Jung Kook from BTS performs 'Dreamers' at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony 

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Relive Jung Kook's iconic performance of Dreamers as he was joined on stage by Fahad Al Kubaisi .
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19 Kas 2022




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@fifa Yıl önce
Follow the FIFA World Cup on FIFA+ fifaapp.onelink.me/nxRf/c734f684
@user-thilini28 Yıl önce
@estes421 Yıl önce
The best World Cup song ever 💜
We also proud of Jungkook 💜💜💜💜
@kimrahma7777 Yıl önce
@YouTube Yıl önce
a performance to remember 💜
TRvide👀💜 First time i got a chance to comment first😌😁
@Thelxiee Yıl önce
From Serbiaaa
@philouran2782 Yıl önce
Watcha doin here man
TRvid is an ARMY! 💜
TRvid! 💜
@margar785 8 gün önce
It’s February, 2024. Who is missing Jungkook?😢❤
@reponshamim549 6 aylar önce
Jungkook doesn't need autotune.... His live vocal is even better than anything... Loved this performance
@rosalindsugumar219 4 aylar önce
@gmarte12 Aylar önce
after hearing this..... probably best to use autotune or lip sync. my ears are bleeding
@sarahomar8351 25 gün önce
@@gmarte12 haters gonna hate he's literally listed as one of the best 200 singers of all time and constantly being praised by vocal coaches and professional artists including Charlie Puth and Chris Martin who called him "so impressive"
@utopia3443 9 gün önce
​@@gmarte12bro u must consult a doctor and get get well soon ...one more thing don't forget to check ur voice too maybe it's the actual reason and also ur mind may be u have dropped it somewhere
@mikrokosmos7. 2 aylar önce
The fact this was Jungkook's first debut solo stage makes it even more historical...so proud of him
@saptaparnobiswas7954 7 aylar önce
I am not a bts or any kpop group fan but i really liked this performance I don't know why people hate them like they have talent and have worked hard to achieve this
@TanzinaMehzabinFaria 3 aylar önce
Lol they have the biggest and most loyal fandom existed in the world. So don't judge them just by fewer haters!!!
@mikrokosmos7. 2 aylar önce
We either don't understand why people hate him 😢
@sharnaliany771 2 aylar önce
BTS are most famous group and biggest boyband in the universe.thats why jealous people hate them.
@helenasoares554 Aylar önce
So os invejosos de plantão que os odeiam podemos dizer que é uma minoria.JUNGKOOK é o melhor cantor solista do planeta.
@CatherineWoofsHallam 11 gün önce
Super hard. Love em and i'm 59! ❤😂
@kainathassan8388 7 aylar önce
I don't know why people hate them, they are so humble, talented, down to earth, caring and they respect everyone also they deserve all the success because of their struggle and hardships they've went through
@Lunafroyo 7 aylar önce
What do you mean? There’s more fans than haters for BTS.
@kainathassan8388 7 aylar önce
@@Lunafroyo I know obviously they have far more fans than hater's, but hater's are so extream, I just feel bad for BTS
@aindrilagoswami5353 6 aylar önce
@@kainathassan8388 not only haters . the whole industry mistreat them . from UK to SK . but still they are on the peek with their army . so don't worry . they are unstoppable 😊💜
@sdm_4 6 aylar önce
We don't care about the haters..we will always be with them 💜
@stillwithyoujk2216 5 aylar önce
remember that when there is love there is hate too!!!!!!
@AngelOBytb Yıl önce
No soy Army, ni conozco mucho de BTS pero reconozco que fue una increíble presentación!! Se nota el talento y transmite una buena vibra, la emoción del mundial es una cosa increíble
Thats nice even if youre not an army❤
@ali-ov9bw Yıl önce
@raebtx9298 Yıl önce
@Mars55555 Yıl önce
Same t o 😜
@kamalhossan5694 Yıl önce
Wow... thanks for the nice words RESPECT!
