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Joyner Lucas - I Love (ADHD)

joyner lucas
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Download / Stream I LOVE JoynerLucas.lnk.to/ILOVEAY
The first release off Joyner Lucas upcoming project ADHD set to release soon!
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17 Oct 2018

Lucky youI loveJoynerLucasHip hopxxlOnly thing I lovelove love lovekendrick lamarj coleeminemhopsinadhdatlantic recordstully appadhd joyner lucasjoyner kamikazeI'm Not RacistJ. Colenew music




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Christian Trogdon
Christian Trogdon 27 dakika önce
This goes HARD ASF
stella socratous
stella socratous 44 dakika önce
The best
QsA-Rhys Mittoo
QsA-Rhys Mittoo 53 dakika önce
Dis **** lit
Thanasis Chinoporos
Thanasis Chinoporos Saatler önce
oh yeah yeah
MelancholyBoyz 2 saatler önce
who's here because of lakers video ? 😂
Over Power
Over Power 2 saatler önce
we need a new fkn album!
dylan hollar
dylan hollar 3 saatler önce
Get away from me, if I was you I would watch what you say to me. Snakes all in my bed, wanna lay with me? thats catchy
Evan Grance
Evan Grance 4 saatler önce
Drop the next song!!!
Kenan Walker
Kenan Walker 6 saatler önce
Who’s Eminem again?
yungpiro 6 saatler önce
Daniel & Barbie Ft. TheDrunkUnc
God Joyner slaps every beat very underrated
Kv_the_real Durr
Kv_the_real Durr 10 saatler önce
song is straight heat!!!
RollOnBaby 10 saatler önce
Why does this not have at least 1 million likes?!
Carlos Mike
Carlos Mike 14 saatler önce
Pink ass soldier ass nigga lol
Koafee 14 saatler önce
Damn ur rly blowing up man
woosie 78
woosie 78 15 saatler önce
why do record labels make there artist dress like that smh he could be really good 🤷‍♂️i judged this with a clear head and caught myself being tory biased doesn’t matter when your nice tho ... cliketite
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo 16 saatler önce
joyner just did dumb shit to get famous and as a result he sounds like all these othet rappers boring real shit
Jack B
Jack B 16 saatler önce
I want to thank Lil pump for introducing me to Joyner
isaiah lollypop
isaiah lollypop 18 saatler önce
My mom love this song but it was fire 🔥
Reflex076 18 saatler önce
jami hatfield
jami hatfield 18 saatler önce
3 Fave bars- I am no regular entity, Money ain't everything Nigga speak for yourself, They just wanna ride my wave you ain't neva seen my boat SPLASH!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jordyn Lopez
Jordyn Lopez 19 saatler önce
i love how hes violently yelling "I love I love love love love"
Jesus Christ 69
Jesus Christ 69 20 saatler önce
Oh yeah yeah
Javier Orozco
Javier Orozco 21 saatler önce
Joyner Lucas Ft. kendrick-Royce-Eminem-possibly Hopsin
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Anyone who dislikes is d-d-disrespecting a future y-y-us army soldier
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1:56 haha whAT A SPASTIC
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Been waiting on some new music Joyner.....
Teddy Murray
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im not no regular entity
XxxBossBeast297Xxx 123
Who else was here before 1 million views?
Anton Rolapp
Anton Rolapp Gün önce
This is so much better than Drakes "rap"! I Love this song so so so much.
Terzm fanboys here
ChUnKa_MoNkA Gün önce
Healing hurts with Hz
Yup, bless their tiny, ignorant hearts..... Can't express their jealous love. But, real eyes realize real lies
Tessa Mcmahan
Tessa Mcmahan Gün önce
This is my theme song
Cbar65 Gün önce
Let’s get this bitch to 30 mil
Tessa Mcmahan
Tessa Mcmahan Gün önce
I love love love love this song
d cairney
d cairney Gün önce
This nigga defo has a fetish for girls with adhd
Frankie Yee
Frankie Yee Gün önce
Snakes al in my band wanna lay w me👽👀
CallMeZix Gün önce
Half of these are for fortnite montages
metalhead684 Gün önce
Highly overrated
Cbar65 2 saatler önce
metalhead684 Joyner doesn’t have a ghost writer lmfao. And I’m not saying he’s the best this song specific isn’t anything special but Ross capichioni, I’m sorry, and other are super dope pieces of work
metalhead684 4 saatler önce
+Cbar65 at least the artists I like can write their own music without a ghost writer
Cbar65 Gün önce
metalhead684 u probably like trash.
ilove i love lo lol lo this song
Ladajzo Brinton
Ladajzo Brinton Gün önce
Why is he wearing a level 1 vest? Get a level 2 asap!
hisham smo
hisham smo Gün önce
Oh yeah yeah l love joyner
Me Again
Me Again Gün önce
kkr lit
Rapid Gün önce
I’m mostly and old school rap listener but this is a great song I recommend will recommend it to my friends
Zrqqi Gün önce
I love love love this song
bdp fucc up
bdp fucc up Gün önce
