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Conan asks Jordan Schlansky how he rose from "Late Night" intern to "Associate Producer." Plus, Conan blames his longtime producer, Frank Smiley, for empowering Jordan.
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30 Mar 2023




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Evander Caldwell
Jordan Schlansky: The most infamous associate producer in showbiz history with various duties, numerous titles and a multitude of responsibilities!!
Jordan Schlansky has made an entire career out of deflection. He never skips a beat. It's masterful to watch.
Jordan answering this like he's testifying in front of Congress is 10 out of 10.
Always amazed me how precise every aspect of his life is about his health, diet, clothing, body grooming, etc , and his office was like a hoarder bedroom.
Adam Reeves
I could watch these two bicker for 18 hours straight. Their chemistry is just the weirdest, most enjoyable hilarious thing.
Christian Robinson
Arguably the funniest unexpected duo on the internet of all time. How can you not laugh when they interact
Javi Del Val
I thoroughly believe he's actually just a comedic genius sacrificing his public image for comedy history
The best part of their relationship is Conan is completely impervious to all of the nonsense that comes out of Jordan’s mouth and Jordan doesn’t care about being laughed at by Conan. They’re both able to deflect each other perfectly without the other getting seriously offended. Its like they're playing social Tennis. Everyone needs someone like that in their lives. Someone who you can say exactly what you feel to them without need for justification or an expectation of judgement. Someone who you can laugh at in Italy.
Wrenlin Whitelight
The writers strike was one of the best things to every happen to Conan. Genius thrives in desperation
Joakim Demiri
Still can't get my head around if he is just a character made up for showbiz or if he is actually, Actually, like this. After all these years.
Ron Hu
I like how Conan’s most viewed video in the past couple of months is the one with Jordan Schlansky. This goes to show how much we want to see Jordan more
"One of my responsibilities was NOT to explain to YOU what I do". What a great non-answer lmao
Matthew Fernandez
The fact that Jeff Goldblum has admitted that he binged watched Jordan's videos and asked Conan about him solidifies that Schlansky is a true legend.
Soul Star
Jordan is a once in a lifetime human being. We and the planet are all the better that he is here with us. Conan protect him forever at all costs.
Mark Regulus
Conan needs to make Jordan a co-host. Their relationship is pretty dynamic - i.e. like an old married couple.
Love the chemistry and banter between these two, always a pleasure.
Allison Brower
I love that they're talking about him in detail and he's there, just sitting silently
There hasn’t been over 1 million views on a single video in the last 4 months worth of content Conan has brought us. GOTTA LOVE SCHLANKSY! Love them both😂
Emmet D'Alton
There was something epic about this. Like a villain from Season 1 showing up in Season 7 after everyone thought he was dead.