@user-ih5fp6lg6z 3 aylar önce
He is such amazing performer. He carried the song whithout auto tune and even with such a grace
@GoldenMaknae305 2 aylar önce
@Taiga-16 9 aylar önce
Best performer ! Your stage presence is awesome Jungkook !!
@sandraibanez8957 9 aylar önce
Si el mejor I love Jungkook:D:)
@user-jm3we3ni6f 8 aylar önce
Argentina campeón del mundo mundial
@purpleheart-myheart 7 aylar önce
The best performance in the history of the world cup
@EverRoxas 7 aylar önce
For ARMYS who've only watched the World Cup in 2022 because of JK...
@Happysot 3 aylar önce
​@@EverRoxasI'm not a army then!
@Pars_ 9 aylar önce
Sing a song without auto tune? JungKook is really talented. Big Fan of you bro
@Kimnamjoon-kl8tc 8 aylar önce
He is such an amazing performer. He carried the song without auto tune and even with such a grace❤
@fatimzehrafelja2598 8 aylar önce
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤ ist ein bisschen ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😂🎉😢😮😅😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😅
@haslinafarisify 7 aylar önce
Yup thats jungkookie
@SamuelChrist Yıl önce
@rihab_ Yıl önce
@vliya_rm4318 Yıl önce
Bangga banget😭💜✌️
@kingtanbts274 Yıl önce
Thank you 💜
@my_or313 Yıl önce
فكرتك جوايبي 🙂
Still I listen, it's a beautiful and amazing song. jung kouk super singer. His voice gives new hope for the future. Thank you BTS for this lovely song. LOVE YOU FIFA AND QATAR 💗💗💗
@haslinafarisify 9 aylar önce
Same here
@sandraibanez8957 8 aylar önce
Jungkook the besth:D:)
@@haslinafarisify okslakske
@user-rh3hh2gn5e 2 aylar önce
Thank you my brother and 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 hi
@englishisfun5778 10 aylar önce
The best World Cup opening ceremony
@ratnajitdebbarma7026 2 aylar önce
Not a fan of BTS But guys seriously one of the best performance ❤ Its Been 1 year but still i come here to hear to this masterpiece ❤
@thuyly7092 24 gün önce
I'm not a fan of BTS but Jungkook - the main vocalist in this group is really great at live singing.
@Pars_ 9 aylar önce
World class performance by a world class artist. We love you, Jungkook
@kimbaeks5214 19 gün önce
아시안컵 호주전 끝나고 나와서 들으러 왔어요.ㅜㅜ
I'm not a fan of anyone in bts, but this spectacle was so impressive, if the world has blessed them with such a fanbase, they must have so much talent.
@floraesthetic Yıl önce
Thank you for not being negative towards them people like you are really rare we appreciate it
@wdym. Yıl önce
they are, thank u for ur huge amount of respect 💜
@sweetkookie6120 Yıl önce
thank you 💜
@calmnature1719 Yıl önce
Me 2 bro I agree with you
@evezuhria3873 Yıl önce
Thank you
@user-lw6rb5ct7b 5 aylar önce
정국의 Dreamers는 들어도 들어도 안질리고 들을수록 좋고 또 듣고 싶은 명곡!
@DuyenTran-ec9ui 9 aylar önce
Jung Kook is the best iconic for World Cup, He makes trending on the world ❤
@user-jd5zp2oy2c 4 aylar önce
This is the best thing that happened in the 2022 World Cup
@BRASIL5 4 aylar önce
Argentina levantando la copa, eso es
@matilalray3132 9 aylar önce
JK,your voice is super super super super super super Supper amazing,and your dancing just mindblowing.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@n-silvabts9178 8 aylar önce
7 months after and still feels like an amazing thrilling performance. It always makes me smile.
