:19 : Dallas Mavericks
01:07:30 : '96 All-Star Game
01:08:24 : Tracy McGrady
01:12:41 : Fighting Al Harrington
01:15:53 : The Jump Hook Fake
01:19:22 : Winning a NBA Championship
01:22:57 : Chicago Summertime Hoops
01:26:24 : Juwan's Professionalism
01:35:08 : The Juwan Howard Foundation
01:37:18 : Coaching at University of Michigan
01:46:16 : Transitioning into Coaching
01:50:34 : Udonis Haslem
01:55:37 : Outro

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18 Ağu 2021




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Every Single Guitars
Every Single Guitars 19 gün önce
Larry Bird next
Hasade O
Hasade O Aylar önce
One of the knuckleheads Is in some real 💩
David Milord
David Milord Aylar önce
I really don't think D Miles and Q Rich understand how legendary this content is man
CeezyThaGod 2 aylar önce
Will smith twin
JWallace -DHS- Baltimore City
I need that Hat Miles
Chad Harper
Chad Harper 2 aylar önce
Proud of Juwan great dude. And my middle name is Juwan.
Nate 2 aylar önce
Didn’t know Jacksonville, Florida used to host the AAU national tournaments back in the day. My dad used to coach, and he might’ve ran into some of these guys when they were still teenagers.
Atiba Turner
Atiba Turner 2 aylar önce
Get world b free on please
Chris Chapple
Chris Chapple 2 aylar önce
Lil Bro, Johnnie Selvie was the one with the house bracelet, not Marcus.
Sam 2 aylar önce
couple of honorable mentions that should get on this podcast soon: Sam Cassell Latrell Spreewell Eddie Jones Mitch Richmond Reggie Miller Dirk David Robinson Alonzo Mourning
kenney0313 2 aylar önce
Ray & Jimmy don't get no kinda love, but them boys would D-up & give what was needed to win.
fard muhammad
fard muhammad 2 aylar önce
Please get Alvin Robertson on here!
Steven Crenshaw
Steven Crenshaw 3 aylar önce
Another classic episode
RoZ 3 aylar önce
I’m so glad people are beginning to see that this podcast is the best basketball podcast in terms of interviewing players. I tried listening to All the Smoke and that quickly felt impersonal and became political. I like listening to JJ’s and Duncan’s podcast from time to time but they mostly interview current players. I’ve always enjoyed these podcasts because you know what you’re always going to get and they always have a fun time.
AMG SOSA 3 aylar önce
Mitch Richmond please🏁🏁🏁
Sydney Dance Vids
Sydney Dance Vids 3 aylar önce
Mike LOOOWrey! 😁 such a cool dude. Great interview! Love the stories about guarding T-Mac and how he always had 30 in his pocket 😂🤣😂😅😅
Melvin Jacobs
Melvin Jacobs 3 aylar önce
The dopest sports podcast around
Sean Terrell
Sean Terrell 3 aylar önce
Well JH was on the show about time that was nice 2 hear him speak on the chi ball players . now fellas get Mr. Liberty on the show .
T. Smith
T. Smith 3 aylar önce
Yeah...Lib. I played against Juwan regularly in high school when he was The V #25. Good dude...all the way around.
T. Smith
T. Smith 3 aylar önce
Met Phonse at ND.
Sean Swinton
Sean Swinton 3 aylar önce
New to Knuckleheads! Where the hell was I on this show? Love it. To watch FAB 5 Coach Juwan Howard is just the best! FAB 5 FOREVER!!
My People 1st William
My People 1st William 3 aylar önce
Man I saw the 4 out of the Fab 5 play against Northwestern. I was a kid at that game. Northwestern won in OT but man I’ll never forget that shit ever.
amiho gatai
amiho gatai 3 aylar önce
i'm i the only one who is reminded of will smith listening to and watching juwan.
Chill Bro
Chill Bro 3 aylar önce
Really enjoyed getting to meet Juwan Howard Really like him. And i'm loving the Chicago vibes. :) That's my other home town but i ain't never been there, but i got so much love for Chicago brothers and sisters.
Donovan Wright
Donovan Wright 3 aylar önce
Bruce bowen!!