This dude is better at rapping songs like I’m not a racist not shit like this how the fuck you go from creating intelligence to doing typical auto tune Kanye westy dog poop #jumpoffkanyesdickalready
Cbar65 Gün önce
bdp fucc up bruh he needed a song like this chill
dan serban
dan serban Gün önce
I love i love lovelovelovelove
Jorge Barrera
Jorge Barrera Gün önce
Had to hear joyner after listening to all new rappers who are popular, yet can't stand toe to toe with joyner😥
vrticle Gün önce
KlutchSeptic Gün önce
The egg has more likes than this has views that’s just fucking stupid
Tyler Green
Tyler Green Gün önce
gotta make it simple to get new fans and to make it to simple you lose the old fans..... its a struggle I wouldnt know how to deal with.
maarten vervenne
maarten vervenne Gün önce
Tell me that pink 3series ain't yours Joyner my guy... cmonn now XD XD . on the real tho, this joint gets better every time i listen. This your year i can feel it man!!
King Martian
King Martian Gün önce
I wrote this song lol Joyner Lucas is the shit. I knew it
OceanMan Gün önce
This has grown on me
Jesse Flores
Jesse Flores Gün önce
He's better than drake but he ain't better than eminem
Cbar65 Gün önce
Jesse Flores no shit
John Dope
John Dope 2 gün önce
Joyner is a better rapper than drake. Artist no. I'm not a fan of drakes music but as an artist hes one of the best all around.
Mayra Padilla
Mayra Padilla 2 gün önce
My and my honey with that song w like to fuck lol
Ibrahim Hussain
Ibrahim Hussain 2 gün önce
Producer: How many men do you want Joyner: How any men you have
Ibrahim Hussain
Ibrahim Hussain 2 gün önce
Who is here after tory
ak4155 2 gün önce
I love
Mike Miranda
Mike Miranda 2 gün önce
' '
Mike Miranda
Mike Miranda 2 gün önce
iz yo boy Pepsi
iz yo boy Pepsi 2 gün önce
Pizza an macaroni and cheese is the only thing... I lo lo lo love love love I lo lo lo love love love
Mistwisted Brain
Mistwisted Brain 2 gün önce
My freestyles are in the 4th dimension, all with Jesus Christ. I prove God!
JonkeyMonkey 2 gün önce
I LOVE ... your song
Martina Dimoska
Martina Dimoska 2 gün önce
Добар гз на 1:44 ☺️
Kioxo 2 gün önce
Liew Chun Khen
Liew Chun Khen 2 gün önce
htf this song couldn't beat 500+ m
CriSpy BoiCash
CriSpy BoiCash 2 gün önce
Director: so how much bass you want ? Joyner: Yes Oh yeah yeah
melly malone
melly malone 2 gün önce
My only thought this whole video is what is going on?
Lawson kwame Lugu
Lawson kwame Lugu 2 gün önce
Sicko mode
Logical Eye
Logical Eye 2 gün önce
real shit
Benja benjaman
Benja benjaman 2 gün önce
I like the part where he loves
Zorgelos Telos
Zorgelos Telos 2 gün önce
Abbas Hassan
Abbas Hassan 2 gün önce
Joyner Lucas this shit is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥brohhhh
blake102989 2 gün önce
I dont see how Joyner hasnt caught 4 pages long of murder charges of every other person in the rap game
Maãlík 2 gün önce
I need that chick @2:57
Princeton Williams
Princeton Williams 2 gün önce
I love and reel it in are most underrated 2018 songs ever🤷🏽‍♂️
Romeo Gallardo
Romeo Gallardo 2 gün önce
*Joyner never disappoints*
Carlos Chaves
Carlos Chaves 2 gün önce
"Money isn't everything nigga speak for your self"
J C 2 gün önce
Half a million LIKES... that's more than how many views most vids get. On to something here bruh
Rebekah Williams
Rebekah Williams 2 gün önce
Nice song
Wassup productionz
Wassup productionz 2 gün önce
I Have (ADHD)
Erika Guzman
Erika Guzman 2 gün önce
Here come the fortnite montages ffs
AkumaShinigami1 2 gün önce
Joyner is was better than Drake. Joyner has a better flow. The song Lucky You off the new album Kamikaze (Eminem) is joyner Lucas song, joyner signed it over to eminem an Eminem said joyner lucas can be on his album. So yeah, drake aint shit, the mumble jumble rappers dont have shit compared to joyner an eminem... Come back to us when you find someone or anyone is better then them....
FoggiestPython 2 gün önce
I was making a salad and got confused so I fucked my dog
ka al
ka al 2 gün önce
Your good at singing
Kory Slocum
Kory Slocum 2 gün önce
is that a 2007 Subaru STI
Jennie Satchell
Jennie Satchell 2 gün önce
Yeah he is
Suga Boo
Suga Boo 2 gün önce
Am I the only one who is confused on why this song is also known as ADHD?
Suga Boo
Suga Boo 2 gün önce
+Kaden Caffyn Ok thanks
Kaden Caffyn
Kaden Caffyn 2 gün önce
Suga Boo it’s the album that this is on which is coming out soon
Rico Savage
Rico Savage 2 gün önce
Look at his face at 2:01
Blaxxz 420
Blaxxz 420 2 gün önce
JL from day one....
Yasmin Mota
Yasmin Mota 2 gün önce
ThatLightNinja 1997
ThatLightNinja 1997 2 gün önce
Bruh, I been bumpin Joyner for a fat minute now. Always hated mainstream music industry. Nigga came in with real flows and disses.
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