*HE HIM US* 🦋💓
@@thv_- she them they
Who is he? This was literally AMAZING! I love this singer
@@TheSeriousAnalysist jungkook of BTS
@jiminshiii1395 Yıl önce
@sristi9127 3 aylar önce
This was one of the proudest thing for us in 2022..in future everytime we mention the world cup of 2022, we will think of how amazingly Jungkook performed in this opening ceremony, really a historic moment. A 15 year old boy who started off with so many dreams, achieved so much over 10 years and even shined such a global stage, we are always so proud of you Jungkook 💜
@yomairacruz245 2 aylar önce
@user-rh3hh2gn5e 2 aylar önce
Thank you
@user-fl6nf9hj9q Aylar önce
Честно признаюсь, это самая запоминающаяся Олимпиада. Такое выступление на открытие. Очень эффектно, думаю на долгие годы мы это безусловно запомним. Крутая песня и хореография Чонгука и танцевальной группы.
@user-lw6rb5ct7b 5 aylar önce
월드컵 무대에 딱인 정국이 노래. 춤. 미모. 무대장악력! FIFA의 탁월한 선택!
Jungkook talentoso, ese día nos sorprendiste con tu presentación en vivo, trabajaste arduamente y todo quedó perfecto, eres digno de admiración
@ghk6685 9 aylar önce
와 이무대는 볼수록 벅차다 실시간 보던 나도 심장 튀어나올라 했는데 정국이 라이브하면서 여유있는 저 표정봐봐 역시 정국이는 정국이다🙂
@bartekk.2008 9 aylar önce
@mr.tushar97 Yıl önce
I am not a BTS army at all, neither a hater, but am a die-hard football fan, but after this performance, i listened to BTS music. That was worth it. I think that society hates BTS for no reason. They deserve some respect. Also, i wanna thank Jungkook for taking his time to make this iconic song in FIFA history.
@hanz0928 Yıl önce
Watch the recent run bts practice/performance
@kamalhossan5694 Yıl önce
Their songs are really meaningful.... I never stan anyone... they are the first artist I stan... their lyricism, meaning, massage, personality, the bond they share is just amazing.... Thanks for giving them a chance... Everyone of them is incredibly talented...
there are many people that hate everyone who is mainstream/hyped in the world for no reason.
Thank you for these beautiful thoughts, if you listen without prejudice, you will love it. 💜
@hanz0928 Yıl önce
@@TheArdeleannicole true and once you get to know them you will realize you have never seen more humble artists anywhere. They are the definition of down-to-earth.
@emicarrasco3732 8 aylar önce
Grande JungKook, humildad y respeto los valores q demuestra cada día, tremenda voz un gusto escuchar sus canciones
@MaFer388 9 aylar önce
I watched the entire World Cup for this performance. I loved it
@eazyetodre573 7 aylar önce
No doubt FIFA exclusively chose jungkook only to perform. He is HUGE STAR
@Kseniy571 9 aylar önce
Шикарное выступление!!! Чонгук удачи тебе, ждем твоего сольного альбома!
@Armygeddon-mh4dd 2 aylar önce
Jungkookie is such an entrancing performer, everything he does he puts in so much passion and fire. He is like a show of fireworks, I miss him already
As a football fan, Junkook just introduce a iconic song with Cool, calm and peacefully to the world🌍. I love this song.❤️
@Lignou_Maria Yıl önce
That's right... He is so amazing and he is almost 25 years old... He is really a legend
I love this :)
@morwenk4910 Yıl önce
@@Lignou_Maria he already is :)