Villi Vonte
Villi Vonte 3 aylar önce
We need that Larry Bird interview
T.L. S.
T.L. S. 3 aylar önce
Can we get Nick THE QUICK Van Excel on the show??!!! Midwest legend, right up the road from the Chi, 45 min drive to Racine to the Nugget, Lakers, etc! Represent!
jj thomas
jj thomas 2 aylar önce
He was on right after Kobe died .
jtrbx-999 3 aylar önce
Would be dope if you guys got Spree on here.
Ernest McCann
Ernest McCann 3 aylar önce
get jalen rose on the pod!
Johnny 3 aylar önce
Juwan “The Godfather of finesse”….inspiring the Chandler Parsons of the world
Jacob Harrison
Jacob Harrison 3 aylar önce
And the tim Duncan’s of the world
Trey Diddy
Trey Diddy 3 aylar önce
Legend facts!!!
Ant Talks Sports
Ant Talks Sports 3 aylar önce
They just showed T-Mac 61 point game today on NBA TV. Saw Juwan balling for the Magic lol.
Alfred McGlothen
Alfred McGlothen 3 aylar önce
Always love Juwan Howard . Great interview. Always a class act . Marcus Liberty was a beast in high school . I remember actually watching him at 6 or 7 years old , in state finals against East St . Louis . I literally saw him score all of King’s baskets . He was a beast .
Ahmeer Majied
Ahmeer Majied 3 aylar önce
Kendall Gill, Nick Anderson ,Marcus Liberty,& Stephen Bardo 89 Flyin Illini Coming soon
See Jay
See Jay 3 aylar önce
Idk jalen rose in dat line up convo… pause
Rodney Anderson
Rodney Anderson 3 aylar önce
I will never forget the time Nookie and I were on Drew school basketball court playing a 21 and he was so y’all that he was snatching all the rebounds and dominating because of his height and I used to be the one that was all over the boards and that day he showed out on me and we had words and I he told me that he was going to the NBA, I told him that he wasn’t going anywhere and obviously he made me eat my words.Shouts out to you Nookie I solute your achievements and your career even though we didn’t see eye to eye growing up.
rj lewiz
rj lewiz 3 aylar önce
I love this podcast but can somebody please let Darius miles know it's specific and not Pacific
Richard Terence Jackson
The level of recognition that you knuckleheads achieve from the questions that you bring forth as well as the quality of professional men and women you bring on is truly gratifying to anyone who tunes in.....Thankyou.....
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff 3 aylar önce
Go Blue!! I kicked it with the young Juwan at Freak-nik 94 & Cancun 95 Memorial day!! Good dude!! He still looks young..
michael sims
michael sims 3 aylar önce
Once again another Classic Interview with an O.G !!! Hey see if y'all can get The G.O.A.T on the show
G C 3 aylar önce
Can he answer the damn question Q😐
SoFreshABM 3 aylar önce
#AMC BUY AND HOLD 💎💎💎🍿🍿🍿💎💎🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🟢🟢🟢🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿💎💎🍿🟢🍿💎🍿🟢🍿🍿🍿🍿💎🍿🍿💎💎💎💎🍿🍿🍿🍿🟢🟢🟢🟢🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿💎💎💎💎
Alan Toler
Alan Toler 3 aylar önce
Juwan Howard is a class act in every aspect..he is one of the really GOOD GUYS in sports and in life in general ....wish him all the success at Michigan and hope he can get a chip ...he has done a GREAT JOB..so I know it's coming..peace to the fab 5 ...the trendsetters of that ERA...
Hammond 3 aylar önce
Q talks too damn much
guru0509 3 aylar önce
Great job as always....Stephon Marbury please ?
AD Gee
AD Gee 3 aylar önce
Detroit Boy J Rose!
Coach Motton
Coach Motton 3 aylar önce
We need Derrick Rose
1627 Interstate
1627 Interstate 3 aylar önce
Gangstas know what that "AA" mean and where it comes from !!!!!!
1627 Interstate
1627 Interstate 3 aylar önce
Interviews needed Alphonso Ellis Penny Hardaway Latrell Sprewell Chris Jackson Kenny Anderson Dennis Scott Nick Anderson Mitch Richmond Wayman Tisdale Rod Strickland Ron Harper Damon Stoudemire
Ronnie Wood Instead of M T
Tisdale has been gone a long time . So sad . Also I bought his records . Tremendous bass player
We Are A Beautiful People
Wayman Tisdale is deceased, RIP.