@Uchidaful Yıl önce
1998 WC song much better!
@sukarsalam1982 Yıl önce
Cmadi yai ateidi pamde kpop
@IsadoraRamosArmy 16 gün önce
He did a great performance! I love Jungkook ❤ He was wonderful
@vellichorie 7 aylar önce
KING OF K-POP. He’s new single “Seven” is coming on July 14
@beginner_hong 2 aylar önce
The best present...My heart is pounding The world has become one with football and music Our JUNG KOOK
@IMtHatNicEupApriKa 2 aylar önce
Can you imagine he learnt that choreography just before the performance because he wasn't informed that there is a choreography also he thought he only have to sing but he set the fire 🔥
@Ibtihal_saleh 3 aylar önce
Happy 1st anniversary to this masterpiece! 🥺💙✨
Never been an army nor a fan of BTS, but Jungkook, seriously didn't let the world down with this performance. Currently obsessed with this song. Now, I know, how and why they have this kind of fanbase. True, pure talent. 🔥🔥🔥
@atrusfratedot7 Yıl önce
Tnx 💪🏼🤠🔥
Thnk u
@romaeditzzz7126 Yıl önce
@mlbbcrazy5048 Yıl önce
Always respect to women she deserve it’s 😢
@user-hr6gh9qy4x Yıl önce
@sutharya 7 aylar önce
Jungkook's solo single SEVEN is going to be released on July 14th, Friday at 1 pm kst 🎉❤
@thenameisrahul6614 10 aylar önce
I don't know why all the football songs gives goosebumps
@Lignou_Maria 9 aylar önce
6 months with this masterpiece and it's 50,4M+ ... Keep streaming it Armys 02:32
@ARMY.mochi. 8 aylar önce
Jungkook es nuestro soñador y nuestra estrella favorita☆☆☆
@avynera 6 aylar önce
I remember how everyone around me were laughing at me cuz I was listiening to k-pop. Now look who's laughing! K-pop stars are performing all over the world < 3
@Happy-fb2jt Yıl önce
It’s not even his first language and he completely nailed it!! I’m not an Army but I’ve got so much respect for him
Thank you 😇
@taekookmin1375 Yıl önce
Thank you💜💜
@sayedsaab3705 Yıl önce
Thnk u 💜
@graceamazing3370 8 aylar önce
다 되니까 잘하니까 자신감 있게 즐기면서 노래하고 춤추는 모습 얼마나 멋져♡ 정국이는 최대한 오래오래 솔로활동해주세요 그게 본투비팝스타가 해야할 일이에요 그리고 본업 외의 일로 정국이와 팬들을 마구 흔들어대는 못난 사람들은 제발 좀 알아서 나가떨어져주세요:)
@mohammadabese6400 9 aylar önce
I'm so excited for your album JK, I'm waiting impatiently
Best performance your stage performances is amazing jungkook💜💜💜💜💜💜
@user-bi3il7wb7y 10 aylar önce
Best world cup song❤
@user-bv6el7by8y 6 aylar önce
Прошло столько времени, а песня звучит свежо и великолепно Браво Чонгук, талантливый мальчик❤❤❤
@englishisfun5778 10 aylar önce
Let's be honest Jungkook's live vocal has made Fifa World Cup opening ceremony to another level.
@sandraibanez8957 9 aylar önce
Sin duda es así I love Jungkook :D:)
@blessed97 8 aylar önce
@hamoud8479 8 aylar önce
جونغكوك احبببك 😅
@suejichoi1617 4 aylar önce
@beautiful6520 3 aylar önce
@-Jk.77 6 gün önce
Best performance, perfect in everything, singing and dancing, you are the best artist I have ever seen. How amazing it was that he was the first Korean artist to perform at the opening of the World Cup. Those were beautiful days. I miss you 🥺🤍.
@koonexion 6 aylar önce
Ganas de llorar del orgullo cada vez que vuelvo a ver esta magnífica presentación ahhh te amo Jungkook 💜👑
@rockstarclan1394 8 aylar önce
Unforgettable World cup Ceremony ❤❤❤❤❤
@rmanmahbub4215 6 aylar önce
What a beautiful performance wow jungkook ❤❤❤❤
@samiyaf_08 10 gün önce
i really liked fahads part too..they didnt have to cut it out lol :)
@poelusi857 Yıl önce
This guy started giving out free tickets in 2013 and now he's unlocked the world cup. We are proud of you Jungkook👑💜
@onlymath5294 Yıl önce
@suhaimaarmyyy Yıl önce
Yeah their struggles😭😭😭
@jamilajovelyn5038 11 aylar önce
@RUSHY.JOD-14-I 9 aylar önce
Ive never listened him this is the first song ive heard from him He won my heart❤
@Li-yy9lf 9 aylar önce
Such a legendary performance, Jungkook is the performer!
@Solluna-jo3fv 8 aylar önce
Jungkook quedaras en la historia..brilla alto jk
@user-ln9bu6es5k 9 aylar önce
Jungkook amazing … superstar worldwide ❤️‍🔥💜
@user-bt6yn1lx6v 6 aylar önce
He's dancing and singing so nice and have you a nice kookie
@jeha.07 Yıl önce
Once he was a 15 year old boy who said "Mom I'm on the TV!" and now he is a grown up man performing in front of 5 billion people..... I'm so proud of our Jungkookie😭✨
@donlee4105 Yıl önce
@siya8034 Yıl önce
Me too
@Saebom_79 Yıl önce
@ayusulistina228 Yıl önce
And all the brothers say jungkok is grow up
@Solluna-jo3fv 9 aylar önce
Esta fue la presentación más épica de los mundiales jungkook estuviste genial brillante
@user-ho5ih5gu1w 8 aylar önce
Wow jk sing song look soo handsome cute bunny 🐰🐇💜😎🥰😍🥰🔥🔥
@user-bw8xt1gh4d 3 aylar önce
Happy 1th anniversary🎉 Dreams jungkookie
@user-le5sr5bc8o 9 aylar önce
Шикарное выступление, шикарного Чонгука!!! JK forever 👏👏👏🔥🔥
@qwepdflzxc Aylar önce
자랑스러운 정국이 👍🏻 그런데 직캠이 더 좋다 영상도 음향도
He went from "No more dreams" to "We are the dreamers".... Proud of you JK 💜✨
@user-fq8js5wm2k Yıl önce
@berrychaeeii Yıl önce
His hard work and talent payed off
Proud moment for BANGTAN BOYS 💜💜✨
@thegod8542 Yıl önce
Where is he from?
@alaein-54 7 aylar önce
I'm in love with this song 😢
@nadamadani9137 7 aylar önce
I think you will like his new single "seven". Check it if you didn't see it yet
@alaein-54 6 aylar önce
@@nadamadani9137 Thank you; I knew it before and got addicted to the explicit version 😂
@sadface8277 9 aylar önce
i can’t believe its been five months since the world cup. I love this performance so much!❤️
@ARMY.mochi. 9 aylar önce
An pasado 6 meses desde que Jungkook nos sorprendió a todos por su gran talento todavia no me la creo el tiempo pasa tan rápido es como si fuera ayer nuestro Jungkook es historia siempre estoy muy orgulloso de el
Un excelente artista que devoró el escenario con su talento y presencia escénica. Sin lugar a dudas un artista entregado a lo que hace. Mis respetos mister Jungkook.
The history will remember and cry together with the army being proud!!
@mr.tushar97 Yıl önce
Well this is my first time watching and listening to BTS. So now i see, why BTS have such a big fan base. They deserve it, i mean just look at this whole presentation, the dress up, the music, the lyrics, the energy and even Jungkook himself. Everything in this video is worth watching.
@ag923 Yıl önce
Watch run bts live
@rosa161290 Yıl önce
You have to see the others all of them are precious
Thank you for your kind words!!💜
@ibrumedical5149 Yıl önce
Tending to be fan... 👍
@lisatnnesen6189 Yıl önce
I mean, they are the world's most famous boyband. So sad that BTS won't reunite until 2025😭
@-Saijo.Juri. 2 aylar önce
💜전정국🐰 너무 사랑해요💜
A alguien le queda alguna duda de porqué BTS está donde está?? creo que no!... tan orgullosa de ti JK
@sm-hd8gj 7 aylar önce
정국아 멋있다
@sedaoguz355 9 aylar önce
great performance awesome sound jung kook keep shining ❤🌟
@Brisa_ar6677 9 aylar önce
@pristingirl5886 Yıl önce
Not an Army but i can say that There are very few people who are blessed with such natural talents. And Jung Kook is one of them. The performance was phenomenal.