We Are A Beautiful People
Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Sean Ace
Sean Ace 3 aylar önce
Walter Parker
Walter Parker 3 aylar önce
All the smoke is lame af. The vibes from this podcast is better
corey greer
corey greer 3 aylar önce
Big NOOK!!
Xclusive Dynasty Era
Xclusive Dynasty Era 3 aylar önce
I think Udonis Haslem has a hit on him and marked like Kobe was, they said they gonna miss him when he's gone and Juan Howard looked like he was gonna break down with those last comments.
Sean Ace
Sean Ace 3 aylar önce
oaklandsoldier8520 3 aylar önce
If there was a definition in the dictionary for the perfect Vet OG, it would be Juwan Howard.
Richard Shell
Richard Shell 3 aylar önce
This is a real Sports Talk Show. That other one is trying to copy but it don't compare. Good job fellas. Keep up the good work. 👍🏾
Mr Kmm
Mr Kmm 3 aylar önce
Something people from Chicago say, Quentin, “me neither.”
Mr Kmm
Mr Kmm 3 aylar önce
Author: a king named Mack Title: the boss player Association presents the king business Mackology 2nd edition ISBN: ‎978-1665533348 Publisher: authorhouse Date published august 2021 Format: book....
KD SWAGGER 3 aylar önce
I hope Juwan Howard coaches the Michigan Men's Basketball Team for a long time and brings them a National Championship.
KD SWAGGER 3 aylar önce
@guru0509 That's high praise.
guru0509 3 aylar önce
As an Ohio State alum, I hope so too. That's how classy Juwon Howard is
Edward Moore
Edward Moore 3 aylar önce
I need that hat d miles has on!!!!!!
KP 3 aylar önce
Yall know how they have the sub-titles indicating each sub-topic/discussion, they need to start putting a sub-title when Q goes on his rant, lol 2:14 -14:30 Q rants, or Q asks a question Lol Man cut that out breh. Love the show
Lawrence Matthews Jr
Lawrence Matthews Jr 3 aylar önce
DMiles said he be bussing Q’s ass! LOL…I love the chemistry with these 2!!!
M T 3 aylar önce
One of the best players from my city, back in the day, told me about d miles in high school. He told me it was a guy 6’9 in the Vegas tournament that played all 5 positions and he had never seen anyone dominate like him in high school. He said I was a man amongst boys and all the top college coaches were on the sidelines watching.
305 Grant
305 Grant 3 aylar önce
Get Latrell spreewell Hopefully I spelled his name right ✔
305 Grant
305 Grant 3 aylar önce
All the smoke sucks
Redd Gibbons
Redd Gibbons 3 aylar önce
I love the questions y'all ask on this podcast.... My favorite show to listen to while I'm @ work
Bryant Worthing
Bryant Worthing 3 aylar önce
The line up question to Juwan from D Miles was what we needed. Loved it.
Samuel Ma'at
Samuel Ma'at 3 aylar önce
I was glad to see Juwan Howard get a ring with Miami. His Nikes were cold too
Dean Harris
Dean Harris 3 aylar önce
Aye juwan...ms evans talked about u at fermi every damn day when i was in sixth grade
Kingdzjo Buckwyld
Kingdzjo Buckwyld 3 aylar önce
D Miles is East Saint Louis but we duck with Q Rich and Juwan Howard.
Balraj G entertainment.
Remember seeing him when he played in the 90s with Washington Wizards/Bullets. 👍🏽
Kooshy Kooshy
Kooshy Kooshy 3 aylar önce
Bo Taylor
Bo Taylor 3 aylar önce
Lol we all know the names of the FAB 5...King, Webb,Rose, Howard & Jackson! But can you name 3 or 4 of the two NCAA Title teams that beat them? (duke/nc)?????
Treasure ENT.
Treasure ENT. 3 aylar önce
Why yall not back doing the face to face interviews I'm from Chicago
Play Nice!