@godle8724 Yıl önce
Try out there songs! Wld u like dome recommendations
@boloreynoso3054 Yıl önce
are u fkin dumb? uwu
@taekooki5099 Yıl önce
Yes jungkook is one of the rare people who have perfect vocal 💜
@user-jm7ep7di4i Yıl önce
@Army_BTS_505 9 aylar önce
Bulan mei aku balik kesini lagi, dan perasaan masih sama, masih merinding nonton video ini, kereeennnn
@user-fu2uv8nh4q 6 aylar önce
Лучший!!! Jungkook forever
@kimyunseochoi7274 7 aylar önce
Dreamers Jungkook art ♡♡♡♡♡
@graceamazing3370 7 aylar önce
뮤스하면서 정국이 레전드 무대 영상 복습하기! 근데 모든 무대가 다 레전드라서 고를 때 행복한 고민을 해야해:) 드디어 내일 14일 seven 발매! 많은 사람들에게 많은 사랑받자 정국아 사랑해♡
@kijksama 4 aylar önce
Jung Kook's new single "3D" will be released this Friday, September 29. Let's keep supporting him on the new track "3D" and debut single "Seven" as well.
Coming from a guy who was never interested in bts and kind of looked down upon them.This boy gives off such innocent but playful vibes at the same time and the way he just seemed to be effortlessly pulling the live singing plus THAT DANCE(Man,can't get over that dance) is just beautiful.This boy really gained my respect.Wish him a more successful career and may he go more far.Waiting to see him in future in more bigger places
@lusjeon2122 Yıl önce
@am-yn6ne Yıl önce
thank you for being open minded & positive💜
@siriustarr Yıl önce
You’re amazing 💜, Thanks for these words and yeah the best of Jungkook is yet to come ✨!
@nadiakhan904 Yıl önce
If this dance amazed you you should watch their MVs like black swan!
Loved that you gave him an honest openminded look. The whole group is like him, passionate, authentic, talented, kind, I could go on and on. They are a breath of fresh air in a world full of negativity and hate. Im so glad the World Cup picked him and Fahad to speak this song of hope and inclusion.
@mochi_galletitas 9 aylar önce
Jeon Jungkook es increíble!!!
@Mercedes-fz9mo 9 aylar önce
Que belleza de cantante toda una estrella, frente al mundo , disfrutando cada movimiento .Un orgullo para el mundo y Sur Korea
@Mercedes-fz9mo 9 aylar önce
Que sigan los exitos para Jungkook , se lo merece es muy dedicado en lo que hace. Excelente trabajo
@Armygeddon-mh4dd 3 aylar önce
Such a beautiful performance by our amazing Jungkookie, he is a legend
@lilianajilaja6997 10 aylar önce
Una y otra vez lo diré me encantó esa presentación Dreamers de JUNGKOOK
@LadyZaya 8 aylar önce
Jungkook's voice is pure and magical, like a trickle! I want to listen to singing again and again! Jeongguk is like a balm for our wounded souls! Thank you for being there! 👑 ❤❤❤
@1mstillin2019 Yıl önce
The best thing about this performance is that you can see that this man is singing from his heart and the way this song is representing Qatar's music style! The perfect song for world cup
@boloreynoso3054 Yıl önce
he is def singing from somewhere but his actual vocal cords, cuz this sucks balls xd
@starrymedicine5298 10 aylar önce
I love this song more with each passing day!! Jungkookie is pure love and Fahad is amazing too!!
@tarifac8088 10 aylar önce
Me gusta esta presentacion como es posible que cante y baile a la vez, definitivamente salvo al mundial
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