Play Nice! 3 aylar önce
E SAINT!!! Yo, take a shot every time you hear " DAT DUDE "
KRILLZ DA GAWD 3 aylar önce
Can yall interview penny hardaway please ?
Sean Price
Sean Price 3 aylar önce
Man folks gotta do better. They have all those views and only 1000 likes. This show is fire
dboy730 3 aylar önce
Get J Rose on here
Reciproskate Media
Reciproskate Media 3 aylar önce
This is a dream for a 30 year old hooper from Detroit that grew up on the fab 5 AND the knuckleheads!
Rasheed 3 aylar önce
“Every time I used to see him he had 30 in his pocket” 😂😂
Sauce Tapes
Sauce Tapes 3 aylar önce
Q with the "You So Crazy" reference LMAO
Cherrie Jordan
Cherrie Jordan 3 aylar önce
Thank you 2 so Much... Giving "Us" Conversation (s) with Substance !!! 🥰🤩😛
Zachary Roach
Zachary Roach 3 aylar önce
Karl King
Karl King 3 aylar önce
that UD story just prove that UD is a legend
bodeezy78 3 aylar önce
A true og well respected
Fred E. Sims Jr.
Fred E. Sims Jr. 3 aylar önce
Real talk I knew Marcus Liberty and his family from playing a tournament in the projects against them and his brothers names were Ergar and Daryl Liberty and I Darryl they call him Stretch he was colder than Marcus but I think you just got a bad rap when he was in school he might have been about 6 6 he wasn't quite as tall as Marcus but from what I saw he was coder than Marcus Liberty was no hatin cause Marcus was nice but Stretch was nicer just chopping it up
Arun Siregar
Arun Siregar 3 aylar önce
Please get Dee Brown Univ of Illinois alumn!
Todd Goza
Todd Goza 3 aylar önce
Long live the fab five another dope interview gentleman
Ben Stortini
Ben Stortini 3 aylar önce
True legend.
keso INFINITE 3 aylar önce
Me and him A CVS ALUM ALONG WIT BERNIE MAC AND DICK DUTKUS , S/o CVS high school ova east on 87th #GraduateOf2013 #CavalierPride #DaRaq
Qdub34 3 aylar önce
Shoutout to a legend, still rockin the strong goatee
Blue Hill
Blue Hill 3 aylar önce
Yea Q came long way.....Darius, Juwan also..
Lee Cee
Lee Cee 3 aylar önce
18 dislikes..... Yall really gone hate it when D and Q get the last three Jalen Jimmy and Ray since they already had Web Glen unofficial lol and
Mitchell Brock
Mitchell Brock 3 aylar önce
LOVE to see men give other men their flowers while they are here 💯
BMarsh BOXING 3 aylar önce
No start bench cut?!
Mr Horsey
Mr Horsey 3 aylar önce
When is OG Strick An J.Rose coming??????
Michael Beale
Michael Beale 3 aylar önce
This is my favorite guest they have had on the show.
Sille' Nosrettap
Sille' Nosrettap 3 aylar önce
WILL SMITH FACE HAVIN ASS 🤣🤣🤣 sike nah S/O to Wan Howard....Grew up watching your era Basketball......You made Your Mark n da League..Smooth Clean ball game 💯🏀
J Simmons
J Simmons 3 aylar önce
Continue to get these guests n this podcast. Nice and nice.... Howard looks the same as college, how is that possible?! Laphaonso Ellis was a great call out as a legit college player. Calbert Channey as well was a shooter. That swag of baggy shorts and black shoes/socks...everyone was on that!
chaunt100 3 aylar önce
Wanna see Terrell Brandon Kenny Anderson Rasheed Wallace and Damon Stoudemire
Michael Copeland
Michael Copeland 3 aylar önce
Can we get Mike Fin on the show pleeeeeaaaasssssseeee!!!
BLAKE DA GREAT 3 aylar önce
Get Flip Murray interviewed next
BLAKE DA GREAT 3 aylar önce
What Nike shoes did they wear???
Sean Ace
Sean Ace 3 aylar önce
Bunny Blister
Bunny Blister 3 aylar önce
Please interview Charles Oakley
Derrick Franklin
Derrick Franklin 3 aylar önce
I thought the house arrest bracelet was Johnny Selvie.
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